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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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store robberies a major bust in oakland, next
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two cracked beams.. and a lot of an extended closure.. for sa sco's lliolltransit .. now at 11:00. two cracked beams and a lot of questions. an extended closure for san francisco's $2 billion transit hub as inspectors try to figure out what went wrong. good evening. the two bad beams are located above fremont street.
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the stretch between howard and mission will remain closed through at least the end of next week. >> kpix5 is live outside of the transit center with an engineer taking a look at the problem. >> reporter: the key to a solution according to that engineer is finding the cause of the problem that will lead them to the correct fix. as gridlock and long bus lines overwhelm san francisco this was the news no one wanted to hear. >> the inspection indindicated an additional beam has cracking, not as the same as the beam in question. >> a second crack, in another both are vital. supporting the bridge over fremont street. a licensed structural engineer with 25 years experience. he says for any building to work a lot of things have to
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work in concert. and a problem with any one could spell trouble. >> you can have a good design but if the material is flawed it can end upd turning into damage. you could have a good design properly built but you get a load that you did not expect. that is damage. good design, light loads, poorly constructed, it comes damage. >> reporter: as of right now the joint powers authority out lined a 3-step plan to get the transit center functional again. first, shoring up fremont street and then shoring up the cracked beams and getting buses running again. and then the permanent fix. just repairing the cracks without knowing the cause is throwing penicilian at a disease. >> it needs to be removed and replaces but that does not answer the question. you want to understand what
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actually happened. it will take time. >> reporter: with the closure through next week the time is less likely to seem like an eternity. >> i am sorry for the inconvenience to the public. we are working hard to find the answer to the situation. >> reporter: you can hear traffic behind me. it is not closed at this point because the beams above it are not damaged. now, earlier today i spoke with someone at the company that fabricated the steel beams in question in this case. located in stockton. i asked them if they were at fault, what happened? if they were involved in the investigation? their only reply to all of that was no comment. we are live in san francisco. kpix5. san francisco mayor was on site today. she met with transbay leadership to talk about the cracked beams. >> we are going to make sure that we get to the bottom of how that occurred and make it
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clear to the public that the place is safe before we open the doors again. soheld accountable for what occurred. >> the mayor says they will continue to act carbously to ensure everyone is safe. meantime, drivers will have to get used to this. chopper 5 was over the trouble spot earlier this evening. traffic you can see backed up on the ramp leading off of the bay bridge on harrison street. fremont you can only go so far. reminder if you are commuting by bus, ac transit, muni buses are still rerouted at howard and main. we will keep you updated withe comes closures and the procedures that will follow. you will find any developments on >> switching gears. live look at the nation's capitol n. just hours,
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christine ford will testify before the committee. it will be the first time we hear directly from the professor. she accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. >> reporting that we just learned about a very unusual twist, joe? >> we are just learning from the senate judiciary committee that two men have come forward to say that they, not judge kavanaugh say they were the ones that had a sexual encounter with dr. ford. the staffers released a press release this evening saying that the two men have spoken to the committee staff members today. meanwhile, tonight, we are getting a preview of the statements that will be made tomorrow. >> reporter: hours before the senate hearing, ford's attorneys released these pictures of her undergoing a lie detector test. which, a former fbi agent says she passed. tomorrow, in front of the committee the professor plans to describe, under oath, an
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attack 3 decades ago by the plan she swears was brett kavanaugh. brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming. this is what terrified me the most and had the lasting impact on my life. hard for me to breathe and i thought he was going to accidentally kill me. according to his remarks he will tell senators he never committed sexual assault and never touched here. >> i am not in a good mood. >> reporter: senators of both parties are angry. >> there is no way, absolutely no way that this nomination can proceed to a vote without an fbi investigation.
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>> we have had accusation, after accusation and accusation, few of them are co oberated. >> reporter: she says kavanugh spiked the punch at parties. and present for a series of gang rapes but she admits she did not see him do that. >> two other complaints he said he is innocent. trump, alternated between accusing the women of essentially lying and saying he would keep an open mind and listen to dr. ford's testimony tomorrow. >> they are giving the women a major chance to speak. it is possible i will hear that and i will say, hey, i am changing my mind. that is possible. we want to give them a chance to speak. >> the president indicated that if he finds those accusations credible and the testimony
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credible tomorrow he might pull the nomination. but also made it clear he considering all of these allegations part of some sort of democratic political stunt. ken, the big factor now, what about the two men who come forward and say it was they not the judge. that muddies the water quite a bit. should be a dramatic day tomorrow. >> it should be. maybe historic day, joe, thank you for that. our live coverage of tomorrow's senate hearing will betkpwepb at -- begin at 7:00 a.m. a lot of you will be getting ready for work or maybe away from a tv. it is okay. you can watch a live stream on all of our social media platforms. tonight, a key question answered in the bizarre mystery of a missing san francisco man. the authorities have now identified the headless body found in a fishtank to be 65- year-old brian egg. egg had been missing since may. they did not find the remains until last month after the
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neighbors reported a suspicious crime scene cleaning truck. two men were named as persons of interest but they have not been charged. the police are still investigating how he died. tonight, a man is in custody accused of stabbing an elderly woman to death. they found the 83-year-old on howard street across the street from a convention. officers arrested a 30-year-old man who was a relative of the victim. he was hospitalized for mental health problems. a break tonight in a statewide crime spree targeting apple stores. store after store hit around the bay area. many of them were caught on surveillance video. kpix5 report that it took several law enforcement agencies working together to bust this organized crime ring. >> reporter: the arrests came on the same day thieves knocked over this emeryville apple store. it is one of half a dozen apple stores ripped off in the last
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month alone. it is become almost routine. rings of thieves, rushing apple stores from santa rosa -- to walnut creek. and as far out as monterey. rapid fire robberies with the same mo. grab and go. >> it is just -- it is fast. like in one minute. one minute they go in there and they just pick up and get in the car and zoom down the street. disappear. >> he witnessed the most recent theft yesterday at the emeryville apple store across the street from his condo. >> at 1:30 it was 3 cars. they came and basically ransacked the whole apple store. why can't they catch this -- whoever they are? >> reporter: the authorities now say they have made arrests. the sheriff's department confirmed seven people were arrested in oakland yesterday. thld in jail. in an e-mail oakland police
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said these arrests are in connection to large scale crimes that were committed throughout the state of california. it is unclear exactly which robberies the 7 suspects are linked to. >> reporter: oakland police decline to comment further tonight. they say the state department of justice will have more information on the suspects tomorrow. in emeryville, back to you. potholes get political. bay area roads ranked in a new report card. how it can sway your vote. janet jackson, metallica, a powerhouse. why this concert is so significant. and a bay area brewery has been in business less than a year. it has already picked up a national award
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bay area roads are riddled with potholes. and will take years and millions of dollars to repair. not surpised? well... there is a bit of good news too. kpix five's maria medina on roads ritelled with potholes. it will take years to repair. surprise, there is good news as well. which cities need more attention than others. >> caltrans paid for two now tires on this car. >> reporter: ken knows all too well how rough the roads can be in the bay area. >> these two wheels broke both
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wheels and broke both tires. >> reporter: today, the metropolitan transportation released the yearly pothole report giving the region a score of 67 out of 100. putting our roads in the fair category. the same score as last year. up by a few points from 2003 when the score was 63. >> that represents a slow but steady and i think significant increase over the last five years. >> reporter: they see it as moving in the right direction as cities improve on making repairs. but the biggest help came from voters passing a gas tax increase. it is funneling billions to highway repairs and about nearly $500 million to cities and counties. >> that has really made a difference. we will see when the 2018 scores come out a year from now an even greater improvement. >> reporter: where are some of the best roads? palo alto, scored in the 80 the worst, petaluma at 46.
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san francisco scored a 70, moving into the good category this year and san jose scored a 64. >> are you surprised san jose rates worse than san francisco? >> [ laughter ] >> i am not terribly surprised. >> reporter: tomorrow, san jose mayor is expected to kick off a campaign for measure. it, a $650 million bond that will pay for some of the city's worst roads if passed by voters in november. >> we have more than 4,000 worth of miles in san jose. we know many of those have not been repaved in decades. time for us to get to work. >> for some drivers fallen victim to the potholes they say pay now or you will end up paying letter. >> you end up running over potholes it will cost you money to get it fixed. officials are using this report to tell the voters we need more money to fix roads and say no to prop 6 this november that will repeal the gas tax.
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in san jose, kpix5. >> tonight, a new snapshot on how voters will feel about the gas tax. a poll from the policy institute of california found more than half of likely voters say they oppose a gas ta the sales force transit center pulled it away from the sales force tower as they were offering a first look at the new observation deck today. >> we are safe up here, right? >> we are very safe. the tower is bolted to bedrock. confirmed. confirmed. >> okay. >> going up top to the floor of the tower offering stunning 360 degree views of the city and the bay. the ceo named it the ohana floor. he says it is designed to bring the community together. there is even a kitchen and coffee bar, the 61st floor will officially be open to the public in spring and will be
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free of charge. tonight, janet jackson makes a surprise appearance in san francisco. >> she joined metallica at the benefit concert for children's hospital. betty yu was there. [music] >> reporter: i concert brought metalli ca. and janet jackson. this is what happens when san francisco's biggest tech employer puts on the city's largest fundraiser. [music] the goal? to raise $10 million for children's hospitals. >> that is what it is all about, right? everything he is doing for all of the foundations he has going. >> especially this year. they are really pushing this a lot more. you can tell. >> it is awesome. we are able to do this event in
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an awesome city like san francisco and contribute back to something awesome. >> reporter: tickets start at $1,000 and sponsorships go up to $1 million. proceeds will benefit patients including this patient who received the medal of courage a word -- award. >> the care we provide allowed her to support her body and allowing her body to heal. it saved her life. >> reporter: the 14-year-old is battling a rare cancer. waiting for a kidney transplant. but is able to breathe and walk on her own. in total the annual concert raised $60 million for ucsf >> reporter: in san francisco,
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betty yu, kpix5. just in time for twitter. facts and fake news, tomorrow night "murphy brown" returns to cbs promising to make some noise. the original hit story hit a fire storm when dan quail came and criticized the fictional. >> mocking fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it another lifestyle choice. >> reporter: the reboot kicks off tomorrow night familiared by "s.w.a.t." and then hear how the bay area reacted to the speech 26 years ago. >> 1980s seems so long ago. >> yet so recently. foggy back then, foggy now, another foggy day in san francisco. a gorgeous sun sets. take a look at this. two layers of clouds. we have the low cloud cover bubbling over san francisco this evening. sunset, just after 7:00.
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then we have the high-level clouds moving in. sunset not 7:00 again until next march the 10th. it will get darker around here. dark in san francisco. same camera now we are under the fog. >> livermore, 58. the air quality, better tomorrow. not a spare the air day for the first time in three days. still haze, we are getting more on the ocean influence. a transition underway in the atmosphere. ridge of high pressure to the north, giving us the off shore wind. warming up in san francisco. that ridge that caused that is moving out. the low pressure area is moving in. sit and spin off of the coastline for the next couple of days. keeping us in a southwest wind flow. an onshore wind flow. we are about to get cooler. and that begins tomorrow.
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clouds in the morning, high cloud cover moving in the afternoon. likely a great sunset. friday, a stronger push inland of the cloud cover. now, talking about a rain chance. early next week, there say one. there is hurricane rosa. baja, california, a major storm by tomorrow. some of the moisture, not the storm size, not the wind, but the rain may drop half a foot of rain in arizona next week. some of the tropical moisture moving into california. low pressure area off to the west. showers possible around here. nothing too strong, nothing widespread. any rain chance in early october that is next week. it is noteworthy. we may have some rain to begin the month next week. san jose tomorrow. cooler. still above average. 84 for a high. palo alto, 82. hayward, 63 degrees. 90 for pleasanton, a couple degrees cooler, san ramone.
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san rafael, 83, berkeley, 71 degrees, clover dale, 93, hot, 97 degrees. we lose 10 degrees on friday. we lose 10 more on saturday and sunday. the lower to middle 70s. lower to middle 60s near the bay. cooler, cloudier, next week, probably going to rain around here. i have not said that since just after easter. midpractical. it will now be -- mid-april. it will now be october. >> yes. tiny company making a big splash in the craft beer world. the national honor after just 6- months in business well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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original pattern brewing company in oakland... was just awarded the silver medal for the best belgian-style al a small brewery is getting national attention. >> awarded the silver medal for the best ale. original battered brewing launched six months ago. they could not afford to go to the festival but the silver medal will be mailed to them. chris davis is doing everything to make this happen. we are on deck
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they chase down the yankees and host the wildcard game a week from tonight??? the a's clinch a spot last night. still a couple chips on the table. can they chase down the yankeess and host down the game a week from tonight. fans in the cheap seats of the needle. looking down at safeco field. i wopbd fer they can see this. matt olson hit his first career grand slam. the a's have the lead. 29th home run. davis continues s push r
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american league mvp. number 47 of the year. they have 132 home runs on the road. 3. t leads the majors, a's win the former giant, nearly cost the a's tonight. he gave up 4 runs to the yankees in the 9th inning. held on popped out to end it. the ray's win 8-7. so, the a's move to within a game and a half yankees for the top wild card spot. lou, the incredible hulk threw out the first pitch. too bad they can not hit for the giants. 2-0 for san diego. hitting one on to the tin roof. that was a difference maker. padres win it 3-2. the giants lost 6 totown to closeout the regular season. football, nick has been promoted from the 49er's practice squad and will serve as the teams back up against the chargers. the new starter, going 1-4 and
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5 games last year before jimmy bumped him out. the head coach is convinced he is a much improved quarterback. >> when he eventually was benched and we put jimmy in, you would think he would be less confident after that. you can ask him, i truly believe he is more confident. >> across the bay in oakland. the raiders are preparing to have an old friend for dinner. hugh jackson on the grounds, coming to the black hole. will come on sunday. jackson coached them in 2011. he was still doing monday night football. they come from humble beginnings as assistants back in 1989. >> used to be office meats. taut me football. used to argue every day. i know him well. he is competitive. does not like losing. no more than i don't like losing. trust me, he will get the team ready to go and he has to be ready to go. >> raiders and browns on sunday. we'll be right back.
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in an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training
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in active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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good night.
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show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> have a great night captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president was asked about the laughter he got during his speech before the united nations, and he said actually everything went according to plan. he told reporters, "it was great, well, that was meant to get some laughter, so it was great." >> net flicks presents president donald trump's first comedy special. hail-arty to the chief. >> i am the least racist person that you have ever met. ( laughter ) there was no collusion with russia. ( laughter ) >> you alsoee on both sides. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> trust me. i'm like a smart person. ( laughter ) >>re


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