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of bay area brushfires next. area cities... it's not okay the way survivors are treated and the way we see christine being treated right now. >> and now at 11:00, hundreds gather in two bay area cities supporting the palo alto professor who is set to testify this week against the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. but in a dramatic twist just hours ago, a new accuser decided to make her story public. >> cbs's meg oliver reports the
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new sexual misconduct allegations sound very much like the old ones. >> reporter: another woman has come forward with a new allegation of sexual misconduct by brett kavanaugh in the early 1980s. deborah ramirez was a yale class med of the new york nominee. she told "the new yorker," he exposed herself himself to her in a drunken state at a party. this was published the same day christopher reeve learned when -- christine blasey ford learned when she will tell her story to congress. they'll hold a public hearing this thursday with ford and kava nauh as its ilwas in high school, brett kavanaugh put his hand over her mouth at a party and groped her. he denies the allegations. >> this is an intelligent woman. this is not a woman who is confused, mixed up.
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>> reporter: democratic senator macie ferona says -- >> i will tell my story so i'll i everything ke sure she can tell her story free of intimidation, fear. >> reporter: supporters of brett kavanaugh say ford's testimony will be weighed against the lack of other evidence. >> i will do the following: listen to dr. ford, compare that to everything in the record, and make a decision. this accusation is 36 years old. >> reporter: the hearing will start on thursday at 10:00 a.m. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> for his report, brett kavanaugh says, quote, this alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. the people who knew me then know that this did not happen and have said so. this is a smear plain and simple. i look forward to testifying on feg my good name. and
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>> senator dianne feinstein said, quote: thursday's hearing should be canceled in light of a stunning new allegation of sexual misconduct against brett kavanaugh. they should look at all allegations. [ chanting ] new tonight, hundreds of supporters in people tonight where christine blasey ford lives. there was also those in the streets in san francisco. and betty yu was there. >> reporter: this is one of two candlelight vigils across the bay area tonight held in support of christine blasey ford. people held candles and signs that said "stop kavanaugh." >> reportssage is clear. several cars honked in solidarity on el camino royal and embarcadero road. >> she's doing something so unbareblly difficult. and we're -- -- unbearably difficult.
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and our whole country will be better for it. >> reporter: attorneys for blasey ford said today their client is committed to testifying before lawmakers even though brett kavanaugh has denied it. >> this has happened over and over again. it gave me flashbacks of anita hill from when i was younger. and here we have another situation where we have, you know, people in power who are trying to dismiss and trying to squash the voice of survivors. >> reporter: orchard city invisible. a grassroots group formed after president trump was elected helped organize this vigil. after going public with her story, blasey ford has received death threats. "i believe christine," and "we have your back." >> i think that's why it's important for everyone in the community to stand up for this because it's not okay the way survivors are treated and the way we see christine being treated right now. >> many of the people who showed up tonight in support of ford plan to be at a tentative rally on thursday in front of
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city hall in palo alto. in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. firefighters are keeping a close eye on a pair of late afternoon brushfires that started charging toward homes. they broke out minutes apart and burned dozens of acres as joe vazquez reports, fire danger is extreme right now because of gusty conditions. >> reporter: the brushfire lit up the hillside and high winds pushed the flames dangerously close to these homes here on estanchia court. officials decided to evacuate about seven of these houses as a precaution. >> reporter: the fire broke out about 3:00 in the afternoon here. >> we had no time to think. we just got outside of our houses. >> reporter: betty says it was racing toward her backyard. >> when they evacuated us, we couldn't see anything. it was so smoky. you could hear the fire cracking. >> we had steam coming up out of the houses. we felt for the safety of the citizens, we had to get them
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evacuated. >> reporter: the san jose fire department reported a grassfire today. it was brought to 30 acres before it was taken under control. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. right now, parts of the bay area are experiencing critical fire weather -- a combination of high temperatures, high winds, and low humidity, perfect conditions for wildfires. >> even though there's a fire weather warning up north of us, we're still in the heightened sense of awareness for fire weather and fire behavior around this area. >> reporter: that's why responsible homeowners and homeowners associations are being so diligent about cutting down weeds and other vegetation around the perimeter of homes. firefighters in san ramon tonight said they had 100 feet of defensible space which proved crucial in defending these homes. evacuees were allowed back within a few hours. >> my h.o.a. ve ner ful to of it!
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and that paid me back writing that check every month. the firefighters said we were so lucky that it was there, that was so well maintained. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. and things are setting up for a warm and dry week ahead as high pressure builds off the pacific northwest. that will bring temperatures into the mid-90s next week. it'll be a slow warming trend but it'll get warmer and drier. that's why they have the red flag warnings posted. fewer elision have as in napa and -- fewer elevations in napa and lake counties. we'll look how warm it's gonna get when we look at the forecast in a few minutes. a violent armed robbery in doubt sabling. and two suspects are in -- downtown san jose. two suspects are on the run. you can see san jose arresting two of the suspects a few blocks away. those men are accused of attacking a group of friends overnight as they came out of a nightclub. the victims were robbed of their wallets and cellphones while being punched and kicked. one of the friends got knocked out. >> and then one of them ended up pulling out a gun.
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i was punched twice. a couple of my other friends were hit a couple times. one of my friends was knocked out cold. we attended to him and made sure he's okay. he's going to be fine. he's going to valley medical. >> they did uncover a loaded handgun. the mayor of san jose says crimes should start decreasing across the city soon. >> the good news is we are adding a lot of police officers. we have 250 we've hired just the last two years. some are still in the academy. as they come on the street, we'll be beefing up enforcement. meantime, santa clara county is denouncing an idea from president trump that would require immigrants they could financially support themselves. it would make it much harder for immigrants who receive benefits like food stamps to qualify for a green card or visa. the white house says the plan would save taxpayers almost $3 billion per year. santa clara county says the plan would, quote, wrongly force noncitizens to either cease using essential county
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services or risk jeopardizing their ability to become lawful, permitted residents. the suspected north cal rapist is scheduled for his first court appearance tomorrow. waller is accused of sexual assaults. he's linked to at least ten sexual assaults in ten six counties. he will appear for his arraignment in sacramento tomorrow. we'll have full coverage of the hearing tomorrow afternoon. comedian bill cosby could learn his fate this week at a sentenng hearing outside philadelphia. in april, the long-time entertainer was convicted of drugging and sexual assaulting constan. cosby faces up to 30 years in prison but his lawyers are
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likely to say he should be kept at home due to the 81-year- old's declining health. now to the world of sports. and it's not good news. the 49ers are bracing for the worst tonight after their new high dollar quarterback went down hard. watch. >> running, running, running. and he will get all the way inside the 10 to the 7th before he is leveled by steven nelson. >> it happened in the 4th quarter. jimmy garoppolo was running when his left leg appeared to get caught in the grass. he left with a knee injury and possibly a torn acl. if it is a torn acl, it would put him out for the season. the team will find out for sure after mri's are taken tomorrow. kpix5's dennis o'donnell will have more coming up on "game day" after the newscast. reckless stunt drivers take over the city's treat streets. the officers that impounded nearly 100 cars! and a sad update tonight.
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a dog hailed a hero and what the chp is determined to do after a brazen bay area freeway shooting. >> plus, not again! a scene that's become all too common at one bay area store plays out once again.
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and kind of in shock." some sad news here. a dog that was wounded in a freeway shooting in oakland.. is dea i pulled over and she was whimpering and i was bleeding and kind of in shock. >> some sad news here. a dog that was wounded in a freeway shooting in oakland is dead tonight. as kpix5's len ramirez explains, the dog was hit by two bullets and her presence in the car may have saved the driver's life. >> reporter: at about 7:30 friday evening, david frei ofs stboon freeway 980 on oakla he was taking his friend's dog, lela, to the creek. she was in her favorite spot, standing between the console of the driver and passenger's seat. >> there was an explosion and the glass was flying everywhere. and i saw that i was bleeding
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and you could tell. and i -- i pulled over and she was whimpering. and i was bleeding and kind of in shock. >> reporter: the chp says the freeway shooting left his rental car with nine bullet holes in it and david ended up with fragments in his neck. but it was lela more gravely injured with damage to her spine and nervous system. last night david and the dog's owner, lanita laciya, waited at the hospital as the prognosis looked bleak. >> it's breaking my heart. and it's costing an extreme amount of money for one and a half days, over $5,000. >> the vets want us to make a decision. and right now, i don't know if either of us are ready to make a decision. >> reporter: david quickly created a gofundme page, raising $2,500 in 14 hours. lanita, who suffers from ptsd, says the 4-year-old dog has been a godsend in helping her cope. >> and she's -- she's -- she's been wonderful.
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and she's been -- people love her in alameda where i live. they would just go come and talk to her. she talks to everybody! she's like the welcoming committee. wherever i go, she says hello to everyone. >> reporter: but early this morning, the doctors determined that lela's paralysis could not be reserved and the decision was made to euthanize her. many who donated say keep the money to help out with the vet bills. but that still leaves david with one question. >> i want to know why people do these things! and, you know, i -- i have no enemies. so why would someone shoot at me? why would somebody shoot at anybody? especially when they can see that there's a really nice dog in the car! why would they do that? >> reporter: in oakland, john ramos, kpix5. this scene becoming all too common. thieves hit the apple store at the santa ana plaza store. you can see a group of young men ripping phones off displays, then running out of the store. it's unclear tonight how much
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merchandise they took off with. today's heist was the latest in a string of recent robberies at apple stores across california. there have been multiple robberies in santa rosa, and roseville. police in those cities are now investigating whether the robberies are connected to a specific robbery crew. meantime in oakland, almost 100 vehicles impounded tonight after police shut down at least five illegal side shows across the city. one city councilmember tells katie nelson they have a plan to stop the dangerous displays. >> reporter: this is the high street interchange off of interstate 880, also known as the pit. it was the site of one of the early morning illegal car shows. you can still see all the tire marks and skid marks through and around the intersection. >> oh! [ gunfire ] we have gunfire. >> reporter: you can hear police on their radios talking about the shots fired just
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after 2:00 this morning. as car tires screeched and smoked during this massive side show near the high street exit off interstate 880 in oakland. but it didn't stop there. side shows moved to at least five different locations around the city. this video from the california highway patrol helicopter at high street and macarthur boulevard shows the magnitude of one of the side shows. hundreds of people gather with cars spinning, tires smoking, as dozens of other vehicles were stopped for blocks, essentially shutting down the intersection. >> we are worried about public safety component of having illegal side show in the city of oakland. >> reporter: oakland police say they heard about plans for the tank to townside show as it's called on social media and were ready. with extra officers on the streets, to break up the
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sometimes violent crowds. >> there -- go. don't breathe! don't breathe! >> we had an officer hit in the face last night. fortunately the officer is okay and we also had someone run a patrol car. >> just start blocking traffic right here. just start blocking it. >> reporter: just before 3:00 a.m. at high street, officers boxed in almost 100 cars, spectators and participants, impounding, towing off the vehicles. >> if you come to oakland, participate in the illegal side show activity, we're going to be taking your car. >> i'm not gonna feel sorry for you. i don't care where you're from. the law is clear. you don't come here to oakland to do that. >> reporter: but the current approach isn't working, we're told. >> tactics that the sheriff is using, opd, and these authorities are just a tactic to criminalize more people instead of embracing them. >> reporter: in all, it took more than seven hours for tow trucks to impound all the vehicles. the high street freeway off ramp shut down most the morning.
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it didn't reopen until noon when the last of those vehicles was towed away. in oakland, katie neilsen, kpix5. now to the all-important back to work forecast for the bay area. things will be warming up. tonight, we have clear skies from the coast to inland areas. just patchy fog along the coast. we managed 66 in san francisco and skyrocketed to 86 at livermore. as we overlook the city with the sales force towers standing proudly and boldly. here's another perspective of the city. concord right now is at 61 degrees. we have 63 at livermore and 53 in santa rosa tomorrow. the numbers warm a little bit to 90 degrees inland at about 77 around the bay. and at the coast, mid-60s. doesn't sound like much but it's warm for the beaches. and it'll get even warmer as high pressure over the pacific northwest begins to build in, giving us a little bit of an offshore push. and that's going to drive humidities down and bring temperatures up. so get a puff or two of coastal
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fog tonight, not much. it'll be clear inland. the weather will warm up tomorrow. and then by the time we get to wednesday and thursday, it'll be downright hot. temperatures will be in the mid- 90s by mid-week. and also, the giants are taking on the padres tomorrow night. if you're going to take in one of the final baseball games of the season. san francisco is taking on the padres tomorrow at 7:15 p.m. under mostly clear, if somewhat chilly conditions. about 63 degrees at gametime. overnight lows, it's good for star gators -- star gators? we just invented a species. santa rosa has 350 degrees. 59 in napa. in fairfield, 51. sun will be up in a minute. at mountain view, 55. numbers are close to average, except near the coast. san francisco should be a little bit warmer but it's lagging. the forecast is at 63. usually we're at 70. concord, 84. san jose, 78. and oakland, 70. in the south bay, starry skies tonight. and that big star, the sun, will be out tomorrow with no
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clouds and 77 at sunny vale. 76 for santa clara and 75 at morgan hill. numbers begin to edge up. but still only in the upper 70s, low 80s. not sure at brentwood, 89 degrees. for the north bay, the numbers are in the mid-70s. 82 at santa rosa and 76 at petaluma. and 86 at ukiah. extended forecast. pressure is up and the heat is on. by mid-week, mid-90s will do it. in the extended, it looks as if things will be gently cooling down. so we'll have a brief little warm period and then the end of this little era. speaking of the end of an era -- >> well, up next, as you said, it is the end of an era. fans getting emotional after an iconic singer, songwriter plays at his final concert. >> and a creative touch. the deputy that took to the sky for a very special surprise. i'm dennis o'donnell.
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coming up next on "game day," the 49ers lose much more than a football game. >> anytime you lose your starting quarterback, that's a big deal. >> glenn was in miami with the raiders. he has the report. >> and looking to see the a's clinch. and if you didn't see this, listen up. >> have we ever seen anything like this in golf? >> tiger woods may have just completed the greatest comeback in american sports. "game day" coming up.
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wedding proposals we've ever seen. a placer county sheriff's office er... . well, this may be one of the coolest wedding proposals we've ever seen.
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a placer county's sheriff's office's rescue worker swooped down from a helicopter, bent down on one knee, and popping the question. she, of course, said "yes." >> i said i was blessed to have found her. and then that's when i presented the room. >> i think being -- the ring. >> i think being surprised and overwhelmed is definitely true right now. let's hope someone photographed this. ♪ [ music ] ♪ i'm on my way. i'm on my way -- >> pending a months-long summer tour, paul larren peormed in queens, just blocks a-- simon performed in queens, just blocks away from where he grew up. >> it's extra special for us. >> i grew up in queens and i'm here to see one of the queens'
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heroes, paul sigh moonves. >> he's 76 years old right now. he was part of the simon and garfunkel. he said the touring and travel was taking away from his family and garfunkel who never appeared on the farewell tour. up next, a package thief caught on camera turned out to be an amazon delivery driver.
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shows an amazon delivery driver stealing packages from homes in
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new video tonight shows an amazon delivery driver stealing packages. the driver stealing packages from homes in southern california. >> yeah, home security videos shows him pulling up from what appears to be an amazon box in his hand. but when he comes back, he's carrying a completely different package. another video shows him stealing packages from doorsteps moments after postal workers delivered them. >> the post guy is still there. the amazon delivery guy comes up behind him. kind of talks to the postal guy, drops his package and they both walk away. he's seen walking up with another package looking like deliver it. you see him go down, pick up the other package and you see it's clearly gone. >> amazon is now investigating that driver. we'll be right back. ♪ [ music ]
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