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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  December 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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other risky maneuvers. the grinch made an appearance as well. >> he's got to have a backup plan. i guess that's it. see you at 6:00. >> quijano: on the "cbs evening news" this monday: the dow has its worst christmas eve ever, as the stock slide continues. kevin spacey posts a bizarre video, as he faces a felony charge of sexually assaulting a teenager. the troops can't be home for the holidays, so americans send a piece of the holidays to them. all that, beginning with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> today marked the worst christmas eve ever for the dow, as well as the s&p. >> growing worries among investors that treasury secretary called c.e.o.s of some of the largest banks in the u.s. in effort to shore up confidence. >> there's no clear resolution in sight amid growing fears the stand off could stretch into the
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new year. >> kevin spacey facing charges in the sexual assault of a massachusetts teenager. >> this comes as spacey published a bizarre video. >> you wouldn't rush to judgment without facts, would you? >> search teams are now scouring wreckage looking for survivors in indonesia of tsunami, already killed hundreds. >> the tsunami is believed to have been caused by eruption of a nearby volcano. >> meanwhile, mt. etna is erupting in italy, forcing the closure of the airport on sicily's eastern coast. >> worshippers and tourists alike visited bethlehem church of the nativity. >> pope francis residing over christmas eve mass in st. peter's basilica. >> a 60-year tradition that not even the partial government shutdown is able to stop. santa is on the move this is hccording to the santa tracker. >> he's got a long, long day. >> quijano: jeff glor is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. this is our western edition.
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the "sell-off" accelerated today on wall street. the dow plunged more than 650 points, continuing on the road to its worst december since the great depression in 1931. dow stocks have lost a trillion dollars this month. president trump's twitter attacks on the federal reserve chairman for raising interest rates seemed to add to the tension, as did treasury secretary steven mnuchin's attempt to instill calm about banking finances. today, mnuchin arranged a meeting with top regulators to discuss what comes next. errol barnett has more on all of ofis. ( ringing bell ) ( applause ) or reporter: the closing bell on wall street today triggered inarm bells in washington, after the stock market saw its worst christmas eve performance in history. the dow hit its lowest point of the year, while the s&p 500 is on track for its worst december ever. trade wars and the government shutdown are deepening investor uncertainty, as are president trump's swipes at the independent federal reserve
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bank. the president tweeting today, "the only problem our economy has is the fed. they don't have a feel for the market." likening it to a "powerful golfer" who "can't putt." >> nothing will deter us from doing what we think is the right thing to do. g> reporter: after announcing another rate hike last week, fed chair jerome powell underscored the importance of being free beom government influence. >> we have the independence, which we think is essential to be able to do our jobs, in a non-political way. >> reporter: economist diane swonk says the president's criticism of powell is not helpful. >> well it's certainly not something that's productive to do for financial markets. >> reporter: swonk also believes treasury secretary steve mnuchin may have made things worse when he released this surprise sunday six largve amp liquidity.werr about the banks, and all of the sudden you're telling us maybe we should be worried about the banks, too? and i think that's where we saw contrary to what treasury had hoped, and unfortunately added
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more chaos instead of clarity. >> reporter: the treasury secretary also tweeted out assurances on saturday that president trump won't fire powell. today, the treasury secretary spoke with the president's working group on financial markets to coordinate what government agencies can do during the shutdown. elaine? >> quijano: all right, errol, ohank you. on day three of the partial government shutdown, both sides held firm. "closed" signs were up at federal offices. and some federal parks were off- limits, as the dispute over funding for border security drags on. chip reid reports congress won't reconvene until thursday. ( gavel ) >> reporter: the house was in for less than five minutes today. the senate, less than one minute. >> the senate now stands adjourned. >> reporter: moss members are already home for the christmas holiday, giving the capitol the feel of a ghost town. president trump tweeted today:
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"i am all alone-- poor me-- in the white house waiting for the democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed border security." but there's no evidence the two sides are even close to a deal on ending the partial government shutdown. the president wants $5 billion from congress to help build a wall-- or at least a steel slat fence-- on the mexican border. llmocrats offered $1.3 billion for border security, but with no guarantee it would be used for a .all. republicans rejected the offer. democrats are digging in their heels, too. >> you must abandon the wall. >> reporter: in a statement today, senator leader chuck schumer and house leader nancy pelosi accused the president of "continuing the trump shutdown just to please right-wing radio and tv hosts." in the meantime, 380,000 federal employees have been told to stay home without pay, leaving many federal facilities closed, including some national parks, the national archives, and the
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nasa gift shop in washington. 420,000 other workers, including t.s.a. agents, the border patrol, and some congressional employees are deemed essential and will continue to work, but at least for now, without getting paid. >> quijano: so chip, will those federal employees who are not getting paid now eventually get oheir money? >> reporter: yes, they probably will. what has happened in the past hoter government shutdowns is that congress has authorized those people to be paid oing to hahappen in thisis casese, too. >> quijanono: chip reid, thank you.u. probably what's going to happen in this case, too. elaine? >> quijano: chip reid, thank you. the president says defense ecretary james mattis will leave office january 1, two months earlier than expected. mattis resigned after mr. trump announced he was withdrawing all u.s. troops from syria. mattis' deputy, patrick shanahan, will become acting rycretary. shanahan is a former executive with boeing. later this week, u.s. military
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officials will visit turkey to discuss details of the american withdrawal from syria, and turkey's plans to increase its presence there. actor kevin spacey faces a felony charge of sexually assaulting a teenager in massachusetts, a district attorney made the announcement today. and soon after, spacey broke his silence, posting a bizarre video to social media. anna werner is following this. >> reporter: kevin spacey will be arraigned on the sexual assault charges next month. prosecutors say the incident happened in a nantucket, massachusetts bar in july of 2016. former boston tv news anchor, heather unruh, said in a news conference earlier this year that the man spacey assaulted was her then 18-year-old son. >> kevin spacey bought him drink after drink after drink, and when my son was drunk, spacey made his move. spacey stuck his hands inside my
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son's pants and grabbed his genitals. >> reporter: meanwhile, the actor posted this video on youtube today. >> i know what you want. you want me back. >> reporter: seemingly in character as frank underwood, from his former series, "house of cards." >> and you trusted me, even though you knew you shouldn't. >> reporter: spacey was released from the show because of multiple sexual assault allegations. los angeles county prosectors are reviewing the case. actor anthony rapp was the first to come forward last summer, alleging a then-26 year old spacey assaulted him when he was just 14. spacey earlier said on twitter he did not remember the incident, but apologized to rapp. >> they had me declare that everything that was said was true. >> reporter: this is the first time the academy award-winner has posted publicly in more than aryear. it's not clear whether spacey knew about today's charge in massachusetts when he posted the padeo saying, in part: >> you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you?
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you wouldn't rush to judgment without facts, would you? >> reporter: spacey's representatives did not respond to our request for comment today. the l.a. county district attorney's spokesperson confirmed today that a first case from 1992 was dropped because of the statute of limitations, but it's a second case that is currently under review. elaine. >> quijano: all right, anna, khank you. overseas, the search for victims continues in indonesia. the tsunami saturday night killed at least 373 people. 128 others are missing. more than 1400 were hurt. barry petersen reports members of a popular band were among the victims. >> reporter: the band, seventeen, had been together almost 20 years, then, the ocean caared in and death came without warning. ( screaming ) lead singer, ifan, said he was sucked out to sea, then found a floating box, and got back to shore. but the rest of his band and
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members of the crew all killed. across this region, there were many tears for the dead and frantic searches for survivors. like five-year-old ali, who had been trapped in a car. indonesian officials blame this volcano, near the infamous krakatoa, that has been erupting for months. a landslide may have triggered the tsunami, but alert systems only work after an earthquake. and, worse, the system has been down since 2012, because of technical problems and vandalism. those who found safety, many of them poor, are now k aueller. >> it is the rainy season here, so there is always the possibility if someone is trapped that the rain is trickling through and they're able to take the raindrops of water that are coming through. >> reporter: the volcano is still erupting, which means the
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area now crowded with rescue teams could be hit again. roaine. >> quijano: all right, barry peterson, thank you. a federal judge in washington today ordered north korea to pay the parents of otto warmbier more than $500 million for wrongful death. warmbier, an american college student, was arrested for stealing a propaganda poster in north korea. he was returned to the u.s. last year in a coma, and died soon after. there is no process to force north korea to pay. at the vatican, pope francis celebrated christmas eve mass at saint peter's basilica. the pope urged christians to shun materialism and focus on the christmas spirit of simplicity, charity, and love. pilgrims are gathering in bethlehem, the west bank city, where christians believe jesus was born. te,000 are expected there for one of the largest christmas celebrations in years.
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time is just about up for anyone with christmas shopping to do. and mark phillips found a new trend. some folks are buying gifts, not just for friends and family, but for complete strangers. >> reporter: it's that last- minute-gift-shopping time of year, where the choice is often between things people don't want and things people don't need. but on the frenzied shopping streets of london and new york, there is a choice of gifts some people need very much. how about the latest in life jackets? or sleeping bags? or tents? or medical supplies? gifts not for the well-fed and well-housed, but bought by them for those stuck in refugee camps around the world. the sign explains the choice. >> it's really tangible to just come in, and hold the items, and think about a person somewhere who doesn't have that thing. >> reporter: it's the idea of music industry executive turned charity shop operator, josie naughton. and for shoppers like julie
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smith and her daughter hannah, it's not just about giving, it's about feeling. >> it brought a tear to my eye actually when i saw that little baby gown and jacket, you can actually-- you feel like you're part of it. >> reporter: they divided the gifts up into evocative packages. for those who survived those dangerous voyages in small boats, the arrival bundle: $30. for those who make it to the camps, the shelter bundle: 80 bucks. for the most vulnerable, the mother and baby bundle: $54. the charity delivers the gifts untries. and the london and new yorkllio. is this the ultimate feel good present? >> i think it might just be the ultimate feel good present. yeah! and there are people coming in, there are families bursting into tears, there are children coming in spending their pocket money
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or giving up their presents to buy one for another child, and, yeah, it's just a really emotional, lovely place. >> reporter: spreading the holiday cheer to people for whom the holidays are no holiday. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> quijano: the joy of giving. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," a young wrestler was forced to make a difficult decision about his hair. were his civil rights violated? later, how bad weather helped get two fishermen rescued. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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...i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at >> quijano: a new jersey high school referee is now the focus of a civil rights investigation, after ordering a multi-racial wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match. here's demarco morgan. >> rerporter: the entire gym looked on last wednesday as andrew johnson's dreads were cut by the handful. referee, alan maloney, gave him the ultimatum: cut the locks or forfeit the match.
5:47 pm
today, a lawyer for johnson's parents issued a statement, saying, "the blame here rests primarily with the referee and those that permitted him to continue in that role despite clear evidence of what should be a disqualifying race-related transgression." ese wrestling rules state if an athlete's hair is longer than their earlobe, it must be contained. but johnson had competed before with his dreadlocks in a head covering and passed the pre- match appearance inspection. ne i've never seen someone who has had to cut their hair on the mat. >> this was incredible! >> reporter: olympic gold medalist and four time-time world wrestling champion, jordan burroughs, thinks the referee should be reprimanded. >> there's no way that someone ntould have this much control over an individual's identity within a sport. te reporter: but johnson didn't let the incident distract him, he won the match. >> it was pretty courageous to see him do what he did. i think it was truly a selfless act in that moment, because it was more important for him to win the duel for his team than
5:48 pm
it was for him to keep his hair. >> reporter: the new jersey division of civil rights is investigating this incident. and the ref, alan maloney, has been pulled from working any more matches. we reached out to maloney, for comment, but have not heard back. elaine. ut quijano: all right, demarco, a great deal of interest in this story, thank you. still ahead, spectacular eruptions from one of the world's most active volcanoes. world's most active volcanos. i'm sorry, i don't understand-king german) ♪ ♪ thanks to our amazing cells. like you, your cells get hungry. feed them. with centrum silver.
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volcano is erupting again. a masse inivume of steam and ash sicily this morning. at least 130 tremors were felt today. e est was magnitude-4. and no evacuations ordered. some are calling it a "christmas miracle" in the caribbean. two fishermen from costa rica were stranded at sea for three weeks until a cruise ship rescued them friday night nitween grand cayman island and jamaica.
5:52 pm
the ship wasn't scheduled to be in the area. bad weather forced it to take an alternate route and, in turn, make the rescue. well, despite the government shutdown, norad's santa tracker is in full swing tonight with 1500 volunteers. this is the 63rd christmas the command is tracking santa's journey. the tradition began when a boy trying to reach santa mistakenly called a colorado command assigned to monitor for a nuclear attack. well, santa's not the only one making deliveries. next, bringing christmas cheer to troops all over the world. the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to
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stop fearing your alarm clock... with zzzquil pure zzzs. a drug-free blend of botanicals with melatonin that supports your natural sleep cycle so you can seize the morning. zzzquil pure zzzs. >> quijano: hundreds of thousands of u.s. military personnel are serving in every corner of the world this christmas. though they can't be home for the holidays, a bit of home has come to them. once again, here's barry petersen. >> there's rudolph right here. >> reporter: this is where our story ends: with abby and her family decorating their christmas tree. but this is how it begins: at christmas tree farms like this one in pennsylvania. across the country, a $25
5:57 pm
donation to a program called "trees for troops" can buy a tree for a military family. this season, nearly 17,000 trees were delivered to 71 military bases. from guam to georgia, where excited families at fort benning lined up to see their free trees arrive. each has a message, many written by donors, one said, "thank you for your bravery." sergeant tyler power is just some comrades were killed. >> this war has gone on for a long time, so, i think over time people kind of get numb to it, tut... >> reporter: these people remembered. >> yeah. >> reporter: retired army sergeant marvin hill now works at fedex overseeing the deliveries, inspired by the tree he once got while serving in afghanistan. >> it's the thing that keeps you g ing. it's a taste of home. >> that one? >> no. >> reporter: seven-year-old abby reyes led brother noah and mom
5:58 pm
heather to a tree so perfect it left her speechless. >> so this is the one? >> reporter: the tag had a candy cane, a tree... and a message. tell me what that says? >> thank you. >> reporter: dad, patrick, is an infantry staff sergeant here on base. >> jingle bells, jingle bells. >> reporter: they decorated with a little homegrown music. the ornaments are all special. family gifts or places they have visited. and when they topped this year's tree... >> all the way up. >> reporter: ..they added one special ornament more about a gift from those who remember to those who serve. barry petersen, cbs news, fort benning, georgia. >> quijano: true spirit of the season. that's the "cbs evening news." for jeff glor, i'm elaine quijano. merry christmas and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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now at 6:00 wet weather this christmas eve dousing the bay area as last minute shoppers and travelers make their way home for the holidays. as we look at hi-def doppler tonight, showers are still lingering and brian hackney joins us. brian, you've tracked these showers the past several hours now. >> this cold front powered through the bay area. you see the pattern you can follow through. the hi-def doppler is tracing the cold front from the mountains where we're getting thunderstorms down through monterey bay and that's exactly where the cold front is now, north of that not much, energy concentrated by the south bay. in the north bay there's a few showers popping up. that will be the situation overnight tonight. there's more on the way, but the brunt of this is headed south into the santa cruz mountains and beyond. as for what is next, we're
6:00 pm
looking for christmas to begin to clear up. as that all moves to the east, rain down here, snow up top, winter storm warnings are posted for as much as 24 inches of snow. for the bay area the all important christmas forecast is showing while they've got winter storm warnings posted in the mountains out here, things will be cooling down, getting windy and getting sunny. we'll have a complete forecast for christmas when we do the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. let's take a live look at the oakland coliseum where the raiders are playing what may be their final home game there. the site for next year is still up in the air. that is after the city of oakland sued the team and the nfl after the pending move to las vegas in 2020. kpix5's betty yu is live for us in oakland tonight. betty? >> reporter: veronica, we have known that the raiders' time here in oakland is numbered and we just found out recently that the team ul


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