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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  November 22, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> i am impressed. this 5k. good for you. thank you for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs >> brown: on the cbs evening news this thanksgiving, record low temperatures and high-flying balloons. the parade hasn't been this cold for more than a century. and giving thanks in a california fire zone. those who lost everything share a feast with heroes who risked everything. all of that and more starting with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> arctic cold front is gripping the northeast. th new york city the third coldest thanksgiving ever. >> you're dressed like an eskimo. >> and i'm still so cold. he the frigid weather did not stop these large balloons from flying. >> the parade didn't exactly go off without a hitch. hing's apologized for lip sync issues saying the artists had no control over it. >> it's a disgrace.
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or reporter: president trump itable to keep politics off the thanksgiving day table when a phone call to the troops turned into an extended rant. >> it's a terrible thing when judges tell you how to protect your border. >> president trump also personally visited with members of the u.s. coast guard. >> the holiday shopping season kicks off. >> black friday sales are >>pected to hit a new record. >> consumers are expected to spend more than $1 trillion this wliday season. ut no thanksgiving would be complete without the national dog show. >> after nearly 2,000 dogs started the day, we've got seven es them left. >> best in show happens to be whippet. >> thanksgiving day means football. >> he's going to bring the orchestra together. >> brown: good evening. i'james brown. this was the coldest this is our western edition.
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thanksgiving in new york city since 1901. the mercury in manhattan dropped today to a frostbitten low of 19 degrees. that's the lowest thanksgiving temperature since theodore roosevelt was in the white house. records fell across the northeast, from binghamton, new york, where it was seven degrees, to augusta, maine, where it was just four above zero. millions bundled up for the big thanksgiving day parade, hoping the balloons would be clear for takeoff. here's don dahler. >> reporter: this was the coldest thanksgiving day in new york city in over 100 years, and right up until parade time, officials held their frozen heeath, hoping the frigid winds would stay below the safety thresholds of 23 miles per hour sustained or 34-mile-per-hour gusts. n.y.p.d. chief rodney harrison finally got the good news. >> right now, it's not too bad. it's under 15 miles per hour. but once again, we'll adjust it as the parade goes on. me reporter: but there was one gnse moment when a 35-mile-an- hour gust nearly sent the grinch plunging into the crowd.
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ra estimated three million people braved the bone-chilling temperatures along the parade >>ute. >> we'll see as many as we can before our toes are frozen and we can't feel them. ni i'm from arizona, so, i'm definitely not used to this. >> reporter: much of the u.s. saw colder-than-usual temperatures for this time of the year. with wind chills expected below 15 degrees, washington, d.c. institute its cold weather emergency plan. onile scientists on mount washington in new hampshire saw wind chills of negative 75. the water was so cold, almost 50 frozen turtles washed ashore at cape cod. 17-degree weather in buffalo didn't stop the 14,000 runners in the 123rd annual turkey trot. compare that with alaska and iceland, both of which were j.b., we should also note that winter is still four weeks away. >> brown: don, thank you so much. and with, that let's bring in wcbs chief weathercaster lonnie
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quinn with more on the holiday ie.ther. lonnie. >> all right, j.b., let's get right to it. officially in new york city it was the third coldest thanksgiving ever. o mean that record goes back to 1871 for the coldest. but take a look at this: the isrtheast under the grip of this arctic air. emp as your high temp in burlington. that's a record in burlington by five degrees. now, you factor in the wind you ndd a wind chill making it feel dramatically closer. new york felt like 15. felt like four below for burlington and boston. b felt like one below in portland, maine. syracuse felt like three degrees. washington, d.c., 27. so with all this cold air in place, you put some moisture on tp of it, the northeast could get pounded with a lot of snow and there is a system coming aong. however, there is rain tomorrow. here's the tricky part: that heorm right there is going to bring its own warm air. so it's rain coming through theo portions of northern new england, it will be rain. haw out west, with all that nfre-scarred land we, unfortunately, looking at more rain as we go into the day
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tomorrow, and that will continue to give you that threat for mudslides out there, j.b. i will say it can be argued new york city today had the coldest feel of all time because at 8:00 a.m. this morning, new york city felt like 5.9 degrees. that could possibly be the wncord. >> brown: lonnie, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brown: the rain in northern of firefighters to put out the worst wildfire in the state's history. , e camp fire is now 90% contained. outside l.a., the woolsey fire is 100% contained. this nasa satellite image shows the scar that remains. the areas in brown are scorched. carter evans now on thanksgiving r the northern fire zone. >> reporter: recovery crews aren't slowing down today.eypar, urs r a large rainm all but extinguished the massive camp fire. the rain makes it harder to sift through wet ash and debris, but safer for cadaver dogs, searching for human remains, according to deputy mark brown.
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or it decreases inhalation hazard for the humans and canines. >> reporter: all that toxic dust. >> they're not inhaling it, and then the canines, you can't txactly put masks on them because they have to use their nose. >> reporter: the storm could rm c up to six inches of rain over the next few days, leaving authorities to close down one of ine main access roads to the fire zone. with 52,000 people evacuated, many still have no place to go for the holiday. some are living in tents in the walmart parking lot, but volunteers, even celebrity chefs like guy fieri, have rallied around this community, providing thousands of thanksgiving meals. >> giving thanks is exactly what we need. it is exactly what has happened. >> thank you. >> reporter: among the volunteers, firefighters, like jim irving, who already spent weeks on this fire and will now miss dinner with his own family. >> to me this is-- it's almost like this is-- i'd rather be here, you know. it's helping other people. and that's part of what thanksgiving is about.
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>> more turkey? >> reporter: ron white lost his home and his father's home in the fire. what was it like to come here and have the same guys who tried to save your home serve you thanksgiving dinner? >> i thank every one of them as soon as i meet them. hethink that these are absolutely wonderful people. they deserve every consideration that they can get. >> reporter: this is just one of to thanksgiving events for evacuees today. in all, they are prepared to serve up to 15,000 free meals. j.b. >> brown: carter, thank you so much. president trump today phoned commanding officers from all five branches of the military. he thanked all service members for their sacrifices. the president also visited a idast guard station in south florida. weijia jiang is traveling with the president. >> they call me up and i sign an >>der. >> reporter: from his florida resort, president trump boreatened to shut down the entire southern border. the re if we find that it's-- it lts to a level where we are going to lose control or people
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te going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time. >> reporter: the warning comes as a migrant caravan moves closer to the u.s.-mexico border. nearly 6,000 active-duty troops waiting its arrival. oe president said he has authorized the use of extreme measures to control the crowd. r> if they have to, they're going to use lethal force. i've given the o.k. >> reporter: a white house a ficial says mr. trump approved a memo from chief of staff john celly to the department of defense, allowing use of force, including lethal force, where necessary. but it's illegal for the military to act as a police force. defense secretary james mattis characterized the memo as more uest request, not an order. p esident trump also warned that nhe government may close in december if congress doesn't change immigration laws to include funding for his proposed wall. >> the wall is just a part of border security, very important part-- probably the most important part. but could there be a shutdown? there certainly could.
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in reporter: and the president continued his public feud with chief justice john roberts, who issued a rare statement defending federal judges after mr. trump claimed those appointed by democratic presidents make partisan rulings. sp john roberts has been speaking a little bit about it, and i think we've-- and i have a lot of respect for him. pelike him and i respect him, but i think we have to use some >>mmon sense. nd beporter: and president trump rtntinues to stand by his decision not to further punish saudi arabia or its crown prince llr the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. today, he tweeted and he talked about the kingdom's role in keeping oil prices down and sai. the president also said the c.i.a. has not determined if th, e reports that it has.b. house republicans haveue subpoe director james comey and former attorney general loretta lynch.
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republicans want to interview inem separately and privately atout their handling of investigations into president d ump and hillary clinton during 'se 2016 campaign. now, comey tweets, "he's happy to testify publicly but not in a a osed door session." a verdict was reached today in a a se we've been following for d re than a year. a court cleared nine suspects of murder in the beating death of an american man. six were convicted of less- serious charges. three were set free. as charlie d'agata reports, the victims' parents were outraged. av reporter: having lost their son, today bakari henderson's trents lost their fight for tustice. >> it's ridiculous. i'm sorry, it's ridiculous. >> chase a man down and beat him to death and then not go to jail and serve jail time. >> reporter: his mother was itercome with emotion. >> so, that's all i have to say.
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>> reporter: the defendants say they didn't mean to kill henderson. the court agreed. the 22-year-old university of arizona graduate was in greece last year to launch a clothing line with friends. on the night of the attack, a igrb woman told investigators she posed for a selfie with the american when a man nearby said, hehere are a lot of serbs in the bar, why are you talking to a black guy?" then, smacked henderson in the face. henderson hit back. outside the bar, he was chased by a mob of men and brutally beaten to death. "cbs this morning's" gayle king spoke with his parents shortly after his killing. >> reporter: do you think this was a racially motivated incident or do you just think it hes just something that was out of control and he just happened to be the unlucky victim here? >> it may not have started that way. ic may have started out as an american issue and then resulted in, you know, a black american tragedy. >> reporter: prosecutors say s ey intend to appeal the ilntences, and it's likely the case will be heard by a higher court.
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the defendants, mainly serbian citizens, smiled and even gave each other high-fives, after the verdict was read out. j.b. >> brown: charlie, thank you upry much. up next on the cbs evening news, can americans break a bendable habit? the war on waste prompts the reinvention of the drinking straw. >> for all the airmen deployed from the 455th air expeditionary wing at dyess air force base from bagram airfield, we send a o ecial holiday greeting back to our friends and family. >> happy thanksgiving! only alen for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle.
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that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at they work togetherf doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, cells get hu. feed them... with centrum micronutrients. restoring your awesome, daily. centrum. feed your cells. >> brown: here's an idea that's stirring debate. some coastal cities are trying as reduce ocean pollution by banning plastic drinking straws. tony dokoupil looked into this for "cbs this morning." >> reporter: you don't think unch about a straw-- that is, of course, until it fails you. >> try and suck that milkshake through there.
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it'sn ter:eporter: in seattle, bob donnegan and his team at kidd valley restaurants have spent spent hundreds of hours testing straws. >> we have paper straws. we have plastic straws from plants. >> reporter: all this because epllions of plastic straws end up as litter, often in the oceans. which is why this past summer, seattle became the largest city in america to address this problem by banning plastic straws in restaurants and replacing them with compostable, or paper, options. >> the tourists are amused by this. they think this is a great isventure. "what is this about? shakcome i can't suck your milkshake through this straw?" well, the straws that work aren't compostable, that's why. oh. it becomes an education opportunity. >> reporter: if you ask environmental advocate dune
5:46 pm
ivars, the straw is only the beginning. so the straw is a symbol. it's a symbol, as you put it. it's a symbol of what? >> it's a symbol of our consumption. it's a symbol of our relationship to single-use tiastic that has no end of life. you cannot recycle straws. >> reporter: ivars is executive wrector of lonely whale, an aignnization that through social media campaigns like "stop sucking" has helped portray the plastic straw as something we can do without. isn't there something to be said fn behalf of convenience? ea as a mom of a four and a half-year-old, i would have to isy, yes, there is something to be said for convenience. to the question has to become, then, how much are we willing to forsake our planet for the sake of a cup of coffee and in a to- go container? >> reporter: it's the question on the minds of more and more americans. paper? >> usually, i ask for a paper straw. >> reporter: plastic? >> if you didn't have a plastic straw, what would you use? >> my mouth. >> reporter: metal? >> my metal straw!
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20's my favorite thing. ephave, like, 20 of them. >> reporter: metal is also the straw of choice for dune ivars. so when you're done with your eah,w what, do you shake it out? t, yeah, in a little paper iwel, shake it out, and put it epor in your bag. >> reporter: it's not a hassle? or it's not a big deal. >> reporter: no? but what she really prefers is not using a straw at all. that, of course, might be hard for some folks to swallow. tony dokoupil, cbs news, peattle. >> brown: paper straw, it is. coming up, an american sailor's rough night in shark-infested waters. >> hi, my name is specialist sarina hermosa stationed in romania. . want to wish my family and friends a happy thanksgiving. sehermosa. i want to wish my family and friends a happy thanksgiving. if you have psoriasis,
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>> brown: an outgoing communications executive is taking the fall for a facebook asandal. blliot shraig said last night gat he's responsible for hiring a p.r. firm to get information on billionaire george soros and other facebook critics. c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and h.o.o. sheryl sandberg were under pressure to hold someone r countable. anll, for many, this is a day to eat, drink, and go shopping. dozens of major chains are open tonight, getting a jump on black friday. ese research firm e-marketer, 1 timates americans will spend a record $1 trillion this holiday anason. and an american who was in australia must be especially thankful tonight. the 29-year-old man from hawaii spent last night clinging to his capsized boat off of queensland. he was there for 12 hours, until a helicopter lifted him out of the shark-infested waters. up next, don't pass on these potatoes. a faraway nation sees them as a sweet solution to many problems.
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rom s from new york in the east african nation of rwanda, a teanksgiving staple some take jim axelrod gets to the root of tesweet solution. >> reporter: these rwandaan villagers are singing songs of me aitude. thankful for what some aid etrkers have brought them-- a particular type of sweet potato. nearly half the kids in rural rwanda suffer from stunted s owth. many others have vision problems. both due to diets lacking vitamin a. weis type of sweet potato, full of vitamia ino better sign when you go to the field and see a kid or a mom or a household siting the orange-fleshed potatoes. er reporter: dr. kirimi sindi is
5:57 pm
the organization's head researcher in rwanda. he oversaw the years of crossbreeding to naturally create this potato that can thrive in the country's >>predictable climate. >> i think i can be a part of changing the world. rd the reason is there leouldn't be a reason why some people should be hungry or have no food. >> reporter: two of uwubumwe jeane's six children had started to lose their vision when she was able to start feeding them sweet potatoes, funded in part by a $4 million investment from u.s.a.i.d. hehe color of my child's eyes changed," she said, "after she started eating orange-flesh sweet potatoes, the eyes turned back to normal." for years, drocella yankulije, a widow, lived in poverty. "i was so poor," she says, "i had to beg for clothing." now she grows sweet potatoes so
5:58 pm
successfully, she's been able to hire other women. "i feel so happy that i've become a woman of importance in my community." usnce orange-flesh sweet potatoes are just about the only sriety consumed in the u.s., dr. sindi says a story about fighting hunger in rwanda should carry special meaning here ldday. >> i would want americans at home to understand that the yam, or the orange-flesh potato that they eat on thanksgiving, mainly, and they take it for maanted. >> reporter: whether it's here, there, or anywhere else, a smile on the face of a once-hungry kid, that's something for which we can all be thankful. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. thgs of : absolutely agree, jim. bountiful harvest. well, that's the cbs evening news for this thanksgiving. for jeff glor, i'm james brown. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. happy thanksgiving, and good night.
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kpix news begins now. >> rain is causing problems. here and in the fire zone. first, we have an by hour forecast. >> literally by the hour we will see the raits way to the s san jose will get much- needed bay area rainfall. it is a steady soaking rain. solano, napa, mendocino county.
6:00 pm
clearlake, middletown, calistoga, santa rosa are all in the rainfall. it is now raining in richmond, san francisco, oakland, berkeley, fairfield. let's go hour by hour. by 10 pm, it will stretch to the santa clara valley. tomorrow everyone is soggy. morrow evening, everyone is soggy. this will be a 24 hour rain events. the rain impact will be low to moderate. it will be windy in the north bay hills. the biggest impact will be on the roadways. there are a lot of folks heading out for their sick -- favorite sale tomorrow. it will be super slow getting there. we had 13 straight days with er


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