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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm PST

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at least 42 people killed. more ive, this is kpix news. e wifire in state history. 42 people have been killed and
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200 others are missing. search teams are in charge rubble with grim expectations. >> the day -- latest on the wildfire. first, breaking news. a nasty pileup on highway 1 in santa cruz. this is a photo just in from the scene. thpped a few hours ago near river street. the crash involved 25 cars. chp says 14 vehicles and that big rig were involved. that crash is blocking northbound highway 101. it is unclear if anyone is injured or when the road will reopen. her crew is headed to the scene. now to the latest on the camp fire. 42 people have been killed. that number is expected to rise . hundreds are still missing. the fire has forced 1255,000 ac
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thathe cityse. er still in danger. we are in butte county. >> reporter: there are thousands of firefighters working to put out hotspots in this area. this is actually quite a long flagstaff in paradise. flames are still coming out of the roots of one of these pine trees. these have to be put out or they could reignite. there's not a whole lot left to burn. this area is scorched. there is 7700 structures that have been completely destroyed. 1100 of them --all but 1100 are single-family homes. >> this looks like it was some sort of a garage. this marks hazards in
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of they are trying to get it safe so everyone can eventually turn home -- return home. governor brown and gan ever can. there will be new challenges. wouldn't even know what they are yet. we will respond and do as much as we can as quickly as we can. this is unprecedented. the new abnormal. binder with reports of power lines being a possible cause of the campfire, the governor elect is a set -- assessing facts before deciding how to take action. >> people want to know how , no
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items is the best way to help these people right now. the money would go toward providing food, medicine, medical equipment and counseling. another way to support victims is through the fire foundations program. that gives firefighters 100 prepaid credit cards that they can give to victims. the second live look at southern california. these are live pictures from ventura county. flareups have been spotted. this is the fire there. two people have been confirmed dead in this fire and many homes of been destroyed. taking live look from our camera look at the smoky sky in the east bay. a different shade of gray today. the campfire is continuing across the bay area. these were the conditions this morning. for different views. just after 8 pm it was hazy. so hazy that twin peaks was --
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one of the cameras. how long will this last? >> it will last for quite ti. we are looking at a weather pattern that is stuck. for smoke it is. it is unhealthy air. the visibility, low visibility because of the smoke. 2.5 miles for santa rosa is the visibility because of offshore winds. that continues to bring the smoke in to the bay area. we really need a change in the wind. that could happen next week. right now, we're looking at smoke and fire headlines. a blanket of smoke.
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slight improvements are possible later this week. that pattern will change next week. futurecast take you through the next 10 days and what you can expect. a chance of rain in the forecast. many north bay cities cancel school because of unhealthy air conditions. we have more. for the fifth straight day smoke is disrupting all over the bay area especially in the north bay. >> pierre is horrible. it smelled bad and it burns your eyes and throat. >> the smoke is visible from our tire -- tower camera handle the ground. it started on thursday and has blanketed the bay area.>> is terrible don'ink at is a good thing. i think that is what most people would do. >> they are urging people to stay inside with windows and dooros-- close.
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school a little bit. we don't do very well in the house. we don't have much of a choice. we have to make the best of it. >> i like not having school. it is sad because it is because of the fires. >> people know the pain. i feel awful for all those people. it has been awful. >> reporter: the smoke is a constant reminder. >> you could see the haze laying in here. >> life goes on and you have to deal with it. >> reporter: if you wear a mask make sure it filters out all of that particular material. and have 95 mask is your best choice with a very tight seal. back to you. we have a full list of school closures on our website, a toyota tundra saved his
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life. he posted this photo saying this truck helped him get out safely and help others during the entire process. he made two trips to and from the fire zone during the evacuations. he helped others get out safely. toyota caught wind of this and have offered to replace his truck. the company said in part, toyota is humbled by his selfless acts and we are pleased to offer him a brand- new tundra. getting people to safety as soon as an emergency happens is what san mateo county is trying to do. jackie ward tells us that they are the first county in the state to embrace a new statewide law for emergency alerts. >> reporter: only 75 that goes 70,000 people of the 760,000 who lived here have opted in for emergency notifications. that will soon change. the supervisor introduced a
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resolution this morning to help improve emergency notification systems. >> it would put the county on record and say that the county wants to establish these protocols and we will move forward. >> reporter: this is possible because of senate bill 821. counties have access to utility bills to get personal information. >> it gives the power and authority to the counties. >> the emergency service coordinator says this is a major step forward. >> we want to be able to contact our providers. we want to fill in holes where we don't have phone numbers.>> an evacuation is an event that would trigger this kind of
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alert. >> we can find out where the evacuation centers would be located. >> this fact is -- resolution may take six months to one year to implement a new system. until then people are encouraged to sign up for emergency notifications at fmc once the system is in place people will have the option to opt out. county leaders expect that number to be very small. air b&b has donated $5 million to fight homelessness in san francisco. the home rental company says the city is a home and addressing the homelessness crisis is their responsibility. it is not clear how the funds will be used. there b&b had this to say, we
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exs omprsectortieso ensurethese to the most gent need. many families were unable to take their pets with them when they left. the search to reignite -- three unite them. wall street. the dow is down 115 points. we have about 45 minutes to go before the closing bell.
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right now - word of a possible active shooter. police are r . they say the breaking news in cleveland. a possible active shooter. police are responding to a hospital. the situation is in a medical
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office building. this video is coming in right now. you heard a reporter out there on the scene. you can see some law enforcement officers out there. the hospital and the office building are locked down. -- lockd8700 firefighters are battling three major wildfires. 225,000 acres have burned and thousands of structures have been destroyed. many were unable to take their pets with them. these are the dozens of displaced pets that are waiting for the owners. everybody is trying to be all hands on deck. we have about 12 to 1500 animals we are taking with. some will probably go to the
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fairgrounds of summer at the airport. >> some of these pets, we know who they are. some were just collected. >> so as people are evacuating. animals. as they are out there they see an animal and wring them in. we call them strays. people are lucky enough to be able to leave with their animals. the one thing that is incredible is that many of those who lost their homes are still here working. >> there is a lot of incredible people doing a lot. the same thing with those firefighters. they have lost their homes. >> all right. we want to take you back to southern california.
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these are live pictures from ventura county. you can see in the middle of your screen. that is a helicopter dropwate those water drops are on hotspots. there have been some flareups spotted 3 ntain. it is about the zeof city of denver right now. they are preparing for another round of fierce winds. that can flare up those flames. >> this is a live look at ventura county. huge plumes of smoke rising over los angeles county. plane after plane is moving and low. loads of fire retardant and water are being dropped. here is the latest on the firefight. a frightening flareup this morning. smoke started rising just behind us at the hidden valley area. look at the smoke we saw earlier and the response from
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fire crews. they brought in dc-10 and attacked the flames. these people had just returned home. they were evacuated again hard road closures put in place as that smoke continued to grow. a neighboring firefighter watched this smoke plume glow. he said the work crews had cut of field break on this field recently. >> the firefighters did not do this. we think the state park system did. they were anticipating a possible fire. this is the first time they have done this. it was supersmart. >> as i mentioned before, it is going to go to the ocean and then come back at us. most of this area was burntve t amho keep it out of the houses in this area. >> that is some of the goats
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that were rushed out. we also sell trailers. it brought back a load of horses. hidden valley is under a mandatory evacuation order right now. firefighters say they believe they have tackled this threat. this underlines why they are being so cautious with lifting evacuation orders. they want to make sure that these communities are safe. anyone who lives near this fire should remain alert and state tuned to the media during the next few days. that is what they g -- dealing with in southern california. in southern california it is the camp fire. >> you can see how bad it is. it is hard to make out the golden gate bridge. our temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday at this time. we are looking at 60 or
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61 in san jose and santa rosa right now is at 57. the air quality conditions, 174 and santa rosa. 137 in livermore and san jose is 127. unhealthy air. an air quality advisories are going to have a spare the air alert. the air quality is unhealthy. this is the smoke forecast. you can see all of that red. that is the smoke and that is what it looks like today and for the rest of the work week. we need it really to kick out of your pushoff to the east. we need the rain for sure.
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future cast, the next 10 days. whether matters show rain here for next week. that is the next chance to see some rain. we could see the rain, not just for us in the bay area but also for the county. that will help with the firefighting efforts. sunr648. the daytime highs today because of the smoky conditions, cool temperatures. 67 in san francisco and 69 in redwood city and mountain view, 70. here is the 7-day forecast. we are looking at hazy skies, not just today but for the rest of the work week. maybe some improvements for the weekend. we are hoping for that rain next week. it has been a long time, that is for sure. >> we need it. >> thank you so much. there's a battle going on that few residents know about. the battle lines are underwater. had st barge is mining it.
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they say taking it out of the bay has serious consequences. >> the same said that was being taking -- taken out of the bay with the sand that was supposed to reach our shoreline. >> we will tell you who is winning the sand awards tonight at 11 o'clock. we will be right back.
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you welcome back. upounts.
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it comewi have to turn off you while you eat. it's easy. the champagne bucket is placed on every bucket for you to toss your phone in. if you don't pick up your phone they get 20% off. other restaurants have limiting photography and instituting full beds. we'll be right back.
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this is a live picture. hundreds of homes have already been destroyed. firefighters are attacking those flames from the air and the ground. more than 200,000 people are still under mandatory evacuations and two people have been killed. >> we will have live reports from the campfire. we will see you back here at the news -- for the news at 5 pm and 6 pm.
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>> ridge: you said we're in trouble. >> craig: your words. you texted me. >> ridge: no. >> craig: and i deleted it just like you said. >> ridge: stop. no, no, no, no. >> craig: what? >> ridge: stop talking. he's here. [ tires screeching ] idge: yeah, that was spencer. he's gone. >> craig: he knows now. damn it! he knows, ridge. now he knows why i ruled against him -- because of you, because of what you asked me to do. >> katie: they can't get caught


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