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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 27, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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been able to use, you know, what's inside of me it's thursday, september 27th, 2018. this is the it's thursday, september 27th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and his accuser christine blasey ford are about to testify on capitol hill over sexual assault allegations. how this historic event will play out. we are also learning more about the new allegations against judge kavanaugh by a third woman. we'll get reaction. and, a troubling new report on deaths from the flu. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york,
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good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. we begin with today's high stakes capitol hill showdown. this morning the senate judiciary committee will hear from two witnesses, supreme court nominee kavanaugh and christine blasey ford, one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct or assault. there are now at least five such allegations. the outcome may well impact the supreme court rulings and the law of the land for decades. mole la lenghi is on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: high-stakes showdown indeed. this entire process including the allegations and who lawmakers seem to believe has really fallen along party lines. president trump insists the democrats have already ruined judge kavanaugh's reputation. but, the judge will defend himself while the accuser will tell her side of the story. this, as more accusers step forward. >> you feeling any nervousness about tomorrow? >> rachel mitchell will be the face of the republican party today when she questions
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christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh at the senate judiciary committee. >> i want to see dr. ford treated as if she were my daughter, but i'd like to see judge kavanaugh treated as if he were my son. >> reporter: the 11 republican men on the committee are expected to have mitchell do most if not all of the questioning. on their behalf. >> why are my colleagues hiding behind a special prosecutor. >> reporter: democrats could ask their own questions. president trump says he'll listen to ford today but added democrats have destroyed kavanaugh's reputation. >> and they know it's a big, fat con job. >> reporter: in testimony released ahead of the hearing, ford says i believed he was going to rape me. i tried to yell for help, when i did, brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. >> i was never at any such party. >> reporter: in his prepared remarks, kavanaugh says i never did anything remotely resembling what dr. ford describes.
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>> reporter: democrats are expected to press kavanaugh on his history of drinking and his behavior as a teenager. further intensifying today's hearing are new claims of sexual misconduct. >> reporter: julie swetnick alleges that in high school kavanaugh would drink excessively engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior towards girls. kavanaugh says the allegation is from the twilight zone and it never happened. democrats are calling on the judiciary committee to slow this process down to allow law enforcement to investigate, perhaps even the fbi. but committee chairman chuck grassley insists a vote on kavanaugh's confirmation will happen tomorrow. anne-marie. >> thanks a lot, mola. as we reported, the third woman to publicly accuse kavanaugh, julie swetnick leveled serious charges in a sworn statement delivered to the judiciary committee. kavanaugh seds that he never heard of her.
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paula reid has more. >> reporter: the accusations are serious. 55-year-old julie swetnick says she knew brett kavanaugh in high school attending more than ten house parties with him between 1981 and 1983. in a signed statement she alleges that in high school kavanaugh would drink excessively and engage in abusive, physically aggressive behavior towards girls and that kavanaugh was involved in efforts to spike drinks at the parties and then have sex with girls who had lost their ability to say no. she claims she was the victims of one of these gang or train rapes and that kavanaugh was present. she does not allege that kavanaugh himself raped her. she graduated from gaithersburg high school in maryland in 1980. kavanaugh graduated from the private georgetown prep high school in 1983. schools are some ten miles apart. in a statement kavanaugh said the allegation was from the twilight zone and it never happened. kavanaugh's lawyer beth wilkinson. >> he's outraged as you might imagine by this most recent
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allegation. he has never met this woman. he doesn't know ms. swetnick. he didn't go to parties with her. >> reporter: kavanaugh himself was asked about the house parties earlier this week. >> did you ever participate in or were you ever aware of any gang rape that happened at a party that you attended? >> that's totally false and outrageous. never done any such thing, known about any such thing. >> reporter: the allegations were made public by swetnick's lawyer michael avenatti. who also represents porn star stormed in her legal fight with president trump. avenatti told msnbc swetnick, who is reportedly a government contractor reached out to him and he checked out her story. >> this is a woman who has received numerous security clearances over the years issued by the u.s. government, including secret security clearances as well as public trust security clearances that require very detailed vetting performed by the u.s. government. >> reporter: president trump
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fired back at avenatti. >> you look at this lawyer that just came out, he's a low life and he represented democrats. nobody ever talks about that. he's a democrat lawyer, not a very good one, but he's a democrat lawyer. >> reporter: 64 people who say they knew brett kavanaugh in high school sent this letter to the senate judiciary committee. they say they don't remember anyone named julie swetnick and they call her allegations nonsense and irreprehensible. ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll broadcast from the nation's capital with the latest on the kavanaugh hearing, and cbs news will have gavel to gavel coverage of the senate judiciary hearing that's beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, 9:00 central right here on cbs and on our streaming network cbsn. president trump says because of the senate judiciary hearing he may delay a meeting he has scheduled today with deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the president said he would prefer not to fire rosenstein
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following a report that he had discussed secretly recording mr. trump and use the constitution to remove him from office. >> we had a good talk. he said he never said it. he said he doesn't believe it. he said he has a lot of respect for me and he was very nice and we'll see. >> rosenstein oversees robert mueller's investigation into russian interference of the 2016 election. mr. trump said he would prefer to let rosenstein finish up. and president trump says he has evidence china is attempting to interfere with the upcoming midterm elections. the president says he can't disclose what evidence he has, but that it will come out. >> they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and we are winning on trade. >> china denies the charge. the administration says china is attempting to stifle free speech and punish those who support mr.
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trump's tough trade stance. the father of a young north carolina boy who vanished saturday says he did not harm his son, nor did anyone he knows. mr. ritch spoke publicly for the first time. he said they were walking at a park when maddox took off. >> a jogger passed by, and as he was jogging past us, that's when maddox started to jog out behind him. so i usually just give him a little space and let him to do his thing. and once we got so far, he took off from me running. and i just never could catch up with him. >> he says that is he diabetic and suffers from neuropathy in his feet which makes it hard for him to run. he says it's probable that his son was kidnapped. more rain is forecast for southeastern tennessee today. there are flood warnings and watches posted for the region.
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one person was killed yesterday in the area north of chattanooga. it's believed the elderly woman drowned in the rushing water yesterday. dozens of homes were flooded following downpours that dropped over 4 inches of rain over the past two days. many area schools are closed today. and the centers for disease control says an estimated 80,000 people died from the flu and its complications last winter. that's the highest flu death toll in at least 40 years. experts say it was a very bad flu season because the type of virus and the flu vaccine didn't work very well. in the recent years flu-related deaths ranged from 12 to 56,000 people. flu related complications include pneumonia, stroke, and heart attack. the season peaked in february and was over by the end of march. coming up on the morning news, uber reached a assessment. ride hailing company pays big in a data breach case. and you might refer to him now as dr. prince, the late
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the singer prince receives a post you too muss honor and uber reaches a settlement over a data breach. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the san francisco chronicle reports uber will pay $148 million to all 50 states to set will a 2016 data breach. hackers were able to access the personal data of about 600,000 uber drivers in the u.s. the names, e-mail addresses, and cell phone numbers of 57 million riders around the world were also breached. instead of reporting the hack when it happened, uber hid evidence of the theft. it acknowledged the breach the following year saying it paid $100,000 ransom for the stolen information to be destroyed. usa today reports on the epidemic violence of transgender americans, according to a civil rights organization for lgbtq
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people, there have been 21 transgender deaths by violence so far this year. that puts it on track to match the 28 murders of transgender emin the u.s. last year. there were 23 such cases in 2016 and 22 in 2015. of the 102 transgender homicides between 2013 and 2017, 86% of the victims were black, hispanic, or native american. 11% were white. out of the 21 violent transgender deaths this year, 19 were people of color. "the new york times" reports nike nearly dropped collin kaepernick before embracing him in its groundbreaking new advertising campaign. the former san francisco 49er quarterback started his anthem protest in 2016. he became a free agent but no team has signed him. the times says in 2017 nike came close to cutting ties with the controversial quarterback. nike's new video featuring kaepernick has garnered more than 80 million views on social
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media. last week the company's stock closed at an all-time high. and rolling stone reports the late singer prince was awarded an honorary degree from the university of minnesota. the school presented a doctorate of humane letters to prince's sister during a ceremony on campus last night. the university said it had been preparing to award the degree to prince before he suddenly died in 2016. >> he was a proud minnesotan living and working here when many others in his position would have moved to entertainment industry centers like los angeles or new york city. >> the school said the honorary degree recognizes prince's influence on music and his role in shaping his hometown of minneapolis. ent ump's tariffs. automaker ford says the cost of metal is driving down profits.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," tariffs cut into ford's profits and the fed raises rates. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, anne-marie. president trump sounded off on the fed's latest move saying
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he's not happy that they raised interest rates again. but the federal reserve hiked its key interest rate by a quarter point yesterday. it's the third rate hike this year. another hike is expected before year's end. fed chairman jerome powell said the economy is strong, unemployment is low and wages are up. later the president complained that the rate increases could stifle his efforts to boost the economy through tax cuts and deregulation. mr. trump told reuters, i should be given some help by the fed. powell's response, quote, we don't consider political factors or things like that. stocks on wall street finished lower. the dow fell 106 points. the s&p lost 9. the nasdaq gave up 17 points. president trump said he's so frustrated with ongoing trade talks with canada he rejected a meeting with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. speaking in new york yesterday, the president said he's unhappy with the canadian negotiating style. canadian tariffs are too high
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and trudeau doesn't want to seem to move. the president reiterated his threat to tax cars coming from canada, what he calls the mother load. meanwhile, imported steel and aluminum will cost $1 billion through next year. ford gets most of its metal through u.s. producers. they raised prices due to the tariffs. amazon is opening a store in new york that sells only products with a four-star rating and higher. this is amazon's latest move into brick and mortar retail. everything on the shelves has earned at least a four-star review from amazon customers. it includes consumer electronics, toys, and items for the kitchen and home. prime members pay a discounted price. and mcdonald's says most of the burgers it serves in the u.s. are now preservative free, that includes classics like it's big mac and quarter pounder. it's been removing preservatives from its menu for several years
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add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. possible cause.. and when we can expect the transit center to reopen.. plus: another woman accuses brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. we have a preview of today's high-stakes hearing. and, apple stores robbed over and over again. the bust in oakland that may end this crime spree. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's thursday, september 27th..
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. >> whoa. what? >> now that was a real slap in the face. it was caught on video off the coast of new zealand last weekend. a seal with an octopus leapt out of the water and slapped the octopus against the face of the kayaker. he said he was so stunned he instantly started laughing. a part of computer history that originally sold for less
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than $700 fetched $375,000 at an auction in boston this week. the apple 1 computer was built in the 1970s. it's one of about 60 still around from the original 200 designed and built by steve jobs and steve wozniak. the winning bid came from a u.s.-based businessman who wants to remain anonymous. and another staple from the '70s was the inspiration behind a guinness world record. an australian built a life-size replica of a camping trailer. he used hor than 280,000 beg low bricks. it took him and 16 volunteers five months to build the largest caravan ever made entirely of legos. the previous record holder used about 73,000 legos. there were some very strict requirements in order to break the record. >> very importantly it has to have kitchen supplies, it has to have a functioning bed, it has to have running water as well as some electricity or at least lights.
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our top stories this morning. a lot it riding on today's senate judiciary hearing in which supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and one of the women accusing him will testify. christine blasey ford will go first. she is one of at least five people accusing kavanaugh. he denies all the allegations. a female prosecutor will ask the questions for the republicans. an estimated 80,000 americans died of the flu or related complications last year. that is the highest death toll in 40 years. experts blame a flu vaccine that didn't work very well and a virus that tends to put more people in the hospital, particularly the young and elderly. and more rain and the potential for additional flooding is forecast for southeastern tennessee today. an elderly woman drowned north
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of chattanooga yesterday. dozens of homes were flooded following downpours that dropped over 4 inches of rain the past two days. students in baltimore received a very special delivery yesterday thanks to a social a chip reid has details. >> reporter: it wasn't toys or video games that got these fifth gradeners baltimore so excited, it was school supplies and other necessities that many of them can't afford. >> i tablet, and i got erasers. >> reporter: it's the result of a campaign that's gone viral on instagram. it started a few weeks ago with a challenge from singer ed droste asking people to send school supplies to teachers in poor neighborhood who pay for them out of pocket because their students not. the response was overwhelming. i am taking on the challenge. >> a lot of celebrities took up the cause asking their fans for help. one of them was kristen bell. >> i think this san incredible way to get kids what they need
4:27 am
and deserve and hen the teachers that are fighting for everyone's educations. kristen johnson a fifth grade teacher at baltimore's sinclair elementary posted her wish list and was stunned that bell chose her. >> less than 30 minutes later she messaged me back saying you got it. >> she was even more surprise when'd all the packaging started arriving. >> they're like you'll need a moving truck. >> a moving truck. >> reporter: she does not vent having to buy supplies, but wishes she could give her kids more. >> it's hard knowing that they just don't have what other people have. >> reporter: and now at least for the moment they do. >> yes. >> reporter: johnson has nothing but gratitude. >> i'm just blown away by everyone's kindness. >> reporter: a lesson her students won't soon forget. chip reid, cbs news, baltimore. well coming up on "cbs this morning," illinois democratic senator dick durbin shares his
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thoughts ahead of the hearing for brett kavanaugh. "new york times" investigative reporter jodi kantor explains how far we've come since anita hill's testimony 30 years ago, and the series a more perfect union looks at one man's quest to provide fresh produce to low income areas. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. watching. i'm anne-marie green, have a great day.
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i'm kenny choi. c1 p kpix. let's get this morning started as we say hello, thursday. also can see fog coming into this picture and we can see, through the fog, the weekend, or at least i can. good morning, i hope you are
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with me. i'm kenny choi. and i'm ann mack vick. >> positivity at 4:30 in the morning. we are doing well. we are doing well. how is the weather looking? >> reporter: back in the bay once again, we are looking at temperatures on the cool side for the bay, especially for the coast. we are looking at areas of low clouds and fog for the coast and even parts of the bay, dense fog up across the north bay as well, once again. so we are going to be heating up inland again today. mild conditions for the bay and cooler along the coast. 92 in fairfield, 93 in livermore and 67 in san francisco. we'll talk about big changes on the way, coming up. thank you. right now we are tracking slowdowns as you head into san francisco. this is coming off the bay


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