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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 19, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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november 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it was a weekend to rest, but not a time to go outside. your kid must be wondering why. >> i went a lot of time indoors, and i'm sure you did, too. >> we had plans this weekend, and we decided to go against them. >> canceled them. too much time outside. >> you escaped the smoke, kenny. >> we went to tahoe. we were luck enough to be invited to go there and see the sun and breathe in nice air. >> the sunshine, better air quality, at least going through later in the week here, and we will talk about that coming up and the rain chance in the forecast as well. unhealthy air quality for today, once again, and the red dots are showing that, with the unhealthy air for us, and we are looking a the 12th day in a row for the spare the air alert, and here's the live look at the bay bridge. hazy start to the day. temperatures 30s, 40s, and
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going through the day well are going to see temperatures in the 60s. 45 for oakland. san francisco, 49. 42 in san jose, and santa rosa at 34. the 12th day in a row of spare the air alert, and the air quality advisory because of the unhealthy air. smoky skies for most of the day tomorrow, and then the winds will change late on tuesday and the rain will arrive on wednesday, and then we have that to look forward to. we will talk about what you can expect, taking you through the week, and when we will see the rain, timing it out on futurecast in a couple of minutes. kenny and michelle, back to you. >> thank you. a live look outside right now, and this is the view of the bay bridge there, and you could see haze. it's a little fuzzy there because of the haze, and while we wait out the last few days of the air quality, n95 masks are still in high demand. >> so much so, stores across the region are having a hard time keeping a supply for the
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stock, and jackie ward is here with more on this. >> trevor: where is sold -- >> everywhis sold out basically. sis in front of the hardware stores like this one outside of frederickson's in san francisco read sorry, no air purifiers, no masks, maybe monday. they will likely keep them behind the counter, limbing the number customers can buy. a lot of us for forced to change our plans, including tourists. >> i thought we would go out and relax and enjoy the better weather than seattle, and getting down here it was just staying inside of the hotel, and now we are just trying to find al terptive things to do. >> -- alternate things to do.
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>> urgent care are reporting more coming in reporting issues with air quality. a group called mask oakland will be handing out 50,000n95 masks in the parking lot on 10th street. volunteers will show people how to wear them properly, too. that's a big part of this. >> jackie, thank you for that. for the latest information, head to our website., and we have health tips, and we are keeping a list of all canceled events. the camp fire in butte county is now blamed for 77 deaths, and 993 people are still considered missing this morning. the fire has burned 234 square miles, about five times the size of san francisco, and firefighters are gaining some ground, and the blaze is now
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65% contained. residents of paradise gathered to remember those who died in the campfire. we spoke to those who said they lost everything but their faith. the town gathered that the church to hold candled, to embrace, and to remember those who perished. >> the pheonix should be our new mascot, rising from the ashes. >> the message i would send to the folks who have been through this is that it's pretty simple, god is with us. >> many are still waiting to find out if their friends and family made it out alive. >> when you don't know, the grief is suspended, and people have said to me, it's like treading water. >> the fire also destroyed more than 10,000 homes. it's 5:04 right now, and taking a live look, and you can see there's fire evacuees in the wal-mart parking lot in
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chico this morning. officials discouraged them from staying there, but they are not forcing them to leave. the evacuees are getting unofficial relief in parking lots or local churches, and they are now relocating, some going to the butte county fairgrounds at the urging of local officials and the red cross, and one man is still housing and feeding 173 survivors at an rv park along the sacramento river. >> we have the link for fema up on the information board inside that we made up. >> you can do a lot of that online? >> correct, yes. >> reporter: fema is now running a housing assistance program, and one official said finding housing for all evacuees is a huge challenge. let's check on traffic with gianna. >> looking like a busy morning on the roadways. a vehicle fire on 280 at king street, and it's over to the right shoulder, and a lot of activity. the person driving the vehicle tried to put it out with an
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extinguisher. chp headed to the scene. give yourself a few extra minutes into san francisco, and elsewhere, we have a trouble spot headed westbound 80 at 9th street. we have a crash on the shoulder, not blocking lanes, but delays approaching the scene there. a rollover accident, and the vehicle was stuck on its roof for quite some time. bay bridge, looking good. metering lights are off. not a bad ride working your way into san francisco, and you will see delays right at 9th street. south 680, chp on the scene of the crash, blocking at least one lane, and our sensors are showing green, indicating the speeds over 45 miles an hour, and working your way out of the south bay this morning, the right lane remains blocked, and they retrieve the vehicle that went down the embankment. south 101, the vehicle blocked in the clearing stages, and
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traffic is moving pretty well in both directions, and 101, 280, and 87. that's a look at traffic. i'm anne makove c, and nissan has dismissed his ceo accused of significant misconduct, including underreporting his earnings, and also using company property for personal use. the media in japan said he was arrested in tokyo, and he was definitely let go from nissan motors, possibly arrested on some of the charges, and the japanese stock market, all of asia, has not been affected yet because the markets had closed when the information came out. the european markets have dropped a little bit. renalt, which owns a large share of nissan has dropped 14%, and we will see what it
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does to the nissan stock in the u.s. kenny and michelle? >> we will check the stock market later on. anne makovec live from the news desk. thank you. a full c.i.a. report on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi will be coming out today or tomorrow. it's unclear if the khashoggi report will be made public. it's based on the audio recording provided by the turkish government. >> it's a suffering tape. it's a terrible tape. i have been fully briefed on it there's no reason for me to hear it. >> reporter: during the interview he admitted he was thinking of changing three to five positions on his cabinet, and john kelly could be one of them. >> john at some point is going to want to move on. john will move on. >> and the president also said he should have visited the arlington national cemetery on veterans day, and be asked about jim acosta, he floated
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the idea of turning off cameras at his press conferences that face reporters, and he also suggested the russia probe is probably finished. the trump administration is asfor a stay in the case about adding a citizenship on the 2020 u.s. census, and this weekend a lawyer asked if the judge could pause the case until the u.s. supreme court decides what evidence will be allowed in arguments. they want the commerce secretary who has jurisdiction over the census to be deposed, but the court temporary blocked him being deposed. yesterday a woman was found fatally shot in a san jose home on pineland avenue on shawcroft drive. a man was also inside of the home, suffering from a gun shot wound, and he was taken to the hospital where he later died. no word yet on the name of the victims. happening today, the colorado man accused of killing
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his pregnant wife and two daughters will be sentenced. christopher watts is facing life in prison without parole. he pled guilty to killing his pregnant wife and his 4-year- old and 3-year-old daughters in their home in denver. he reportedly dumped his two daughters in an oil tank and buried his wife nearby. the plea deal allows him to avoid the death penalty. nearly 2 days after election day, the senate race in florida is finally over, a manual recount confirming rick scott's victory over bill nelson, and former republican congressman ron desantis will succeed the governor. the machine recount decided the race. developing out of florida this morning as well. the state is suing walgreens and cvs for their alleged role in the opioid crisis. the lawsuit accuses the
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pharmacy giant of dispensing large amounts and ignoring suspicious orders. no comment from walgreens and cvs said it's without merit. a protest in miami and 14 other cities yesterday. the union demanding a more lenient sick policy, and better working conditions aboard the planes. it was marking the 25th anniversary of the flight attendants' 1993 strike. it's 5:11. >> the battle against breast cancer can harm hearts. the new treatment plan to limit all the damage. we are tracking our next weather system, and that will bring improving air quality, and it will bring a return of the rain. i will time it out for you with details, coming up. looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get across the span, you will run into delays. i will tell you why.
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who knows you well enough to understand what your wealth is really for.
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it's 5:14 right now, and this morning's health watch, a new study finds 5 million u.s.
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children have been diagnosed with food allergies, and close to half of them are allergic to more than one food. more children are being rush to the e.r. with allergic reactions. peanuts, milk, shellfish, egg, wheat, and sesame are among the most common allergens. if you have stayed at the hospital, you know it's hard to rest, and researchers in the u.k. say the problem is only getting worse, putting stress on patients, slowing the recovery times. for women battling breast cancer, treatment can sometimes harm their hearts, but this morning a cleveland hospital has a technique to help keep patients safe. joyce mccain's breast cancer was in her left breast, and this is a device wore during radiation. they take a deep breath and
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increase the distance between the heart and the area getting radiation. >> heart stays where it is, and we are able to treat the breast and chest and limiting the dose to the heart. >> using the active breathing technique is cutting the radiation devices to the heart by 50% or more. joyce needed 15 rounds of radiation. >> i feel good. i really do. i keep trying to do my exercises and eat the way i'm supposed to eat. i don't dwell on it. i'm trying to keep it positive. >> this morning joyce is now 4 months cancer free. how is the traffic, gianna? >> busy off the bay bridge. not affecting your drive for the to plaza. metering lights are off, and you will see the crash on westbound 80 at fremont, over to the shoulder, and a little slow, and we are getting word
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of a vehicle fire north 280 at king street, and it's to the shoulder. 280 extension this morning, heads up, headed into san francisco, and we will show you the map of the crash, westbound 80 at fremont, over to the shoulder, and check out the map, you can see the red and yellow, and it's 26 minutes now to travel from the mcarthur maze to the central freeway, and they say the backup is just beyond this point. give yourself a few extra minutes, and hopefully it will be cleared shortly. south 880 before 237, the right lane remains shut down as they clear the accident. the vehicle going down the embankment. tow crews are on the scene. we have the offramp here blocked for a crash in the clearing stages and the southbound drive times are in the green with no delays, ing goodthrough there. >> gianna, we are really looking forward to the rain and better air quality with the change in wind direction, and for today, dealing with the
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smoke, and let's show you our current a.q.i. values out there. 114 in sensitive groups. 171 in san francisco. 153 in livermore and san jose at 157. values 150 or higher, that's unhealthy air quality, and we are going to continue with our spare the air alert and our air quality advisory. the 12th day in a row for the bay area, and it's due to all the smoke. a live look at the sales force tower camera, and looking east to the bay bridge a hazy start to the day. oakland, you're at 45, and livermore, 37. san francisco, 49, and 34 in santa rosa this morning, and a chilly start to the day, and smoky as well, and we will continue with the smoke and haze, going through most of the day on tuesday, and we will see the change in wind direction late tuesday, and that's ahead of the cold front that will arrive with the rain in the forecast, beginning on wednesday, and so let's time it out for you, first of all, here, and we are tracking the
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next weather system that will bring a cold front our way, and that will mean we are looking at the rain, e looking at that, at least as we go through the day today, and smoky skies, and then for tuesday, continuing with that smoke, and again, late tuesday, we will see the change in wind direction, and that means better air quality there, and then, there we go for wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m., and rain across the bay area, and we will see even some heavy downpours as well in spots going through portions of wednesday, and a few lingering showers for thursday morning, and then, mainly dry, getting a break for thanksgiving, and then our next system will arrive late thursday into friday, and there's more rain, and 62 for the high in san francisco. 64 in oakland, and 65 in fremont there, and smoky skies again today, for most of the day for tuesday. looking at rain for wednesday, and a few showers, lingering showers on thursday morning, and a break for the day on thursday, on thanksgiving, and then more rain late thursday
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into friday, and a few lingering showers possible on saturday there, and a little bit more sunshine for the weekend, and let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. and coming up, the road warriors or road kill? golden state trying to get back on the winning hand, and a thriller in arizona, and the raiders were looking for their first road win of the year. kickoff, next. headed outside before we go to break, and we take a live look at the golden gate bridge, some of the traffic there, and gi a nna, of course, will get you caught up with the morning commute. 5:20, 49 degrees in san francisco.
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traffic center. out to 80a trouble spot at san francisco and fremont street. it's not blocking any lanes. over to the shoulder. you can see on the map, the red, the speeds down to 13 miles an hour. 33miles for the maze to the central freeway because of the crash. we are starting to see the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights most likely have been turned off. delays around the 880 overpass, and a vehicle fire north 280 at king street, and again, not
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really causing any troubles, but a heads up working your way into the city no cable cars today. you can use b.a.r.t. trains are on time. tennis with sports. >> the game in arizona had raw emotions being played out on tv from kickoff to the final second with gruden and carr, but in the end, all smiles. the two hoping the offense could reach the end zone for the first anytime 3 weeks, and 4th quarter, the raiderring clinging to the -- the raiders clinging to the lead. carr to roberts, 20-yard game, setting up the possible game- winning field goal, and they bring out the rookie, daniel carlson, 35 yards out. it's up, good, and the raiders win 23-21, and their second win of the year. steve carr looking to right the ship. the rebound, and they now get the ferocious dunk.
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the warriors playing behind the entire game, and 4th quarter, under 4 to go. thompson to cut the lead to 1 point, but under 1 minute left, the former st. mary's star hitting the 3-pointer to ice the basketball game and the warriors lose 104-92, and that is three straight losses on the road for golden state, and that is the worst of steve's coaching era. they will try again on wednesday night in oakland. that's the latest. see you tonight. >> ten -- dennis, thank you. the redskins hosting the texans for the play of the day. >> intercepted, picked off by justin reid, the rookie, up the sideline, and he's going to go. >> yeah, big mistake by the
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redskins' quarterback, and justin reid makes him pay from one end zone to the other. taking it back 102 yards for the score, and the texans getting the play of the day. well, we keep telling you it's a good idea to wear an n95 mask when you go outside, but the stores are having a difficult time keeping them in stock. we will tell you where you can find some today, next. tuck those shirts in, fellas. come on.
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you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! right now nearly a thousand people are missing while fire victims struggle to pick up the pieces. the latest from the devastating and deadly camp fire. a new more days of bad air across the area. when you can breathe clearly. president trump has a new
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warning for central america migrants headed to the border. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the death toll from the fires in butte county is now 77. the camp fire has burned 234 square miles, about five times the size of san francisco, and firefighters are gaining some ground. the fire is now 65% contained. smoke from the camp fire lingering across the bay area this morning, and we take a live look at the sales force tower, and you can see it's still hazy in san francisco. the air quality is not as bad as it was last week, but it's still unhealthy. >> at one point over the weekend, my father-in-law said check the a.q.i. value, and it was down to 167, and he's like it's better than yesterday, and i'm like, it's still bad. you don't want to go out there. >> comparison to how very bad it was, and we are still talking about unhealthy air. not as bad, and we will continue to see the aqi values
5:31 am
drop as we go through the week, and thankfully we are tracking our next weather system that will bring a change in wind direction and also the rain for us, and that will help to us clear out this smoke here, and currently, we are looking at a.q.i. values in the unhealthy range once again. the red dots showing that, and we will see that throughout the day, maybe not quite as bad as last week, and still, we are talking about unhealthy air. the weather headlines, the 12th day in a row of spare the air alert, and all days consecutively, a new record. 12 days for the spare the air alert here, and the smoke continues for most of the day on tuesday, and late tuesday, we are going to see the winds take a turn, and that will help to clear out some of the smoke and also bring the rain that will arrive on wednesday with the cold front that will push through. feminuteour next weather
5:32 am
system, we will time it out for you, when we will see the rain, coming up in a couple of minutes. kenny and michelle? because of the bad air, the n95 masks are in short supply this morning, but later today, thousands of people in the bay area can breathe a high of relief. >> we hope so, jackie ward is here to explain. good news for people in the east bay. you may want to go to the east bay. it's not been easy for people to get their hands on these. a lot of stores across the region had signs that said sorry, no air purifiers or masks, maybe monday. some people resorted to coughing up a little more money in order to protect their lungs, and san francisco's homeless outreach team is handing out as many masks as they can, and so far they have given 1400 people masks. last night the city housed 60 homeless people with wier
5:33 am
shelter. >> it's our 30th year of doing the winter shelter with the interfaith coalition and e.c.s.. it's especially important this year to open with all the air quality issues we are seeing. >> urgent health care clinics across the region have seen a lot more people who do not suffer from asthma complaining of the chest pain, shortness of breath, and migraines, and with the air quality at unhealthy levels, it's recommended you wear a mask when outside. happening in oakland today, a group called masked oakland will be handing out 50,000 n95 masks, and volunteers will also show people how to wear them properly. >> jackie, thank you. residents of paradise are remembering those who died in the camp fire. they came together, and the banner read we will rise from
5:34 am
the ashes. >> pheonix should be our new mascot, and rising from the ashes. >> the message i would send to the folks who have been through this is that, it's simple, god is with us. >> the fire also destroyed more than 10,000 homes. >> i'm anne makovec at the live desk, and we are watching live pictures right now from chico, and it's the wal-mart parking lot where people evacuated from the camp fire have been camping out over the last week, and there are still plenty of people there, maybe about 100, but at one point there were hundreds that had taken over the parking lot, and it had become a de facto place for them to stay and a distribution point for a lot of the donations coming in. towards the end of last week, wal-mart and the city and county put a sort of deadline saying people were supposed to be out of the area by sunday,
5:35 am
because it's not a safe place to live long-term, but both have packed off the order, and they are encouraging people to live. there's room at the county fairgrounds in gridly. a lot of people are staying put. you can see the threat of rain later this week. >> tough situation out there. anne makovec live from the news desk, thank you. pg&e is facing scrutiny for waiting to sell regulators about a second fire. it broke out in the camp fire zone hours after the first started. >> there's a second fire. >> that would be an immediate threat to the community if we didn't get something established in there. >> those are cal fire radio transmissions from the morning the fire broke out, and investigators are looking into the possibility that a second separate fire may have also criminal intented to -- may
5:36 am
have also contributed to the deadly blaze. both fires were near the pg&e lines. the utility waited a week and a half to speak out about the second fire. they said as more information became available, we determined it was important to share the information with our regulator. cal fire has collected pg&e equipment on the circuit to see if it sparked the fire. time to check traffic with gianna. >> reports of a new crash, and if you go through concord and pleasant hill, a heads up. big rig accident reported, and chp says it's on the shoulder, but you can see from the live sensors, there's delays. south 680, big rig and car tangled up, and 19 miles an hour is what we are seeing
5:37 am
there the drive times are okay. it's early, and if you look at the live shot here, this is 680, 242 connector, and we are seeing the backup through there. plan for that as you head out the door, and delays, pretty big delays actually at the bay bridge toll plaza. 43 minutes to commute out of oakland into san francisco, and a handful of accidents as you came off the skyway, and one of them is in effect on the right shoulder, and that's causes the early backup here, metering lights are on, and you're slow out of the maze. it's a little better into san francisco, and hopefully the accident is in the clearing stages, and it's over to the shoulder. right lanes blocked southbound 880 before 237, and we have a crash where a vehicle went down the embankment, and tow crews are on the scene, trying to retrieve the car. southbound 237, an easy 24- minute drive time. b.a.r.t. on time, muni, shuttles in plac
5:38 am
president trump has a new warning for migranted headed to the border. he said illegal immigrants trying to come into the u.s.a. will be detained or turned away in another tweet he said the u.s. is ill prepared for the invasion and will not stand for it. go home. >> when you look at the caravans and the mess and the people coming in, it would be a very good time to do a shutdown. >> tijuana protesters who are upset with the influx of several hundred migrants are also calling for them to retreat. additional caravans are expected to leave their native country in the coming weeks. a series of defects stopping ford in its tracks. diane king hall is live with the recalls and more on our money watch. diane, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. ford has four separate safety recalls for the top selling
5:39 am
suvs and trucks. 2018 ford explores, a small number from a flawed fuel pressure sensor, and it may result in a fuel leak. 2019 ford superduty trucks have transmission issues, and 2018 ford lincoln expeditions may be missing brackets in the backseats, and ford is advising owners to take their vehicles to dealers. michael bloomberg is giving johns hopkins university $1.8 billion. bloomberg graduated from john hopkins in 1964 and said the money will be used to help students pay their tuition with the goal of establishing increasing admissions. it's the biggest donation ever made to a college or university. >> that's a nice contribution. fortune magazine has the business person of the year. who is it? >> okay, so it's fortune magazine naming the c.e.o.
5:40 am
of progressive insurance the business person of the year. trisha griffith was an entry level employee and became the c.e.o. in 2016, one of 24 female chief executives at a fortune 500 company, and progressive is now the third largest auto insurance company, and the stock is up 50% over the last 12 months. certainly steering the ship well, it seems. >> well deserved, and showing you can rise to the top with hard work. diane king hall from cbs money watch this morning, diane, thank you. it's 5:40. >> tis the season for christmas music. it's playing, and coming up this morning a new challenge, just in time for the holidays, can you avoid this popular song? we will have the details, next. before we go to break, another live look outside, this time in dublin, the 580-680 interchange, and gianna will have the monday morning commute and a check of the roads when we come back. it's 5:40. l right, itis5:43, a
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here's a live look. you can see the hazy start to the day, and the air quality is unhealthy as we start off our monday here, and we will talk about what you can expect with the changes in the forecast. we are tracking the next weather system for improving air quality and also the rain. details on that, coming up. mary, thank you. right now the sacred heart community service center in san jose is having volunteers assemble thanksgiving boxes for more than 4,000 families. the food boxes offset the cost of groceries for needy families, saving them $100. >> for a lot of members in our community, it helps them save money this holiday season, and the money can go towards other costs, like the high cost of rent. >> the organization is about 2,000 turkeys short of its goal
5:44 am
for this week, so if you would like to help you make a donation to sacred heart online or in person. the station will be open today, tomorrow, and wednesday 8:00 a.m. to about p.m. it's 5:44 right now, and happening today, we are still days away from thanksgiving, and the white house is already celebrating christmas. a north carolina grown christmas tree will be arriving in dc by horse and carriage this is last year's arrival. the estimated weight of the tree, 800 pounds. do you hear what i hear? as the holidays approach, i'm not going to sing it. too early. you may feel like it's impossible to escape the christmas music. >> i love it. >> there's one particular song the internet is opening to avoid to win a difficult challenge. ♪ parumpum >> it's called the little drummer boy challenge. the rules are simple, if you
5:45 am
hear the little drummer boy or a paro losed there's certain vee ng thaven the biggest challenge to challengers. >> mostly tv episodes and movies that take the most people out, but after that, it's the newcomer in the last few years, pentatonix. it's running black friday to december 23rd. if you play the long to eliminate another player, you are out, but you have to trust the other players are going to be honest. >> and fair. >> it's the season. you to be honest. >> how do you keep track. an app? on your own? >> you have to -- facebook is doing one, too. you to get on the wall and post the day and time of your demise. >> okay. >> you're in the grocery store, and you heard it at this time and place. >> all right, and it's . >> whatever. >> and it's funny.
5:46 am
it's my least favorite christmas song. >> really? >> everyone loves it it's my least favorite. >> is it, fall on your knees? >> o, holy night. a lot of people listen to christmas music in the car. >> it's been a busy monday on the roadways, and the bay bridge backup starting this morning, and a couple of crashes off the skyway into san francisco, and your delays now are about 30 minutes, and it looks like it's sluggish working your way through there, over to the central freeway, and backed up into the maze at this point, and they the meteringliit crasfremt are seeing 43 miles an hour, down to 13 miles an hour, bter into the city. good news there, and in the
5:47 am
meantime, you take the san mateo bridge as an alternate, or you can always use mass transit. south 880, working your way out of lake lorenzo into howard, traffic is loading up. 15 minutes 238 down to highway 84. we have reports of a crash, a big rig crash on the shoulder. south 680 past 242. it's causing a backup there, as you commute out into pleasant hill, and that's a 5-minute drive time, and you can see on the live shot, updating on the drive times, and it's slow. you see the traffic is sluggish on the connector. highway 4, getting busy on the westbound side, right through pittsburgh, and headed to the east shore freeway. traffic is looking better, and still westbound 580, out of the pass, 285 to 680, 27 minutes, but not bad connected to the dublin interchange at 680. most of k lights at
5:48 am
the connector. here's mary. thankful to be talking about that and it will help to clear out the air. we are still talking about the smoky skies once again today, with the air quality unhealthy for the area here, and the a.q.i. of 171 in san francisco. livermore, 153. san jose, 157. values 150 or higher, unhealthy air quality, and a live look at the sales force tower camera, looking to the east, the bay bridge, and temperatures in the 30s and 40s, and even 50- degrees in san francisco this morning, and 39 in concord, and livermore, you're at 37. 34 for santa rosa. a hazy and chilly start to the day, and more smoke and haze as we go through the afternoon, and that will likely continue for most of the day on tuesday, and we are going to call tuesday a transition day, and that's because we are going to see the winds change late on tuesday, and that will help our air quality with the rain
5:49 am
arriving on wednesday there, and here's the satellite and radar view, and we are tracking the next weather system, the cold front that will push ug bring the rain, and we will show you on futurecast, rain beginning on wednesday. we could see heavy downpours with the system here, and then, a few lingering showers on thursday, and catching a bit of a break, and thursday, in the afternoon, and more rain late thursday, into friday, and so, tracking a couple of weather systems, and that will bring the rain for us, and it will definitely help with the air quality. the futurecast rain fall amounts, and what we are looking at, more than an inch of rain here and the north bay will get most of the rain, and you can see, higher up there, and it's for northern california, getting a lot of rain, could see heavy rain over the butte county campfire, as well as, in chasta county, the car fire there, and we are watching the potential for the debris flows as they could see to the north heavy rain, especially onar
5:50 am
area sunrise today at 6:54, and suns rethe 7-day forecast, and hazy, smoky skies today, and most of the day on tuesday, and then the change in wind direction, and it will be late tuesday, and it will bring better air quality there, and rain on wednesday, and a few showers for thursday morning, and getting a bit of a break for thursday, and thanksgiving, and then the afternoon, arriving for thursday night into friday, and more rain with the next weather system, and a few showers are possible saturday, and for the most part, for the weekend, looking dry, and the thanksgiving forecast, low 60s, mainly dry for the day, and a few lingering showers are possible, but nice to finally get that rain. kenny? >> mary, thank you. it's 5:50 right now, and the dramatic new video of the over the weeken17-ng shared on year-old her rayey, and she is
5:51 am
over her competitors before slamming into the track fence at the formula 3 final. wow! >> the teenage german driver fractured her spine in the airborne crash. she tweeted out saying she is okay and telling her fans she will be having surgery later today. >> it's amazing she is going to be okay. >> and that she is alive. it's 5:51 right now. >> helping the camp fire furry victims. how you can help the lost pets. let's look at the richmond san rafael bridge, and it's 5:51. 47degrees in richmond. welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you... including the latest movies and box sets from around the world. ( ♪ ) we even have live sports and news channels.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? another day of hazy, smoky skies, and the air quality this morning, in the unhealthy range, once again, and we will talk about when we will see some relief, and i will show you the futurecast with the next weather system moving in. we are getting word of a motorcycle crash near brandt line, and it's blocking at least one lane. the folks are making the trek out of tracy to the pass, and the crash is blocking at least one lane, getting better as you commute to the 680 interchange, and it looks like no delays on
5:55 am
the dublin interchange. good news from the fire zone this morning, and these heroes rescued bernie, one of the many pets from the campfire now recovering at the san francisco spca, and the firefighters visited bernie yesterday at the hospital, and if bernie's family cannot be located, one of the firefighters offered to adopt him. >> bernie is one of many pets separated from their owners during the fire. these are some of the cats and dogs taken in at the san francisco spca, and many are being treated for burn injuries, and some of the owners have been identified and contacted, but many are unaccounted for, and you can go to the spca website to donate to help the animals. report of a boat sinking with one person on board. what we know, the latest next. bay area colleges and
5:56 am
university will reopen today despite the horrible air quality. who is headed back to class this morning. it's not getting aneasier p but i will tell you where you can find a plethora of them in the east bay today.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
evacuees from the camp fire come together for an emotional memorial as the bay area deals with another day of smoke, and what you can expect. why environmentalists say a proposal up for debate today will make the air quality even more unhealthy. good morning, everyone. it is monday, and wake up! rise and shine. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kennof miserable air quality. the smoke from the campfire is blanketing the bay area. in the ance, you can see the bay bridge, and it's hazy out there. health officials are urging residents to stay indoors
6:00 am
understand once again today, unless you can't d going outside, but there's desperately needed relief finally coming. >> we need it. >> yes. >> bring it on. >> it's coming soon, and we have to get through the day, a day and a half more of the smoke, and then we will see the changes as we are tracking the next weather system to move in, and we are looking at rain coming through late tuesday into wednesday, and then another round of rain as well, and i will time it out for you n a cup -- for you in a couple of minutes. air quality conditions, unhealthy air, and it's the red dots for most of the bay area. santa rosa, unhealthy air for sensitive groups, and we can see from the visibility out there, low visibility, due to the smoke, and it's at sfo, 2.5 livermore, and 3 miles for santa rosa and napa, because of the smoke. the 12th day in a row of unhealthy air with t


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