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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 30, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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powerful storms leaving a muddy mess all over california and more is on the way. >> and with a plea deal from president trump's former personal attorney, what it could tell us about the russia investigation. good morning, it is friday, november 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 right now. we'll get a chance to dry off today before another round of rain to start the weekend. as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge from our "salesforce tower" camera, clear conditions right now. the wet weather just adding to the misery in butte county where yesterday's storm forced new evacuations with yet another one on the way. >> so many people from paradise who, you know, were obviously evacuated out of there were staying in certain areas that were evacuated yesterday. just feel for people up there. >> yeah. they do not need anything else. and they are going to get a break for today thankfully so and all for northern california as they are catching a breather in between
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storms and then another weather system moves in. there will be a weaker one for the start of the weekend. and i'll talk about this coming up. a live look with our san jose camera under clear skies this morning. temperatures around 52 in concord. oakland 54. livermore at 48. 46 for santa rosa. breezy to windy conditions. half moon bay 20-mile-per-hour winds. 12 at sfo. 24 four downtown san francisco with west-northwest winds looking at 17 in san rafael, looking at 12-mile-per-hour winds in berkeley and 15 for novato. weather headlines, a break and a breather from the rain today. mostly to partly sunny skies. the next storm system rolls in, this is going to be a fast moving storm system for rain tomorrow morning. it's going to be a weak storm. pushing in. and then moving out very quickly so a dry saturday afternoon and looking at
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clearing and then mostly sunny for sunday. we are going to time it all out for you on futurecast taking you hour by hour through today and the weekend coming up. now let's check in with gianna for a look at traffic this morning. >> metering lights were turned on about half an hour ago at the bay bridge and traffic is getting very busy as you commute out of oakland into san francisco. a live look at the toll plaza. you are stacked up through there. drive time not bad 15 minutes from the maze to the central freeway. you're not quite backed up to the maze just yet. but almost. traffic of course a little busy until you get past those metering lights. then you're clear across the upper deck into the city. taking a look at the eastshore freeway, in the green, "friday light." no accidents along 80 this morning. highway 4 down at the maze about 16 minutes for your drive time as you head through there. we have a hit-and-run crash minor accident westbound 580 at grant line. that's a busy area anyway for all those folks making their way westbound from 205 from the altamont pass clears up
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past the accident with no delays toward the dublin interchange. new evacuations in butte county. deputies went door to door yesterday telling people to get out. >> the water is coming up so we want to make sure we get everybody out that we can. >> some places got up to 2 inches of rain in just an hour yesterday afternoon. mostly between chico and paradise. crews brought in rafts to get people out. many of the rescues were in chico where some evacuees have been staying since the town of paradise was destroyed. more help is on the way for the victims of the "camp fire." anne makovec reports from concord. >> reporter: yes. i'm here at the contra costa solano food bank and here are some of the supplies behind me that they are packing up in a truck you can see boxes and boxes of supplies on the way to oroville. the truck is set to leave at about 6:30 this morning. it should arrive at 10 a.m.
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with lots of supplies to help some of the people that were evacuated because of the "camp fire." we are talking about disaster boxes with things like flashlights and first aid kids, produce, snacks, bread and some specialty items things specifically requested by the evacuees who registered for them on amazon. i'm here with one of the workers who is putting this together. thank youthank you for what you do every day. >> this is a great operation. we serve a lot of people and help a lot of people. i started 20 years ago. it was only homeless and unemployed. today working families need help. >> reporter: so that is something that, you know, when we hear about people who lost it all, you to, that's giving them hope from somebody who had this whole thing to
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yourself. >> that's very sad. we worked at a rescue. we were getting stuff ready to take up. >> reporter: in conjunction with the other area food banks, a joint effort. >> yes. so we communicate with each other, what have you got? let's get it take it to people. >> reporter: keep up with your work. >> thank you. >> reporter: come over here, brian, if you would. we're going to continue to watch them pack up this truck. it's going to leave at 6:30 this morning. this food bank did the same thing after the wine country wildfires. so again, it is a joint bay area effort to send him. it's on the way. in southern california they are keeping an eye out for dangerous debris flows like this one. this was the scene in at the holy fire area. the same in riverside county. mud was carried down into lake elsinore. even people living outside the
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mandatory evacuation zones haven't been spared. >> something hit this back door and it slammed over and mud came in. i ran out. i opened our main garage here and then just a wall of water just came rushing through. not really much of a sound, just more of a shock actually. >> we're not the last-minute people. we are so far from it! it just happened so fast. >> thankfully, there have been no reports of significant injuries or widespread damage in the area. they are still getting snow in the sierra this morning. this is a live look at i-80 at donner lake where snow has been falling on and off all night. you can see some of the crews out there. caltrans has blocked all the lanes except for one so a lot of snow on the road to clear. more than of foot of new snow has fallen at resorts in tahoe. as for the roads, caltrans has
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crews out plowing what they can but with another storm coming tonight, driving anywhere in the sierra could be very difficult. for all the latest information on the conditions and the seven-day forecast, head to get alerts and warnings for your neighborhood. president trump is in south america for the g20 summit this morning and back at home a surprise guilty plea from his former personal attorney is raising new questions about the trump organization's ties to russia. yesterday, michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress. he admitted to misleading lawmakers about talks to potentially build a trump tower in moscow. he told congress negotiations on the project ended in january of 2016. cohen now says discussions continued into june when president trump had wrapped up the votes needed to secure the republican presidential nomination. >> it means that when the president was representing during the campaign that he
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had no business interests in russia, that that wasn't true. >> if anything the president is true that there's no there, there, why are close associate's being found guilty of lying about "their" ties to russia? >> the president denies all accusations. he says if the project in moscow did move forward, there wouldn't have been an issue. >> even if he was right, it doesn't matter! i was allowed to do whatever i wanted during the campaign. i was running my business, a lot of different things during the campaign. >> cohen is scheduled to be sentenced on december 12th. time now 6:08. in just a few hours, some lock awaited improvements will be unveiled at a san francisco bart station. details on the $18 million project. >> and a tesla driver is facing serious trouble this morning. the strange sighting officers say led to his arrest. i am a family man.
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saving people money on car insurance. good morning. it is going to be a good day across the bay area with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. here's a live look with our "salesforce tower" camera looking north at the golden gate go. we are tracking another weather system to roll in for at least parts of the weekend. we'll detail it out for you coming up. this week's rain has caused concern near yosemite national park an area hit by fire last summer leaving the area susceptible to mudslides. 140 between mariposa and yosemite was closed after mud and debris washed on the road.
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it's not clear yet when it will re-open. this morning, marriott says hackers may have stolen the personal information of 500 million guests. that includes customers who stayed at the sheraton, weston and the w. the security breach affects customers who booked hotels on or before september 10th. marriott says it's taking measures to investigate. 6:13. we are following some breaking news in palo alto this morning. police there are trying to figure out whether a suspected drunk driver was using the autopilot feature on his tesla to try to help him get to his destination. the chp saying that it started with an attempted traffic stop on southbound 101 around 3:30 this morning. officers say that that's when they noticed that the driver was apparently asleep behind the wheel. one patrol car got in front of the tesla and then gradually slowed down and attempted to stop it. officers say that the driver then woke up. he was taken into custody after allegedly failing a field sobriety test.
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today bart is celebrating the completion of major upgrades to one of its san francisco bart stations. a ribbon-cutting event is planned at 11 a.m. for the completion of the balboa park east side connection project. features include a new covered house and pedestrian bridge to improve accessibility. crews began work on the $18.7 million project in may 2015. also happening today another bay area holiday tradition gets under way this evening with the annual tree lighting ceremony at oakland's jack london square. organizers say that the mount shasta fir has 5,000 lights, 600 ornaments and they promise live performances and tap dancing christmas trees at this evening's extravaganza. it's scheduled from 5:00 to 8:00 at jack london square. tap dancing trees? what's that? >> sounds fun. >> sounds like fun. i'm ready to decorate my tree.
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how about you? >> already done. >> wow. >> i'm behind. >> this weekend. >> definitely. >> i want pictures. >> i will put it on social media. absolutely. all right. right now, if you are out the door, the good news is it is fright "friday light." we have a crash right around whipple. looks like chp just reporting this southbound 101 in the center divide and it's green so okay speeds for the most part. southbound side 51 miles per hour which is the non-commute direction so shouldn't affect your drive too much 15 minutes from burlingame to university avenue. it is in the center divide so a slight visual distraction. chp working on this accident 280 past bird avenue a vehicle facing wrong way in the center divide. looks like it's causing problems here just some slight slowing. slow conditions on 280 there, as well.
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once you get past that, 11 minutes, 680101 towards highway 85. really our own hot spot in the south bay has been that commute out of morgan hill. it's still slow in the red. you have a lot of brake lights from tennant to cochran. that's an 11-minute drive time but north 101 from hellyer to san antonio avenue that's only 23 minutes. and no delays right now westbound 237 between 880 and 101. speaking of 880, here's a live look at the nimitz freeway. southbound 238 down to decoto road busy 15-minute drive time northbound slow through hayward but it's dry today. here's the forecast. after that much-needed rain it's also nice to catch a bit of a break and sunshine, as well. 40s and 50s this morning. our winds we're tracking that for you this morning looking
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at 20-mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay. 12 at sfo. 24 in downtown san francisco with a west-northwest wind. looking at 12 in berkeley. 17 in san rafael there and 15- mile-per-hour winds in novato. so breezy to windy conditions this morning. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies as we head through the afternoon with near normal daytime highs. and the rain comes back as early as tomorrow morning. this is going to be a fast- moving weather system. a weak front pushes through saturday morning. we dry out very quickly as we head through saturday afternoon. for sunday, as well. the satellite-radar view again a break from the rain today. here's our next weather system. the brunt of the energy will be for the pacific northwest. that is going to to send a weak front. we'll be at the tail end of that front and that's why we are looking at some rain for saturday morning. dry today. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. here we go late tonight. this is at 11 p.m. stopping the clock you can see
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that rain for the for north bay pushing in across the rest of the bay area overnight into tomorrow morning. this is at 5 a.m. and then as we go through 9 a.m. you can see some scattered showers for tomorrow. some brief heavy downpours are possible but for saturday in the afternoon, looking at dry conditions and clearing and we'll see sun for sunday. talking about snow up in the sierra, a winter storm warning tonight through saturday night. so for the west slopes of the northern sierra nevada and including tahoe, snow level down to 5,000 feet. the highest peaks up to 2 feet of snow. so treacherous travel there up in the sierra. sunrise at 7:05. sunset at 4:51. daytime highs today looking at 57 in san francisco and san rafael. 50s and 60s in the area today.
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saturday morning rain. saturday afternoon clearing. drier conditions sunday and monday looking nice. and then another storm system moves in on tuesday with that rain as well as for wednesday. let's check in with dennis. steph curry did not lace them up last night in toronto. could the warriors beat the raptors without him? and why canadian rapper drake was demanding kd's jersey after the game. we'll take it off, yes, next! >> taking another live look outside at the city of san francisco city. we'll be right back.
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no curry, no draymond still a litter in toronto in what some believe could be a preview of the nba finals. kevin durant saved a bet. toronto led in the early going. leonard with a team-high 37, raptors by nine at the half. everybody watched the durant show. pulled up from steph range at the end of the third, 8-point toronto lead. fourth quarter warriors down by 3. the clock is winding down. they're not going to, kd, 3! he hit the three! >> i guess they gave him the towel. we go to overtime. warriors 5 of 14 turnovers in overtime and it cost them. danny green three. the raptors win 131-128. durant scored 51. just don't call it a moral victory for the warriors. >> all i know is that we judge our guys on effort and how hard we play together.
6:24 am
and we did that tonight. but there are no moral victories for the golden state warriors. they were dancing in big t where the saints went marching out. 3-0 dallas when elliott look at the block from smith down goes frasier! that sprung elliott, 16-yard score and 10-0 cowboys. drew brees passed for just 127 yards picked up by jordan lewis. the saints average 36 points a game. last night they scored just 10 and fell to 10-2. don't look now but dallas leads the nfc east! the 49ers are hoping for an upset sunday in seattle. it will be richard sherman's first time in the northwest as a visiting player. let's just say he is not sending any christmas cards to seahawks quarterback russell wilson. >> what's your relationship with russell? >> um, i don't really have a relationship with russell. we were teammates. we played during a very special time for the franchise.
6:25 am
>> and speaking of relationships, it's fairly obvious that jon gruden has one with the back page of the sporting green. the chiefs are favored by 14.5 against the raiders and gruden picked up the numbers. >> we're just concentrating on getting better. we know what the point spread is. and, um, we know what we're up against. we're anxious to compete. that's all i can say. >> and when was the last time a coach acknowledged a point spread? 14.5 doesn't come close to the highest nfl spread in the last decade in fact. the broncos were 26.5 favorite over jacksonville in 2013. new england 20.5. seattle just under that against the jags, as well. so that's a moral victory for the oakland raiders. and by the way, the raiders and chiefs sunday right here on the "big 5". i'll see you on the "5th quarter" immediately following the rater football game. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a --immediately following the raider football game. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend.
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6:25. in southern california, this morning they are surveying the damage after desperate efforts to stop mudslides closing in on some pricy homes. we'll take a closer look at what they're dealing with. >> and help is on the way to the people affected by the "camp fire" up north. it is coming from right here in the bay area. i'm live at a food bank where a truck is heading out. >> and let's head outside once again as we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. clear conditions, drier roads, but there is rain on the way. mary will have that when we come back.
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pg&e faces a new lawsuit in connection with the deadliest fire in state history as many "camp fire" evacuees are still in tents and shelters. >> and tensions between the ukraine and russia continue to escalate adding to fears of an all-out war. good morning, it is friday, november 30th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we are getting a break in the rain this morning before it returns for the weekend. let's check outside. this is the city of san jose. it took some of power lines down. that's about five miles northwest of calistoga. i'm glad we're going to see sunny skies for this afternoon. >> i'm ready. >> it was great to have it. picked up a lot. one to two inches of rain yesterday with our storm and now we are going to see some sunshine. first of all i want to show
6:31 am
you this san jose cam just because i love it so much. san francisco 53. san jose at 52. santa rosa at 46. tracking the winds this morning, they are looking at breezy to windy conditions. 20-mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay. 12 at sfo. 24 in downtown san francisco with west-northwest winds 12 in berkeley, 17 for san rafael, 16-mile-per-hour winds for you in novato. so breezy to windy conditions. a break from the rain today with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies but our next storm system rolls in. this is a fast mover. it's also going to be a weaker system, as well. we are talking about rain tomorrow morning. but we dry out very quickly for saturday afternoon with some clearing and then that sunshine for sunday. we are going to time it out on futurecast taking you hour by hour today through the weekend coming up. let's check in with gianna for
6:32 am
traffic. thank you, mary. your morning commute is getting busier this morning. we got a couple of new crashes into the traffic center. one along the peninsula and one along 880 in fremont. so let's start there. we are seeing delays because of both crashes. 880 southbound side right at thornton avenue, one lane is blocked for this crash. you have a lot of activity there on scene. a line of delays behind it so some red and yellow which means slow speeds as you head through there. southbound 880 your drive time now is up to about 22 minutes if you are traveling between 238 to highway 8 4. so do plan for that this morning if you plan on traveling through fremont. now, if you are going across the dumbarton to 101, we have a wind advisory in effect for the dumbarton bridge. across the span not too bad. 101 right around here looks good. we have reports of an accident north of there. south 101 past holly street blocking two lanes. speeds down to 15 miles per hour. delays building just past that holly street off-ramp. so san carlos into redwood
6:33 am
city, might be slow this morning. your drive time 18 minutes from burlingame down to university avenue. that's a look at your morning drive. flash flooding forcing evacuations in butte county less than one month after the historic "camp fire." rivers of water washed out roads. deputies evacuated more people in the storm. this morning, bay area food banks are mobilizing to help those impacted communities. >> kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from concord. >> reporter: from the fire to the threat of mudslides, thousands of people need so much help right now up north. and there's a truck headed here from the contra costa solano food bank. it just left about five minutes ago heading to oroville with a lot of help for those people. it's set to arrive at 10 a.m. let check some of the workers packing things up here
6:34 am
yesterday. among these supplies included in this shipment, disaster boxes with things like flashlights and first aid kits, produce, snacks, bread and specialty items requested specifically by the evacuees. >> so feeding america set up a wish list for amazon for our food bank and donors purchased the items and amazon delivered them to our warehouse and we take them to oroville. >> reporter: this food bank is the lead agency for this effort in conjunction with other bay area food banks. they did the same thing last year after the wine country wildfires. they say this -- the truck that left this morning was the first truck of many on the way to help. live in concord, anne makevoc, kpix 5. according to reports, 35 families who lost everything in the "camp fire" are suing pg&e. they accuse the utility of failing to maintain their equipment which resulted in the deadliest fire in california history.
6:35 am
earlier this month pg&e admitted that two fires happened near pg&e power lines in the "camp fire" burn zone. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. back to storm watch, rainy conditions are also causing trouble in southern california. crews raced to clear rocks and debris last night. residents also jumped into action. many chose to protect their homes with sandbags in an effort to slow the mud flow. >> the county came out and told us because of this road behind us, it's coming right down our driveway that sandbags weren't enough so they recommended a timber and sandbag barrier. >> no major damage was reported by the time flood warnings and watches expired. wildfires make areas more prone to flooding and mudslides. and for years, charred soil tends to repel water allowing even half an inch of rainfall to flow quickly enough to create dangerous damaging conditions. a live look now at the g20 summit in buenos aires,
6:36 am
argentina, which is starting today. president trump is there with other heads of state from the world's leading economies as people enter this room before that meeting starts. earlier today, president trump, as well as the presidents of mexico and canada signed their any trade deal. the so-called usmca is intended to replace nafta. the new deal's framework was agreed to in september. it has to be approved by the senate. president trump has canceled a planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin at the g20. the president said his decision is in response to russia's seizing ukranian naval vessels on sunday. the conflict between the two nations continues to escalate this morning. ukraine's president announced that russian men between 16 and 60 will be barred from
6:37 am
traveling into ukraine. the va opens a medical facility, call the va san jose community based outpatient clinic opening tomorrow on silver creek valley place. time check 6:36. many california cities have moved to limit sales of flavored tobacco and now a widespread ban is in the works. we'll have the details. >> and three people are dead after a chase involving border patrol agents. how they say it happened. >> taking a look at wall street right now, the dow is down just a bit about 52 points. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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good morning. it is going to be a beautiful day across the bay area. check out this sunrise. isn't that spectacular? with those golden colors in the sky.
6:41 am
hopefully it brings a smile to your face. we are tracking a weather system that will bring the rain. we detail it on futurecast coming up. thank you. 6:40 right now. be sure to leave extra travel time in your weekend plans if you are going to the sierra. this is 80 at soda springs where snow has been falling. you can see a lot of the road there still looking dangerous. no cars there now. rain is causing even more problems at a shelter at the u.s./mexico border. more than 6,000 central americans are being housed at a municipal complex in tijuana. what little they have is now soaked, drenched blankets, shoes and children's books are just scattered around the encampment. it could be weeks or months before the central americans get into the united states and request asylum. in southern california,
6:42 am
high-speed chase involving border patrol ended with three people dead. border patrol agents were chasing a pickup truck carrying 11 people last night in san diego. when agents laid spike strips on the freeway, the pickup loves control and rolled 25 feet down an embankment. three people were killed. the others were taken to the hospital. 6:42. there's a lot happening at this year's g20 summit in argentina. this morning, the u.s., canada and mexico signed a new trade deal. and this weekend, president trump is set to speak with china. so what does this all mean for wall street? >> joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. that meeting scheduled for saturday night between president trump and china's president xi jinping is critical. there is some hope that the two will reach a trade deal. the trade war between the two countries is increasingly showing its effects.
6:43 am
china's economy has showed signs of slowing including weaker manufacturing activity last month, weakening auto sales and in the u.s., we have seen the stock market be volatile with worries. president trump has threatened to put tariffs on the remaining $257 billion in chinese imports. that would include a wide range of consumer products including the iphone. that particular story has hurt apple's stock in recent weeks. the market is in wait and see mode before the mode so the market is down a little after yesterday's slight losses. let's go to the big board. shares of apple down by a .5%. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:43. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this
6:44 am
morning." bianna golodryga joins us from new york. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday to you, michelle. ahead on cbs this morning, your check-in process at the airport could mean shorter wait times. we are at the first fully biometric terminal. also on how an experimental birth control for men could be a breakthrough option for contraception. and only on "cbs this morning" a chef is in studio 57 to discuss his restaurant being named number one in the world. see you at 7:00. >> it's fancy. >> it is. >> thank you. 6:44. some california cities and counties have banned sales of flavored tobacco products. now some lawmakers are calling
6:45 am
for a statewide ban. six legislators led by state senator jerry hill of san mateo are proposing a statewide law that would ban store and vending machine sales of flavored tobacco and ecigarettes. tobacco products now come in a wide variety of flavors like cotton candy and cinnamon roll. hill says the products are targeted to young people and has this message for those making and selling such products. >> they ought to be ashamed of themselves if what they are doing it trying to addict the next generation of californians or americans for that matter. they should be shamed of themselves. >> if past the bill would still allow online, mail and phone sales if the buyer proves he is over 21. kpix 5 called several smoke shops for comment but no one wanted to comment. 6:45. yesterday, we saw a lot of wet roads, a lot of accidents, closures. how is it this morning? a lot dryer. >> much better. what a difference a day makes. it makes the commute easier. there are a couple of accidents out there.
6:46 am
we are getting reports of a new one on the san mateo bridge as you work your way across the span there on that westbound side. blocking at least one lane. so that's slowing you down just a little bit across the span. hopefully they will clear that quickly. a wind advisory also in effect for the san mateo bridge as well as the dumbarton bridge. you might try that instead of the san mateo bridge. 25 minutes between 880 and 101. towards the peninsula we go, northbound 101 looking pretty good into san francisco. southbound 101 though an accident near holly street delays through ralston so slow conditions. speeds down to 18 miles an hour. we are going to zoom up and let you look at 280 in the green. so that's probably your best bet instead of using 101 until they clear the crash out of the road. let's head over across the bay to fremont if you are working your way southbound 880 this morning. or you plan to around the avenue, had a crash blocking lanes now cleared to the
6:47 am
shoulder so some good news there. however, still slow. 22 minutes now from 238 to decoto road. keep that in mind into fremont this morning. here's a live look at 880 near paseo grand. traffic is stacking up along the nimitz. busy out of hayward through oakland. bay bridge metering lights are on. 25 minutes now from the maze into san francisco. to the central freeway slow as you work your way just coming off the eastshore freeway into the maze. it's busy across the upper deck into the city, as well. westbound 80 eastshore freeway powell street you can see traffic really stacking up there as folks make that trek out of oakland into -- out of berkeley, emeryville into san francisco. westbound highway 4 to the maze that's 28 minutes now for your drive time. better news in the south bay. we had a crash here. 280 at bird avenue is gone. but still slow northbound of 280. some delays in downtown san jose. north 101 also busy. bulk of the delays are yerba buena towards tully road. how's this for a sunrise?
6:48 am
just gorgeous on our sutro cam looking east with that golden glow. the sky just lit up this morning. spectacular as we start off the day. temperatures on the cooler side compared to yesterday morning for sure. concord at 52. oakland 54. livermore 48. san jose 53. san jose 52. santa rosa 46. you heard gianna talking about the winds. let's track them for you. 20-mile-per-hour winds at half moon bay with a northwest wind there. sfo 12 looking at 24-mile-per- hour winds in downtown san jose 17 in san rafael and 12- mile-per-hour winds in berkeley. so breezy to windy conditions this morning. here's what you can expect. we are looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. near normal daytime highs today. the rain returns with a quick moving system saturday morning drying out very quickly though for saturday afternoon. and looking at that sun for sunday. the satellite-radar view, there's that low pressure system that will bring the rain. now, it will bring a lot of
6:49 am
rain to the pacific northwest. it's going to send a front our way. we'll be on the tail end of that front so it's a weak system. talking just about a tenth to half inch of rain for saturday morning there. for today enjoy the sunshine. we are looking at 3 p.m. you can see dry conditions with that clearing. as we go through 10, 11 p.m. there, especially up across the far north bay, looking at a few showers moving in. and then overnight into tomorrow morning, we'll see the rain. this is at 5 a.m. stopping the clock for tomorrow there. as we head through saturday at 9 a.m., scattered showers and then in the afternoon, 3 p.m., you can see that clearing, drier conditions saturday afternoon and evening into sunday. but for today, looking at daytime highs again right around where we should be for this time of year. looking at 60 for cupertino there. 59 in sunnyvale as well as for campbell, morgan hill 59. 50s and 60s in the area today.
6:50 am
>> noon saturday in berkeley, stanford against cal, clearing skies temperatures in the 50s. mid-50s there. so again, we are getting that breather, that break from the rain today with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. light rain saturday morning, clearing through saturday afternoon through sunday and monday. and then another weather system tuesday and wednesday. in los angeles this morning, a hate crime investigation is under way. someone spray-painted swastikases on the faces of prominent "black panther"
6:51 am
members on a iconic community mural on the main strip in south los angeles and was discovered yesterday morning by a passerby. local leaders came together quickly and the symbols were cleaned up within hours after they were discovered. lapd says they believe this was an isolated incident. football suspect in a brutal bar fight -- the final suspect in a brutal bar fight in napa turned himself in. james faulkenberry was one of two men who beat a woman this month at stone's sports bar. the other suspect juan rojas also surrendered. the victim right now is okay. time now 6:51. new video shows the moment that tesla driver was taken into custody this morning. the bizarre incident that officers say came minutes before the arrest. >> reporter: help is on the way from the bay area to people affected butte county county wildfires. coming up, we'll take a look at some of the things now on the road. what's a gig of data?
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and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. i'm anne makovec at concord at the contra costa county solano food bank where a big truck just left with supplies on their way to help the thousands of people affected by the big wildfires in butte county. here's a look at some of the workers here packing up these supplies yesterday. included in the shipment first aid kid, produce, snacks,
6:56 am
specialty items specifically requested by the evacuees who registered on amazon. >> we're bringing up food weekly to the partner agency to help with disaster relief in partnership with the other bay area food banks. >> reporter: they did the same thing last year after the wine country wildfires. the truck that took off a half- hour ago is the first of many going to the area, that one will arrive in oroville at 10 a.m. anne makovec kpix 5. time for your "final 5." >> first fire, now floods. flash flooding in butte county has forced people to evacuate yet again. rivers of water eclipsed entire roads. butte county sheriff's deputies evacuated people door to door. it's unclear the number of evacuees but the water rescues have been in chico where many of the wildfire evacuees have been staying since the fire ripped through paradise. there are no reports of
6:57 am
major damage in southern california where stormy weather also caused mudslides concerns in areas scarred by recent wildfires. still, a lot of people are preparing for the worst with months of the rainy season left to go. >> in palo alto, this morning, the highway patrol says officers used patrol cars to slow down and stop a tesla after in thing the driver, 45- year-old alexander, appeared to be asleep at the wheel. he failed a field sobriety test and they are trying to determine if he was using autopilot a live look now from argentina where the g20 summit is kicking off today. this is a look at the stage there. president trump is being joined by heads of state from the world's leading economies and this is a live look at that meeting room. today mr. trump already signed a new trade deal with the president of mexico and canada's prime minister, intended to replace nafta. happening today, the annual tree lighting ceremony
6:58 am
at oakland's jack london square. the event will also include live musical performances. it starts at 5:00 tonight. taking a look at the roads, we start off with a look at hills day. traffic is backed up because we have an accident south of here really causing a problem. two lanes south 101, past holly street, you can see 280 a better choice. use that as an alternate. crash northbound 87 past capitol expressway blocking a lane. slow there. busy on 280 through downtown san jose. accident on the san mateo bridge cleared over to the right shoulder. busy across the span. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on, 31 minutes from the maze to san francisco. golden gate bridge no delays. nice conditions out of marin county this morning from 580 down into san francisco. about 15 minutes. busy on the richmond/san rafael bridge. check out this stunning
6:59 am
sunrise. just something to put a smile on your face as we start off the day. so lucky to be living here in the bay area with these beautiful views. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s with breezy windy conditions. it's going to be a very pleasant day across the bay area with sunny skies. 57 in san francisco and fremont. 58 in oakland. vallejo at 59. looking at 60 in santa rosa as well as for san jose. so enjoy this break from the rain today. we are tracking a weak weather system and that will bring the rain for saturday morning but drying out very quickly after that with clearing for saturday afternoon. looking good for sunday and monday. and then rain back in the forecast with another weather system for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> yesterday i told my daughter, mary's forecasting rain on saturday. she said, no! not the week! no! not the weekend! >> just a little saturday
7:00 am
morning. >> we get a break today. >> yes. >> thanks for watching, your next local update is 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, november 30th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the russia investigation takes a step forward. president trump's former fixer cohen pleads guilty about lying to congress. what new details disclosed could mean for the president and his family. chilling new video shows the moment chris watts told his father he killed his pregnant wife. >> plus, imagine checking in using your face instead of your passport. i side the first fully bio


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