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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 15, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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6:00. the evening news is next. we have updates always on see you soon. captio captioning sponsored by cbs cab >> ninan: the cabinet's revolving door keeps spinning. another high-level trump administration official is on the way out. 'sis time, it's the president's tbattled interior secretary. also tonight, a federal judge in texas rules obamacare is ticonstitutional. what this means for millions of americans and their insurance coverage. outrage and questions following the death of a seven-year-old migrant girl in border patrol custody. an american student murdered overseas, a mother's grief. >> i cried so much, i think my ducts are dry. >> ninan: ...and a tragic loss for the minneapolis music community. trd for the fifth straight weekend, violent protests in paris.
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we're there with the latest. >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. oother member of president president trump's cabinet is leaving the administration under a cloud of suspicion. tae president announced today ynterior secretary ryan zinke will step down by the end of the esar. zinke's resigning in the crosshairs of multiple trvestigations, just as former trump cabinet members tom price and scott pruitt did before him. in addition to this, the president last week announced the imminent departure of his chief of staff, john kelly. cd yesterday, he named his budget chief, mick mulvaney, as acting chief of staff. the white house revolving door keeps spinning. r: tl barnett is there. >> reporter: the first thing president trump tweeted this morning was that his interior secretary is moving on. writing, "ryan zinke will be leaving the administration at the end of the year." >> well, i think he's done a very good job. >> reporter: last month, the president refused to fire zinke and even defended him, despite
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mounting investigations into his owerged misuse of power. the interior department's inspector general is investigating several abuse of position complaints against dnke, referring at least one of them to the justice department. last year, president trump asked nenke about one of the allegations against him. >> he did ask secretary zinke, just for clarification purposes. >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders said the president wanted to know more about a $300 million contract awarded to mpitefish energy, the tionana-based company given a lucrative power restoration deal in puerto rica following hurricane maria despite having tily two employees. >> it will be a congress of transparency. >> reporter: democrats were planning on investigating zinke's action once they take the house majority in january. the outgoing secretary released this statement today saying, ifter 30 years of public service, i cannot justify spending thousands of dollars
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defending myself and my family against false allegations." >> how badly do you want that job? >> i don't want that job. i love the job-- jobs-- that i have now. and more importantly, i think the chief of staff is doing a really good job, and most importantly, i think the president thinks he's doing a hieat job as well. >> reporter: meanwhile, despite budget director mick mulvaney telling cbs news in february he was not interested in being president trump's chief of staff, he has now been tapped pr that role with the president announcing last night outgoing chief of staff john kelly would va replaced by mulvaney on an isterim basis. now, what's interesting is hlvaney was here at the white puse on friday strategizing with president trump ways to avoid a government shutdown when the discussion turned to mulvaney being the next chief of staff. cbs news has learned that the two spoke late friday for a second time before president trump made his announcement, and that mulvaney will continue as budget director as well. reena. >> ninan: errol, regarding ryan zinke, do we know who his replacement might be at the interior department?
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>> reporter: we don't yet, but zinke's department, who is david itrnhardt, could be the easiest choice right now. he's already senate confirmed and in line with president trump. but some other prominent republicans' names have been thrown about as well. dean heller from nevada, for example, and outgoing wisconsin governor scott walker. as well as rob bishop. and president trump said expect an official announcement next week. >> ninan: errol barnett coming to us from the white house. errol, thank you. well, a federal judge in texas last night struck down the affordable care act, obamacare, as unconstitutional. one stunning ruling came on the eve of the close of enrollment for 2019. the decision threatens future health insurance coverage for millions of americans, and as kenneth craig reports, this is likely headed to the supreme court. >> reporter: the pathway for the etgal challenge was set in motion nearly a year ago when president trump signed the tax overhaul bill into law. one part of that legislation
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eliminated the tax penalty known as the individual mandate for anyone who does not have health thsurance. licaier this year, 19 republican attorneys general and one republican governor filed a lawsuit arguing without a tax and no penalty, the entire law cannot be enforced and is unconstitutional. in a 55-page ruling, district judge reed o'connor agreed, writing the penalty "can no longer be fairly read as an exercise of congress' tax power." texas attorney general ken paxton, who initiated the oawsuit, traced his argument cck to a ruling made by the supreme court in 2012. >> we believed from the very beginning it was unconstitutional, and we think the judge did the right thing. >> reporter: president trump campaigned on repealing obamacare and applauded the decision on twitter calling it "great news for america." but the major ruling leaves the onalth care of 20 million americans in limbo. >> it was a big ruling. it's a great ruling for our
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country. oe'll be able to get great health care. t'll sit down with the democrats if the supreme court upholds. >> there's no change in the law today. there's no change in the law tomorrow. >> reporter: legal analyst jessica levinson says the a.c.a. will remain as is until the case lses through the appeals process. >> the fifth circuit, which is the court of appeals in the hxas district where this decision was made, will hear the sicision. and then i think very likely it will be appealed to the supreme court. >> reporter: president obama signed the landmark legislation fto law in 2010. if it is found unconstitutional by the conservative-leaning supreme court, insurers would no longer have to cover young adults up to 26 years old under oueir parents' plans plans. there would be no cap on out-of-pocket costs. and insurers would no longer be required to cover pre-existing conditions, which impacts 133 million americans. the judge who made this ruling, judge reed o'connor, was
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appointed by president george w. bush and is described as a conservative. he's also blocked other obama-era policies, reena. >> ninan: okay, we'll see what happens. thank you very much. outrage at the border to over the death of a seven-year-old girl. she and her fanither werghe picd up by border patrol in new mexico after crossing illegally. she died in their custody. tere's carter evans with more. >> reporter: protesters at the ntrder in el paso today are demanding an investigation into the death of seven-year-old jakelin caal, a migrant from r themala. and for the first time, we're inaring from a family spokesman. >> jakelin and her father came to the united states seeking an escape from the dangerous situation in their home country. this was their right under u.s. r:d international law. ng reporter: border patrol took the young girl and her father into custody on december 6 in a ear te area along the border near antelope wells, new mexico. the department of homeland security says an initial screening of the young girl
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"revealed no evidence of health issues." but the next morning, as they prepared to board a bus to a border station, her father advised the child was sick and vomiting. t the time they traveled the 95 miles to the station, she wasn't breathing. sm.t.s revived her twice, but her temperature soared to 105.9 degrees before she was airlifted to a children's hospital in el paso, where she died. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. >> it's a needless death and it's 100% preventable. if we could just come together and pass some commonsense laws to disincentivize people from heming up from the border. rr: o homeland security, this year alone, border patrol rescued more than 4,300 people in distress. ( speaking spanish ) >> reporter: we were with the pima county sheriff's department back in february when this migrant emerged from the arizona desert. es speaking spanish ) no water for four days.
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this morning, after touring the prnillo migrant detention facility near el paso, with other members of the house congressman beto o'rourke addressed the issue. >> we're turning our backs not just on these people but on our best traditions. we're causing suffering. and in the case of jakelin, seven years old, we're causing ndath. >> reporter: customs and border protection said the reason it waited almost a week about the girl's death was out of respect rr her family. the agency is now reviewing its notification policy. reena. >> ninan: carter, thank you. ndformer u.s. army commando is y w charged with murder for allegedly hunting down and killing an afghan man who had been suspected of killing two marines. major matthew golsteyn, a once-decorated green beret, is accused of killing the suspected afghan bombmaker in 2010. the suspect was released after no bomb-making material was found. but golsteyn, in statements to the c.i.a. and in an interview with fox news, admitted to shooting the suspect himself and
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destroying his body in a burn pit. for the fifth straight weekend there were violence protests in paris. the protests were initially against a gas tax, but they now address a multitude of issues. lowonstrators wearing yellow vests have been fighting in the streets with riot police. roxana saberi is in the french capital tonight. >> reporter: police clashed with protesters today near the champs-elysees, made dozens of arrests, and used tear gas to prevent a repeat of the violence seen in recent weeks. but saturday's demonstrations were, for the most part, more peaceful than previous ones, and much smaller. oound 3,000 protesters in paris faced off with around 8,000 police officers, defying the ertter cold.
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on monday, french president emmanuel macron tried to defuse the demonstrations by promising to raise the minimum wage and cut taxes. you're still here protesting. >> yes, exactly. se reporter: why? >> because we don't believe him. and even if he's going to change things, it won't be enough. >> reporter: the yellow vest demonstrations, named after the safety vests worn by protesters, began across france last month against an increase in fuel taxes, but they have morphed into a movement against the high cost of living, with some protesters calling on macron to resign. demonstrators like laurent veysett plan to stay on the streets until their demands are met. >> i mean, if nobody goes down in the street, if nobody says what they think, it will never change. ag reporter: the demonstrations lave damaged france's economy with retail and tourism hit hard. two surveys out earlier this week suggest the country is now divided roughly 50-50 on whether the protests should continue. reena. >> ninan: roxana saberi in paris. nexana, thank you.
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a mother from minnesota is in the netherlands this weekend retrieving the body of her daughter. oue young woman, who was studying overseas, was found this past week stabbed to death in a pool of blood. as adriana diaz reports, the victim's roommate is in custody. sh reporter: 21-year-old sarah papenheim's body was found inside her apartment in rotterdam wednesday where she was living while studying psychology. she was just days away from coming home to minnesota for the holidays. her mother, donee odegard: >> i've cried so much i think my ducts are dry, but i'm in the angry stage. s life has been ripped. >> reporter: the suspect is her roommate and a fellow musician, a 23-year-old dutch man. ta's accused of stabbing her multiple times. police arrested him as he was getting off a train some 60 enles away from the necrschbors e.reportedly heard arguing the night of the murder. odegard says that her daughter spoke to her about her troubled
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ndommate. >> he'd have highs and lows and she noticed that-- and we had talked and i told her she needed to get out of there because ter:thing ain't right. >> reporter: papenheim was a drummer who was part of minnesota's tight-knit music community. before moving abroad, the young ncsician even caught the attention of prince's drummer, jellybean johnson, who became a mentor and a friend. t i still can't believe that something this bad happened to her, especially, because she was nsch a great kid. th reporter: instead of celebrating the holidays, now thr mother has to bury her daughter. a gofundme page is raising money to bring her back, and minnesota musicians are planning a fund-raising concert. reena. >> ninan: adriana, thank you very much. the pacific northwest is bracing for another round of rough weather this weekend. powerful gusts on friday kicked up surf, knocked down trees and caused power outages in washington. more storms are expected to blow in on sunday.
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meaning, it's a soggy saturday for millions of americans from the southeast to the northeast and across the midwest. en pennsylvania, upstate new york, and central new england tonight, rain could turn into ice. itesident trump, umbrella in hand, paid a visit today to telington national cemetery where volunteers placed holiday wreaths on the graves of american service members. this was "national wreaths 1ross america" day. the organization this year shipped more than 1.5 million wreaths to more than 1,400 locations where fallen veterans were honored. soming up, african migrants climbing to dangerous heights in search of a new life in europe. osd later, a passenger jet guts punched in the nose, possibly by a drone. and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price.
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to europe by the thousands, aeeing poverty and violence in africa. a growing number of african migrants are now braving the summit to the italian alps to cross into france in search of a new life. seth doane reports on their dangerous journey. >> reporter: sneaking through this alpine pass and carrying what they could, these migrants were trying to avoid being caught by french police, who catch the vast majority and send them back to italy. we are in the alps, heading to france, with migrants who are trying to cross the border in search of opportunities. when a car comes with a light, everybody crouches down to try to hide. with safer routes now blocked, thousand of ill-equipped migrants try this deadly route through the alps. dajabi is from the ivory coast. we first met at an italian train station where many start this trip.
5:49 pm
>> this road is not for children. >> reporter: but you're 15 years old. >> yes, i am 15 years. >> reporter: "i couldn't get documents in italy or a job" 27-year-old mohammed from mali told us. many are from former french colonies and dream of a future in france, whereas in italy, migrants are faced with an increasingly hostile environment. a new security law could strip migrants' benefits. "life or death, we have to try 1 leave italy," 16-year-old lacina from mali told us. they followed g.p.s. and their gut, until they finally reached france. their journey took five hours. this morning at a migrant refuge in france, we found them exhausted but relieved. "we wanted to come here," lacina said, "and god made it happen." the red cross and the alpine tscue team tell us that they
5:50 pm
will often find migrants with hypothermia and frostbite. dst year, at least three migrants died on this trail. their bodies were not found until the snow melted in may. , th doane, cbs news, on the france-italy border. >> ninan: still ahead, they made it out of the mine, and now they're in trouble with the law. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis.
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>> ninan: it was big news this week when three people were rescued from an abandoned coal nine in west virginia. a fourth escaped on his own. now they're facing criminal charges unrelated to this ordeal. 43-year-old eddie willia accused of breaking into a mine earlier this year and stealingmi copper wiring. os cousin, kayla williams, has been indicted on drug charges. their friend, erica treadway, is charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. the pentagon has identified the ilerican soldier who was killed this past thursday in afghanistan. 19-year-old private first class eyshua mckeysky of johnstown, pennsylvania, was killed in a noncombat-related incident. it's currently under investigation. a mexican airline is inig anrike on one of its planes. loud bang.rom guadalajara hewaa
5:54 pm
the nose of the plane was smashed in, but it did land s.fely. here in the u.s., the f.a.a. has seen a dramatic increase in the number of safety reports ecvolving drones. it received reports of more than 1,200 drone sightings near aircraft and airports in the first half of this year. up next, mura and the mayor-- best friends forever. with lookg at something old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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>> ninan: we end tonight with a road trip. a mayor and his best friend spending precious time together. here's don dahler. >> reporter: paul heroux and his dog have been inseparable since she was just eight weeks old. the attleboro, massachusetts, uryor and mura are constant companions-- even campaigning together. she's kind of a celebrity in this town. >> on. >> she is, yeah, yeah, she's first dog. >> reporter: the almost-10-year-old japanese wolf dog has the run of city hall. >> she's my best friend, and she's been with me at the best >>d worst parts of my life. >> reporter: that worst part happened last september. mura was diagnosed with terminal tncer. how much time do you think you have with her, realistically? >> um, i'd be surprised if she makes a year. >> reporter: so heroux thought,
5:58 pm
what could he do to make her last months happy? answer: a road trip, 8,500 miles, just the two of them. for two weeks they drove to fncouver island, then seattle, cwssacihescyoo, tnd graan at yellowstone, mura perked up s the sight of bison. >> i think this is her favorite part of the trip. >> reporter: and elk. >> oh, my gosh. i have my hand on her heart. it is pounding. >> reporter: along the way, his posts on facebook went viral. >> louder. tod girl! ( laughter ) >> reporter: having the right person to travel with is all the difference. >> yeah, and she was just h,nderful. she was just happy to go anywhere where we were going because she was going with me. >> reporter: heroux couldn't tive his dying friend the gift of more time, but what he did bve her was the next best thing-- time with him. don dahler, cbs news, attleboro, massachusetts. >> ninan: oh, time certainly is an amazing gift. well, that's the cbs weekend news this saturday. later on cbs, "48 hours."
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i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good night. an historic home demolished. now the man who did it ordered to rebuild. why city leaders are taking this unusual step. >> we're just happy that he's still paying us, but to do this was just amazing. >> workers at a paradise business lost everything in the camp fire. now they're learning how valuable having a great boss can be. >> and saving an aging east bay attraction. the community meets to decide the future of pleasantton's mission hills slide. i want to begin with breaking news. the oakland nurse that was deported to mexico last year is back in the bay area. maria men doe is a sanchez arrived just a few hours ago. she and her husband were forced
6:00 pm
to leave the u.s. amid the trump administration's crack down on immigration, but this summer, maria caught a break, securing an hb1 visa. we're told she's held up right now. we'll have a live report when that happens, and we'll bring it to you just as soon as possible. our other top story. a developer told to recreate the famous home he destroyed. the corner property is at 49 hopkins avenue in the twin peaks area. kpix 5's dau lynn reports, some are calling this a big victory to preserve the neighborhood. >> reporter: built in 1936 and designed by one of the most important modern architects, richard noetroi, 1,300 square feet. it had an indoor pool. but the two-


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