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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  November 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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as the massive camp fire continues to rage. and the wors live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. at 5:00. >> an uphill battle for firefighters in butte county as a massive wildfire continues to rage on. the worst is yet to come. >> just moments ago, governor jerry brown announced he has requested a major disaster declaration in butte county, los angeles county and ventura county. >> this is truly a tragedy that all californians can understand and respond to, and be very sympathetic. we are going to do every -- everything we can. we are requesting a presidential declaration, funding from the federal government. of course, there will be efforts from the state government, as well. it is time to pull together and work through this tragedy. >> the camp fire has burned 173
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square miles. that is almost the size of the city of san jose. right now, the fire is 25% contained and 23 people are confirmed dead. more than 100 are missing. so far, the fire has destroyed more than 6400 homes and another 15,000 structures are threatened. we have live team coverage from the front lines. katie nelson is on search and recovery efforts. but first, we begin with kpix 5's wilson walker in butte county. ver, you will find the poe power dam, which today was >> reporter: the wind that kicked up last night really brought this fire back to life, and amazingly, it brought it right back where it started. about 28 miles north of oroville on the north fork of the feather river, you will find the pope power dam, which was surrounded by fire that sprung
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up overnight, but this is also believed to be the very area where the camp fire first ignited. >> it's on the west side of the river underneath transmission lines about 35 miles-per-hour winds on it. >> reporter: these are the radio transmissions from the early morning thursday when the fire was first reported west of the river under the transmission lines, and it was not going to be easy for firefighters to get there. >> we have our eyes on the vegetation. it's going to be very difficult to access. camp creek fire is inaccessible. >> reporter: cave creek road, in a tiny little community at the end of a road that itself is very narrow, and winding. but this is as far as i can go. there is security at the center section here, hired by cal fire. i am told that beyond this point is the scene of an ongoing investigation. >> the investigation is still ongoing. there is still a lot of things
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for them to look at. we don't have anything specific right now. >> reporter: this area is covered with power lines. they run nearly every direction to and from the hydroelectric facilities here, and we never did see any transmission wires down, but we did see this: a group from pg&e with some telescopic equipment, following the river and presumably taking a look at those lines running along the ridge, over on the west side. the fire burned out of here on thursday and came right back up the river today. crews still fighting planes quite actively right now, back in the river canyon. as for the investigation, you know what we know. a lot of folks are clearly poking around. they've got the area presumably where things started, secured. we will find out eventually whether or not that was the ignition point, and what might have caused it. pg&e with no comment. they say they are looking into
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this too. back to you. devastated town of paradise.... where the death toll is likely to rise. katie: efforts are ongoing to find victims of the camp fire. katie nelson is in paradise, where the death toll is likely to rise. .. searching through the ashes... jake hancock/butte county district attorney investigator "we're just going door to door, identify those found in the ashes. sig out reporter: right now, there are more than 100 reports of missing persons, not only in paradise, but the surrounding communities. that is why five teams from the coroner's office spread out across these communities today, trying to find any signs of those people who are still unaccounted for. it's a daunting task, searching through the ashes. >> we are just going door-to- door, house to house looking for families that are missing. >> reporter: trying to find signs of where the bedroom used to be, or a bathtub, fireplace, anywhere someone might have tried to find shelter as the flames of the camp fire closed
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in. >> i hope we can bring some closure to families. >> reporter: but today off gregory lane in paradise, the recovery effort turned into a rescue when vicki vincent with the shasta county coroner's office found an exhausted, so it covered black and white cover -- cat. >> i don't usually get to recover anything that's alive. it's nice to save something. >> reporter: the cat was taken to a local shelter. where it will hopefully be reunited with its owners. and the team went back to work. a difficult task for jake hancock since he was born and raised right here in paradise. >> you come appear and you drive down the streets of the city, and i don't think words can really express the feelings that you have of loss and pain. >> reporter: unimaginable destruction for a city named after heaven itself. but when we asked jake to describe the city now. >> paradise.
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>> reporter: still? >> still. it's our home. we will make it that. >> reporter: the butte county sheriff's department is supposed to give us an update in about an hour as to whether they found any additional remains with those coroner crews today. they say they do believe they will find additional bodies in the rubble in these communities because thursday, when this fire was really moving through this area, it was covering a football field per second. if you think about how fast that is, it is just impossible for people to get out of the way. >> we are also waiting on a news conference that you will be there and have more information at 6:00. is that correct? >> reporter: we will actually still be here in paradise. the news conference will be in chico but we are hoping not only for an update from the sheriff's department but cal fire on the progress they were able to make on some of those fire lines. >> we will have that.
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that was a heartfelt thing to see that cat. thank you for the report. let's check on how that fire is affecting us into the bay area. the haze approved -- improved south of sonoma but in sonoma county, they were in the lineup the smoke from the fire, and that plume, which eased up a bit is going to had south overnight and increase smoky conditions in the bay area overnight. not dramatically. but it is going to get worse. the air-quality forecast is another spare the air day. red ones are still up, but they are not as extensive as they were yesterday. those easterly winds are beginning to ease a bit. fired injury eases a bit but it is still very much present. what we really need is a cold front, some rain and a change in the weather. we will talk about whether or not that is going to happen in a few minutes. people are getting a constant reminder of the fires
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with every breath they take. you can smell it just by stepping out the door. outside, the haze lingers in the sky. john ramos spoke with those who braved the outdoors today. >> reporter: it was another day of smoky air coming from a fire nearly 150 miles away. the strawberries alexis ortiz was handing out may have been suite, but the air at the walnut creek farmers market had a smoky aroma. >> we don't smell -- sell as much because a lot of people don't come out. they are worried about the smoke. >> reporter: while the air didn't -- did smell, it didn't sting the throat as badly. choppers came out to enjoy the improvement. it was a perfect time for school -- girl scout troop 350053 to spread the importance of spare the air rules. >> to spread awareness about the air means that people hopefully will try to stop it and make the air better.
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>> reporter: some took precautions and a group of radical students used the opportunity to teach about asthma, but a few miles up the road in danville, dan young felt people are getting too panicky about the whole thing. >> it ain't going to kill you. it will make you uncomfortable if you are not used to it. >> reporter: you are used to it? >> yeah, i still sit around the campfire up in the woods with my motorhome. >> reporter: but there were no campfires on mount diablo, or visitors for that matter. the park was closed this morning when dry winds began picking up. >> with gusts up to 70 miles- per-hour, and the humidity in the low to mid 20s. >> reporter: that's a recipe for disaster? >> it's not a good situation with all the firefighting equipment that is currently in butte county fighting those fires. >> reporter: on mount diablo, they average two days of closure for extreme fire danger but this time, rangers will
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keep the park closed until weather conditions improve. john ramos, kpix 5. we had our own problems in the immediate bay area. this one was a brush fire that sent hundreds scrambling to get out of a temple in san jose. cal fire moved in with a big response to prevent the fire from getting out of fought -- getting out of hand. kiet do joins us from the scene. >> reporter: it is still active but they are wrapping things up. total acres burned four, no buildings were lost and there were no injuries but a lot of residual heat, so crews are dousing this with water. the fire started just before 2:00 p.m. next to this sikh temple. because there was heavy brush and eucalyptus trees, a steep incline and homes and structures nearby, it quickly went to 2 alarms with help from cal fire. crews doused the flames
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quickly. there were no official evacuations but the temple had a few thousand people inside. the elders gave word to self evacuate out of an abundance of caution. the fires are on everyone's minds. >> we have been looking at all the fires happening in southern california and now suddenly this happens so close to you. i don't know what is going on. >> reporter: investigators were out here earlier at the base of the hill, the base of origin. no word on the cause. kiet do, kpix 5. it's veterans day - the ow new flareups and strong winds are the major challenges. i am ileana diaz with the latest from ventura county. it's veterans day in the bay area. a pop-up museum is now open to honor those who fought for our country.
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continue to battle the flames that have killed 2 california is on fire at both ends. the other in southern california with a live look where the woolsey fire continues to rage out of control. firefighters are still battling the flames that have killed two people consuming more than 83,000 acres in los angeles and ventura county. they too have strong winds, and dry vegetation fueling the flames. so far, containment is only at 10%. ileana diaz is live in west hills with the latest. >> reporter: it has been a devastating weekend for everyone here in this area. as you can see behind me, raids remain -- roads remain closed. they had to close even more today because of the hotspots that have been reigniting. that has really been the key issue today. a lot of these fires, flaring up all over again. these were fires that had been already put out yesterday and the day before, and again they did have to go back and cover
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the area again. that is the main issue. there is also a concern that these dry conditions are continuing as well as the santa ana winds. there is a red flag warning in effect until tuesday. reporter: in northern california, authorities have begun the grim task of identifying victims of the camp fire. 23 were recovered by sunday afternoon and some of the dead were found inside their cars, suggesting they died while trying to make their escape and with over 100 people -- 100 people reported missing, officials believe there may be more victims. a fifth search and recovery team began working in and around the devastated town of paradise. mobile dna labs are joining the effort and anthropologists are on hand in case skeletal remains are found. >> we are doing everything we possibly can to identify remains and make contact with ne
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>> reporter: the northern part of the state isn't the only place with wildfires. in western california, north of los angeles, fires are struggling -- firefighters are struggling to contain the woolsey fire. the approaching flames forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate their homes in the cameras -- canyons and hills outside l.a. unusually strong santa ana winds are fueling the spread of the fire. >> this morning, the santa ana winds condition has reestablished itself. it is going to be in the area for the next couple of days, hopefully mitigating on tuesday evening. >> reporter: governor jerry brown has asked the white house to declare a major presidential disaster in the region. the state is already receiving aid from fema. the santa ana winds are not dying down. the red flag warning is expected to last until tuesday. trump ben chiarot county, california, ileana diaz, kpix 5. >> if you want to help the fire victims call 1-800-red-cross to make a donation and you can
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text buttefire to 91999 to donate to the relief fund. the salvation army, 1-800-sal army. any properties should be a listed day should be listed for evacuees. in dembele, a unique pop-up museum is honoring our veterans. it's filled with military themed exhibits. this year, the museum commemorates the world war i centennial and on is the 50th anniversary of the tet offensive. >> we were isolationists and not really looking to get involved in yet another european conflagration. but we took our part, and did our part to help bring that war to an end. >> admission is free. the museum is open until 3:00 tomorrow. >> the hundred anniversary of
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the 11th hour of the 11th day in world war i. red flag warnings covering the bay area have been lifted but still up in parts of napa county, lake county, and the counties in the central valley. so, there is still problems tonight, especially as we have hazy conditions through tuesday. it will be smoky in the bay area. a bit worse overnight before it gets better. fire danger does persist. it did get windy. a little before sunrise, diablo had a gust of 72 miles-per-hour. mound st. helena 69 miles-per- hour. there were red flag warnings posted for the santa cruz mountains as well. winds managed 38 miles-per- hour. they ha no ou the east. easterto w lands. the is to lig and then eventu
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spread from the north, but that will send smoke plumes south through the bay area. there is sfo. here is coit tower. concord has 64 degrees. oakland 65 degrees. the numbers were warmer than yesterday. this morning, 15 to 20 degrees warmer at the same our as friday and saturday morning. the campfire is expecting the winds also to abate with wind gusts now back into the 30 mile- per-hour range. it is still tricky but at least it's going in the right direction. winds offshore will begin to ease up overnight, but fire danger remains and smoke -- smoky conditions remain through tuesday. to sum up, it will be haze and smoke tonight, and that will last through tuesday. there is just a hint of things changing by thanksgiving. so that is not this coming week, but the week after. the meantime -- in the meantime, things are static. overnight temperatures mid 30s to mid 40s. daytime highs tomorrow close to
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average with smoke over the bay area keeping highs down to the low 70s in the south bay. haze again tonight and tomorrow in the east bay. the same for the northbay about 70 degrees. smoke and haze. ditto for clear lake and lakeport. numbers in the low 70s inland all week, upper 60s around the bay. temperatures will not tell the story. the big thing is will it rain? the answer is no. will it become less smoky? not until midweek. there was hope at the colosseum. the question is did they play football? at least one team played. we will kick it off, next.
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chargers-raiders game at the coliseum...if that number was 200, the game would have not been played..which might have been a good thing for the raiders.. the air-quality index was at 159 at kickoff for the charger-raider game. if that number had been at 200, the game would not have been played, which might have been good for the raiders. john gruden and derek carr hoping to put more than 3 points on the board as they did against the 49ers. opening drive, oakland fix the pond from their own 35. johnny townsend took off down the sideline to the l.a. 21. townson is jacked out of his mind. later in the drive, the raiders go for it on 4th and goal from 1. derek carr to dwayne harris who stopped well short of the end zone. final minute of the half, now tied at three, philip rivers to
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keenan allen. 11 yards capped off a 91-yard drive. a 10-3 halftime lead. on the first possession of the third quarter, ravens gets it -- rivers gets it to go gordon, lows past reggie nelson. 66 yard touchdown to give the l.a. a two touchdown lead. 4 minutes left, oakland goes for it on fourth and five. derek carr inexplicable -- inexplicably throws it into the ground. why not throw it in the air? the chargers won 20-6. oakland has not gotten into the end zone in there last two games as they fall to 1-8. >> this will be a year a lot of us will never forget and it's painful. it's really hard. it's painful. you know, it's going to be hard to sleep again, hard to get up in the morning but we're going to keep working hard. i know it sounds corny to some people but that is the toughness this organization was built on and that is what we
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are going to continue to strive for. >> the raiders will be rooting for the 49ers tomorrow because a new york giants loss puts oakland in the drivers seat for the number one pick in the draft. patrick mahomes and the chiefs -- was at the chiefs franchise record for most passes in a season with six games left. two scores in the 1st half. tyreek hill celebrates in the crowd by taking control of one of cbs's cameras. he focuses, finds the players. they are 9-1. the seahawks and the rams. tyler lockett celebrating a touchdown but he gave the ball to floyd mayweather. seahawks leading 21-20. jared goff to tyler higbee, who turned it around just in time to make the catch. a 10-yard score. they have won 60 -- 39-61. they are 9-1. how about khalil mack after
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missing last two games with an ankle injury? matthew stafford wishes he would have waited out another game. two sax today. the former raider now has seven in seven games this season. mitchell trubisky of chicago with a little more time to throw. he errs it out for a robinson. trubisky throws for 355 yards and three touchdowns. the bears won 34-22. they are 6-3. the first round. won't be what john gruden was hoping for. tom brady reminding everybody he is a 41-year-old quarterback, and not a wide receiver. the patriots held to a season- low 10 points. tennessee lead wire to wire. marcus mariota drop sedan, perfectly for corey davis. that makes an over the shoulder top part of 125 yards for david. the titans win 34-10. as of now, the 49ers' game against the new york giants is
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on tomorrow night. the nfl will monitor the air- quality. 200 is what you are looking at. the raider game at 1:59 -- 159 today. >> we will be right back. you work hard for every dollar.
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23 people are confirmed dead. fire has destroyed more than we are recapping our top story. the camp fire has grown to 173 square miles and 23 people are confirmed dead. the fire has destroyed more than 6400 homes since it broke out on thursday. it is now 25% contained. >> that does it for 5:00.
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we will see you back here at 6:00 for an hour of news. >> we will see you at 6:00. captioning funded by cbs >> morgan: lost in the flames. more than two dozen are confirmed dead in california. thousands of homes are wiped out in the most destructive wildfire in the state's history. the dangerous weather fueling the firestorms is not letting up. also tonight, america's endless elections. still no decisions in major races in arizona and georgia-- and in florida, where recounts are now underway. changed in florida or any or state, any sort of win like that. >> president trump in paris gets lectured on the dangers of nationalism. online shoppers in china shatter records in a 24


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