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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ ♪ and the relentless downpours... show no signs of stopping. the drenching rains over the carolina's... will last a few more days. florence could even kick up a few tornadoes. you can see here... the region has already been swamped with several feet of water. the kpix-5 radar shows... the extreme weather activity is moving at a snails pace tonight. lawrence could even kick up a few more tornadoes than already conceived the area has been
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swamped by more rain. some areas have gotten almost 3 feet of rain. three more deaths reported in the last few hours the total is now 14. almost 1 million homes have no power. reporter courtney's lebowski is in north carolina tonight. >> reporter: wild weather tonight in wilmington which had strong whether and all this while the cleanup continues. florence is showing no mercy to north carolina. the slow-moving storm has virtually stalled, dumping relentless rain after making landfall as a category one hurricane. >> the car is going under there are people freaking out. >> reporter: water is rising fast in the northwest part of the state leaving entire communities flooded in jacksonville.
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people trapped in their submerged homes have been rescued by boat and helicopter. anthony loved as the water up to his front door. he says he wasn't taking any chances. >> okay if we see somebody coming are we going to stay here and get wet? >> reporter: officials in wilmington are asking people not to go home just yet to give crews time to remove downed trees. this grocery store open early sunday morning just-in-time. people here have been running out of supplies. >> we were prepared we had a lot of supplies and stuff but you can only buy so much ahead of time. and you know that there are certain things that you are going to run out of. >> reporter: gasoline is also in short supply. drivers waited nearly an hour to fill up at the station. in cumberland county authorities are going door to door telling residents to leave after issuing a mandatory evacuation. the river may crest above 62 feet. >> we are talking about flooding that has not been seth
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since 1945. >> reporter: another 1.5 ' of rain may fall before the weekend is over. what we are seeing here in wilmington is neighbors coming together helping each other because it's going to be a long road ahead. in wilmington delaware -- north carolina courtney zebrowski. the rain is more than enough, record amounts that will push numbers to astronomical heights over the next 3-4 days. as the hurricane crawls to a slow snail's pace, you could walk faster than it's moving tonight. rainfall amounts are now approaching to .5 ' and they picked up 30 and one half inches of rain and the expect as much as 40.0" in coastal north carolina.
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we will have that later in the forecast and in the news. i honestly don't waste my time with people who don't believe in climate change. the woman believed as the architect of the paris climate accord. it's the deal that president pulled out of early this year. despite the us expanding the accords author says there is still a lot we can do here in california. kpix 5's andria borba explains. >> reporter: with al gore the marin action climate showcase was designed to show how people can reduce their footprint. and none of other itry good the an. business plan but if it's not implemented by any other business plan it remains a document on the shelf, so, this is about ensuring that the
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paris agreement gets implemented. on time, and future generations and that's what makes me feels comfortable about this effort. after the trump administration pulled out of the climb us accord. >> the state of california has always been a leader i think what our leadership is more vital today than ever. it's going to help sustain progress on is crissu while we rtout ck in washington. >> reporter: for her part christiana says she doesn't waste her time arguing with climate deniers. >> i don't waste my time with people who don't believe in climate change is a little like
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saying i don't believe in gravity. it doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not, it is actually exercising its strength on you and everyone with you believe in it or not. so it's irrelevant whether you believe in the truth or not. >> reporter: in kent with andria borba. nasa is helping to track global warming. at delta rocket launch today from vandenberg air force base just south of lompoc, ice stats will measure the height of glaciers and sea ice. it could help pinpoint where the ice is melting the fastest. fire crews in east contra costa county will be fighting fires another him agency services. keep x ends -- kpix 5's reporter says they said no to
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this plan. >> reporter: hazmat situations, illegal fires and water emergencies will soon cost the people they help. the cost can read hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars for complex receipt -- rescues. >> is definitely crazy to charge people that have gotten into accidents, that's outrageous. >> reporter: many people feel the same way. >> i can't sam happy with it it should be collected some other way. >> reporter: the fire chief sayslaesort, they need the money. district voters in recent years have struck down tax increase measures to fund the agency. >> it's not sustainable, the system we have is not sustainable. >> reporter: the east contra costa fire district only has
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three station and covers a large area including brentwood. and it also covers oakland and discovery bay. the chief says the current wire protection is not adequate and the response times are slower than the state average. >> the revenue that we have is an issue. >> reporter: he says they will waive fees in certain situations. >> it feels like you're getting charged twice because you're paying your taxes and now you get charged every time you call for help. >> reporter: the cost recovery program could start as early as november. they have the option to cancel the program. in brentwood, i'm don lynn, kpix 5. a man from berkeley who had been missing from berkeley for more than a month has been found dead underneath waterfall in organ. 23-year-old brian lowenstein was found under the waterfall and he had been missing since
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august 12. douglas county sheriff's deputies think he fell as he tried to take photographs of the area. the sheriff's office says they hope that is families able to find some comfort in the fact that he was finally located. a man is under arrest accused of attacking a woman with an ax. please say 33 earl christopher jennings hit the woman in the head in an apparent branded attack yesterday. the victim is okay a passing motorist took her to a gas station. officers talked to her and the leader managed to track jennings down and arrest him. huber is now responding to a glitch that is causing delays in payment to its drivers. it allows drivers to cash in on their fears immediately. the glitch was first reported yesterday. huber said a statement that it is still working on it, they said they sincerely regret any
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inconvenience and working to quickly resolve the issue as always drivers receive their weekly earnings developed -- deposited into their account for every trip after they have processes them on tuesday. local democrats have open a new district in the castro district. nancy pelosi was there for the opening and it will house volunteers who are trying to flip as many seats as possible amid the midterm elections just 52 days away. >> when are republicans going to come out and speak against donald trump? never. and now he has joined them in cutting medicare and medicaid by $2 trillion to pay for his tax scam. we cannot let him do that. we must win this election. >> nationwide democrats need to secure 23 seats to take control of the house. 70 of those seats are up for grabs in california. a busy cleanup day in the bay area in san francisco we saw volunteers cleanup the
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ocean beach it was one of doesn't coastal cleanup events around the bay area. trash area -- items collected bottle caps cigarette butts. >> is a national park site is really unique and it's so special so we want to do our part. when you are out, take a pack in, pack out. and if you find things that were left alone, just grab a bag and doing a little bit helps a lot. statewide more than 53,000 people volunteered today. they picked up about 700,000 pounds of trash in more than 35,000 pounds of recyclables together that's 367 tons of litter removed. volunteers picked up trash along the banks of coyote creek in an area once known as the jungle. it was a sprawling homeless encampment that was shut down four years ago. city leaders had vowed to never let an encampment like this
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exist again. >> the primary source of trash in the creeks is for people who are living there. and we can't continue as a city with people living in our creeks and that's why the push to put mr. be on the ballot to provide for the dollars to get homeless out of our parks, out of our creeks and off the streets. >> measure v would provide funding for affordable housing for the homeless and low income people in san jose. brazen robberies caught on camera right outside a bar. the tragic way this scary situation ends. the victims of wildfires up for adoption i tens of thousands of people are headed to the east bay this weekend. it might be the cutest thing you see all day, the tiny little rabbit that is beating the odds. and change is ahead in the rather department as we look over a stunning view of the city. it's all coming up after the break.[ music ]there
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undercover officer. police say three men burst into a bar in fort worth overnight... assaulting... and pointing guns at customers. they forced people to lay on the floor and hand over wallets and cell phones. undercover officers were waiting outside... and when the suspects emerged, there was a shootout. one officer was shot and killed. a suspect also died in the new video of an armed robbery in texas that led to the death of an undercover officer. three men burst into a bar in fort worth overnight assaulting and pointing guns at customers. they forced people to lay on the floor and handover wallets and cell phones. undercover officers were waiting outside and when the suspect emerged there was a shootout. one officer was shot and killed. a suspect also died in the gunfight and two others were arrested. police have been tracking the suspects after series of robberies. warning signs are posted on a beach near cape cod after shark attacked a bookie border. a man in his 20s was attacked by the great white this afternoon. rescue is performed cpr before rushing the victim to the hospital but he later died. there are now signs of warning swimmers that sharks frequent the area. the last shark attack in massachusetts was in 1936. you can expect a text
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message from president trump later next week. fema is testing a new warning system. most cell phone users will give the so-called presidential alert on thursday. the text will say that it is only a test. but the goal is to be able to alert people to future emergencies like severe weather. one of the largest pet adoption event in the country is heading that says is headed to the alameda fairgrounds and kpix 5 news's katie elson shows is that many people who have new homes lost their last pets to wildfires. >> reporter: meet chart 10 -week-old puppy charles barkley. he is what one rescue owner calls a fire rescue. a pet that ends up in a shelter after the owners home burns down. >> it's hard to listen to the stories, it's hard to hear the needs. >> reporter: lake county has been hit particularly hard by wildfires of the past few
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years. leading to overflowing shelters and fewer people who are able to adopt. that is where orphaned dogs stepped in. >> when people come home and their home is no longer they are, then we start having some issues. >> reporter: that's why orphaned dogs brought all the dogs and cats here to the alameda county fairgrounds for one of the biggest adoption events in the country. >> when we can come to a country -- event like this we are able to access thousands of people. >> reporter: in fact more than 100,000 people are expected to the fairgrounds were organizations from across the bay are bringing all the adoptable animals that you normally think of, dogs and puppies cats and kittens, plus some you wouldn't. there are some of the biggest to smallest, young to old and the hairless to furry. maria found frankie, a three- legged mutt who had been severely injured in lake county. >> i feel so happy to be able
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to give him a second chance. >> reporter: always stocks headed home to loving families making space for the next round of fire dogs that will inevitably come during the next big wildfire. >> we are all in the same boat. we all try to help each other as best we can. >> reporter: so far today more than 1000 animals have already been adopted and the event does run again from 10-five. katie nielsen kpix 5 news. a baby jack rabbit on the men in marion county maybe the cutest thing i've seen all day. it's one of three new born abandoned on the rush creek trail earlier this month. the jackrabbits were rushed to the hospital in san rafael. two of them didn't make it but this one did. wild carettle rabbit is doing g now they are searching for another wildlife center that has baby jack rabbit so she can grow with animals her own age. were now she's just enjoying hearty meals and getting wiped
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down with a white tissue to mimic the cleaning she would normally get from her mom. that's exactly what her mom would do. there's fog around the bay area now and it's not a bad night for stargazers. mars is probably set by now but nevertheless we have got clear skies inland as we look toward the tower beautifully lit up tonight. highs today, san francisco managed only 62. santa rosa, 78. golden gate bridge there and right now the numbers are falling mostly into the 50s. here's what's happening, low pressure troughs hanging over california last wednesday and as a result they stay that way. we will continue with mild weather but see the high to the left of your screens? it will dominate by thursday. in the meantime, the weather will be unsurprising.
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more of the same. in the 70s and 60s along the shoreline. and then the usual low clouds. futurecast does show a warming trend beginning wednesday, highs will be in the 90s, inland by thursday as we finally give that low the imperial elbow out of the east. the festival this weekend in chinatown, 64. in lafayette this weekend 75 degrees. grand pre-sonoma will hit 74. and the dragon boat festival very colorful and we have some video today the high 69 degr, f in the meantime [ laughter ] and levi stadium you will be swell thrilling dashes sweltering as the dashes they take on the detroit lions.
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high temperatures tomorrow, 79 in santa rosa, 69 for oakland and 78 for livermore. and fairfield. and that was not supposed to happen. so ignore that as we go on hopefully to the extent, shoreline and the fog will maintain. things will warm up to 90 degrees by 90 -- thursday. brian, coming up with sports the a's dig deep into the bullpen again, looking for their 10th when in their last bowl game. we'll show you if they were able to close the gap in the division and the wildcard race, that's coming up next.
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to do one of 2 things. to try to he division le two weeks from tomorrow
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baseball's regular season ends until then the a's have to time to do one of two things, take the division or fight for the advantage. bob melvin wasn't around to see the end of tonight's game. the rays leading, matt olson launches one to the last row of the bleachers. olson's 27th home run of the year and that ties the game at 2. the pitch goes under the glove and he comes into score and the game was tied again. top of the eighth, oakland lowe's the bases with one out and he strikes out and a pitch that looks to be on the outside in the eight. he did not score aninejected te homer.
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the astros went tonight so oakland fell 3 1/2 games back of houston in the al west. they remain one and a half back of the yankees for the top wildcard spot. the a's magic number to clinch a playoff spot remains at 7. former giants tim hudson and travis back at at&t to relive the 2014 world series title. bottom of the second inning against colorado. one of the members of that 2014 team, hunter pence loose and the giants lead 2-0. madison baumgartner who pitched six shutout guards without -- before leaving with pain in his side. stan hopi to staywe, as they play uc davis down on the farm. but the cardinals have a problem the key offense of weapon is sidelined with an undisclosed injury. we'll be right back.
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last saturday against usc and heads to oregon next saturday... for another pac 12 matchup. but today... a possible trap game... stanford had a convincing win and hedged organ next week. today a possible track game as the base uc davis. and underclothes injury the aggies leading 3-0.
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a seven to three lead. later, costello tries the other side of the end zone and it comes up with the same result, 8-yard td pass. they go on terrine 37-10. improving to 3-0. fourth-quarter the ducks up going on a 4th and nine. johnny johnson the third, the second touchdown of the gain and oregon wins 35-22. san jose is 0 and 3. chase garber is in his second career he rolls out and he finds jordan duncan for 28-yard touchdown. cal leads 14-0. less than two minutes later after bengals field goal, action davis takes the kickoff takes the tackle at the 30, gets to the sideline
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and he is gone, 89-yard return and it was 21-3 back and they will enter path will play, 3-0. kc, san jose has only 12 of their last games. dared so fernandez knocks in a goal of the night and they crush them 5-1. thank you. we'll be right back.
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our next local newscast is tomorrow morning from six to seven o'clock. news and weather updates are always on cb t. thanks so much for watching our next local newscast tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 7:00. for now we are going to go outside and look at some improving view of the bay bridge. appreciate your watching, we will see you tomorrow. [ music ]
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