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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 26, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning. sales force tower is closed and there are road closures around there. the transit center temporally closed after some cracked steel was found in the sales force tower. we will keep you posted on the traffic up dates all morning long. >> absolutely. it will be a big traffic day. >> in the meantime, how are we looking in the weather? >> we are starting off the day with areas of low clouds and fog along the coast and parts of the bay. inland locations looking at clear skies. this is our san jose cam and under clear skies temperatures 57 in concord. your weather headlines, areas of patchy fog clouds and fog along the coast. and parts of the bay. the north bay getting some dense fog this morning. we will see the sunshine for most of us although the clouds will be hanging around longer
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along the coast. warmer temperatures today especially inland. we are looking at above normal temperatures inland and cooler for the weekend and rain chances for next week. a spare the air day once again today. the air quality is unhealthy for the east bay and the south bay. we are taking a live look at your ride. people are making their way off the baby is -- off the bay bridge. this is the first exit as people are approaching the skyway portion. one lane is shut down. that is the bus lane. it goes over to the sales force transit center. all transbay and you need bus lines serving centers have been we are also tracking many street closures. of course, have the one lane that shuts down on the fremont street exit there so traffic is likely to start stacking up much earlier than usual. and downtown traffic, the surface streets, will be a mess. if you do not need to come downtown you are strongly
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encouraged to avoid the area. we also have howard street that remain shut down between third and fourth. due to the drain force going on. and we have many closures because of the transport center being close. if you were headed into downtown, allow plenty of extra time. we will continue to track this and the rest of your ride coming up. as we were talking, san francisco commuters racing for a major traffic headache this morning. chopper five was over the brand- new sales force transit center yesterday. it was abruptly shut down. i should clarify, the actual tower is not shut down, it is the transit center. but several roadways around that area as well after a crack was discovered in a steel support beam. kpix 5's angie connell tells us that officials are trying to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: this is the beam
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in question. cruise down the crack when they were instilling ceilings panels above the third level bus deck. workers were also inspecting a second beam in the cordoned off area. thus writers were shocked to hear the news. >> it's only been open for three months. crazy. >> i don't know what else can happen. we are sitting on piles of trust. >> you would not expect that everything would be good to go. >> reporter: it cost $2.2 billion in opened on august 12 of this year. the powers authority says out of an abundance of caution, it decided to shut down the brand- new transit center. you make i'm sorry for the inconvenience. since the safety matter and we take it seriously. the beam is cracked and the behavior is unpredictable. that's why our engineers one is the close area. >> -- >> reporter: the authority says
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they have engineers looking into the possible cause of the crack. according to structure engineered david bono is, if a crack is visible with the naked eye, it is a big concern. >> something may have gone wrong. it may have been in the design or in the construction and it might have been inadvertently overloaded. more weight than what is its assessment that was effective. we don't know yet. >> reporter: is inspectors try to get to the bottom of the sister, bus drivers are being diverted to the old transit center. they hope the new facility will be back open soon. >> i also noticed that the escalators were going out of service within a week of it opening. it's too bad because i think it's a gorgeous facility. but, it seems like there are some issues with the construction/architecture. this morning, drivers are being urged to avoid downtown
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san francisco. this was the situation on the ground during the evening commute. cops were arguing with drivers well workers were trying to shop -- shuffle confused bus riders back to the old terminal. >> what is the city going to do if there is a natural disaster or terrorist attack? what is the pat -- what is the plan to get all those people out of san francisco? >> as -- as if this wasn't enough, traffic on market street was already at maximum levels because of a conference. fremont street remains close this morning between howard and mission choking a direct off branch on the bay bridge. parts of the street are awful close -- also close to pedestrians. managers are closer to submitting up report on the cause of a crack window on a troubled high-rise nearby. the owner of an apartment at the millennium tower noticed the crack back in september and it has since been taped up. yesterday an inspector wrote a
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window washing rig up the side of the building to get a closer look. the external inspection is one of the final steps before management submits a report to san francisco officials. that is expected to be finished next week. and alameda county, the dublin city council could decide next month on a controversial plan to build an ikea furniture store there. the city's planning commission got an ear full last night mostly about the potential for traffic gridlock. the store will be built up interstate-580. >> reporter: they carried signs and more t-shirts at that at all. no to an ikea in dublin. >> we have a petition going around with thousands of people who have voiced her concerns. >> reporter: they are against the ikea on 27 acres of land the company owns. right off a 580. the store would take a 317,000 square-foot. the shopping center would occupy another 97,000 square
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feet on the property. and there would be six acres of open space and an underground parking lot. >> i work in redwood city and i commute to -- there on a daily basis. so my own commute is only like three hours. >> reporter: residents fear the gridlock would get worse if the city council approves the project. >> reporter: what you say to people who feel that this is too much development and it will bring traffic and dublin handle this? >> so what i would say is that we have spent several years really learning the community and making sure that we felt as though we could be a good fit for this community. >> reporter: after receiving an act and environmental impact report, ikea has agreed to work with the city to make changes to mitigate traffic. >> another good thing for residents to know is we don't open until 10 am. we will not have anything to do with increasing the rush-hour traffic. and our afternoon peak also will coincide with rush-hour traffic. >> reporter: bruce has lived in
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dublin for more than 30 years. he serves on one of the volunteer commissions for the city. >> it helps our jobs and housing balance. it gives revenue to the city to maintain our parks and other city services. and i think it adds a little bit class to the city. dublin was a poor cousin of pleasanton for a long time. i think we're catching up. >> the planning commission voted last night to recommend denial of the project and the city council is expected to vote on it on october 16. an update on an amber alert. a young modesto boy is safe this morning after being abducted from his home. six-year-old jace costa rushed into his family's arms yesterday. according to his mother, his father forcibly abducted him on monday. police found both of them at a hotel in dublin. officers detained the father and the boy was placed in protective custody. this is typically not the
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type of rescue you see after a disastrous flood. the video shows a bulldozer carrying eight people away from high waters in new jersey. flash flooding also turn some streets in the rivers as you can see. and stranded cars and a lot of people. >> catching a ride anyway you can. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> still, with what happened with florence, there's flooding in the carolinas. we are dealing with dry conditions. it is been a long time since we have seen the rain. the opposite with us in the bay area. we are looking at the possibility of a few showers possible by next week. but, for today, dry conditions and that continues. a live look from our salesforce tower camera. you can see the patchy fog dow we are looking at temperatures in the 50s for many spots unconquered at 57, oakland 56,
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livermore 57, upper 50s in san jose in santa rosa and upper 40s this morning. your weather headlines, patchy low clouds and fog along the coast and parts of the bay. the north by getting some dense fog once again this morning. warmer temperatures today especially inland. above normal temperatures inland. cooler for this weekend and the rain chances for next week. but, here we go with visibility. we are down to about a quarter mile in half moon bay. and in north bay and petaluma and santa rosa at a quarter of a mile to a half a mile for visibility. our high temperature is much warmer inland. mid-90s in concord in fairfield as well. we will talk about the seven- day forecast coming up. we are taking a close eye on traffic heading into san francisco this morning. there is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza for traffic looks pretty typical. but, likely to see more delays at a much earlier our all due to the closures in downtown.
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we have one lane, the bustling, close on the fremont street exit. that is the first exit coming up the babe ridge. traffic a little heavy as you are make -- coming off the bay bridge. traffic a little heavy as you make your way into san francisco. if you use -- keep in mind and plan accordingly for the traffic closures. all routes of ac transit moved over there as well and you will see that routes five, 5r, seven, 25 and 38 are free decimal will beimpacted. -- will be impacted. bill cosby is behind bars. now, a bay area woman who is one of the oldest accusers is speaking about the next speaking out about his sentencing. how a neighbor helped
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police tracked down a wanted suspect.
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william priest was arrested monday night, at a home in san ramon. he's suspected of setting fires... sunday and monday... that burned a total of 13 acres near crow canyon and bollinger nyon roads in sa one firefighter was injured but note buildings were damaged investigators say a neighbor led into suspect. -- >> an alert citizen saw a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood in the early morning hours of monday. they reported that to the police. in the afternoon, they saw the same vehicle parked again unoccupied. when the resident approached the vehicle the subject came from down a hilly area where the fire had just occurred. the suspect was carrying a gas can. >> reese's in custody on a
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$75,000 bail annessa temp -- and on it -- this morning, bill cosby is waking up behind bars at a state prison in suburban philadelphia. he will also have to register as a sex offender. yesterday, a judge sentenced the 81-year-old to 3 to 10 years in prison. cosby left the courtroom handcuffed and surrounded by police escorts. he is convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his philadelphia mansion back in 2004. and more than 60 women have accused the comedian of sexually assaulting them. some came out yesterday said -- came out yesterday to send him a strong message. >> what i did as i hoped and i thought and i trust -- and i thought and i try to do everything i thought was right to get him to go to jail. >> mr. cosby has certainly been died ends been denied his right of a fair trial.
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these injustices must be -- >> a spokesperson went on to say that he will appeal. he is the first celebrity to be convicted in the me to era. our reporter spoke to one of the victims who lives in the bay area. >> reporter: this is the image people have been waiting for. -- this is the image many of his victims has been waiting for. >> it was unbelievable. >> reporter: helen hayes is the offices that make oldest of the cosby a cruises. he says at a tennis tournament in pebble beach the comedian stopped her and grabbed her breasts. >> at 38 i said what the [ blank ] do you think you're doing and he said -- he turned around very quickly and said have a nice day. and then he was gone. >> reporter: helen wrote a book
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called secrets, shame, and silence and promised her 20 that she would not give cosby a full chapter. she said she decided about going to fence the trial -- going to see the trial. >> i thought i'm not going to give him my time and money. >> reporter: helen remains in close contact with the women on this cover and says the joy over the sentencing is palpable. >> array, and oh my god, and you are feel like you're going to explode. >> reporter: helen says she hopes bill cosby stays behind bars for his full sentence. and that she will never stop crusading for the victims of sexual abuse. >> as long as i am on this earth i will do what i can. 30 minutes before 5:00. dunkin' donuts is changing its name. it's not going to be simply known as dunkin'. it's part of an effort to highlight the coffee chains drink options and take out food but donut lovers fear not, they will still be on the menu. >> they can't get rid of the
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donuts. they can get rid of the word but they can't get rid of the donuts. >> coffee sounds good right about now. that's get a check of the forecast. >> we are looking at similar conditions compared to yesterday. a little warmer inland. it's all about the microclimates. that's a big weather story for today. check this out. from ocean beach, a high of 57 and pleasanton a high of 93. that is 30 miles difference but a 36 degree temperature difference. so, a big temperature spread compared to the beach as well as inland spots. that is the big weather story. here is a live look under clear skies. 57 in concord, oakland a 56. livermore at 57. san francisco 50 four. san jose 57 and santa rosa in the upper 40s as we start out the day. here is satellite and radar view. here is the ridge of high pressure. that warm pattern continues for us especially inland as the ridge of high pressure away
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from the coast but we are tracking some changes. we are looking at cooler weather as high pressure moves up on the weekend. and then we are tracking this. this is tropical storm rosa. that could possibly bring us tropical moisture by next week. and that means the chance for some rain. it would be great to see for next week. this is a six the 10- day outlook from the climate prediction center. it is trending wetter than average for the bay area. so it will be great to see some rain. it has been a long time as we seen that. highs today, we will be dry, and sunshine for parts of the bay and inland. check at the highest inland. 94 for livermore, 85 for a high in san rafael and 92 in santa rosa. for the east bay, 76. in oakland looking at 69.
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here's what you can expect in that seven-day forecast. we are looking at again temperatures heating up especially inland. inland locations, the warmest day out of the week we are looking at temperatures on the warm side thursday. low to mid 90s inland. no 60s along the coast. friday, we cool things down and then much cooler for the weekend. there is a slight chance of shower for the north bay on saturday but you can see the temperatures inland. mid to upper 70s and low 60s along the coast. we have the shower chances, possibly by monday and tuesday, of next week. let's check in with jaclyn for a look at traffic. we're tracking a new crash. this is a long eight 80. is reported to be blocking at least one lane. a big rig and another vehicle got into it. we are taking a live look at 880. i drive times remain in the green but traffic is already pretty busy along the stretch. give yourself some extra time. in fact, don't press news, get
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out of bed, give yourself plenty of extra time to get to work especially if you are heading into san francisco. this is the macarthur maze and you can see traffic looks pretty typical right now. we are not seeing much of a back up. traffic is still living at the limit. no major delays over at the toll plaza which is excellent news. we are keeping an eye on this due to the salesforce transit center being shut down this morning. all of the transit agency buses have been temporarily moved over to the temporary old transit center. so here is a live look at 80 at fremont. one lane, the bustling, is closed. it will definitely impact your ride. -- one lane, the last lane, is close. it it will definitely impact your ride. of course, howard street remains closed and that will
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remain closed throughout the duration of september. that is between third and fourth. traffic has already been a mess in downtown. it will be a nightmare this morning. give yourself plenty of extra time. if you don't have to drive down there, you are encouraged to use mass transit or carpool, taxi, anything to avoid any extra cars on the roadway. beale street close between mission and howard. keep this in mind. it is likely to be a very challenging morning commute. still ahead, how will smith is celebrating his big birthday. >> and today, survivor fans are in store for a brand-new season filled with returning players and more difficult challenges. we will be right back.
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chris martinez h will smith take the giant leap on a big birthday and the new season of survivor is here today. >> chris martinez has those stories and more in today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: will smith celebrated his 50th birthday i bungee jumping from a helicopter over the grand canyon. the rapper turned movie star live stream the jump on his youtube channel. it was smith second bungee jump. he made his first last year in africa. 20 new castaways will try to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other in the new season of survivor. the 37 season of the hit reality show is themed david versus goliath. >> and we hope it's a good season where on any given day in the right situation anything is possible. >> reporter: the series kicks off with a special 90 minute episode tonight. right here on cbs. and, feast your eyes on the
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final trailer for fantastic beast, the crimes of in the wall. the film sql teams eddie redmayne and jude law as they try to stop a dark and powerful wizard played by johnny depp. it is a 10 film in j.k. rowling's visiting world. that is your eye on entertainment. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. coming up in our next hour what could happen in the hearing with supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> tomorrow and his acute -- kavanaugh and his accuser will be on capitol hill. coming up, just how long they will be able to be questions. >> reporter: -- well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! , live from the cbs a area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> san francisco's $2 billion transbay terminal is closed this morning. the structural deficit that sent the -- that shut it down. plus president trump continues meeting with other world leaders at the u.n.
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details of what is on the agenda. let's start off your wednesday with a live look outside this morning. on the left-hand side of your screen a gorgeous shot and the purple fog hanging over san francisco. that is from the sales force tower. on the right-hand side that is 880. traffic is moving pretty smoothly. once the folks get into the city, that is when they will have a lot of problems. the transbay terminal right now shut down because of the cracked steel. we will keep you posted on all angles of that mess. coming up this morning. the first, let's take a check of weather. >> you saw on the tower cameras the purple glow. we have the fog hanging around. it is a thin layer of fog. this is over san francisco. the bay bridge and we are looking at temperatures that are in the
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50s. 56 in concord and oakland. and livermore. 54 in san francisco, 57 in san jose and santa rosa in the upper 40s. patchy fog along the coast. visibility's it -- visibility is down to a quarter of a mile. warmer temperatures today especially inland. the warmest out of our week for inland locations today. cooler for this weekend and then rain chances for next week . some big changes are coming next week that i want to show you the visibility. about a half-mile in half moon bay and petaluma and santa rosa a quarter mile. dense fog do -- dense fog. do what you can to stay safe on the roadways. our temperatures along the coast and for the bay are similar to yesterday


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