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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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bay on the maverick surf competition but let's start with chief meteorologist paul deanno who's been tracking the storms back tracking study to heavy rainfall throughout much of the bay area, looking for this continuing for the next couple hours, here's what's going on as of this very second, the wettest spot is now the santa clara valley. san jose north on 680 and 880 through milpitas to fremont over the grade getting steady rain fall, 680 north through pleasanton and danville and alamo and walnut creek, soggy antioch bread worker, -- brentwood, clearing , the back edge of the precipitation move into san mateo county, mendocino county, we still have two or three more hours of steady rainfall to go. mountain snowfall as well, high surf warning stays in effect through the night tonight, into tomorrow evening, swells are running 17 to 21 feet.
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that's pretty significant, breakers running 25 to 40 feet, those are very high waves, please exercise extreme caution. if you are heading to the beach tonight or tomorrow or just don't do it. futurecast shows the reign ending around nine or 10, partly cloudy skies overnight through tomorrow morning, headlines soaking rainfall continues for the next couple hours, skies clear but the surf will stay rough through the day on monday. we'll talk about totals and what to expect for the work week coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, see you then. let's talk about the high surf warnings for our coast, waves might even reach 25 to 40 feet high, kpix 5's katie nielsen is at ocean beach where beachgoers are told to stay off the sand. >> reporter: juliet, that's our -- they are because of the increasing frequency and size of the waves that we are seeing, we haven't seen any of the massive waves but the national weather service predicted for today, city emergency managers say they do expect conditions to get much worse overnight tonight.
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and into tomorrow morning, that's why they are saying stay away from the beach, don't go in the water, don't step foot on the sand. despite the warnings, we saw dozens of people and dogs out on ocean beach today. >> really big waves. they were saying you're going to die if you come. i've got to come then. >> reporter: nauert -- thankfully neither mark nor ashley were swept out to sea during their walk near the surf. >> it's a nice big waves today. i haven't died yet. i haven't made it back yet so there's still time. >> reporter: no need to tempt fate especially since the high surf warning isn't set to expire until monday night at 9:00. >> i'm disappointed, i came out here because i heard all these high surf warnings and everything. and there is a sign up saying stay off the beach. >> reporter: let's talk about the signs. there are at least a half-dozen of them warning people about the possibility of sneaker waves and rip currents.
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the dangers of surfing in the area and even a portable sign set up for the weekend telling people specifically to stay off the beach. >> i saw the signs in the parking lot. and ignored them. >> we are not going to go down on the beach so technicality. we are going to stay above, the higher elevation shall we say. >> reporter: during a press conference friday, city emergency workers issued stern warnings. >> the force of the water is specifically going to be so strong that it could actually suck a person into the bay and you could become a victim at that point. >> reporter: for the skype servers, the draw of the strong wind and big waves was too much to resist. >> seems a little crazy to me but looks like from. >> reporter: the fire department said so today -- so far they have not had ocean isle beach rescues, they want to make sure it stays that way, tomorrow they are telling everyone, stay home, do not come to the beaches, it is just
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too dangerous. 11 ocean beach, katie nielsen, kpix 5 news. >> thank you. coming up how the dangerous surf is affecting the surf competition and windsurfers can expect to take advantage of the big waves. let's take a live look now at the sierra, there is also a winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow, the storm is expected to bring moderate to heavy snow to elevations above 4500 to 5,000 feet. so if you are heading up there, plan on difficult driving conditions experts predict they could see up to 20 inches of snow. despite the storm, a new report by e lawrence berkeley national lab says due to climate change, the amount of runoff of snow into california's largest reservoir is heading for a dramatic decline. they are predicting a 79% drop in the next 60 to 80 years, this means the state will face a new reality on how it operates.
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we have video to show you, a car drove into a sizzler restaurant injuring five people, this happened in a word on his berrien boulevard near west winton avenue. take a look, this truck is actually wedged into the side of the building, firefighters got a call about a car crash involving a jeep and a truck. the truck ended up crashing into the restaurant, injuries range from serious to minor right now, also a little girl was hurt. >> it landed on top of the table, trapped one girl underneath the table, and myself and two other guys went over there and we lifted the table so the girl was able to grab my hand and we had enough of the weight off of her that we were able to pull her out. and get her to a point of safety. >> not clear what led up to this crash. another crash today in concord, on interstate 680 near the willow pass exit, a vehicle actually barreled into the
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middle divide and you can see it here teetering on the center median, fire officials on the scene said the driver has minor injuries. right now one left lane remains blocked. tonight, oakland police are investigating two separate shootings that sent two men to the hospital, the first happened around midnight on east 16th street and 36th avenue. police say the victim was approached by a man demanding his belongings and when the victim ran, he was shot. the victim was able to get himself to the hospital. the second shooting happened before 2:30 this morning at webster and 14th street. police officers herget -- heard gunshots and found the victim with a gunshot wound. he was immediately taken to hospital. no word this evening on their conditions i'm so far no arrests have been made. take a look at this image, a masked man with a machete that scared money at a los angeles synagogue and in this picture the man appears to have his face covered in a scarf holding a machete in a threatening manner, police did
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make an arrest yesterday but the frightening image still has many residents in north hollywood on edge. >> whenever these happen it's a wake-up call for everybody and it puts everybody on edge to a certain extent. but we know we don't live in fear, we've got to continue moving on. >> the rabbi said a member of the community took the picture and sent it to them. they called police for the safety of the congregation. this is the second disturbing incident at this location, in the past couple months, in november a man was arrested after pulling wigs off the heads of orthodox women as they walked to service. the rabbi said that man was arrested for the hate crime and it appeared mentally disturbed. the cofounder and ceo of the popular trivia game hq trivia was found dead today in his new york apartment. colin kroll was only 35 years, he was discovered by police during a wellness check. his death is now being investigated as a possible drug overdose.
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hq trivia has exploded in popularity, since it's launch in september of 2017. he was also one of the creators of fine, which was a 6-second video app. new information on when the transbay transit center might reopen. it could be another six months before the cracked beams at the mega bus terminal are fixed. according to the metropolitan transportation commission, it's still too early to speculate on the timeline. right now investigators are zeroing in on welding problems as the possible cause of the crack but they are still working to confirm it. they may also have to test the other beams. east bay middle school students are making a generous contribution to the camp fire victims today, students of the milpitas christian school raised $3,300 by waging a week long penny war. these jars were passed around between sixth, seventh and eighth graders. they were encouraged to donate pennies and dollar bills to the
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jars. students could also deposit nickels, dimes, quarters into the competing jars, to cost them points. the sixth graders who formed an alliance with eighth graders won the war and they were treated to an in class potluck and movie. all for a good cause obviously. what's behind the rise in guns found at airport security and the states where it is increasing the most? a new mission launched in space, today that involves something nasa has never done before. the man is pathetic, that's a lawyer you are interviewing. >> president trump lawyer goes on the offensive against michael cohen today, what he's saying about the hush money paid to two women. this little home of mine,
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new growing concern with the big crowds at airports, more people are carrying weapons onto planes and as kris van cleave reports it's happening now in record numbers. >> reporter: a loaded gun inside a flyer's carry-on bag
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at dallas-fort worth airport. it's a scene that played out thousands of times last year at tsa checkpoints across the country at a rate of nearly 11 guns a day. >> online or something? okay. that government -- stolen out of florida. >> reporter: security cameras and police body cam at dfw airport showing some of the 211 incidents where a gun was found inside a travelers bag, at the tsa checkpoint in 2017. >> in this 59-year-old's carry- on, police found a loaded pistol and several additional magazines. loaded with what police say was 61 rounds of ammunition. in texas that will get you arrested if you don't have a license to carry a concealed weapon. the laws vary by state. >> reporter: 10 airports accounted for nearly a third of all incidents last year. through freedom of information requests we were able to review records from seven of them. the vast majority of the people
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involved are men. 63% were white. most range in age from their 30s to their 50s. a review of the documents revealed at least three incidents last year where it appears the gun was missed by tsa screeners at one airport and only discovered on the person's trip home. tsa administrator david piscotty -- >> i'm troubled by the fact the gun went through the x-ray and was missed. >> i'm troubled by that too, everybody is troubled by it and mistakes happen. >> how often? >> i can't give you an answer as to how often but when it does, we do everything we can to figure out why it happened. >> reporter: tsa is in the process of rolling out new scanners at airport checkpoints that should make it easier for screeners to spot things like firearm in a carry-on bag. also working to improve signage at checkpoints reminding people you can't bring a gun through. every person you saw in our story told police they did not realize the gun was in the bag. kris van cleave, cbs news, reagan national and pork. a new mission for nasa is
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on its way to our space, tonight. >> five, four, three, two, one -- >> for the first time, nasa booked a private rocket and it is rocket labs' first ever mission that lifted off from new zealand successfully today launching 13 research satellites into low earth orbit to carry out a variety of tasks. all right, paul is in for us with a big storm that is beating us up here in the bay area. >> we've got rain out there, gusty winds at the coast and of course have that rough surf which will last longer than the wind and rain fall. let's take a look at the radar, specifics for you for a steady soaking rain over the entire million folks who live in the city of san jose south on 101, you are soggy. kind of interesting here, look at this. sonoma county is dry, but napa county is pouring. that's the clearing line over long highway turning -- west of
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st. helena, napa is pouring, vacaville, fairfield is pouring and temporary clearing with one more wave of rain likely to move through the city of san francisco, light rain continues for oakland. wide view you can see everything pushing to the central valley, clearing from west to east but not done yet, the snow will be the last to leave, 10:00 tomorrow is when the winter storm warning ends, western slope's snow level 5,000 feet, new snowfall four to eight inches overnight tonight. high surf warning talked a lot about this, we'll continue to for the next 24 hours, doesn't expire until 9:00 tomorrow, breakers running 25 to 40 feet. here's a look outside, it's a mild and humid night with the rain. it will be a mild and night as the rain stops, oakland 51, san jose 49, san francisco 53, strong storm is way up in the gulf of alaska but it was strong enough to send ocean energy slamming into the coastline, we see this wave activity once every two years,
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haven't seen it in two years, we see this rain moving through but once it exits, off to the west, there are no new storms there, from very active weather very calm weather, in a short amount of time. last wave of rainfall moving through tonight at 11:00, some rain for the santa clara valley that pushes out, partly cloudy skies in the morning, partly sunny skies in the afternoon and get used to this phrase, partly sunny, every day for the next week, not come to have full sunshine but we will be mainly or completely dry, soaking rainfall, rain is out by midnight, it will be a dry pattern for most if not all of next week, the rough surf does continue through tomorrow. 60 tomorrow in concord, 62 in san jose, 59 for san francisco and pacifica, 61 napa. extended forecast, not going to say it seven times, i'll say it once, partly sunny across the board. highs in the low 60s for each of the next seven days. that's your forecast.
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now sports. all that wet weather, a lot of dropped football today, could the 49ers and raiders win for the second week in a row? deforest buckner, two more sacks today. was that enough to stop the seahawks? kickoff next.
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two weeks ago the seahawks destroyed the 49ers 43-16 in seattle. today san francisco got another shot for the first time in five years. seattle could clench a playoff spot. on their first possession on third and goal, russell wilson finds doug baldwin, that's a touchdown. they missed the extra point. on the ensuing kickoff, 49er rookie richie james gets to the sideline, sebastian janikowski has a chance to tackle him, watch. james goes 97 yards, the first kick return for a touchdown since 2011, they led 7-6, second quarter nick mullens to the tight end, garrett celek. the defender fell down allowing him to score from 41 yards.
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that made it 14-6. next possession on third and five, wilson avoids the pressure, gets it to baldwin, antone exum jr. whiffed on the tackle. his second touchdown, seattle trails 14-13. fourth quarter, the hawks go for it on fourth and goal, chris carson initially stopped short but he kept his legs moving, scores to tie the game, coordinator, i can't believe it. over time, tied at 23, pete carroll trying to rally the troops, seahawks punted on the first possession of overtime, so there goes jeff wilson, 60-yard run, in field goal range, three plays later, robbie gould, it's up, it's good, the 49ers win 26- 23 in overtime, first victory over seattle since 2013. >> it means a ton. you know, not all of us have been here since 2013, but a lot of us were here last year, we are all definitely here two
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weeks ago, it meant a lot to our guys and to the fans and everything since 2013, i hated having to answer those questions all week and i didn't want to go another year having to do it so this was our last opportunity and i'm glad we don't have to hear that again. >> they have a two-game winning streak. the raiders were coming off a huge upset win over pittsburg last week, looking for their first two game win streak of the jon gruden era. eight wins between the teams means plenty of good seats available in cincinnati. jeff driskel finds tyler boyd, seven-yard score. early 7-0 lead. cincy goes for it on fourth and goal, joe mixon dives in, up 14- 0. later in the quarter, now 17- 0, derek carr wide open lee smith, third straight game that smith has caught a touchdown, deficit cut to 10. raiders have first and goal at the three, after two false start penalties, carr misfires, settles for a field goal, 20-
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13. five minutes left, 23-16 after another field goal, the kickoff was a backbreaker. that's alex erickson, 77 yards to the raiders 21-yard line. two plays later, mixon goes in for his second score of the day, 15 yards, touchdown to put the raiders away, 126 yards on 26 carries for the native, bengals win 20-16, oakland is 3- 11. >> very tough spot today, toughest spot i've ever called plays with with a group of guys that are getting to know each other and cincinnati, i don't care what the record is or what atkins is a problem, dunlap is a problem, we've got a lot of moving pieces and it's not even easy at this stage of the season to get everybody coordinated. >> amari cooper held to four catches, 32 yards and the cowboys were shot out in indy, marlon mack ran for a career- high 139 yards and two touchdowns, colts beat the cowboys to snap dallas' five
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game win streak, first time they've been shut out since 2003, both teams are 8-6. bears quarterback mitch trubisky in the holiday spirit, trubisky lights up the scoreboard with a strike, chicago back up on top 21-14. aaron rodgers won't be sending the raiders a christmas card now that he has to deal with khalil mack, 2 1/2 sacks today, 12 1/2 this season. bears beat the pack 24-17, they clinch the nfc north. tom brady and the patriots in the final minute, big ben hoping his defense could get the stop. fourth down, he throws it into traffic, it's too high for julian edelman, morgan burnett knocks it down, steelers win 17- 10, new england's fifth road loss this season. meanwhile the draft order as train -- has changed as a result of the 49ers win, they
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dropped all the way down to the fourth, the raiders are currently at number 2. >> has levi's stadium extended an offer for the raiders to play. >> andrea nakano was there today and she asked, have you extended the offer? the 49ers said no comment. >> how did they say it? >> no comment. >> okay. you can read into it. okay. kept walking. thank you. 50-foot seas are pushing right towards the california coast. >> coming up in our next half hour, high surf even too dangerous for the world's top surfers. plus, dramatic images out of japan, a blast that struck a neighborhood. the concern of possibly another explosion. and in 1981, mick jagger was all smiles but then san francisco mayor dianne feinstein, soon his mood changed. coming up, watch what he did to reporter mike sugerman and we have the footage.
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our top story at 6:30 storm watch around the bay area, live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, soggy drive right now, and a look from earlier at ocean beach, gloomy, ominous for sure. fast-moving waves. anticipation for the big maverick surfing competition has been at an all-time high but earlier, the organizers released a statement saying we will not be running the maverick challenge this week, kpix 5's devin fehely has more on the hype surrounding the situation. >> reporter: at mavericks, we've seen a lot more wind than we have big waves anticipated for several days. that is expected to change later today into early next week. the organizers of the surf competition say they are expecting some of the biggest waves in a decade. >> we are talking in this case 50-foot seas are pushing right towards the california coast. >> reporter: even for a competition that consistently dances on the razor's edge between daring and downright
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dangerous, the organizers of mavericks said early on the massive walls of water expected to pound the coast monday were too big to surf safely. >> it's a gladiator pit. i mean, giant waves that most people would want nothing to do with and then you get this group of guys that not only do they want to surf with style and grace and do all that sort of thing, it's like dancing on water. >> reporter: the promised spectacle drew cao -- grew crowds hoping for some of the biggest waves of the annual competition in a decade. >> anything out of the ordinary particularly if it is dangerous, it attracts people. we haven't had a lot of competition with the big waves. the last few years. there have been nice days and decent waves, but none of the larger size like the 40 footers or so. >> reporter: this afternoon the organizers announced that while the waves would be too big monday, they had the opposite concern by midweek. worrying that the waves would be too small and so they
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postponed the contest until at least january. that's the thin margin they're trying to do this dance, between looking graceful and almost dying at the same time. >> at mavericks, devin fehely, kpix 5 news. let scotus -- let's go back to chief meteorologist paul deanno who's been tracking the storms. >> the changes over the past 30 minutes, the rain is quickly heading off to the east. you can see all the study heavy rainfall, is racing out of the bay area, frankly i want to hang around a few more rainfall, december has not been wet, that said it is still raining, danville south to dublin, still raining lightly in fremont, raining in spots in the north bay but it is clearing out of napa county quickly and santa clara valley south to morgan hill and gilroy, you are still receiving heavy rainfall -- heavy rainfall, totals thus far, not terribly impressive once again i was hoping for more, conquered one-third of an inch, oakland a little bit less. one inch of rain in santa rosa, one-third for san francisco.
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high surf warning continues for more than 24 hours, the son is going to come out and be calm in the sky but not common in the ocean, swells running 17 to 21 feet with breakers through tomorrow evening 25 to 40 feet, talk about more storms and potential for additional rainfall coming up in my full forecast in 10 minutes. back to you. developing situation out of japan, more than 40 people injured in an explosion at a bar in sapporo. right now, no immediate word on the cause of the blast. it did cause a number of buildings to collapse, local media said one person is in critical condition, fire officials are warning the neighborhood of a possible second explosion. in belgium, violence erupted at the end of a march in brussels today, thousands gathered to express their opposition to the u.n. migration packed which instant -- incentivizes countries to take in immigrants. demonstrators threw stones and fencing while police responded by using tear gas and water
6:32 pm
cannons. police said some 5500 people were involved in this protest. the president's lawyer head back today against accusations donald trump broke campaign finance laws. rudy giuliani called the president's former attorney michael cohen pathetic and a liar. political reporter miss hook -- melissa kane tells us what the fight is really about. >> reporter: president trump's lawyer defended hush money payoffs to two women just weeks before the 2016 election. >> it's not a crime, it's not a crime, george. paying $130,000 to stormy whatever and to the other one is not a crime. >> reporter: the payments to stormy daniels and karen mcdougal would violate campaign finance laws if they were made to influence the election. rudy giuliani today said the president did it for his family not the election. >> produce enormous number of witnesses that say the president was concerned about how this was going to affect his children, his marriage.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: in 2011 john edwards made a similar argument about large payments to his former mistress while he campaign for president. edwards said he was trying to protect his sick wife. but a federal judge rejected that argument, she told the jury, people rarely act with a single purpose in mind. the question is, would the payments have been made even if there was no election? in this case, the answer is no. according to michael cohen, the president's former personal attorney, and he's the one who arranged for those payments. >> you have to remember at what point in time this matter came about. two weeks or so before the election. post the billy bush comments. so, yes, he was very concerned. about how this would affect the election. >> reporter: cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for a tax evasion, bank fraud and helping with those hush money payments. former san francisco mayor willie brown says if the government does go after the
6:34 pm
president for those payoffs, they're going to need a lot more than just cohen's testimony. >> this guy has so little credibility. even the prosecutors cannot accept any of his stories as being authentic. >> reporter: if the president did direct payments, so he could get elected, it may be a crime but will people care? >> believe me, paying somebody not to talk in a political campaign, are you kidding me? that's not much of a crime. >> reporter: melissa kane, kpix 5. a partial shutdown looms at the end of the week unless congress and the white house can reach a compromise. so far the players are not budging from that position, democrats and some republicans disagree with the president over funding for a border wall. mr. trump wants $5 billion to build segments of a wall along the mexican border. opponents say the wall funding idea is wasteful and ineffective. >> president trump should understand there are not the votes for the wall in the house
6:35 pm
or the senate, he is not going to get the wall in any form. >> we are going to do whatever is necessary to build the wall to stop this ongoing crisis of illegal immigration, this is a very -- it comes to -- absolutely. >> the president said last week that in order to secure the border, he would be, quote, proud to shut down the government. democrats are offering $1.3 billion not 5 billion for border security, if there is no deal by friday night parts of the government will close the next day. still ahead, stunning pictures from outer space, how you can catch this annual event.
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♪ ♪ ♪thisi'm gonna let it shine. ♪ it's energy saving time, ♪ i'm gonna reduce mine. ♪ californians all align ♪ to let our great state shine. ♪ let it shine, ♪ the power's ours to let it shine! ♪ stunning pictures from china of a meteor shower, the shower peaks this time of month and it is best seen in the northern hemisphere, scientists reported more than 100 every hour not always visible but certainly a treat today get it -- to dedicated sky watchers. and astronomy enthusiasts. new video out of south africa, heavy hail storm wreaked havoc at this resort
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this weekend, sun city resort in the northwest region got completely flooded. it suffered substantial damage due to the storm, visitors had to be evacuated and tonight much of the area is under severe weather watch. coming up, oh, my gosh, get ready to turn up the volume, that is me, special look not just at me, a book -- the music archives, there's more video i promise. plus, two animated movies making it to the top of the box office numbers, most popular movie list this weekend ahead, don't laugh. not sure what's going to be most popular. is it going to be when is the rain moving out or more of dancing? hang out for a couple minutes, we'll be right back. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. two animated films landed at the top of the box office list this weekend. >> active supernormal? spider-man? that's funny. i get that a lot. >> spider-man into the spider verse swung into the lead bringing in more than $35 million in three days. second place, the mule directed and starring clint eastwood brought in $17.2 million.
6:42 pm
>> mr. grinch. you really are a heel. >> a holiday classic remade by the creators of despicable me, the secret life of pets and sing, the grinch grabbed $11.6 million for third place. to round out the top five, ralph breaks the internet fourth place, while mortal engines sputtered in its debut rolling out in fifth place. it's a movie kind of day. some type of something to keep the kids busy for a couple hours. without their favorite dvd or play monopoly. pretty soggy out there, the drying out this evening but the afternoon was wet for the entire bay area. interesting how the shape like a crescent shape where it's still raining over sacramento, over santa cruz but for the urban core of the bay area, it's kind of quickly
6:43 pm
drying out, scattered showers, heavier showers, a few moving through santa rosa, drying out in napa valor but still pouring in vacaville, east toward our state capital, zooming things out and san mateo county, south to gilroy and wet out toward the tri-valley so the worst of the heaviest rain if you will is moving out, the mountains continue to get snowfall, that's good news. add to the snowpack. total snowfall from one to two feet of snow. upper 50s to low 60s outside, 58 in san francisco, 58 in santa rosa 55 in livermore, 40s and 50s overnight, the rain ends but the clouds will hang out ready wood city 47, santa rosa 43 degrees satellite and radar review it's a big storm it's a potent storm lots of rainfall but it's the only storm that we are going to get for the next several days because the storm track will begin retreating to the north. sometimes it does that for a week or two, it's going to be close, northern california gets
6:44 pm
rain, oregon gets rain we'll get cloud cover but organized storms like the one outside right now this may be it between now and christmas we may go dry for about nine days there's your last band of rainfall moving through. 11:00 we are seeing rain that exits we'll keep partly to mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight and clouds around throughout the day tomorrow and the next several days will each have some cloud cover but no organized rain chances so still pouring this evening, rain will be gone out of the entire bay area by midnight, it will not be that sunny but a dry pattern for most of the week, watch out for rough surf, tomorrow more dangerous because the sun is going to come out, the worst is over, i can check out the ocean. just as bad tomorrow so use a lot of caution. livermore partly sunny, 61 mountain view 60 napa 61 san francisco 59, extended forecast pretty consistent, not one day that's mostly sunny or completely sunny, there is also not one that will be completely cloudy or wet. highs around 60 to 63 every day
6:45 pm
for the next week. that's your forecast.
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on december 22 next saturday kpix 5 officially turns 70. it is time to get up and dance. sing out loud. crank up the volume. elizabeth cook looks back on 70 years of music. >> ♪ >> reporter: at daisy symphony hall in san francisco, violin virtuoso itzhak perlman performs. each stroke a testament to the power of music. the event captured by kpix. >> take note, glamorous galas to healthy clubs, the big celebrities to rising stars, for the past 70 years, kpix 5
6:48 pm
has brought the music into your home. >> reporter: and we know all the moves. the twist. the hippie freestyle. and of course disco fever. the pretzel, hip-hop, tango, and dipped our way through the decades. early on, famed jazz guitarist nick esposito performed on the dell courtney variety show broadcast live from our studios. the legendary ella fitzgerald belted out cole porter's begin the big gain -- beguine, at the army hospital in the presidio. and in 1968, the berkeley folk music festival unfolded, some cool cats and a confused
6:49 pm
reporter. >> what kind of music is this? what kind of music is this? >> strange music. >> this is country joe and the fish. giving a rock concert today in the back of a flatbed truck. a rock concert on a saturday afternoon is not that hard to find in the bay area but this is a bit unique for this flatbed truck sitting inside the walls at san quentin prison. >> reporter: from a concert in front of a captive audience. >> reporter: chris isaac crooning on stage before super bowl 50, over the years kpix has enjoyed an all access pass. in 1989, one of the world's greatest guitarists carlos santana invited us to a rehearsal in san francisco. renaissance man todd lundgren
6:50 pm
whelped -- welcomed channel five into his home in sausalito. he showed off a new composition pan for a broadway show. >> invigorating, enlightening being involved in this particular project. and as a writer, it's afforded me a new audience. >> reporter: then there was the grateful dead's jerry garcia in marin county. he agreed to do an interview with anger kate kelly. i asked him how he wanted to be remembered. >> i don't know. i never thought about it. i think i would like to be known as the guy who had a pretty good time while he was here. you could go at any moment. so you might as well try to crowd as much as you can possibly get into your life. >> reporter: kpix 5 captured madonna at the civic center. green day backstage. >> people say the music and politics isn't supposed to
6:51 pm
collide, i think that rock and roll has always been some sort of social, political statement. >> reporter: and globetrotting kent nagano home again. >> when i come to san francisco, no matter if it's just for a few weeks or a few months out of the year, it's that one moment for me when i feel like i can just breathe. >> reporter: in 1972, the high priestess of soul one and only nina simone in berkeley. she was surprised when the mayor read a proclamation in her honor. the location? the black cultural center known as the rainbow sign. she was a civil rights activist. in 1987, in two sold-out shows in the bay area, u2 hit the stage at the palace. the irish band had just released their fifth studio album. it was called the joshua tree. >> ♪
6:52 pm
>> reporter: ending up as one of the world's best-selling albums. then we had a dose of the rolling stones. mick jagger on a cable car with mayor dianne feinstein. >> how do you feel about san francisco? >> i think it's a wonderful place. >> reporter: later that day at this restaurant -- >> walked up to the table where he was eating and i had my microphone out, and i said, he looked up and he said get out of here, get out of here, turn that thing off and at that point he took my glasses off. >> reporter: future reporter mike sugerman was working for kfr c radio. >> i'm doing my job, you know what i mean? >> do it somewhere else. >> reporter: jager broke his glasses. >> the beatles are minutes away from the bay area tonight -- >> which one the '60s the beatles were big news. 1970s, the band split up. a few years later we interviewed
6:53 pm
paul mccartney touring with wings. >> i wonder what your response is to what's left over of the beatlemania. >> i don't really think about it myself. you know, you hear the odd thing, where's john? >> reporter: in 1973, kpix interviewed the supremes on the rooftop garden in san francisco. mary wilson, linda lawrence showed off their gowns. >> playing an important part in what the supremes do, is that true? >> of course we have always been known to wear very high fashion gowns should i say. >> reporter: the kpix play list is endless. >> chances are, you believe -- >> reporter: the velvet voice of johnny mathis. >> it's wonderful.
6:54 pm
>> reporter: the distinctive blues from charlie. >> even when i was a little kid i remember when i would hear the blues i would think to myself, man, the way that music sounds, that's how i feel. >> reporter: and, of course, heavy metal from metallica. >> this is way cooler, this is way better, we get to play a full show in front of our home crowd. >> how you guys doing tonight? >> reporter: as for the rising stars, at the fillmore. a -- >> reporter: at the fox theater. >> take a chance on me ♪. >> reporter: and fast-tastic at the new parish, he demonstrated why he won the grammy.
6:55 pm
kpix also made our own music when our reporter dived into the music biz. >> kpix reporter mike put together a four-part story on the making of a record. while doing the story, he actually made his own record and his own video. >> just another man on the street. >> reporter: man on the street ended up on mtv as well as on entertainment tonight report. mike kept his day job. >> i couldn't carry a note from me to you. >> reporter: finally, all those years ago, we captured the vince grimaldi trio rehearsing with the san francisco boys chorus, they were getting ready to record an album. >> and this group here -- well- trained professionals.
6:56 pm
>> reporter: the boys chorus was founded 70 years ago. now a special gift. a holiday song in honor of our shared 70th anniversary. >> it meant we could sing our joy of 70 years and celebrate along with kpix 5. >> we hope you enjoy. in san francisco, elizabeth cook, kpix 5 news. >> so pure. on, you can hear the entire tussle between mick jagger and mike sugerman as well as download our anniversary songs for free. 70 years, big birthday next saturday. >> a lot of music from then till now. singing in the rain. >> we are tonight. you got it. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. for the latest always on
6:57 pm, see you back here at 11:00. ♪
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> so, overdoses have increased, just in the last, you know, 18 months. get you all hooked. >> mike moore helped engineer the historic 1998 settlement under which big tobacco had to pay out billions. now, he is taking on opioid manufacturers and distributors. >> if we win a verdict against these manufacturers and distributors, it could bankrupt them. it'd put them out of business. >> tonight, you'll hear evidence against the industry, which moore calls "damning." he believes a jury will, too. >> you know what those jurors are going to do? they're going to go in the back room, they're going to spend about 30 minutes thinking about it, going to come back out, and bam! >> take a look around. odds are, you're surrounded by


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