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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 26, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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the toll plaza this morning. it will be a chaotic commute for a lot of drivers. especially downtown after serious safety issues were uncovered at a new billion- dollar transit hub. we have live team coverage all morning long. katie nielsen with how a cracked beam source -- forced the closure of the transit center. jackie ward and jacqueline dunn keeping track of our commute. let's start with jackie. >> reporter: this is not the morning you want to drive into the city. things are just now starting to become really active down here. we are and howard between maine and will just outside what was supposed to be the temporary transbay terminal. but, it is being used this morningn san francisco. people yesterday had a hard time getting out of the city
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which is never a good indication for the next morning commute into the city. this area was plagued by gridlock around the temporary transbay terminal. buses try to cram into traffic full of aim -- angry drivers -- angry drivers. >> my concern is what is the city going to do if there is a natural defense -- natural disaster or terrorist attack? >> reporter: if your commute by public transit using the back used to take you to the new transbay terminal, you will instead return to the newt -- back to the temporary terminal. dream forces also in town plus, there is construction going on at will and maine which is putting traffic into a single lane situation. it is just t out here. jacqueline dunn has a closer look at how bad things are. wish we had better news to talk about.don'you?
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>> absolutely. this is deafly not the way you want to start your wednesday morning commute. if you are heading into downtown san francisco, fremont street remain shut down between howard and mission. we also have beale street close between mission and howard. and we are definitely starting to see a backup for folks who were exiting the fremont street using the exit off of the bay bridge from westbound 80. the bus lane remain shut down and that will be closed due to the buses being rerouted over to the temporary transbay terminal. so, keep that in mind. many street closures and that always has a ripple of on traffic on all the other surrounding surface streets. you will need to give yourself 20 of extra time if you do plan on driving in downtown san francisco this morning. but you are strongly encouraged to use mass transit. here are the lines that will be impacted by this.
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so, routes 5,5r,7,25,38, and 38r are from uni and all ac transit bus routes will be affected and we are definitely going to be seeing delays and drivers very discouraged. this will be very frustrating for many drivers especially if they are not aware of it. this is a a live look at 80 at fremont street. one lane shut down. traffic is starting to backup on mission and portions of howard. we are starting to see delays on embarcadero. give yourself plenty of extra time. one more look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a 20 minute -- a 23 minute rise -- ride. a busy morning. the new san francisco transit terminal cost more than
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$2 billion to build. it was already over budget and behind schedule when it opened up we could go. kpix 5's katie nielsen is near that terminal with the troubles already plaguing the new facility. >> reporter: as we've been talking about all morning, the transit center is closed today. it is closed indefinitely. that is because of a cracked in a beam that supports the roof deck. crews found the crack yesterday morning around 10:00 when they were installing ceiling panels. so that is when the transbay joint powers authority said it shut down the center out of an abundance of caution. today, structural engineers will inspect the entire facility to determine the magnitude of the problem. commuters say it is just another isg withthe prlems wthe >> i've also noticed that the escalators were going out of service within about a week of it opening. it's too bad because i think it is a gorgeous facility. but, it seems like there are some issues with the construction/architect her.
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>> -- architecture. you would expect everything was good to go after all this time. >> reporter: the transit center is massive it covers four city blocks and has a five-acre rooftop park. now, the transbay center will be closed where it goes over fremont street from -- so fremont street is close. this is one of the busiest routes for people coming up the baby bridge. you can see the fences his place as back fence is in place and the drivers are being diverted. the cracked beam is on the third level deck. fremont street will stay closed today between howard and mission. it will be up to the structural engineers to decide when it is safe to reopen. >> a crack in the beam can be pretty serious. how big of a problem could this be? >> reporter: it will be up to the engineers to decide that.
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again, when they do their inspections today. there were inspections done on the building before it opened just a month or so ago. no cracks were found so somehow some major stress has been put on the beams to cause the crack. we are hoping to get an update on the entire situation sometime around noon today. obviously we will keep a close eye on this throughout the day and throughout the week until they figure out what happened. >> closed indefinitely. we have no idea how long this will last. and, while things may look like a mess at street level, san francisco looks pretty cool from a of right now. >> the thin layer of fog as we start the day once again. we are looking at the sunshine for parts of the day and for inland locations. but this is the view. a live look at our salesforce tower camera. that thin layer of fog as we kick up your wednesday. you can see the lights.
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a pretty cool view. now, let's show you a view from our mt. vaca cam. foggy conditions along the coast. then, in the locations looking at clear skies. a pretty view of the moon as we start the day. temperatures in concord, 55. san francisco 54. san jose at 57 and 49% to rosa. let's talk about the visibility. we are looking at a mile and a quarter for half moon bay but at north a, down to a quarter mile for petaluma as well as santa rosa. once again, for the north day, dealing with dense fog this morning. as we head through the afternoon, most of us will see the sunshine. the coast will be cool and temperatures will heat up inland. mid-90s for concord as well as fairfield and livermore. we will talk about some big changes coming to the end of the week and into next week coming up.
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today, the stage is set for tomorrow showdown on capitol hill. here is a live look at the capital this morning. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the palo alto professor accusing him of sexual assault, christine blasey ford, are both set to testify. reporter laura podesta on the woman republican senators are bringing in to question ford on their behalf. >> reporter: the 11 republican men on the senate judiciary committee will have rachel mitchell, a veteran sex time prosecutor from arizona -- sex crime prosecutor from arizona asked the questions tomorrow. the chairman of the committee, republican senator chuck grassley says his goal is to depoliticize the process and avoid a circus atmosphere. democrats will ask their own questions. >> i don't think we ought to be
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ducking and dodging our responsibility just because the issues are sensitive. >> reporter: ford claims kavanaugh held her down and groped her in high school. kavanaugh's attorney told cbs this morning that there are holes in her story. >> every single person who was named who was supposed to be at the party says either the party they don't have any recollection of or they weren't there or they never met judge kavanaugh. >> reporter: a second -- a second woman, deborah ramirez, says kavanaugh exposed himself to her while they were at el -- at yale university. >> if they decide they are not going to do an investigation and they actually make an invitation for her to come testify, we will have ms. ramirez make that decision. >> -- >> reporter: kavanaugh denies both allegations. >> a vote on kavanaugh's nomination is tentatively set
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for friday morning. the full senate could hold the confirmation vote next week. today the uc regents begin their annual meeting with getting more students from california and rolled into the system. the number of in-state graduates has gone up more than 15,000 over the past four years. today the regents will also discuss hiring more faculty to deal with increased enrollment. students are pushing for a temperature reduction in tuition or a boost for financial aid. -- a -- students are pushing for a 10% reduction in tuition or a boost in financial aid. and caltrans about the cut back service for a six month stretch. we will tell you why. -- if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. morning with the brand-new central transit center shut down... this is a live look at fremont street... commuters in san francisco are in for a slow morning with the brand-new central transit center shut down. this is a live look at fremont street. it will be a problem for a lot of commuters. the transit center had a cracked beam found yesterday. inspectors are continuing to look at the problem. we will keep a close eye on the situation. in south carolina, a river in georgetown is expected to crest today nearly 2 weeks after hurricane florence. the waterway is not expected to drop below 18 feet until next
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week. leading from the storm is starting to swallow storms in horry county. the good news, despite the floods, firefighters have not seen many rescues. a new report reveals that a close call at the airport last year was closer than we first thought. the ntsb says that air canada flight 759 came within 13 feet of hitting another plane lined up on a taxiway. report -- according to the report, the pilots were fatigued and one runway shut down so they mistook the taxiway for a runway. they also had not dialed in their landing instruments to the sfo frequency. >> we came very close to having a very large tragedy. we want to learn from that, those mistakes, and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> that is a congressman who has been pushing for better safety at the airport and is working on legislation to prevent future mistakes like
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that. starting on october 6, there will be no weekend caltrans service in or out of san francisco. that will last for about six months because of construction. work that needs to be done in northern most station. free bus service will be available for passengers at stations north of that area. we have been focusing a lot of our traffic worries this morning on san francisco but a lot of problems before you even get to the city. starting up this morning in the south bay. >> in the south bay we have traffic alerts. a coupling shutdown on 85 in the north on direction. this is right as you are approaching 87. traffic backed up beyond blossom hill. you can see the travel times in the red. if you are heading, if you typically take eightyfive to cut over to 80 which a lot of folks do, you may want to reconsider that. a 45 minute ride from 101 up to 280. so, stick with 101. we are starting to see some brake lights there but it's a 26 minute ride that still in
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the grain from hilliard to san antonio. reports of accidents in the northbound direction on 101. just the usual crowds starting to develop. we are tracking another traffic alert. an earlier crash had a couple lanes shut down. it looks like chp just reopen the lanes. one lane remain shut down. this is north down 680. traffic is slow in both directions along 680. south of 580. we are tracking the usual slowdowns for drivers heading through the pass area and out of antioch. in the yellow. you sure freeway starting to see those brake lights. just under 25 minute ride making your way from hercules over to the macarthur maze. we are taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza in the red now. it is going to be a very busy day in downtown san francisco. if you can avoid driving on the surface streets, i highly recommend doing so. that is due to the salesforce transit center being shut down
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and all the bus routes being transferred over to the temporary transbay terminals. we have fremont street that is close between howard and mission, and then beale street shut down between mission and howard and howard street remains close between third and fourth so, as you can imagine, it will be a very congested day on the surface streets. that's check in with mary lee on the forecast. we have now gone about five months in the bay area without any measurable rainfall. in fact, today in san jose, 163 days in a row without any measurable rainfall. the last time we saw rain in san jose was april 16 taking up about a quarter inch of rain. that puts is now in the seventh position for the all-time driest streets in san jose. likely by friday we will tie the six position setback in 1962 of 165 days. we definitely need the rain and we could see it next week.
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so we are talking about that in just a moment. here is a live look at the sales force tower cam her. above the fog you can see a beautiful start to the day. the sunrise coming in at 7:01 am. likely as we head to the day most of us will see the sunshine. temperatures mainly in the mid 50s. conquered at 55. livermore 55. 54 in san francisco 57 in san jose and 49 in santa rosa. here is what you can expect starting off the day. parts of the bay, the north day, visibility down to a quarter mile. dense fog for you in the north bay. as we head through the afternoon we are looking at sunshine for the bay and for the inland locations. fog pulls back to the coast keeping the coast on the cool side. we will really warm up especially inland today in the mid-90s. cooler for the weekend. and the rain chance for next week. here is a satellite and radar view. we have high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south and with the clockwise
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flow around the ridge of high pressure, offshore winds were inland locations, that is why you are heating up with a low pressure we are looking at a week onshore flow for the coast and for parts of the bay keeping us on the cooler side. now, let's talk about the rain chances. this is tropical storm rosa. becca provide enough tropical moisture as we head through next week to hopefully give us some rain. in fact, the climate prediction center, the six the 10-day outlook does trend at least wetter than average for the six the 10-day outlook. so for next week, as we kickoff october, we could possibly see some rain. it would be nice to see. high temperatures today for the south bay, 93 in morgan hill, 86% is a. the inland locations, check out brentwood. and across the north bay, 92 in santa rosa and up to our north 94. here is the seven-day forecast. what you can expect. still warm for thursday. cooler friday. much cooler for the weekend and
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the shower chances early next week. checking with dennis for a look at sports. could pinch hitter madison bumgarner when it for the giants ? a lot of drama in the eighth last night. we are on the verge of another win when this happened. how would change the wildcard race coming up.
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with the champagne celebration in the past the a's are still in the race for the top wildcard spot. the yankees won last night so oakland needed to win. hopefully the a's had recovered from the champagne celebration hangover by the start of the game. in the bottom of the ninth, oakland meeting, but matt chapman booted the ground ball and the mariners kept hope alive. and of course i came back to bite them. the nest -- a base hit for the next batter. that tied the game.
6:25 am
in the 11th inning it was il tied but chris herman took it deep for a walk off homerun -- walk off to runner and they came back to beat the a's 10-8. >> at that. with a runner at right field. and watch as the giants come on the field. this is a team that has been out of it for a couple months. and that was a good thing to see. madison bumgarner wins it for the giants. with -- matt bumgarner winds it for the giants. the third -- the 49ers are hoping for better numbers beginning this sunday. >> we threw him into a top position.
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he got the crap kicked out of him a bunch. and he never flinched or changed to he was. he still wanted to be in there. i was disappointed when we took th out and put jimmy and because that's the competitor he is and he believes he can do it. >> the 49ers had several people edition for the backup job. right now it's nick mullins.ay stun will have more on that situation at 6:00. see you tonight. here is the play of the day miami taking on washington. >> short right-center. falling. and a diving catch. >> he has the wheels and the hand eye coordination. the marlins center fielder diving for the grab. the nationals ended up winning 9-4. and that is our play of the day. a packed house is on hand as one bay area city decides whether to move forward with a controversial plan for a new
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ikea store. and because of the crack found in a beam at the brand- new salesforce transit center, buses are being rerouted here at the temporary transbay terminal and affecting a lot of commuters heading into san francisco.
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sa 2- live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. san francisco's brand-new $2.2 billion transit center shut down this morning over safety concerns. good morning. >> the closure of the center is leading to a lot of frustrating commuters back frustrated commuters. taking a look at a congested area. we are live with team coverage.
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katie nielsen has the investigation underway at the brand-new facility and -- brand- new facility. let's start with jackie at the temporary transbay terminal this morning. jackie. >> reporter: if anyone drives through salmo regularly, they know that this -- same old, neither -- if you can avoid driving in this area today, i would do so at all costs. it is because of the new cracked beam that they found in a new salesforce transit center that is now rerouting buses to the temporary transbay terminal back here on howard between -- back here on howard. that means drivers and everyone who attempts to drive through the area will get snarled up in this mess. this is what the situation look like yesterday afternoon.
6:32 am
a tangle of disaster of commuters of all types trying to get where they needed to go. some were already dreading coming back into the city this morning. >> my concern is what is the city going to do it there is a natural disaster or terrorist attack? what is the plan to get all the people out of san francisco? >> reporter: -- >> reporter: they are advising people to avoid driving at -- if at all possible. there is no ideal situation this morning. everyone will get slowed down. there is no magical navigation app that can work their way around this. the sfmta and ac transit will have employees out here this morning wearing the on best. they are here to help people get to where they need to go most of the shortly. jaclyn, what are the roads looking like from my angle not
6:33 am
terrible. but you have a better vantage point is back vantage point. >> it's still early. as we get closer to 7:00, i think we will start to see downtown just light up with brake lights. here is a live look. we will start at the maze were traffic is making its way out of oakland heading into san francisco. we are definitely seeing the delays filled on the 580 approach and the easter freeway. of course, as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza always a busy site at this hour but even busier this morning. 34 minute ride heading into san francisco. here is a live look at the fremont street exit as you are making your way up the bay bridge onto the skyway portion. lane is close. fremont but the it is closed until they reopen the transit center. but all of the transit lines will be, as jackie mentioned,
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rerouted to the transbay, tey i fremont street is currently closed between howard and mission. we are definitely starting to see traffic ñpermission. and portions of herod is back parsons -- and portions of howard. we are seeing a lot of brake lights on the surface streets. if you can avoid heading into downtown san francisco, you definitely want to. if you want to use mass transit or carpool or anything to eliminate some extra cars on the roadways. that is a check of your traffic. i will send it back over to you guys. the new transit center has already had some major snags in just the first few weeks since it open. i'm michelle griego katie nielsen joins us from the area with more on the problem that showed -- close the transit center yesterday.
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>> reporter: so, this the salesforce transit center. it is closed indefinitely. if you take a look behind me you can see fremont street between howard and mission is also close. this is a main route for commuters off the bay bridge. you can see fences blocking off the street. that is all because of a crack that was found in a steel support beam. the beam is on the third level aspect. it is the one that supports the rooftop park and it is right near where the building crosses over fremont street. the newly opened transit center is absolutely massive. it spans four city blocks and has a five-acre rooftop park. structural engineers say a crack like this that's visible to the naked eye is a serious problem. >> something may have gone wrong. it may have been in the design, it may have been in the construction, it might have been inadvertently overloaded. more weight than was expected. we don't know yet.
6:36 am
>> it's only been open for three months. crazy. >> reporter: right now the transit center and fremont street are closed indefinitely. the structural -- this morning, structural engineers will come out to determine if the building is safe and what cause the beam to crack in the first place. we are hoping to get an update around noon today. this can be a pretty serious problem. tell us a little bit more about how the crack was discovered yesterday when investigators took a look. >> reporter: so, workers were putting in some ceiling panels up on the third level bus deck. as they were doing that around 10:00 yesterday morning, that's when they saw the crack. they reported it immediately and transit authorities decided to close the entire center out of an abundance of caution just in time for the afternoon commute yesterday. so, we are hoping once the engineers get in here today we
6:37 am
will have a better idea of what is going on and when this could reopen. >> obviously the big story this morning. >> and all the idling cars and traffic won't help us either. the other issue we have is the air alert. >> this is the second day in a row where we have had a spare the alert. because of the offshore winds, our air quality is unhealthy for the east bay and for the south bay with a spare the air day once again. let's take you out to the south day. this is a san jose camp under cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid-50s and many spots. 55 in court, oakland, and livermore. 48 or santa rosa. our high temperatures along the coast, the clouds stick around. once again keeping you on the cool side. it's all about the microclimates. as you head inland, check out
6:38 am
those temperatures. low 90s up in santa rosa. at the bay, 69. that's right around where we should be for this time of year in san francisco. mid-70s in oakland. we will talk about what you can expect as we head through the week and we are looking at the chance of a few showers for next week. i will have details on that coming up. back to you. the path to building a new ikea store in dublin is facing a new roadblock. ikea owns 27 acres of land near interstate 580 in hacienda drive. the furniture store would take up to 317,000 square feet. and the shopping center would occupy another 97,000 square feet. at the planning commission in dublin voted 3-1 to recommend the city council reject plans for that new store. a lot of people who live around their rfa traffic gridlock will get worse if the project -- around there are afraid traffic
6:39 am
good luck will get worse if the project is approved. president trump has returned to the u.n. this morning. right now, the prime minister and the president our meeting. he will attend a u.n. security council meeting on nuclear proliferation. yesterday, president trump delivered a speech to the u.n. general assembly accusing iran of chaos and death and destruction in the middle east. meanwhile the nominee for the supreme court is under fire from his former your roommate at yale university. james roche released a statement reading, i do remember brett frequently drinking excessively and becoming incoherent -- incoherently drunk. ramirez claims that kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a -- at an alcohol fueled party. the roommate says he does not
6:40 am
-- was not at the party. kavanaugh and his initial accuser, christine blasey ford, are already scheduled to testify tomorrow. kavanaugh has denied all the claims against him defending his character in a television interview on monday night. a bay area woman who says she was sexually assaulted by the will cosby is describing the moment she learned he was headed to prison.
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to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. so the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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having a rough morning with the a judge sentenced the 81-year-old to serve at least 3 years in prison. bill cosby is waking up in jail this morning after a judge sentenced the 81-year-old to serve at least three years in prison and we are hearing from one of his accusers who lives here in the bay area. >> array, and oh my god,. >> cosby was it -- convicted of assaulting a woman in 2004.
6:44 am
helen hayes is among dozens of other women who is accused him of attacking them. she says cosby stocked her and grabbed her back grope her breast at it tennis tournament. she explains the moment she heard that he was headed to prison. >> i saw it happening. it was like i just lost 30 pounds. it was -- it was unbelievable. >> a spokesperson for cosby says he will appeal the sentence. time now for a look what's -- a look at what's coming up this morning. john dickerson for this very busy morning, ahead on cbs this morning we begin with the eye-opener. here is back your world in 90 seconds. them first on cbs this morning we will talk the brett kavanaugh's attorney and how she's preparing for tomorrow's hearing. and, the lawyer for
6:45 am
the second kavanaugh accuser, deborah ramirez, will join us today. then, only on cbs this morning, we will interview the secretary of state mike pompeo. we will discuss the second summit with north korea and what is next in negotiations with thereon. so we will see you with that at 7:00. cbs this morning at the top of the hour. thank you for those previews. the fed is in the spotlight this morning. they are expected to raise interest rates again. >> reporter: the feis expected to raise rates today. the economy has been cruising along. most signals are flashing green and inflation has been heating up a bit in 2018. they have already raised rates twice this year and even with a potential rate high, there are strong eyes at the rates in december. the key is what they have to
6:46 am
say with the hikes going into next year and whether or not it says anything about the impact of the trade with china impacting the u.s. economy. one stock that is starting in the early going is go pro per -- go pro. they are getting a big boost and they say go pro is doing everything he can to position itself for success. they like it's new lineup of heroes cameras and their shares are surging by 10%. overall the stock market is moving higher in anticipation of the bed move later today. let's go to the big board and see how we are doing. the dow is up about 50 points. the s&p up to five points. new this morning, a village has proposed -- according to the proposal filed with city officials, they want to transform a flea market into a
6:47 am
hub with high density housing and offices. bart has similar hubs at the fruit and pleasant hill stations. >> t lot pple in the south they are hoping they --rtri about now. >> we are tracking delays on several streets. it is a slow going -- it is slow going out there. if you are getting ready to head out the door, good luck. here is a live look at 101 near first street. drive times are in the red which is pretty typical for this time in the morning. about a 45 minute drive to san antonio. we had an earlier accident that shut down 85 near blossom hill but it looks like all lanes have re-open and. traffic is still slow in the area. st under 40minu from 101 over to u down 80 five you don't have a great alternative. 101 and 85 for both busy.
6:48 am
we had a couple problems along 680. it looks like this is just a stalled big rig locket -- blocking a lane but causing a backup for drivers making their way along that stretch from scott creek towards 84. a little over a 30 minute ride for drivers heading northbound. as you are making your way through cimarron and danville, traffic looking pretty typical. but we are getting first reports of a crash on northbound 680 at sycamore valley road. reportedly blocking the h.o.v. lanes and reports of a crash near stone valley. do expect delays as you are making your way along 680. highway 24 no telegraph, the westbound direction, are -- is in the green. just under 50 minutes towards 580. the easter freeway, we are used to seeing this pretty busy, and as we approached 7:00, lots of great -- brake lights heading
6:49 am
over towards the maze. your 580 approach is still pretty heavy and the berkeley crawl -- berkeley curve is starting to crawl. heading into san francisco, you can avoid the downtown streets, please do. we have the salesforce transit center that's close and that will cause a big backup for drivers with all the street closures. fremont street closed between howard and mission. let's check in with mary lee on the forecast. something to brighten your day. this gorgeous view from our salesforce tower camera. you can see the clouds and fog but of but that are the golden colors in the sky. the sun is just about to rise. you can see mt. diablo there. the sunrise coming in at 7:01 am. our temperatures, we are looking at concord at 55, oakland a 56, livermore at 55, san francisco at 54, seven is a
6:50 am
test accent hosea 57 and 49 in santa rosa. it's foggy again this morning. hayward, one quarter mile a mile and a half in oakland and a quarter mile in petaluma as well as santa rosa. dense fog in spots along the coast and parts of the bay. as we head through the afternoon, most of us will see the sunshine. for the bay and inland communities they will warm up. the fog will pull -- the fog will pull back. as we head into the weekend, cool for all of us with rain chances possible next week. let's talk about the microclimates. that is our big story for today. ocean beach a high of 57 and conquered at 95. they are about 40 miles away but a temperature difference of 38 degrees. our microclimates in action today. here is the reason why. high pressure to our north and low pressure to the south. with the clockwise circulation around the front, -- the low
6:51 am
pressure system to our south will bring onshore flow for the coast and parts of the bay. that is why we are noticing the fog this morning. let's talk about next week because some changes are coming. it has been a long time since we have seen the rain and we need it. this is tropical storm rosa and it could bring tropical moisture and rain chances for us. for today, dry conditions us -- and heating up especially inland. a high of 86 and san jose. check out brentwood at 94. 95 for fairfield and concord. 82 -- 92 in antioch. 92 in santa rosa for a high and up north you can see 94 degrees for a high temperature. we stay warm for tomorrow and then cooler for friday. much cooler for the weekend and
6:52 am
there we go with the shower chances for monday and for tuesday of next week. new video this morning. one los angeles woman comes home and finds burglars breaking into her house. as soon as the suspect seeher one of them pepper sprays her right in the face before they make a run for it. police officers have been going door to door asking for additional surveillance video that may help them find these guys. >> hopefully they do. it's turning into a nightmare commute in and around san francisco right now. after serious safety issues were uncovered at the new multibillion-dollar transit hub right in downtown san francisco. we will have an update on all the delays for your morning -- for you morning commuters. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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$2s tran -- the transit cen now close. so is fremont street between howard and mission. a main route for commuters see off the streets. that's because of a cracked steel beam that workers found yesterday. the beam is on the third level bus deck. it is one that supports the rooftop park and it is right near where the building crosses over fremont street. the newly opened transit center is massive. it sprawls across four city blocks and has a five-acre rooftop part. structural engineers say a crack like this that's visible to the naked eye is a serious problem. >> something they've gone wrong. it may have been in the design, it may have been in the construction, it might've been inadvertently overloaded. more weight than was expected. we don't know yet. >> it's only been open for three months.
6:57 am
crazy. >> reporter: right now the transit center and fremont streets are closed indefinitely. this morning, structural engineers will come out to determine if the building is cae the beam to crack in the first place. we are hoping to get an update around noon today on how long the closures could last. live in san francisco, katie nelson, kpix 5. i'm jackie ward just a few blocks away from where katie gave her report. i met the transit port -- the transbay terminal. traffic is starting to get heavier especially over the past hour or so. it is still moving. that's a good news. perhaps the san francisco police officers directing traffic at the intersections is helping. because of what katie was telling us, buses have been rerouted to this temporary terminal. the street closures we have been telling you about and
6:58 am
construction is only making traffic worse. it is supposed to get worse throughout the morning. the sfmta is encouraging people to use public transit, carpels, do whatever you can to cut down on the congestion today. inside the terminal, operations seem to be going smoothly. we have only seen a couple confuse commuters asking how to get where they need to be. dream forces also in town so that will close the surface streets. give yourself plenty of time. in san francisco, ckwork, kpix 5. howard street is closed between third and fourth. beale street closed between mission and howard and fremont! between howard and mission. we are seeing the delays built on surface streets along the embarcadero. mission street is starting to backup. portions of howard. third street is very slow and very heavy and harrison seeing some of the delays. you can bet that all of those surrounding surface streets will be just bumper-to-bumper.
6:59 am
here is a live look at 80 f fremont as folks are making their way into san francisco. traffic along 101 right f fremont street. you can see it's definitely getting slow on the south downside. we are in the red, 32 minutes heading into san francisco. it is another spare the air day. the air quality is unhealthy for the east bay as well as the south bay today. and the big story, the microclimate. cool at the coast, warm to hot inland, mid-nineties inland. we are talking temperatures right around where we should be for this time of year for the bay. then cooled along the -- cool along the coast. we stay warm for thursday, a little cooler on friday. a lot cooler for the weekend. amateurs in the mid to upper severed -- mid to upper 70s saturday and sunday. again, make sure to tune into our updates. we will update you on the situation at the transit center in san francisco cito shut down.
7:00 am
>> our next five update here on cbs will be at 720 set will be at 7:26 am. leaving you with a beautiful shot of your wednesday sunrise. bill cosby will spend three to ten years in prison after a sexual assault conviction. we'll talk to one of the more than 60 women who accused him of sexual misconduct. female prosecutor is hired by republican senators to question during the critical supreme court hearings. nor'd


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