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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 27, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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with me. i'm kenny choi. and i'm ann mack vick. >> positivity at 4:30 in the morning. we are doing well. we are doing well. how is the weather looking? >> reporter: back in the bay once again, we are looking at temperatures on the cool side for the bay, especially for the coast. we are looking at areas of low clouds and fog for the coast and even parts of the bay, dense fog up across the north bay as well, once again. so we are going to be heating up inland again today. mild conditions for the bay and cooler along the coast. 92 in fairfield, 93 in livermore and 67 in san francisco. we'll talk about big changes on the way, coming up. thank you. right now we are tracking slowdowns as you head into san francisco. this is coming off the bay bridge. we have some road work, plus,
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again, the sales force transit center remains shutdown and the bus lane on the fremont exit is closed. just a heads up. we have speeds dipping below 30 miles per hour as you are heading off the bay bridge. back over to you. two cracked beams found in san francisco's $2 billion transit hub, prompting an extended closure and inspectors try to figure out what went wrong. the two bad beams are located above fremont street. that stretch will remain closed through at least the end of next week. we got an engineer's take on the problem. >> reporter: as gridlock and long bus lines overwhelmed san francisco, this was the news no one wanted to hear. >> the beams in question suffered cracking. >> reporter: a second crack in
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another beam at the $2.2 billion transbay transit center. both beams are vital. david says for any building to work, a lot of things have to work in concert. and a problem with any one could spell trouble. >> you could have a good design. but if the they are is flawed, that could end up turning into damage. you could have a good design properly built, but you get a load you didn't expect. good design, light loads, poorly constructed, becomes damage. >> avs right now the joint powers authority has outlined a 3-step plan to get the transit center functional again. first, shoring up fremont street and then shoring up the cracked beams and getting buses running again. then the permanent fix. just repairing the cracks without knowing the cause is
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like throwing penicillin at an illness without knowing the specific disease i don't if there is a crack or a damaged structural member that is going to have to be removed and replaced, that doesn't answer the question. before you repair something that is just going to be damaged again, you want to make sure you understand what actually happened. >> reporter: the time is likely to seem like an eternity for commute years right now i'm sorry for the inconvenience to the public. we are working hard. >> reporter: kpix 5. san francisco mayor london breed met with transbay leadership and yesterday they talked about the cracked beams. >> we are going to make sure that we get to the bottom of how that occurred. and make it clear to the public that the place is safe before we even open the doors again. someone has to be held accountable for what occurred. >> the mayor says they bill continue to act ensure everyone
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meantime, drivers will have to get used to this. traffic backed up on the ramp leading off the bay bridge on to harrison street. and the morning commute expected to show some trouble spots this morning. as jacquelyn mentioned, if you are commuting by bus, buses are being rerouted to the temporary site at howard and main streets. we will keep you updated with the latest, and the closures all morning long, and you can also find any new developments on our website at 4:34. taking a live look at capitol hill this morning. in just a matter of hours, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and dr. ford are set to testify. two men now are coming forward saying they are the ones who had a sexual encounter with dr.
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ford, not judge kavanaugh. the two men spoke to committee staff members yesterday. >> reporter: hours before the senate hearing, dr. christine ford's attorneys released these pictures of her undergoing a recent lie detector test had a former fbi examiner says she past. she swears the man was brett kavanaugh. according to her prepared remarks, she will say quote brett put his hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. this is what terrified me the most. it was hard for me to breathe and i thought brett was accidentally going to kill me. >> according to his prepared remarks, brett kavanaugh will tell senators he never even touched dr. ford. i categorically and unequivocally deny the allegations.
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i never had any encounter of any kind with dr. fo amquestioning dr. ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in someplace at some time, but i have never done that. >> senators are already angry. >> there is no way, absolutely no way that this nomination can proceed to a vote without an fbi investigation. >> we have had accusation after accusation. very few of them or if any are corroborated. >> julie sweat anything says kavanaugh spiked punch at parties and also accuses him of being present for a series of gang rapes, although she admits she didn't see him do that. the president alternated between accusing the women of lying and saying he would keep an open mind and listen to dr.
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ford's testimony. >> giving the women a major chance to speak. it is possible i'll hear that and i'll say hey, i'm changing my mind. that is possible. we want to give them a chance to speak. >> reporter: the president said if any accusations are found credible, he might pull the nomination. but he said all the allegations are part of a democratic political stunt. live coverage begins here on kpix 5. 4:36. something less controversial. our weather forecast for today. >> similar to yesterday. slightly cooler. today will be the start of a cool trend. let's take you outside. low clouds and fog as you start off the day. right now it is 58 in concord,
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59 livermore, 53 san francisco, 58 in san jose and santa rosa coming in the upper 40s. low fog in parts of the bay. another hot day, mild for the bay and cool along the coast. again, temperatures slightly cooler compared to yesterday. much cooler for all of us by this weekend, with rain chances for next week. let's talk about the visibility there. about three quarters of a mile at half moon bay. the north bay down to a mile and a quarter in petaluma and a half mile for santa rosa. low 90s from fairfield, concord and livermore. mid-80s in san jose. 81 for a high in redwood city and 63 in pacific a-- in pacifica. 205 heading through tracy, it is slow stop go.
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we do have ongoing road work. so if you typically drive this, you are very used to this slow commute. we have speeds down to a crawl, it is a -- it is about a 25- minute ride. and 28-minute ride over to 680- 6789 a fog advisory in place. please refrain from using high beams, take it easy on the roadways for the start of your thursday morning commute. freeways starting to get crowded but our drive times still in the green as you make your way to the toll plaza. ann? just about 20 minutes before 5:00. coming up nearly a year after the deadly october fires, pg&e investing in a new tool that will detect early sparks. first, bay area apple
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stores robbed again and again. what may put an end to this crime spree.
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apple stores. many of those incidents... caught on surveillance camera n the bay area. . more than half a dozen people are behind bars linked to a statewide spree targeting apple stores. multiple law enforcement agencies worked together. >> reporter: at reverts came on the same day -- the arrests came on the same day thieves knocked over this apple store. it has become almost routine. rings of thieves bum rushing bay area apple stores, from santa rosa to walnut creek and as far out as monterey. rapid fire robberies, with the same m.o., grab and go. >> it is fast. in like one minute.
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one minute. they go in there and they just pick up and get in the car and just zoom down the street, disappear. >> reporter: the most recent theft was at the emoryville apple store. >> at 1:30, there was three cars, they came and basically ransacked the whole apple store. why can't they catch whoever they are? >> reporter: authorities now say they have made arrests. the alameda county sheriff's department confirmed 7 people were arrested in oakland and are in jail. in an e-mail, police said these arrests are in connection to large scale crimes committed throughout the state of california. next month marks one year since the wine country wildfires devastated north bay neighborhoods. and officials have determined pg&e equipment was the cause of some of the fires.
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now the company will be installing 9 high definition cameras to monitor potential fires in the north bay. the cameras will give first responders a look at how fast a fire moves, and which direction it spreads. pg&e hopes to have the cameras up and running by the end of this year. people in ant that rosa who lost their homes in the wildfires are dealing with a new frustration. the postal service wants to do away with individual mailboxes and instead, they want to put in centralized cluster boxes. >> we lost our homes in a fire. we didn't choose this. to have somebody take something away from our control, even something that is minor, it is very, very emotional. >> reporter: the postal service says the new mailboxes would be more efficient and cost effective. neighbors are reaching out to elected officials to fight this plan. 4:44 now.
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mary lee, how is the weather looking today? >> reporter: very similar conditions. today will start a cooling trend for us, especially as we go through tomorrow and the weekend. high pressure is slowly moving out, and low pressure will be moving in. here's a live look of our san jose camera. day 164 with no measurable rainfall in san jose. likely, by tomorrow, we'll be at 165 and that will put us in the 6th position for the all time driest streaks in san jose. we definitely need the rain. for today 58 concord, livermore 59. 53 san francisco, san jose at 58. santa rosa in the upper 40s. here's what you can expect, areas of low clouds and fog
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along the coast. once again the north bay visibility is down to about a half mile. mild in the bay, cool along the coast. much cooler for all of us by this weekend. satellite and radar view, this ridge is starting to slowly move out of here and this area of low pressure is going to be moving in. that means much cooler temperatures, and the chance for rain. it is all because of hurricane rosa. and this will bring tropical moisture and a lot of rain to the desert southwest. we are looking at, possibly, moving into our area and bringing a few showers as it joins with a cold front there. for today 67 in san francisco, 73 oakland, 90 in concord for a high and 92 for fairfield.
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we topped out in the mid 90s yesterday. upper 60s and low 70s for the bay. cool, cloudy and foggy for the coast. a 10-degree drop in temperatures for tomorrow. low 80s, 60 for the coast. check out the weekend. mid 70s inland. there is a slight chance of a shower along the coast. and for the north bay, possibly for the weekend, rain chances monday night into tuesday of next week. and right now, we are tracking a pretty easy ride for drivers head ad long 880 -- headed along 880. nothing to write home about, it is a little busy, but that is to be expected. we remain in the green as you make your way into union city. here's a live look san mateo bridge. everybody on their best driving behavior. speeds in the green as you make
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your way from 880 over to 101. we did have road work going on here. looks like cal tran has just wrapped that up and all lanes reopened north of 380 are. heading into san francisco, your ride, quiet and calm. but you can expect delays if you are heading into downtown san francisco, as the morning goes on, because of the sales force transit center that is closed. again all mass transit will be transferred over to the temporary transbay terminal. keep that in mind and many street closures remain in effect. and those two bad beams at the sales force transit center stole the thunder away from the sales force tower on the preview tour of its new sky deck. this morning juliet goodrich has a view from the top. >> reporter: it is a long way to the top. but pull up a seat and take in
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the view. we got our first look. this is the world's best living room, up here in the sky. the tallest building west of chicago. >> where you are standing and a floor that all our employees and their guests can use all week long. there is an exhibition kitchen, a coffee bar, beautiful residential seating. >> reporter: and a spectacular view today. you can see the transamerica building on one side and over here, it is a 360-degree view. you can see the bay bridge, all the water and the sailboats. if you are afraid of heights, just don't look down. one floor down, a conference room with a view. >> everybody can still walk around here, but this incredible discussion can still be happening with the privacy that they need. >> reporter: employee work space shows progressive sales force culture. if you want, you can work out
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while you work. or go into the meditation room. >> reporter: you could take the stairs to the top. how many stairs? the answer i got? a lot. i kn itis aa ut climb to the very top. a beam leading in is signed by the workers who constructed the building, as well as leaders, including the late mayor ed lee. and on day two of the shutdown of the sales force transit center after the discovery of the cracked steel beam, i had to ask. >> we are safe up here, right? >> we are very safe. sales force tower is bolted to bedrock. >> reporter: confirmed. >> reporter: speaking of safety, there is this fact sheet. i learned today the foundation is socketed 318 feet into ground into bedrock. they want people to know they are safe here.
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a lot of people are busy, and it hasn't come up except for the traffic issues. it is open to the public. that 61st floor will be open early next year, and it is quite something. >> that is going to be so cool. >> you were up there, too? >> actually, i wasn't. but my signature is on the beam. i was not there. but we are going to go. >> let's do it. >> road trip. still ahead, a new prime time show airs tonight on cbs. >> and sir paul mccartney, on 60 minutes, and what he has to say about growing up in the beatles. a gorgeous shot of downtown, skies clearer than they are in san francisco. mary lee is monitoring your weather forecast all around the bay. we'll be right back.
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. hot conditions inland and across the south bay, 93 for a high. 83 in santa clara and 84 for a high in san jose. brentwood 92. fairfield 92. 85 in santa rosa and sonoma. >> reporter: things are looking good along 101. if you are heading through palo alto. cal trans will be shutting down in both directions overnight, and it should wrap-up before
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the morning commute begins by 4:30. we'll be monitoring that. if you travel overnight, give yourself a few extra minutes. back over to you. murphy brown is returning to prime time tonight and sir paul mccartney opens up to 60 minutes. >> reporter: murphy brown is back. >> playing murphy and getting back together with the old gang, i just feel insanely blessed. >> reporter: 30 years after the show originally started, candace bergen returns, this time murphy heads up a morning cable news show, joined by several members of her news team from the original show. the new murphy brown starts tonight right here on cbs. marilyn monroe's 1956 ford thunderbird is hitting the auction block. she owned the car for six years
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and drove it to her wedding ceremony to arthur miller. it is one of 500 items up forbid in the annual hollywood event that will be held in los angeles in november. and sir paul mccartney is making his first ever appearance on 60 minutes. the interview comes nearly 50 years after the release of the beatles legendary white album. >> not openly, but we later admitted yeah, you know, paul has written a good one there, i better get going. and i would similarly oh, that is a bit good, right. >> you can catch the full interview this sunday on 60 minutes. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. just about 4:57. we are learning more this morning about the parts used to build the new bart extension to
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san jose and why they still haven't been replaced. plus the traffic headaches in downtown san francisco continue today. this, after a second steel beam is found cracked at the sales force transit center.
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transbay transit center. how long the building could be shut down. and, nt enc t in the s . this morning there is a second cracked steel beam in the transbay transit center. a tent encampment in the south bay called hope village is on the move again this morning. good morning, let's start your thursday off with a live look outside this morning. on the left hand side of your
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screen. patchy fog out there from our sales force tower, lacking east. -- looking east. traffic is stacking up already at 5:00 a.m. >> all kinds of traffic. and another shade of gray here in san francisco. our micro climate is back in action. along the coast and parts of the bay, looking at the fog. you can see the transamerica building there, lit up. you can see the light flashing. we are looking at even dense fog up across the north bay. temperatures right now in concord. 53 in san francisco, and concord. your weather headlines again, morning low clouds and fo


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