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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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habit as proof of his innocence. >> my calendar shows all but definitively that i was not there. >> reporter: he teared up when he talked about his family and female friends who sent him messages of encouragement before his testimony. >> the details about that night that bring me here today are the ones i will never forget. >> reporter: earlier dr. christine blasey ford told the panel how kavanaugh assaulted her when both were teen agers. >> i was pushed onto the bed and brett got on top of me. he began running his hands over my body and grinding into me. >> reporter: democrats asked their own questions while republicans filtered their through a hired sex crimes prosecutor. during nearly four hours of testimony christine blasey ford testified. >> the uproarious laughter between the two and their having fun at my expense. >> reporter: she told the panel she struggled with the decision to come forward but felt it was
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her responsibility to tell the truth. >> apart from the assault itself, these past couple of weeks have been the hardest of my life. >> reporter: the committee hopes to vote on kavanaugh's nomination as soon as friday. this evening republican senators gathered to discuss the hearing and figure out their next step. liz. >> nicole, what happens now? will senators still move ahead with a vote? >> reporter: well, right now, the senate judiciary committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow morning, and they were planning to hold a vote to advance judge kavanaugh's nomination, but again, since they are meeting this evening, it seems now everything is fluid, although some republican senators said after the hearing they are ready to vote. liz. >> all right, nicole kilian, thank you. just a short whiling a president trump tweeted a strong defense of kavanaugh saying judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated
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him. his testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. democrats' search and destroy strategy is disgraceful, and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. the senate must vote." around the bay area, people watched the high-stakes hearing on capitol hill, and at some rallies, they showed their support for palo alto professor christine blasey ford. in oakland they painted a massive banner saying, we believe survivors. and people shared their own stories. >> for the bay area we felt it was really important to send a message to dr. ford that we believe survivors and that she is supported here. >> the supporters also gathered in dr. ford's hometown. kpix 5's len ramirez is there live. >> reporter: ken, there was a lot of emotion here among the supporters who came out but you have to remember that a lot of these people know her personally. they are neighbors and friends. they see her walk her dog or take her boys to school.
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and so for them this was a very trying day. it was also a day where they would repeat the message that they are here to support her. >> i am here today not because i want to be. i am terrified. >> reporter: the gripping testimony from christine blasey ford played out across the nation, but interest was especially keen here in her adopted hometown of palo al a toe where even the -- palo alto where even the mayor stopped to watch the man she accused. >> with what degree of certainty due believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? >> 107%. >> she admitted she couldn't remember some of the key facts including when and where but she says one memory has stuck with her all the years. >> indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter, the uproarious laughter. >> we believe christine! >> reporter: at a rally outside city hall many friends and supporters were also caught up
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in the emotion of the day. >> we are here to bring humanity to this case. this is a woman, a friend, and my hope is no matter the outcome, that christine gets to come home that she gets to move back into her house. i'm soar lease, it's been a very hard morning. >> mothers brought their children to the rally. many signed a banner of support. a younger woman said she understood why blas' ford waited so long to speak up. >> i know people who have gone through cases that happened their freshman year and upon graduating are not sure if it really is what they think it is or if they should ever tell anyone about it. >> reporter: and another woman who said she thought she had seen it all was saddened by the process. >> i feel a lot of pain for what christine is going through, and i feel very sad, having lived through the '60s. i thought we would be passed a lot of this. >> reporter: it has been many days since they have seen christine blasey ford in the neighborhood. when she does get back they say they will give her her h space
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but they do want her to know that they have her back and she has their support. reporting live in palo alto, len ramirez. >> let's get a look at how each of california's senators questioned. >> democrats dianne feinstein and kamala harris are both on the committee. senator harris tried to ask kavanaugh if he supports the idea of a new fbi investigation into these allegations. repeatedly he declined to answer that question. instead, he pointed to numerous background checks that he's passed in his career. harris also pressed him on his treatment of women. >> do you agree that it is possible for men to both be friends with some women and treat other women badly? >> of course, but the point i've been emphasize, if you go back to age 14 for me, you will
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find people, and not just people, lots of people who have been friends with, some of whom are in this room today, starting at age 14, women, and who talked about my friendships with them through my whole life, and it's a consistent pattern. >> kavanaugh pointed out that 65 women he knew from high school signed a letter vouching for his character. senator feinstein was one of the first to question dr. ford. she asked if ford was sure that kavanaugh was the boy who assaulted her in 1982. >> you are very clear about the attack being pushed into the room. you say you don't know quite by whom. but that it was brett kavanaugh that covered your mouth to prevent you from screaming, and then you escaped. how are you so sure that it was he? >> the same way that i'm sure that i'm talking to you right now, and so i just -- basic memory functions.
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>> ford stressed that as far as she was concerned there was no possibility of mistaken identity. she also said, quote, i am not here today because i want to be. ford said she was terrified to appear but believed it was her civic duty to tell the judiciary committee what happened. ken. >> alan, thanks for that. coming up at 6:00 we take a look at the psychology of trauma victims. the memories that become most engrained. and we continue to monitor the developments out of washington tonight. a meeting of senate republicans is happening right now. we're awaiting word on their next move. of course, we'll bring you the updates as they come in. >> our other big story think, elon musk is facing federal lawsuit accusing the tesla ceo of securities fraud. right now shares of tesla are down more than 13% in after- hours trading. the stock is roughly 30% off its 52-week high of $387. the lawsuit comes after a tweet that put music in hot water
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with investors. kpix 5's kiet do is live in fremont at the tesla factory. >> reporter: the s.e.c. says this investigation was swift and thorough and that they saw no reason to wait to charge elon musk with fraud. if you haven't seen he will long music's tweet yet here is what the s.e.c. says was false and misleading. am considering taking tesla private at $420, funding secure. the sec says that tweet caused so much market confusion and turmoil that the nasdaq had to stop trading for 90 minutes. tesla's a stock price shot up 6% as everyone from shareholders to journalists were trying to figure out whether or not he was joking. >> we alleged that music's statements were false and misleading because they lacked any basis in fact. at the time he made these statements music had not secured funding for the proposed transaction. to the contrary, we along that he had not even discussed key deal terms including price with any potential source of funding. >> reporter: as for the go private share price of 420 --
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>> we along that musk had arrived at the price of 420 by assuming a 20% premium of what tesla's then existing share price, then rounding up to $420 because of the significance of that number in marijuana culture and his belief that his girlfriend would be amused by it. >> i thought that tweet was unusual and probably not a good idea. we don't expect to get our formal communications from the leaders of companies through twitter. >> reporter: she is an ethics expert at santa clara university w. the s.e.c. now seek an injunction to block elon musk from becoming a director, she says they're sending a strong message to corporate america. >> i think there's an attempt here to reset a standard of behavior and an executive norm that we have seen previously but maybe has been eroded somewhat by ceos using social media. >> reporter: and musk sent out a statement saying "this
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unjustified action leaves me deeply saddened. i have always taken action in the best interest of truth, transparency and integrity is the most important value in my life." the s.e.c. says that elon musk is free to serve as ceo. that is not their call. that subpoena to the board of directors. a string of brazen robberies in bay area apple store, hoodie-clad robbers making off with more than a million dollars in product. eight suspects are now under arrest. our reporter spoke with police. >> reporter: ken, the state department of justice believes it has dismantled an organized crime ring targeting apple stores up and down the state. about half of the suspects arrested in oakland, and they believe this should slow down the thefts at these apple stores. the state department of justice says some of the suspects
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appeared in an oakland courtroom this afternoon. so far police have arrested seven adults in oakland and one in sonoma county. they issued arrest warrants for nine others. still on the run. detectives say the 17 suspects targeted apple stores in 19 counties. from as far south as san diego and as far north as butte. police say they also hit up all the bay area apple stores. the thefts totaled more than $1 million. >> we are going to see a pretty substantial, hopefully, reduction in these crimes across the state. >> reporter: the arrests of the sins oakland happened on tuesday. around the same time when a group of people ran into this emeryville apple store and took off with a number of devices. oakland investigators would not say if it's the same group or unrelated. >> you have an interrupted factor so there will definitely be an interruption for at least awhile. >> i wouldn't be surprised if
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they start up again. >> reporter: former oakland police chief howard jordan says if apple doesn't change its security policy the thefts will likely continue. one security officer tells me they're instructed by apple not to stop the thieves. this photo from a recent bay area theft shows the guard just standing there. >> some of them may be copycats because they watch tv, they talk to each other or seen what's going on and saw how easy it was and how lucrative it could be. >> reporter: oakland police say they also arrested a minor in this, and that minor, given that person's age, will not face any felony charges. now, about 10 minutes ago the d.o.j. sent out a press release sharing the names of 10 defendants. i'm going try to gather more information and hopefully give you an update at a 6:00. coming up, a helicopter snips a power line, causing a fire. the close call in wine k country. and a fight over rent
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control in silicon valley with no end in sight. now similar battles could be coming to the rest of california. crews trying to reinforce a damaged section of san francisco's transbay transit center. what engineers are doing to keep the building safe.
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sparked a brush fire after it struck and cut the lines. 't crash...bu a helicopter tasked with inspecting power lines in calistoga sparked a brushfire after it struck and clipped the lines. the chopper didn't crash but made a cautionary landing. three people were on board. nobody was injured. this was on palisades road near lake county highway. the faa is now investigating the incident. this evening crews are bracing a damaged section of the transbay transit center after cracks were found in two large steel beams over fremont street. workers will reduce the pressure on the steel beams that pose a risk of failing before they attempt the permanent fix. officials say the transit center and fremont street will remain closed through at least next week. a fight over rent control
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is heating up in mountain view and will likely extend into 2020. kpix 5's devon feely on a fierce battle. >> reporter: the battle over rent control in mountain view has become so charged and so contentious it has garnered its own colorful nickname. >> we name it the sneaky repeal. >> reporter: the advocate described it as underhanded and sneaky tack a ties. >> when you are a mountain view voter, yes. would you like to support rent control? but we have rent control. but this is different. that is a lie. >> reporter: voters approved measure d that capped annual rent increases in properties built before 1995 at 5:00% a year. some property owners were not pleased. >> you are basically creating a
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time bomb for creating slums in mountain view. that's one of the major concerns of rent control in itself. >> reporter: carlos padilla who owns rental property says rent control ignores the basic laws of economics, that his cost for the upkeep and a maintenance aren't a capped at 5%. >> rent control is well intentioned and a good idea in theory, but some of the unintended consequences are that there's lost revenue to the city, to the county, to the state. >> reporter: the organize verse the campaign to repeal or rewrite some of the city's rent control rules missed a critical deadline for the november ballot. they now have their sights set on 20/20 but they adamantly deny the accusations that they have been dishonest with voters. >> i don't believe. i've met many signature gatherers. we're following breaking news in vallejo. chopper 5 live over a walgreens store on springs road.
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we're told 18 people are being treated after pepper spray was released inside the store. it's not clear if people need to be transported to the hospital. we're going to stay on top of this breaking news story. vallejo police are still investigate what happened. we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. just getting the word now, we promise to keep you updated, the senate judiciary committee will call for a vote tomorrow on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court. this follows, of course, a day of dramatic testimony from christine blasey ford and from brett kavanaugh. so the vote will go on tomorrow. time for the weather. it is getting more and more likely that rain, widespread rain for the first time in more than five months, will return to the bay area in the seven- day forecast. details next. coming up, all-new at 6:00, it's the law. if you're in prison and a vegan, you are going to get
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that plant-based meal. we asked, what's it going to cost the taxpayers? but first, the market closed down today. here's a look at the closing numbers. actually, they closed up. you can see the green on the right side. those are the numbers from wall street.
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face... with an octopus! it whoa! >> we'll show that you again. actually what happens is, these kayakers are out there -- there it is -- that's a seal that popped his head up, slapped that kayaker up side the face with an octopus. it happened in new zealand this past weekend. a friend testing out a new go pro camera caught the action. it's not clear if the seal was playing or lost track of its meal. whatever, the kayaker was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. we always like to show when you mother nature fights back. >> when it comes to viral videos, was the kayaker in the perfect place at the perfect
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time. >> he's probably a couple hundred thousand dollars richer now. really cool video. it has been a really weird sthaint we haven't warmed up. you say, oh, man, it's going to be summer. not this year. we've had one or two days in the 70s, and that's it. i'm going to show you how chilly it's been. we're actually getting cooler. it is 59 and foggy in san francisco. those of you watching us in concord or antioch say, we're plenty warm. yes, you were in the 90s. you are cooling down to the 80s. down to 66 in oakland. in san francisco the average high for this september has only been 66 degrees. that is way below average, and it is the second coldest run of afternoons since 1975. we are typically not this chilly in september but we have been this year. concord tonight 56, san francisco 55. low clouds for redwood city, mid-50s for you, san rafael.
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perfect weekend for the pacific coast fog fest which ironically or not ironically will be foggy. low cloud cover and chilly. 59 degrees. that is it for pacific could. here we go, the pattern is changing. the ridge of high pressure which kept you warm at least inland, that's now gone. our weather will be dominated for the next three, four, five days by this area of low pressure with the low just to our west. that's a southwest flow of air which is a chilly flow of air for us. a number of things are going to happen or change as a result. first off, lots of clouds tomorrow morning. we'll get some sunshine in the afternoon but a very cloudy start. the cloudiest of the week. then on saturday it really pushes in. and watch this. saturday afternoon, not completely dry. north sonoma county, lake county, mendocino county, an isolated shower is possible. and that's just the beginning, because there's a different weather system next week. this is not looking at one event but the total rainfall. much of california, including the bay area, with at least the
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chance of some showers next monday and next tuesday. the dry weather which has been with us all a summer long is about to end. fog and low cloud cover. up to 10 degrees cooler tomorrow next week. highs tomorrow no 90s or 80s, only the 70s. concord 76, fremont 72, santa rosa 74. the 60s for san rafael, san francisco and oakland. we cool down even more over the weekend. the rain stays just to our north. early next week we stay chilly, 60s and 70s for highs with scattered showers possible monday night and or tuesday morning, hello fall. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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tonight, murphy brown returns to cb just in time for twitter, alternative fact and fake news. tonight murphy brown returns to cbs promising to make some noise. the original hit series set off a firestorm when then vice president dan quayle came to san francisco and criticized the fictional character. >> mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another lifestyle choice. >> the reboot kicks off tonight at 9:30 on channel 5 followed by swat at 10, then at 11:00 hear how the bay area reacted to dan quayle's speech 26 years ago. >> where's he at now, dan quayle? be interesting to find out. >> maybe be watching tonight. >> you never know.
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>> thank for watching. >> ahead at 6:00, a look at how a new federal lawsuit caps off a rough summer for tesla's elon musk. liz, alan, and paul back in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the cbs evening news this thursday, from washington. under oath, christine blasey ford says she is 100% sure she was sexually assaulted by brett kavanaugh. and under oath, the supreme court nominee says he never exually assaulted her or anyone. we have extensive coverage of an extraordinary day on capitol hill, starting with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> i am here today not because i want to be. i am here because i believe it ec my civic duty. i believed he was going to rape me, and i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me. >> with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you? 1 100%.
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a i am innocent of this charge. and i never sexually assaulted anyone.


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