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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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george h.w bush, died last night at his houston home. he was 94 yemrbush visited the several times during his presidency, most notely in october of 1989 when he toured the devastation from the deadly oma prieta earthquake. . >> it was straight down. a lot of the people were killed. >> yeah. >> with their cars. >> unfortunately it didn't provide enough elevation for the cars. >> mr. bush visited a few of the other damaged areas, but he spent most of his time shaking hands and talking with firefighters and policemen and others working at the scene. in 1990, president bush and first lady barbara bush welcomed joe montana, jerry rice, and the rest of the san francisco 49ers to the white house to celebrate the team's super bowl
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victory that year over the denver broncos. >> president bush buzzed through silicon valley to trumpet america's ability to compete in foreign markets. he toured the plant in palo alto, where he gave a speech in front of 500 workers. >> i want to give the high-five symbol to high-tech, and i want to do it by investing in competitiveness. >> during his brief stop, mr. burble touted his controversial plan to cut capital gains taxes, and urged the silicon valley crowd to pressure sure congress to support it. the president then traveled to mofit field, where he waved to onlookers before boarding air force one. tim cook tweeted, "we have lost a great american. service defined president george h.w bush's life, and he taught all of us about leadership, sacrifice, and decent say. we send our deepest sympathies to the bush's
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family." gavin newsome said in a statement corp. he exemplified public service through decent say and honor. he represented the best of the greatest generation, serving his country in battle, and then as a civilian." we will have much more on mr. bush's life and legacy ahead at 6:30, including a live report from houston, texas. you can also read more on our web site, other news back in the bay area, chilling new details tonight on a deadly hostage stand off earlier this year. a new report details how the gunman was able to bypass security there the night before the siege. kpix 5's andrea borba has more. >> responding to a shooting at the veterans home. >> reporter: this is the dispatch call that notified law enforcement and the world of the terror happening inside the pathway home in yaville on
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march 9th. a heavily redacted 94-page report on the shooting that left three women dead along with the shooter reveals that the shooting was meticulously planned. the shooter, albert wong, had set himself up to raid the facility the night before. through a metal door leading into the basement, which he had propped open the night before, it is unknown if he entered the building the night before by the same means, or if he was let in by a resident or staff member. after legally purchasing his weapons in napa and san mateo counties, wong searched for suicide footage online, and then on the morning of march 9th, drove a rented car into the veteran's home on california drive, and made his way to building g. >> he was armed with a rifle, a scope, armor, 15 to 30 shots fired against a deputy already. >> i would like to take a quick moment to give credit to the initial responding napa sheriff's deputy, who put himself in harm's way, knowing he had an active, ongoing
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situation that involved shots fired, and exchanged initial gunfire with the suspect. >> reporter: that deputy was steve lombardi, who indicated in the report he thought he was going to die that day. but despite his efforts, wong had a plan. he dismissed three veterans present in the group room. wong then dismissed four female staff members. wong verbally indicated the three remaining women, jennifer gonzales, jennifer gula, and christine robber were to remain in the group room. andrea borba, kpix 5. >> san jose police held a gun buy back today, offering cash for unloaded weapons, no questions asked. people got a hundred dollars for a handgun or shotgun, and $200 for an assault weapon. police will check the serial number on each gun to see if it is lost or stolen. if so, it will be returned to its rightful owner. the rest of the guns will be destroyed. >> you know, we never know where these guns come
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from. we're not asking people any questions. for us it's one less gun on the street circulating that could possibly end up in the wrong hands, used to commit a crime. >> people handing over guns got quilts donated by a local museum. a pair of arrests tonight in a murder mystery in modesto. robert wizwell and rebecca garcia are accused of burying the victim in a residential backyard, where they had been living in a shed. the current homeowner dug up the remains last week. when she attempted to bury a dead pet. the victim has been identified as 26-year-old jason sutton vubeck. police have not said exactly how he died. in less than two hours, a mandatory curfew will go into effect for the camp fire burn zone. it will run through 6:00 a.m. and continue every night until further notice. officials say the area is still too dangerous for people to be out in the dark. meanwhile, some evacuated residents could be allowed back in, starting next week,
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weather permitting. they're being warned to find bones or bone fragments as they sift through the debris. at least 88 people died in the fire. the list of the missing has plummeted significantly, but tonight 49 people are still unaccounted. firefighters from all over california were busy battling that fire. when the smoke forced cal to postpone the big game against stanford. hundreds of those firefighters packed the stands of mall stadium today as special guests. >> reporter: the big game was packed with students from cal and stanford. but scattered in the seats were the heros from california's deadly wildfires. heather mcdonald and her fiancee haven't had much to cheer about in the last two weeks. the fire swept through their neighborhood 12 days after they moved into their paradise home. >> halfway moved into the house, and woke up in the morning, drove back up, and then that was it.
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just watch it burn down on tv. >> it's been hard. what we thought was our future has just changed. >> reporter: sporting her butte strong t-shirt, heather and craig came to support cal and the firefighters that bravely fought the camp fire. >> they're just amazing. we can't thank them enough. >> we can't thank them and all the first responders enough. >> reporter: these first responders were not recognized just for their work on the camp fire, but for what seems like a long fire season that just hasn't stopped since the blazes in the north bay last year. >> it's been very difficult. you know, it takes a lot of guys to go away from our home agencies to -- last year, we had santa rosa, and they were long battles. >> reporter: long battles that family members have watched mostly a firestorm devastated napa and sonoma counties. >> it's always emotional, especially because we're
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from santa rosa. last year when the fires were going on, it was my hometown that was on fire. it was me worrying about we were going to lose our homes. it really put everything in perspective. >> reporter: and survivors of the campfire are trying to put their tragedy in perspective as they look to rebuild their homes. >> we honestly feel like we're the luckiest of the unlucky, because we were able to get our dog and a few things and get out. >> reporter: roughly a thousands tickets were given to firefighters and their families, and all of the firefighters were from local agencies in the bay area. in berkeley, andrea macono, kpix 5. from there, i was, like, really can't believe this. >> still to come, the bay area veteran accusing starbucks of serving up a racist message along with his drink. >> plus sacishoppers should feel a lot safer this holiday seasonal. the secret santa who made a million-dollar docs to pay for more police. >> and a new billboard is
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ruffling some feathers in san jose tonight. the story behind the egg shaming campaign.
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yes for less. all lanes of eastbound interstate 580 are blocked just west of highway 24. that's eastbound 580, where a gray hound bus has caught fire. this is video. sorry the that's 880. this is video from twitter.
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we're told all passengers and the driver got off safely. there is no estimated time of when the 880 will reopen, but we will keep you updated. well, the holiday season is here, and in san francisco, it's not just shoppers crowding the streets. extra police officers have been stationed all around union square. they'll be there through the beginning of january, and it's all thanks to an anonymous donor, who gave the city $1 million to fund the extra patrols. >> i do feel better when i see police officers on the street, that they're protecting us, and it is the city, and these cities are going to have problems. just have to be careful. >> if you're shopping. even if you have a trunk, do not shop, get lot of bags, go back to your car and continue shopping. once you stop shopping, we are encouraging people to keep their items on them and not go back to their cars and put them in until they're leaving. >> it is going to be a busy
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holiday season at union square. about two million shoppers are expected to hit the stores there this month. a military veteran is accusing starbucks of serving up racism on the side of his drink order. reporter matt resnick has that story. >> i just stormed out, and from there, i was, like, really? can't believe this. >> reporter: john carl stacato, said what left him in disbelief was the way he was identified at this starbucks in vacaville monday morning >> i said my name is john. >> reporter: but he said the barista chose this name. >> a few minutes later, i was just waiting in that area, and next thing i know, i hear. is there a chang here? we got a hot cocoa. >> reporter: john didn't think much of it until he heard that reference for the other two items in his
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order. >> is this my order? because my name is not chang. she responded this could have been my name on the app. i double-checked the starbucks app, and it says my name. i said, "is this some kind of joke." >> reporter: john left, but the moment has stuck with him, and with her. >> when i went to school, i started to think about it, like how could they get john and chang messed up. >> reporter: the retired air force veteran said he an apology from a manager. >> i think it was really mean, because i never went to a place where they called me, like, something else. >> reporter: in the dates since, john has turned his attention to milan, offering her the best advice he can. >> to move forward, learn from this, and press on. >> and that was max resnick reporting. >> in a statement starbucks said, "we have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind.
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we're conducting an investigation into the matter, and we'll take the appropriate action." . a new billboard that just went up in san jose has drivers doing double takes, and kpix 5devon feely shows us this egg shaming ad is also ruffling some feathers. >> reporter: it is often in peta's strategy to be provocative, the idea it is okay to say something that may be offensive or maybe out of left field if it brings attention to your cause, which in this case is the ethical treatment of animals in the farm industry. >> many who consider themselves feminists are unthinkably supporting this violence toward females every single day by consuming these cruel foods. >> reporter: this new ad campaign is definitely in keeping with that tradition of being provocative. it basically says you can't eat eggs and still consider yourself a feminist. we talked to some women today who consider themselves both feminists and an mall lovers, and they had strong reactions to this ad.
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>> we have a movement now that is loud, and it's strong, and it's being heard finally. and to tie it to something like animal rights, then -- you know, that's going to go down a whole other path. >> i was shocked like they actually could put that up there. like, i thought it was really stupid, yeah, and just like -- it just seemed, like, really it ignorant, honestly. >> reporter: in a press release, peta said they hope their message finds a receptive audience in silicon valley. quote: "san jose is a city of strong women and thoughtful students, which makes it the perfect place to spark a conversation about the blatant misogyny of the egg and dairy industries." although the ad doesn't address it specifically, peta is taking aim at twin targets, both the egg and the dairy industry.
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in san jose, devon feely. the latest round of rain to move through the bay area didn't last long, but it was enough to make for some treacherous driving conditions. we came across this rollover crash. you can see the driver in the blue jacket. you can see he was okay. and a tow truck was able to flip his suv back over. so fortunately, all okay in that accident. . it is quite tricky out there >> you know, the recipe for accidents on the road: just add water. that's all it takes. about a quarter of an inch to an inch in the bay area overnight, and that's it for now. as the skies have gone to partly cloudy to mostly clear throughout the bay area. as we look toward the golden gate bridge, beautiful sight tonight. there's the city of san francisco. here are the numbers. they've fallen down into the upper 40s in santa rosa, 49 degrees. elsewhere we're in the low to mid-50s. high-def doppler shows another disturbance moving in over cape mendocino. that one, unlike last night is not going to sink far enough south to affect us.
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the only thing remaining happening tonight, high def doppler picking up a few showers around northwest city, translating into snow. storm totals from what happened overnight. not a lot. just a 5th of an inch at heyward and freemont. a quarter of an inch in oakland. a little more by santa rosa. 2/3rds of an inch. and napa downtown had 59/100ths. winter storm warning is posted in one lonely location. travel delays likely if you are headed to the mountains. it will be sunny tomorrow as we have high pressure that will build in behind the low. a little bit of a ridge means sun returns to the bay area, al bee it briefly. there's more on the way. more rain that is, by tuesday. so fair and try through monday evening. and then rain will return tuesday through wednesday. this does not look like a big rainmaker. more than a nuisance rain, less a storm. in the meantime, let's make the round of the rinks,
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downtown ice in san jose, partly cloudy and 58 degrees. at the embarcadero center. and union square as well, not to be left out, walnut creek e-sking rink set up all weekend long at civic park. raiders are taking on the chiefs tomorrow in a game that just happens -- it's worth broadcasting. we'll check on that. john has no idea. sunday. i thought i heard verne say that. if we're not broadcasting it, don't watch it. it will be mostly cloudy and school. temperatures in the mid-50s. overnight lows, temperatures 35 degrees in santa rosa, 35 in napa, and 35 san jose. sun up tomorrow morning at 7:70. forecast highs for tomorrow, it's a search. the average is near 60, but we will be in the mid-50s almost bay-wide. very little variation. got a uniform air mass over the bay area. go north, it gets a little cooler. sky conditions mostly clear, and cooler by the time we get up to ucaya, and lake
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port in the 50s. in the extended forecast, going to be looking for sun for sunday. monday, a few more clouds. tuesday and wednesday, we'll increase clouds, and then, by the time we head to the weekend, it's going to be partly cloudy. not an unlikely shot of the golden gate bridge, resplendent in all of its glory. that's weather. here's sports. still to come, it's not a gold mine, but for sign practices, it's even better. how a construction project unearthed a huge peels of california's prehistoric past. >> sports settling in for your viewing pleasure. 121st big game, folks. at long last. cal, stanford recap. the kpix version. hold on to something. we've got moving pictures.
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all right. college football up top. while alabama and georgia were teeing it up on the national front, in berkeley, cal and stanford had its own party going. get ready. 121st big game go. david shaw at stanford, ownage of cal. the boys needed to do something about it. 1st quarter, like they drew it up on the board. quarterback a.j. costello slipped to cameron scarlet. up the ally, and he's gone. 46-yard play. made it 10-0. 4th quarter, cal down 7. chase garvers. he wants to go deep. wrong jersey. great grabby paul adebo. adebo had himself a day at the office. later in the 4th, he made another play. a takeaway on this pass, and he's gone. down to the 1 yard line. and the very next play, here's scarlet.
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>> scarlet. >> reporter: touchdown: stanford won the big game again. 9th straight year, 23-6. let's pivot to the frozen pond. that'seric carl son. plays for the sharks. he's in ottawa, his former team. 2nd period, down 1, and joe thornton found the back of the net to tie the game. later in the 2nd, senators on the attack. arbor got it past martin johns. sharks down 3-1 in the 3rd. mark stone, yeah, he turned on the light. sharks lost it, and lost it big. final of 6-2. switching gears to college basketball, kyle smith and bell fast ireland. so you'vt to make a stop. s e. somehow, though, jeremy harris found an opening, and
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took it. don's 1st los of the season, on the short end of an 85-81 decision. back here across the pond, jarod hatch and stanford. kansas against the jay hawks. final seconds, stanford led by 3, but le gerald vick, sent it to overtime. stanford down 5. and it's vick again. that's the dagger shot to put it out of reach. stanford dropped 1. a heartbreaker, 90-84. hey, and folks, it is back, folks. holiday heros. this tuesday, the biggest holiday seasonal party in san francisco for kids. imagine 400 of them on a sugar high by the time they walk out of at&t park. games, food packed into the ballpark, all to been fit hundreds of underserved kids. kids like these playing musical chairs at the family house, a home away from home for families of cancer and other life-threatening issues. >> the party is so good that if
6:26 pm
a kid went to sleep and dreamt what would the best holiday party be, it would be holiday heros. >> they're able to have a great deal of fun, which is incredibly important during the child's treatment for a very serious illness. >> i love going. i have fun myself. i'm like a big kid. but then knowing there's so many children that wouldn't get an opportunity like this that are able to be there and experience it, it's magical. >> yeah. video from cat v jacobson productions. nfl and the raiders, rivalry game with the high-powered chiefs. they pay a visit to climb tomorrow. oakland a 15-point home. >> we know what the point spread is, and we know what we're up against. we're anxious to compete. >> kansas kansas city's explosive offense. the most in the nfl. and while the raiders have yet
6:27 pm
to face majones on the field, john grutten has seen plenty of him on film. >> his overall skill set is sickening. i mean, it really is. he's double-jointed. i mean, he can throw the ball from any platform possible, and he's got a playing style that reminds me of far. i mean, he's a young favre. i think that's why andy reed went and got him. i don't have time to talk about him anymore. >> patrick homes, the next brett favre. the 49ers, an underdog on the road as they take it to the seattle sea hawks. >> thank you. >> that scared the crud out of everybody. >> bet it did. coming up in our next half hour, we'll to anchorage for an update on the big quake. >> and the memorial to president george h.w bush is growing tonight outside the
6:28 pm
family home in houston. we will go live to texas, where his family, friends, and the nation are preparing to say their final fair wells. >> more and more people from the bay area are choosing to leave the state because of the high cost of living. i'm betty yu. coming up, i'll show you why many people are choosing to call this place their new home.
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and enjoy life he did. well into his 9 0s. tonight, the nation is mourning the passing of the 41st president of the united
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states, george h.w bush. mr. bush died late last night at the age of 94, just months after the passing of his wife of 73 years, former first lady barbara bush. >> and as americans pause to honor him today, arrangements are being made for his state funeral. cbs reporter courtney sabowsky joins us live from houston, where a memorial is growing outside the bush family home tonight. courtney? >> reporter: good evening, juliet and brian. we just spoke to the former president's son, neil bush, who said his father died peacefully in his home, surrounded by family. a family that is so close, and reeling right now from their loss. we're outside that family home, where that memorial continues to grow. around the world, people are mourning the death of rmer president george h.w bush. flower wreaths were placed on the gates of the bush home in houston on saturday, the day after he died here at the age of 94.
6:32 pm
at the g20 summit in buenos aires, president trump said he spoke to george w. bush and his brother jeb bush. >> and i expressed my deepest sympathy. >> reporter: president bush lived behind these gates. he was more than just a political giant. he was a beloved member of the community, who you would see at baseball games, local restaurants, and charity events. starting monday evening, mr. bush will lie in state in the u.s. capital rotunda. today the u.s. flag began flying at half staff at the white house, the capital, and other federal buildings for 30 days. mr. bush served as the 41st president for one term, from 1989 to 1993. decades before entering the oval office, mr. bush led a life of public service, as a world war ii pilot, running the cia, as a congressman, and vice president under ronald reagan. at his inauguration, mr. bush spoke of new beginnings as the cold war was starting to wind down. >> a new breeze is blowing, and
6:33 pm
a nation, refreshed by freedom, stands ready to push on. there is new ground to be broken, and new action to be taken. >> reporter: in 2011, president obama presented mr. bush with the medal of freedom, the country's highest civilian honor. as he is laid to rest, his life and legacy will once again be celebrated. the former president will have two funerals, one here in houston on thursday, but the first on wednesday at the national cathedral in washington, d.c. juliet? >> yeah. courtney, the bush family has been such a huge presence for decades. i can imagine it's very somber there. what is the mood like in houston tonight? >> reporter: like you said, very somber. people have been coming by, dropping off flowers, teddy bears. just saying what a loss this is. he just was seen out in public around here, very charitable. gave people hugs all the time the really a loss for
6:34 pm
the houston community. >> very gracious. courtney sabowski, live in houston thank you. >> president bush committed his life to service, bravely fighting in world war ii, serving in congress, leading the cia, serving as ambassador to the united nations, and being vice president all before leading our nation. be missed. and congressman -- said in a statement: "president bush was a humble man and a statesman. his life-long values were his faith, his family, and his country. we offer our condolences to the entire bush family and thank them for share their father, grandfather, and great-grand father to the country he served with dignity and kindness." . 1 lane is reopened on eastbound interstate 880 after a greyhound bus burst into flames on the freeway just west of highway
6:35 pm
24. we're told all passengers and the driver got off the bus safely. but as you can imagine, traffic in the area is a mess, as firefighters and chp and c,l trans work to clear the scene. there's no estimated time on when the rest of those lanes will reopen, but we will keep you updated. alaska is just starting to clean up from yesterday's 7.0 earthquake. it buckled roads and shook buildings in and around anchorage, the state's largest city. bridge inspections are understood way at about 40 sites. alaska's transportation department says there are 8 with major damage, mostly to highways and ramps. schools in anchorage are shut down through next week because of possible structural damage. at the local cvs station, the quake brought down a ceiling and equipment. and despite its strength, no fatalities are reported. >> people have been incredibly helpful, not just in terms of what they're doing the first responders and emergency crews working with utilities. they're also looking after
6:36 pm
their families and their neighbors, and that's made a huge difference in our ain'tty to respond to this potentially much more significant disaster. >> yesterday's open center as 7 miles northwest of anchorage. the main quake was followed by 132 after shocks of magnitude 3 or greater. that's as of 5:00 tonight. earthquake damage forced the suspension of train service between anchorage and fair banks. a railroad spokesman said there are three trouble spots, including cracks on either side of the cracks. paul, set the scene for us, and tell us what's going on tonight. >> reporter: well, brian and juliet, if you look behind me, some heavy lifting with heavy equipment. you talk about the damage to roads, and this is an off ramp, and look at the dump truck. you see all sorts of graders, trying to get this back up in shape. if you look at the imagery from before, yesterday,
6:37 pm
you could see, from the drone that this off ramp was obliterated. in fact, there was a car on a huge chunk of the asphalt, just sitting out there. it's remarkable to me how quickly they are attacking some of these issues. and they're working against some very tough circumstances. don't forget, as we go toward the winter solstice, very little daylight. basically you've got a situation where the wind is now starting to whip up. and then there's these after shocks. like you, i'm a californiaian. but these aftershocks are something that, in fact, officials were calming the jiang thed nervous of residents. they said it's okay if you're getting a little twitchy with all these >> is , and -- to feel anxious, sad, or angry. rebel, whatever you're feeling right now the valid. if you're anxious, that's valid. as much as possible, you should stick to normal routines. so normal bedtimes, meal tiles, especially if you have children. they will feel more safe and
6:38 pm
secure if you stick to those regularly scheduled activities. carry out small practical tasks. take slow, measured breaths if you're feeling anxious or uncomfortable. >> reporter: and now back here live as they continue to try to repair these roadways. also we should note, in an effort of cooperation, schools will be closed in anchorage on monday and tuesday to keep people off the streets so they can continue to do all of this quick work that we're seeing here in anchorage. >> we said there's something like 132 magnitude, 3 plus after shocks since the main shock last night. it would seem to me you're feeling them almost continuously. is that what it's like? >> reporter: yes, and in fact, we've all experienced these california earthquakes, and i have to say, some of them may have done such a great job in fitting these buildings to absorb and roll with the after shocks that you do
6:39 pm
start to sway. ioch who you are. you get a strong after shock, you get a lump in your throat. a reminder to everybody in california, be prepared. some of the things they clearly did right in alaska is, one, they had their batteries, their radios. they had food supplies. but something that struck me with the no fatalities, they really took this add vice, and that is don't ever put objects on walls that you know could fall on you, because as you both well know, many of the fatalities or serious injuries in cakes come from falling debris. >> i've got to say, the stunning thing to me, just like you is there were no fatalities, only minor injuries from a magnitude 7 so close to a major city center. i think it's a reflection of the fact they got their buildings up to code. live for us in anchorage, paul,
6:40 pm
thank you. i came relationship because i was young and in love. >> after more than a year in mexico, this bay area nurse will soon be headed home to her children. how she managed to trump her federal deportation order. >> meanwhile, the president planning to rewrite the rules of the very program allowing that nurse to return. we will explain after a break. sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. for health insurance starting january 1st, enroll by december 15th. because you never know when life... ...will change.
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get covered today.
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stmade national headlines in august 2017 when she and her husband were forced to return to mexico during the trump administration's crack down on
6:43 pm
as long as. maria worked as a research sistered nurse at highland hospital, caring for cancer patients. she said, when she left, she wanted to do the right thing after years of fighting to live in the u.s. legally. >> when i think of this country, i was very young. back then, i didn't really understand what it meant, what had happened. i came, not because i was trying to violate anybody's rule. i came because i was young and in love. >> the hospital petitioned the government for her to get an hb1 visa. it will still be a week or more before she can return, and while she will be reunited with her children, she will have to leave her husband in mexico for now. barbara lee said in a statement mary i don't's case is a stark example of the damage the trump administration's inhumane zero tolerance policy has
6:44 pm
wreaked on families across the country. meanwhile, the trump administration wants to make changes to that visa program. the homeland security department has just proposed changes that could increase the number of recipients with advanced degrees. current rules set aside visas with people with those kind of degrees. that's on top of 60,000 for other skilled workers. the government wants to group everyone together with a cap of 65,000. all kids love dinosaurs. a lot of people never grow out of that. >> and there's a lot to love these days. still to come, how a california construction project unearthed a huge piece of our prehistoric past. >> it will dry out for tonight, but there's more rain on the way. we'll have the details when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. a g of data?
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these are new images of the bus fully engulfed in flames and an up-close look at the aftermath. there's a severe traffic alert. chp, caltrans are working to
6:48 pm
clear the scene. they're saying avoid the area if you can. there is no estimated time on when the rest of the lanes will reopen. we will keep you updated. an unexpected find deep beneath the surface in the east bay. the discovery that's shedding new light on the state's prehistoric past. >> all kids love dinosaurs. a lot of people never grow out of that. >> reporter: christina robbins is one of those people. today she's a senior scientist at uc beckerly's museum of pail yentology, but her job doesn't exactly revolve around "jurassic world." >> we have 400 million years of earth history other than just dinosaur time. a lot of the history in california has to do with the things that have happened since the dinosaurs. >> reporter: thanks to a recent nsjectrobbin getting a chance to explore california's rich prehistoric past.
6:49 pm
>> this was a large project by the san francisco public utilities commission, the reconstruction of the calavares dam, and they found fossils. >> reporter: after collecting more than 4,000 fossils from the clavera site, robbins and a team of students and volunteers are getting their hands dirty. >> the prep lab is constantly a hub of activity. we process literally tons of sediment. so you take a hammer and chisel, just an old-fashioned way to prepare, and it still works. we have automated drills, which are essentially, like, miniature jackhammers that literally vibrates the sediment away from the bo. >> reporter: after the dust settles, the team is making some ground-breaking discoveries. >> we have a whale skull that
6:50 pm
is wonderfully preserved, and it is a new species that's never been soon by science. >> reporter: and findings like this one continue to fuel robin's passion for her work. >> pail yentology is, for me, all about the discovery. i don't like unanswered questions. you're finding species that no one has literally laid eyes on ever. so it's all about uncovering the mysteries. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, i'm mary lee, kpix 5. >> good stuff. it's going to rain again on tuesday and wednesday, getting all the weather models together. by the way, there was a chance of more rain coming in next friday, but it looks like that's been backed off of. so after tuesday and wednesday, we should dry out for a bit. we have a look over the san francisco. the numbers, they're going to be chilly tonight, with readings right now already in the 50s. 54 at concord, and 53 degrees in san jose. high-def is showing still scattered showers up
6:51 pm
around beautiful mendocino. but the big news is probably the thunderstorms that are up there in the sierra foothill, around pollack pines, grass valley, and the equally lovely nevada city. so they'll have some of that tonight. rainfall, we pick up a bit. about 2/10ths of an inch in the parts of the east bay shoreline. a quarter of an inch in oakland. and more. 2/3rds at santa rosa. this is just over the past 24 hours, from that little system that spun through overnight. so winter storm warnings are posted in the mountains. they'll get a little more snow tonight. and here's how it looks over the welcome. it will be sunny tomorrow. high pressure sticks its nose in between the 2 low pressure centers out there. with the low off the pacific northwest, and low pressure that's also spinning over the midwest. and as a result, we get sun for tomorrow, but not for long. increasing clouds will lead to a chance of more rain coming into the bay area tuesday and wednesday. and it's time to take to the
6:52 pm
ice. strap on the blades, and hit san jose, where it will be partly cloudy tomorrow, and 58. the holiday ice rink up and running at embarcadero center and also at union square. and also in walnut creek. so lot of fun to be had there. the game tomorrow, oakland is taking on the chiefs in a game that will be broadcast by sheer coincidence on channel 5. that's tomorrow at 1:05 p.m. overnight lows will be in the 0s and 40s. temperatures tomorrow, you can say mid-50s. it will be spot on. 55 at san jose. in the east bay, the numbers will be from the low to the mid-50s. 55 in vallejo. up in north bay, we'll be looking at mid-0s as well. by the time we hit ucaya, plenty of surge, and 53 degrees. we're going to be looking for sunny for sunday. wet on tuesday and wednesday. not a huge rainmaker, though. and then we'll dry out for the week. and i think we can all use a break, which we will take right now.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
betty yu is just across the state lineth nevada to show us where they're fleeing to. >> reporter: this tree-line stretch of highway 50 is familiar to many bay area residents, but for more and more people, this ride has become their final journey out of the state. >> you refer to it as a mass exodus out of california. >> reporter: final destination, nevada. clear creek tahoe, located just outside carson city, to be exact. the new private community features an 18-hole golf course, resort-style amenities, including a pool and gym, and its open space includes 850 acres of permanently protected land. but clear creek is also marketing something that can't be captured in beautiful
6:56 pm
brochures. >> we promote the tax advantages that nevada offers. >> reporter: clear creek wants home buyers to take advantage of a tax-free nevada residence say. there is no state income tax, and douglas county features the lowest property taxes in nevada. and the new federal tax law that limits state and local tax deductions to $10,000 have people crossing state lines. of the 80 lot sold so far, more than half of the buyers here are from california. about 40% of all buyers are from the bay area. >> it is bittersweet for them. a lot of them, they don't want to leave, but they're just at the breaking point of disgust, and that's really how most of them feel. they are so frustrated with the regulations and the policies. >> reporter: a recent report by found expensive housing costs are driving people out of state. top destinations include arizona, texas, idaho, and nevada. residents of clear creek from california aren't
6:57 pm
totally leaving the state behind. they all have access to the twin pines lake and ski house located here in south lake tahoe. it's about a 30-minute drive from the residential community. residents have access to a private beach, and can enjoy amenities year around, include a shuttle to heavenly ski resort nearby. >> with golf and tennis and access to the lake and so on, we have to believe there are going to be plenty of like-mined people. >> it's tough for me. i am emotionally attached here, and i have a lot of friends. i raised my children here. so that is hard. >> reporter: jamie and susie william son are among the first buyers at clear creek. for nearly 25 years, they've lived in san ramon and raised their three kids in this home. they all left the bay area for texas, and a cheaper cost of living. >> just with the overall cost of living and the tax
6:58 pm
situation, and the inability of our kids to be able to afford to live here as well. so they've emigrated out of the state. so we're really just, you know, trying to conserve our resources for the long haul, and it's just a very expensive place to live. >> reporter: their home has since tripled in value, and is worth upwards of a million dollars. they plan to cash out. they're building their custom retirement home on this soil. the williams sons say they'll be saving tens of thousands of dollars by relocating to nevada after jamie retires as a business manager for a livermore based tech company in a few years. the lot themselves here range from $300,000 to 1.8 million, averaging about 1.5 acres. for the william sons-in-law, it's not just about the dollars. >> just to get out of the rat race that's the bay area, and we go up to the mountains, and it's ah. >> it's about the less taxing
6:59 pm
lifestyle. betty yu, kpix 5. >> thanks so much for watching. see you back here at 11. have a good evening. (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement from time life.
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