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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  November 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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live, this is kpix news. the 1st of 2 storms hitting the bay area. rain and clouds of filling the skies right now. that afternoon. michelle is on assignment. let's take a live look at the conditions outside right now.
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this is across the bay area. you can see those gray skies. mary is tracking this latest system. >> that is right. we are tracking rain on high def doppler. the first storm this week. this is the weaker of the two systems that we will get. let's get a closer view across the north bay. you can see down through the area. across the east bay from concord and walnut creek. near brentwood, light rain at the moment. the impact for the wind is low but the roadway will be the greatest impact with wet weather. there is a mess for the afternoon commute and rain. picking up the rain with the first storm. we will be in between storms tonight and into tomorrow. a second storm system arrives wednesday night into thursday with heavy rain and strong
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winds expected. a high surf advisory today through friday because of the storms. we will time this all out for you in future cast taking you hour by hour coming up. that storm is rolling in and is expected to hit santa cruz the hardest. they are preparing for the worst. sandbags are being dropped off. last year's storms caused millions in damage. and emergency evacuation at mill valley middle school. everyone within a half mile of the school was told to shelter in place after a bomb threat. the statements evacuated -- students evacuated to the community center. >> originally thought it was a joke. that is what you hope it is. that i got scared for my son. he is inside. he is probably scared, he was. >> word of this has been
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spreading this morning. police and firefighters are still inspecting the school. no indication of any real threat. a suspect is dead after leading a deputy on a high- speed chase in the east bay. this art -- these are the dramatic avenges -- events. >> -- >> reporter: at about 11:30 the roads were reopened after an 11 hour investigation at the scene. a yellow tarp hung over the car. at about midnight the deputy tried to stop the gold lexus on a traffic violation. the deputy says the car took off through a red light and sped away. eventually it drove 100 miles per hour. the deputy stopped the chase and then he lost sight of the car. he came across it later. it had rolled over several times. the suspect died at the scene.
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>> it is a tragedy. >> the road closures disrupted a busy part of town. >> the police just said get back. he can't get to road 20. >> roadways are open now. this is under investigation by the district attorney's office. back to you. a reminder of the dangers of texting and driving. take a look at this. police say a teenager texting behind the wheel caused this crash yesterday was stony point road. one car slammed into a tree and the other was crushed at both ends. no one was seriously injured. police have arrested this man in connection to some disturbing vandalism spotted over the weekend. investigators say th onsi r ying offensive things in the downtown area. he tagged businesses, a historic mural and cars. security cameras caught him.
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that led them to mr. fibs. they sound these clothes resembling those worn by the suspect in the surveillance images. for evacuation orders for bucher county have been listed -- lifted. they are now returning to see what is wrong with -- left of the burns home -- burned homes. restrictions for nonresidents will be listed -- lifted tomorrow. 12 people are dead including one police officer. investigators released the new timeline of the night the shooting took place. the suspect even david -- ian david long fired about 50 rounds. >> we have no indication of
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radicalization. we continue to look to identify any motive. >> multiple witnesses have been interviewed. investigators have not determined a motive for the shooting. president trump is lashing out at robert mueller. his words come one day after being accused of violating a plea agreement. president trump had harsh words for robert mueller tuesday calling him a prosecutor gone rogue. he added the fake news media build him up as a state. he is the exact opposite. he is doing tremendous damage s come iresponse a courfiling f
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>> that means he faces a higher term of incarceration. he also means -- it also means that the prosecutors don't intend to use his information or testimony going forward. >> a former u.s. attorney in new york told cbs that it is unclear what he is accused of lying about. he will no longer be a cooperating witness. he denies he lied. >> reporter: he will likely face the rest of his life in prison. he could still receive a presidential pardon. president trump says he has not ruled that out. >> the plea deal was made in september after being convicted of multiple charges. the charges were unrelated to the trump campaign. back to you. even if he receives a pardon it would not protect him
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from any charges at the state level. >> we have breaking news right now. reports of a possible active shooter at walter reed medical center in maryland. montgomery county police are at the scene investigating. this is a live look from a chopper near the scene taking look at the medical center in maryland. no reports of any injuries. we are hearing that the building is on lockdown right now. we will stay on top of this and bring you updates if warranted. three american service members have been killed in afghanistan. in an explosive device went off. a contractor was wounded as well. no group has claimed responsibility. the taliban has an active presence there. >> president trump is defending the use of teargas in preventing migrants from
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entering the u.s. more than 1000 migrants from central america tried to storm the bottom -- border on sunday. >> they have used nonlethal -- non-lethal force to protect themselves. >> the government is asking the u.s. to conduct a full -- investigation. another successful milestone for nasa. the robotic resident just beamed back its first photos. check these out. you can see dust particles on the camera lens. it will spend two years on a mission studying the interior of the red planet. every year the need grows for our neighbors food donations. we are looking for people to help. we're live in santa rosa with the food for families drive which is underway. i am in the middle of all
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this produce. in you have made it easy for people to come down and help families who are in need. one of the ways you can give is dropping off food right here? >> yes. one way is through these food barrels. any nonperishable food items can go in there. there near the registers. we are collecting nonperishable food items. >> you can also bring cash? >> yes. we collect donations at the register. all the money collected goes back for food for areas families. >> the final way, this is new, nickels for nonprofits. bring your own reusable bag and you can donate your food bag credit back for bay area families. >> all right.
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come on down to whole foods market. we will be back with a special check presentation when we come back. >> all right. pick up some lunch for tomorrow's breakfast. >> all right. let me know what you need. >> all right. facebook gets a grilling. disinformation and fake news from the social media giant. >> another live look outside. track the rain coming to the bay area. hey there people eligible for medicare. gimme one minute...
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welcome back. as we take a look at ocean beach, the rain is definitely coming in. this is the 1st of 2 storms around the area. your full forecast is coming up. facebook is under fire from international politicians. lawmakers from nine different countries grilled richard allen demanding answers from facebook on data privacy, security and safety. facebook executives acknowledged that the company is partly to brain -- blame on how it handled past scandals. they cannot be trusted to police itself is what they are facing. huber has been find $1 million. they did not report
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the breach within 72 hours as required by regulation. let's check wall street. we have about 45 minutes to go before the closing bell and the dallas in green territory. up the rain is here and mary is here with the forecast. >> yes. we are tracking it for you. that light to moderate rain will push across the bay area. this movement so you can see the locations. across the north bay you're getting moderate rain. down through santa rosa and pat aloma, light rain. as we head across the east bay down through brentwood you can see light rain. around san francisco, right along the coast you can see the rain down through pacific up. we're tracking all of that. this is a live look you can see the cloudy and foggy conditions ahead of the rain.
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we're looking at temperatures in the 60s and 50s. concord you are at 50. san jorge -- hose -- san jose is at 54. the ridge of high pressure to our south. we're tracking this low pressure. that is bringing the energy to this pacific northwest. a cold front is pushing down. we are at the tail end of that front. it will push across the area bringing rain. as we go through the rest of the day we can see rain for the bay area. tonight and into tomorrow morning we catch a bit of a break in between systems. this is 6 am tomorrow. light rain. here comes the second storm. this is 8 pm tomorrow. you can see the red and orange colors and even some purple. that indicates a brief and
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heavy downpours. this is stopping the clock here on thursday at 10 am. it does look pretty wet and windy. we're not just talking about the rain, also the snow. a winter storm watch is in effect for the west slope of the sierra nevada. snow levels will be down to 4000 feet -- feet. >> we're looking at 3/4 of an inch of rain and heavy rainfall amounts as we go to the second storm system. we could get two inches of rain. sunset tonight at 4:51. again the second storm will be wednesday night into thursday. heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms. rain again on saturday. every year we partner with community organizations to gather food donations for our neighbors in need. michelle is live in santa rosa with how some big companies are getting involved this year.
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>> yes. big companies including morgan stanley. david lawrence is joining me with a big donation for the food bank. >> yes. we are thrilled to be here today. we offer $25,000 to the food bank for her school pantry program. >>isnt? erare a lot of familie that are food insecure. we would like to change that. we are proud to partner with the food bank. they do amazing work. >> is not only cash, your employees donate time and ours? >> yes. it's a lot of fun for us. we bagged up 50,000 pounds of groceries at the food bank. >> all right. david is joining me now. this is a major donation. what kind of impact will this money have? >> he's being shy. they do more than just donate their time. it is a complete serving.
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nationally and locally we are generous to improve the lives of those in need. >> it's good to see big companies. >> it is leadership. they set the bar for other companies to rise up to. it is exciting. >> david and david, thank you so much. if you would like to give, go to our website, you said you wanted something to bring back for lunch? i go i picked this, protein superfood. it is just for you. >> perfect. >> all right. >> thank you. michelle whiz live in santa rosa. there are so many ways you can give. you can head to our website if you want to help out. go to . we will be right back after this.
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we have an update on that breaking news situation at walter reed medical center in maryland. authorities now say there is no indication of an active shooter there. it was placed on lockdown. police issued an all clear after hearing the basement of that
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building. >> when you fly you may prefer sitting in a window seat. one day passenger sitting anywhere on a plane could choose their own view. there are planes equipped with monitors that look like windows. images are relayed from outside the plane as if you were sitting in a window seat. the president says the technology opens the possibility of building airplanes with no windows in the cabinet all. >> they are lighter. the aircraft will go faster. they will use less fuel. >> that could bring down the cost of flying because they are cheaper to make.>> we will be right back. we'll be right back with more news, weather and sports. you're watching kpix.
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tonight, an amazing display of generosity. a man who donated from paradise school is giving $1000 to each student today. i go the other big story is the rain. >> we are tracking that for you. we will give you one more look at this. we are tracking light to moderate rain across the north bay. moderate rain down to santa rosa this is the first storm system of the week. it is the weaker one. then a stronger storm system will be wednesday night into thursday. heavy rain, strong winds and a brief heavy downpour with the
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second store. we asked for rain and we got it. >> we want to say hello to the newest member ofmily. jackie ward welcomed her baby boy. meet camden. he was born thanksgiving morning. he was four weeks early. he weighed six pounds three ounces. he is 19 inches long. look at that. everyone is doing well. they are doing time at home. of sleep. going to lose out welcome to the club. >> what a cutie. >> all right. have a great afternoon, everybody. >>
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>> taylor: it just keeps playing over and over in my mind. >> steffy: okay. what can i do to help? you can't let this consume you. >> taylor: i shot a man, steffy. i almost killed bill spencer. >> steffy: but he's alive. you've done so much work to rehabilitate yourself since then. >> taylor: i have. i've -- i've been going to therapy. i'm doing everything i can to heal and rehabilitate myself, but that doesn't stop what i remember. i keep reliving going to bill's house that night and -- and picking up his gun. it'sri it haunts if ha his min arge.effy:s go that he does?


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