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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs area studios this is kpix 5 news. florence slams into the carolinas releasing an unrelenting blow. downed trees, flooded streets and for some, the worst is yet to come. thank you so much for joining us. tropical storm florence continues to pummel the carolinas with a peril for a mix of -- with a powerful mix of rain. some areas experiencing a 10 foot storm surge. officials conform -- confirm three more deaths bring the total to 11. >> reporter: juliet and brian, this is what we are seeing all
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over town. trees, snapped in half. this tree fell on top of a home. fortunately, no one was inside when it snapped. meanwhile, florence continues her assault on north carolina. florence is showing no mercy to north carolina. the slow-moving storm has virtually stalled him a dumping relentless rain after making landfall as a court -- category one hurricane. >> this is the first time the water has ever gotten high. >> reporter: water is rising fast leaving entire communities flooded in jacksonville. people trapped in their submerged homes have been rescued by boat and helicopter. anthony love watched as the water crept up to his front door. he says he was not taking any chances. >> we saw coming up to the door and decided to go ahead and leave. >> reporter: wilmington is starting to clean up and recover.
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this grocery store opened just in time. people here have been running out of supplies. >> we were prepared and had a lot of supplies, but you can only buy so much ahead of time. then, you know there are certain things you will run out of. >> reporter: the city's mayor told residents who evacuated to stay where they are as crews clear streets and restore power. >> it could be weeks, literally weeks. >> reporter: mandatory evacuations are now in effect. officials say the cape fear river may crest above 62 feet. >> we are talking about flooding that has not been seen, to this degree, since 1945. >> reporter: he remembers the destruction hurricane matthew caused two years ago. he decided to write out the storm in fayetteville at a shelter. >> reporter: another one and a half feet may fall before the weekend is over. it is going to be a long road ahead. what they are telling us is, they are in it together. whitney zebrowski emma kpix 5.
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here's the latest. the radar and wind gusts with florence having roared ashore as a category one hurricane, it will just be low pressure by this time tomorrow night. as far as work goes now, it has been moving at a snail's pace. you could walk faster than the center of the storm has been moving. that is the problem. it has a chance to sit and spend and just dump huge amounts of rain. eventually, it will work its way to the west and then to the north. it will completely' to new england by early next week. they are expecting a total of 40 inches of rain in the worst hit areas. and coastal north carolina so far, one location has picked up more than 30.5 inches of rain. we will have our own forecast coming up in just a few minutes. you can expect a message from president trump, soon. fema is testing a new emergency
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alerting system. most cell phone users will receive the alert thursday afternoon. the message will be titled, residential alert but will indicate it is only a test of the national wireless emergency alert system. major cell phone carriers including at&t, verizon and sprint will participate. fema will also test the emergency alert system on radio and television stations. thousands of people got to work cleaning up the area beaches, lakes and creeks. homeless encampments past and present were targeted. >> they are basically on a mission to gather and pick up as much trash as they possibly can. >> reporter: more than 150 volunteers to trash along the banks of an area once known as the jungle. a trash strewn homeless encampment before it was shut down for years ago.
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>> the fight -- the primary source of trash in creeks is the people living along there. that is why i pushed to put measure be on the ballot to provide for the dollars to get homeless out of our parks, creeks and off the streets. >> reporter: his measure would provide $450 million for affordable housing for homeless and low income housing. after the jungle was shut down, city leaders bowed to never allow that concentration of poverty to exist in one single location. >> it makes me very sad for the simple fact that these people do not have a place to go. they want to be near water. so they can use it to clean themselves or to even drink. >> reporter: volunteers cleaned around encampments without dismantling them or displacing the people living there.
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the long-term plan is to convert it into a public park with hiking and biking trails. as a first step, the mayor says, the police department will increase patrols in the coming months. >> we are at the point where we can re-deploy officers. one of those areas was the creek. that creek is a very dangerous situation. we have encampments down there. starting in october, we will be redeploying officers into the creeks. >> reporter: organizers of the cleanup say it was never intended to be a one and done event. they have cleanups scheduled each month along different areas of the creek. in san francisco, we saw volunteers roaming the ocean beach with buckets and garbage pickers in hand. it was one of dozens of coastal cleanup events in and around the bay area. at the top trash items collected were cigarette butts, plastic wrappers and bottle caps. a missing man from berkeley has been found dead beneath a waterfall in oregon.
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on thursday, two hikers saw the body of the 23-year-old man in a pool of water. he was missing since august 12. sheriff's deputies believe he fell as he tried to take a photograph. the douglas county sheriff's office says, we are glad that we were able to provide his family with some answers and sincerely hope they are able to find some comfort in the fact that he was located. our heartfelt thoughts go out to his family and friends. with just 52 days left until the midterm elections, local democrats are wasting no time trying to get out the vote. there is new space to help them do that. nancy pelosi celebrated the grand opening of red to blue sf. >> when i the republicans -- when are the republicans going to come out and speak out against president trump? never. he has cut medicare and medicaid to pay for his tax
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scam. we cannot let him do that. we must win this election. >> nationwide, democrats need to secure 23 seats to take control of the house. seven of those seats are up for grabs in california. new curriculum is causing controversy in one californian school district. a textbook explains the history of gay rights to first-graders. but, it is not the topic igniting concerns, it is the way the story is told. macy jenkins tells us, some accused the new textbook of sounding like an advertisement for gavin newsom. >> it is a fine line. >> reporter: state law says it is time for updated textbooks. this man is stunned by this page in a new history book for first-graders. >> it is way over the top >> reporter: it features a picture of gavin newsom and calls him a champion for people's rights. sometimes, gavin helped mary
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people. some marriages were not between a man and a woman. he made sure people's rights were respected. >> this looks like it was written by his campaign staff. it took a minute for them to digest. >> honestly i don't know how i feel about that. >> reporter: this is one of several in the state schools testing out textbooks. the district says, this aims to -- it follows the fair education act of 2011. this mother says the passage is a little too pro gavin. >> it is like he is promoting himself. i don't think that's what first- grade learning is about. a father of two says, >> it is fine with me. it is history and he was a champion for nipples rights. >> reporter: the book is still in the pilot stage.
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burt says the district needs to reconsider which grades they exposed to certain topics. >> i want parents to be aware this is coming. i want them to go down and look at the curriculum for themselves. >> that was macy jenkins reporting. the pilot ends in december. the next parental review date is in one month. the district will choose the book by january or february. coming up, pets left abandoned after wildfires get a second chance. we will tell you the largest adoption clinic in the country. many thought he was begging for money or food. all he really wanted was a job. how others stepped in to get one vietnam that a paycheck. as mentioned, the all- important forecast, coming up. here is a hint.
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is happening this weekend in plleasanton. to new at 5, one of the largest pet adoption event is happening this weekend in pleasanton.
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today, hundreds of rescue organizations brought dogs and cats to the alameda county fairgrounds to try to find them new homes. katie nielsen explains, this year, a lot of the animals are from hard-hit wildfire zones. >> reporter: this little girl is stable. she is a puppy up for adoption who used to live in lake county. the county that has been hit by six major wildfires in as many years. meet this 10 week old puppy, charles barkley. he is what this organization calls a fire dog. a pet ending up in a shelter after the home burns down. >> it is hard to listen to the stories. it is hard to hear the needs. >> reporter: lake county has been hit particularly hard over the past few years. this leads to overflowing shelters and fewer people able to adopt. that is where orphan dog steps
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in. >> people come home and their home is no longer there. then we start having issues. >> reporter: that is why orphan dog brought all the adoptable fire dogs and two fire cats here to the fairgrounds for one of the biggest adoption events in the country. >> we can come to an event like this in a city like this, we are able to access thousands of people. >> reporter: in fact, more than 140,000 people are expected through the fairgrounds this weekend. animal rescue organizations from across the bay are bringing all the adoptable animals you would normally think of, dogs, puppies, cats and kittens, plus some you wouldn't think of. anyone looking to take home a rescue pigeon? i did not think so. there are some of the biggest to smallest, young to old and the hairless to furry. maria found frankie a three- legged mutt who had been severely injured in lake county. >> there are so many emotions. i feel so happy to be able to
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give him a second chance. >> reporter: all these homes -- all these dogs heading home to loving families. >> we are all in the same boat. all of us. we just all try to help each other out as best we can. >> reporter: so far today, more than 1000 animals have already been adopted. the event does run again tomorrow from 10 am-5 pm here at the elementary -- here at the alameda fairgrounds. and unemployed vietnam veteran has been standing outside for months. instead of panhandling, he has been handling -- handing out resumes. >> once i get my foot in the door, i could make a lot of money real fast. >> this 62-year-old worked his first shift at kiki's chicken in rancho cordova. he has been the -- been without a job for six years. a fulsome woman shared his story on social media after meeting him. within hours, the restaurant
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called to offer him a job. >> how many people are actually asking to earn their money when you see them out on the street. how can you say no to someone that actually wants to take the initiative to take care of himself? >> sylvie says he loves working at his new job. he also does not want to retire until he turns 106. the nasa satellite that will track a melting ice lasted off earlier today from southern california. >> lift off of the final delta -- >> once it is in place, it will measure the height of earth's ice. that includes glaciers as well as cis. scientists will use the measurements to find out how fast polar ice is melting. they also want to pinpoint the areas experiencing the biggest losses. goodbye to the delta rocket that lifted that off after 30 or 40 years in production and use. that is the last flight for
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delta. well-done all the way around. we have high pressure that is often the eastern pacific. that trough that formed midweek is just hanging around the state. while we have a warming trend on the way, the next couple days will continue on the mild side. inland will only be in the upper 70s. a very pleasant weekend. lots of sunshine, but if you like clouds, you know where to head. you see them over toward the sideline of san francisco. it is breezy, as well. concord 74 and at san francisco 60 degrees. is how it looks on the future cast. calls will form overnight, fill in the bay and stick to the shoreline much of the day tomorrow. we have plenty of sunshine on the way and here is what is happening by midweek. the high pressure finally begins to bump that trough out to the east. a warming trend begins on wednesday and high as will peak in the 90s inland by thursday.
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in the meantime, there are no big changes. we are just looking for to be windy tonight. more low clouds coming in. warmer weather is ahead this week. lots happening this week at the autumn moon festival this weekend, it will be sunny. 64 degrees. the art and wine festival in lafayette will have plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the mid-70s. pretty much the same thing at the grand prix of sonoma. temperatures at 74 degrees. the dragon boat festival at lake merritt in oakland, it will be mild at about 69 degrees. not only that, the giants are taking on the rockies tomorrow at 1 pm. they are taking them on at 6 pm tonight, too. but this is the forecast for tomorrow. we are still not done. the 49ers are taking on, who are those people? detroit. sunday at 1:05, it will be sunny and warm. temperatures in the mid-70s. >> the detroit lions.
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bless their little heads. san jose at 75 degrees and in the extended forecast we are looking for numbers to be only in the upper 70s inland but then look at thursday. it will be near 90 degrees by the time we head toward the end of the week. in the meantime, this weekend looks spectacular. that's weather and think goodness we have andrea for sports. it is college football saturday. stanford looking to remain undefeated as their star running back sits out with an undisclosed injury. we will be right back.
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so today... they had to avoid the trap game against uc davis. stanford had a convincing win last saturday and heads to oregon next saturday. it today, they had to avoid the trap game against uc-davis. castillo was a little sluggish out of the gate with the 11 am start. they put uc davis in field-goal range. castillo was picked off on two
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of the first three drives of the game. uc davis led 3-0 after the first quarter. moving onto the second quarter, the cardinal offense finally gets on track. costello lobs it to whiteside. that gives stanford a 7-3 late. later on, they try the other side of the end zone. it is the same result and stanford goes up a 17-3 at the half. in the fourth quarter, the cardinal up 20 7-3. the aggies were trying to get into the end zone, but it is thomas booker with the interception. stanford has allowed only two touchdowns in three games this season. they beat uc-davis 30-10. >> it wasn't perfect, but i told the guys we are not going to act like we lost because we didn't win by as much as we wanted to. we won. we are where we wanted to be record wise. >> they will be written -- the oregon ducks will be ready for the cardinal next saturday.
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the spartans were shut out by washington state last week and. so, some progress today when they found the end zone, josh all over with a nice grab over the defender. in the fourth quarter, the ducks go up 28-12. justin herbert finds a to johnny johnson. this is the second johnson touchdown of the game. oregon wins 35-22. arkansas and north texas with the early favorite for play of the year, north texas' keegan brewer catches the pot. pretends like he has caught the fair catch and as the defenders walk away from him, he takes off down the sideline for the 90 yard return. the mean, green blowout against arkansas 44-17. the razorbacks had six turnovers.
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the raiders are planning to come out strong against their rivals the denver broncos. we have a preview of tomorrow's game. >> let's face it. bronco stadium at mile high is in this is an awful place to play for an opponent. i am sure gruden has some cards to play to knock off the new quarterback, case keenum. he led the vikings to the nfc championship game in 2017. >> case keenum at the end of the year, might be the number one acquisition of football. >> we all expect him to bounce back from the three interceptions. >> a skunk got loose in our tunnel. i think that screwed us up a little bit. i don't have any doubts that derek carr is going to be great. >> we would all feel better if khalil mack was there, but he is not. >> he is obviously a great player but he is no longer with
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the raiders. he is with chicago. we don't play chicago. so, that is the story. >> reporter: derek carr used to cook. they did give up 100 yards to the seattle tight end last week. the raiders are 6 1/2 under, but anything can happen in a wild rivalry game like this. in denver, vern glenn for kpix 5. >> the spurs star announced his retirement last month. he returned to say farewell and admitted her was one member of his family wanted to see him continue playing. >> i don't want you to retire, dead. that was nico, my oldest. why? the chicken tenders in the family room are awesome. i will get you some chicken tenders.
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that can't be the reason why i stay. >> is not all the championships they won, it is the chicken tenders. >> we will be right back.
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the dragon boat festival features world class racing crews from across the globe. 40 foot boats powered by teams of rowers are competing this weekend at lake merritt in oakland. this features world-class racing crews from across the globe.
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this is going on from 10 am until 5 pm. that is it for us at 5 pm, we will see you back here at 6 pm. fog and the low clouds roll across the baby -- are rolling across the bay bridge right now. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on a special edition of the cbs evening news, this saturday, from the disaster zone. a rising death toll, relentless rain, and growing flood danger in the carolinas. thousands face new evacuation orders as rivers swell to historic levels. we will have more on the enormous search-and-rescue operation by air and by boat. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the rainfall is epic. >> it just started flooding up the street. >> floodwaters are rising. >> there's cars going under. >> and if you weren't watching for them, you are risking your life. >> this is the worst it's ever been. >> this is a


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