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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 1, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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mccovey. good morning, it is thursday, november 1st. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we have a lot going on this morning including a shooting in san jose that sent three teens to the hospital. it happened at the seven trees community center around 10 p.m. authorities say they found two girls with gunshot wounds. moments later, police found a third shooting victim, a male juvenile a few blocks away. a victims are expected to survive. police said this shooting doesn't appear to be gang- related. this investigation is ongoing. kpix 5 will be live on scene with the latest updates in about 30 minutes. also new this morning, police in san jose busted some early-morning sideshows. this one happened around 1:00 this morning on gish road off 880. one driver was arrested. his car was impounded for 30 days. and the chp says that another driver attempted to flee.
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he was eventually arrested. they also impounded several cars at other locations. and we wanthalloween. so we're all kind of in this little candy coma. >> right! >> a lot of sugar. >> a lot happened overnight including what's going on, on the bay bridge. >> we are just getting word of this from chp. two cars crashed, an accident happened and then a fire broke out with one of the vehicles. this is on the lower deck of the bay bridge. eastbound right around treasure island, there is a traffic break until they clear it. a lot of activity there. we have seen a lot of flashing lights in some of our live shots there. so lower deck of the bay bridge is the alternate direction. but depending how long it takes to clear, it's definitely going to cause a problem as eyon that. so right now eastbound 80 treasure island, lanes are blocked through there with a traffic break. if you are traveling out of oakland into san francisco, no effect on your drive. you're clear heading from the
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bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco. we are seeing a couple of cars stacked up in the cash lanes but pretty quiet on the that side of the bay bridge. full freeway closure northbound 880 shut down at 23rd avenue. hoping to re-open by 5:00. you have delays almost to hegenberger. slow northbound 238 to the maze, delays of about 30 minutes. use an alternate. once you get not too far from there before that things are okay but you can see at the top of our camera a lot of brake lights. let's check your forecast. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies as we start off the day. you can see on our "salesforce tower" camera of the bay bridge there, the activity that gianna was talking about. and, of course, she is keeping you up-to-date on that. so let's show you here our temperatures as we th
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the 50s and 60s. 55 concord. 58 oakland. san francisco 60. san jose 57. santa rosa 53. weather headlines on what you can expect. a mild morning with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. a sunny afternoon, a very warm day compared to yesterday with above average temperatures. we are talking about 10 degrees warmer than average. we'll continue with warmer than average temperatures through the weekend. so we are tracking a strong ridge of high pressure. i'll let you know how long this ridge will particular around for us on futurecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. the man who hit 521 home runs in his fabulous field! a base hit going all the way to the wall! he is coming home! and the ballgame is over! mccovey -- >> this morning we are remembering one of the most beloved players in giants history. willie mccovey died yesterday at the age of 80. his statue at at&t park was covered in flowers last night. the statue just one of the
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ways that the team paid tribute to him. looking live now at at&t park, from our "salesforce tower" camera, the water beyond right field, of course, known as mccovey cove. >> the hall of famer first baseman spent 19 of his 22 major league seasons with the san francisco giants. he was a combination of power, class and a gentle giant, everything a team could want in baseball player. >> dennis o'donnell has a look at his legacy. >> long before there was barry bonds, this was the most feared left-handed slugger in baseball. willie mccovey broke in with the giants in 1959. he was the rookie of the year and went on to win the most valuable player award in 1969. a six-time all star, mccovey hit 521 home runs and was inducted into the hall of fame in 1986. some called him stretch. others referred to him as big mac. a soft-spoken man on and off the field, mccovey often deferred the spotlight to
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teammates willie mays, orlando cepeda and juan marichal. but in many ways, mccovey was the most popular giant among fans. >> what is the single most proud moment that you have had in your career? >> without a doubt being inducted into the hall of fame. yeah. g de y er thin and then you see all the returning hall of famers who have been inducted. and in my case, i saw ted williams and willie mays and hank aaron and ernie banks, killebrew. i said, what the heck am i doing here? ha ha! i mean, these are the all-time greats. all of a sudden you're one of them, you know? so there's no other prouder moment than that. >> and last night, we talked to giants ceo larry baer. >> he gave us his thoughts on the man who was a san francisco institution since his arrival in years, the 60 years of the giants in san francisco, he
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was a mainstay, whether it was on the field or interacting with fans, going to basically every game at at&t park. willie mccovey was a warm, gentle beloved giant, maybe the most loved giant ever. >> and willie may have retired in 1980, but fans know that he was a fixture every day at at&t park. >> this morning, a lot of reaction is coming in from fans and friends. we caught up with san francisco mayor willie brown. >> it really is a sad day for us in san francisco because willie mccovey was really as much of a symbol and a brand of the giants as his two cohort, willie mays and orlando cepeda. losing him is like losing a third of our real brand. >> willie brown said he was good friends with mccovey and the last time he saw him was when mccovey got married just a few months ago at at&t park.
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last night, fans visited his statue at mccovey cove. >> i used to see games at candlestick back in the 1970s, and what i remember about stretch mccovey was that he was so strong and confident but at the same time so calm and in no way arrogant. >> and tributes are pouring in for willie mccovey from the bay area and beyond. you can read some of them on our website, happening today, more than 200 google engineers are set to walk out of work. they are protesting the tech company's handling of sexual harassment. the "new york times" reported last week google quietly protected at least three male executives from sexual harassment claims, also youtiding them wiy after that report, go people for sexual harassment and none of them received exit
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packages. random attack in a college cafeteria this morning. police say a man broke his restraining order and stabbed a student at a santa cruz county campus at cabrillo college in aptos. kpix 5's maria medina reports that the suspect has a history of har restment. >> i was freaking out. i -- of harassment. >> i was freaking out. >> reporter: what people thought was a halloween prank turned out to be reality. a man with a knife had just stabbed a woman as she was sitting in the cabrillo college cafeteria. what happened next likely saved the 19-year-old's life. >> he yelled at the perpetrator, get down right now! >> reporter: david says the cafeteria manager told the suspect, steven wooding, to get on the grnd witnes outside. her friends tell kpix 5, wooding was wearing what appeared to be a freddie krueger costume. >> the guy just dropped and we both ran up, he knelt on his left wrist and i stood on his right writ and we held him to
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the ground. >> we are grateful. it could have been worse. >> reporter: the suspect has a history of harassment of the staff. there was a three-year restraining order against him from campus and this isn't his first attack at the college. >> an attack on a staff member at the college. he was arrested and spent time in a state mental health institution. >> reporter: friends and family say her wounds may heal but the attack will have a lasting effect on her and the campus. >> really makes no sense why somebody would just feel the need to do that to an innocent person especially in the cafeteria. >> reporter: wooding never said a word and looked confused. he is now charged with attempted murder. at cabrillo college, maria medina, kpix 5. this morning, new scrutiny on a busy north bay intersection after a bicyclist was hit and killed by a dump truck. it's the third death in six weeks. each accident happened off
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stony point road and highway 12 in west santa rosa. kpix 5's andria borba on why the area is becoming such a high danger zone. >> reporter: stony point road between occidental and high 12 is less than a mile long. but in the course of six weeks, it has become santa rosa's deadliest stretch of road. crime scene tape and mangled bicycle is an all-too-familiar sight on this road. >> we just had a spate of bad luck in that intersection or in that area. >> reporter: this crash that left a woman dead happened on tuesday afternoon near the cross of eastbound highway 12. just nine days earlier, a nearby stretch of stony point bore witness to another fatal crash, a woman hit and killed while walking against a light. and on september 15th, the same thing along stony point road. this time, it left a man dead after he was hit and dragged
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hundreds of feet. >> it's difficult to tell a family member that they have lost someone. >> reporter: it borders a hiking and biking trail through santa rosa. it's popular with pedestrians and bicyclists. but stony point itself is even more popular with drivers trying to avoid a clogged highway 101 turning this four- lane road into a major north/south artery in sonoma county. >> it's a way that a lot of people get out of our city and head to cities south of us, rohnert park, cotati, even down to petaluma. >> reporter: according to this sergeant, all of these accidents could have been prevented by everyone simply paying attention. >> it's a heavy traffic area in the area. it's not easy to speed in the area. >> reporter: there are only four major traffic investigators in santa rosa's police department. two of those four are working on cases like here on stony point road. in check,is 4:41. >> it's beautiful, hard to get to and stuck in decades of
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legal fights. coming up, the pricy piece of paradise for sale in the north bay. >> and looking live outside right now at the city of san francisco, there you see "salesforce tower" also lit up in san francisco giants orange. time now 4:42. 60 degrees. we're coming right back.
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a any app gets the word out about upcoming elections but there's an invasive feature. it's called vote with me and provides helpful information about the elections in your district. it lets you know whether a race is tight and tells you what to do on election day and it also allows you to see which political party your friends are registered with and their past voting record through your contacts on your phone. the app isn't doing anything illegal. all that information is public record. but it does link that information to your app. it may be one of the most gorgeous pieces of land in the cisco skyline, golden gaidge.
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d is morning, it's up for sale. geprtag and a hope that a buyer will keep it as is. it's at the southern tip of the tiburon peninsula. as kpix 5's emily turner tells us, for buyers who have spent decades trying to buy it the sky high price for paradise may not be worth it. >> reporter: if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this "sky drone 5" video is worth millions. $110million, to be precise. that's what the reed family is selling the 110-acre parcel for. but to jerry, the land is priceless. >> it is most gorgeous property in the bay area, perhaps california, the world, who knows. >> reporter: jerry is president of tiburon open space and he says they have been trying to buy the land for decades to preserve it as a public resource but have been shot down by the family who owns it, although many people like this man already use the land like a park.
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>> it's a major part of our life up re. rs haveput the erty on the open space could miss its one chance to buy. >> it's exorbitant and fanciful. so we have to wait until reality sets in. >> reporter to the media. but the property has been in and out of court battles since the '70s about what and who can go on it. thanks to all sorts of environmental and permitting snafus. jerry hopes, though that will eventually drive the price down and in a battle spanning basically half a century already, jerry knows the power of patience. >> citizens of tiburon and belvedere are very committed. they hope to preserve it and so it's frustrating but it's been the case. we're still at it. >> reporter: tiburon open space says they have the
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funding to purchase it thanks to the trust for public land but certainly not at that price that it's listed and certainly not without an appraisal which they say the family has rejected every time they have offered it as recently as last week. in tiburon, emily turner, kpix 5. 4:47 right now. a beautiful piece of land. weather has been nice but very dry. >> right. very dry. and we're looking at low relative humidity values so offshore winds continue, light offshore winds there. because of that, we are going to warm up even more. so even warmer than yesterday. and we are looking at not a lot of change in that extended forecast with high pressure in control for us. a live look with our sutro camera looking at the bay bridge and the "salesforce tower." and i believe yesterday for halloween, the "salesforce tower" was lit up in flames with "lord of the rings." so that was cool to see. a lot of people talking about that. well, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s this morning. so a mild start to the day.
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so here's what to expect. a mild start to the day. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. as we head through the afternoon, that sunshine with above average temperatures. we're talking about 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. and a warmer weekend ahead. a ridge of high pressure remains in place. it will build and expand for us and that's why we are looking at warm temperatures as we go through the next several days. so futurecast just to show you su is at4 p.m. for all of us across the bay area. and then by 9 p.m., i stopped the clock because we could see some clouds for some spots especially inland, so partly cloudy. and then as we go through tomorrow, that's sunshine, as
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well. futurecast taking you through the next five days, and that low pressure system stays to our north and we will still stay dry for the bay area here because of that blocking ridge of high pressure. so the pacific northwest really getting that rain. 73 in san francisco for a high. oakland you're at 78 later on today. looking at 81 in san jose. 81 for vallejo. and 85 for a high in santa rosa. one of the warmer spots there across the bay area. so we're looking at mid-80s for today inland. mid-70s for the bay. mid-60s along the coast. cooler friday but still warm. above average temperatures through the weekend. and we're still in the low 80s even by the middle part of next week inland. let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic. we just heard from chp. they have officially issued a traffic alert for the lower deck of the bay bridge. we are talking about a two-car crash, one vehicle caught fire. it's eastbound 80 right before treasure island. so they do have one lane open.
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so three lanes are completely shut down. it's still early. this is counter-commute. so it's not going to take a lot of time for you to get through these delays. but again, as the morning progresses, depending how long it takes four lanes to clear, that could change. so as of right now, you're probably safe taking the bay bridge. you can use an alternate, as well. bart is a good choice. could you also use the san mateo bridge. i'll show you a live look at that in just a second. no effect on the upper deck of the bay bridge. everything is clear out of oakland into san francisco. just the typical slowing as you see traffic stacking up in those cash lanes. still pretty easy ride though from the macarthur maze to the central freeway. again, the traffic alert is on the lower deck of the bay bridge on treasure island. 27 trains on time right now for bart. caltrain, muni, ace all on time this morning. you can also use the san mateo bridge, which is lightly traveled right now. 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. so if you are commuting out of the east nsyou shouveissue using the san mateo bridge. full freeway closure still in effect for roadwork.
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this is an ongoing closure. hopefully things t w it's shut northbound 880 at 23rd avenue. you have delays approaching the area and building. that's a look at your morning drive. thank you. the dream of hiking and biking completely around the san francisco bay just got closer to reality. >> plans are in motion to close a major gap in the bay trail. a popular beach is now closed for major renovations to expand the picturesque trail through albany. kpix 5's don ford has the story. >> reporter: construction on the bay trail in the bay area has been going on for decades. and now a big piece of it is coming through albany. construction is moving goldega field and albany beach is closed. it's getting a complete restoration, including the sand dunes above the surf line. >> we are restoring the dunes. at the same time, we are adding bathrooms, more parking, and also nearly one mile of new a
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major attraction for folks from all over the east bay. >> boy, on nice days, there are a ton of people out here. i mean, i personally am not a big fan of swimming in the bay. but -- >> i hear ya. >> even on the warmest days, the water is never that warm. >> no. >> reporter: but the trail is the main attraction. started in 1989 with the dream of completely surrounding the bay with a 500-mile hiking, biking, public trail. nearly 30 years later, it's 70% complete. this latest section is a big project cutting back large areas of a cliff. however, the beach section could be open early by december. >> well, i certainly hope that they can continue to connect all the discontinuous sections of bay trail. >> reporter: this part of the trail is more complicated being carved out of the side of this cliff. so it will take a little bit
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more time before, don ford, kpi time now 4:52. >> it's little red riding hood with a dark twist. coming up a new sneak peek at the new tv series tell me a story plus more headlines from hollywood. >> here's a live look outside. we are looking at san jose, where you're walking up to pretty warm conditions. we'll be right back. second, it ensures the closest ambulance vote yes on 11.
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mr walker. come over here. i've heard such good things about you, your company.
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well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. o knows you and your business well enough perhaps it's time to partner with someone to understand what your wealth is really for. proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. hugh jackman talks about how he prepared for his latest role and a new show puts traditional fairytales in a modern-day setting with a grim twist. chris martinez reports. >> may rain later. >> i'll be okay. >> reporter: little red hiding hook takes a dark twist in the
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new tv series "tell me a story." the show reimagines beloved fairytales including hansel and gretel and the three little pigs as modern psychological thrillers. the cast includes james wolk and paul wesley. >> i don't think it feels supernatural or fantasy or what you think of when you think of a fairy tale. it feels very grounded and rooted and takes place in a modern-day new york city. and every story is a cautionary tale. >> reporter: the first episode is now on cbs all access. the stars of bohemian rhapsody premiered in new york. it's about the british rock band, queen. bryan may the lead guitarist for the real-life band says mallick is a believable freddie. the movie opens nationwide tomorrow. actor hugh jackman was also in new york for the premiere of his new political drama, the front-runner. >> did you have sex with that woman? >> reporter: he plays former
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presidential hopeful gary hart, whose 1987 campaign ended amid a sex scandal. the australian actor says he got to know hart, researching the role. >> i went and met him and spent time with him and his family and we're friends to this day. >> reporter: the film hits theaters november 21st. that's your "eye on entertainment." chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. we're live in east san jose this morning where police are investigating a couple of shootings involving three juveniles. e a comm ed
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center with three juveniles shot. this morning, the search for a shooter. >> plus, drivers let loose in the south bay this morning police breaking up the dangerous entertainment. >> and google employees plan a
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walkout today. they say theandled sexual haras claims. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, november 1st. i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is 5:00 on the dot. let's head outside take a live look at some beautiful shots. on the left, we have san francisco, the city skyline all lit up, nice clear conditions. on the right, we have 880 in oakland things looking a little bit better this morning. >> yeah. but we have some issues on the bay bridge that we're going to talk about in just a little bit. let's talk about the weather. that's a good thing, right? >> yes. so nice. we're actually going to warm up a little bit more. so we're going to crank up the heat as we go through the day. warmer than yesterday and enjoy all of that sunshine. a live look with our san jose south bay cam. and temperatures are mild in san jose, 56 right now. so we're looking at temperatures


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