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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 9, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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hallway to see his roommate surrounded by flames. the resident tells me he had been smoking, possibly accidentally set his own room on fire. but they tell me he grabbed a hose and quickly put out the flames. firefighters arrived quickly, rescuing the roommate and doused the flames. officials say the victim was badly burned. paramedics rushed him to valley medical center where we are still working to find out his condition. now according to the roommate, the man who was hurt here by the fire had been battling colon cancer and only had a few weeks to live. reporting live in san jose, joe vazquez, kpix 5. uein san jose, thank you. another fire in san francisco broke out this afternoon in the back of the bakery. the walgreens pharmacy. it's on irving avenue near 22nd avenue. the fire went to two alarms. turns out people evacuating the apartment units upstairs did themselves a favor by closing out the doors behind them. >> a lot of people don't realize that a lot of your
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doors interior doors are fire rated. and if those doors were not closed, they would have had a lot more fire especially up on the second floor. >> nobody was hurt. the cause of the fire was under investigation, but the fire crews say it does not look suspicious. more breaking news in the north bay. the coast guard had to be called in to rescue a pair of stranded sailors who hit the richmond san rafael bridge. now the 17-foot vessel hit the lower part of the bridge where it touched down on san quentin prison, just a light tap. the bridge wasn't damaged, neither was the boat. the sailors told the rescuers they misjudged the conditions out on the water. >> both the people on the boat expressed the tide was stronger than they anticipated in. pretty treacherous. and one said the same thing, pulling through that area, the bridge was treacherous and strong. >> the coast guard towed the boat back to the marina in san
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rafael. and it was quite a crash in walnut creek this afternoon. smashing into a building and went right through the plaster happening just after 3:30. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition tonight or why they lost control of the car. and new at 6:00, dozens of teachers are expected to call in sick. the protest is a long contract battle with the school district. but kpix 5 devin fehely says the district is warning them to think twice. >> there is more than 1,600 students and 90 teachers. they expect the overwhelming majority of the ranks to participate as they want to pay attention to the contract negotiations that are not going well and to what they describe is the district's mismanaged money and misplaced priorities. the tesay they are hitting the picket line because they are underpaid and underappreciated. >> what brought us to this point is the district is not paying us enough money to live in the community where we
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teach. >> reporter: working without a contract since 2017, teachers say negotiations with the district have stalled. the district has offered them a 5% raise. the teachers countered with a 12% raise spread over three years. >> and we want to call attention to the mismanagement of the funds in oakland. we know we have three and a half times the average of other districts for consultants. we know they have the lowest paid in the area. >> reporter: the teachers gave them advanced warnings of the sickout. an action that was not organized nor endorsed by the union. a spokesperson for the school system issued a statement, which laid out potential punishment for the teachers, writing a sickout is a legal labor action. teachers who would call in sick under these circumstances will be subject to disciplinary action and loss of pay. the teachers hope the one-day sickout will bring attention and pressure on the union and school system to reach a
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reasonable settlement before a real strike becomes necessary. >> the time has come that we need to be visible. easy for them to sweep us under the rug and ignore it. making it less easy for them to do that. >> reporter: the teachers plan to hold a picket line in the front of the school and then march to oakland city hall. in oakland, devin fehely, kpix 5. meanwhile thousands of kaiser mental health workers are prepared to walk off tomorrow in a statewide five- day strike. the employees are calling for the hmo to increase staffing and resources for the department. union officials say there is one full-time mental health clinician in the state. as a result, patients will have to wait over a month for an appointment and clinicians are booked solid for a . all e ofs wi remain the strike. however non-urgent medical services are being postponed. striking workers might want to bring umbrellas along
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tomorrow because of kpix5 defition doppler right now. the futurecast is showing the rain reaching the north bay before sunrise tomorrow. we'll have timing about the amounts and the fairly light rain coming into the bay area tomorrow. we'll cover the forecast in a few minutes. a richmond neighborhood is turning to a high-tech tool, raising privacy concerns tonight. the homeowners association at country club vista in north richmond installed its own at the country club vista automated license plate readers. now in response to a series of side shows, other suspicious activity in the area, they installed it. privacy advocates worry the data gathered on peoples movements could end up in the wrong hands. >> and if i did have some indication that it was being misused or abused, that would raise some concern. but for the benefit of safety,
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i think that would override that. >> and the cameras at country club vista send their video to the cloud server, which could only be accessed with the password. the company says they only store the data for 30 days. the suspected bank robber from the central coast might be hiding out in san jose tonight. accused of holding up a bank near pismo beach on friday, possibly at gunpoint. and the suspect, nowhere to be found. he has to give police a call if you happen to see them. tonight a former investigator at the district attorney's office said he was fired for reporting that his boss carried a gun on planes. according to the chronical. a lawsuit says district attorney george gascon who used to be the city's police chief took a gun on board commercial flights repeatedly. the d.a.'s ownic vest gators contact -- own investigator contacted them last year saying he no the lawsuiclaims more
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than a the investigative department staff were let go in the months that followed including the investigator who first blew the whistle. >> another show down is slated for the ninth circuit court tomorrow in san francisco. this time over whether children seeking asylum are entitled to taxpayer-funded attorneys. a panel of 11 federal appeals court judges will hear that case, which dates back to 2014 during the obama administration. it involves a 13-year-old boy from honduras who illegally crossed the border with his mother. she wasn't able to afford a lawyer or to get one to take the case for free, so the boy's mother, who doesn't speak english, represented them herself at his immigration hearing. for her son was later ordered deported. groups like the aclu filed appeals, claiming all immigrantminors should have court-appointed lawyers at the taxpayers expense. the feds say more than 100,000
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children were apprehended at or near the border and in 2016 alone. at that rate a conservative estimate of the cost of representing them would be about$276 million a year. tomorrow's hearings will start at 10:30 a.m. and the court is expected to rule some time next year. toa california congressman says president trump's next stop after the oval office could be a jail cell. >> there is a very real prospect on the day donald trump leaves office, the justice department may indict him. that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. >> representative adam schiff says new court filings show the president directed his former attorney, michael cohen, to pay off two women who claim they had affairs with mr. trump. then he failed to report the payments in campaign filings. that amounts to two felonies. but the republican senator rand paul of kentucky said the case is overblown. >> i personally think that if someone makes an error if ngerw
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tegoring t campaign contribution correctly, it shouldn't be jail time, but a fine. >> adam schiff is a former federal prosecutor, set to become chairman of the house intelligence committee, saying they intend to call cohen to testify again. still to come, you could call it a chance encounter. the east bay political race that had to be settled by the roll of the dice. the 49ers weren't the only ones getting cheered on at levi stadium today. the team's special tribute to california firefighters. hundreds of santas streak through the streets of san francisco for a good cause. we're back in two minutes. you work hard for every dollar.
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see how little it costs to get covered. visit today. if you ever doubted every vote counts, here is proof. ending in a tie and it was settled by the roll of the dice. contest for a seat on the byron bethany irrigation board ended in a 51-51 tie. under state law, ties are
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broken by lot in a method election of officials choosing. in this case on friday, each candidate got three roles of -- rolls of a 20-sided die taken from the dragon sets. challenger pete petrovich in red rolled a total of 25. but larry jr. in the brown scored 51 to keep his division i seat. the buyon bethany irrigation district serves about 47 square miles in rural contra costas and alameda counties. fema trailers arrived today for evacuees from last month's devastating camp fire. about a dozen trailers are now at an rv park near the rolling hills casino in tehama county, serving as temporary housing. no guests of the rv park will have to give up their spots. firefighters who helped battle the camp fire got a special surprise at the 49ers
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game today. the team honored them on the a firefighter holding a a california strong flag ran across the field. the same slogan also appeared on the giant screen. all right, hundreds of people traded in their pants for santa hats as they dashed to the streets of san francisco in the annual santa run. they weren't exactly dashing through the snow. but it couldn't have been warm for these santas as they made their way through the castro. >> a little chilly, but we're here for a good cause. >> reporter: for ten years now, they have been skipping to raise money for the san francisco aids foundation. >> it is something that they do that i'm proud of, they really help to address stigma by creating a sense of positive sexuality and people being proud of their bodies, who they are and sharing that with the community. >> reporter: each year the
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organization serves 25,000 individuals living with or at risk for hiv. it's a big reason why new hiv diagnosis are in historic lows at san francisco. but the need for funding and awareness have not decreased. >> it's worth it. like i'm not cold. i think it's so much fun and all about love and supporting each other. >> participants have raised more than half a million dollars for the aids foundation over the past ten years. this year's run is expected to bring in more than $100,000. very nice. it turned out to be very foggy this morning in parts of the bay area especially the east bay where the central valley classic for this time of the year, leaped over through the strait and into parts of the east bay. a little fog reforming again tonight. some places it never went away. kind of a bleak sunday for parts of the bay area unless you like this kind of thing. 49 in livermore for a high today.
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for a high, managed up to 49. temperatures fell about four to seven degrees from yesterday's highs. in the warmest spot, oakland at 58. that's about it. you can see some of that very light haze just dying to turn into fog if temperatures will cool a little bit. as we look over the city, concord with 51. san francisco it's 51 and in santa rosa it's 46. high-def doppler tonight, shows the showers and rain up in crescent city. not too much to that cold front, but you can see it is slowly marching south. as it does, it will increase rain for the north bay before sunrise. and the rest of the bay area in the early morning hours just after sunrise, futurecast shows at 6:00 a.m., she got a little wet in the north bay. hardly more than a nones rain. but if it is coming in time, the recipe for accidents is just to add water and there will be a little bit on the streets tomorrow morning and that's the way it goes. should be a nice sunset. 3:00 in the afternoon, another
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weak system coming in, threatening the north bay, but that would be about it if we squeeze anything out of it mid week. futurecast shows anemic amounts, mostly less than .2 inches. forecast of a quarter of an inch. high pressure is easing up and low pressure is heading out of the gulf. that cold front will die as it heads over the bay area. but before it does, squeeze a few drops out of it. we'll favor the north bay. dries out on monday and looks like a pretty good week ahead. mostly dry, chilly on thursday with a hint of showers late tuesday. the forecast for sfo, an early morning shower, and not bad dads attle mostly dsegrees overnight lows, generally in the 40s in the bay area and chilly out there. daytime highs will be in the upper 50s. and knock 50s in a few places. over in the east bay, that's
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where it will wash out with a few sprinkles tomorrow morning, temps in the 50s. the same for the north bay and a better chance for showers around sunrise tomorrow. you'll get up around cloverdale and windsor overnight tonight. in the extended forecast, we will sweep the rain out by midday. tuesday through thursday, another hint of a system coming in on friday and another only sunday. stay tuned for that. in the meantime expect slightly wet for monday. that's whether. i cannot say this often, but both bay area football teams will have a chance to win today. a pair of thrillers for the 49ers and the raiders could both hold on. we will kick it off next.
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all right, don't look now. but the raiders are worth watching. i just took that. i always wanted to do that to you. >> brian was so shocked he was double checking if, in fact, the raiders and 49ers won on the same day. >> that's true.
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don't look down. the raiders are worth watching. last week a spirited loss to powerful kansas city today. a chance to turn that momentum into a win against the afc north leading steelers. hanging out with the steeler great. the reception for frank. jumping all the way to the fourth quarter, trailing 14-10. derek carr to lee smith, three- yard score and the raiders have a 17-14 lead. next drive, ben roethlisberger who had been out with a rib injury for an entire second half leads them back. juju smith-schuster with three minutes left. now two minutes remaining. oakland, just past mid field. carr to seth roberts between two defenders, 39-yard gain. raiders, they have 1st and goal. 25 seconds left. on 4th and goal, carr to derek carrier. first touchdown catch of the
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year. oakland 24-21. 20 seconds left. jon gruden jacked out of his mind. steelers were not done. 15 seconds left. roethlisberger to james washington. pitching it to smith-schuster. we're in field goal range says pittsburgh. they bring on chris boswell, 40 yards out. it's down, but he slipped and the kick is far. and the raiders upset the steelers, 24-21 to get their third win of the year. >> and i thank god that we won this game, man, because our young guys, the way they play, it shows them if you keep doing things the right way, it could be the best team in the world. >> if they slip and the last time they played in santa clara, they beat the panthers in the super bowl. slam dunk, right? jimmy chee, watch the
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hysterical performance by joe kittle. second quarter, nick mullins to kettle. nobody close to tackling him, 85 yards and also became the 49ers first 1,000-yard receiver after he found the end zone 13- 0 san francisco. he finished with 210 yards, and minus the sharpie at the break. the third quarter, busts through for the first touchdown of the the game. 20-7. infrastructure, still up, pretty comfortably. same score in the late fourth quarter. keenum to hamilton. denver 5-7 on fourth downs, cut the 49ers lead to six. and how did he respond on third downs? he found pettis over the middle for a 31-yard gain. then on the other third down just before the two-minute
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warning, icing the game. 49ers holding on to win 20-14 ending their three-game losing streak and improve 3-10 on the season. seven catches, 210 yards and a touchdown. all of it came in the first half. he was five yards shy of setting the record for most in the game by the tight end. a little remorseful in the second half. >> i told him he needed to apologize for not getting 215 in the first half, no, i'm just joking, but we were debating on how to do it at the end there. but we didn't think it would have been a problem. but i wish he did get it and to have that all in the first half only five yards away. we had an unbelievable day. >> the cowboys in overtime against everything, bouncing amari coopers' way since he went to dallas. scoring the game winner with 10
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catches and three touchdowns as they won five straight to take control of the nfc east. tom brady and the patriots, seven seconds away from clinching the nfc east. last chance for the dolphins, over the middle to kenny stills, pitches it back to kenyan drake. patriots, still have him surrounded, right? but gronk in for defense and lost his balance, allowing them to turn the corner for the incredible game winner. miami stuns new england 34-33, to keep their playoff hopes alive. the miracles in miami. incredible. >> absolutely. >> i'll make the case amari cooper is just as valuable as the dallas cowboys are as the raiders linebacker for chicago. >> game day tonight? >> in studio and we'll talk about baseball meetings, and we are on the eve of the baseball
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meetings in las vegas. what are the giants going to do? >> you need to break it down. >> yeah, we'll break it down. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ this little home of mine,
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we've got a short newscast. how a care team pushed the boundaries of medicine to save a mom and her unborn baby. and then stay tuned for 60 minutes. leslie stall's interview with elon musk. then we'll see you back here at 7:00. have a good night. >> good night.
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