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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PST

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answers. susie? >> reporter: well, people are divided on this video. a lot of people really like it, but as you would imagine, a lot of people are saying $34,000 for this lip sync video is excessive, but the department stands by it. ♪ you look at me and though you take me to♪ you got me feeling like i'm flying like i'm out in space ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it's the latest video featuring lip syncing sergeants, the cops pretending to croon here from concord. videos like there one have been going viral from police departments around the country in recent months. concord was hoping to strike the right chord with the community spending $34,000 hiring a production company to make this video, a move many are calling tone deaf. >> that's a bit excessive. >> it really upset me to see that video, that our tax dollars are being used that way. >> i think that that money could have gone to other programs and things like that. $34,000 seems a little excessive for me.
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>> reporter: how do you justify spending $34,000 on this video? >> absolutely. we would actually spend twice that. >> reporter: captain bill roach fervently defends the expenditure. the money comes from asset forfeiture, drug money earmarked for equipment or community outreach. there's no denying the success of community engagement here. the video has more than 77,000 views on facebook and nearly 500 comments that police are directly responding to. bill says they specifically chose vilando and worked with the immigrant community here that often feels disenfranchised. he invites critics to look at this -- >> as if you were the disenfranchised person who was scared to come to the police department. >> reporter: it's a time when police often feel disenfranchised, too, which is why bill says building trust is priceless. >> the most important currency we have with our community is trust and if we don't have that, we have nothing. ♪ i look at you and it feels like
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paradise ♪ >> reporter: all right. so to put this into perspective for you, the department's budget annually is $60 million. in the past they've spent close to $100,000 on recruitment videos. so again they stand by this decision. >> but $34,000 is still a lot of money, which is why there is outrage tonight. why not spend it on maybe hiring another officer or more training as that woman in your piece was suggesting? >> reporter: that is the trick here. this money is coming from asset forfeiture which means it's drug money and it's limited as to what they can spend it on. so they can't spend it on officer salary. it has to go towards equipment or some kind of community engagement and they're often criticized if they choose to buy something for themselves. so they can get criticized either way here. they said that they thought community engagement was more valuable. >> susie steimle, we appreciate that explanation. thank you. we're learning about
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another incident of possible domestic violence involving former 49er linebacker reuben foster. >> our elizabeth cook is here to show us that video. >> santa clara police have just released body camera video from october. they say they were called regarding a loud argument. officers could hear yelling as they walked up to the door of an apartment on carlisle court. they then questioned foster. >> what's going on? >> just argument. >> can we talk to you or your wife, girl friend? >> whatever. >> you want to make sure she's all right? mind if he goes in there and make sure she's all right. i'll have you stay out here for now. >> that's cool. >> you want to talk to my partner over there. >> talk to them. talk to them. talk to them. >> can you please go over and talk to my partner. >> reuben foster was put in handcuffs while officers continued their interview with
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alyssa ennis. at the time she claimed nothing physical happened, but photos now put out by police appear to show some injuries. you can see red marks or possible bruises on both sides of her face and ennis now sa ha times this year. the most recent alleged indent was less than two weeks -- incident was less than two weeks ago in tampa. foster is accused of hitting ennis and knocking a phone out of her hand. police went to the 49ers hotel and arrested reuben foster. the 9ers kicked him off the team the next day and he still faces a domestic violence charge. late today the 49ers put out a statement saying they were not aware of foster's encounter with police in october. foster meanwhile signed with the washington redskins last week. the nfl is not, however, allowing him to play or practice for the time being. >> liz, thanks. it was a day tmar for drivers. earlier this week gridlock caused by a jackknifed big rig on the bay bridge lasted well into the evening commute.
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so if one accident can shut down the city's traffic, what happens in a real emergency? kpix5's emily turner put that question to emergency planners. emily? >> reporter: yeah. that's a big question because you and i can both remember wednesday's frustration level. it was very high, but imagine adding to that a layer of panic and terror in the event of an evacuation or a major emergency. we wanted to ask these emergency officials what then? two bridges, two major roadways and a ferry system. when it comes to getting into or out of san francisco, that's it. so a day like this dr. irwin redlenner of the center of disaster preparedness says is a wake-up call. >> hard nose haded analysis and open, frank -- nosed analysis and open, frank discussion about what actually happened will need to transpire. >> reporter: but we found that isn't happening, at least not yet. neither sfpd nor the chp
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answered us when we asked if they were doing sa they will be bringing it up for discussion at their regional meeting on monday. at city hall not a single official was available to talk on camera, butt we did ask the department of -- but we did ask the department of emergency services. this should be a wake-up call for you guys. is it? >> we're awake. this is something we plan for and we look at every day. >> reporter: the department of emergency management will test what's called a priority route exercise next year. it mimics the fallout from wednesday's transit breakdown and will emulate an emergency when debris or cars block one of the city's priority routes. >> in the event that we have a closure of a major thoroughfare, we can actually -- we have a plan that we've exercised to figure out how do we quickly clear the roadway so first responders assets can come in tackle this at their meeting next week. they'll tack until at their mtc meeting in february.
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so there are -- tackle this at their mtc meeting in february. so there are a lot of plans down the road to talk about this by emergency officials, but as of yet nothing actually tangible has come from wednesday's gridlock. >> for the sake of argument let's say what happened the other day is a minor hiccup. worse case scenario i'm thinking is going to be much worse in terms of trying to get everybody out of the city. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. i think it's important to know two things. one is because it will be such a nightmare in most cases with the exception of perhaps an earthquake or a tsunami, evacuations are not the tactic that the emergency operation center will use. instead that is a shelter in place order. however, if by some stretch of the imagination, god forbid, we all had to get out of san francisco, our expert estimates real of any major three days metropolitan area because you have to move the vulnerable
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populations down to hospitals. so that would take three days. you can imagine just how improbable that is. >> three days, you better be ready to shelter in place for a while. great information. thank you. new signs for freida caller way were put up today. it has primarily been associated with james thielen's son who served as mayor and a u.s. senator. james duvall thielen promoted the chinese exclusion act and worked to promote japanese immigration and helped passion a law barring asian immigrants from owning agricultural land. now that name is gone. a south bay family is picking up the pieces tonight after two cars slammed into their apartment just before 1:30 this morning on meridian avenue in san jose's willow
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glen neighborhood. police say that 32-year-old daniel quintana was under the influence and rear-ended a black volkswagen. both drivers lost control and careened into this apartment. one car crashed into the bedroom. the other plowed through a fence outside the front door, quite a scare for the people nearby. >> i'm asleep next to the window and i hear the crash, the car. i get out of my apartment to go see what's going on outside, i can't walk out because there are the cars right there by my living room, too. >> quintana and the passenger in the volkswagen were hospitalized. police arrested quintana for felony dui. the residents walked away e poding bay ill likely have o waves pr to, but e just learne heedkp some surfers about that rescue. >> reporter: there is no high
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surf advisory today on, but by all accounts the surf here was rough. both surfers and rescuers tell me this area of ocean beach referred to as slope is one most sufferers try to avoid, but at low tide the current pulls everything down this way including surfers and this is ere that unconscious surfer washed up still attached to his board. >> there was a guy giving him cpr with his board. >> reporter: if hlikely owes fellow surfer who jumped into action while waiting for emergency crews to arrive. even though rescuers were able to restore a weak heartbeat, lieutenant baxter says they aren't optimistic. >> i don't want to give the false hopeu're never really alone at ocean beach. >> everyone looks out for each other to make sure like you want somebody to look out for you. >> reporter: this drone video of another surfer shows how rough the surf was. the drone pilot, a surfer himself, said he didn't know the guy but kept the drone out to keep an eye on him worried he might need to call 911. as you can see, this surfer
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gets pummeled by wave after wave. eventually he made it in, but lieutenant baxter says around here there's no guarantees. >> if you're a professional, seasoned surfer specific to ocean beach, you know the dynamics that occur here, but we're pulling those surfers out of the water now based on the conditions that we're having. >> reporter: rescue workers note there are no lifeguard towers on ocean beach for a reason. they don't want to give a false sense of security that this water is safe to wade into. in fact, rescuers tell me today the rip current here is so strong that it could pull a grown man standing in ankle deep water off his feet and out to sea. in ocean beach, julie watts, kpix5. a friday night tradition halted over fears of gun violence. >> now oakland street festival is back on, the new changes to keep people safe. the -- safe.
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>> this is the big divide. it's how too we bring this together? -- do we bring this together? >> it's the dividing line between downtown and west oakland, 550 feet of highway lanes and access roads known as interstate 980, why the plan to rip this freeway out of the ground is getting a boost thanks to the oakland a's. >> a bay area world war ii veteran shares his memories of the day that will live in infamy 77 years after the pearl harbor attack.
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a man was hit and killed by a pickup truck early this morning in the east bay. neighbors say he was digging through the trash when it happened. chp got the call about 6 that pedestrian in unincorporated contra costa county near san pablo. the man died at the scene. the driver stopped, cooperated with investigators. >> the person was walking in the roadway during dark hours wearing dark clothing, so that could have played a factor in the crash. >> a neighbor tells us the victim often walked around the area pushing his cart and searching bins for bottles and cans to recycle. oakland's first fridays is back on tonight after a one month hiatus. the street festival is happening right now. here's a live look. hundreds are gathered on telegraph avenue and festivalgoers are seeing increased security tonight both in and outside of the event. this all comes after organizers
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canceled first fridays last month. a shootout injured six people hours after the event ended in october. this prompted organizers to review safety policies and procedures. another live look right now of tonight's theme is peace and love. first fridays in oakland will go on until 9:00 tonight. the google effect is spurring a lot of interest in downtown san jose. now the former ceo of uber has some big plans for a historic building. a group headed by travis kalanick purchased this three- story building on east santa clara street which was once a furniture store. the firm has secured $100 million in financing from goldman sachs. it will likely be used as part of the uber co-founder's new venture which renovates real estate for use in the food delivery industry. investors have been pretty eager to snap up properties in downtown san jose as google moves forward with its plans for a mega campus near the station. 77 years ago today the
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japanese bombed pearl harbor. more than 2,400 americans died in the bombings and today the country remembered. world war ii veterans, u.s. and allied service members and friends and family also gathered to commemorate pearl harbor day in hawaii. other ceremonies were held across the country including washington d.c. for the first time no uss arizona survivors were present for the remembrance. one world war ii veteran is part of a tight knit community in walnut creek. >> he remembers the day like it was yesterday. kpix5 reporter don ford with his story. >> reporter: december 7th, 1941 is the day the japanese imperial navy successfully bombed pearl harbor. it is a day of remembrance for these many world war ii veterans that live right here at the buena park senior community and one of those
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interesting folks is al. al jiodalno was a junior in high school that. afternoon he went to the movies. -- school. that afternoon he went to the movies. he clearly remembers that day in 1941. >> i went home. we had no tv. i heard on the radio we were bombed at pearl harbor by the japanese. >> reporter: what did you think when you heard that? >> well, i thought disaster. >> reporter: the day after high school graduation he went to the navy boot camp where he was trained as a ship's radio man first class. his ship left the east coast towing a barge heading to the pacific theater. the germans almost got him. >> we had german u boats and we had a torpedo that went between the floating dry dock and the ship. >> reporter: once in the pacific things got worse. his ship helped supply marines at the beginning of the canal, deliver equipment to the island
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to deliver the atomic bomb. al was there. he took this photograph now displayed in the smithsonian. >> this is august of 1945. >> reporter: right after. >> it had just come back from dropping the bomb on japan. >> reporter: the buena park senior community honors its many veterans here with this proud display, men and women who served in world war ii and other wars. al has strong feelings about the nuclear bomb. >> that bomb saved 1 million american lives because the next step would have been the invasion of japan. >> reporter: world war ii vets are still a tight community. in walnut creek, don ford, kpix5. >> greatest generation, we owe them so much. >> absolutely. palm, what -- paul, what is our weekend going to look like? >> the weather part of it is
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fantastic. the weather will be mighty pleasant. look at morgan hill today. you are the outliar, almost 70 degrees in morgan hill, most of us in the low to mid-60s, santa rosa 62, san francisco 61 degrees. radar's clear. searching for unique weather information, came up with this. can you believe it's been 42 years since it last officially snowed in downtown san francisco? miami, florida, has had snow more recently than san francisco. if you don't believe me, i give you exhibit 1. that is mount sutro covered in snow. it officially snowed 1 inch back in 1976, but portions of the hills of san francisco including twin peaks had up to 5 inches of snow. wouldn't that be nice to get snow around here once again? i guarantee you it would make it on twitter and facebook. the storm track is moving north. there are still storms out there. when we don't get rain around here, it just means the storms
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are going somewhere else. somewhere else is way up into alaska and british columbia. all the storm energy is going there. yes, we'll get a front moving through, but it won't give us much, if any, rainfall because the center of the storm, the energy, is going way up to the north. some patchy fog tonight because it will be chilly, lows in the 30s and 40s. mostly dry over the weekend. the north bay late sunday night, early monday morning will be the first to get light rain moving through with one of those weaker fronts. highs tomorrow in the 50s to low 60s, pleasant, a little cloudier sunday. monday morning we have the opportunity for a little rainfall. then we dry out three more days and we will not see another rain chance until next friday, mainly dry five of thsevedawatc the monday morning commute. it could be a bit slippery. >> thank you. coming up a medical oddity that's being called remarkable, bay area doctors explain a picture that's gone viral. >> it looked like a promising solution to the massive plastic problem in the pacific. now the garbage collector that launched from the bay area hitting some rough waters.
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>> it's friday. look out. man, we got a good sports hit for you before we hit the weekend. deion sanders did it. bo jackson did it. could the story line hit oklahoma quarterback tyler murray already signed to play baseball for the a's? could he also take his talents to the nfl?
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fothe 49ers sunday, a kpix5 game, slide home underdogs against the broncos, -- slight home underdogs against the broncos, kind of nostalgic for kyle shanahan who grew up rooting for denver because as a teenager his dad mike led the broncos to two super bowl titles in the 1990s. in terms of feedback between father and son, kyle now knows what goes around comes around. >> no matter how busy he was he had to make sure he set some time aside to spend about 20 minutes to answer or return my phone call when i information
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college so i could give him all the things he did right and did wrong. he always took it. now that i look back on it, he probably was watching film halfway listening to me the whole time. at least i thought he was. he does the same thing to me. i definitely listened to him more probably than he listened to me because he definitely has a lot more knowledge than did i as a 16-year-old. >> meantime there's the raiders. 10-point home dog to the steelers and oh, my gosh, how in the world are they going to defend wide receiver antonio brown here? no one has. he leads the league with 12 touchdowns. come on. a four time all pro for a reason. no one knows that better than jon gruden. >> if you get a chance to watch him practice, you'll see what unlocks the greatness in him. he's the hardest working man i think in football, hardest working player i've ever seen practice. >> we're talking about practice, man. >> i've seen jerry rice. i've seen a lot of good ones, but i put antonio brown at the top.
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>> work harder than jerry rice? i don't know. nba the warriors just in moments will run at the milwaukee bucks. we'll have moving pictures on the late show. meantime oklahoma quarterback kyler murray, one of three finalists for the heisman trophy, which will be announced tomorrow, murray happens to be a first round pick of the oakland a's and is scheduled to report in spring training in february, but after accounting for 51 touchdowns this season and leading the sooners to the college football playoffs his nfl draft stock has soared. so, murray, two sports pro star, your thoughts? >> i would love to do that. i've always been a guy of many options, you know, trying to keep them open as long as possible. so i mean if that was possible, i would definitely be open to it. >> got to get this in. de la salle football, they left today for the state championship game which will be
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played tomorrow night. i'll see you in a half hour when story time. >> look forward to that. >> thank you, vern. coming up in our next half hour robert mueller moving forward and it's bad news for two former members of the president's inner circle, what new documents reveal about the special counsel investigation. >> prosecutors say a man was driven by hate when he rammed his car through a crowd of counterprotesters in charlottesville, the verdict in a murder that stunned the country. >> reporter: the 980 freeway was actually originally conceived as an on ramp to a second bay bridge. >> get rid of a freeway, throw down another he safransco, we'l latest stadium proposal from the oakland a's.
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our top story at 6:30, federal prosecutors say two of president trump's former associates should spend time in jail. new briefs were filed today concerning paul manafort and michael cohen. >> our ken bastida is here with the day's developments. ken? >> paul manafort was donald trump's campaign chairman in 2016.
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michael cohen was his long time legal fixer, his personal attorney. prosecutors say cohen needs to go to jail for at least four years. a new memo to a judge says the crimes he committed show "a pattern of deception that permeated his professional life." they also say he "sought to influence the election from the shadows." that includes payoffs to two women who allege affairs with president trump. cohen is set to be sentenced next week for two separate guilty pleas. as for paul manafort, today the special counsel's office provided a summary of how he breached a plea deal. prosecutors say this guy lied about attempts at witness tampering and his continued contacts with the trump administration. this morning president trump used twitter to attack the mueller probe claiming his legal team is preparing a counter report. already 87 pages we're quoting now he tweeted but obviously cannot compete until we see the
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final witch hunt report. meantime former fbi director james comey was back on capitol hill today testifying behind closed doors in front of two house committees. a little later he said most of the questions were about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> we could have done this in open setting and two, when you read the transcript, you will see that we are talking again about hillary clinton's e-mails for heaven's sakes. so i'm not sure we need to do this at all, but i'm trying to respect the institution. >> the republican led judiciary and oversight committees are examining the fbi's conduct during the 2016 election. comey says he will return for another closed door interview during the week of december 17th. >> thanks. separately president trump has made two picks for key posts in his administration. mr. trump wants william barr to lead the justice department. he had the same job before when he was attorney general from 1991 to 1993. he's likely to get a lot of
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support from senate republicans. if confirmed, barr will replace acting attorney general matthew whitaker. the president is also nominating state department spokeswoman heather nauert to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations. the former fox news anchor would replace nikki haley who resigned in october. today the man who plowed his car into a crowd of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia, was convicted of first degree murder. 21-year-old james alex fields, jr. killed one woman and injured dozens of others when he drove his dodge challenger into the crowd. today we learned it was friendly fire that killed a deputy at last month's mass shooting at a southern california bar. sergeant ron helus had gone into the borderline bar & grill in thousand oaks to protect people against the gunman, ian david long. a chp officer went in, too. long immediately fired multiple rounds at both officers. >> sergeant helus was struck five times by gunfire from the
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suspect. today i'm deeply saddened to inform you that sergeant helus was also struck by a sixth bullet which we now know through forensic analysis by the fbi's crime laboratory was fired from the chp officer's rifle. >> 11 other people were killed that night and the gunman shot and killed himself. stocks plunged today on wall street as investors worried about trade tensions with china and signs of slower economic growth. the dow jones lost more than 550 points. the nasdaq dropped about 219. the s&p 500 was down 62. all this caps a turbulent week of trading with the biggest weekly loss since march. now u've probably seen them, the eye catching renderings for a new ballpark near jack london square. a' mo than iu >> reporter: you just kind of wanted to come over here and sort of imagine many what this might look like. >> doesn't everybody want to imagine what a big old nice ballpark in oakland would look like? >> reporter: it would be a pretty incredible spot for a
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ballpark perched on the water overlooking alameda, but it's not just baseball fans cheering on the a's vision for a stadium here at howard terminal. >> i'm standing here in front of 980 which is a great divide and scar on the city of oakland. >> the long sought freeway which promises to funnel millions of commuter dollars into downtown oakland has been the center of a raging controversy ever since construction got underway. >> reporter: construction divided oakland in the late '70s and the freeway itself divides the city to this day, downtown and west oakland separated by 550 feet of highway lanes and access roads. >> it's actually the on ramps and off ramps to the 980 connector that creates such a great barrier. >> reporter: chris civic is an urban designer and founder of connect oakland, 0 in line with that vision.
6:36 pm
>> there's an opportunity to transform this actually underutilized freeway into a multi-way boulevard and open up 17 net new acres of city- controlled land. >> reporter: and the removal of 980 is just the start of it because if you dig up the freeway, you can bury something else in its place. >> we don't want to put lines on a map until we've done all the numeric work. >> reporter: yes, we're talking about b.a.r.t. which is now planning for a second bay crossing, a route out of oakland through alameda being one popular option for that and again just look at the map. it would be a straight shot from macarthur station beneath the removed 980 under the ballpark and right off to alameda and ultimately san francisco. >> so can we reconceive this as an on ramp to a second bay tunnel for b.a.r.t., caltrain and possibly high speed rail? it's a perfect location for something special. >> reporter: look, either one of these projects individually is a big lift and enormously
6:37 pm
expensive, both of them 980 and the second b.a.r.t. tube, and they've been talked about for a while, but if you put the stadium in the one spot, these two sort of holy grails of bay area transit start to look a little bit like one project. >> it's no accident? maybe this is all coming together. >> we know how expensive these thput togethe and how difficult t if y e these knowere'wholbunch of veto put t tube somewhere. >> right. >> if it goes right under that stadium, it's kind of like -- >> if you have both it, seems to make even more sense, right? >> there's your first candidate for where the next b.a.r.t. tube goes. >> i feel like traffic getting out of the bay bridge is really tough. if there was an alternate route, that might actually help. coming up the first ever audio from mars, the rumbling
6:38 pm
sounds coming from the red planet and doctors astonished, the mysterious medical oddity that's going viral tonight.
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markings on the animal are consistent they say with gunshot wounds. the animal was a 7-year-old male born on san miguel island and had been consistently seen around the island. doctors worldwide tonight are stunned after a man at uc sf coughed up a blood clot so large it came out in the exact shape of his right lung. we do want to warn you that the viral image you're about to see is graphic and might be a little unsettling. you can see the unusual shape here. doctors say the man had an extreme bout of coughing when the 6-inch clot came out.
6:41 pm
the 36-year-old died days later from heart failure. >> initially i mean everybody was shocked. it was coming up here because it was so big and when we laid it out, so it was more or less a cast of his whole right lung. >> doctors are looking into whether the man's prescribed blood thinning medication helped to create bay designed to clean up plastic in the pacific, but this ghful day today, but maybe you were stuck in the house or the office. you want to get outside and enjoy some weather similar to today? coming up we'll talk about whether saturday or sunday will be similar and we have two rain chances to tackle next.
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trouble for an innovative attempt to clean up the great pacific garbage patch, that's the massive check of plastic debris in the pacific between california and hawaii. the nonprofit group the ocean clean-up launched from san francisco bay in september with
6:45 pm
a 2,000-foot long cleaning device aimed at corralling the trash, but recently the team saw some plastic had been escaping. it could be because it's moving too slowly or vibrations could be pushing plastic away. the team is working to fix the issue. nasa released some new video today from mars that captures the first sounds of martian wind. take a listen. the seismometer on the insight lander captured the sound pitched up two octaves so we can hear it. the insight touched down last weekd thha recorded everything since. women are getting the nod for best album in the grammys making up half the nominees and the artist with the most nominations this year, kendrick lamar.
6:46 pm
kendrick lamar leads the field with eight nominations followinged by drake with seven. rounding out the best for best album, cardi b, casey musgraves, her, brandy carlisle and post malone. you can watch the agreement awards sunday, february 10th right here on kpix5. who had a very rt, the weather long honey do list or you were in the office, mother nature will give you saturday just as pleasant tomorrow. look at temperatures outside tonight, mid-50s, san jose 55, concord 54, oakland 57. it will be chilly if you're out early tomorrow in vallejo or napa below 40 degrees. san jose downtown ice, it will be saturday and sunday every weekend through christmas and new year's, sun and clouds, 61 degrees, pleasant weather. maybe sonoma is more your thing, good stuff, mainly sunny tomorrow, high 60. some evening showers move in
6:47 pm
the daylight hours sunday dry in sonoma, but we'll see an increase in cloud cover sunday with rain moving in sunday night. this particular front and in storm will not be that strong because the storm itself will stay up in canada. so how can we get a front here when the storm's in canada? those fronts can stretch hundreds and hundreds of miles. we have one front passing by to the north, but look where the low is in the gulf of alaska. about a. you'll get a slow that's what the next storm will start because -- bay. you'll get a slow start because do as well. when that happens, when our you'll be cloudy. rain chance is separated that far from the storm itself, we 56 in pittsburg, 57 danville, get some showers and 's about it. last week we got a direct hit 58 vallejo. mill valley sunshine and 57, cloverdale 60, st. helena 62 from a low and los angeles got degrees. sunday night and monday morning there's your rain chance. we dry out again tuesday, a direct hit last night. wednesday, thursday, a more saturday morning we are clear. significant rain chance saturday afternoon mostly sunny possible this time next week. that's your forecast. skies, high thin cirrus clouds. >> paul, thanks. the bay area company sunday morning we go cloudy, stepping up donating time and money to help families in need. but no rain. >> kpix5's juliette goodrich has tonight's donation for our food for bay area families sunday evening, the majority of drive. >> reporter: i'm juliette the bay area is dry until
6:48 pm
goodrich here at the warehouse sunday night. monday 3 a.m. the rain will cross the golden of the food bank of contra costa in solano. gate. how much rain? you can see all the donated because it lacks the jet stream support and the storm is so far items in these food bins away, the front's coming throughout the community, people donating items through and we get less than throughout the season. i want to bring in john muir 1/4 inch of rain, about 1/7- health, a nonprofit health inch of rain predicted for san system, and you have quite a contribution. why don't you tell us first and diego. the milder sunnier weekend day foremost, kim. is tomorrow, cloudy sunday, dry >> we are very honored to be during the daylight hours, rain here today with our large check sunday night and likely leading for $35,000 to support what the to a slippery monday morning food bank does. commute. it's important to us and we a lot of 60s tomorrow including show it this way. >> reporter: absolutely. san the east stephanie, tell me, it's not only donating monetarily, you come and volunteer, right? >> we have groups of staff who come on a periodic basis. our last time we had them do the onion sorting for a few hours, but it was very much worth it. >> reporter: i love it. i want to bring in lisa with the food bank. obviously you have so many volunteers like these volunteers from john muir health. tell me how that helps the food bank. >> yes. we have over 118,000 volunteer hours donated each year, which is more than 50 full-time
6:49 pm
employees. >> reporter: that's so great. one more time, a big reveal, $35,000. we can't thank you enough and a happy holidays to you and your employees. if you'd like to help at home, you certainly can. go to our web page >> appreciate all those people and those companies. coming up for seven seasons hunter pence was definitely a fan favorite. as the twilight of his career approaches, wait till you see what's next. vern glenn found out. >> coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 we talk exclusively to the son of former bay area radio host ray taliaferro a week after his body was found in kentucky. rafael taliaferro hired a private detective. we ask why tonight on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12. liane an stant.
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story time, folks, gather around, uncle vern got a little story to tell you. in this business you get to meet a lot of really nice athletes and i'm not talking about the ones that just kind of fake it when the camera's rolling. i mean genuine, steve young, hank aaron, but here comes
6:53 pm
another who was not ready to let the fans, giants community. >> another holiday hero's fundraising gala in san francisco and hunter pence and wife alexis got an inspirational award for their tireless drive to feed up to 1 million hungry children. >> even though we don't have kids, we're both childlike at heart and i can't imagine growing up going to school hungry. i can't imagine going to after school programs trying to do homework, trying to see the kid next to me at school eating and being starving. >> inspiration? no surprise there. it's what pence has done for seven seasons and two world series titles as a giant. we all remember his rah rah enthusiasm in the dugout. fans showed him their love on september 30th. it appeared this last game of the season might be it for the 35-year-old outfielder as a giant. his age has gone up and his
6:54 pm
production has gone down, batted .226, 24 r.b.i. and just 97 games all career lows. >> baseball is a game of what have you done for me lately. >> this season was tough. i'm not going to lie. >> what now? for the first time in his 11 year career he is going to play winter ball in the dominican republic hoping some team gives him a chance. did you tell larry send some scouts down to check me out? >> i did. i told him that right afterwards. i said hey, i'm going to go work on this new swing mechanic and i'm going to try to really change my game. i'd love to come back. send europe scouts out. check it out and see -- your scouts out. check it out and see if you can put me in your future plans. >> if in is it for pence, he -- if this is it for pence, he said he will always remember the wins. in 2014 the nlcs game five
6:55 pm
against the cardinals. >> the world was shaking. fans were going ballistic and it was a good time. >> i'm not making this up, but good things are supposed to happen to good people. he's playing for toro del estes in dominica. he already has a hit. on
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how we doing, family? [cheers and applause] thank you. i appreciate it. thank y'all very much. thank you all. i appreciate it. thank y'all, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [loud cheers and applause] got another good one for you today, y'all. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from lake mills, wisconsin, it's the champs. it's the kelly family.
6:58 pm
[cheers and applause] and from bellflower, california, it's the merriett family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and somebody might have a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] give me nicki. give me labora. ["family feud" theme plays] top 7 answers on the board. when a man's wife is out of town, name something of hers he might sleep with. nicki: her nightgown. steve: her nightgown. labora: her pillow. steve: her pillow. labora: we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering] labora: hi! steve: it's labora?
6:59 pm
labora: labora. [la bor-uh] steve: labora, how you doing? labora: i'm great, steve. my name is labora, and it's because i was born on labor day. ha ha! [applause] steve: you know, there's a lot of people born on halloween.
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