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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 30, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PST

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morning. >> we get a break today. >> yes. >> thanks for watching, your next local update is 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, november 30th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the russia investigation takes a step forward. president trump's former fixer cohen pleads guilty about lying to congress. what new details disclosed could mean for the president and his family. chilling new video shows the moment chris watts told his father he killed his pregnant wife. >> plus, imagine checking in using your face instead of your passport. i side the first fully bio
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metric terminal. >> award winning chef and co-owner of the best restaurant in the world reflects on his friendship with anthony bourdain. plus, the one ingredient every home cook needs in the kitchen. first, a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> because he's a weak person and not a very smart person. michael cohen is lying and he's trying to get a reduced sentence. >> the president's former attorney pleads guilty to lying to congress. >> cohen says he lied out of loyalty and wanted to be consistent with trump's message. >> mike flynn, papadopoulos, cohen, everybody is lying about russia. >> president trump arrived in argentina for the g-20 summit. the president canceled a planned meeting with russian president putin. >> heavy rain hit areas of california scarred by wildfires. >> water's a different animal than fire but just as dangerous. >> a new jersey man charged with
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murdering his brother's family. >> the motive, money. >> the most brutal case i've seen. >> mar "has revealed a data breech. >> this has been ongoing since 2014. >> all that. >> most people call robbie but you can call me any time. >> he goes and hits the shot. >> all that matters. >> 9-year-old riley wrote a letter to steph curry asking why his shoes are not available in girl sizes. the golden state warrior telling riley he's remarketing the shoes for girls too. >> everybody wants them. >> on "cbs this morning." >> gigantic cow towering over the heard, turns out it's neither a cow, nor a giant. >> it's actually a steer and the cattle that surround it usually come in around 4.5 feet. right now, i am breaking thing news of the next heart warming animal sensation, all hail big
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dog, the biggest of big dogs. >> this morning's eye opener, presented by toyota, let's go places. >> and welcome to "cbs this morning." happy friday to everybody. we should let you know, john is on assignment. he's speaking to retiring senator bob corker. you can see part of that interview tonight on the evening news and more here on monday. gayle, she's climbing the globe, she's in south africa for the global citizens festival. so vladimir duthiers of our streaming network cbsn is here. >> good to be here. >> good to see our colleagues always working. traveling the globe. all right, lots of news. president trump is at the g-20 summit in buenos aires where he's still thinking about robert mueller. just moments before taking the stage with argentina's president, mr. trump sent another tweet attacking the
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special counsel's russia investigation. his former lawyer michael cohen revealed he is cooperating with mueller after a surprise guilty plea yesterday. cohen admitted he lied to congress to be consistent with his political messaging. cohen's plea deal is the biggest development in mueller's year and a half long investigation yet. mueller has now secured guilty pleas from five men connected to the president or his campaign. paula reid is covering the mueller probe. she has been very busy. >> reporter: good morning. sources tell cbs news president trump was told in advance about cohen preparing to enter a plea deal with robert mueller. this may help explain why the president appeared especially agitated all week, lashing out against the investigation on a daily basis. >> he's a weak person. not a very smart person. >> reporter: president trump reacted sharply to news of michael cohen admitting he lied to congress. >> what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence so he's lying about a project that everybody
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knew about. >> reporter: in august of last year, cohen told congress a plan to build a trump tower moscow was under consideration from september 2015 until the end of january 2016. but on thursday, cohen revealed candidate trump continued to pursue the moscow project until june of 2016. long after he had essentially secured the republican nomination. raising questions to the extent which the president's business empire was entangleled with his political ambition. a month later, mr. trump posed this question. >> wouldn't it be a great thing if we could actually get along with russia? >> reporter: now it's not just political -- >> mr. cohen has cooperated. >> reporter: on thursday it became personal. cohen court documents mentioned as late as june 2016 he discussed the status of the moscow project with mr. trump on more than three occasions. and briefed family members. >> michael cohen is lying. >> reporter: as the investigation gets closer to the trump family, the president is
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defiant. >> even if he was right, it doesn't matter, because i was allowed to do whatever i wanted during the campaign. i was running my business. >> reporter: but the pressure is building. >> lying to congress is a serious offense. >> reporter: as he faces a soon to be democrat-led house of representatives. >> suspect there are more dealings that the president wants hidden. >> reporter: the signal thursday, there's more to come. >> we need to look into, among other thing, the allegations that the russians have been laundering money through the trump organization. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news part of the president's written answers to mueller included a description of the moscow project that was in line with cohen. the special counsel did not ask about the timing of those discussions. >> let's separation the political from the legal. would it have been legal to work on a business deal in another country? >> nothing illegal about these preliminary discussions which begs the question, why lie about them?
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this fall also into the larger pattern. with so many trump campaign associates lying about their contacts with russia, that were orwise legal. cohen, flynn, manafort, gates, papadopoulos and former attorney general jeff sessions. and the special counsel is looking at all of these contacts at a time when russia was trying to sabotage the u.s. election. this goes beyond pr spin trying to distance from russia. these are people lying to congress or federal investigators, risking jail time to lie about these contacts. the big question is why. >> totally different thing to lie to mueller. >> exactly, you can lie to the press, you cannot lie to the fbi. >> paula, thank you. as we mentioned, the president is in buenos aires at the g-20 and just signed a new trade agreement with canada and mexico. it was just one of several critical meetings. his decision to cancel talks with russia president vladimir putin is making headlines. major garrett is at the summit in buenos aires.
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>> reporter: good morning. president trump abruptly cancelled two meetings scheduled here with vladimir putin. doing so on his way here. just moments after telling reporters on the south lawn of the white house those meetings were still on. the reason, u.s. displeasure over russian seizing last weekend over ukrainian sailing vessels and sailors. the most brazen act on president trump's watch. putin for his part just arrived here and moscow said this morning it believes these meetings were canceled for, quote, domestic reasons, unquote, in the united states. back on ukraine, german chancellor angela merkel to confront putin while here at the g-20 over this act of aggression. president trump's schedule remained scattered. former talks with leaders of turkey and south korea upgraded and whether or not the president interacted at all with the saudi prince remains an open question.
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the crown prince here at the g-20 likely to receive a very frosty reception in the aftermath of the kingdom admitting it killed khashoggi. today is a holiday here. large-scale protests against the g-20 and globalization are expect eed streets. security is very tight. and the summit site is barricaded and blocks away from the designated protest zone. >> not your typical g-20 summit. a lot to pay attention to. major garrett, thank you. we have some breaking news this morning on another huge the marriott hotel chain says it's investigating an unauthorized access of its starwood reservation system that may have put information from 500 million guests at risk. it includes addresses, dates of birth and passport numbers. marriott says it will notify all of those customers who are affected and it has also set up a dedicated website and call
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center that will answer questions, the company says it learned the unauthorized access has been going on since 2014. thousands of people in california are under evacuation orders this morning because of rushing floodwaters and mudslides. some areas are already digging up from the muck and debris. people affected are most at risk of having their homes destroyed. carter evans is in malibu, one of the cities hit by those recent wildfires. carter, good morning. >> good morning. we got a solid day of rain and more is on the way and that's a concern in burn areas like this because in the mountains around here, there's really nothing left to hold the dirt in place. now, heavy uppours across southern california prompted flash flood warnings and mandatory evacuations for about 4,000 homes. once the rain slowed, piles of mud, ash and debris blocked some roads. highways were slick. there were a lot of accidents.
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this area is not used to so much rain at once. in northern california, many affected by the deadly camp fire forced to evacuate again, this time because of rising floodwaters. first responders had to rescue several in butte county. a los angeles firefighter rescued a man clinging to a tree in the rushing water of the l.a. river. he was later treated for hypothermia. now, we should get a break from the rain for a while. but there is more rain expected. the good news, this storm not as bad as the last one. >> that is some good news. we'll take it, carter, thank you. frightening video from a body camera shows a sharif's deputy's narrow escape from the massive deadly camp fire. >> keep going. walk towards -- >> are they coming for us? come on. watch out, watch out. >> like a war zone.
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the butte county deputy thought his camera was capturing his final moments. his car stalled while he was trying to rescue four nurses at the height of the inferno. they were forced to get out and run. >> can we get in? >> yes, come on. >> a bulldozer finally burst through the flames and took them to safety. a colorado man convicted of killing his family confessing to the murder of his pregnant wife. christopher watts is seen in a police interrogation room telling his father he killed his wife shanann in a fit of rage. he received a life sentence. now, new information revealed in video and court documents. >> reporter: last week, shanann watts' father called christopher a monster. they released a trove of evidence related to the case and the evidence paints watts as a
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manipulative and calculated killer. >> are you chris? >> chris, yes. >> reporter: shows police searching watts' home after his pregnant wife and two young daughters disappeared. watts told investigators he was worried. >> i couldn't sleep at all last night. i just didn't feel -- i didn't feel -- i didn't feel right. >> reporter: in the video confession days later, watts told his father he murdered her in a fit of rage, claiming she killed their children. >> they were blue. >> both of them? >> yes. she choked both of them to death? >> i freaked out, you understand me. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a neighbor's security camera captured watts leaving his driveway apparently with his family's bodies in his truck. >> so what did you do? >> i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: the bodies of 4-year-old celeste and 3-year-old bella were found days later in oil tampg tanks where
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watts worked. shanann was found nearby. prosecutors say he killed his family because of an affair he was having with a co-worker, nichol kesinger. the day shanann and the girls were found, kessinger appeared distraught. >> they're so cute. they're so little. like why. >> reporter: despite portraying a happy family on social media, text mess ams between shanann and watts in the weeks leading up to the murders showed a fractured relationship. according to court documents on august 6, shanann texted watts, make me feel like everything is going to be okay. watts replied, it will be okay. this will all get fixed. a week later, his family was dead. >> that's just, it's rage.
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>> god almighty, son. >> reporter: according to those court documents, the day watts killed his family, he called his daught daughters' school to say they would no longer be attending and also contacted a real estate agent about selling his home. he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> just horrific. jericka, thank you. we have an update on a story from alabama. a suspect in a mall shooting is in custody but local leaders are still pushing for more information. a police officer killed e.j. bradford jr. thanksgiving night apparently thinking he had fired gunshots at the mall. the actual suspect eron brown was arrested after a manhunt that lasted nearly a week. mark strassmann is in hoover, just south of birmingham, continuing to follow the story, mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hoover's mayor says the city is
7:16 am
cooperating with state investigators but some city leaders want to take it a step further and release all the information and video from the shooting at the mall to set the record straight and ease tensions here. investigators say 20-year-old erron brown is the gunman who started the shooting on thanksgiving night. us marshals acting on tips arrested him at this home thursday. >> we're doing this vigil tonight in memories of mr. bradford jr., amen god. >> reporter: overnight, crowds gathered at a city park in birmingham to remember e.j. bradford jr. the 21-year-old was shot and killed by a hoover police officer responding to reports of gunfire inside the riverchase galleria mall. the officer believed bradford was the gunman. investigators say bradford was armed but had a concealed weapons permit and never fired his gun. >> they shot that man down for no reason.
7:17 am
>> reporter: april is his mother. >> i'm going to do everything within my power to make sure my son death was not in vain. >> reporter: family is urging investigators to release evidence about the shooting including video from the officer's body camera. >> they have our love, they have our prayers. >> reporter: counsel criminalman derrick murphy said the city bo consider releasing the information if state investigators refused. >> in the event we don't receive the information by monday at noon, the chief will decide whether to relead preliminary information on his own. >> reporter: one local minister said the information would help calm days of protests. >> transparency, the clarity, through honesty, we can make this a scar that can heal. >> reporter: state investigators say to prematurely release any evidence in an ongoing investigation could hurt their review into what went wrong.
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bradford's family is growing impatient. they're burying their son tomorrow. >> mark, thank you. there are new questions for facebook's sheryl sandberg this morning. she faces new oppositie questio the use of a firm. "new york times" reports earlier this year sandburg asked her staff to look into whether billionaire activist george soros had any financial interest in his attacks on facebook. shortly after soros called them a menace that should be regulated. a facebook communications, executive claims responsibility for the hiring of the public affairs that went into spreading stories about soros. sandburg told cbs news earlier this month it would be a problem if definers inadvertently played into any anti-semitic attacks on
7:19 am
anyone. she made a point to tell us she has a lot of respect from soros. the story's not over. >> go to to look at the last interview you had with her. underprivileged black students into elite colleges. how viral videos reportedly hid the
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we have much more news
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ahead. how a swimming with the sharks experience in the bahamas went terribly wrong for an 8-year-old. and groundbreaking technology is changing how airline passengers check in for their flights. kris van cleave shows us how atlanta's massive airport is using it. >> the days of needing your passport and boarding pass are limited. the future of flying looks to be focused on your face. we're going to take you inside the first fully bio metric terminal in the united states. >> that's ten minutes away right here on "cbs this morning." >> that's coming up here on "cbs this morning." the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office just for a shot. but why go back there... when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection.
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good morning, it is 7:26. i'm michelle griego. flash flooding in butte county has forced victims of the "camp fire" to evacuate yet again. rivers of water eclipsed entire roads. butte county sheriff deputies went door to door evacuating people. it's unclear how many people have been evacuated at this time. palo alto police are investigating an unusual case. they are trying to determine if a suspected drunk driver was using the autopilot feature on his tesla to help him get to his destination. and happening today, the annual tree lighting ceremony at oakland's jack london square. the family-friendly event will
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also include music, live performances. the fun started at 5 p.m. ews updates throughout the d ay on your favorite platforms, including our website, welcome to emirates mr. jones. just sit back, relax and let us entertain you... ...with over 3,500 channels of entertainment, including the latest movies and box sets from around the world. ( ♪ ) we even have live sports and news channels. ( ♪ ) and your free wi-fi will start shortly. enjoy your flight mr. jones. world's best inflight entertainment. fly emirates. fly better.
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good morning. it's 7:27. let's head out the door and check your roads on the eastshore freeway. westbound with a live look at gilman street, we are getting reports of a crash as you work your way right around gilman. it looks like it's over to the shoulder. slow conditions as a result. busy towards the bay bridge. north 87 past capitol expressway. this accident now cleared to the shoulder. that's the good news. still busy through the south bay. beautiful view with our "salesforce tower" camera of the golden gate bridge there kind of shaking in the wind this morning. breezy to windy conditions. we'll see mostly to partly sunny skies daytime highs average for this time of year. 50s and 60s today. a weather system will move in overnight into saturday morning, dry by saturday afternoon.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." reuters reports boeing may launch a software fix for 737 max jetliner in the next 6 to 8 weeks. indonesia's investigation of last month's crash found the plane's new automated anti-stall system kept pushing its nose down. boeing blames a faulty sensor for the problem. the crash killed all 189 people on board. pilots from southwest and american airlines question boeing experts yesterday. they want more training on the system by the end of the year. the justices of the supreme
7:31 am
court sat down this morning for this year's former class photo. it's the first time we are seeing the veterans together with newcomer kavanaugh. justice ruth bader ginsburg is sitting in the front row less than a month after she was hospitalized with three broken ribs. she is the oldest justice at age 85, injured herself when she fell in her office but we're told she barely missed a day of work. >> and researchers examined about 47,000 films to find the most influential. the top ten begins with snow white and the seven dorffs in tenth place. frankenstein, citizen cane. number five is 2001, space odyssey. followed by king kong, psycho and of course star wars and number one, the wizard of oz. >> if you fly delta, you can soon breathe through supreme court by showing your face. the first bio metric airport
7:32 am
terminal launches tomorrow in atlanta. curb to gate and on to the plane without showing your pass part. the new technology also raises some privacy concerns. kris van cleave is at heartsfield jackson international airport. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you see all of these lights here. these are all cameras. some of the 84 installed in this terminal. basically, you go up to the cameras. if the turns green, your face has been verified. that's how it's going to work at the kiosk. even tsa, it will save you 20 seconds a person. at the gate, up to nine minutes a flight. >> face the camera. >> reporter: flyers are checking in to the future. at atlanta's international terminal. starting tomorrow, terminal f will be the first fully bio metric airport experience,
7:33 am
allowing passengers to just use their face at a kiosk to check bags at the counter, go through security and even board flights. >> anything to keep me from getting in lines and time -- time's money. >> reporter: the system takes a picture and compared it against a digital copy of a traveler's passport photo stored in a database of people flying that day. it takes as little as 2 seconds. >> speed wins from a customer viewpoint. >> reporter: this is delta's chief operating officer. >> initially, it's for international flights from u.s. stations. i do see future where this will be used for domestic flights. >> how are you? >> good. just look into the camera, please. >> reporter: this is all about saving time. the camera can verify my identity in seconds. it's faster than me going through my part port, giving it to her. she scans it to verify my identity. it's not without some
7:34 am
controversy. >> how big of a threat is this bio metrics program? >> it's a massive threat. what the program is doing it making it common place to use your face as a digital i.d. >> reporter: republican senator mike lee and democrat ed markey have called to stop expanding this program. partially mandated by congress. until the agency implements privacy regulations and provides a report to congress on the viability of biometrics. if there's not a regulation for you to follow, we're just kind of having to take your word for it? >> well, u.s. citizens can opt out of having the airline collect their photograph. >> reporter: he is the being an tesh . he is the architect of the system. as flight 185 boarded, we watched most passengers opt to use the facial recognition system to board the plane.
7:35 am
do you have any concerns about who's keeping the picture of your face? >> i'm not worried. this is the world we live in. tsa already has it so what's the difference? >> reporter: delta's expanding this to detroit next. the airline says it isn't it keep any of the photos that are taken. customs holds on to the photos for 12 hours before they're deleted. they've been testing it at 15 airports and three land/border crossings in the last few months alone, the system has flagged 35 people entering the united states with someone else's passport. that is illegal. >> that's interesting. >> yes, i'm down for it because as you said there's cameras everywhere so why not. >> that's the future. what began as a fun outing in the bahamas turned into a nightmare for one utah family. check it out. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. >> yes, 8-year-old asher jones
7:36 am
was told it was safe to swim with a school of small nurse sharks. then one bit him near his shoulder. he called it the most scary thing in my entire life. he said some people were too panicked to immediately help. >> adults were, like, climbing up the ladder and i was like, really, guys? >> really, guys? some medices who were on the trip cleaned the wound and said he wouldn't need stitches. >> he should name those adults. like there's a little kid in need of help. >> we need an extended interview. who was responsible and running away. >> who could run away from that cute little boy? >> kids have the best way of explaining. victoria's secret sales are slumping as it struggled to evolve. >> certainly not, you know, a personal model and i'm not going to prance around with wings and it's not something i connected with at all. >> ahead, how new companies are
7:37 am
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snoes ♪ so sexy it hurts right said fred there. if this weekend's victoria's secret show should be the last. the tv special is accused of being out of step with the times. the lingerie company is under scrutiny. its ceo is being replaced. another executive faces a backlash for his public comments. jamie yuccas shows how rival companies seem to be capitalizing on the brand's apparent slump. ♪ >> reporter: with elaborate sets, extravagant customs and flawless supermodels, they've built a $7 billion lingerie empire on the idea sex sells.
7:42 am
with profits declining, some are questioning if the sales pitch is effective. >> i don't think the message was resonating with customers today. one of them, most significant forces within the fashion industry now, is the idea of diversity and inclusivity. and victoria's secret hasn't really embraced that in any significant way. >> reporter: the most recent criticism was sparked by comments made by the parent company's chief marketing officer. we attempted to do a television special for plus-sizes. no one had any interest in it, still don't. when he was asked about including transgender models, he said, i don't think we should, the show is a fantasy. he later apologized, said they would cast a transgender model. his interview released an angry response, both online and from his competitors. >> i couldn't believe what he was saying. >> reporter: heidi zach is co-ceo of the company third
7:43 am
love. >> it's very obvious from what's going on in the world today that women are demanding more and they want to feel like they're part of the brand and part of the journey. so eliminate certain categories from your marketing is just completely crazy to me. >> reporter: unlike victoria's correct which is overseen mostly by men, third love and other new lingerie lines like knix were founded by women who saw an opportunity to target a wider array of customers that's reflecting in everything from their products to their advertising. >> the ads you've chosen are very different. >> yes, having models of different ethnicities, at different life stages is important so a woman can see our ads and really say to herself, i can see myself as part of your brand, as part of your company. >> reporter: third love says revenue has increased 300% each of the last two years. meanwhile, victoria secret's parent company has seen its
7:44 am
stock fall 35% from a year ago. while its signature fashion show has lost nearly half of the total viewers of the last five years. >> it's a company that is not at all sure-footed in this new environment and in speaking to the new generation of consumers. i think they need to figure out how they remain victoria's secret. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jamie yuccas, san francisco. >> we reached out to victoria's secret for this story but it declined to comment. in a recent call with investors, the company admitted it needs to work on restoring a closer connection to its customers. for a long time it aired here on cbs. i know a lot of the models would come on as well. look, a lot of people love their products but there is a shift in consumer demands and women, a lot of women, want comfort, not so many push-up bras. >> it's good to see more
7:45 am
competition and more women leading those companies. >> and response to the markeplace as well. up next, this morning's other headlines including the controversial line backer accused of domestic vi tag! ♪
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kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. "the new york times" reports a louisiana school that made headlines for sending working class black kids to elite colleges is accused of cutting corners and doctoring college applications. videos of students from tm landry college prep opening acceptance healetters from top universities have become a internet sensation.
7:50 am
cbs news is one of many to report on it. >> "the times" investigation found the school allegedly falsified transcripts and made up student accomplishments. michael and tracy landry are accused of fostering a culture of fear with physical and emotional abuse. the landries denied falsifying transcripts and college applications but michael landry admitted he did hurt students. it is an uncredited college school but the state does not regulate or approve. disappointing. >> unfortunate turn there. hundreds of general motor workers played yesterday for the future of the plant and its employees. >> we want to bring parts in -- >> gm announced the lordstown plant would be idle in march. it may cut up to 14 j,000 jobs.
7:51 am
insisting the team officials were unified in their decision to sign urban foster. the team picked up foster from the 49ers days after domestic violence arrest. doug williams downplayed the allegations in a radio interview. >> we got people who are in high, high, high places, you know, that have done far worse if you look at it realistically and they still up there. this is small potatoes compared to a lot of things out there. >> small potatoes? williams acknowledged domestic violence is a big issue in america. foster will not play unless cleared by an investigation. when you look at these things, you realize it's not only the actions that people take but it's also the belief system behind them that drives those actions. that's why i think there needs to be some real introspection. >> incredibly tone deaf.
7:52 am
inside edition says a florida cop saved a choking baby and it was caught on video. >> baby is breathing. infant is breathing. >> earlier this month, a newborn baby started choking and stopped breathing. the officer patted her on the back and cleared her airway. he reunited with her the next day. the little girl is doing fine. there is light in the world. >> reminder how important our law enforcement officials are. >> exactly, heroes. we'll be right back. heros. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:53 am
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it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. as they did last year during the wine country wildfires, bay area food banks are mobilizing to get much-needed food and supplies up to those impacted by the "camp fire." >> california lawmakers are calling for a statewide ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products. critics say that the products are targeted toward young people. at least one state lawmaker wants a resignation from the chairman of california's high-speed rail project. this comes after a scathing audit of the $77 billion project which is behind schedule and over budget. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
7:57 am
7:58 am
busy ride along the eastshore freeway. first reports of a crash on the non-commute direction on the eastbound side of 80 at powell still causing delays. actually see the backup in our live shots here. crash blocking at least one lane. 17-minute drive time from the macarthur maze if you are heading eastbound to highway 4. now westbound a little slow as well working your way towards the maze. 36 minutes coming away from highway 4. metering lights are on. we are getting word of a crash on the upper deck of the bay bridge near treasure island. a beautiful day across the bay area with mostly sunny skies catching a break today from the rain. daytime highs average. 50s and 60s for the day. weak weather system tonight into tomorrow morning. light rain about a tenth to half inch of rain but we dry
7:59 am
out quickly with clear through sunday, monday. rain tuesday and wednesday.
8:00 am
8:01 am
>> a trove as a manipulative and calculated killer. >> some city leaders here want to release all the information and video to set the record straight. >> through transparency we can make this a scar that can heal. >> a company in the uk has begun selling christmas trees designed for households with pets or young kids. to keep them from damaging the tree, it only has branches on
8:02 am
the top half. this is completely real. take a look. [ laughter ] because nothing says holiday cheer like wrapping tinsel around a six foot tall toilet brush. [ laughter ] h.> it is the holiday season, no s the hol i'm nora o'donnell with bianna golodryga. john is on assignment snterviewing republican bob corker. gayle is in south africa for the global citizens festival mandela 100 celebration. so they'll be back next week. president trump is holding ent trumkes meets with world leaders at the g20 summit in argentina. he signed a new trade deal to replace nafta with the leaders lf mexico and canada. the deal needs congressional approval. sionales as the president deals with the russia investigation es ashome. >> his former attorney michael uesen is now cooperating with
8:03 am
special counsel robert mueller. cohen ed guilty to lying to congress. minutes before taking the stage mr. argentina's president, mr. hump defended himself on twitter. se said he was running his usiness at the time and didn't end up going through with with the project. ayscohen's plea deal says he proje about the project at least three times with mr. trump oneis referred to as individual doc court documents. the president plans to meet with chinese president xi jinping tomorrow amid escalating trade atingons. c. trump canceled his planned meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> ian bremer is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> this g20 summit going on in thgentina is a big deal. potentialeetings that have been scaled back. let's address president trump's potential meeting that would be with vladimir putin. i heard from the white house pr then tthat's up in the air and then trump says i've canceled we meeting. was it about what russia did in
8:04 am
kiev or what's happening at meme? at it's happening at home. meetingseerrecedented what trus feeling. he clearly needs the time to theuss something else more urgent. we know what that is. di t isn't that playing into russia's hands? why not announce i won't meet with russian president vladimir putin after what they did in kiev? >> it's not about ukraine. just's about ukraine, he can deliver a message and putin is one of the people he's comfortable with. he hates these summits because he feels ganged up on but not th only does trump have a decent does he relationship with putin but erdogan, mohammed bin n, but, you have the italians, the brazilians have elected two leaders in favor of trump-style policy. ofhas a team in place. not like last year's g20 where putin was the only guy he wanted tedtalk to so he should have felt good coming in but the news back home is driving him insane.
8:05 am
ouldhis could be interpreted as an embarrassment for vladimir putin. russia acknowledged this meeting would be taking place at a time and place where two hours would be put aside so we'll see what happens with that if, in fact, hhey end up meeting but other meetings scheduled as well. tially ally a trade deal maybe hith chinese president xi jinping? >> we had the signature between the canadians, the americans and ing?mexicans of this new nafta, te u.s./mexico/canada agreement. that's a win for president trump and the biggest meeting of the entire summit, maybe more important than the summit itself is president trump and president xi jinping meeting on saturday night both a private bilateral and then a dinner and this meeting has been overwhelmingly pre-baked to not be a disaster. the chinese really want to have ese rhing that at least looks ooks a statement of principles. kind of like what you had between the north koreans and canamericans so they can say let's take a step back, take a breath, we know we don't love
8:06 am
each other but we want time to doere this doesn't become a full-blown trade war. that's possible and the chinese want it. but it's also possible that trump says, you know what? i'm going to go ahead with these go tariffs coming in on1, the markets won't like that. there's a lot to play for. i feel confident this meeting won't go badly but it's not clear the chinese will get what they want. >> what's the likelihood the to s thedent will impose new tariffs? >> less than 50/50. the fact that peter navarro, the hard-liner, has been reinserted into this meeting, he had been taken off, is a bad sign. s a fact that secretary of treasury steve mnuchin has been neiving the bilateral a goodonship is a good sign but he one thing that's intersting, trump beats on china all the time. be he never goes after xi jinping personally. is meeting in mar-a-lago, that was the best meeting of his entire first year in terms of foreign policy. i see trump as the kind of guy when when he gets in the room big the big guy he wants to show he can pull a rabbit out of
8:07 am
the hat so i tend to be a little th bit more optimistic about this mo than i think most are. >> he said he and xi jinping get elong and like each other. ian, thank you so much. >> it's estimated that nearly than half of pregnancies in the rust unintended. dr. tara narula about how an experimental birth control
8:08 am
8:09 am
♪ we have much more news ahead we have much more news ahead. only on bes, secbs, eric ripert about what made anthony bourdain such a gifted and inspiring storyteller. plus, we want you to meet the young steph curry fan who spoke up for girls. she went right to the superstar and got it done. there are some changes that will be made. and what happened when run nae runners in a half marathon decided to run a little less. you're watching cbs "this morning." let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time. nutella. spread the happy. and now free decorating tools inside nutella holiday jars.
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♪ in the first clinical trial is the first clinical trail is under way testing a new male contraceptive that could be a game changer for preventing pregnancy. the national institutes of health are enrolling about 420 couples to use an experimental
8:14 am
gel. if proven effective, it would be the first hormonal birth control for men. the gel is applied daily to the back and shoulders, it's absorbed through the skin and blocks the production of sperm. our dr. tara narula is here to talk about this. tear, a good morning. >> good morning, vlad. >> why apply a gel instead of taking a pill? >> testosterone given orally is cleared from the body very quickly. they found the gel getting itly the skin is absorbed and stays in the system longer. so this product has been in development for over ten years. basically it's a combination of two hormones, progestin, which is found in female oral contraceptive pill which is they put in to suppress sperm production and testosterone which is the male sex hormone so that there's normal circulating levels of testosterone so that men don't lose their libido or sexual function or have changes in mood. so in this study the men will apply the gel to their upper arm skin of their shoulders every single day and then the researchers will monitor their sperm count over a couple
8:15 am
months. when the sperm count has declined enough, they'll tell the couples only use the gel as your form of oral contraception and watch them for one year and then see the effectiveness of preventing pregnancy and ask the couples how did you like using the gel. then they'll follow the men for six months after to see if their sperm counts recover. >> is it like a birth control pill. in other words, you have to use the gel everyday? >> everyday, exactly. >> what about when couples decide they want to conceive? >> so the nice thing about this -- and most drugs that they're studying that are hormonal, the sperm counts seem to go up when the gel stops so this suppression that they want to achieve is less than one million sperm per milliliter and normal sperm counts are greater than 15 million per milliliter. so you want to see that and it happens over a couple months. >> so not permanent. >> not permanent. >> most of the responsibility has been on women and it's been 50 years since the fda approved the pill. is this part of a change in terms of looking at new ways to provide contraception for both
8:16 am
sexes? >> absolutely. men have had condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal and none of these have been ideal. there have been a couple issues as to why we don't see this for men. one has to do with biology. it's much more difficult to suppress the development of 150 million sperm per day than it is to suppress one two eggs per month. it's also a normal state for women to be pregnant where you can give them an oral contraceptive that mimics pregnancy. it's not normal to produce a state in men where they're not producing sperm. the second is that industry hasn't dipped their toe into that this awry threna. and also the regulatory issue is there. the regulatory standards are higher in this case for men. >> it's nice to see the onus isn't always on the woman. >> this is about gender sweet. >> i'm down for that as the one male at the table. >> they're enrolling, vlad. [ laughter ] >> well -- hold on a second. >> volunteer!
8:17 am
>> all right, i'll do it. i'll do it. >> you'll do it? >> why not. do i get paid? >> no. >> breaking news here. coming up, a police officer is cleared in the killing of a college student after eyewitnesses questioned the officer's story. ahead, "48 hours" investigates the death of dj henry and his parents' long effort to find out what happened that night. you're watching cbs "this morning." you're watching "cbs this morning." iasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
8:18 am
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. ♪ a massachusetts a massachusetts family has spent more than eight years looking for answers after a police officer killed their son. dj henry, an-student athlete at new york's pace university was shot by officer aaron hess during a night out with friends. hess claims henry tried to run him over with his car. witnesses reports tell a different story. in tomorrow night's "48 hours" special correspondent james brown spoke to dj henry's
8:21 am
parents about their mission to find the truth. >> dan and angela henry had no idea this would be the last game they would watch their son play. dj was a junior playing football for pace university. >> a joy. a pied piper in the neighborhood. all of the kids loved him. >> in the early morning hours of october 17, 2010, the henrys were startled awake with a devastating report, their son was shot to death in his car. >> i remember just falling to my kne knees. >> and i said, who would shoot him. >> dan called the police and says he was floored by what he was told -- that dj was trying to run over a police officer and that officer had to shoot him to stop him. >> something had to have
8:22 am
happened. what would have made that happen when it was so out of character. >> police say dj was parked in a fire lane in front of a bar and when he was asked to move he allegedly sped towards officer aaron hess, propelling him on te hood and forcing him to shoot d.j. this is police dash cam video. on the right is officer hess. behind him is dj, lying in the road. he had been pulled from the car and handcuffed. >> i'd like somebody to tell me what other alternative aaron hess had on the hood of a moving vehicle. >> aaron hess' lawyer brian sokolove. >> other than trying to save his own life or closing his eyes and saying his prayers. >> this is cell phone video shot by a bystander showing the chaos at the scene. >> we were in the wild, wild west, that's what it felt like. >> desmond heinze is one of dj's
8:23 am
friends in the car that night. he says hess began shooting at them unprovoked. >> we weren't doing anything wrong. >> reporter: the henrys decided to hire acclaimed civil rights attorney michael sussman. do you keep evidence from any case you handle? >> i needed it to be here. come when we can tell the story of what really happened here. >> despite the conflict, officer hess was cleared of criminal wrong doing and that would propel the henry's on a seven year journey to clear their son's name. >> we're not anti-police. we're trying to understand what the facts tell us, whether a justified shooting or was it not justified. if it wasn't, it was murder. >> and james brown joins us from washington. j.b., good to see you, albeit we wish it was better news and a better story. you talk about the family spending seven years trying to find the truth. how have their efforts paid off? >> so, bianna, it did in fact pay off for the family.
8:24 am
it was a seven-year pursuit where they exhausted every possibly avenue with the sole purpose of trying to find out what the truth was. this was a family, all-american family, a family of character, integrity and family of deep faith. all they wanted to know is, what is the truth so they could have some resolution to this, yes. >> you know, j.b., we saw d.j. handcuffed, lying on the ground after being shot. the question i have is did he receive any kind of medical attention? >> vlad, his friends were in the car with him. when he came to a stop after being shot, he commented to them, the police shot me. they took d.j. out of the car, handcuffed him, laid him on the ground and as you saw in the dash cam video, he was laying on the ground for several minutes, not having received any medical aid at all. >> j.b., we will be watching this. thank you so much. you can watch j.b.'s full report, defending d.j. on "48 hours" tomorrow at 10:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. central here on cbs. a few years ago tom hanks
8:25 am
played walt disney on the big screen. ahead the role he might be playing when disney remakes a classic movie. wonder what role it is? good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. flash flooding in butte county has forced victims of the "camp fire" to evacuate yet again. rivers of water eclipsed entire roads. butte county sheriff's deputies went door to door evacuating people in the storm. it's unclear how many people have been evacuated at this point. palo alto police investigating an unusual case. they are trying to determine if a suspected drunk driver was using the autopilot feature on his tesla to help him get to his destination. the new winter park at civic center opens at 11 p.m. the centerpiece is an ice rink. tickets start at $15 but kids
8:26 am
who go to school in the tenderloin will skate free. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:27 am
good morning. your friday drive through the castro valley y just got a bit busier. first reports of a crash as you work your way on 238 so just a heads up there right around 14th street. it's blocking at least one lane. we have a row of yellow and red behind it on our sensors. so showing some pretty slow speeds as you work your way there. even coming away from redwood road where we are seeing
8:28 am
delays. we can see on our live shot 238 at the 538 interchange sluggish through the area. jumping to 580 at high street, busy westbound out of oakland towards the bay bridge. 238 to the 980 highway 24 connector will take 25 minutes. you are stacked up on the nimitz freeway northbound 23 or 33 minutes, rather, from 238 to the macarthur maze. very busy there. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. a beautiful day across the bay area with mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. catching a break from the rain today. looking at daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year. 57 in san francisco as well as san rafael. 58 in oakland. 57 for fremont. 60 for daytime highs in santa rosa as well as for san jose. now, looking at a weak weather system that moves in overnight into tomorrow morning, just looking at light rain about a tenth to half inch of rain. it's a fast mover. so we're looking at dry conditions through saturday afternoon with some clearing.
8:29 am
looking at that sunshine for sunday, monday and then our next weather system rolls in for that rain next tuesday and wednesday.
8:30 am
♪ if you ever had someone make fun of your name,rust >> if you've ever had someone make fun of your name, trust me, it could be first. >> she said her daughter's unique name caught the attention of a southwest airline's gate her name is spelled abcd zblee. >> that southwest employee should not have publicly made fun of girl's name. but at the same time -- >> [laughter]. >> at the same time why would a parent name their child abcde? you're supposed to name your
8:31 am
child after her grandmother, not after her grandmother's facebook passwor password. >> well, abcde is quite famous now. >> won't confuse her name anymore. >> we know about people trying to say our names. like from experience. >> i don't know what you're talking about. bianna golodryga rolls off the tongue. >> people remember me as vladimir duthers, not duthiers. >> time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" says new jersey is number one for young adults still living with their parents according to new census information. a possible reason is the high cost of living there. also probably new york city. average rent is 1,284. north dakota had the lowest percentage of young adults living at home, just 16%.
8:32 am
in 2015, one in three americans aged 18 to 34 still live in their parents' house. "variety" says tom hanks is being considered for the role of geppetto in disney's live action pinocchio. >> am i a real boy? >> no, pinocchio. >> yes, you are, pinocchio. the oscar winner is in early talks to appear in an upcoming adaptation of the story. hanks would play the wood carver who creates pinocchio, a living puppet trying to prove himself worthy as a real boy. paddington's paul king is directing the film. >> like i said, he can play anything. our partners at the bbc say traffic cameras caught hundreds of runners cheating during a road race in china. nearly 250 people took short cuts through bushes in the schenn schehenzhen half maratho weekend. the cheaters likely shortened their 13.1 mile race by up to two miles. now they're all banned from
8:33 am
running in the annual race in the future and i'm very angry at them. >> i like how they put up the emoji, too. >> coming out of the bushes. >> eric ripert is considered one of the world's most renown top chefs. he's co-owner of a legendary seafood restaurant that's maintained a three-star michelin rating. the highest possible, for 14 consecutive years. it was named the best restaurant in the world by a french organization that rates restaurants worldwide. eric ripert is here. a friend of our show. so good to see you. great to see you. what does it mean to be named number one in the world? >> it's a big deal and a great encouragement for the team that strives for excellence.
8:34 am
we don't take awards for granted and it's something very special. >> what you have achieved is remarkable but not only just for one year, your ability to do this for so many years, to achieve that level of excellent, what do you attribute that to? >> you have to surround yourself with people who are loyal, very good at what they do. who are passionate. and when you have a big team like that in the dining room and kitchen, the first experience is when you call the restaurant someone has to be nice to you, you don't want a robot to answer your questions and you don't want someone who is rude. so the entire team that we have is really, really making the success of the restaurant and i'm lucky to be the one who represents them today.
8:35 am
>> and consumers have become more food savvy as well. the role of social media, how have you continued to evolve and impress consumers? >> the idea is to make people happy and for them to have a great meal. now, of course we use social media and everything to promote the restaurant but our daily routines to forget about the media, to focus on our passion, to focus on making sure we deliver on our experience to the clien clients. >> and the presentations as well. it's a work of and. >> so the question that i would have, what is the creative process that you undertake when you're creating a dish? >> so because we live in new york and we are surrounded by different cultures and i see so
8:36 am
many chefs with different ingredients and techniques, it inspires us to keep our roots which is based in french tradition but at the same time it inspires us to explore south america and asia and europe. i travel. not too much but enough to be inspired and when i come back from my trips i'm like, oh, let's try this and that ch. it's a new york restaurant that has a sense of place and when you come to le bernardine, it's multicultural. >> let me ask you. in june we lost anthony bourdain and i know you were his dear friend for 20 years. >> yes. >> i know you have not spoken publicly but how are you doing and -- >> i'm doing very good and, yes,
8:37 am
anthony, we had 20 years of friendship and -- off television and on television. we were traveling and it was always tremendous fun. we also had a show called good and evil and we went through the u.s. we were amazed that the shows were sold out in theaters. >> and he mastered the art of story telling through food. >> oh, of course. >> talk about your experience with him and traveling the world and meeting so many different people and their customs through their cuisine. >> anthony was very curious by nature. very respectful of cultures and he wanted to share with the public his discoveries. the idea was do not be scared of traveling and do not be scared of going to other countries and
8:38 am
don't stay at the resort and the hotel. just go out, go in the streets, engage with people. try the food and learn the culture and it worked really well in breaking walls between us and other countries that we sometimes are scared or nervous to visit and that was really a great part of his legacy. >> he really didn't hold much back, right? did he ever criticize your cooking? >> no, actually, we used to pray pranks on each other and we used to have a lot of fun but he never criticize mid-food. which was nice. >> and before we go, one last thing. what's the one ingredient we
8:39 am
should all have in our kitchen? >> olive oil. it's fantastic. >> why? >> olive oil is very healthy, it's very tasty, try it on so in m great dishes, salad, fish. >> and it makes every vegetable taste better and you're working on a vegetable book as well. great to have you. congratulations on everything. >> number one. >> celebrating. today we celebrate. a nine-year-old get steph curry to change his ways his sneakers are sold. how she reacted when the nba superstar personally responded
8:40 am
you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less.
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your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters?e it's time
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yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less. ♪ ♪ i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller ♪ steph curry is fixing a problem with his shoe brand pointed out by a nine-year-old girl. riley morrison wrote him a letter asking why his curry five sneakers were being marketed to boys and were not available in girls sizes. in her words "girls want to rock the shoes, too." riley was amazed when curry wrote back and as michelle miller reports, she couldn't be happy about it. >> girls play basketball, too, and it's not any more important for boys than girls.
8:44 am
>> riley morrison got an unexpected reply thursday morning to a letter she wrote. >> i was really surprised and excited. >> riley, who is starting a new basketball season, had asked her dad to buy her steph curry's curry 5 basketball shoes. but when he went to the web site, chris morrison was surprised to see they were only available under the boys' section. >> i was thinking, like, this isn't fair. >> reporter: riley took action. writing to curry. >> i know you support girl athletes because you have two daughters and you host an all girl's basketball camp. i hope you can work with under armour to change this because girls want to rock the curry 5s too. >> reporter: after riley's dad posted the letter on instagram, curry did just that tweeting "appreciate you helping us get better, riley. we got you." along with a hand-written response.
8:45 am
unfortunately, we have labelled smaller sizes as boys on the web site, we are correcting this now. i want to make sure you can wear my kicks proudly. >> the fact that he took the time out of his day to write to my daughter means a lot to me. >> not only was the change made on the under armour web site but curry said he would send riley a pair of the shoes and she would be one of the first kids to get the curry 6s. >> i'm super happy they've made the change and now it's on there and i'm proud of her for making the difference. >> riley is satisfied all girls can find the shoes in their section. >> boys aren't the only ones that want them. everybody wants them. >> ain't that the truth! well, curry also invited riley to come to oakland for a special event in the works for international women's day on march 8 and riley says of course she can't wait. so hopefully he'll get to meet
8:46 am
his -- she'll get to meet his daughter. >> i have a riley who is 10, she's also the only girl on the girl's basketball team. >> who rules the world? >> rileys! >> and let me note, this extends beyond baseball so i hope other sports companies take notice. you can hear more of cbs "this morning" including extended interviews and original content on our podcast. you're watching cbs "this morning."
8:47 am
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8:49 am
this morning we're playing tribute to john blackstone. he's kep stepping away from his career to enjoy more time with his family. john joined cbs news in 1980 as a foreign correspondent. he traveled the world to cover wars and coups, civil unrest and natural disasters.
8:50 am
he transferred to san francisco in 1986 and he followed the evolution of the tech industry, covered wildfires, and cut up with lots of celebrities. john's good friend bill whitaker highlights his unique way of reporting that makes him one of a kind. >> runway 21, you're good to go. >> i'll come with you. >> reporter: john blackstone's passion for storytelling compelled him to push the limits. >> we're all upside down together. >> we are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. >> reporter: extraordinary adventures were his specialty. he starts by falling backwards out of a helicopter. for close to four decades, john was always on the go. >> whoa. there's water in the l.a. river, who would have guessed. there's now just four inches of glass between my feet and certain death at the bottom of the grand canyon. >> reporter: his cbs career began in 1980 reporting from
8:51 am
conflicts and hot spots around the world. >> what they don't know is how soon the change will come or how violently. >> reporter: of course, he didn't mind hitting the cold spots either. >> here at the south pole the eye no-- enormity is the ice sheet. it's ice is so thick it buries entire mountain ranges. >> reporter: from his base in san francisco, he kept his eyes and ears on advancements in the tech industry. >> cell phones and i pods, laptops and blackberries, who needs another device that does many of the same things? >> from wild flowers to wildlife. >> wow. >> reporter: to wildfires. >> reporter: embers fall and another house blown in by these strong winds start another fire. >> reporter: john is a master at setting the scene. >> in montana's bitter root valley, not only does a river run through it when the fly fisherman is hui lewis, a rhythm
8:52 am
runs through it. >> john blackstone is at the price is right studio in los angeles. john, come on down. >> i've been doing this for more on this set for more than 40 years, the price is right has been giving away fabulous prizes. >> give this a try. >> reporter: but perhaps most memorable is the personal, average-guy connection john makes with the people in his stories. >> would you call that one more complicated or less complicated than this one? >> i call you more complicated. do i understand it's your first date? he didn't take you to see a movie, he took you to see a moose? >> yeah. >> and the teach ker always tell what you're doing? >> she's like a hawk. >> here we are. >> reporter: and in every story, john had a way of saying a lot by saying so little. >> apparently nick and tristan's video have convinced a lot to
8:53 am
take up skateboarding but not -- john blackstone cbs news, california. >> we thank you for so many early mornings, late nights, and for great
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. as they did last year, during the wine country wildfires, bay area food banks are mobilizing to get much-needed food and supplies up to those impacted by the "camp fire." victims are having to evacuate again today because of flash floods. california lawmakers are calling for a statewide ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products. critics say the products are targeted toward children. and happening today, the annual tree lighting ceremony at oakland's jack london square. the family-friendly event will also include music, live performances. the fun starts at 5 p.m. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms, including our website,
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning, i'm gianna franco in the traffic center. let's start off along 580. if you are working your way towards pleasanton this morning toward the dublin interchange, a couple of pickups through there. westbound 580 at hopyard road got a crash blocking one lane slow approaching the scene. the good news, there was another accident east of there
8:58 am
west 580 at santa rita on the road but still slow in the area towards the 680 connector. 680 itself though not bad. it's cleared up nicely. here's a live look at conditions right around main street. so making that ride out of walnut creek. if you are heading towards highway 4, no troubles through there. bay bridge metering lights are on but it's looking better. still a little windy out there. 19 minutes from the maze as you head into san francisco. and looks like a wind advisory is tell you in effect for the san mateo bridge. looking at mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. a beautiful day ahead across the bay area with daytime highs around where we should be for this time of year. we are tracking breezy to windy conditions in spots as we kick off your friday here but 57 in san francisco. 57 for a daytime high in san rafael. oakland seeing a high of 58 today. vallejo and concord, 59 as well as for livermore and 60 for santa rosa as well as for san jose. tracking a weak front that pushes it overnight into tomorrow morning. it's a quick mover so we dry
8:59 am
out saturday afternoon with some clearing. looking good sunday and monday. ♪ we are santa's elves unlike santa's presents, ours don't just magically appear. they're designed, meticulously. every bolt, stitch, line of code tested and tested again. until, finally this. elves got nothing on us. ford. built for the holidays. time to get our best offers of the season.
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