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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 20, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. relief is on the way. this morning we're tracking a storm that will hopefully wash away all that bad air. >> but that's good and bad news in the butte county fire zone. and a late decision puts the brakes on a trump administration order. this morning a big win for migrants heading to the border. good morning everybody. it is tuesday november 20th i'm michelle griego. >> we are going to get a little bit of a break. >> yeah, finally we're going to have that relief. going on 13 days of unhealthy air and a spare the air alert and that is a record for the bay area for the most consecutive spare the air alerts for the region here. >> we are going to see some
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changes by this evening. so we are going to see improving air quality so in the meantime we are still dealing with the smoke as we start off the day. 152 in santa rosa for aqi values. 144 for livermore there. 150 or higher that's unhealthy air for most of the bay area waking up to that thick smoke this morning. so here's what you can expect. we are looking at better air quality by this evening. that's ahead of a cold front that arrives tomorrow with that rain. we'll time it out for you. we have a second system behind that. we'll detail that coming up. and of course with rain on the way we'll have some slick surfaces on the roadways. we are dealing with a hot spot
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right at highway 4. you can see all those flashing lights. a lot of activity there on scene for a crash blocking one lane. they're scooting by okay once you get near the accident. so one lane blocked westbound 80 near willow avenue. 29 minutes from the carcinas bridge. we'll check to get an etl once those lanes clear. your fair across the span of the bay bridge into san francisco 11 minutes if you're making that commute this morning. a nice ride out of hayward into foster city. that's an easy 13 minute drive and no delays out of morin county. very quiet. things look good through there and looking good as well on the richmond san rafael bridge.
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you'll need about 7 minutes to make that portion of your drive. search teams recover two more bodies in butte county bringing the number of people killed to 79 and nearly 700 people are still unaccounted for this morning. the relief, the fire burned 236 square miles that's about three times the size of the city of oakland. 70% contained. this morning we're also learning the pg&e transmission line has a history of trouble. about six years ago a storm toppled 5 steel towers that support the same line. winds reached 50 miles anngidenr of 2012. that line is near the town of pulga. on november 8th there was also an outage in comecal. 5:03 right now as we take a
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live look at the wiped out town of paradise. you can see piles and piles of rubble filling this parking lot. bay area volunteers are headed there this morning to help those who have lost everything. our katie neilson is live in fremont where a caravan of donations will be leaving in less than an hour. >> volunteers are just about to show up here at caliber collisions in fremont to organize all of the donations that these businesses have collected over the past couple of days and get them over to trucks and head over to paradise. cal fire asked for donations of air mattresses,s,e items. and so cooks -- caliber collision answered that call for donations. again, volunteers are going to be loading up those trucks in just a few minutes here.
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they're planning to l roll out in about an hour and some of the shelters in chico to disburse some of these donated items to those who need it most. live in fremont kpix 5. inside the fire zone butte county search and recovery crews are racing the clock before rainfall washes away key evidence. >> it's heavily ash and soot and when the water touches that it kind of turns to sediment so anything we have or potentially have is going to be further buried and entombed by that. >> another concern is acid rain. we're told it won't have much of a lasting impact. >> only with pro longed expo chur and repeated exposure we might end up with problems. >> and as for our drinkingo offl us that the rain will not have
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an impact because much of our water comes from the sierra. a federal judge has barred the trump administration from refusing asylum. after arguments in san francisco. the administration had directed asylum seekers to enter at one of the 26 official border crossings with mexico. legal groups sued hours after the prola maegs was issued saudi officials admit the washgz post columnist jamal khashoggi's death was planned. >> we also have a great ally in
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saudi arabia. they give us a lot of jobs and business and economic development. >> there are things that we're going to have to confront here soon and i hope we do it based on the truth and not something we simply want to see because we have a lot invested in the relationship with the crown prince new this morning air b&b is removing listings. it will take down about 200 listings because they are at the core of the dispute between israelis and palestinians. a wretched capitulation. it is a big day for marijuana on the east coast.
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just about 7 minutes ago, the first two pot shops in massachusetts opened and this is two years after voters approved recational use of marijuana. you're taking a look at one of the two shops. and that is where the mayor was actually the first in line to buy pot today. he didn't say whether or not he was going to consume it himself he might keep it for historical purposes. but these are the first two pot shops to open east of the mississippi when it comes to recreational use and also just about 10 minutes ago, the hill reported that joe kennedy the 3rd is calling for federal legalization of medical marijuana use. >> it's interesting on the east coast it's 8:00 in the morning
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so they got out there early. >> oh, yeah the line started at about midnight. it's been raining, there's snow and they were just wanting to be apart of this very historic day, you know, pot for medical use has been legal there for sometime time but it's huge. we have people coming 3 hours away from new york city to get medical marijuana there. >> and actually we heard from him just about 7 minutes ago and he said it is an historic day he didn't say whether or not he would be joining in on the pot free for all. >> he's not going to inhale. >> times have changed since that. that's true. >> thanks so much. 5:09 right now. >> who doesn't love that new car smell apparently an entire y h it is.why ford motors is sce
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smell from its vehicles. >> we're tracking not one but two weather system. i'll have details on the rain coming up. >> and delays continue on the east shore freeway. west 80 at willow. i'll tell you how to get around the mess coming up.
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5:13 right now on our health watch new today people who suffer from depression can have an irregular heart beat but they found no link. and common skin disorders like psiriosis found evidence of insulin resistance a hallmark of type 2 diabetes. ford wants to get rid of that new car smell at least in one part of the world. some consumers in china don't
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like it. the car company filed a patent which involves keeping the car in the sun to bake away the smell. ford is unlikely to do that in america. i like that but i do like the smell of vanilla. that's the scent in my car right now. anyway. this is pretty cool. sweeping its way from europe to the u.s. this morning. >> and the competitors are bringing a whole new meaning to horsing around. leaps, trots and runs through a course all while riding a horse on a stick. it first took off in finland where over 10,000 kids and teenagers participated. riders are judged on speed and style and even appearance of their horse. >> you kind of look stupid doing it. >> you can't be embarrassed. you just have to not worry about
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how you look. >> similar to horse shows and most of the participants are real equestrians. they're definitely getting some exercise and some movement. >> it's less scary than being on a tall horse right. >> yeah, no chance of falling there. high knees. >> i like it. all right. we're going to start our own team. >> yes. >> let's start practicing. all right. let's jump to the roadways right now. i've got good news to report. they cleared this crash and you can see that in our live shot. traffic moving at a much better speed. iter slow and go out of hercules. you're still recovering. it's going to take a little time to get back on track. you can hop on san pablo avenue as an alternate.
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pretty light anyway across that east shore freeway. 37 minutes from the carcinas bridge down to the macarthur maze. this morning, no metering lights yet. very light conditions across the bay bridge right now heading into the city. 11 minutes that's all you'll need for your drive times. highway 4 so far so good. looking good in the pittsburgh and a clear ride all the way towards the east shore freeway. quick look at 880. not bad at all. if you're traveling southbound stay out of lorenzo and hayward. northbound 880 clear all the way from hayward. san mateo bridge looking good as well. no delays heading towards the peninsula and let's get a live look at westbound 24 this morning. it looks like traffic is moving along nicely. those headlights working their way around lafayette. but rain is on the way. so do plan for that.
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here's mary with more. that's right. we're tracking not one but two weather systems that will bring the rain. today, the last morning of unhealthy air quality and we are going to see some changes soon. so let's show you current aqi values and air quality conditions this morning. looking at 169 in san francisco. 1607 in oakland for an aqi value. but check out redwood city. as well as for san pablo there vacaville 170 in concord and for berkley 159. but again reare going to see some relief.
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a life look a hazy start to the day. oakland 46. 50 in san francisco. san jose 42 and below freezing in santa rosa at 31. still smokey for one more day. improving conditions this evening that rain begins early on wednesday for tomorrow morning. and soaking rain heavy rain near the campfire with a flash flood watch. so we'll be watching that very close. they could see a lot of rain there and the possibility of debris flows so we're going to see a pattern flip and that will bring the rain. smoke forecast shows that we've been seeing day after day the red that indicates the smoke. it's not on our forecast map anymore. so we are going to see better air quality beginning this evening and then through the rest of the week. thankfully so. future cast to show you the clouds that are going to start to move in and that really is
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indicative of the changing wind direction here. as we go through tonight again we'll see better air quality, improving air quality. stopping the clock at 8:00 a.m. there we go with the rain tomorrow morning and then as we go through tomorrow and the afternoon we'll see rain off and on. that actual cold front rolls through tomorrow afternoon catching a bit of a break through thursday on thanksgiving. as well as for santa cruz mountains. up to 1" of rain for santa cruz and east bay. camp fire looking at up to 1.5" to 3" of rain. so we're going to be watching the burn scarred areas for the camp fire and also all of the wild fires that have burned over the summer. and you can see rainy wednesday catching a bit of a break for
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thursday. few showers possible. a rainy friday drying out for the weekend. let's check in with dennis for a look at sports. >> christmas came early last saturday. on the line last night between the rams and chiefs. the shoot out next. >> and before we go to break a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is looking good. in that spot. san francisco it's 50 degrees to start this tuesday morning.
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one of the biggest regular season games of all time. they scored 105 total points. third most in league history. now the game was originally scheduled to be played in mexico but moved to the l.a. coliseum last week. quarterback patrick maholmes scored six touchdowns. maholmes. with under 3 minutes to go you're getting the idea. jared goff matching him throw for throw. tiptoes down the sideline. 54-51 rams.
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you're thinking the last team with the ball wins, right. but maholmes picked off marcus joyner. rams win 54-51. they improve to 10-1 which made their head coach a little thirsty. >> this was an all time epic classic what was it like being part of it? >> yeah, it was a whirlwind. i feel like it might need a couple beverages to relax tonight. >> nfl head coach john and jay gruden are having different kinds of seasons with their respective clubs. one thing they share problems with their quarterbacks. meanwhile brother jay has a serious issue withed red skins quarterback alex smith who broke his leg on sunday against the texans and will miss the rest of the season. coaches can't seem to shake the injury bug. >> my brother he lost his
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quarterback. alex smith's a great guy. i wish him the best. i don't know any of the linemen playing out there. krouman, thompson. mom and dad have gotten to know both the rosters completely this year. >> and in the wrong way. >> chris mullen and st. john's taking on cal in brooklin. just over a minute to play. shamari pawn looking like a young chris mullen. st. john's beat cal 82-77. i think it's a big year for mullen at st. john's . so far so good. they are 4-0. that is the latest in sports. see you tonight. . >> dennis, thank you. missing warm summer days at the ball park this morning starting at 10:00 this morning you'll have single game tickets to select special events and spring training go on sale
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starting today. the first spring training game is on friday february 23rd. and a few weeks later the giants will open up the season against their rivals the l.a. dodgers on april 1st. we're here in fremont where in just a few minutes a caravan of donations will be leaving heading up to paradise. hear from the owners of this collision center coming up. tuck those shirts in, fellas. come on.
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you only have one chance to make a first impression. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. -whoa! the club is rockin'! live from the cbs bay area studios. this is k pix 5 news. >> today is the bay area's 13th spare the air day in a row. this morning we're happy to tell you relief is on the way. plus bay area volunteers banning together for the fire victims in butte county. in the next few hours they're headed out to help. >> and shots fired outside a
5:30 am
hospital. this morning three people and the gunman are dead. what led up to the violence. good morning everyone it is tuesday november 20th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> finally we're tracking two weather systems that will bring better air quality and also the rain. it has been awhile since we've been able to see better air quality. 13 days in a row. we've never seen anything like that from the bay area. and you can see this morning it is still smokey. so we're not done with the smoke just yet. so looking at 152 in santa rosa. 172 for an aqi value in san jose. waking up to unhealthy air quality. the red dots showing unhealthy air. orange dots unhealthy for
5:31 am
sensitive groups as we go through this evening we are going to see some changes here. we're going to see a change in wind direction and that will help improving air quality by this evening. a cold front arrives on wednesday and to a will bring the rain. a smoke forecast and over the last two weeks we've been showing this and that red was showing the smoke. but you can see now we're not seeing that. we are going to see better air quality as we go through this evening and for the rest of the week. we'll detail it out what you can expect for those two weather systems. we'll time it out when we'll see that rain coming up. and of course that rain with some slick surfaces out there. it will be a busy holiday travel day as well. right now we're looking pretty good on the roadways. here's a live look at conditions on highway 24. westbound those headlights working their way. if you're commuting all the way cct there you shouldn't have any troubles at t
5:32 am
now let's show you an overview of the south bay. right now the only delays we're seeing is 101 to san jose. 30 miles per hour not bad at all. you're still moving 101 looks good. 22 minutes. our hot spot this morning is through the altamonte pass we're seeing about a 15-minute drive time on that westbound side of 580. north bay commuters you're in luck right now. light conditions. santa rosa all the way into morin county. traffic looks good with no delays. let's get a live look at 101 to 380. you're in luck as far as the freeways go. no delays as you're working your way towards the freeway. so far so good and in fact no metering lights. so that's good news there. a lot of folks have the week off already for the holiday and not a lot of school in session right
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now. pretty light there and 880 both directions look good. no delays as you head through there. i'm ann mackovich at the live news desk out of long beach where there was an underground volt explosion. owned by southern california edison. that's the power company down there. 5 people were trapped and injured in this explosion. there was also a small fire. they were in very bad shape. injuries ranging from serious to moderate. they were taken to the hospital and are now being treated. kenny and michelle. 5:33 right now in our fire watch this morning the death toll from the camp fire in butte county is now up to 79. the number of missing has dropped to 6 nguyen 9. the fire has burned 230 square miles but crews are making
5:34 am
progress and it's now 70% contained. and taking a live look now at what's left of the town of paradise. as you can see just rubble there. a caravan of donations is on the way from the bay area to help the fire victim who is have lost everything. >> and let's get right no our katie neilson who's live in fremont with the details. katie. >> we're here at caliber collision in fremont where as you said in a little than over an hour they'll be leaving here with a van full of donations meeting up with some of their other trucks in sacramento and heading up to paradise. i'd like to introduce you to jason piper. he's part of the group going up with the caravan. tell us why you decided to do this. >> this is a human thing just about every teammate, you know, we have 23 locations here in silicon valley. over 600 across the nation but in our local market this is a
5:35 am
human thing, right everybody has somebody in the paradise market that they relate to family, friends. some sort of connection and it just really hits home. so, you know, we -- our mission is to restore people to the rhythm of their lives in fixing their cars. this is just kind of an extension of that. >> what types of donations have you asked for and what are you taking up to paradise today. >> so we have a full van of random supplies. pillows, blankets, boxes, suitcases, food, dog food, animal cages dust masks just about anything you can imagine. if you didn't have a home and needed some stuff it's just about everything. but we have a full van packed here. our coo donated $10,000 just out of nowhere. and then we're also opening up anybody that pays a deductible,
5:36 am
they can add money onto that and that money is going to go towards campfire victims and that's running through december 14th. so, you know, it's going to keep going on. we would expect to do this one, two, maybe even three more times over the next couple of weeks. >> depending on how much you're able to get. >> yes. exactly. >> this donation caravan is going to be heading out of here in about an hour. they're meeting with 10 additional trucks and they're going to be heading up to the chico area where they're donating to that area. the butte county sheriff has released a list of the missing and is urging evacues to check if their name iis authorities want to track down survivors who have found shelter anywhere they could. >> i hope people will do their best to help us check those disp
5:37 am
in gridly and nearly 200 evacues are staying at the woodson bridge in the rv neighborhood in tajam a county. winds reached 55 miles an hour during that incident in december of 2012. that line is near the town of pulga but pg&e has now told state regulators that on november 8th there was also an outage in concal. pg&e's stock dipped again yesterday after a partial recovery on friday. developing out of chicago this morning a police officer and two employees are dead after a gunman opened fire at a
5:38 am
hospital. police say yesterday afternoon the shooter and his ex-fiance dr. tamara o'neil were arguing in the parking lot when she shot and killed her. the suspect ran inside the hospital and exchanged gunfire with officers killing one. the gunman also died but it's not clear how. >> this tears at the soul of our city. it is the face and the consequence of evil. 25-year-old dana less was one of the victims. she was a first year pharmaceutical resident at the hospital. and officer samuel jimenez a 28-year-old father of three was the third victim. as police cars flashed their lights. meantime in denver, another shooting left one person dead and the suspect is still on the loose this morning. it happened yesterday just a few blocks from coors field. following the colorado rockies baseball team.
5:39 am
we've learned that four other people were hurt. you can see a heavy police presence in the area. and this picture as officers searched for this evidence. no word yet on a motive or information on the suspect. now to a live look at the iconic bay bridge where the western span could get an expensive new bike lane. the idea is for the san francisco bike lane to hook up onto the bike path that's on the eastern span of the bridge and create a bike route all the way across the bay. the cost $300 million. that comes to about $100 million a mile. >> this is a boat load of money. >> it is a boat load of money. just getting to this point is close to $10 million. >> transit officials estimate as many as 10,000 people a day could use the bike lane. 5:39 right now with u.s. economic growth on the upswing and unemployment at a 49-year low. consumes may be in a jolly mood
5:40 am
this evening. jill schlesinger joining us to tell us about how to shop smarter this year. >> looks like sales will grow between 4 and 5.5% to a year ago. brick and mortar stores will still account for the lion share of overall receipts. probably about 88%. we know ecommerce sales are rising much more quickly. probably by as much as 20% to over $130 billion. and you know look, the reality is that many shoppers they're using both brick and mortar as well as online. a blended approach where they're really conducting research and making purchases wherever it's most convenient for them. >> makes sense. so jill, what are the must-have and money saving apps and tooling they have this holiday season. let me give you your boring piece of financial advice.
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5:42 am
barnes and noble says michelle's memoir had the biggest sale this is year. and experts expected to top the new york times best selling list when that list is published tomorrow. 5:42. >> two bay area teens want to fight fire with science. >> and here's a live look outside from our dublin cam as you can see traffic is stacking up. we are going to get a full check on traffic in just a bit. giana's going to have an update for us after the break.
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5:44 right now two silicon valley teens are putting their heads together. >> they are making a machine that's going to prevent future wild fires. >> this is bio mass. >> so basically the officials especially like the firefighters
5:45 am
have to get out in the field. that inspired us to create the smart wild fire sensor that will be able to predict beforehand the risk of a wild fire happening. >> our device is unique because it combines weather data as well as real time fuel classification. we use google's machine learning algorithm to predict what fuel looks like at a forest scene without having to physically go there and it did work. >> high school seniors senjanna and h aja says their machine works accurately which is giving out $20 million in grant money. . >> as a science nerd ie that. >> good for them. >> as a journalism major i'm like what. but it sounds cool.
5:46 am
>> it does. let's check traffic this morning. how's it looking out there. >> you know, we've had some good and bad stuff happening this morning. we've had a handful of accidents that have cleared pretty quickly. as you work your way along the 101 northbound. a vehicle may have gone off the roadway and possibly into the water there. they've got a lot of activity on the scene there. not effecting the main lines of the freeway too much. you can see traffic is in the green there according to our sensors. so very light conditions as you work your way through there. here's a live look at 101 near candle stick. we're not seeing any delays. let's jump over to the nimmets freeway. northbound if you're headed out of oakland. southbound you're cleared through here. 14 minutes. if here we do have an accident near 80th
5:47 am
street and look at this. no metering lights. so really easy ride. you're going to take the bay bridge. you are clear all the way into san francisco. jumping over to 880. two car crash. fender bender here. lanes are blocked. so 238 down to 84. that's a 17-minute drive time. shouldn't effect your drive if you're hopping onto the san mateo bridge. well today, the last day of unhealthy air. so some good news for you this morning. now currently we're looking at smokey skies. unhealthy to start off the day with that air quality. but again, as we head through tomorrow, big changes ahead. i'll show you that in just a moment. right now an aqi value of 1702. 154 san leandro. san jose 151. for an aqi value a little bit better in redwood city at 93.
5:48 am
santa rosa 152. 149 in san pablo there. 172 in vallejo. 160 concord and berkley 154. so most of us seeing unhealthy air as we start off the day. a live look at our sales force tower camera and hazy, smokey skies this morning. but changes as early as this evening. 39 in concord. oakland 46. livermore 37. san francisco at 50. san jose at 43 and below freezing in santa rosa at 31. so the fire and smoke headline still smokey for one more day today. improving conditions by this evening. that rain begins for early wednesday and the this morning. the air quality finally back to normal tomorrow but soaking rain th heavy rain near the campfire. so they definitely do not need heavy rain for that area because the possibility of debris flows andudosble near the
5:49 am
campfire there. but the pattern is going to flip. high pressure has been the dominant weather feature for the last month and a half. it kicks on out of here. a low pressure system moves in and that will swing a cold front our way for tomorrow and that will bring the rain. future cast you can see the clouds beginning to move in and that's really an indication of our changing winds. so that's why with we're looking at our better air quality as we go through later on today by this evening and here we are at 8:00 p.m. and we are going to see improving air quality. here comes the rain at 8:00 a.m. for tomorrow and we could see. so rain off and on and also the possibility in the afternoon of an isolated thunderstorm. so brief heavy downpours are possible as the actual front pushes through and looking at a bit of a break for thursday for thanks giving. so rainfall amounts looking at anywhere from 1.5" and up to 1/2" of rain for the south bay.
5:50 am
but speaking of the camp fire they could see 1.5" to 3" of rain by friday. which is why a flash flood watch is in effect for the butte county. all of the wild fires that have burned over the summer. under that flash flood watch. sunrise at 6:55 and 4:55 for sunset there. so a rainy wednesday. catching a bit of a break for thanksgiving. could see lingering showers there and our next weather system late thursday into friday. thank you. 5:50 happening today yosemite national park will be closing two roads. the roads are expected to be closed through thanksgiving weekend. glacier point road will also close. these storms are expected to dump at least a foot of snow and officials say visitors are required to carry tire chains.
5:51 am
>> there's three my car at the th c another one >>ew video this morning of some north carolina bears looking to fix their sweet tooth. you can see a mom and her cubs break into a car and helping themselves to chocolate bars. the owner of the car was selling them for a prom fundraiser. she only sold 10 before the bears got ahold of the box. >> they got those bars for free. >> yeah. >> they should be paying that. >> they love it. >> and they've got some public tea. >> yeah, a little bit. time now is 5:51. pitching in to help the fire victims this morning. even a california brewery. coming up sierra nevada's new with all proceeds going back to butte county. >> and here's a look outside. as people are making their way over getting to wroshg this morning and richmond it is 46 degrees. it's 5:51 we'll be right back.
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well we're starting off the day with unhelloey air quality.
5:55 am
so you can see the red dots that's unhealthy air as we start off the day. our temperatures are going to be mainly in low to mid 60s from san francisco so oakland, concord. 68 in livermore and 67 in san jose for a high. we'll talk about our two weather system that is we're tracking that will help to clear out the and also bring in the rain. and it's all thanks to a new chico based beer. it's called resilience butte county proud ipa. the company is calling on breweries nationwide to sell the beer and donate 100% of the proceeds to the camp fire relief fund. >> all of us know someone that's
5:56 am
been affected by this. >> know that what you're doing is supporting a great cause. >> and sierra nevada is hoping to release 2000 barrels of this beer for draft lines around the country. a new day is dawning on the east coast when it comes to marijuana consumption. we are going live to massachusetts where the first two pot shops just opened about an hour ago. >> 5:56 right now. the smoke hanging around the bay area should finally start getting pushed out today. we'll time it out and let you know when you can breathe easier. >> plus a caravan of donations is leaving the bay area in just a few minutes. heading up to chico. hear from the organizers just ahead.
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crews in butte county are in a race against time as they
6:00 am
locate and identify hundreds of people still missing in the campfire. >> and the aclu scores a victory over president trump. good morning everyone it is tuesday november 20th i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning i'm kenny choi it looks like we'll have to endure one more day of smoke air. all of us should be able to breathe a whole lot easier in just a couple of days as we take a look outside at the ann coulter tower. we've been definitely keeping a close track of all the aqi numbers and we know it's still bad out there. >> today, at least the last day of smokey skies and unhealthy air. we're going to begin to see changes as early as this evening. so relief is coming for sure if you've just been waiting for the change, it's coming and it's coming soon. let's show you first


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