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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 13, 2018 6:00am-6:58am PST

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>> and finally some promising c. >>d morning. 42 people are now confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise again with many more still missing. >> the property damage was limited yesterday but the fire has scorched more than 6400 homes since it started last thursday. a major disaster declaration will make more federal resources available and the air quality will once again be an issue in the bay area with more smoke drifting our way. >> and they really have to take it seriously. both of you were outside yesterday and you felt the effects. >> yeah, we were talking about that this morning. >> itchy throat. a little scratchiness out here. >> you know i went to the 49ers game and i ran to catch the train from san francisco to the south bay and i just felt it,
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just that burning in w wome reli it's going t be awh until we actually getf ty d that's v ue. orge dots unhealy and wregoeh uy to very unhealthy air quality as we go through today and likely over the next few days here. >> live look with our sales force tower camera under hazy skies. 41 in concord. livermore 38. 53 in san francisco. 44 in san jose and santa rosa at 33. close to freezing once again this morning. fire smoke headlines. still stuck over the bay area. we have an inversion over that smoke acting like a lid and then we have more smoke with an easterly wind. slight improvement in our air
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alypo this weeke that forest t 36 hoursg u nimmute is getting out there. we have first reports of a brand new crash in san mateo. we might see that change in just a few minutes since it's just reported here. a car versus a tire. south 101 at 3rd street it is over to the shoulder but some slight spectator slowing as you pass the scene. taking a look as you work your way across the san mateo bridge right now. still looking pretty good. we're starting to see more volume as folks work their way out of hayward. about a 16-minute drive time. 880 check this out. look at this live shot here. southbound 880 as you work your way out of san leandro. we're seeing some building
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t aook at our sensors. traffic looks ago through there. kenny and michelle. the search for the missing continues to butte county this morning. >> and thousands of firefighters are facing another challenging day on the front lines of the campfire. the burn zone now covers an area bigger than san jose. crews are trying to protect 15,000 buildings still in danger. dna experts are in what's left of the town of paradise this morning. authorities released the first three victims names yesterday. 65-year-old earnest foss jr. and we want to take a live look from the town of paradise this morning where you can see that devastation. things are so charred right now it's hard to tell what some of these structures were. this is possibly once possibly was a house. now while investigators there
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sort through all that rubble, survivors are waiting for word on those reported missing. >> hazel is 97 years old. allen rig with the allen rig band he's any neighbor. if anybody knows where allen is please. >> the butte county sheriff has requested about 150 more search and rescue personnel to help look for human remains. they are found yet still lost and in the rush to escape the ferocious fire storm unable to take their pets with them. >> cats and dogs displaced by the campfire and still waiting for their owners. wilson. >> you know, listening to that family member just pleading there, it's, you know, just tragedy on top of it oade it from n they find themselves trying to find a place to stay.
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many of them have family members they can't take with them and other folks trying to get reunited with family members they've lost along the way. >> everybody is trying to be all hands on deck. we have probably 1300 animals we're trying to take care of. some will probably go to yupa county fairgrounds. it is a pretty incredible event. >> some of these pets we know who they are. there are some that are just collected. >> what happens is as people are evacuating, you know there's firefighters and pg & e know they'll come by and have an animal. sheriff. highway patrol. they see an animal and they come in. we call those strays but a lot of people are lucky enough to be able to leave with their animals. the one
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many of the ones that lost their homes are still here working. there's a lot of incredible people doing a lot. same thing with the firefighters and those guys they've lost their homes. >> yeah, you know, sort of a steady stream of people go into that shelter which is at capacity by the way people showing up with pictures of their cats and dogs trying to match it with the list of animals that's there. you saw the range of animals that are there. but you also saw the people volunteering. folks who lost their homes. last hour i was showing you people stacked up in the motels around the area. it really is the region this is spilled across several counties now. at that one hotel the manager of the hotel had organized a clothing driinr for people at night.
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you know, she had effectivelyowe thrown together to help all these folks. but you're talking about tens of thousands of people just disbursed from here to maryingsville to chico and probably to sacramento by now. the impact is pretty stunning. >> and they do need a lot of help. wilson walker reporting for us in cherokee. wilson thank you for those stories. a lot of people wondering today how they can help the victims. >> luckily we have jackie ward with some guidance this morning. >> yeah, hopefully we can lead people in the right direction. it's hard to know which ones to which ones are actually giving support that victims need. wild fire not physical items is the best way to help these
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people right now. and the money you're able to donate will go toward providing food, medicine, medical equipment and counseling. >> as the fact of the matter when people bring stuff it's more harmful than helpful because it's generally not the right stuff and it's just a lot easier with funds. >> another way you can directly support victims through the california firefighter program. they can give to victims they come across directly on the front lines. >>n santa rosa. pets are also being displaced from these fires. and they need your help too. the humane 's society created a wish list. the red cross at 1-800-red cross
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is taking donations. you can text "butte fire" to 91999 to donate. the salvation army 1-800-sal-army and you can list your home on air b&b to help fire victims. now to the other big fire raging in southern california. some evacues are back in their homes this morning. the mandatory evacuation order was lifted last night for folks who live in the west hills part of los angeles. the neighborhood was under siege friday when crews forced people out of their homes. one homeowners saved his home thinking he'd be okay. >> if i knew now i wouldn't have done this. more than 93,000 acres have burned since the woolsey fire broke out last thursday. as of this morning it is 30%
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contained. i'm ann macovich at the live news desk. the man called the most high profile drug lord ever trial het joaquin guzman at pictures of the courthouse in brooklin where security is very tight this morning for several reasons. first of all el chapo is known as a renowned escape artist and also some threats from the outside because he has upset a lot of people during his career being a drug lord between mexico and the united states. he is accused of smuggling more than 440,000 pounds of cocaine and a lot of other dubious dealings including arranging murders rightowg 17 criminal counts. again, security very high right now in brooklin as this trial, the opening statements set to
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start in about 13 minutes. kenny and michelle. ann mackovich live from the news desk. >> commuters will notice a new look at one of bart's busiest stations this morning. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? at richardson bay. we told you earlier this month -- 6:14 right know happening today the salsalido county cracking down. police have been patrolling the waters for unoccupied boats as part of their water front management plan. they have removed 28 boats since that plan last year. those boats can break loose. this morning bart is celebrating the completion of
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major upgrade at two busy san francisco stations. this is an artist rendering. another one is above civic center station just a few blocks away and bart says it plans to build more canopies at other locations. that allows a station to be closed each night. let's get a check of mass transit and traffic this morning we've got 50 trains running on time right now. most of mass transit looks good as well. no delays. so if you want to skip the roadways definitely a good choice to take mass transit. plus it's theparehe air date. look at this, our live shot here, traffic really busy on that southbound side. you've got a lot of brake lights. just south of there we do have a
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broen down vehicle -- broken down vehicle stuck in one lane as you work your way through that san leandro hayward commute. just north of there, if you plan on commuting through oakland right around the coliseum here's a live shot still moving at some pretty decent speeds that's about a 15-minute drive time. tonight you've got the warriors back in town taking on the hawks so things will be a little bit busier later on this evening. give yourself at least 19 minutes. you're backed up into the maze at this point. metering lights were turned on at about 5:25 this morning. good news, the couple of accidents we have 137 have now been completely cleared off the roadway. we are seeing roadways stays pretty heavy so 23 minutes to
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the mcarthur maze. well unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality. i wish i had some better news for you. it looks like that's going to stick around through the news week. not just today but extended through friday. so unhealthy air for all of us across the bay area. very unhealthy air for the north bay, the coast and for the central bay and current air quality values looking at 191 in in l a 1 sann aqi valuef 154 . see wg up to that unhealthy air this morning. so we're looking at that smoke that does continue through friday maybe by the weekend. we could see some improvement with our air quality. but a pretty sight with our mount vaca cam . so we're looking at at least in
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some spots just a pretty sight there but of course we have the hazy smokey skies across many locations. live look of quaint tower this morning looking at 30s, 40s, and 50s. oakland you're at 48. livermore 38. and santa rosa at 33 so close to freezing this morning in santa rosa. this morning's forecast shows all of that smoke. you can see as we go through tomorrow, some yellow and green fecas eror the north bay and for the south bay tomorrow and that does mean a little bit better with that air quality tomh that smoke there. so we're going to continue with this weather pattern stuck in place. that ridge moved a little bit but not enough. we really need it to kick on out of here and push off to the east. as we go through the next several days future cast taking you through next week we do have
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a chance of seeing some rain. there's a possibility of rain next tuesday, wednesday, next thursday . so around thanksgiving we desperately need it for sure to clear the skies. our sunrise at 6:47 and our sunset at 4:59. so even earlier. 67 in san francisco. san rafael. oakland you're coming in at 68 for a high temperature. 71 for livermore and hazy skies as we go through wednesday, thursday and friday. and rain chances next week and we'll be right back.
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you know the 49ers believe they should have more than two wins this season. hard to argue after last night's giants game in which they lost for the fourth time this season by four points or less. mullens mania heading levi stadium for the second straight week. matt breed is 3 yards out. san francisco leads 10-3. opening quarter. 13-10, 49ers. mullen dips to freed. 4 plays later eli manning finds o'dell beckham jr.beckham's second touchdown of the game. find minutes san francisco claiming to a 23 lead. giants go 75 yards in less than two minutes and they lead 27,
6:24 am
23. 49ers get to new york. last chance with one second left but mullens prayer goes out of the back of the end zone and the giants come back to win 27-23. >> i thought our team did a pretty good job. have you so much fun with your brothers out there you come up short. >> the closest of these games do you feel you guys are close. >> we definitely are. there's definitely a bunch of games where we just let the other team win. we gave it up. we couldn't find a way to finish the game at which we should be. >> we should of won that game. you know, i thought we had a chance to step on your throat there and we didn't. we had an opportunity or just as a tooep, players coaching staff, we didn't get it done. >> the war jurors kevin durant
6:25 am
had his 11th career triple double last night. throws down the dunk. 90 seconds left. to tie the game at 106 and we go to overtime and with under 2 minutes left the warriors up 2. free throw gained the clippers the lead golden state has lost twoment of their last three games. steph curry did not play he has a groin injury. it's winning the game when it matters in the closing seconds. perhaps a touchdown over a field goal. perhaps one more first down or perhaps sacking eli manning would of made difference they are 2-8.
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see you tonight. 6:26 coming up smoke from the campfire will have a big impact on some bay area schools this morning. >> and taking a live look from diamond heights towards san francisco as the sun comes up. it is 6:26 you're watching kpix 5 news this morning.
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studios. this is kpix a huge hit as the company once again faces scrutiny over wild fires in california. >> and the battle over a closely watched u.s. senate race. who came out on top. good morning it's tuesday
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november 14th. >> this morning crews will continue the grim search for victims of the campfire in butte county. 42 people are now confirmed dead, making it the deadliest wild fire in california history. more than 200 people are still missing and the fire is still just 30% contained. first and foremost our concern is with the thousands who are still displaced who lost everything but are here in the bay area. >> our hearts and thoughts are with those in butte county who lost so much. we are dealing with the smoke here in the bay area. sending all of that smoke into the bay area and you can see how smokey it is. a live look, this is from diamond heights looking east toward san francisco here and you can see the golden colors in the sky when you have those beautiful colors, those orange and red sunrises. of course you know we have a lot
6:31 am
of smoke particlates in the atmosphere causing that and we do center unhealthy to very unhealthy air across the bay area as we start off the day. the orange dots indicating unhealthy air. so that fire and smoke, the headlines for you that blanket and smoke just stuck over the bay area. we have an inversion in place just trapping in that smoke acting like a lid and we have northeasterly winds bringing in more smoke into our area. we're taing ly this weekend with the pattern change possible just before thanksgiving. so we have the chance to see some rain next week and i'll show you on future cast taking you through the next 10 days and our chance of rain coming up in just a few minutes. as you work your way along the freeway. we have a problem especially on that southbound side of 880. if you're taking 880 this
6:32 am
morning. take a look at conditions on 880. you can see traffic is stacking up. those headlights are going northbound. which is where the heaviest part of the commute is right now. 23 minutes down to 238 and you can see in our live shot here there is a car with flashing non down vehicle blocking one lane south of where this live shot is there, we've got a roll over accident in fremont. so 46 minutes now from 238, down to 237 on the southbound side of 880. taking a look at northbound 101 out of the south bay from san antonio avenue. that's a 35-minute drive time. that crash now cleared to the shoulder. giana thank you. authorities in butte county are bringing in mobile morgue units
6:33 am
and requesting more search personnel this morning as they look for victims of the campfire. we want to take a live look now from what is left from the town of paradise this morning. this is something that we see from all of these images coming out of paradise. so many charred out buildings and homes and even cars. a lot of destruction and today's search teams are going to go through town visiting the addresses of people who are reported missing. the thick smoke from the fire still blanketing the air this morning. sonoma county is closing 90% of its schools today. parents can check the district website for a full list and in pittsburgh schools will be running on a rainy day schedule. survivors on the campfire up north as you can imagine are having a daunting task ahead. >> as the shock starts to wear off they're going to have to
6:34 am
rebuild their lives. we asked many victims where they'll go. >> you have a bunch of conversations with these folks who have lost everything and you start to hear the same thing from a couple people and it's i don't know here you go. >> so we're just thinking about texas, kentucky, or tennessee or some place and starting over. 64 years old. retired. spent four years in the army, had to go and fight a dam war i didn't want to fight and i'm five generations californian and i get to leave. nice. >> how far away are we going to have to go to find a house to rent and for temporary. >> in california. >> in california well for now. i don't know. >> you know, you're the second person to tell me that that they don't think they'll stay in california. >> um, it's just a sad state of affairs that this state has
6:35 am
turned into. i don't see any other -- i don't see a reason to stay here. >> no. nowhere to go. i could go back to san diego or l.a. but no i can't do that either that's where i'm really from but no my heart is in paradise. that's where my mother lived and i've got to be there. >> yeah, you think about it now tens of thousands of people who don't have a home in a state where it's already difficult to find a home and we saw this in sonoma and napa county. lake county which has had so many fires over the last year. the pounding effect of people who lose their home in a place where it's difficult to find one to begin with. a lot of folks up in these hills
6:36 am
are older folks and retired up here and bought property where they thought they'd spend the rest of their lives and starting over is a daunting task for anyone under these circumstances is particularly challenging for a lot of people and what's amazing is we've seen this now in how many different parts of california i think is really starting to add up. >> yeah, we've seen that quite a bit. so many people devastated by this and as wilson said they have no place to go. >> and just the vast number. tens of thousands of people displaced in that town of paradise. >> even if you don't live close to where these fires are happening there are many ways you can help out these victims that wilson just talked about. >> but making sure you're helping in a productive way is key. and jackie ward shares some organizations that you can trust and they are providing a directly to fire donations.
6:37 am
>> exactly. it's hard not to want to do something after seeing these gut wrenching reports. props to wilson to turning out these amazing stories. a lot of relief efforts are already in motion in butte county. the american red cross said that donating money is the best way to offer help right now. if you donate to the red cross that money goes towards food, medical assist. another foundation is the california fire foundation. $100 prepaid credit cards they then hand directly to fire victims they come across. >> some of those victims include 50 of our own firefighters that have lost their homes in paradise. seeing people struggle and being able to hand them something that gives them relief is a good feeling. >> if you're unable to donate money there are other ways to
6:38 am
help. maybe you're able to offer a place to stay in our home. air b&b is already seeing a huge response from hosts. listed their homes for free for fire victims and they're able to set how much time works out for them. if you'd like to give a different charity that will help evaluate the none profit for you. thank you, and you can find complete coverage of the campfire on our website including more on the search for missing pets and stories that first responders who lost their homes. you can also check the air quality index for your neighborhood and fire scientist respond to president trump and why california's wild fires are so devastating. there's still no official word on the cause of the campfire. but now state regulators are investigating pg &e.
6:39 am
now as a result pg&e stockholders are hoping for a rebound today. when shares dropped yesterday more than 37%. new this morning a 3 alarm tri-plex fire in oakland. oakland firefighters posted this dramatic image online and you can see the flames just overtaking one unit. firefighters say the blaze also consumed another home. to politics now in the arizona senate race democratic candidate kirsten cinema and the state's first democratic senator from that state since 1988. she focused her campaign on health care. in the house last year to repeal obama care. cinema ran as a moderate willing to work with republicans to get
6:40 am
things done. >> arizona rejected what has become far too common in our country. name calling, petty personal attacks and doing and saying whatever it takes just toecd. >> mcsally the first female to fly in combat in the air force. it's 6:40 right now. cnn is now suing the trump administration. the late breaking details straight ahead. >> and some restaurants are going to great lengths to stop disruptive diners. how they're hoping to prevent fellow eaters from ruining your meal.
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all right. it looks a little bit better on
6:44 am
our mount vavaca cam. hazy and smokey in many locations with the air quality unhealthy to very unhealthy this morning. we'll talk about what you can expect as you go through the next few days and if we see any change and when we can see the smoke clear for us. >> w word that cnn is suing president trump as well as 5 of his aids including sarah sanders. this is all over that verbal scuffle that happened last wednesday. that is when white house staffers accused jim acosta the chief white house correspondent of cnn of behaving inappropriately during the presidential news conference. there were some words between he and the president and unfortunately did not inappropriately touch a white
6:45 am
house intern when she tried to grab for the microphone. with his credentials to enter the white house grounds were revoked later on that day and then officially the press pass known as a hard pass from the secret security was then taken away. so again, cnn suing the trump administration in federal court. they're alleging violations against his 1st and 5th amendment. the 5th amendment being right to due process. >> also interesting toback and d the white house. cnn accusing the white house doctored that video of acosta and speeding up that video. >> the news becomin want to happen. but at this point cnn says that this is dangerous for all journalist a president being set because we have not seen the white house revoking credentials like that. normally the standard the reporter has to be some sort of threat to a president which this
6:46 am
does not seem to fall within those standards. what led to the most recent sell off in wall street. >> and joining us now is kcbs financial reporter. >> if you looked at your 401k report the dow lost over 16 points. apple was a big reason for that. another key iphone supplier cut its earnings continuing a theme in recent days of smartphone ovr andpp once again heading a little lower today after assembler fox con. apple took out a lot of tech sector stocks. they all were punished yesterday in that big sell off.
6:47 am
there is some optimism over trade. ahead of a planned meeting between president trump and china's president at when the g20 summit at the end of this month. that's helping out the market a little bit this month. nasdaq gaining 60. the survey on small business optimism also down a little bit in october the m a 45 year high. >> jason brooks, thank you. this morning some restaurant owners want to make sure the on every table for customers to toss their phones into. if they make it through the meal without using their phone they get 20% off. if the date's going badly then you can check your phone. >> you can get that call.
6:48 am
got to go. >> not good. giana not too good on the road right now you have a traffic alert. >> they just issued a sig alert. because of this overturned vehicle stuck in at least one lane. traffic alert south 880. very slow as a result. you can see on our map here our sensors showing speeds down to 6 miles per hour. 12 miles per hour. so really heavy coming away from the dunnbarton bridge. so a tough drive as you head through there. fremont beloved, mission boulevard. your drive times over an hour now. south 880 down to 238 down to 237. you can see our live shot north of 880. traffic still pretty busy starting to load up on that northbound side as well. here's a look at 101 north 1st
6:49 am
street. we have an accident blocking lanes. north 101. one lane completely shut down. emergency crews are on scene for this injury crash. looks like delays are back to that 680, 280 connector. here's mary for your forecast. i don't know about you but i'm feeling it in my lungs and you can see just how bad it is. that is not fog but smoke across the bay bridge. really hard to make it out because of that low visibility with the smokey conditions this morning. our temperatures are running in the 30s, 40s, and in the 50s. concord you're at 41. oakland 48 . good morning to you. livermore 38. san francisco 52. san jose 44 and santa rosa close to freezing there at 33. so air quality we're looking at unhealthy air for the entire bay
6:50 am
area. and just checked the air quality currently and aqi values right around 183 in santa rosa. earlier this morning up to 200 in santa rosa. livermore at 124 and san jose 132. when aqi values are 150 or higher that's very unhealthy air. so here's what you can expect. hazy, smokey skies again. healthy to very unhealthy air. not just for today but extended through friday because of the smoke that will continue for us for the workweek. that smoke forecast, the red, that's all of that smoke just moving into the bay area here. for tomorrow, we could see a little bit of improvement. you can see the yellow and green colors for the north bay and the south bay looking a little bit better at the north bay and south bay tomorrow. but what we really need is for
6:51 am
all of the smoke to move out of here and when that happens that ridge will eventually push off to the east by next week. in the meantime, this ridge stays in place with light offshore winds bringing in all of that smoke from the butte county campfire. looking ahead to next week. future cast taking you ahead to the next few days. taking the possibility of some rain for us right around thanksgiving of next week. that is our best chance to see some rain, to see some clearing with our smoke. so we definitely need that rain. cool 67 for a high in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 70 for fremont. 71 for a high for you in livermore. 67 in san ralph yell and vallejo. maybe some improvement by the weekend with the rain chances hopefully fingers crossed next
6:52 am
week. 6:52 right now there's a battle going on in the bay that residents know about. >> that's because the battle lines are drawn deep under water. from the bottom of the bay to sell it to the highest bidder. some say taking it out of the bay has serious consequences. >> the same sand that was being taken out of the bay was the sand that was supposed to reach our coastal shoreline. >> we'll telou who is winning the sand wars tonight at 11:00. time now 6:52. let's head outside once again a live look at the ferry building in san francisco. look at that background. smokey and hazy again. today the sixth day straight.
6:53 am
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] time for your final five...
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all right. i'm joining you right now from highway 70 just north of oraville going out towards yankee hills. goes over the west branch of the feather river. i want to show you some video from sunday night. i was in this exact same spot and it was really some of the more exciting just some of the s from this fire, flames literally jumped over the lake here and hit that next sort of -- that next bit of land out here and sort of burning kind of towards the cherokee area. now a big explosion of fire looked coming back live now. look at the stretch of the lake that it crossed. i'm not sure it's still kind of
6:57 am
smokey and early daylight here. can you see the expansion that fire had to cover when it jumped from this side of the lake over to the other side. you saw the aftermath of that fire there. but pretty quiet night here overnight here it looks like they had a pretty good evening. we'll probably seeing numbers from cal fire in the next couple he has been there all morning long. time now 6:58 for your final 5. some evacues are back home this morning the mandatory evacuation order was lifted last night. more than 93,000 acres as the
6:58 am
fire broke out. today the salsalido. >> marvel comics publisher stan lee passed away yesterday at the age of 95. >> one of the world's most notorious drug lords prepares for his day in court. set to face a judge in brooklin. he has pleaded not guilty. >> today kicks off orientation week on capitol hill. newly elected house lawmakers will receive. the historic group will also elect their leadership. checking traffic in fremont right now. all lanes are open we had an
6:59 am
earlier rollover traffic. slow all the way down into smokey skies with unhealthy air for all of the bay area and for the north bay today. we'll see that hazy sunshine not just today but through friday with an air quality advisory extended as well as a spare the air alert. thanks for watching kpix news this morning. your next local update at 7:26. >> continuing coverage of the campfire up north. have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, november 13th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fire that destroyed paradise, california, is now the deadliest in state history. special units are racing to find more than 200 people still
7:00 am
missing. california fire officials tell us what could have sparked the flames. and we'll show you how this season has become longer and more destructive. >> teenagers making a salute horrifies and leads to outcries around the world. >> today's cars keep track of everything you do behind the wheehow carmakers are selling t information, steering a new


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