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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 6, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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center in new york city, i am da gat trsda it's thursday, december 6, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." the final chapter. today president george h.w. bush will be laid to rest. the last event honoring our 41st president. breaking overnight, a deadly school bus accident in illinois. this following another deadly school bus crash that claimed the life of a teenager. and marine corps planes collide off the coast of japan. collide off the coast of japan. the search for the missing.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. president george h.w. bush will be burden today next to his wife and young daughter on a family plot on the testimony a&m university. the president's body arrived in texas yesterday following an emotional state funeral in the nation's capital. mola lenghi is in houston with more. mola, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this morning's funeral service here in houston won't be as ceremonial and have the pageantry of yesterday's state funeral in washington. but it will likely be just as meaningful and emotional as we sao the esidbush one final tim. texans filed through saint martin's episcopal church to say good-bye to president george h.w. bush. >> it just feels like a family
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member that passed. >> reporter: his casket was flown to houston yesterday aboard air force one renamed special air missing 41. along the way it passed over his presidential library as hundreds came out to pay tribute. >> it's an awesome feeling. happy, sad, a passing of a great man. >> reporter: a funeral service will be held at saint martin's this morning and then a train will take mr. bush's casket to his presidential library where he'll be buried next to his wife barbara and daughter robin. ♪ a long and honored history of america ♪ . a service at the national cathedral in washington yesterday brought together all five living residents. president trump shook hands with the obamas while the clintons stared straight ahead. president george w. bush delivered a historic and emotional eulogy. >> the best father a son or
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daughter could have. and in our grief, by this smile knowing that dad is hugging robin and holding mom's hand again. >> reporter: the nation's 43rd president mixed in some humor as he said good-o his fa, naon's 41st. n't omach vegetables, especially broccoli. >> reporter: following the service, the hurst drove by the world war ii memorial. a nod to the late president's service as a navy pilot. the bush family is expected to accompany the casket aboard the train from houston to college station. along the way folks will have the opportunity to stand along the tracks to look on. and stand by as the train passes through several texas towns. anne-marie. this morning we will cover president bush's memorial from texas with a special report and you can watch it right here on cbs. turning to two deadly bus
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crash accidents. the latest happened in central illinois where a high school girl's basketball team was struck by a truck traveling in the wrong lane. two people in that crash were killed. marc liverman has the details on that. good morning, marc. >> a difficult day for a lot of parents, a lot of families still just trying to reunite with their loved ones out in the midwest. the front end of this yellow school bus smashed in. it collided head on with this semitruck. police say the truck was headed the wrong way on i-74 between bloomington and downs, illinois. the bus was carrying a high school freshman girl's basketball team. both a volunteer and truck driver were killed. other passengers were rushed to different hospitals. another boy was killed and a student was injured when this flatbed truck slammed into a
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school bus carrying kids on a field . they were headed to see a christmas musical. >> here in this area we've had some tragic, tragic stories of late involving school buses. and it's just -- it's heartbreaking. >> police say the business had stopped at a railroad tracks intersection. it was starting to speed up when the truck rear end the bus. >> it was a busy, chaotic scene trying to figure out who everybody was and get the right people where they needed to go as far as parents. >> those two crashes follow a fatal bus wreck carrying students monday in arkansas. video shows the bus lying on its side in a ditch, tire tracks running off the road. police say a child was killed in this crash. dozens more injured when a bus rolled off an interstate off-ramp. and all three of those bus crashes are under investigation. anne-marie. >> thank you so much, marc. there was a collision this morning involving two american military aircraft off the coast of japan.
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five u.s. air crew members were missing. a marine refueling aircraft and a fighter jet took off from the base in western japan. after colliding they crashed into the sea early this morning. two crew members have been rescued. one from the fighter jet is in stable condition. the condition of the other is unclear. the planes were on a routine refueling training mission. the crash is under investigation. and a developing winter storm system could bring some nasty weather this weekend, including heavy snow from the southern plains to the midatlantic. eric fisher, chief meteorologist at our boston station wbz is tracking that system. >> i'm meteorologist eric fisher. i've been watching a storm that brought heavy rain to san diego, very welcome last night. and now we're talking about the entire southern tier of the u.s. a high impact one at that. winter storm watches are up across the texas panhandle as well as into oklahoma. we'll see a mixture of snow and ice across oak.
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the timeline, the rain starting to develop on friday across texas and then as we head into saturday we're going to see that colder air beginning to wrap in, that snow/ice mixture and heavy rainfall in the eastern warmer side of the storm on sunday morning. that could lead to some areas of flooding. now saturday morning we see the ice spread in oklahoma down the red river valley and this will head east as we get into saturday night and sunday. a wedge of colder air should make it down to the upstate of south carolina and north georgia where freezing rain, sleet, and snow will be likely, and then heavy snow. perhaps a really almost toward the top end of the record books snow effect possible into central and western north carolina and southern virginia as we head into the weekend and monday. long way to go with this storm and it be could bring significant snow and ice on the northern side with heavy rainfall closer to the gulf coast. terms of temperatures, on saturday, see that cold starting to make its way farther off towards the south. and then towards sunday, 30s to
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40 in atlanta. but north georgia and south carolina that will be the spot to watch at the end of this weekend. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. usa gymnastics filed for bankruptcy. it's an effort to reach settlements in dozens of lawsuits. they blame the organization for failing to supervise team dr. larry nassar who's accused of molesting young women and girls. nassar worked for the organization and michigan state university. the u.s. politic committee is considering stripping the organization as a national governing body. lawmakers passed legislation that would shift power from the incoming democratic governor to them. republicans lost all statewide races but maintain control of the legislature. vote to weaken the power of incoming governor tony evers fold followed a heated debate. he says their ignoring the will of the people.
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he plans to make a personal appeal to outgoing scott walker. walker has said he supports the bill. so coming up on the morning news now, new suspicions. satellite images of north korea appear to show missile activity. and, splashing down. a space "x" rocket misses its mark. this is the "cbs morning news."
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now's the time to get great year-end savings on our most popular models. but don't miss out, offers end january 2nd. to learn more about all our great deals, visit here's your key. so, how does...? magic. toyota. let's go places. a rare failure for a space "x" rocket booster. it was attempting to land in cape canaveral. but missed its mark and touched down in the ocean off the florida coast. it tipped over and fell into the sea. it was the company's first missed ground landing. they recently launched a space "x" cargo ship loaded with food and supplies for the space station. this morning, recreational
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marijuana is legal for the first time in a midwest state. and possible activity at a north korea missile base. those are some of the headlines on this morning's news stand. npr reports new commercial satellite images appear to show north korea is expanding a missile base near the chinese border. the base is believed to be capable of housing long-range missiles. independent researchers say the images show the base is being upgraded. it's not clear if missiles have been deployed to the site, though. north korea suspended its nuclear missile testing when president trump and kim jong-un meld a summit in june. but analysts say the moratorium didn't apply to bases that might how's missiles. the hill a bipartisan group of senators introduced a resolution saying the saudi crown prince was complicit in the murder of the killing of jamal khashoggi. the nonbinding resolution say the prince was in control of the force during the killing at the saudi consulate in october.
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it comes after gina haspel briefed senators on the khashoggi murder. president trump has questioned the cia's assessment that the crown prince was behind jamal khashoggi's death. and the detroit news says recreational marijuana is now legal in michigan. the new law passed by voters in november took effect at midnight. michigan is the tenth state plus washington, d.c. to legalize pot. it's the first state in the midwest, though. stores in michigan need a license and won't be able to sell recreational marijuana for at least a year. people who want it now will need to grow it on their own or obtain it by other means. still to come, a color that hugs back. pantone's color of the year is a shade that is said to bring color and nourishment. now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week.
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with clean base automatic dirt disposal empties the roomba bin for you. so dirt is off your hands. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. [ laughter ] that is one way to greet the queen. a 9-year-old boy was so overwhelmed when meeting queen elizabeth that he dropped to the floor and crawled to the closest exit. the queen who didn't seem phased was visiting the uk's oldest children's charity in london yesterday. later the queen helped a young girl who was having trouble placing an ornament on christmas tree?
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how many times are you wanted to do that, just drop to your knees and crawl out the exit? waymo launches a self-driving car servic and the feel good color of the year. giovanna drpic is here with more. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. we could all use a feel-good color. in financial news, though, u.s. stock futures are down this morning as were asian stocks. they reopened after closing yesterday to honor former president george h.w. bush. tuesday u.s. markets suffered a massive selloff with the dow lusing just under 800 points. investors have been jittery after trade news. washington and china started three months of trade negotiations after agreeing to a temporary trade war ceasefire. and those trade issues apparently played a role in an arrest of a top executive of chinese telecomgiant huawei. meng wanzhou, the chief financial officer was arrested
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in canada on saturday to face unspecified charges. she's expected to be extradited to the u.s. her arrest is reportedly related to violations of u.s. technology sanctions and this morning china said she was wrongfully arrested and is demanding her immediate release. a bail hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. british parliament released documents showing how facebook allegedly used user's personal information as a competitive weapon. facebook apparently cut special deals with some app developers giving them more access to data while cutting others out. the internal e-mails also appear to show how facebook used data to make money while vowing to protect user privacy. facebook says the documents are misleading and says it never sold people's data. waymo, google's self-driving project began a limited ride sharing service in the phoenix area. the service is called waymo one and it's going to operate in a phoenix suburb and will initially be available to some 400 or so early riders. over time the service will be
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offered to the general public. riders use a phone app to engage the service similar to uber or lyft. a human will be behind the wheel just in case. and anne-marie, get this, the color of the year for 2019 is living corral. i guess that's opposed to nonliving corral, right? the pantone color institute which has been choosing its color of the year for two decades says living corral has a saturated orange base with a gold undertone. they say it's emotional nourishment like a big hug. who couldn't used a big hug. >> i didn't think hug when i saw it, though. i thought bridesmaid dress. that's what i thought. >> sound about right. but we'll take the hug. >> exactly. giovanna drpic here in new york, thank you so much. still ahead, after the fire, the residents of paradise, california, share their plans following last month's historic
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. as jews around the world celebrate the eight-day holiday of hanukkah, new york's empire state building is joining in the festivities. it was lit up blue and white last night with a flickering candle. hanukkah is known as the festival of light. it was bittersweet homecoming for people returning to paradise, california. hundreds of residents were allowed back in their neighborhoods yesterday after last month's campfire. the deadliest in history. 85 people were killed and 11 are still missing. the fire destroyed about 14,000 homes.
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>> it's just a house. it was a house. we just finished remodeling it. so it was beautiful. >> me and my wife have talked and we're going to rebuild. a lot of these people on this block are going to rebuild. >> more than 50,000 people in paradise and neighboring communities were forced to quickly evacuate when the flames spread. the sight of volunteer bell ringers working the salvation army red kettles are common this time of year, but what happened in one location in jefferson city, missouri, took many by surprise. someone dropped a rare one ounce gold coin outside of a sam's club on monday. the bell ringer didn't see it go in. the person who donated it didn't say anything and remains anonymous. >> as the wise men gave gifts of gold at christmas time, we are very grateful for our gift of gold as well. >> the coin is worth about $1,300. they say it will be cashed in and the money will be used for ministry services.
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our top stories this h.w. bush will be buried today at his family plot on the grounds of texas a&m university. mr. bush's casket arrived in texas yesterday following a state funeral in washington. there will be a private service at the family church in houston before mr. bush is buried. and at least two people were killed when a school bus collided with a truck in central illinois yesterday. the bus was carrying a high school girl's basketball team. the truck was in the wrong lane. earlier a boy was killed when
4:26 am
a truck collided with a school bus in northern indiana. the bus was take students to see a christmas play. at yesterday's funeral, never before had one president eulogized another who was his father. major garrett has more on that historic moment. >> so through our tears let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you. a great and noble man. the best father a son or daughter could have. >> reporter: for a moment, through a choked back sob, the son sounded like any man bidding his father farewell. but not just any man could say this. >> he showed me what it means to be a president who shows integrity, leads with his heart. >> reporter: the bond between the two was cemented in private moments, fishing, golfing, and being with family. it was strengthened publicly through military service, on the campaign trail, and in the oval office.
4:27 am
>> being a child of a president is unpleasant. i mean, you watch somebody you love get lampooned or made fun of or harshly criticized, it hurts. >> reporter: mr. bush's losing bid for re-election planted a seed for his sons. >> his defeat empowered both jeb and me. >> it's not a scheme, it's not a dynasty, it's not a legacy. but would barbara and i be proud? >> reporter: but according to his children, they didn't need lofty titles to have their father's love. >> he encouraged and comfort but never steered. we tested his patience. i know i did. but he always responded with the great gift of unconditional love. >> reporter: especially in moments of need. three days after the september 11th attacks, a shaken commander and chief mourned the dead and returned to his cathedral pew to find the comforting hand of a father who knew the burdens of the office.
4:28 am
he made the same walk with his hand reaching out. >> that was major garrett reporting. so c morning," norah gets an upclose look of the new heart features for the apple watch series four. the costs and benefits of having and how some radio stations are banning the christmas song baby it's cold outside in the age of the me too era and why some listeners are angry. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday, thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green, have a great day. watching. i'm anne-marie green, have a great day.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> a live look outside looking at the bay bridge this morning.
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we do love friday just a little bit more. it is thursday december 6th. good morning i'm kenny choy and i'm michelle griego. >> we're ready for friday. >> as always. and it's going to be a es w hea through the de wee little bit more sunshine by the end of the week. so get ready for friday and at h def doppler. very isolated and spotty. you can see just to the west of san pablo there near richmond. and a few more isolated showers just to the west. and all of this is wrap around moisturem upper level low. it's been a s mover for sure but eventually it will push into southern california and away from us.
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