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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  December 26, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thanks for joining us i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec. that was really pleasant. hopefully you got everything you wanted for christmas. it does look like plenty of sunshine once again for today. tower cam looking east. mainly sunny skies out there. livermore 38. 51 for downtown san francisco there and santa rosa at 38. so your weather headlines and what you can expect. chilly. mostly clear with the afternoon sunny. cool temperatures seasonal for this time of year. we're going to stay dry through the end of 2018 and even through 2019. monday night at 7:00 p.m. looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50s with partly cloudy skies. we're going wring in the new
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year with temperatures at midnight right around 49 degrees and still dry for tuesday as we kick off 2019. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast with what you can expect. not just for today but over the next several days. let's look at traffic this morning. and we are starting off with a car fire. a distraction as you work your way along highway 37. elsewhere, you know traffic's pretty quiet overall. there's a couple minor spots. right at port chicago highway. highway 4 itself seeing lots of green west and eastbound. and if you're traling through the south bay -- traveling through the south bay right now we do have a crash blocking one
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lane. not a lot of cars on the roadway. let's get a live look outside as you check that altamonte pass there. that 580 connector. looks great. not a lot of cars there. so a good time to be on the roadway there. westbound 580 headed towards dublin interchange with no delays. >> 4:32 we're learning more about a fatal officer-involved shooting in san jose christmas morning. >> cellphone video captured the moment officers fired at two people in their vehicle around 2:30 in the morning. police say that the driver led officers on a chase and rammed the patrol car before officers opened fire. a female suspect was killed. the second suspect was wounded. then in san francisco two
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stabbings downtown happening within blocks of each other. this happened at 5:30 monday night. police say a 70-year-old woman died at the scene. the second stabbing happened just after 12:30 a.m. that victim was a 43-year-old woman who was taken to the hospital. the sfpd has arrested a 27-year-old homeless man and now they're investigating whether he's responsible for the first one. 429 people are now confirmed bed. 1400 others are injured and thousands are left homeless. gigantic waves smashed into coasts on saturday night following a volcanic eruption. searchers are looking for at least 128 people stiecond time this month a young guatemala
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guatemalan boy has died. >> detained while trying to enter the u.s. died yesterday while in government custody according to customs and border protection. >> it's just tragic and we're thinking about his family right now just what they must be feeling to have lost their child on christmas day, to be in a strange country and not know what's next for them. >> the child is a being identified as felipe alonso. he was released an hour and a half after being checked out with amoxicillin. the child was exhibiting vomiting. the american civil liberties union spoke to cbs this morning
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after what is now the second death of a migrant child this month. >> thisas put detournts and enforcement ahead of inhumane treatment of people. tear gassing of toddlers and two tragic deaths of 7 and 8-year-olds there's something wrong with what dh s is doing. >> a few weeks ago another guatemalan child died from extreme dehydration. tom hanson cbs news new york. >> authorities have not yet released a cause of death in this latest incident. the hospital says it can't comment. and when we asked u.s. immigration officials for a response they say they are unable to respond to immediate requests during the government shut down. >> a live look now at our nation's capital. while you might take time off
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the holidays, politics did not. president trump says that parts of the federal government will stay close until democrats agree to fund his walls along the u.s. mexico border. there are no signs of a break in the stalemate. and when asked yesterday if the $5 billion he wants for the wall is a firm number, mr. trump left it open. instead, the president referred to the more general border security package he asked from congress. >> it's complicated because we're getting $25 billion but that's already approved. >> the president wanted a shut down but he seems not to know how to get himself out of had it. it's hard to see if he can come up with a solution for both house and senate. he won't bring up a vote unless there's a compromise bill.
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another kris dris day has come and gone. here's a look at how the holiday was observed in some parts of the world. pope francis spoke about troubles in syria, yuh yuh crain ukraine. many sent greetings back home. natalie and elizabeth i love you girls and there was peace in parts of syria for the first time since 2011. people in damascus. er heee cshes since may when the government regained control of syria. the royal family attended a church service.
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queen elizabeth spoke about jesus in her annual message. >> i believe his message of peace on earth and good will to all is never out of date. >> and the queen also talked about recognizing some of life's baffling paradoxes like the way humans have a propensity for good yet a capacity for evil. isn't that the truth. >> that's definitely the truth. and oakland church has opened its doors. >> the congregation of assembly. also serving them three hot meals a day from christmas eve through today. to c in and we're goingy to tel to feed you and we're going to house you for as much time as they can. it's a wonderful thing. >> i'm hoping it catches on and other churches are opening their doors to say hey ya'll can come
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in and stay. >> bishop keith clark says already other churches have contacted him about the program. he hopes it will become an annual tradition. kids across the bay area woke up to presents under the tree. kids took to parks on scooters raced to houses by bike. and hit the pavement with some electric race cars. many parents even joined them with their own. but one gift did break the trend. >> buddy is my favorite christmas present. >> ever? >> yes, ever. >> buddy, he looks pretty lucky. the best gifts do not appear to have changed much and even in the home of silicon valley. this is a look at the scene last night it was jack packed with visitors all day and usually the event ends on new year 's.s year plaza caesar
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chavez relating to college football playoff championship. the near 40-year tradition is shutting down a week early. >> i feel bad and sad because this is a point of meeting for the family. and we have a really great time here. >> and it was a very special moment for this couple. we were there as that man are got down on his knee and proposed. some people don't get christmas day off work and that includes professional athletes in oakland. the los angeles lakers, the outcome of the game was like a lump of coal for warriors fans but they enjoyed spending the holiday watching basketball. >> we're stoked to be here.
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>> christmas day. what is better warriors, lakers. le bron, steph, kd. >> well the team also treated 32 students from oakland public schools to a day of surprises. the kids opened presents presented by the players including steph curry sneakers. >> neon green and yellow sneakers. 4:41 now. >> the skies cleared out for much of the bay area. we'll have details coming up. >> and taking a live look outside right now. the city of san francisco. skies are clear. we're going to see more sun today. mary will have your forecast coming up.
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. it was a holiday on ice in parts ofnto p causing a nightmare on interstate 15.
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dozens of cars involved in a series of chain reaction crashes. and interstate 15 showing carsit complete utter chaos on christmas day. >> they're not used to that. old man winter is causing some problems as well. >> john reports weather creating travel headaches for millions of people. >> many americans didn't have to dream about a white christmas. snow fell in parts of the west coast including california this week. >> this is probably the best christmas i've ever had. >> a mix of snow and ice caused more than a dozen vehicles to crash. >> let it drift over and then it kind of just slid to a stop and as soon as i got ready to go the
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lady ran into me. she jumped out. i jumped out. >> this winter storm expected to crawl across the center of the country wednesday. effecting more than 4 million people. >> it's not worth it, you know. any accident is going to slow you down even more but potentially the safety of everybody else is obviously more important. >> as for the south forecasters should prepare for heavy winds, downpours and even large hail. >> aaa predicted nearly 113 million americans traled during the holiday season. >> all of us just kind of stayed here. >> why would we want to leave this weather. >> grateful to be living here in the bay area.
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if you liked yesterday you're going to like today with that sun show you a live look taking you out to the south bay. temperatures are running on the chilly side in many locations. 40 in concord. 51 in oakland. lie 38. downtown san francisco at 50. san jose at 42 and santa rosa 34 this morning. here's what you can expect. sunny and breezy as we head through the afternoon with cool daytime highs. they're seasonal for this time of year. we're going stay dry through the end of 2018. satellite and radar view that low pressure system brought the rain and wind for us. we're tracking this upper level low sending a dry cold front our way so we're going to see some breezy conditions. we're in the sail end of this
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front. really the dominant weather feature for us. future cast just to show you how clear it's going to be. as we head through the day we're looking at that sunshine tonight with that dry cold front and that's pretty much about it. with that little weather system there. so as we fast forward all the way to new year's eve, we are looking at new year's day. we're going wring in the new year with partly cloudy skies. so that first new year's forecast for monday night we're looking at temperatures at 7:00 p.m. partly cloudy and then for midnight looking at temperatures right around 49 degrees so looking good. so here's what you can expect today. 58 in san francisco. for a high 60 in santa rosa. san rafael as well as for oakland. san jose coming in at 59 as well as for mountain view, redwood
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city. 58 for fairfield as well as for livermore. here's that 7-day forecast we're looking at that sun continuing for thursday, friday, saturday partly sunny on sunday. there we go for new year's eve on monday looking at plenty of sunshine. we're going wring in the new year again with partly cloudy skies. the first day of 2019 with mostly sunny skies. let's check in with giana for a look at traffic. it's not a bad time to be on the roadways. here's a live look at the east shore freeway only about a 15 to 16-minute drive time. let's take a look at some of our bay area bridges. if you're planning on working your way towards the bay area bridges. out of oakland into san francisco. you only need about 12 minutes to go from the maze over into the city and most of our bay
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area bridges are quiet. here's a look at the san mate o bridges where traffic is very light. and you're good on 880. let's jump over to our maps right there eastbound 237 right at great america parkway. this crash still partially blocking the slow lane but we're seeing lots of green there at 40 miles per hour. there's an overview of the south bay and you can see traffic is all in the greeven which means you're clocking in some speeds. no delays on 280 and guadalupe parkway also chp is clearing a spot. convict spun out it's on the off ramp. and so better news report it looks like everything now cleared at the shoulder.
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everything should be moving nicely both directions of 37. 4:49 right now. p g&e says it's investing in new cameras to detect wild fires earlier. suspected causing some recent wild fires. hopes that new cameras will be helped to its crews as well. >> if we see something getting established we can start additional resources. so it could make a tremendous difference. a quick response especially in an area with structures in the wild and the department says that 69,000 homes exist in marin county's wild life land. and about 20% of the county is in high or very high risk fire zones. >> i think it's a great thing. i think fire safety is top of mind for everybody in our community right now and anything they can do to help would be
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great. and cameras are designed to even work at night. 4:50 right nowunare making e deadly camp fire still had a good christmas. >> gifts, food, even from santa claus. >> that is very nice. i hope they can have that too. but that would be in time, huh. >> i never expected so much love from our community. and it's moving. >> and take a look at there. one survivor refused to let the camp fire take away his holiday spirit. brian andrew went back to his home and hung his stockings on
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the fireplace. they lost so much but a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. >> 9 minutes before 5:00. christmas present for horror fans. a look at the new film called "us" coming up. >> and the sun is going to be shining as well later on. more on your weather forecast coming up. we'll be right back.
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good wednesday morning to you. hopefully you had a great christmas. we're starting off the day with mainly clear skies. chilly conditions in spots. we'll see that sun but we're
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tracking a weather system that will bring some breezy conditions later on today. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. it is easy breezy on the roadways right rdene bridge. look at this. not a lot of cars working their way out of marin county. hopefully it will stay light throughout the day. and a live look right now at the richmond san rafael bridge. a couple cars making the trek across that bridge right now. only take you about 8 to 10 minutes to work your way across the span. kenny, ann. 4:55 right now. a celebrity kaleidoscope of christmas week traditions and the award winning actor, writer, director hoping he has another monster hit on his hands. >> here's more on today's eye on entertainment. >> there's a family in our driveway. >> it's probably the neighborseg
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a christmas present for horror fans. trailer for his new film "us.". >> if you want to get crazy we can get crazy. >> starring in the follow up to peel's smash hit get out. examines the idea human beings are their own worst enemies. >> the "house of cards" inspired youtube video from spacey. >> if i did pay the price for things i did do i'm certainly not going to pay the price for things i didn't do. that video titled "let me bk" ar will face a felony assault charge. >> the kennedy center's.
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>> sundayy lauper -- cindy lauper. that's your eye on entertainment. cbs news los angeles. time check 4:57. >> a bay area church opening its dooring to the homeless. learn how one pastor is making a difference for the holidays. >> and this is the first post holiday work day of the federal shut down. we'll take a look at who is and who is not working coming up in a live report.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> a woman is dead after a chase through san jose. we have new details after a police deadly shooting on christmas morning. >> and what officials say
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happened is come up. >> and shut down day 5 today. good morning thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> good morning i'm kenny choi. it is 5:00 on the dot. we're going to check weather and traffic and giana is back. >> well did you enjoy christmas? i know you've got your young son. >> yeah. 7:30 not too bad. >> that's a statement for you though. because you're here usually by 3:00 something. >> yes. and we're going to continue with that beautiful weather for christmas. here's a live look at our sutro cam and clear skies. sunny. concord down to 39 degrees. 51 in oakland. livermore 35. san jose 42 and 35 in santa rosa this morning. so mostly clear, chilly as we


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