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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  December 3, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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he had to show up. >> that facility is such a great place to listen to music. >> it's so special. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> allen and veronica are back with paul in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this monday, from our nation's capital, remembering a president. george h.w. bush is honored for a lifetime of public service. americans pay their respects at the u.s. capitol. we have full coverage from washington beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> america is saying goodbye to the final president from the greatest generation era. >> you're seeing large crowds, even some people on the side of the road, holding flags here just sitting there to honor the president. >> the moment on the tarmac was so especially poignant. >> the son literally following in the footsteps of his father. >> both aboard air force one for this final journey. >> the 41st president got a full military sendoff. >> he will be lying in state in
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the capitol rotunda until wednesday. >> george herbert walker bush. demonstrated the finest qualities of our nation and of humankind. >> one child dead, dozens of others hurt after a bus crash in arkansas. >> police say it was carrying a youth football team. >> it was a complete tragedy. >> violent protests have turned parts of paris into a battle zone. >> protesters angry over rising pel prices. >> some 36,000 people demonstrated over the weekend. >> u.s. stocks are rallying today. >> this after the united states and china propose a tariff ceasefire. >> the two parties are officially negotiating again. >> we've seen these days of remembrance before, but never seen something quite like this. >> this is a remembrance of america and what it's all about. >> nothing less than a first- class tribute. >> glor: good evening. this is our western edition. i'm jeff glor reporting from the u.s. capitol in washington
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tonight, where americans will get their chance to pay respects to george h.w. bush, america's 41st president. mr. bush's body will lie in state in the rotunda until wednesday morning when a state funeral will be held. the casket arrived here as the sun set over the nation's capitol, providing a breathtaking backdrop. mr. bush served the country from world war ii until the end of the cold war and beyond. he died friday at age 94, less than eight months after the death of barbara bush, his wife of 73 years. we begin here with nancy cordes, also at the capitol. >> reporter: in a moment made for the history books, the sun set over washington as the casket bearing the 41st president of the united states was carried up the capitol steps. awaiting it at the top, more than a dozen members of president bush's cabinet, along with his vice president, dan quayle, and an emotional 43rd president, george w. bush. inside the capitol rotunda, the speaker of the house paid tribute to a remarkable life. >> there was that image of him
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as a loving father reaching out to hold his son's hand at the national cathedral after 9/11. >> reporter: here at the capitol fd across the nation, flags fly at half-staff. the new york stock exchange observed a moment of silence for the 94-year-old, who passed away friday night at home in houston after telling his oldest son by phone that he loved him. this morning, the younger president bush greeted his father's casket at ellington air force base in houston. ( "hail to the chief" playing ) the extended bush family accompanied the casket to washington aboard air force one, aich was renamed "special air mission 41" for the flight to joint base andrews. mr. bush's service dog, sully, who kept watch at his master's casket overnight, made the journey, too. ♪ ♪
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at andrews, another solemn tribute from the military for a man who was not just commander- in-chief, but one of the youngest naval aviators in world war ii, flying 58 missions in the pacific starting at age 18. he never lost that love of flying. lo aide revealed this weekend that mr. bush, who also loved to make a statement with his socks, had chosen to be laid to rest wearing this pair. after the war, george herbert walker bush went to yale university, founded an oil company, served two terms in the house of representatives, and bathered six children with his beloved barbara bush, who passed away in april. in the '70s, mr. bush was appointed ambassador to the united nations and director of the c.i.a. >> this is the course we're going to go. >> reporter: he lost his bid for the white house in 1980, but the man who beat him in the primary tapped him as his running mate, which led to an eight-year partnership. vice president mike pence.
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>> i'm told as he was preparing to become vice president he once joked about the job saying that there was "nothing substantive to do at all." ( laughter ) >> reporter: in 1988, mr. bush cen the race to succeed president reagan by a landslide, steering the ship of state as the berlin wall came down, the soviet union dissolved, and the first gulf war broke out, only to be defeated in 1992 by a democratic governor from arkansas who tapped into the nation's growing economic anxiety. president clinton told "60 minutes" that the two developed a bond anyway. y it's been one of the great joys of my life, my friendship with him. our arguments were good-natured and open. and we continued to debate things all the way up until recently. >> reporter: this afternoon, members of the public began
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lining up outside the capitol to bid farewell to the man who famously called for a kinder, gentler nation. president trump, who has clashed with several members of the bush family, did not attend this evening's ceremony here at the u.s. capitol. but, jeff, he is expected to go to the national cathedral on wednesday for a memorial service for mr. bush. >> glor: okay, nancy. thank you very much. joining us now in our washington studio are bob schieffer and major garrett. bob, i was moved earlier by your reaction to all of this. i know it affected so many of us. talk about how rare these moments are and how important they are. >> well, i think they're very important, because they're conducted in the capitol, which is the great symbol of our democracy. and we cannot help but be reminded that the strength of this country is that it is based on our values, and it always has been, and, so far, it always will be.
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but i remembered one moment that was very human to me, and that was the emotion on the face of george w. bush. you know, he wrote a book about his dad back in 2014, and he said that he had planned not to publish it until after his dad died. and i said, "so why didn't you?" and he said, "i decided to publish it now, because i wanted him to know how much i loved him." he really did, and his dad loved him. to me, that's the thing that i will take away from what we saw today. >> glor: i think so. we all watched that father and son this afternoon here. major, this was a return to the capitol for the president. >> yes, and it's important for me, because when i started my career in washington, i started covering congress with the george herbert walker bush presidency. he's the last organically bipartistan president we've had in our country-- that came by inclination. as nancy mentioned, he served in
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the house for two terms starting in the mid-60s. what was the existential threat to america then and for most of his political life? the cold war. not only did he preside over a stable end to that cold war, he also created a new budget reality, lowered defense spending, the peace dividend, and achieved so many things that are long-lasting durable legislative accomplishments, all bipartisan: rewriting the clean air act, the americans with iesabilities act, civil rights. all those things achieved because he was bipartisan, not only by inclination, but by determination. >> glor: dedication to country, dedication to family. ,ajor garrett for us and also bob schieffer, thank you both very much tonight. we are going to have more on the tributes to president george h.w. bush a bit later here this evening. but there is other news to get to tonight. one child was killed, 45 people hurt when a charter bus ran off an interstate near little rock, arkansas today. fe bus was carrying a youth football team home from a championship game. more on this from omar villafranca.
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>> reporter: the horror can be summed up be just by looking at what remains of this charter bus-- filled with elementary school kids. >> reporter: they were members of an all-star youth football team based in memphis, tennessee, heading back from a game in dallas. coaches, chaperones, and 40 children, among them nine-year- old cameron johnson, who was killed. some of the seriously injured, as young as seven years old. one coach told a memphis newspaper from his hospital bed that the driver swerved. >> devastating. devastating. i mean-- absolutely devastating. >> reporter: j.t. bragaw was one of several coaches and parents who raced over 100 miles to arkansas children's hospital in little rock. >> this was a huge thing for the boys.
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they've been practicing for the last six weeks, and they were super excited. and so, it's just a bad thing. >> reporter: the driver told investigators she lost control of the bus. 26 kids were taken here to arkansas children's hospital. 22 have already been released to their parents. the remaining four have bumps and broken bones, but doctors expect them to make a full recovery. jeff? >> glor: okay, omar, thanks very much. illinois is among several states cleaning up tonight after getting slammed by a rare outbreak of december tornadoes. the national weather service confirms at least 23 tornadoes touched down in illinois on saturday, a record for this time of year. here's adriana diaz. >> reporter: a swarm of tornadoes tore through homes, businesses, and trees across central illinois. ( sirens ) in the hard-hit town of taylorville, more than 500 structures were damaged. officials say more than 20 tornadoes touched down across the state, literally pushing ho these steps here lead up to that door right the
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katie and nick hackney, a firefighter, live in the house. >> i don't know that they would have survived in the basement. it moved the house 17 feet off the foundation. >> it's just heartbreaking to see all their things and our things everywhere. >> reporter: butler resident marvin felton says he saw a tornado hit. >> i was right behind it. i felt the wind forcing my car, it sounded like a train. >> reporter: in lewiston, illinois, katie van pelt was in her home when part of her roof and several walls peeled off. >> everybody is okay. and it's just-- it's just replaceable things. >> reporter: the severe weather in illinois was part of a line of storms that spun tornadoes in arkansas, oklahoma, and missouri, where one person was killed. tornadoes are extremely rare in december, but one that touched down in this region was half-a- mile wide. a siren here in taylorville gave people 41 minutes notice, and that likely saved lives, but
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three people were seriously injured. jeff? >> glor: adriana, thank you. a congressional source tells cbs cws c.i.a. director gina haspel is expected to brief senators leaders tomorrow on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. senate democrats have criticized the white house for leaving her out of an earlier briefing by the secretaries of state and defense. the c.i.a. reportedly has concluded that saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman spoke repeatedly with khashoggi's killers. the saudis deny the prince was involved. president trump, just back from the g20 summit in argentina, made himself heard today on the truce in the trade dispute with china and the special prosecutor. weijia jiang is at the white house with more on this. >> reporter: after meeting with chinese president xi jinping in argentina, president trump said trade talks with china took a "big leap forward," though no comprehensive deal or a detailed timeline emerged, but there are
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signs of a ceasefire. e> and i think at some point we are going to end up doing something which is great for china or great for the united states. >> reporter: the president announced that tariffs on chinese products that were set to rise to 25% on january 1st will be frozen at 10% instead. mr. trump said china would remove its 40% tax on u.s. cars and resume buying u.s. soybeans. sales have plummeted since the president imposed tariffs earlier this year. president trump tweeted, "farmers will be a very big and fast beneficiary." but official statements from the chinese made no mention of these concessions, and white house economic adviser larry kudlow stopped short of calling them an agreement. >> the history here with china promises is not very good. and we know that. >> reporter: today, president trump also fired off a number of tweets about the russia investigation, calling special counsel robert mueller an out- of-control prosecutor and saying his former lawyer and long-time
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confidante michael cohen should serve a full sentence for lying to congress. jeff? >> glor: weijia jiang, thank you, at the white house. french president emmanuel macron today canceled a foreign trip to focus on a major crisis at home. anti-government protests exploded in the heart of paris over the weekend. at least 130 people were hurt, more than 400 were arrested. roxana saberi is there. >> reporter: in a cloud of tear gas, french riot police run toward a group of protesters in paris. when they reach the foot of the arc de triomphe, the officers shout, "back up," and start beating the demonstrators, who appear to be hurling stones at them. this body cam footage was released by french police today... ( explosion ) ...two days after the worst ato hitrancpil in today, paramedics in paris protested against government reforms, setting fire to debris,
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blocking a bridge leading to the national assembly. the yellow vest protests, named after the safely vests worn by mostly-peaceful protesters, began three weeks ago. it was fueled by a rise in a gasoline tax in a country where diesel costs already $6 a gallon. it will go up roughly another 28 cents in january. but the rallies have morphed into a fight against the rising aost of living. on sunday, french president emmanuel macron was booed as he toured the damage. he's vowed he won't back down on his fuel taxes aimed at cutting carbon emissions. protesters have no formal leadership, also say they won't stop until they get what they want. ( speaking french ) until when would you like to dontinue these protests? "we don't have a choice," ambulance driver thomas pichon mald me. "we don't stay here today, it's the end of our livelihoods." today, the government hinted that it might offer concessions. the prime minister's office said he would announce "measures in favor of the protesters." jeff?
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and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, orre prone tfeions. xeljan c of tiars. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. >> glor: the national football league is facing tough questions tonight for its handling of star running back kareem hunt, who was recorded pushing and kicking a woman earlier this year. jericka duncan has the latest. >> kareem is the one that assaulted me. >> reporter: today, cleveland police released this body camera video showing their interview with 19-year-old abby ottinger of kent state university. she told police she was waiting outside kareem hunt's residence, trying to find a ride home, when acddenly she was attacked. video released last week by tmz shows hunt hitting and then kicking ottinger. once that february video became public, it was the end of hunt's career as a kansas city chief. friday, the team let him go.
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>> the chiefs did what was right. iemade a poor decision. >> reporter: in that sunday espn interview, hunt says the n.f.l. did not interview him about the incident. however, the league said, in a statement, it is planning to do so. since the 2014 video of former ravens' running back ray rice became public, at least 27 n.f.l. players have been accused of committing some form of violence or harassment against women. at least seven remain part of an n.f.l. organization this season. former c.e.o. of the oakland raiders and cbs sports analyst amy trask says the n.f.l. isn't aggressive enough when it comes to investigating its own players for these types of alleged assaults. >> historically, teams in the league have not been willing to do what outlets like tmz have been willing to do. it may be time to rethink that. >> reporter: a source from the n.f.l. tells me this is clearly not acceptable behavior. the n.f.l. is now investigating hunt and plans to interview everyone involved that night.
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even if another team picks up hunt, jeff, under the league's personal conduct policy, hunt faces a six-game suspension. >> glor: okay, jericka, thank you very much. still ahead here tonight, what ic autopsy found after police shot the wrong man at an alabama mall. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur.
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>> glor: the family of a black man, who was mistakenly shot to death by a police officer at an alabama mall thanksgiving night, said today a private autopsy shows e.j. bradford was shot from behind three times. police initially thought bradford was the man who had tred the shots at the mall. another suspect has since been arrested. new video released today shows the moment a small plane crashed in fort lauderdale on saturday. the plane may have clipped a wing on a roof while trying to land. the single engine slid into a warehouse and burst into flames. the pilot and passenger were killed. one image that melted so many hearts was that of sully,
5:54 pm
president george h.w. bush's service dog, in front of his casket in texas. e bush family to washington today. and sully's next assignment in the new year, we've been told, will be in maryland with walter reed medical center's facility dog program. up next here tonight, one last look at today's momentous events. take the ancestrydna test if you want to get the most details about your family history. my pie chart showed that i'm from all over europe, but then it got super specific. i learned my people came from a small region in poland and even a little bit of the history about why they might have migrated during that time. those migration patterns are more than just lines on a map, they're really your family's story. this holiday, give the gift that's connected millions to a deeper family story. order your kit at
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next a trip to one local library can save you waiting hours at the dmv. >> the changes to make your life easier next. we leave you with some of today's most powerful images as america honors president george h.w. bush. good night. ♪ america america ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ may god thy gold refine till all success be nobleness ♪ and every gain divine
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now at 6:00 more than 25,000 people are buried there, but you'd never know it. >> the buried human remains in one bay area city between a home depot and a best buy. >> plus the bay area getting invaded by commuters and the ride to work is getting longer and longer, what it means for your health. >> the bay area company that is making a wildfire disaster easier to deal with, how they are using drones to help with insurance claims. >> kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with a little known gravesite just south of san francisco support. there are so many cemeteries in colma there are more living dead than residents. the buried human remains sit in a field on colma boulevard beneath a private nursery and family members say they aren't able to pay their respects to
6:00 pm
their loved ones. you request see the field sits between the big box retailers best buy and home depot. the field is now covered in flowers. kpix5's wilson walker shows us the concern from family mentions who have loved ones buried there -- members who have loved ones buried there. >> my great grandmother was moved over here in the '30s. >> reporter: like many san franciscans, the search for an ancestor led renee monet to colma and much to renee's surprise, his great grandmother's final resting place was already well covered with flowers. >> we have more than 25,000 people buried underneath. >> reporter: the remains of more than 25,000 san franciscans sit beneath this cut flower operation between best buy and home depot. you drive down colma boulevard, you would probably have no idea. ron rector of canby, oregon, was looking for his great
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grandfather onto


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