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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 10, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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building breaking a gas line. the drive ditched their car and took off running. thousands of health care workers expected on the picket lines this morning. how it could affect appointments at keizer. the search is on for a moe who hasn't been seen since thanksgiving. where a cell phone ping triggered an investigation. it is monday, december 10th. >> back to the usual traffic. we start with a little bit of rain showers. >> that's right. we are looking at showers, also meters lights, traffic is dense fog. we are back in it this morning. stacking up. delays away from the maize, 20 welcome to monday. minutes to y.foit hi-def doppler, scatted showers lighting up the the radar screen. ellen and then down through through the peninsula and the altamonte pass. don't look now , the raiders are worth watching, martinez, crocket, hercules, richmond, light to moderate rain as we start off the day. last week, spirited loss to
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east bay, berkley, a cell over powerful kansas city. yesterday, a chance to turn that momentum in to a win you emeryville through west oak against the afc north leading land over the bay bridge, pushing in to san francisco, steelers. the golden gate as well. see moderate rain pushing over 25 educational background iss left on fourth and goal, the embarcadero center area, sunset, marina, bay view oakland trailing 21-17s derrick district. karr to carrier. getting the wet start to the the raiders led 24-21, the day. south san francisco, pacifica steelers weren't done, 15 and is el granada, light to seconds left. big ben to james washington, moderate rain. who pitches it to shewsters he morning showers, areas of dense fog especially the north bay goes 42 yards down the sideline and also inland communities to get in the field goal range. getting the dense fog this morning. a dry afternoon with clearing 5 seconds left. watch his feet, 40 yards out and we are going to stay dry through the week with the rain and slipped. it was blocked. returning on friday. we will time it out for you, the raiders escaped 24-21, taking you through the day and that's a third win of the what you can expect on future cast coming up. season. the 49ers cj and jimmy g we are keeping our eye on the spots where we are seeing watching historical performance by tight end from the sideline. dense fog as well as rainy conditions, 280, 92, along the second quarter, nick mullins, 85 yards for kitel who became peninsula.
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trying to connect in to san mateo, limited visibility as the 49ers 1000-yard receiver you head through there. after he scored 13-0 san fog advisory issued by chp. to the south bay now, not a bad francisco. 210 yards in first half. ride, so far, so good, mullins and tailor, that put the game away, 49ers hold on northbound, 101, morgan hill, and win the losing streak, 3-10 gill ray to cochran, 11 miles, on the year. an 18 minute drive time. dolphins trailing the patriots most of the delays you will see 33-28, find seconds, over the on the northbound side, the middle to kenny still. section through there, through he pitches to it parker who morgan hill, south bay traffic is light. no troubles on 101 through san tosses it back to kennian drake. he is going to go in for the jose. 280 looks good. a live look at 880. traffic is light, nice improbable, incredible game conditions here both directions. we are dealing with slick winning touchdown, miami stuns surfaces. we are seeing light rain heading through the east bay new england, 34-33 to keep area. a heads up, live look at their playoff hopes alive. oakland. no delays northbound, the baseball winter meetings southbound clear towards the begin today in las vegas. colosseum. a check of the bay bridge coming up in just a few a lot of talk about the giants and a's taking care of business minutes. and maybe adding 16 san jose residents evacuated and displaced because of a gas leak caused by a car
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i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great monday. crash. at the drive fled the scene. the driver crashed in to the keizer is bracing for e gas meters on the side of the ousands mental health building and now the structure workers set to hit the picket is unsafe for a couple of lines. we have a live report coming reasons. >> they won't have gas of the up. ♪ ! building. we are having a building inspector to assess the damage. >> the department says that the building will be red tagged until further notice. no injuries were reported to the occupants and now san jose police are search for the driver. we are watching the huge winter storm slamming the southeast. let's look at the live pictures from charlotte, north carolina. the snow continues to fall, they have gotten more than a foot in some parts of north carolina and virginia. winter storm warning in that area is expected to last through this afternoon. 500,000 homes and businesses
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are without power right now in it started with a wintery mix in nashville and turned in to this huge dumping in pats of north carolina. schools are closed. how this could affect you is if you or anybody you know are planning on flaying in or out of the area, we know how the residual delays and shortages of airplanes end up happening, that's something you should be checking on if you are heading to the east coast. thousands of flights canceled right now in north carolina and virginia. making us feel pretty lucky living here. >> definitely a domino effect in terms of travel. thousands of keizer workers will begin a days long strike in california. >> reporter: the me tall health care workers are expected to be here in an hour at the medical
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center. keizer's location on gary boulevard, we are expecting a couple of hundred workers that cycle in and out throughout the day. this is 4000 workers, spread statewide from san diego the the mercedes-benz winter event is back, sacramento, hitting 8 different keizer locations up and down and you won't want to stop for anything else. the state. the union is saying they are under staffed and patients are having to wait a month or more for an appointment. also keizer is sending out a lease the gla 250 for $359 a month third of the patients to see at your local mercedes-benz dealer. health care workers outside of the net work. mercedes-benz. that makes it difficult for the best or nothing. them to access patient medical records. keizer has been beefing up the staff and investing millions in the facilities but disheartened that the union scheduled a strike especially during the holiday hours when the patients are more vulnerable. there are large rallies planned at lunchtime. this is happen for the next five days. this morning, the caof a bedroom fire that required san jose firefighters to rescue a man is under investigation.
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the fire was reported yesterday afternoon on the corner of lenay avenue and pensacola drive. two residents of the building were able to get out. one man was trapped inside. one of the residents said the ram mate had been smoking and accidently set his room and himself on fire. the victim was transported to a local hospital with severe burn injuries. the resident said the fire victim had been fighting colon cancer and was told by his doctors he had only two weeks to live. developing in colorado, a nationwide search is underway for a mother who has been clms he sponsors an abusive missing since thanksgiving. >> dear god, please keep the family in your heart and soul. workplace environment. >> the family of 29 year old how holiday decorations can kelsey bareeth held a victim become a hazard. good morning, everyone. ill this weekend, praying for i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. her safe return. it's almost 5:30 right now with the mother was seen in woodland gianna franco. >> we are dealing with rain. park, colorado, wearing a white we have showers and also the fog as as we start off the day. hi-def dopplers as you are pants. a few days after thanksgiving, heading back to work and school and you can see the scattered
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her cell phone pinked outside showers lighting up our radar of idaho, not far from where sh screen. from east of san rafael and >> if they see her, please, mill valley, the ty ron area, please, say something. >> on line, thousands are through the golden gate bridge, rain across the golden gate following a facebook page bridge this morning. dedicated to the search, san francisco, downtown san francisco, marina district, see regularly posting pictures and updates. police have searched the home sunset district, daily city, down near bay shore, light rain for clues and working closely with her family to help find her. president trump could end up in prison the day he leaves the white house. that's according to california pushing through. representative adam shift, the likely incoming house south san francisco, pacifica, intelligence chairman. >> he maybe the first president in quite sometime to face the the showers down m, the real prospect of jail time. >> this comes in response to the latest in robert muller's wet roadways out there, russia investigation and temperatures are in the 40s for friday's sentencing memo of mr. trump's former attorney, many spots. 50 in san francisco currently. michael cowen. also dealing with dense fog, prosecutors say president trump directed cowen to make illegal especially livermore, santa hush money payments to women on rosa, inland locations as well saturday the president as parts of the north bay, addressed the new developments.
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dense fog this morning. as we head through the >> as far as the report that we afternoon, we are going to dry out for all of us with clearing see according to everybody i have spoken to, i have not read later on today and dry for most of the week with rain that it. there is no collusion which is returns on friday. we will time it out on future important. >> in response to james comey's cast, taking you through the rest of today coming up. closed door testimony to lawmakers on friday, the now let's check in with gianna president tweeted out saying this whole ordeal is a rigged franco for a look at traffic. >> there is a lot going on. fraud headed up by dishonest be careful heading out the people that would do anything so i couldn't become president, door. foggy with limited visibility. they are exposed. i want to let you know about president trump's chief of the traffic advisory first, on staff is stepping down, he said general john kelly will lead the white house by the end of surface streets. avoid the area of el ca knee the year. mr. trump's top choice for the job appeared to be nick errors, vice president pence's chief of no, due to a structure fire. staff but he turned the job there is a lot of activity down. the president may announce around that area. replacement today. to the freeways, an accident google's ceo is set to highway 12, 29, two cars testify tomorrow on capitol involved. it is over to the right hill about the data collection shoulder, not los like there ma and search results. the house judiciary committee wants to look in to political in and around that area. dealing with the fog out there. bias and claims google has been limited visibility along
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complying with censorship highway 92 and 280 connector. orders from china. shares of the canadian chp issued a fog advisory. fog advisory on the altamonte medical and recreational pass. a live look at conditions from marijuana company surged 20% after altreia announced plans 205, to 580, busy, you will to buy a 45% stake in the deal with the limited visibility once you get along westbound 580, 30 minutes from company for $2 billion. 205 to the dublin interchange. latest anti government no troubles connecting to 680. demonstrations in paris. the yellow vest movement began traffic is clear through there. a month ago as a protest against rising fuel taxes in i'm ann makovec, watching a that country. it turned in to a riot, cars strip mall fire that continues to burn in the area of la. were burned and stores looted you are looking at live and a thousand people arrested. pictures. video this morning, shows a a massive fire there. family of 4 crossing the border you can see the flames and the smoke all around it. between mexico and the u.s. in big response right now going on tijuana. if you look closely, someone is from the lapd. this is close to the 5 and the assisting them under the fence, that's a journalist allegedly, 405 freeways. it could cause traffic congestion there and a couple of blocks away from a school. a border control officer confronted him and his co- live pictures now from la. workers. the fire department is trying >> you should not be engaged in to contain this huge fire at a that. that's a felony in the united
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states. strip mall. as far as the businesses there, we can charge it as a a market and hair salon, a misdemeanor or a felony. restaurant, no big named stores we would know. if you come to the united . today, keizer workers will states, we could get an arrest warrant for whoever is doing begin the 5- day strike. kiet do is live in san that. >> right after that, a father francisco with their demands. and son climbed over the fence >> reporter: the security team while journalists stood feet here at the keizer facility on gary boulevard set up a big away. moments later, the migrants range of guardrails. were detained. over 25,000 families were they are -- ring of guardrails. detained last month, the fourth consecutive record high month they are expecting a few under the trump administration hundred people, 4000 workers that families have been are striking across 8 different locations. the union is saying they are under staffed which means patients are having to wait a apprehended. a procession was organized along city streets to honor the month or more for appointments and there is one dicollision 7-year-old dog that succumbed to erer was tdepartment for 3000 patients -- one clinician for 3000 patients. five years and worked alongside they are sending patients outside of a net work where his partner. the department said hector was it's not easy to access medical equally comfortable records. keizer has been beefing up the apprehending a dangerous felon staff by 0% since 2015 and
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or demonstrations in front of investing millions millions in young children and will be greatly missed. it is 5:11, they are a their facilities. they say it's disheartening popular gift this holiday season but are at home genetic union leadership would call the strike during the holiday the tests right for you? season when our patients maybe what doctors say you should consider before taking a test. at their most vulnerable. the strike goes from 6:00 to we are tracking morning showers on hi-def doppler as we 4:00 p.m. start off the day. they have a lunchtime rally also tracking areas of dense scheduled, from today until friday. fog. i will let you know where coming up in just a few minutes. one of those spots we are kiet do, kpix 5. dozens of teachers at oak seeing a few rain drops, we have an accident reported. land are expected to call in details coming up. sick and take part of picket (humming a lullaby) lines this morning. they are under paid and under appreciated, they say. contract negotiations with the district began last year, teachers claiming progress stalled, the district has offered teacher as 5% raise over the next 5 years, the teachers have countered that offer with a 12% raise over the you've worked so hard to achieve so much. next 3 years. >> what brought us to this point, the district is not paying us enough money to live perhaps it's time to partner with someone in the community where we who knows you well enough teach. >> we want to call attention to
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to understand what your wealth is really for. the mismanagement of funds this oak land. we have 3.5 times the average of other districts for consultants and our teacher are the lowest paid this the area. >> a spokesperson issued a statement saying a sickout is an illegal labor action and teachers could be subjected to disciplinary action and loss of pay. i can't breathe , the final words set by washington post columnist jamal khashoggi according to a source that read a translated transcript of his painful last moments. the source says it was clear this was a premedicated act of willful murder. many in washington believe the crown prince ordered the kill. >> there is no way that 17 people close to him got on a plane and flew through a third country and killed and chopped up a man and flew back and he didn't know about it or much less order it. >> the new york times reports
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jared kushner, president trump's son-in-law, maintained regular talks with the prince after the murder and advice on how to get past the fallout. nissan is facing allegations of financial misconduct. tokyo prosecutors inditeed the japanese auto maker and former nissan chairman for allegedly under reporting his income. prosecutors say that nissan, another former top executive, greg kelly has also been indicted. they were arrested after an internal investigation revealed acts of misconduct. tesla ceo has been called a visionary, this area he got more notice for his erratic behavior including smoking pot during a pod cast and a twitter feud with a thai rescue diver. on 60 minutes last night he was pressed on allegations of abusive conditions at his tesla factories. >> there has been an aggressive campaign by the uaw to absolutely attack tesla with a
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load of non sense in order to try to unionize the company. >> you think they drummed up the charges. >> these are utter non sense. >> there are several investigations by the press and by regulators this california, about injuries on the job, health watch, thousands of heart attacks and deaths from breathing toxic fumes, stress injuries over 100 ambulance calls. cardiovascular disease can be >> i don't think that's prevented if patients take higher doses of cholesterol correct. literally living in the lowering drugs and stick to that plan. factory, if there is toxic placing high risk patient on fumes, i'm breathing them. high intensity statins had the best long-term cholesterol >> he says he doesn't respect reductions. a study suggests that the u.s. securities and exchange commission. tesla and musk agreed to pay supervised exercise during breast cancer treatment can improve the heart functions. $20 million in a settlement for the exercise helps reduce securities fraud after one of fatigue and improves quality of musk's tweets prompted an life. what happens when doctors investigation. say to stop screen for tensions are high between the u.s. and china again. michigan researchers looked at a top chinese executive under arrest is due in court. 1000 veterans and found when doctors recommends they had diane king hall joins us rom
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stop screening for colon the new york stock exchange cancer, because the benefit was with this morning's money watch low, 29% were uncomfortable report. >> good morning. with the idea. a bail hearing is scheduled today for the cfo of chinese at home genetic test kits have become a popular holiday gift. many are curious about the electronics giant, she was background, some tests can give a better idea of potential arrested in canada at the request of the united states. health problems. he faces accusations she misled a sound california woman received a 23 test as a gift, banks about the control of an operation in iran. china summoned the u.s. her test veal she carried a brca -- test revealed she ambassador to protest her carried a brca gene mutation arrest. thousands of uber employees say the company isn't playing fair. amount follow up confirmed her more than 12,000 drivers filed a lawsuit in california results. accusing the company of >> one day you think you are healthy and then you are still ignoring requests for healthy but have a high risk. arbitration. like other companies, outbound uber requires most drivers to sign a clause saying they will >> doctor gail vans from the crem of american pathologists resolve disputes directly with says while the tests can be the company instead of in the could you tell us. drivers are arguing uber won't potentially life saving, consumers need to ask serious questions first. even arbitrate. >> whole foods is doing a play >> this maybe information for on the 12 days of christmas yourself but truly it's information for your family as with a deal on cheese. well. maybe your family members don't what can you tell us about this? want to know about this.
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porelortt of er: cheddar with t >> dr. vans suggests cop assumers should make sure an 12-day cheese deal. accredited lab is processing starting december 1/9th , the the test to ensure quality chain will will offering results and stresses following discounts on a new artisan up with your doctor to cheese each day, the chosen one interpret the results. now, 5:16, a check of will be 5% off for that day only -- 50% off for that day only. traffic. >> foggy conditions. be careful heading out the >> i used to love bree cheese. door. grab the jacket, we will start live with a look at the bay these days i'm eating a lot of bridge. goat cheese. i'm hoping that's one of the no metering lights yet. a bit. deals. >> reporter: i love goat we arer seeing a glare off of cheese. i have to look at the list the freeways which indicates again. if i'm not mistaken, that's one light rain in the area. of them. mare mare will have more on >> any cheese that you like? that coming up. oakland, in to san francisco, you will need a few extra minutes. traffic is clear once you get >> reporter: goat cheese would be the top. onto the span in to san francisco. no, cheddar. north, we have reports of a that becae ofedmacaroni chand crash. south 101, north of the golden gate bridge, the crab was chdaeese. r, blocking one lane. chp ran a traffic break and cleared it to the shoulder and got the debris out of lanes. i'm hungry now. that should be much better as
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you head on southbound 101, >> as you are decking the halls this holiday season, federal away from 580, dosawn in regulators want to make sure you stay safe. last season there were 18,000 francisco, slight spectator emergency room visits from slowing. highway 12s napa, reports of a holiday decorating injuries. crash as well. most often from falls and on the right shoulder, two cars involved, state route 29. lacerations and strains or sprains from heavy lifting. the travel times, busy spots they warn about the dry are business as usual, christmas tree, if watered regularly, they can go up in altamonte pass. it is foggy through the pass. flames in a not matter of secon a heads up, limited visibility holiday candles are responsible working through there. for twice as many fires. 205 to 680, 30 minutes, clear >> everyday, 200 people as they ong the east shore freeway. were decorating and preparing for the holidays, visited the traffic is pretty light. not too bad working from emergency room. hercules down to the maize. >> experts stress to keep you will need 20 minutes to candles and menorahs on a heat e head through there. it is slick out there because of the rain. that's right. we are tracking the showers on stacsisurft e and pets. expect every light strand for hi-def doppler and areas of damage and avoid hanging lights dense fog this morning. or using ladders while alone. let's get to it. a warning this holiday season hi-def doppler. see therlingup the for those whipping up the screen. treats in the kitchen, say no in the north bay, see a cell to raw cookie dough and unbaked
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products that can make you seriously sick. flour can contain bacteria and raw eggs can contain crocket, hercules, christy, martinez and to the east of salmonella. as much as you may want to richmond. also, see the showers sneak a taste, it's best to wait until they are fully emeryville, berkley, west oakland in the east bay, along cooked. >> my wife made cookies yesterday and we had eggs that the bay bridge and in to san were a little old, two months. francisco. you can see the light rain from i said just use them. >> two months old? marina district downtown san >> she sent me to the grocery francisco, bay view district, store. sunset district, down through time now is 5:41. daily city and across the rest >> straight ahead, running in bo of the peninsula, see south san francisco, pacifica and down through el granada, light to moderate rain. a live look with our bay bridge here is a live look outside of traffic in oakland along 880. cam, see the wet roadways out there with that light rain gianna franco will have an update after the break. we'll be right back pushing through. temperatures right now, 48 concord. 47 oak land as well as for santa rosa. 45 san jose. livermore and 50 in san francisco. let's talk about the dense fog
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we are tracking. live her, a mile and 3 quarters -- livermore, a mile and 3 quarters. same for santa rosa. a mile, almost 2 miles fairfield. inland locations and the north bay, dealing with that dense fog. morning showers, morning fog and as we head through the afternoon, we are going to dry out with clearing later on today. the showers just for this morning, because of an area of low pressure dropping a weak cold front our way. it's going the continue to weaken as it pushes through the bay area. things will fizzle out as we go through the rest of our morning here. future cast taking you hour by hour, 9:00 a.m., a few isolated showers later on in the morning. stopping the clock at noon and we are dry for all of the bay area. through the rest of our afternoon, looking at mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. clearing and then through the rest of tonight we are going to continue to clear things out, plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. daytime highs today around where we should be for this
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time of year, 58 san francisco, 58 redwood city and mountain view, 59. 59 in oakland as well as free month and santa rosa, 60 fairfield. at the seven-day forecast, what you can expect again, through the rest of our afternoon, we are going to dry out, we will see that clearing later on today. plenty of sun on tuesday, partly sunny wednesday, sunshine thursday and our next chance of rain will be on friday through the weekend. i can't say this often, both area football teams had a chance to win yesterday. both hang on. s, woul raiders and the 49ers, great finishes, next. let's take a live look outside, checking out the rain drops on the lens as we look an many parts of i'm ann makovec, we are
5:21 am
watching fire burning in la, you can see firefighters spraying water on this strip mall as we speak. the fire broke out 2 hours ago, new information, this may have started in the attic of the strip mall. it is an l-shaped strip mall. close to the freeways. 150 firefighters work on this now. no reports of injuries. thank you so much. >> people braved the chilly san francisco yesterday and traded their pants for santa hats. hundreds stripped down to their underwear for the santa skiviezs run. they made they way through the castro since the event began in 2009, they raised half a million dollars for the san francisco aids foundation. >> it was cold this san francisco yesterday.
5:22 am
>> if you are running, that warms you up a bit. running in your understood der ware for the holidays is not for the faint of heart -- underwear for the holidays is not for the faint of heart. >> this is in munich over the weekend. the creature paraded through the christmas market for the 10th year this a row to be sure the town's children are being good. they have sticks and bells to make an impression and not afraid to get up close. >> this woman told reporters that they are great but a bit scary. the event aimed at the end tear family brought its fair share of tears and laughs and organizers say it has grown to be the biggest of its kind in germany and the third biggest in europe. have you seen campous before? >> people out there with their
5:23 am
kids. my kids would be freaked out. >> my kids would go home. >> i will take the santa in skiviezs. we are going to start with weather. no, traffic. i'm sorry about that. weather and traffic two hand and happened, we are dealing with -- go hand and hand, we are dealing with slick roadway conditions. it is slick. give yourself extra time to get to work or school this morning. metering lights are on. no accidents which is good if you are coming away from the maize in to san franciscos you need 18 minutes through there. a look at the east shore freeway, westbound 80, seeing extra volume on the westbound side. traffic is behaving through this portion, 20 minutes to go from highway 4 towards the maize. that portion of your drive looks good. we have a crash reported westbound highway 4, in the
5:24 am
center divide. it is causing problems as you work near the ridge, pockets of slowing through pittsburgh and towards that 680 connector. conditions as you work your way along 580, the right lane is blocked due to a stall, westbound 580, grant line road. this is a foggy area. a fog advisory issued by chp. slow working through there. a structure fire reported as you work through redwood 1roe expressway, a crash block look bridge, 15 minutes from 880 towards 101 the golden gate bridge, rain drops on the camera lens, traffic is quiet in to san francisco. 15 minutes from 580 down towards the city. wet roadways out there.
5:25 am
welcome to monday. ing the tech [no audio] -- [technical difficulties] [no audio]. good morning, hi-def doppler, see the scattered showers liting up the radar screen. let's zoom in, you can see along the golden gate bridge, also, tracking showers across, about to move in to banesia, the bay bridge, emeryville, alameda, san francisco, south san francisco, peninsula, pacifica, down through el granada, see the showers and san mateo. see the cloudy start to the day. temperatures are in the 40s. 50 san francisco. san jose 44. 49 concord. livermore 45. 48 for santa rosa.
5:26 am
also tracking the dense fog. looking at 3 miles livermore, better there for you. 3 miles petaluma. dense fog santa rosa across the north bay this morning. fog, showers as we go through the afternoon, we are going to dry out with clearing as well. the satellite and radar view, upper level low and it's swinging a cold front our way. a weak front, as it continues to push through this front is going to continue to weaken. as we go through the day today, we are going to see drier and clearer skies. by 9:00 a.m., a showers, stopping the clock at noon, all of oh us are dry in the bay area. through the rest of our afternoon, catching sunshine. mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. a lot of clearing through tonight and especially for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. sunrise 7:14, sunset 4:50. daytime highs today around where we should be for this
5:27 am
time of year, 58 san francisco. 58 redwood city. 59 oak land. 59 freemont. 59 santa rosa and 60 fairfield. the seven-day forecast, through the afternoon, we are looking at drier conditions there. plenty of sun tuesday. partly sunny wednesday. more sunshine thursday and our next chance for rain will be friday and in to the weekend. back to you. this police department is making sure every officer is winter ready including this guy, jerry has a new pair of winter boots. he is unsure about this latest accessory but finally gets it. the officers at the rapid city police department could be heard encouraging jerry who seems to get the hang of the shoes. it takes him a while. pets do get cold like humans, if you take them out in to the elements, heading up to tahoe, make sure they are properly
5:28 am
bundled up. my husband argues they have a natural sweater. >> he probably doesn't need it in california. >> that dog is very cute. for one afternoon, 50 lucky kids were able to say good-bye to the hospital and hello to the north pole. >> childrens of health care of atlanta boarded a special flight, kids got a chance to meet santa, do arts and crafts and have a know ball fight with the elves. 75 employees volunteered for the special event. time is 5:51, leaving a lasting impression of generosity, coming up, why a california family moving out of state decided to leave everything behind. let's head outside before we go to break as we look at the richmond san rafael bridge. wet roads there as well. sit 5:52. ♪ this little home of mine,
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firefighters who helped battle the campfire got a surprise at the 49ers game yesterday. the team honored them on the field before kickoff and a firefighter holding a california strong flag ran across the field as you just saw. same slogan appeared on the giant screen. >> that was a touching moment. it was a nice tribute ask throughout the game they were remembering all of the firefighters who helped with
5:32 am
the campfire. it was pretty cool. >> we saw the 49ers quarterback with the cal fire hat. gilroy couple moving out of the state is going above and beyond to help the victims of the campfire. >> they decided to donate everything they own. kim and his fearleaving all of this behind, furniture and electronics to help victims of the campfire. kim was part of the search and rescue team responding to the disaster and searched 100 homes in paradise. he was compelled to do more. >> we didn't lose something to a fire very abruptly. it's good if we can donate everything, we will start over. they are starting over. lit be a good memory for us and how we helped. we are continuing to watch a fire burning in a strip mall down in la, a massive response from the fire department there. the latest coming up next.
5:33 am
in next half hours the hunt is on for a driver that crashed in to a bay area home and took off. why things could have gone a lot worse. keizer is gearing up for a massive strike here in san francisco and statewide. we have a live report coming up.
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major changes in the name of earthquake safety. the requirements that could be imposed this week. >> why one high ranking congressman says president trump could face jail time after the developments in the russia investigation. good morning, it is monday, december 10th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it is the top of the hour. a check of traffic, issues on the bay bridge.
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>> new accident. >> east bay commuters listen up. we have a little bit of rain to start this morning. >> we are kicking off the workweek with showers and dense fog in spots this morning. we want to help you get out the door if you are heading back to work and school. i want to show you the locations, hi-def doppler hear and zooming in, right over san francisco, downtown san francisco, the financial district, moderate to hef cell pushing over you from china town, richmond district to the sunset district, bay view district, bay shore, all of these areas light to moderate
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