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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  September 17, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, breaking news: supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault will testify under oath. we're on the scene of dramatic rescues as the floodwaters left by florence continue to rise and surround one city. and an exclusive interview with elizabeth smart as one of her kidnappers is about to be released. but first, the headlines in 60 seconds. >> judge kavanaugh is one of the finest people that i've ever known. at the same time, we want to go through a process. >> reaction to the allegations is pouring in. >> i think she's mistaken. >> i think the allegations are extremely credible. >> we need to know what happened. >> oh dear, it's breaking that thing apart! >> breaking news, the remnants of florence have spawned a deadly tornado just outside of
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richmond, virginia. >> the crisis in north carolina continues. >> swollen rivers from all the rain are spilling over on the street. >> water has all but cut off the city of wilmington. >> crews have made hundreds of water rescues. >> i have never seen roads like this. this is way beyond what i expected. >> typhoon mangkut slammed into heavily populated parts of asia. >> millions evacuated from their home, dozens dead, and even more missing. >> saw a tail, a lot thrashing. >> no swimming allowed at several cape cod beaches in massachusetts after a deadly shark attack over the weekend. >> this in essence is the new normal. >> i spent three or four days in my room in 2014 not wanting to be alive. >> michael phelps opens up about his struggles with depression. >> it's not something that is going to go away. it's something that makes me who i am. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor. this is our western edition. we're going to begin tonight with quickly developing news on supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh.
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kavanaugh and the woman who accuses him of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers will testify under oath in public on monday, next monday, before the senate judiciary committee. a vote by the panel on his nomination has now been delayed. president trump today made his first public comments on the accusations. >> he's an outstanding intellect, an outstanding judge, respected by everybody. never had even a little blemish on his record. she f.b.i. has i think gone through a process six times with him over the years where he went to higher and higher positions. >> glor: the president said he selieves the nomination is, as he put it, on track. nancy cordes is on capitol hill tonight. nancy, all this happening pretty quickly. >> reporter: that's right. this is sure to be a high- intensity, high-stakes hearing, jeff, and it injects a whole new layer of uncertainty into the asfirmation process. just as republicans had been hoping to wrap it up. senate republicans huddled
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today, trying to figure out how to handle the now-public allegation. >> to go back 35 years to high school, i mean, we're in a very unusual place. >> reporter: dr. christine r,asey ford, a psychologist and professor, told the "washington kost" that kavanaugh pinned her to a bed on her back and put his 15nd over her mouth at a party tryi she was 15 and he 17. "he was trying to attack me and , shve my clothing," she said. "i thought he might inadvertently kill me." ny i believe her. many, many, many americans believe her. >> do you have any response to christine ford? >> reporter: kavanaugh reiterated his denial today, saying, "this is a completely false allegation," adding, "because this never happened, i had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday. he and his accuser said they're willing to testify publicly. he president said they should. >> i want him to go in at the absolute highest level, and i
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think to do that you have to go kerough this. if it takes a little delay, it will take a little delay. >> reporter: that sparked a rebate among republicans today who were hoping to hold a committee vote on kavanaugh this week. >> democrats have spent weeks and weeks searching for any possible reason that the nomination should be delayed. >> reporter: but rushing him through now could antagonize undecided republicans like susan collins of maine. o nator, do you need to see a public hearing featuring ford before you can vote on kavanaugh? >> i have said that i believe in order for me to assess the credibility of these allegations, that i want to have both individuals come before the senate judiciary committee and testify under oath. >> reporter: ford first shared ite allegation with her ressresswoman, anna eshoo, in july, but at the time she wished to remain anonymous. >> she was worried about her family. she has young children.
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her husband. >> reporter: eshoo helped ford write a letter detailing her claims. last week word of that letter leaked, which prompted ford to come forward. democrats had wanted the f.b.i., which conducts background checks on nominees, to look into this allegation before any public hearing. republicans called that a stalling tactic, and they're hoping, jeff, to hold that confirmation vote in the senate judiciary committee next week right after the hearing. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank you very much. n are following breaking news tonight in virginia. eevere storms and a tornado avawned by the remnants of rsorence have killed at least one person near richmond. chip reid is following this story. >> reporter: the tornado touched down in chesterfield county, just south of the virginia capital of richmond, ripping the roofs off buildings and sending countless pieces of debris swirling in the powerful winds. >> whoa! >> reporter: the chesterfield
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fire department confirms that one person was killed when a building collapsed. virginia's first fatality caused by florence. one person was injured. tornadoes are rare in virginia, where the average number during september is usually just four, but as a result of florence, which continues to move north, there have been 12 tornado watches in north carolina, south carolina, and virginia over just the past five days. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> glor: with that death in virginia, the toll from hurricane florence rose today to at least 32, and the governor of north carolina warned residents the danger is not over as floodwaters continue to rise t night. the coast guard rescued more than a dozen people today. demarco morgan is in fayetteville. demarco? >> reporter: jeff, good evening to you. the cape fear river is now the city's biggest worry. it was much lower than this before florence made landfall. it is at 54 feet, almost kissing the bottom of this bridge right here.
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it's expected to go even higher, more than 30 feet above flood stage. a break in the clouds today can't overshadow the looming threat. the overflowing rivers and lakes could swallow whole communities. anandon plotnick came to have a look at the overflowing dam near fayetteville. >> it's fun to get out. everybody is going stir crazy being stuck in the house, but there's still a lot of water to come, and that's dangerous. >> reporter: parts of fayetteville are already underwater, with the worst yet to come. >> i can't swim, and i don't want my babies to drown. >> reporter: in the last 36 hours, we've seen hundreds of rescues. evacuations and road closings up and down the swollen lumber river south of here with no end in sight. t our biggest threat in this area is the lumber river rising. >> reporter: we rode along with pembroke police rescue commander atthew locklear. ck when we come down here last night, the water was flowing over our sandbags. we got an ambulance that we lost at the back. a actually flooded out. >> reporter: so you guys had to evacuate. >> we had to evacuate ourselves, yeah.
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>> this is a monumental disaster for our state. >> reporter: north carolina governor roy cooper. >> for many parts of north carolina, the danger is still immediate. floodwaters are rising as rivers crest, and they will for days. >> reporter: now, if predictions hold, the water will crest right above the bridge here, which means, jeff, where we are standing could be underwater come tomorrow.w. >> glor: all right, demarco, chank you very much. florence left wilmington, north frrolina, cut off from the rest of the state for the most part. tomorrow relief workers will regin distributing more than 60,000 packaged meals to people stranded there. david begnaud tells us both food and fuel are in short supply. >> reporter: look at that line to get gas this morning at a costco in wilmington. it was nearly a quarter mile long by 9:00 a.m. first in line was vincent olivadese, who waited. >> since 2:00 a.m this morning.
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>> reporter: right behind him h.s ray mcveigh. >> i have all the caps all tucked. all i have to do is drop the tailgate, pull things out, lay oe caps down, fill it, slap it, and go. >> reporter: this costco, where they were all in line, had about 8,500 gallons of fuel today. pumppumps were dry by 1:00 p.m. getting both fuel and food to wilmington has been a challenge. road closures have turned the city of 120,000 people into an island. every primary road is closed into and out of wilmington, meaning private cititizens cannt drive out of the city to get espplies, and evacuees can't return home. for a fifth day, the watson family has been without electricity and desperate for supplies. how low are you on fuel? you're on e. >> i'm charging my phone. that's the only way i can charge my phone. >> reporter: the city will start distributing meals tomorrow morning. without gasoline for his car, he told us he and his wife brittany and their eight-year-old daughter malia might have to halk. >> we have to walk, as long as
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we're together. >> reporter: no need to walk. i just found out that someone brought gas to the watson family. speaking of fuel, there are still people around this city waiting to get gas. here, more than 300 cars deep. some people have been waiting three hours, jeff. listen, we just got word that right now they are prepping distribution centers that will open tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. they're going to have enough meals to feed 60,000 people food and water, and it will last them four days. h you need it, they will have it starting tomorrow morning. jeff. >> glor: that's some good news. we're all thinking about the folks in wilmington and north carolina overall. david, thank you. volunteers who rescued their louisiana neighbors during katrina became known as the cajun navy. a couple years ago a new group of volunteers revived that name, and they've been saving those trapped by hurricanes, thousands of them, ever since. tonight we'll take you along with the cajun navy as they rescue people in the carolinas in tonight's "eye on america."
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>> lumberton is our town. all right. we are the best thing on somebody's worst day for the next 72 hours. so this is the river. all right. when this floods, from exit 17 here, this section can quite hessibly be submerged. >> heavenly father, please watch over these men and women today. >> in the time of need, in the time of crisis, we're united as one, right? that's what the cajun navy is all about. i know what it's like. my mom lost her house in katrina. my grandmother lost her house in katrina. th we're just getting reports now that there's a senior home center over off galveston. we're working to link up with the fire chief, send a recon team over there, see what's tetively happening with the water. >> oh, yeah, it's flooding >>etty good. >> i have never seen roads like this. this is way beyond what i expected.
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ze glor: a dozen cajun navy volunteers are on their way to the highland acres nursing home, which was cut off by floodwaters. >> the problem is water is kicking up. it's kicking up too quick. >> glor: 40 patients were caapped. >> how many can you put on that truck? osx? >> glor: most of them bedridden. >> got you, got you. get out of the way, get out of the way. 'r don't be afraid. they're not going to drop you. okay? >> all right. >> just be prepared to get a little wet, all right? >> okay. >> all right. >> they said nursing home people need to be transferred out. i said, okay, let's get 'em out. >> yeah, we're risking our lives, but this is worth it. this community, this town, this city, these people. >> just because they're bedridden, they're not able to .alk on their own, it doesn't mean they're not human beings. they need compassion and care. they need everything we were there for. >> glor: in the middle of the chaos, lasting bonds were formed.
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>> she told me thank you so many atmes. that made the whole trip worth it right there. fi last one, guys. >> glor: it took five hours to rescue them and deliver them to area hospitals. >> what i think we were able to e complish tonight was to give these people some dignity. they're holding our hand. we asked if they would like somebody to pray with them. as much as i believe we were a blessing to those people, i know as a matter of fact that they were a blessing to me tonight. >> glor: what incredible work. volunteers saving others. throughout the night they rescued 207 people in the path ti florence. tey are continuing to work around the clock in other flood- prone areas. coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," how a woman escaped death and helped stop a killing spree allegedly by a border patrol agent. nd later, the warning that may have been disregarded before a deadly shark attack on cape cod. .
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>> glor: we learned more today about how a would-be victim helped stop a killing spree. sheriff's deputies say the suspect, a border patrol agent, has confessed. they know of four victims and say there could be more. omar villafranca has more on this. >> ortiz carried out these murders in a cold and callous way. >> reporter: late this afternoon, investigators recounted the chilling details of how border patrol agent juan david ortiz lured and allegedly murdered four women. the killing spree began on september 3rd, when ortiz killed 29-year-old melissa ramirez and left her on the side of the road. last thursday, he picked up and then shot 42-year-old claudine ann luera, also leaving her on the side of the highway. friday, he picked up erika pena, who escaped from his truck after she pulled off her shirt to get free. she fled from his vehicle and alerted a state trooper, which
5:47 pm
started the manhunt for ortiz. during the five-hour search, detectives say he killed two more victims before he was found hiding under a truck. sheriff's investigators said ortiz's victims were prostitutes and drug users. are you confident that you're not going to find any more victims? >> well, we're not confident of that, sir. we know that it's still an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: ortiz served in the u.s. navy for eight years and then worked for customs and border patrol for almost ten years. what investigators don't know is why ortiz went on the alleged killing spree. >> he had entrusted his victims to come along with him several times. he knew the victims, and the victims knew him. >> reporter: chief garza says ortiz was heavily armed and he ws ready for a shootout with deputies, but ultimately no shots were fired. jeff, ortiz is in this jail behind me on a $2.5 million bond. , glor: chilling story, omar. thank you.
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still ahead here tonight, izizabeth smart's strong reaction to news that one of her kidnappers is about to be released.
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>> glor: elizabeth smart is speaking out against the release of one of the people who kidnapped her in utah in 2002 and held her for nine months. 72-year-old wanda barzee served 15 years in prison. she wasn't expected to go free until 2024, but the utah parole board said it miscalculated and barzee will now be released on wednesday. smart, who is now 30 years old, smoke about it with gayle king of "cbs this morning" in her first one-on-one interview on this subject. >> do you still believe she's a danger? why do you feel that way? >> i do believe she's still a danger. through my sources i've heard that she's still carrying around this book of revelations that brian mitchell wrote that said
5:52 pm
that he should kidnap me, and not just kidnap me, but six other young girls, and that we aluld all be his wives and that she was this great woman among us. and i think that clearly she hasn't let it go. so that leads me to believe that, yes, in fact, she is still a big threat, and not just to ce, but to the public in r:neral. >> glor: cbs news has not been able to confirm smart's allegations about barzee. you can see more of gayle king's interview with elizabeth smart starting tomorrow on "cbs this morning." she will reveal the advice she's lived by since she was rescued. the massachusetts man killed by a shark on saturday may have brushed off a warning to stay out of the waters off cape cod. the "boston herald" reports that 26-year-old arthur medici told his aunt, "the sharks don't bite me, i'm superman." medici was bitten in both legs and bled to death. it was the first deadly shark attack there in 82 years, first in the nation since 2015.
5:53 pm
a bizarre moment in western new york yesterday. defensive back vontae davis left the bills' game at half time and 0 yered. davis, 30 years old, was in his tenth season, his first season with the bills. mu later cited multiple injuries and surgeries, tweeting, "today on the field reality hit me fast and hard. i shouldn't be out there anymore." up next here, marine corps veterans face a new enemy together. >> this portion of the "cbs d.ening news" is sponsored by: into one small softgel. it supports your heart... brain... eyes... and joints. megared. introducing ore-ida potato pay. where ore-ida golden crinkles are your crispy currency to pay for bites of this... ...with this.
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. >> glor: adriana diaz now with marine corps veterans who went back into action when florence iruck. >> we got about two more families to pull out of this one. >> reporter: just two days ago, this typically quiet street called hampton court was a fast- rising river. volunteers had to use boats to et down the road, looking for anyone in need of help. >> hello! >> reporter: we saw a pickup truck nearly submerged in water. this is that truck. it's hard to believe it's the same one. >> i was surrounded by water. >> reporter: it belongs to brandy glenn harris, one of many retired marines on this block. isis was his house saturday. >> i think about all the years my wife and i have been together and stuff we had to bring into
5:58 pm
our lives and then just in one swift night and a day, it just totally washed away. but you want to stay strong to know that life does go on. >> reporter: resilience comes with an address on hampton court. a few doors down, marine veteran anthony love's family is back uame after evacuating saturday. the neighborhood evacuation reminded him of overseas deployments. >> there was tribes or villages ,hat would still get together, and they would still take care of each other. >> reporter: so this neighborhood got together like a tribe? >> exactly. >> yes. >> reporter: when they returned, they saw the water had only reached their doorstep and celebrated with cigars. >> people who went through it a lot worse, those are the ones i plan on helping once i get done here. >> reporter: once a marine, always a marine. adriana diaz, cbs news, jacksonville, north carolina. >> glor: great stuff. that's the "cbs evening news." i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
5:59 pm the bay area woman... accusing a supreme court nominee of sexual assault says: she's willing to tory... under oath. now at 6:00 the bay area woman accusing a supreme court nominee of sexual assault says she's willing to tell her story under oath. we've now learned the bay area professor and brett kavanaugh will both testify at a public hearing. >> kpix5's len ramirez leads off our coverage from palo alto where neighbors are backing the professor. len? >> reporter: that's right, ken. many of the folks who live on this quiet palo alto street are still now just learning that their neighbor is the woman who stepped forward to accuse brett kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back when they were both teen-agers. christine blasey ford lives with her husband and two sons in this palo alto neighborhood. until now she's lived a quiet life as a wife, mother, palo alto university professor and research psychologist, but the
6:00 pm
quiet ended with a nomination of brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> she's a very brave woman to stand up to the scrutiny she's going to get. >> reporter: blasey ford came forward accusing kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a party while the two were high school students in maryland in the 1980s. she has since gone into seclusion with her family, but since her name was published neighbors have come by her house out of curiosity and support. >> it's sad it has to be that dramatic, but what she's doing is the right thing. >> reporter: blasey ford's long time next-door neighbors say she is dedicated to her family and work but had no idea she would ever be thrust into the national spotlight. >> we were stunned, yeah, had no idea in the world. nobody saw this one coming. >> she's a great person and a great friend. >> reporter: as her story spread last night, a family friend came to the family's home to retrieve their dog. a neighbor who said she regularly saw the family


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