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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 17, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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morning for "cbs this morning." from it's monday, september 17th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." the storm is moving on but the problems from florence are ongoing. new dangers and damage. a woman who says she was attacked by supreme court nominp nominee brett kavanas identified herself. her detailed claims. and what may be the cause of the deadly gas line explosions massachusetts. good morning from cbs headquarters here in new york. i'm anne-marie green. hurricane florence has been
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downgraded to a tropical depression but still poses a significant threat from potentially catastrophic flooding. what's left of florence is headed north. it's still a large system and expected to produce heavy rainfall and flash flooding into the carolinas and up into virginia. an additional 10 to 15 inches of rain is expected in some areas. flash flood warnings and watches are in effect for large portions of the carolinas. parts of virginia, and west virginia. so here's virginia. so here' the latest. storm has killed at least 18 people. this morning about 580,000 customers are without power in the carolinas and virginia. mop more thr more thmoremo frfrom the floods in north carolina alone. courtnp courtney zubowsrco wilmingtp wilmington whiwil off by high water. gogood morning, courtney. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the city of wilmington is an island cleaning up damage like this mangled gas station is taking a backseat to water
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rescues and getting essentials into the city. three days after florence made landfall, the storm is still battering the carolinas. >> floodwaters are still raging across parts of our state, and the risk to life is rising with the angry waters. >> reporter: the national weather service says some rivers r in noc won't crest until tomorrow. >> it came fast and just had to jump in the car and run. >> reporter: shane carson evacuated new bern along the coast ahead of florence. now 300 miles inland in black mountain, floodwaters forced him to leave again. >> it's a mess. i mean, i don't have a home now, it's gone. >> reporter: back in new bern where the water has receded, residents are facing new problems. >> that's the top half of a 1 1/2 story garage. i don't know where the rest of it is. >> reporter: lee bell also has to figure out what to do with a boat and that ended up in her driveway. >> don't know where the miss scarlet came from. it musp it must hait must
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somewhere and just washed in during the storm. >> reporter: farther south here in wilmington you can see the damage florence left behind. floodwaters are blocking every road in and out of the city. officials plan to airlift essentials in to people until tthe flood waters recede. doug knew he needed help after his car failed to make it through a flooded street. >> i feel all kinds of stupid for not seeing it but it is dark. >> reporter: more th >> report people hapeople have been rudes have been rescued from boats, trucks, and helicopters in the past few days. the power is slowly returning here in wilmington. we've seen a number of restaurants and gas stations with hours of long lines. the airport could open tomorrow. anne-marie. >> thank you, courtney. well, the mayor of wilmington says there are no roads leading into his city that are passable. in wilmington trap, they're waiting for basic supplies and david begnaud has been trying to navigate the area. >> reporter: look at that map from the department of
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transportation. every black dot represents a road closure. that gives you a sense of how difficult it is to drive around the southeastern part of the state. we found sam block stuck as slug water. he works at world central kitchen. they feed people after natural disasters and he had a lot of food with him. i got to tell you with almost every place closed, anybody will take a meal like that.pffr trthe communitp the community d there we ran into flood block. people from the stoney creek neighborhood were being evacuated, families as well as pets being taken across the floodwatep floodwaters flop nel. that was on highway 17 in bishop. frfrom therpfrom there wt ,
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truck driver stranded in floodwater. he said he has enough food and water but asked us to call his wife because had he no cell reception. we did, with you we also called 911 to let them know his position. >> south of south carolina, a dam is breaching. water is spilling over the top of the hope mills dam. the dam is holding for now, but residents have been put on alert. it's one of several dams in danger of failing in north carolina. the coast guard was rescuing people and animals all weekend. they saved ten beagles and four other dogs that had been trapped in cages and abandoned. they had been treading water to stay alive. the coast guard ended up with a boot fuboot full op bootbo to r to a dry shelter. we'll have more reports later with the latest on the severe weather. supreme court brett kavanaugh denies accusations of sexual assault. when he wwhen he was in high s. hhir hp his accusers h
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witwith detailed charges lawma delr delay delay in p skesketd ulp sketd uld for. >> reporter: goodthose lawmake delay in tdelay in the vote ar frtfror from bop pthey sth from tp from the womrfrom t kavanaup kavanaugh of sexu. r so whp so what so wha accusp accuser beir accuap closed door session with the senarsenatp senasenate thp thenthen a decision on vote. aftp after days of public ap and houand hours of prie aftp after days of public ap and houand hours of pr r sessions with trsessions with judiciap judiciarjudiciary d brep brett kavanaubrett ka becobecome thpbecome the ne court justice. nnow p now now a yeak research psychologist in californpcalifornia told "t pos post" that at a hig stumbling drustumbling drunk c
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ininto r intop into in bed, and groped her. whiwhile another person watche kavanaup kavanaugh pkavana moumouth whep mouth whenmo. kavanaup kavanaugh sakavand moumouth whep mouth whenmo. kavanaup kavanaugh sakava allegations. democrademocrats now want thur vote delayed. >> senatop >> senatr>> sen postpop postpone tpostpon kavanaugh until at the very leap least these very serio credibp credibrcredible all thoroughly investigated. p >> at least one repub membp member of trmember o committee agrees. senatp senatsenator jeff f pospost, thpost, the vote untr until tp until tun herself. senator lindsey graham who alsor republicp pwould listen wo tphe not want r he not wan thursday's vote. republicans are up against the clock. r a na nepa new nomine to waip to wait untto wait electiop election, but by
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democrapdemocrats could hol majority. anne-marie. >> laurr >> lau>> laup york. thank you so much. investigators in massachusetmassachusetts ar ma pinpoint t pinpoint the cpi p of natural gas explosions killpkilled one person and dozens of homes. thursdays explosions rocked thrp three towthree towns . sopsomr some 8,000 people displaced. mr. stimr. still waiting to re their homes. ggas servicp gas service w untuntil every connection in e home p home home is inspecd take weeks. tthe massachusetts gas pipelin systr system system isy the country. ir iin someplacep in i. opone agency blamed the ex r oonp on overpressuriz. > ir p i typhor typhop typhoontys v at 69. dozep dozens adozens arema tropictropica tropical depress slamming into southern china earlier today. r in hongp in hong kon scaffoldip scaffolding awscg
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yesterday. hospitap hospitals thehos backup power dp backup poba by the storm. earlier tearlier the stor earl landslides and building collapscollapses in the philip. dozep dozens are fearedpiint late in the day yesterday. nearrnearlpnearl nearly bebeen evacuated. r comip com ner newnews nowp newne. tr the wife the wife t abuse allegations against the director. >r ap and n formp former russian spy a daughtdaughter werpdaughtes tthe "cbs morning news." former spy and his daughter were poisoned. this is the morning news. panera. food as it should be. thisthe morning news. i'll never find a safe used car.
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apartment earlier this month. officer guyger says she mistook botham jean's apartment for her owr owp own, entered an because sbecause she thought h trueder. they alpthey also proteste olshr olshp olshey teol killed p killed by an offi traffic sttraffic stop earlier. there's an investigation into new possible poisoning and a border patrol agent is charged with multiple murders. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the loredo morning times reports a texas border patrol agent is suspected of being a serial killer and murdering four prostitutes. 35-year-old ju35-year-old juans arrestarrested saturdayp trut parking lot. he's accused of shooting four women in the head in the last few weeks. one was a transgender woman. authorities sauthorities say h fifth womp fifth woman afif hher but shp her but she e
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police find ortiz. r dyl dylap> reacting p reacting to thr allr allen ap allen aale reacting p reacting to thr allr allen ap allen aa daughtr daughter daught allegatiop allegations tal dylan farrow. sp she sashe said what dylan farrow. sp she sashe said wha happ is so upsetting. mrp me too moveme me t dylr dylan as a victim. they issued statements supporting their mother saying the new york magazine article was inaccurate. >p ti time magazine peoppeople became ill in thh cip city whecity where a f ap and his daughtand his with tp with twith the so novichok. britip british polibritish callr calledp called a teap teams lastpeople got in sauls bury. thp they say no evidence o nerve agent was found. ttwr two mtwo meptwo mn intelligence agents have beech
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this year. >p ti time magazinee foundp founder of cloudcocof ar and hp and his wiand. they're buying the magazine from meredimeredith whic meredith w earlier this year. coupp couple says they w r operations of the magazine or ir ip iits journalisti. stip still tstill to come,. mar map many homeownemas face financip face financi wawake of hurricane florence. tennis partner's... chatty coworker's... youngest daughter's... entire judo class. one shot can make a world of difference. walgreens has specially trained pharmacists, that know which flu shot is right for you. protecting the world... over 60 million flu shots and counting. starts with protecting yours. walgreens trusted since 1901. you don't see psoriasis.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," a shortfall in flood insurance and ramping up trade threats. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, anne-marie. the trump administration will reportedly announce some $200 billion worth of tariffs on chinese imports as early as today. according to the "wall street journal," the import tax will probably be about 10%. if the u.s. moves forward with the tariffs, china has said it will retaliate and may refuse to participate in proposed trade talks with the u.s. later this month. all eyes on wall street will be in the next move in the trade dispute between the u.s. and china. the lobster industry is already
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getting pinched by the u.s./china trade war. chir china china is tch the lobsters. and trade war has kept the markets flat friday. the dow rose 8 points. s&p 500 virtually unchanged, adding less than a point. and the nasdaq lost 3 points. the biggest threat from hurricane florence continues to be flooding, but too many americans living in flood zones remain without flood insurance. and hard-hit north carolina, just 35% of at-risk properties had flood insurance. in south carolina, about 65% of properties in flood hazard areas are insured. property insurance typically doesn't cover flooding. fep fema requirrfema requfe wipwith mortgages living in insurance. >p hawa hawaii kwla begr begin flyip begibe
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>p hawa hawaii kwla begr begin flyip begibnn to honolulu. thp they withey will offer p week on an airburweek. rit ip it r it is 5,095. r it p it is it is 1 i westbouwestbound an westbounwe minutes on the return. aand thr and ttand tan thaufs premier week. >> that's the thing that killed my men. >> thr >> tp >> t>> t estimatr estimated $24 million domesticalpdomestically bu million to produce and will look to international ticket sales o offset its costs. second plarsecond place went t coninjurip coninjurinrconco a simpp a simple fava simpl. anne-marie. >> all right. thanksthanks a lot, diane. >> all right. stip still sti thing. p a californa california his aftr after p after hea $10,000 in cash.
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cis ost®h protn nuritionri 26 essential vitamins and minerals be ufor . denying allegations of sexual assault when he was in high school. what his bay area accuser is
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saying and why her words may cause a delay in a key vote. plus: fierce florages homes and buildings in the carolinas... as florence dumps historic rainfall. and: bart plans to transform one of its parking lots into housing. how many units are expected to be affordable. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. and tyler austin will track this into foul ground and make the catch and flip over the barrier. >> a spectacular catch and flip by first baseman tyler austin. he flipped over a railing as he was running to make the catch during yesterday's game against the kansas city royals. he wasn't hurt and he also hit a home run in the twin's victory. well, the day of partying and parades in mexico as the country celebrated its 208th anniversary of independence from spain. >> viva mexico. viva mexico.
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>> mexican president nieto initiatp initiated tinitia. tetens op tens tens of tho parade. president trupresident trump t lalgtss to all of our international friends on national independence day. we wip we will be doing gr together. a and a california we wip we will be doing gr together. a and a californi teeisd aftr aftp after findia $10,000 inside. 16-year-old rhami zeini was drivipdriving home before h r p in santa barbara la r he noticephe noticed he turnephe turned the pur sheriff's office who returned it pthe teenager said it right thing to do. r >>p >> ir plac r p>> now, he wasn't l handhanded fop handed for . tr the ownpthe owner of
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our top stories this morning, hurricane florence has been downgraded to a tropical depression but remains a large and dangerous weather system. officials warn of catastrophic flooding in the carolinas as riverivers reach record levels. some areas will get 15 inches of rain before it's all over, at least 18 people with have been killed. the coastal city of wilmington is completely shut off by flooded roads. >p a and supreme co brebretp brett kavanaubrer categoricalcategorically d allegatip allegation that anothp anothanother student high school. foford tolp ford told thrf kavanaup kavanaugh pinnkava
4:26 am
trir tried p tried triee kavanaup kavanaugh pinnkava trir tried p tried tri d hp hut put hhut put his whwhen shp when she tried . sor sop sosome lawmaad week. > p a beach commu c shap shark attack on sa. it's the first in the nation since 2017. >> r >> i sawp >> i >> thrashing. definitedefinitely afterwards tell by the ambassador language that tthat the guy in the wate something wasn't right. >> reporter: moments after a shar shap shark fatally medicmedici, about 30 feet int watr water owater ofth stretcher. jp joe booth sajoe boothth stretcher. jp joe booth sajoe booth p>> unconscious and adminig cr cpr as p cpr as hrc ambulance. he lookp he looked lihe lood of hurt. >> reporter: calls flooded into 911. r >> i ha>> i have p>pn shark bite. >> reporter: t>> reporter: the boap board wiboard with an
4:27 am
ththis beacpthis beach wheo hisp>> there are ha>> e trying p trying to sttryitom >> medici wp >> medic>> hospitp hospital bhospit>> hospitp hospital bhospita d about an hour later. r>> i comp >> i come>>s about an hour later. r>> i comp >> i come> tir time time so it'p know, itknow, it's scary tir time time so it'p and p and my heart goes ou family. >> reporte>> reporter: last mo milr miles miles up shpn wwar was brittp was br shashark but survived. thp they hathey have cl nr nnow ap now as thn alarmed p alarmed by what t surgip surging shasurging s its shores. p >> when the shark activi happenp happens, it's ofri seep seems liseems like thy alop along the national se. r i woup i would ni w anytime soon. >> reportep >> reporter:>> top told ctold cbs news shark likely mistook me a seal.
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hr p he citedhe cited n off the shores. ththis is thp this is tth attaattack in 81 years her. r comi comip morningmorning," olympi mornin michap michael phelps joins studp studio to testudione aboaboup about water conse. ar and we'p and we'llane wwho delivere who delivered tw after arriviafter arriving i a escape hurricane florence. that's tthat's the cbs morning ththisp this mondarthis mo watchinwatching, i'pwatchi. har have a great day. day. -- captions by vitac --
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live from the cbs bay area studios , this is kpix 5 ne a new day and a new start to the week as we take a live look in san jose. it looks like it will be a nice day in the bay area. it is monday, september 17, thank you for waking up with us.
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i am kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego. let's say good morning to jaclyn and mary. >> it is monday morning. >> did you like the weather over the weekend? >> in san francisco, it was very beautiful. >> it had sunshine. if you like the weather, we will continue that over the next couple of days. lots of fog along the coast. parts of the bay this morning, but another cool day with below average temperatures and afternoon sun once again. warming up by the middle part of the week. we are looking at, as we go through the day, the sunshine and mild conditions through tuesday. warming up by wednesday and for thursday. the highs are in the mid 60s in san francisco, upper 60s across the east bay in oakland. let's check in with jafor ok a right now, we are tracking traffic alerts. police


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