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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  November 10, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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paradise -- lost. at least 9 people killed and a number of homes destroyed in butte live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . >> so scared now, so terrified! >> at least nine people killed and a record number of homes destroyed and this morning, pg&e admitted to the problems right before those flames broke out. one quarter of 1 million people are under evacuation orders in southern california as the destruction continues in malibu. smoky air has people reaching for masks all across the bay area. the an air quality alert and what you need to know about that smoke. this is saturday, november 10.
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good morning. concer across the bay area. starting off with our forecast, air quality is unhealthy across the bay area. we are very unhealthy today. for the north bay and east bay. it is a good idea to try to avoid any outdoor activities today. right now, temperatures are cold outside. in fact, we are below freezing. 38 degrees in concord. 36 is your current temperature in livermore and into the 30s for san francisco. we do have a frost advisory in effect and those temperatures are in the upper 20s to lower 20s. this expires at 9 am when we will start to warm those temperatures up to our daytime highs. this for all of the hills above 1000 feet. we have those northeast winds,
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very gusty and very low humidity. and we do have critical fire conditions continuing today. as for the smoke, high pressure is still in place. that northeast wind will continue to carry smoke throughout the bay area. really continuing for the next couple of days, poor air quality. there is a shift and we will talk about that, coming up. wildfires burning on both ends of california are choking to states right now. we begin with the beautifier and it has become one of the most destructive wildfires in state history, more than 6000 homes incinerated and the fire is about three times the size of san francisco. the sheriff's department has taken reports of 35 missing people even as they tried to buy those flames, ro rescues using helicopters to save 5 people yesterday.
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some signs of progress, crews were able to shop -- to stomp the edge of the fire from spreading and they have reopened highway 99. right now, that fire is only 5% contained. >> reporter: on s are as the name of the town suggests, paradise. >> i am so scared right now! >> reporter: by thursday morning, it was paradise lost. branches turned into falling, flaming spears. evacuations turned into negotiations with god. >> it was just a shower of embers. the pocket of my jacket is burned. >> reporter: as the flames approached, they ran for their lives hed nieopl not fortunate,
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perishing in their cars, unable to escape the campfire. >> yesterday, i left just as our house was catching fire. i got some burns to my forehead that are starting to blister at the moment and some burns to my hand trying to save the cat. >> reporter: like thousands who lost their homes, he has a sense of peace that others do not. he knows his home is gone. while others must wait for the evacuation orders and the smoke to lift. >> i am tired and hungry and exhausted. i am worried about my home. >> if people can take part in anything, it is that the winds have reached 50 miles an ho helping firefighters get an upper hand and we have learned that the pg and d fire lines may have been a factor.
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expect to be clear, there is no official cause of the fire but we have listened to audio recordings and it is pretty clear that the crews have observed downed pg&e power lines were that fire began. >> it is only on one side of the river, about 35 miles an hour. >> pg&e is confirming it has given what it calls an initial electric incident report to the california utilities commission but stresses it is preliminary. one against pg&e says he does not understand why there were no preemptive outages in this case. >> if there lines are involved and this is a repeat pattern, those people should go to jail. >> shutting off power in the face and winds up high risk of fire, that is courage. that is leadership. that is when you put safety
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above profit. >> pg and he is commenting on a high-voltage power line near the spot where the power does where the fire is believed to have started. there was an outage on that line about 20 minutes before the flames first appeared. pg&e stocks plunged by eight dollars a share yesterday and that is a 16% drop. and the biggest one-day decline since 2002. meanwhile, there are reports of looting in areas hit by the campfire and some have been detained. law enforcement has been out trying to keep an eye out for thieves and promises leaders will be prosecuted to the extent of the law. the wolseley fire began south of the simi valley. it has destroyed a significant number of structures. the fire has forced evacuations in the
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malibu area. a stretch of u.s. highway 101 remains closed because of those flames. at one point, the flames looked like a lava going uphill. >> hello, here is my house. >> i am sorry for your loss. >> some were stunned at how quickly their properties were wiped out. il burned more in agoura hills, a historic western filming location. it was moved -- it was used for a number of films. elsewhere, the hill for has burned more than 2500 acres and
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cal fire says it is 15% contained. the evacuation fire. if you want to help the victims , and you can call one 800 red cross to make a monetary donation. the united way has also set up a relief fund. you can text this fire 291999. the salvation army has its own hotline. you can designate campfire aid. also, a list of homes that evacuees can stay in and they are asking users to add their home to that list if it is available. we have a list on toyota -- on click the wildfire banner at the top of the page. president trump posted a
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message about the california wildfires earlier this morning saying, there is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires except that forest management is so poor. billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost all because of gross mismanagement. the president assured macron... the u-s will "help" wi t insisted president trump is in france today where he met with the french president. the president assured mccrone that the u.s. would help with european defense but insisted that european nations get their share. >> we are getting along from the standpoint of fairness. we want to help europe but it has to be fair. >> the president was going to attend a celebration of the end of world war i celebration but the white house cancel his e de staffs. ing a of weacondith > l ahd,the smoke inside for .
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lingers, masks are flying off of store shelves.
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kpix weather is brought to you by: masks this weekend. but before you go out and buy one.. you may be suprised to hear some experts tells us -- they don't recommend mask with the air quality so poor, you can expect to see a lot of people wearing masks this weekend. >> before you go out and buy one, you may be surprised to hear that experts don't recommend masks at all. if you thery where it. >> reporter: from kids to the elderly and everyone in
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between, the air quality is taking it told. >> i feel like i should've got one because i am feeling really dizzy. >> reporter: they were sold out of the right kind which is prompting many to make do with whatever they can find. >> i would think that the ghost the best medical grade. -- i would think the best medical grade. lisa says masks give people a false sense of security and encourages them to go outside when they should be indoors with the windows closed. >> if they have to be outside, i recommend they were the and see masks like this one. >> reporter: you also need to pinch the metal piece tight over your nose. >> the best practice is to stay
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indoors and stay out of the smoke, altogether. >> my daughter's birthday party is tomorrow and we were thinking of having masks as party favors. we will see how it goes. >> these are not suitable for children or men with beards and she also notes they should only be one straight from the package. as for the other kinds, they will filter out some of the larger particles but not that fine particular matter. some other tips from the american lung association, they say don't vacuum until conditions are clear to. you don't want to wear clothes that you wore outside, inside. and rinse off when you get home. you should also keep doors anwi aroundndowthat n't tho at if yo
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central air conditioning, you want to keep it on recirculate and you might want to change the filters. the same is true for one of those portable air purifiers. a live look outside from our tower camera in san francisco. you can see a mix of fog and haze from all of those fires that have poured into the bay area. let's get a check of our current weather forecast. how much longer do we think this will linger? >> at least for the next few days. today, very similar. we have unhealthy air quality. very unhealthy for the north and the east bay. outside, you can see the smoke from our live cameras and you can see very cold temperatures. 29 degrees in santa rosa. frost advisory is in effect.
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36 in livermore. both are still just above freezing. oakland, 46. we are definitely off to a chilly start. from the satellite perspective, you can see that we have that area of high pressure still in place and this area of low pressure pushing into our area. and this is ushering in the smoke from those fires to our north. the wind pattern is not changing over the next couple of days. come in and take a look at what futurecast is showing. here is where we see a switch up where we go from a northerly flow to a warm on shore flow helping to clear out some of the smoke and giving us a bit of a refreshing breeze as we make our way into the second half of the week which should
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start to clear out some of that smoke. as for today, temperatures are above average. mild but warm for this time of the year. here's a look at the temperatures of a where we see temperatures topping out in the low to mid 70s for the south bay. 71 in santa clara. 69 in san mateo and 68 in hayward. we are talking about of the 70 degree mark for pittsburgh, walnut creek and right around the bay, you will see temperatures in the upper 60s for berkeley, alameda and 68 in sausalito as well as san francisco. low 70s for the wine country. santa rosa, 72 and further north, low 70s. a look at your microclimate forecast shows we have that smoky air for belay through today. hazy son and mild temperatures. more of the same as we make our way through the next couple of days. t sea change in the weather pattern and some of that smoke clearing out. fans of the show macgyver
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may wonder how many of these tunnel characters create contraptions based on real science? we sent sharon to find out in a story that you will see only on 5 . >> reporter: i am at southeastern louisiana university visiting the professor that does the science behind macgyver and he teaches me how to make some of those gadgets. 12 at 7:17 i really like those parts of the show, 'cause 'i did that! "" from his southeastern louisiana university lab, dr. allain even hacks >> you just made an external pacemaker out of paperclips. >> reporter: he saves the day crafting unconventional tools from everyday items. the doctor makes sure the hacks are plausible eryday life. the professor is the technical consultant. are interestedmaking a hat they connection to something that h
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i just got an email right. with this work, i would help them come up with all of the different hat. -- of the different hacks. >> the doctor even records online videos that people can do at home. >> i enjoy that so i am kind of sharing what i enjoy. >> macgyver attaches a car speaker to a broken payphone. the doctor shows me a similar concept using just a few items. >> if we run current, that makes a magnetic field and ins thema it will move back and forth. this will push the air and make sound. >> flip eat into the wires and put the cup on top of a strong magnet and plug the earphone cable into a laptop. >> i hear the macgyver theme.
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>> reporter: the doctor shows me the same technique to make an led flashlight. >> we are going to use paperclips. >> connect an led light bulb to a small battery and a raised paperclip that serves as a light switch. >> when i do trust on this, they touch and it lights up the led. >> this is a sonic fire extinguisher. >> reporter: from a plastic bucket and set recorder. the science behind it is real. sound waves can trap the air so it uses up oxygen and the flames go out. the doctors do-it-yourself version extinguishes a candle. pouring baking soda into
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vinegar to create a carbon dioxide gas. you cannot see the gas but once you poured over the candle, it replaces the oxygen and there you go! the doctor uses the same hands on approach teaching his class of education majors. but the lessons like this one on force and motion help take the fear out of physics. the doctor says he is enjoying his perfect scenario, getting to teach physics for education and entertainment. for mciver and for fun. in louisiana, sharon sheen, kpix. we are posting all of the demonstrations in their entirety on our website, homecoming up, a
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golden state warriors next season. a live look at the chase arena, the new home of the golden state warriors. the world champion warriors are a step closer to moving into their new home. >> one of the stars got an up- close look. the first player to walk onto the court which is currently
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under camera has beeald on the arena floor and of course, we were there. >> what is going through your mind? this is where it happens. >> the fans are going to love it. >> they are on track to open september of next year right before the next basketball season. will have a capacity of about 18,000. let's go to sports. beake, have lea important thing,othi sa college basketball like shanghai china. carla? go ahead and roll them! oh, the skyline. and it was all gayle.
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trey fields inside as they just ran away with it. yale is continuing to attack. the bears never ended this one. they lose by 76-59. give me those crazy and zany kids. that is where stanfords corps was poking it away from unc wilmington. a game for the cardinals, 72-59. the ladies raised the curtain on the season. 85-63. what has happened to your team? at st. louis on friday which
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has caught fire, here they are under the attack. j schwartz. two of his last 5, they shut him out 4- zero. that is back to back losses for san jose which has lost their defense. you can find their defense. call the sharks right now because they are looking for it. it is so bad that it is not even at the american hockey league level. that is american hockey league. anyway, i will see you later on this afternoon with a little thing we like to call the inside the 5 football show. this morning, 49ers are chipping in. >> the town of paradise was home to shane rollin. his family house burned to the ground on thursday and since then, they are rallying in providing relief for the victims
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. we have put all of that information on how to donate on our website. going home.. to nothing. plus: it's not just in northern califo ires in ventur still to come, we take you back to the fire lines where thousands of people will be going home to nothing. it is not just northern california. _ _.
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good morning, i'm devin fehely.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back, it is just about 6:30. good morning. yes, that thick smoke will be lingering today. air quality is unhealthy for the entire bay area. very unhealthy for the north and the east bay communities today. taking a look outside, you can see that thick smoke and you can barely see the skyline. we do have a frost advisory for santa rosa at 29 degrees. 42 in san jose. 36 and above freezing in livermore. 46 in oakland so it is cold and there is bad air quality.
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we will start to see somewaing. a red flag advisory in effect until 4:00 tomorrow for all of our hills above 1000 feet. critical fire conditions and we will continue to see smoke in the area because of that overall northeast glow. changes are coming and i will talk more about that coming up. the so-called campfire has become the most destructive wildfire in california history. the fire has destroyed more than 6400 homes including most of the town of paradise. nine deaths are linked to the fire east of chico. about 12,000 people are evacuated and the fire has burned more than 12,000 acres. it was a close call for people who managed to escape those flames. >> i left as our house was catching fire. i have some burns to my forehead that were starting to
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blister and some burns to my hand trying to save the cat. >> authorities say it is too early. according to the firefighter radio transmissions. dozens of people remain unaccounted for. among the missing, a 12- year-old girl as tens of thousands of evacuees escape the flames. >> i love you crystal. police try to get a hold of us. >> harmon's home is among those destroyed this morning. >> a glimpse of the chaotic evacuation as the flames devoured the town of paradise, drivers taking off on foot. you can see that it is car after car torched by the flames . check out these tense moments.
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another family refused to evacuate and watched their house go up in flames while in tears. >> reporter: did you stay overnight? what were you going to try to do? >> try to stay as long as we can. >> reporter: what is all in there? >> sentimental things, my pictures. all of my babies are in here right now. i got them out. >> i have been trying to get them to leave. i don't want to be here. >> reporter: what is your name? >> to show moria. >> this is crazy. >> i know. i have been trying to tell them four hours that i want to go. >> eventually, that family got into their rv and left the area.
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thousands of people will be going home to nothing. evacuation centers are filling up fast. >> this looks totally out of control. >> for a lot of folks, this was a day of scrambling. people trying to make their way out. a lot of them have landed in chico. and if you want to see the told this disaster has taken, just come here to the local elks lodge. >> hours has burned to the ground along with several other friends. >> we lost our house and our business in a matter of seconds. we had virtually nothing and we are starting over. we did not expect to lose our home. we are all in the same boat right now but we are
6:36 am
coming together in numbers and we will come out of this stronger than before. >> reporter: the shelter was full by late morning. they are trying to find more space for people. wilson walker, kpix 5 . >> one dead managed to keep his calm. >> what is going to happen with the fire? >> guess what? we are not going to catch on fire, okay? we are going to stay away from it and we are going to be just fine, all right? we are doing all right. ♪ baby, it will be all right! ♪ >> you can see the fire is inching closer to the roadway. this was also that little girl's birthday which they celebrated after they left town. >> this rubble is all that
6:37 am
remains of an historic 19th- century bridge between chico and paradise. the fire destroyed a 130-year- old bridge built in 1886. it was added to the national register back in 1988. the bridge used to span the creek connected to chico. take a look at this incredible shot of the smoke. you can see the top of lake oroville with the rest of the water blanketed in the case yesterday with the camper pointed at the mountains, only the ridge tops. a live look at the san francisco airport were at least 19 flights were canceled yesterday. it is certainly possible that the airport could cancel more flights today.
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>> reporter: yesterday, and created this eerie spectacle. the unhealthy conditions prompted entire school districts to cancel classes and led officials to push back high school football games. christian shows us. there's been a lot of dust settling, a lot of black smog, dust settling around the whole property around walnut creek. the smog and ash has clouded the bay area...a layer of smoke socked in over the east foothills...and in oakland...a thick haze near the airport. some people left wheezing and coughing...others sat in outdoor plazas outside seemingly unaware and his spat the trash in the general maintenance. it has been a challenge working in the smoke. there has been a lot of dust settling and a lot of black smog settling around the property. >> reporter: the smog and asked have clouded the bay area and in oakland, a thick haze near the airport. others seemingly unaware. he and his friend wore masks to
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the. >> i noticed it is harder for me to breach. >> i was walking around here and especially in school. >> ace in berkeley was limiting buyers to three only. but lisa with the bay area district tells us a mask may not be your best bet. >> the best practice is for people to stay indoors and stay out of the smoke altogether. >> they waited until early evening when the smoke had subsided to spend some time outdoors. >> today, i feel like it is clearing up a little bit. this air for a full day is equivalent to smoking about eight cigarettes.
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with all the bad air... stores experts say staying outside is equivalent to smoking about eight cigarettes. >> and stores are running out of masks or at least the correct type. that is the in 95 mask. air quality regulators tell us that people should forgo masks in most cases and just stay indoors. the nasty air was made worse by a couple of fires. they broke out around 5:45 yesterday evening. and quickly went to two alarms. the ew all of those flames contained in less than an hour. there was no threat and thankfully, no one was hurt. we continue turning to southern california where the wolseley fire is raging in los angeles and ventura county.
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firefighters continue to battle flames. at least 75,000 homes have been evacuated including the entire city of malibu. you can see here that the fire has engulfed entire mansions burning million-dollar homes to the ground. hollywood was not spared, either. the western town where several productions including westworld have been shot. and it is not the only fire raging. firefighters are also battling the hellfire. shown to the left of your screen, that fire jumped the freeway near simi valley. the wine country, one north community eager to pay it forward. can help. this morning, members of our team are getting ready to end all timers.
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outpouring of community support. people keep asking what they might be able to donate.. kpix 5 reporter susie steimle.. nta rosa one of the positive storylines we see after every disaster is the outpouring of community support. people keep asking what they might do to donate. we caught up with the group that knows exactly what that means. >> they are uniquely qualified to know exactly what you might need the days after you lose everything. people in santa rosa got together to send donations to butte county. it is the eye of the firestorm and paradise is inhaled with a toddler in tow. most people look at this video and cannot even imagine what it looks like. last october, they did that drive.
6:45 am
>> a little bit of panic because we did not know how fast the fire was coming down the hill. >> you just get in the car and you don't even know where you're going. >> she and her family live in fountain grove which makes her an expert. she called this week #1 and it is basically everything that people take for granted. >> a toothbrush, clean underwear, snacks. paper and pen. >> last year, the community came together like an army to help. that spirit hasn't changed. >> i am looking at it on the other side. we are pastor, we are out of it, okay?!
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>> you did it! you did it! >> we did it together! all 1-800-red cross to make a monetary donation.. the united way of northern california has also set up a relief fund for victims. you can text "butte fire" to if you want to help the victims of a campfire, you can also call one 800 red cross to make a monetary donation. the united way has also set up a relief fund. you can text butte fire 291999. the salvation army has its own hotline. you can designate campfire and they are compiling a list of homes that if i can rescan stay in and asking users to add to the list if available. you can also check the air quality index. just click the wildfire banner at the top of the page. smoke has been spread all over the bay area. let's go ahead and take a look. hayes obscured the sun over
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downtown san francisco yesterday creating a warm sky. cameras providing a sense of the low visibility and here is what it looks like in san jose. let's get a check of our weather conditions from the weather center. we do have unhealthy air quality. the bay area, while we are very unhealthy for the north bay and the east bay. we have that find particular matter that can be dangerous in the air. we also have freezing temperatures right now in santa rosa. 48 in san francisco and 42 four san jose. we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00 and we have the red flag warnings in effect for the rest of us at higher elevations. take a look.
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high pressure is still in place with an area of low pressure sinking to the east and it is the radiant between these two that keeps in the flow. we will see a change in the weather pattern but not until midweek. no rain but more of an onshore flow. that will clear off the air and in air quality by midweek. keep in mind that we will see more of the same. likely a lot of that dad smoke in the air. above average, mild. near 70 in oakland. temperatures topping out to the low 70s. 68 in hayward. the east bay temperatures topping out near 70 degrees. ending up in brentwood. 71 and venetia. around the bay, the
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temperatures are closer to the 70 degrees mark. 68 degrees in san francisco. low 70s in santa rosa. farther north, we are in the low 70s. 74 in windsor. your micro cloud forecast, we will see that hazy sunshine and smoke in the air. temperatures near 70 degrees. maybe a degree cooler for your sunday and the 7-day forecast shows we see that smoke and haze continue. the weather has been pretty stagnant and that is when we will see a shift in the overall flow. devon? in just a couple of hours, walking to in the cure --
6:50 am
walking to find the cure for alzheimer's.alyssa alongside el what are we looking fo we are trying to raise over $1 million and the money will go to support research. the largest private funder in the world so this will help to contribute to that as well as critical services for families like mine who are caring for loved ones with alzheimer's and other types of dementia. >> we will have over 3600 walkers in the event but if ied about the air quality, how can people help? >> we will be broadcasting it through facebook live. and we will have the ability to join virtually. any support is welcome. for
6:51 am
those who can come in person, we love that. anything you can do to support us is truly appreciated. >> i am seeing this for 60 years running. we are walking to find a cure for alzheimer's. go onto the website and help us find a cure. we would like you to join us in walking and you can still register at at&t park lot a and the ceremony begins promptly at 9:30. she is taking back the streets and her oakland neighborhood. we will introduce you to this week's jefferson award winner.
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6:53 am
winner helped turn strangers into neighbors.. to make west oakland a safer place to live. kpix 5's sharon chin has her story. students rising above returns this week's jefferson award winner helping strangers. shows is important because there is a billboard intro-- and most importantly for this series, a special exit billboard. we've agreed to make sra story the final element in these blocks: 6pm f block - between breaks 5 & 6 noon c block - between breaks 2 & 3 winner. this week's jefferson award winner helped turn strangers into neighbors.. >> reporter: it is movie night for hundreds of neighbors that 15 years ago, the city was much different outside of the west oakland neighborhood. >> shootouts, they would just start shooting. the association to check back there era of gang violence.
6:54 am
the most recent one cosponsored by the oakland police department. margo fleming credits alicia with building positive relationships. >> you definitely want to be anchors of the neighborhood and help to hold it together. >> reporter: the neighborhood event for like street fairs. national night out featured a backpack giveaway and even a petting zoo. kids are grateful. >> reporter: alicia goes door- to-door to raise money for the donations, organize events or recruit volunteers. >> she is tenacious about getting us together. she is fierce about it. she really cares about the neighborhood. >> reporter: to help start the
6:55 am
organization to transform into a safer community, this week's award goes to alicia. >> alicia in the lower bottom neighborhood association also brings food to the area back in 2009 and before that, they had no major store for groceries and had no go to neighboring. they had to go to neighboring stores in emeryville and shop. you can nominate your own local hero online. we will be right back.
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now u-s companies are cashing in. sunday is "singles day" in china -- it's like valentine s day of sorts-- tomorrow marks the biggest online shopping holiday in china and u.s. companies have found a way to cash in. sunday is single stay in china where everyone buys gifts for themselves and for others. it is bringing american goods into the market, the shoppers go into american stores. the shop shop ceo says the company will start english language live shows next year. a final check of your forecast. we have unhealthy air quality. throughout the entire bay area. very unhealthy for the north bay and the east bay and you should day indoors today. here's a live look at that
6:58 am
thick smoke outside right now. temperatures are near freezing or below freezing and in many locations, we are in the 30s. 48insan francisco. 42 in san jose and it will be chilly. of course, the smoke in the air quality is the primary concern and you are advised to stay indoors if at all possible, today. we will bring you updates an hour 5:00 and 6:00 newscast. we will see you back here tomorrow morning and tonight at 5:00.
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