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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 1, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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proud of every one of these young men for what they've done this year to win the s.e.c. championship. >> jamie: with that i'll introduce s.e.c. commissioner greg safrpgey to present the trophy. >> thank you, jamie, thank you to the greatest fans in college football, fans of the south eastern conference. i don't know about you but i think we just saw two of the best four teams in college football play a game this evening. president stuart bell, athletic director greg byrne, coach nick saban, there is a championship trophy back there. somebody grab it. congratulations to the university of georgia as willo a great season. >> jamie: we congratulate alabama once again as your 2018 s.e.c. champions. atlanta, put your hands together. >> adam: and the celebration continues for the tide. we've seen blowouts in atlanta
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in the s.e.c. championship game but jalen hurts -- his score with a minute and four seconds remaining the latest game-winning score in s.e.c. championship game history, so what becomes of georgiasa the tide move to the playoff? we'll be back to wrap that up and talk about playoff implications. ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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♪ ♪ vivoactive 3 music. from garmin. >> adam: wewelcome you back to the college football post-game show presented by capital one as tua tagovailoa is on theare odad the rest of his teammates are making snow angels. it wug >> rick: they're still kids. >> adam: big hugs for jalen hurts as he delivered the win for alabama today as they will
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be number one in the country for sure when that college football playoff committee announces its final decisions. another big game in the books from today related to the playoff. oklahoma at number five. winning their fourth straight outright big 12 championship. first team to do that since florida in the 1990's. this win avenges their only loss which was by three on a neutral field against their rival. how could the sooners not be in at this point? >> brian: i think they should be in it. we've seen georgia versus bama twice on the big stage and they have lost both of those games. they have yet to be able to finish versus bama. georgia went through oklahoma's defense. would i want to see them against bama again in the college football playoff? no. >> rick: only one of those games was this year. oklahoma gets to punch the ticket as big 12 champion. that resonates with the committee. but georgia is going to be in this conversation. this was an epic game and we turn to ohio state and urban
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meyer has no doubt told his team you've got to go and you've got to keep going. look for them to have the gas pedal flat to the ground. >> adam: against a northwestern team that's not easy to score points on. >> brian: they demolished the number one in the land in michigan and now you're going against a middle of the road big ten defense in northwestern. i think they put on a show. ohio state. >> adam: we're not questioning. georgia were top four coming into this day but what becomes of the dogs after the loss here down to the final play against alabama? let's go up to brad nessler and gary danielson for more after an epic s.e.c. championship game. >> brad: it was a great one for sure and i heard commissioner sankey say on the podium "i think these are two of the best four teams in the country." i almost agree with him but with oklahoma, i think they've punched their ticket. georgia had their opportunity. they had a 14-point lead. they let it slip away like they did a year ago but i think they will end up in the sugar bowl
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against texas. >> gary: i don't almost agree with him. i do agree with him. i think coming into this game georgia proved they're one of the four best teams in the country. i don't know how the committee will rank this. if they don't want a rematch put them third. georgia is one of the four best teams, period. that's what the committee is supposed to do while ohio state is playing northwestern and oklahoma is playing texas with three losses georgia had to play the number one team in the country. you can't tell me they're not one of the four best teams. >> brad: i agree. i'm saying because of the numbers -- >> gary: what is the committee supposed to do? put the four best teams. that's what i thought -- i have been arguing the other way. i was told i was wrong all these years. >> adam: you might be wrong in the end too, gary but that's the opinion. they were top-four coming in but this championship game for this conference stands as a national quarterfinal today. >> brian: i agree with him. >> gary: put notre dame four.
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let georgia play clemson. >> brad: you're going over big at notre dame now. >> adam: we need to give gary danielson a seat on the committee. >> brian: they get a third shot at alabama can they close the deal? clemson was able to close the deal. they didn't have a shot last year in the sugar beal against bama but in the second opportunity they won. >> rick: maybe clemson does everybody a favor and lets pitt beat them tonight. >> brad: i have to do a notre dame basketball game coming up in a couple of weeks. i'm exiting stage right. >> adam: gary. >> brad: we'll meet you back at the hotel. >> adam: we can watch the other two games tonight. people are going to be rooting for pittsburgh to beat clemson now. >> rick: this is why we love sport. think about all the cliches. finish what you start. get up. get up when you fall down. all those things. you don't have to say any of that any more. you just have to say "be like
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jalen." >> brian: that's it, bama, you're so good, you're so good, baby, you're so good, you're down, not playing your best ball in the second half, you find a way everyone with your benched quarterback from last year's title game to somehow finish this and win it -- it's amazing what they have been able to accomplish under nick saban. >> adam: one thing gary nailed. dan enos, making jalen hurts a better quarterback. sixth s.e.c. championship with alabama, his eighth overall and their 12th straight win here in atlanta. we thank you for watching "the college football post game show presented by capital onelet." here is a look at w tonight on next saturday. be sure to join us for an american tradition. the 119th army-navy game presented by u.s.a.a., the game is at 3:00 eastern,ure on coverage starts at 2:30 eastern. tomorrow many will see the chiefs and raiders.
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>> adam: for all of us at cbs sports have a great evening and congratulations. jalen hurts and alabama. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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right now flags are flying at half staff at the white house and other government buildings. this afternoon, a new wreath was placed on a gate in front of bush's home in houston. president trump paid tribute to bush as he attended the g20 summit today in argentina. >> he was a very fine man. i met him on numerous occasions. he was a high quality man who truly loved his family. very proud of his family.
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and very much loved his family. so he was a terrific guy, and be missed. >> cbs reporter courtney sabowsky is outside the bush home in houston. >> reporter: around the world, people are mourning the death of former president george h.w bushel. . at the g20 summit in buenos aires, president trump said he spoke with former president george w. bush and jeb bush. >> i expressed my deepest sympathies. >> reporter: president bush lived behind these gaits. he was more than a political giant. he was a beloved member of the community, who you would see at local restaurants and charity events. starting monday evening, mr. bush will lie in state in the u.s. capital rotunda. today the u.s. flag began flying at half staff at the white house, the capital, and other federal buildings for 30 days. mr. bushel served as the 41st
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president for one term, from 1989 to 1993. decades before entering the oval office, mr. bush led a life of public service, as a world war ii pilot, the cia, congressman, and vice president under ronald reagan. at his inauguration, mr. bush spoke of new beginnings as the cold war was start to wind down. >> a new breeze is blowing, and a nation refreshed by freedom stands ready to push on. there is new ground to be broken, and new action to be taken. >> reporter: in 2011, president obama presented mr. bush with the medal of freedom, the country's highest civilian honor. as he is laid to rest, his life and legacy will once again be celebrated. >> president trump has declared a national day of mourning for wednesday, december 5th. mr. bush will lie in state at the capital rotunda starting monday evening, and continuing until wednesday night. we will have much more on the death of the 41st president and how he touched
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the bay area in his first few months in office. we'll have a look back at his trip to silicon valley at his coming up at 6:00. well, the bad air from the camp fire postponed the cal and stanford game 2 weeks ago, and today they got to play before a special audience. andrea nacana was there. >> reporter: the big game was packed, but scattered in the seats were the heros of california's deadly wildfires. . >> halfway to the house. woke up in the morning, drove back up, and then that was it. just watched it burn down on tv. >> it's been hard. what we thought was our future has just changed. >> reporter: sporting her butte strong t-shirt, heather and craig came to support cal and the firefighters that bravely
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fought the camp fire. >> they're just amazing. >> we can't thank them and all the first responders enough. >> reporter: this afternoon, uc berkeley hosted firefighters and their families at the annual big game. these first responders were not recognized just for their work on the camp fire, but for what seems like a long fire season that just hasn't stopped since the blazes in the north bay last year. >> it's been very difficult. you know, it takes a lot of guys to go away from our home agencies. last year, we had santa rosa, and they were long battles. >> reporter: in some cases, there's no such thing as taking a day off. these two girls' dad, jamie smart works for the fire department, and is on duty today. >> a lot. like, a lot, because i think it's pretty funny, because she wants to go to berkeley. i want to go to stanford, and i think it would be fun for him to be here. >> reporter: a thousands tickets were given to firefighters and their families. all of the firefighters were
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from local agencies in the bay area. in berkeley, i'm andrea nacano, kpix 5. coming up, what is next? more rain headed for the bay area. we'll have the details on timing and amounts, and even a clearing trend.
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san jose police held a gun buy back today, offering cash for unloaded weapons, no questions asked. people got $100 for a handgun or shotgun, and $200 for and assault weapon. police will check each gun to see if it is lost or stolen; and if so, return it to the legal owner. the rest of the guns will be destroyed. during today's event, participants also got free lap comfort quilts, donated by a local museum. san francisco's main tourist zones are seeing a spike in property crimes and car break ins. trends are down city-wide, but it's a different story in areas patrolled by the central station, like union square north beach. according to "the chronicle," property crimes jumped 13% for the first 10 month of this year compared to the same period in 2017.
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that includes burglaries, shoplifting, and pickpocketing. car break ins were up 4%. one thing that is not up, our temperatures around the bay area today. it's chilly out there after we had that cool front move through yesterday. temperatures came down a little bit. today we're only in the mid-50s at this moment. we've got mostly clear skies around the bay area. not looking too bad. with the numbers right now, concord, 56. in san francisco, 54. with the partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. now, about 40 minutes after sunset, high-def doppler showing there's that other little system coming over mendocino. the big news is there's still winter storm warnings and watches posted. rainfall that was left behind by this weak little front didn't really amount to too much. 32/100ths at livermore and san francisco, and just 9/100ths at sfo. a little more in santa rosa. th
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they continue to unpeel snow from this system that moved through last night. what's going to happen kind of sets the tone for the week. a high pressure ridge builds in. that's what's happening now. we'll get northwesterly dry air filtering into the bay area. keep us dry right through tuesday. tuesday, and then another system comes in, and it will turn us wet. clearing and cool overnight. fair and dry through monday evening. and then rain returns into the bay area. not a huge rainmaker, but it will be wet on tuesday and wednesday. maybe a lingering shower thursday, but that would be it. the raiders are taking on the kansas city tomorr sunday 1:05 p.m. it will be mostly cloudy and on the cool side. veteran will be rhapsodizing about that in a minute. 40 in freemont. tomorrow, mid-50s. extended forecast, sunday's nice. monday more clouds. tuesday and wednesday, we get
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light rain moving through the bay area. coming thursday through the weekend, we'll go back to partly cloudy, and it will be in the 50s all week long. that's weather. now for orts ladies and gentlemen, vern glenn. >> yes, indeed. ahead, for the 121st time as i pound the desk, thrills and chills of the big game. america. land of blue jeans. and burgers.
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made it 10-0. 4th quarter, cal down 7. chase garver. he's going to throw a deep ball. what a grabby paul anebo. later in the 4th, adebo, pretty good day at the office. made another play. a take away on this pass, and he's gone. down to the 1, and the very next play, scarlet, to use the "gone with the wind" reference just didn't give a darn. stanford won the game again. 9th straight year, 23-6 the final. can we pivot to the ice? that's eric carl son. plays for the sharks. used to play for the guys also on the ice, the iowa senators. . found the back of the net to tie the game. later in the 2nd, senators on the attack. bit arbor turned on the red
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light. down 3-1. mark stone. that's another goal. car accident lose big, tunal of 6-2. back to college baseball, jarod hess let his boys loose at number 2 kansas. a tough place to play. 3-point lead. final seconds. vick drained the 3 to send it into overtime. in the extra period, vick again. we're done here. stanford dropped a heartbreaker, 90-84. well, you know what's not a heartbreaker? let me show you what's going to happen coming up on tuesday as i continue to flap my limbs. i'm waiting for the next tape to actually roll. holiday heros is back. this is the holiday party of the year for kansas, at at&t park. been going on forever. thrills, chills, games. speaking of games, it benefits all kinds of underserved kid, like these
5:28 pm
kids playing musical chairs at the family house, who we talked to today. >> the party is so good, that if a kid went to sleep and dreamt what would the best holiday party be, it would be holiday heros. they're able to have a great deal of fun, which is incredibly important during the child's treatment for very serious illness. >> i love going. i have fun myself. i'm like a big kid. but then knowing there's so many children that normally wouldn't get an opportunity like this that are able to be there and experience it, it's magical. >> yeah. holiday heros is coming up on tuesday. when you talk about 400 kids on a sugar high, that is the stuff. hey, we've got the nfl for you. the rivalry game of their own sunday when they hit the high-powered kansas city chiefs. they're coming to town. oakland, a 15-point underdog for this one. >> we know what the point spread is, and we know
5:29 pm
what we're up against. we're anxious to compete. >> kansas city got that explosive offense, led by patrick mahones. only thrown 37 touchdowns this season. the raiders have yet to face majones on the field, john rutten has seen plenty of him on film. >> his overall skill set is sickening. i mean, it really is. he's double jointed. i mean, he can throw the ball from any platform possible. and he's got a playing style that remind me of farr. he's a young farr. that's why andy reed went and got him. i don't have time to talk about him anymore. >> going to see a lot of him all sunday afternoon, a channel 5 game. >> yes. you know who's back tonight? steph curry and the golden state warriors. what will he do at detroit? we'll have moving pictures on the late show. >> and a shout out to your son as well for the
5:30 pm
swimming competition. >> an outstanding time last night in the pool at seattle. >> we'll see you at 6:00 for a full hour of news. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on this special edition of the cbs evening news from washington, we remember the nation's 41st president, george h.w. bush. his remarkable journey from world war ii pilot to the white house, his love story with his wife of 73 years, his lifetime of dedication to his country, and devotion to family. all starting with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> we are a team. we're a united country, and when the going gets tough, we get moving! >> the nation mourns the passing of president her. >> he was one of the last true american political heroes. >> he passed away in houston at the age of 94. >> president trump has ordered


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