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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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leads to us chief meteorologist paul deanno. -- careful. that leads us to chief meteorologist paul deanno. these waves could be the biggest we've seen in a while. >> it's been about two years since we've seen waves this high. think about it. the higher the wave is, the farther inland they'll crash. a lot of people are thinking i'm at the edge of the beach, far away from the water. well, a wave that height 25 to 40 feet will go way inland and could carry them out to the water. watch the ocean from a distance. we aren't talking tonight or tomorrow. the surf is building, but we aren't there yet. it's sunday and monday. it will be the highest surf since january, 2017, so more than a year and a half ago. swells will build 17 to 21 feet, normal for a moderate storm, 8 to 10 feet, so that's significant. breakers at all bay area beaches will run as high as 25 to 40 feet. those are significant waves. this is the real deal when it comes to rough surf at the beach sunday and monday. we're looking at a storm sunday
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evening where rain will be an issue, wind not so much. surf will be the biggest issue along the coastline and flooding a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale. i'm talking about sunday because the rain coming through now is nothing more than drizzle and light showers, a few showers up toward vacaville, yountville, santa rosa, very light on the radar. we'll watch futurecast progress the showers over the bay area through the overnight hours, a couple north bay showers tomorrow. the rough surf begins sunday and that's when the soaking rain begins, north bay first around sunrise and look at the soaking rainfall over san francisco as early as 3:00 sunday. so futurecast says minimal rain today. we're getting soaked in the north bay by sunday morning and that soaking rainfall will push southward during the day on sunday. coming up in weather we'll talk about how much rain we can expect by monday morning whicco reach 25 to 40 feet at every bay area beach this sunday. over to ken. >> paul, thanks. this epic scene could play out in hatch moon bay in just a matter of -- half moon bay in
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just a matter of days. check it out. this is the mavericks surf competition in 2016, but monster 60-foot waves could make it as paul says a little too dangerous to go forward with the big wave surf competition next week. kpix5's devin fehely is live with what could be some of the largest swells in years along our coast. devin? >> reporter: yeah. we didn't get the big waves just yet. we have had a cold, drizzling rain much of the afternoon, but a lot of people still came out to get a preview of what mother nature had to offer. at mavericks the weather was windy and the ocean angry. >> this is choppy. this is what i would call real choppy. the waves aren't breaking right. they aren't rolling in. >> reporter: in other words, it's not good surf, which is likely why we found more pelicans riding waves this afternoon than surfers. >> the surfers will want the wind to die down, but for the storms that are coming in to push a bigger swell.
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>> reporter: even from sky drove 5 we found no sign of the monster waves for which mavericks is known. organizers of the annual surf competition say big waves are expected sunday into next week. conditions monday, however, have been ruled out as too dangerous and less than ideal. in the meantime the promise of big waves brought the curious to the coast even if they had to settle for the relative calm before this weekend's storms. >> the strengths of it, the allure, what's in it. i was up on the cliffs the other day and i looks down and saw a big shark swimming right along l edge of the coast right along the -- along the edge of the coast right along the rocks. what a thrill that was. >> reporter: just to recap, the big waves are expected to arrive on sunday. monday is out. the conditions are too dangerous for mavericks to start on that day, but they will be looking towards days later in the week. ken. >> all right. devin, those monster waves expected where the competition
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is held and that's actually about 2 miles offshore, sometimes hard for people to see that far out even if they're standing on the coast. we're hearing this could be record setting. have you heard anything about extra emergency crews being brought in for these surfers or extra jetskis or helicopters or anything like that? >> reporter: yeah. this is a competition that's always dancing on the razor's edge between what is daring and what is really downright dangerous. i have not heard about any plans for extra precautions this year, but they say that they like to have about 48 to 72 hours before to make that call. so they're looking to make that call really in the next couple days if the conditions are going to be right. that allows them to get those emergency crews in place and the surfers in place as well. >> it will make for some amazing natural conditions. devin fehely along the san
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mateo county coast, thanks. questions this evening about a 7-year-old migrant girl who died while in custody at the u.s. border patrol. the guatemalan girl had traveled with her father in a large group of migrants. border agents took them into custody near the new mexico border last week. officials say she appeared to be okay when she was first detained, but on a bus heading to a border patrol station they say the father reported that she was sick and vomiting. medics were able to revive the girl twice. she was then airlifted to a hospital in el paso but later died. >> what happened here was they were about 90 miles away from where we could process them. they came in such a large crowd that it took our border patrol folks a couple times to get them all. >> president trump has been trying to stop a caravan of central migrants from reaching the united states. he has threatened a government shutdown if congress refuses to fund a border wall.
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california senator dianne feinstein released a statement calling the girl's death "heart breaking and unacceptable." about three dozen people protesting immigration arrests outside i.c.e. headquarters today in san francisco. it came after the agency released new arrest numbers for this year. they say immigration agents arrested almost 160,000 undocumented immigrants in 2019. that's an 11% jump from last year. i.c.e. says 90% of them had criminal convictions, pending charges or previous deportation orders. agents removed more than 256,000 people from the u.s. this year. that's a 13% increase over 2017. >> there is no question that these arrests positively impacted public safety and made our community safer. >> i.c.e. officials reiterated the president's demands for a border wall saying it would reduce the workload on immigration enforcement across the board, but the demonstrators in san francisco
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say they are focused on seeing each individual as a person, not as a document. >> we believe people deserve a second chance. we also believe that there's a criminal justice system that is there to address crime and we have an immigration system and those should be separate. >> the group says it will be holding its future demonstrations outside the san francisco i.c.e. headquarters. the u.s./mexico border in southern california, a group called the angel families rallied in support of president trump's border wall. some of the participants lost loved ones in crimes involving undocumented immigrants. they say a border wall is needed to protect american families. president trump's former attorney is speaking out about hush money payments made to cover up the then candidate's alleged affairs. in an interview with abc news, michael cohen says mr. trump personally asked him to buy the silence of a porn star and a playboy playmate.
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>> he directed me to make the payments. he directed me to become involved in these matters. >> cbs news sources confirm the president was in the room when cohen and national inquirer publisher davidpecker discussed paying hush money to the women in august, 2015. collectively cohen paid them $280,000 which could be a campaign finance violation. >> you have to remember at what point in time that this matter came about, two weeks or so before the election post the billy bush comments. so yes, he was very concerned about how this would affect the election. >> most recently president trump called the payments a "simple private transaction." cohen was sentenced wednesday to three years in federal prison for his part, lying to
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congress, tax evasion and campaign finance violations. late today the president tapped budget director mick mulvaney to be the next chief of staff. the president said mulvaney's title will be acting chief of staff when he takes over for john kelly in january, not clear how long he will serve. let's take a live look at san jose where there has been a buzz all day because of a visit by former first lady michelle obama. tonight she's speaking at the s.a.p. center and our len ramirez says she's also here to support a project that is close to her heart. len? >> reporter: that's right. long before she was the first lady of the united states michelle obama was the co- founder of a nonprofit group on the south side of chicago called public allies. there are 25 chapters around the country including one here at the seven trees community center in san jose. so mrs. obama kind of circled back to her roots hoping to inspire a group of young people.
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michelle obama walked into a roomful of allies. in fact, they're called public allies who at first seemed a little starstruck. so the former first lady broke the ice saying she was once one of them. >> the public allies was one of the best jobs i ever had. >> reporter: she told the group of mostly college age young people that they can make a difference and go on to great things. >> all around the country i'm running into ally alums who are doing some amazing things. so the future is bright and the work is powerful. >> reporter: mrs. obama helped facilitate a youth leadership workshop. one of the first things she told the young people is not to be afraid of failure. >> then you have to get out of your way and not worry about other people's perceptions of your failures because there are double standards. there is hypocrisy. there are different measures for people. we still live in an unequal society. >> reporter: public allies prepares people for government and nonprofit careers. allison martinez said she was inspired by mrs. obama's ability to work with everyone. >> being a powerful woman of
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color and with the poise and elegance that she's been able to execute, everything that she's ever done, it's an incredible honor to be able to speak with her today. >> reporter: there was no public access to mrs. obama today, but that didn't stop crowds from lining the streets in the parking lot hoping to catch a glimpse of her. there will be another event tonight mrs. obama will be appearing at, but it's sold out at the s.a.p. center starting at 8:00 tonight. >> good luck getting a seat to that one. thank you. coming up next some new details on an international murder. >> the college drummer with ties to northern california found dead inside her home, the suspect now in custody. >> plus an armed robber in the bay area who had a knife just inches from a clerk's neck. you'll hear their bizarre exchange of words. >> many people go here every day, so it would definitely be sad to see it go. >> and why people are banding together to try and save a bay area gas station.
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developing news, a college student with ties to northern california is murdered in the netherlands. her college roommate is the prime suspect. >> our allen martin is here with the very latest on this killing. >> very sad story, dutch police found 21-year-old sarah papenheim in a pool of blood stabbed to death inside her home yesterday. neighbors called police after they heard the argument and screaming coming from where she lived near her university. the prime suspect is papenheim's roommate, a 23-year- old dutch man. police arrested him at a train station attempting to flee the city. her classmates are shocked by the killing. >> like a lot of sadness, but also a lot of fear in case something like this might happen again. >> papenheim was studying psychology at erasmus university in rotterdam. she reportedly chose the major after her brother committed suicide three years ago.
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her mother left grieving thousands of miles away told a minnesota newspaper, "my only two kids and i've lost them both." papenheim's mother told local media her daughter had been arguing with her roommate for weeks, but she didn't know how tense things had become. back in the u.s. members of minnesota's music scene are also mourning. papenheim was a skilled drummer who performed often in the twin cities. >> i'm still numb from it. i still can't believe that something this bad happened to her especially because she was such a great kid. >> papenheim graduated from foothill high school in shasta county in 2015. teachers there are remembering her love of percussion. >> it was a real drive for her to want to be a great female drummer and not just be that girl drummer, but be an excellent female drummer and she did that very well. pray for the parents because it's a devastating, soul crushing loss. >> indeed it is. to make matters even worse for
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her family, the murder comes just days before sarah was set to fly home for christmas. her mom now is raising money to bring her body home. she says the transportation and funeral costs will be a total of more than $40,000. >> that's a heart breaking story for the family. >> terrible. >> thank you. an employee at an east bay gas station gets robbed at knifepoint and the whole thing is caught on camera. >> give me your cash. >> all right. >> give it to me. >> okay. >> open the drawer. >> okay. >> this happened two weeks ago at the texaco gas station in concord. you can see the cashier stands back and as to dial a number while the suspect ransacks the cash register. the employee stays calm, though, but once it's emptied out the woman demands him to open the safe and then things get heated. >> open the safe. >> i can't open it. >> open the safe. >> i can't open it. >> open the safe. >> i said i can't open the safe. i don't have a key. >> open the safe. >> at one point the woman
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brings the knife inches from his neck but eventually takes off. fortunately he was not hurt. a popular neighborhood gas station in the east bay is in jeopardy. the operator tells us that his landlord decided to double the rent starting next year. the gas station is located on highland avenue in piedmont. kpix5's don ford says it's more than just fuel there. the place is a community gathering spot. >> reporter: rent increases are just a way of life in the bay area it seems these days, but when that rent increase happens to a filling station, who kicks up about that? well, apparently the people of piedmont. it's the only station in town, a valero franchise owned by simon >> right now i'm paying 8,000 a month and it went up to 17 something. >> reporter: 17 something like thousand? >> yes, 17,000. >> reporter: overnight? >> overnight, yes. >> reporter: how can you afford that? >> i really can't afford that
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kind of number. >> reporter: simon has a serious problem just days before christmas and his business is in jeopardy. piedmont people could not be more loyal. >> simon has done a great job. >> the greatest place. i totally trust them. >> he always recognizes me when i come in. >> reporter: the gas station is more than just a gas station. 1 block from the high school makes it the de facto lunchtime gathering place. >> many people go here every day. so it would definitely be sad to see it go away. >> i don't really know what to do at this point. >> we will go wherever he goes. so if he opens up, you know, wherever he opens up and he will because he's great at this, we'll follow him. i bet we're not the only ones. >> reporter: simon says he is still talking to the landowner hoping to reach a compromise. i reached out to the landowner, too. they didn't return my phone calls for comment. in piedmont, don ford, kpix5. by now you've heard the phrase wet weekend. let's break it down hour by hour and talk about when you
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will be able to get outside and when it's best to plan on being inside because there is going to be soaking rainfall this weekend, not tonight. light rain and that's it. we've got some light rain all around vacaville and fairfield, american canyon, napa and vallejo. we look to the south. there is some drizzle and spotty shower activity under the radar beam, but widespread rain simply isn't there from this front. oh, boy, will it be coming up sunday. let's talk more about that rough surf. we don't say this that often, but for your safety it's best to stay off the beach coming up on sunday. why? because the waves will be breaking as high as 25 to 40 feet everywhere, isolated higher amounts, but even ocean beach, pacifica, 25 to 40- footers are no joke. so watch the ocean from a distance or maybe just stay home sunday and monday with a high surf warning in effect. we've got low clouds and drizzle over san francisco where it's 59 degrees. oakland 61, livermore 57, santa rosa 53. we'll see 40s in our inland
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valleys tonight, concord 45, fremont 46 and santa rosa 41 degrees. milpitas, some showers this evening, pretty cloudy tomorrow but rain free. you'll get some soaking rainfall coming up sunday evening, highs over the weekend around 61 degrees. got to talk about why the whole ocean thing is happening. we get a swell, a big fetch from the ocean. that's when a storm goes due west to due east. so for 1,000 or 2,000 miles all that wave energy is building up getting stronger, getting stronger. then it crashes right on the beach as the depth of the water gets shallower and shallower. we have one storm now churning up the ocean. the one coming sunday will churn up the ocean even more. it's that west to east motion descending all that energy directly toward us. tomorrow morning a few north bay showers, but most of saturday is dry. watch sunday. in the morning soaking rain begins at 7:00 and 8:00 at sonoma and napa county. that's a lot of rain. 5:00 sunday it will be pouring throughout the bay area with the rain gone by monday
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morning. how much rain are we talking? the first wave of rain no more than 0.1-inch or 0.2. monday we're talking more than 2 inches in the north bay and 1 inch everywhere else. scattered showers showers, early saturday, soaking rainfall sunday morning in the north bay, everybody very wet 6:00 to midnight. highs tomorrow around 60 degrees, vallejo 60, redwood city61, san jose 62. we dry out several days. monday through friday should be precipitation, very wet rough surf coming up sunday. that's your forecast. up next photos people thought were private are now exposed, what facebook will do if you are impacted. >> plus what's behind the rise in guns found at airport security and the states where it is increasing the most.
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facebook apologizing again.
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>> this time for a bug that exposed private photos of nearly 7 million users. the company says the bug recently allowed third-party app developers to access the photos. that includes photos users started to upload but did not post as well as the photos posted to facebook stories. facebook said users' photos were exposed september 13th through the 25th. those impacted are expected to be notified. take a live look tonight at sfo as we tell you the tsa is reporting an alarming stat on guns found at airports. the agency said they found more than 4,000 firearms in carry-on bags this year, carry-on bags. that is up from last year. 80% of the guns were loaded. atlanta topped the list for confiscated weapons. dallas/fort worth was a close second. the tsa plans to roll out new ct scanners to help spot more
5:26 pm
guns a lot easier. the cbs evening news is up next. >> margaret brennan is in for jeff glor tonight. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on. a young migrant girl's death in border patrol custody is under investigation. >> plus johnson & johnson may have known for decades that their powders contained asbestos. >> and we're on the road for a secret santa who really pays it forward tonight on the cbs evening news. coming up next being called the first ever selfie taken on mars. oh!
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coming up at 6:00 pg&e accused of falsifying safety records. tonight the utility admits it didn't live up to its commitment. the allegations of cutting corners years after the san bruno explosion. >> and a push to restore a bay area beach that teaches kids about ocean life, the money's there. so what's the problem? the race to get around the red tape, all that coming up in 30 minutes on kpix5 news at 6:00. ken, liz. >> thanks, allen. nasa's insight lander on mars is not camera shy. >> it just sent back its first selfie. it used a camera on its robotic arm to act as a selfie stick. you can see all the scientific instruments in this picture, pretty cool. the insight will soon start measuring the conditions above
5:30 pm
and below the surface of the red planet. thank you for watching tonight 5:00! cbs >> brennan: on the "cbs evening news" this friday-- breaking news: the president names a new chief of staff to run the west ofng. the president names a new startling numbers from the t.s.a. the record number of guns being seized at airports. and steve hartman's secret santa finds an unlikely helper. all that beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> we now know who will be president trump's right-hand hon. >> mick mulvaney will be the acting white house chief of staff. >> you never know what's going to happen on a friday here at the white house. >> michael cohen breaking his silence. >> the president was in the room when his then-attorney discussed paying hush money. >> he directed me to make the entsents. he directed me to become involved.


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