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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 10, 2018 2:07am-2:37am PST

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most destructive wildfire in state history. more than 6,000 homes have been lost. tonight the fire is about three times the size of the city of san francisco. have -- there have been reports of 35 missing people. crews have made numerous rescues using helicopters to save five people people day alone. >> crews were able to stop the edge of the fire from spreading to chico. they reopened highway 99. but the fire is still only 5% contained. >> well i am 12 miles from the heart of the destruction in the town of paradise. you can see a burned out car, burned out homes, hot embers still. this fire is large and growing and still a threat here in butte
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county. on any other day the tree covered hills of butte county the name of the town suggest, paradise. >> i am so scared right now. >> but thursday morning it was paradise lost. on earth as winding mountain roads became death traps. evacuations turned into negotiations with god. >> it was just a shower of hot embers. part of my leave and pocket on my jacket here is burned. >> as flames encroached on evacuees on clogged roads they ran tir lives and ditched their cars. nine people though were not fortunate. parishing in their -- pair -- perishing in their cars unable to escape
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the fire. >> i got some burns to my hand trying to save the cat. >> he is like thousands who lost their homes. as the campfire incinerated neighborhoods, he tonight has sense of peace others do not. he knows his home is gone. >> i'm tired. i'm hungry. i'm exhausted. i'm worried about my home. >> now if people can take heart in anything tonight, it is this fact. yesterday was very, very windy up here. wind gusted up to 40, 50 miles an hour. tonight it is absolutely still hopefully giving firefighters the upper hand on this fire. >> that is hopefully some good news. earlier this evening you reported about a dozen people were missing. that number has since doubled in just the past few hours to 35.
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any word on whether the crews think that number will go even higher? >> it is a question about whether that number will go higher but think about the number of homes that have burned down in this fire so far. we are about 6300 homes. this fire blew in very fast. people were trapped. i would expect its probably going to go higher. >> all right. thank you. >> tonight we are learning a pg&e power line may have been a factor in this devastating fire. >> this is a potential replay of what happened in wine county just over a year ago. joe is here. you have been looking into this. what from you found out so far? >> its still early. we want to stress there is though official cause of yet. we have listened to audio of fire department dispatchers and its pretty clear that crews observed downed pg&e power lineses in the -- lines in the
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location the fire was reported to have begun. pg&e is now confirming tonight it has given what it calls an initial electric incident report to the california public you nilties commission but stresses it -- utilities commission but stresses it is preliminary. >> attorney frank has represented fire victims from san bruno to santa rosa against pg&e. he says he doesn't understand why the power company didn't follow through with its plan. >> shutting off power in the face of winds and high risk of a fire, that's courage. that is leadership. and that's when you put safety first above profit. >> pg&e stock plunged today by $8 a share. that's a 16% drop. and the biggest one day decline for the stock since 2002. >> we will have to see again, nothing has been confirmed. >> right.
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we are not sure what the official cause of the fire was. pg&e, they will catch from the all sides. they did that preemptive power outage and everybody was upset. now they did don't it and -- didn't do it and there are a lot of questions. >> an eerie sight tonight. this video giving us glimpse of the chaotic evacuations. drivers were forced to ditch their vehicles and take off on foot. car after car torched by the flames. thousands of those people will be going home to absolutely nothing. there is nothing left. wilson walker is in chico where evacuation centers are filling up fast. >> this looks totally out of control. i've never seen anything like it. >> its moving its way in. that is why we left. >> for a lot of folks this was a day of scrambling. people trying to make their way out of the hills and canyons where the fire is burping and a
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lot of them have landed in chico. if you want to see the toll this disaster has taken just come here to the local elks lodge. >> our house is burnt to the ground along with -- several other friends and -- >> we lost our house. we lost our business in a matter of seconds. only thing we got is our credit cards and our bank cards. we have virtually nothing. we are starting over. >> didn't expect to lose our home and -- along with everybody else. we are all in the same boat right now but we are coming together in numbers and -- we will come out of this stronger than before. >> this shelter full by late morning. they are trying to find more space for more people and pets. one of the animal shelters has also filled up as well. back to you. >> the campfire is nearly 200 miles away but tonight it is choking the bay area with smoke. earlier it created this eerie
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spectacle in san francisco with a sun in the sky. it led officials to push back high school football games. >> yeah, some of the worst air today has been in the south bay and right here in the east bay. we have people out here enjoying their friday night out on the patio. a lot of the people we ran into were wearing these masks. >> it's a dirty job. >> i do the trash. >> cleaning walnut creek's apple plaza but today >> it's been a challenge working in the smoke. >> custodian chris told us its even dirtier. >> there has been a lot of dust settling. a lot of black smog, dust
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settling around the whole property. >> the smog and ash have clouded the bay area. a layer of smoke socked in over the east foothills and in oakland a thick haze near the airport. some people left wheezing and coughing. others sat in outdoor plazas unaware of the haze. >> i actually noticed a harder -- it's harder for me to breathe. now i got a mask. >> it has helped a lot. especially with walking around here and around school. >> the masks scarce on school shelves sold out in some places. they were limiting buyers to three only. >> we don't necessarily recommend masks as a first choice. >> tonight lisa with the bay area air quality district told us a mask may not be your best bet. >> best practice is for people to stay indoors and stay out of the smoke all together. >> but christen said she and her kids had to get out of the house. they waited until early evening
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when the smoke had subsided to spend a little time outdoors. >> i wouldn't have wanted to go for a run or something but today i feel like its clearing up a little bit >> experts say if you must go outside as last resort, use an n-95 mask and make sure it fits. one trap on top of your head, the other below your ears pinched at the nose to keep matter out. now these guys may not want to stay out here too long. experts are saying staying out in this air throughout the day, through the full day is equivalent to smoking about 8 cigarettes. not too good if you staying out in the air the night. back to you. >> take a live look now at sfo where at least 19 flights had to be cancelled today due to the heavy smoke and the poor visibility. you can barely see the tower through all the haze today. actually smoke -- and -- there
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is nothing that looks like it will clear soon. >> we need a wind direction change, a wind pattern change, some thick -- thing that is not going to happen this upcoming weekend. here's a look at the air quality. right now oakland, redwood city, fremont, san jose, liver more not just unhealthy, very unhealthy air quality tonight. it will come and go. tomorrow is getting to improve? likely not. unhealthy air quality for the ba valley very unhealthy quality. here we go again with another round of gusty, offshore winds keeping the fire danger critical. all of this is happening with fires not within 200 miles of san francisco. lets hope it stays that way
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because now we are getting primed for tomorrow night. another round of critical fire danger not only up north and down south but here too. we won't see this smoke clearing out likely till the middle of next week >> wow. just stay inside if you can this weekend. >> if you can, do it. >> well lets switch our focus to southern california now where a fast moving fire in vent can ra county is skirting the city limits of los angeles. that includes the entire city of malibu. we watched all night as the 35,000 acre fire tore through mansions. earlier the flames looked like law have flowing uphill as they closed in on these high end homes. entire neighborhoods are in ruins tonight. >> liz, that is right. its really ban devastating two days for this community.
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first they dealt with a mass shooting and now they are dealing with this, thousands of homes like this one completely destroyed. at this point there is no telling whether or not families will be able to return at all this weekend. >> they are doing evacuations in that area right now. look at that, the portion of the roof just collapsing right there. >> dry brush and erratic winds are fuelling the danger up and down the state. >> we are basically looking at a very significant dangerous weather pattern through the rest of this weekend and into early next week throughout the all of california. >> its my house. >> i'm sorry for your loss. take care. >> this is one of the many homes lost. >> memories gone. i mean it was all in perfect condition two and a half hours ago when i was standing there. the wind just started swirling like a tornado and the whole sky was black and all you saw were
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flames. >> fierce winds had been quickly spreading embers, sparking flames, consuming everything in the fire's path. >> how much more can this city endure? >> evacuees like mary in thouk are doing their best to steady their nerves. -- thousand oaks are doing their best to steady their nerves. >> nearby only ashes remain of this historic western filming spot. it was used for a number of movies and tv shows including hbo's west world. and tonight the worry is the wind again. we also have a red flag warning in effect this weekend which means those santa anna winds will continue to blow through this area and that's what is allowing for the fire to continue to spread and it is making it more difficult for firefighters to contain this fire. back to you. >> thank you. >> if you want to help the victims of the campfire, you can
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call 1-800-red-cross to make a monetary donation. you can text butte fire to 9-1-9-9-9-9. . also the sal -- 9-1-9-9-9. airbnb also compiling a list of home that evacuees can stay in. they are asking users to add their homes to the list if they are available. check the air quality index for your neighborhood. just click the wildfire banner at the top of the page. tonight firefighters have knocked down a pair of fires in san francisco's golden gate park. these broke out about 5:45 this evening near the polo field and
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went to two alarms. crews were able to get all those flames contained in less than an hour. the fire department said there was no threat to any nearby neighborhoods and nobody was hurt. the cause is under investigation fans of the friday night hit show may wonder how many of the contraptions are based on real science and can i make them at home. we sent sharon to find out in a story you will only see on 5. >> he teaches me how to make some of those gadgets too. culvert saves the day crafting unconventional tools from everyday objects. doctor makes sure the hacks are
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plausible in real life. he is the technical consultant for the cbs series. >> just the mirror fact that they are interested in making a connection to something that could be true, i'm happy. >> dr. fields frequent communications from the shows writers. >> i just got an e-mail right now. >> he supplies the facts. >> that is right. >> i really like those part mos of the show. >> he even -- parts of the show. >> he even records online videos of the hacks that people can do at home. >> i enjoy that. >> we are on -- >> he shows me a similar concept. >> we will build a speaker. >> using just a few items. >> if we run current through
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this loop of wire, it makes a magnetic field and if that magnetic field interacts with the magnet it will move back and forth. if i put this on top of it will push the air and make sound. >> put the cup on top of a strong mag threat and plug the earphone cable into a laptop playing a video. >> do you hear anything? >> i hear the song. >> in the series he whips up a remote controlled taser. he shows me the same basic technique to make an led flashlight. >> this is my favorite switch. we will use paper clips. >> using clip on wires weconneca small button battery and a paper clip that serves a as light switch. >> they do touch and it lights up the led. >> this is a sonic fire extinguisher. >> the science behind it is
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real. sound waves can trap the air around the fire so it uses up oxygen and the flames go out. we pour baking soda into vinegar to create carbon dioxide gas. there it is. >> wow. >> after its on push it like this. >> he uses the same hands on approach teaching his class of education majors. but the lessons like this one on force and motion help take the fear out of physics. he said he's enjoying his perfect scenario. back to you. >> he has never met the cast or crew but would love to one day.
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he demonstrated several hacks you could try at home like how to make sound out of light and how to make your own magnetic compass. we are posting all of the demonstrations in their entirety on our website weather around here this weekend is going to be smoky. it will be hazy. then tomorrow night another round of those gusty offshore winds which in the mountains means a red flag warning. watch this combination i'm about to show you. never seen this before but doing weather for a while. red flag warning, okay. and in some of the same locations, frost advisories and freeze warnings right now. freeze wdvisory tonight. it will drop below freezing for some of you in more rain county, napa county, including the cities of sonoma and petaluma. it is already chilly outside.
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it is 1 degree above freezing in santa rosa right now. 51 in san jose. 46 in concord. 43 in livermore. tonight we will drop a few more degrees in santa rosa down to 31. vallejo 37. livermore 36. it won't be the best morning to wake up and go enjoy the crisp air outside because the air will still be unhealthy. the air quality forecast tomorrow very unhealthy for the north bay and east bay. the smoke will be with us through the weekend into you -- early next week. its still going to be there for the next several days. it is pairing up with this new low pressure area. the difference between these two is the reason why the wind will pick up once again tomorrow. future cast all the way out to wednesday. the ridge is way back to the south and west. the wind is going the other direction by the middle of next week.
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the on shore flow comes back. few days away but i hope that things will be different soon. fairfield tomorrow 73. fremont 70. san jose 72. vallejo 71. san francisco 68. but the air quality is not going to be great. keep checking it on our website and try to spend as much time indoors as possible. sunday likely same story. could linger into early next week. a lot of that depends on the fire fighting efforts in butte county. the smoke should be blowing in the other direction as the winds will come from the ocean and temperatures will cool down a bit. long range computer models are bringing in some rain, not this weekend but nexteeke verifies. maybe a week away or so. tonight a brand new court where -- we are there as kevin durant sets foot on the warriors
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new arena floor for the very first time and here are ara stepser toheir new home in san francisco. rs got a life look now at the beautiful chase arena. the world champion warriors are a step closer to their new home
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right there in san francisco. today one of their biggest stars go at look. >> kevin daughter rabbit is the first player to walk on to the new court at the chase cent -- durant is the first player to walk on to the new court at the chase center. >> what is going through your mind here? >> its going to be a lot of points, man. i told you. its going to be -- we are going to score a lot here. fans are going to love it. >> that is a good sign. the chase center is on track to open in september of next year right before the next basketball season for warriors games. it will have a capacity of about 18,000 screaming fans. the team has been playing at oracle arena since 1971. >> but is kevin durant going score points there in a warriors uniform? if he is, he's going resign.
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what the milwaukee bucks did to them last night.... ow at oracle, th nba up top and the warriors. sure the nets saw what the bucks did to them last night. tomorrow at oracle they won't have to worry about guarding stephen curry. out after he strained his groin last night. an mri confirmed the injury could have been worse, he just needs rest. his was a season opener focal -- focal -- for
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cal against yale. paul a little baseline rip. golden bears never in this one. they lost by 17. 76-59. those college kids. we are in wilmington, north carolina. that is where ryan was poking it away from umc wilmington. tuesday they are at north carolina. the ladies raised the curtain on the season against san jose state. 85-63. we drop the puck ton ice. pete, what has happenedsend str. this a second period attack by
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jayden. they shut out the sharks 4-0. he said our defense is so bad, its not even at the american league minor league hockey level. >> wow nba up top.... warriors... late show is next. >> have a great weekend. take care.
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