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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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who shot and killed m a surprist to iraq. >> and the deaths of two migrant children prompt new medical checks in all border facilities. good morning everyone it is thursday december 27th. >> it's time to get a quick check at our weather and traffic. it looks like it's going to be another sunny day. >> yeah, if you liked yesterday, you're going to like today. a wind advisory in effect for the bay area hills. we're looking ahead to new year's eve, that new year's forecast first we've got if for you and a lot of people will be out and about. a big holiday looking at clear skies as we ring in 2019 at midnight with temperatures in the 40s. a live look at our sales floor tower camera looking east and you can see temperatures are mainly in the 40s as we start
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off the day. your weather headlines looking at clear skies. breezy to windy as we head through the afternoon. in the hills and mountains above a thousand feet gusts up to 45 to 50 miles per hour. dry and quiet as we end out 2018. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast and what you can expect taking you through the end of the week and into next week. coming in now let's check in with giana for a look at traffic this morning. >> chp did a great job clearing these crashes out of the roadway. we're going to get a live look at 580 westbound and you're looking at some very nice speeds right now. if you're traveling from that 580, 205 connector out of tracy.
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speeds a little slug 280 nice as you work your way through there we'll get a live look 101 at 1st street and you can see a few cars on the roadway. so far checking in with no delays. the search is on right now for an inmate who's escaped from san quentin. >> good morning. they discovered him missing last night around 930 p.m. here's a picture of what he looks like. he's 20 years old. 5'5" 177 pounds. it looks like he has a scare on
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the right side of his forehead and the right side of his neck and so police are now looking for a toyota rav 4. back to mendosa he's serving a five year sentence in los angeles county and driving recklessly while trying to evade police. authorities want you to call 911 if you see him. homicides in the city of vallejo have dropped over the last year. a rate drop 67% over the past year. from 18 homicides in 2017 to only six this time of year the police department has alsz said it's all its homicides this year. which connects police to the public and sometimes leads to
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these crimes being solved. meanwhile san francisco has also seen a significant and dramatic drop in its crime rates. the most recent homicide happened saturday bringing the homicide total to 44 so far this year. a 21% dip. we'll see the lowest number of homicides since 1963. right now an intense man hunt is under way in parts of the central valley. this morning we're learning more about the officer as well as the suspect accused in the killing. police say 33-year-old raneil. people have been topping by the newman police station for flowers and to sing police say
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this is the suspect. he was spotted at a convenience store just before the shooting. the shooter took off in a silver or gray dodge ram a spokes person for the preponderance of the evidence says sing died doing the job he loved. >> he died doing his job protecting the cities of this city, counsel, and the state. he was eager to learn about the job and people and just what people were going through, their struggles. >> he was nowhere to be found. governor jerry brown has ordered all flags fly in half staff in honor of officer sing. >> the dow jones industrial
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average went up by more than nearly 5%. the tech heavy nasdaq and the s&p 500 were also up sharply and here's a live look in washington d.c. where president trump and first lady melania will return to the white house today. the president made an unannounced visit yesterday and while he was there he defended his decision to defend military citizens. >> america shouldn't be doing the fighting for every nation of the earth so we're no longer the suckers of the world. the president criticized for not making the trip sooner. he also offered comments on the partial shut down of the federal government which he says will continue unless congress approves his wall along the border of mexico. >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall.
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we're going to have safety. >> members of the house were told there will not be any votes today and that ensures another day of the shut down. the latest death of a migrant child in the u.s. custody border protections. >> provoking up roar among immigration. >> the boy's death comes weeks after a 7 yooefld child died.
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until this month no child had died at border custody for more than a decade. >> barbara lee released this statement. two innocent children. children don't belong in jail. a second victim has died as a result of a house fire in san francisco. the fire happened early monday morning on clay street. and the medical examiner's office says a 69-year-old woman was brought to the hospital in critical condition and later died. the fire started on the second floor. 5:08 and indonesia is widening a so-called zone. surrounded a volcano that triggered a fatal tsunami.
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at least 430 people were killed. there are still people unacco are homeless because their villages have been significantly damaged. a blast of winter weather. >> people in the plains and midwest should expect rough weather through at least friday. winter weather alerts in effect for 8 million people. some parts of western minnesota could see a foot of snow for more than a week. >> the temperatures are going to really plunge on friday. whatever's on the roads rain or snow it's going to freeze. >> yesterday's first college bowl in dallas had to be cancel after less than 10 minutes of play because of a powerful thunderstorm. there is increasing confusion over those so-called real id cards. the new driver's licenses issued
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by california's dmv to comply with national security measures z . >> beginning december 2020 airport security check points will not accept ids that don't make the mandatory federal upgrade. >> i have an appointment next month. at least in san francisco. so. >> time to get on that. >> i will do that. time is 5:10. >> an experimental class of breast cancer drugs. >> and it's not just mothers who experience depression following the birtdz of a child. we'll have details in health watch. >> and a sunny but breezy to windy day ahead. we've got your new year's
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forecast first coming up. you'ra the east shore freeway we've got some delays. i'll explain coming up.
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in this morning's health watch almost 1 in 20 new fathers
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suffer from depression a few weeks after their child is born. and depression in their daughters as they reached adult hood. researchers say sons were not affected. a new study finds dna testing can identify. genetic testing can be used to personalize treatment for the disease. excuse me. i need water. thank you thank you. and a class of drugs used to treat breast cancers may also shrink lung cancer. more studies are needed. 5:14 and don't you love live television. giana i'm going to get some water right now. >> i will take it from here. you get that glass of water or maybe some hot tea. why not. we do have a bit of a snag
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as you work your way along the east shore freeway. look at this live shot you've got a stack of cars lining up. the problem is i'll show you here on our maps. we've got a multivehicle crash. at least seven to eight cars involved in had this accident. so it is causing some big delays. it's not blocking any lanes. we'll show you our maps right now. you can see the back of it at least to el pourtel as usual. jumping over to our other trouble spots around the bay area and you can see traffic is pretty slow on that east shore freeway. because of that crash there, that accident. so again, t it a little easy on the east shore freeway. out of the south bay it looks great. not seeing any troubles from helliard to the expressway.
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as you travel from 205 to 680. only 20 minutes. taking a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on yet. they probably won't be turned on this morning so easy commute. enjoy it while you can. about a 15-minute drive time there and getting a live look at the nimmets. freeway. if you're traveling southbound 880 no delays. working your way down into hayward. all important new year's forecast first. that's right. big holiday and we've got you covered with that. i can't believe twoint is almost here and it does look great to ring in the new year is clear skies and temperatures in the 40s where that new year's forecast first. there you go. 7:00 p.m. looking at temperatures in the low 50s.
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mainly clear skies by midnight. temperatures in the upper 40s as you're heading out. well let's talk about what you can expect right now. a live look at the transamerica cam. mainly dlooerz as we look east to the bay bridge this morning. a pretty view. temperatures mainly in the 40s. livermore you're down to 39 to start off the day. concord at 40. 46. 49 in downtown san francisco as well as for san jose and santa rosa coming in at 40. so we're tracking the winds. we are going to see them really pick up as we head through later in the day. right now looking at generally northwesterly winds. 8 miles per hour in downtown san francisco as well as for oakland. 13 miles per hour winds sustained in san rafael as well as for navado. here's what you can expect. mainly clear. a cool start to the day with breezy conditions in spots. sunny as we head through the afternoon. cool but seasonal this time ofye
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head through the day. so wind advisory in effect. we are going to see the winds pick up for bay area hills and mountains from 7:00 a.m. today through friday at 4:00 a.m. we'll see gusts for the higher elevations. 45 to 55 miles per hour winds. so downed trees are possible. satellite and radar view, dry and mild conditions not just today but actually over the next few days. so we are going to show you what you can expect as we head through the rest of the day today. and we'll continue with that sun over the next several days as high pressure remains in control. let's show you future cast wind gust and we'll see the strongest nds as see from a 20 miles per hour wind gust in napa.
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so especially our -- as we head through the mountains we'll see the strongest winds. monday new year's eve, high pressure still in control for us. highs today temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to about 60 in santa rosa. here's that 7-day forecast. tomorrow partly sunny on sunday. new year's eve and new year's day mostly sunny there as well. ann. another retail chain has been hit with a security breach. concord based bevmo has announced the credit card information of 15,000 has been breached. anyone who paid for an order online between august 2nd and september 26th of this year. the company is now investigating that breach. a company in silicone
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valley. now the impossible foods company is trying to sell it in supermarkets but the fda says the main ingredient produces a red die that needs to be approved. >> i was looking for technology to make the world a better place in food and impossible foods uses cunning edge technology so that meat eaters everywhere can enjoy plant based products. the company became halal certified in the nutrition counsel of america. good morning everybody. what can i possibly bring you to take a thursday morning and really turn it into something.
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snap. i've got moving pictures. i've got a bowl game including the white california bears and boy were they just playing pass and catch with different color jerseys. texas christian in the house in the desert. >> and looking live now at the golden gate bridge this thursday morning. skies are clear. you'll have more in your forecast coming up.
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and welcome back. it is 5:23 we've got some better news to report. we've been keeping an eye on this trouble spot. we've got a crash involving at least 7 vehicles over to the right shoulder and you're seeing a backup because of this accident. we just checked in with chp. here's vern with sports. good morning everybody i've got one college bowl game to give you. do you like cheez-its. if you love offense might not be for you. here we go first post season since 2015. best offensive play of the game early. chase gar bers. look at this epic grab just
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about knocked himself out. did not return 3 interceptions later he was pulled after the first half. pulled for chase borris that's the last pick of the game. there were 9 in the game. he's not that fast. five picks by cal. and a mercifully cal finished the year at 7-7. golden state warriors later on today running the floor moving pictures with the portland trail blazers. but that's for tonight. we'll just let you digest what i just gave you for now. see you later. an inmate escapes from san quentin. we've got a live report straight
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news. this morning, the search is on for a san quentin inmate who's caped late last night. >> also today the man accused of killing a young woman at the bart station is due back in court to determine if he is fit to stand trial. >> and day six of the partial government shut down with both
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sides refusing to back down. >> it is just about 5:30 this thursday and it looks like we have another sunny day on tap in the bay area. >> but a little windy. we need our hair spray. >> that extra hold hair spray with breezy to wind conditions. that wind advisory is in effect for the hills, the mountains, above a thousand feet. so just be prepared with that. we're looking ahead to new year's eve. and we are looking at clear skies as we ring in the new year. temperatures in the the 40s. we were looking at dry and quiet weather over the next several days nafk. a live look with our sales floor tower camera. we're looking at temperatures as we start off the day mainly in the 40s. livermore 49. 40 in concord and santa rosa we're looking at temperatures around 49 for downtown san francisco as well as for san
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jose. your weather headlines. mostly clear skies. breezy in spots. sunny and cool. seasonal for this time of year. we are looking at breezy to windy conditions. the winds are going to pick up through this evening into tonight and tomorrow morning. dry and quiet conditions for you. we're going to time it all out for you on future cast. we'll show you the winds. details on that coming up. i've got some better news to report for that commute along the east shore freeway. we've been tracking this trouble spot. an accident involving seven to eight vehicles. it caused a pretty big backup. you can see in our live shot traffic is looking a lot better through there. still a little sluggish, slower speeds but definitely improving. you're going to see a little bit of slow and go conditions. no delays as you work your way towards the bay bridge toll
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plaza. a live look right now and you can see it's pretty quiet. no metering lights and easy ride out of oakland into san francisco. let's get a look at some of our other bay area bridges where traffic is still pretty light this morning. you're seeing an easy commute. across that 7-mile span. give yourself at least 10 to 12 minutes if you're coming all the way out of hayward and let's get a live look at the golden gate bridge right now where traffic is pretty light also. you're looking good coming out of marin county into san francisco traveling from the san rafael area. only about 15 minutes this morning so prettyasy. back tou right now a inmate escapingn quentin state prison. we're live with more on the search. >> yes, good morning. so every night here at the
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prison they have what they call an institutional county and that's about when they noticed he was gone. and so for now no word on how exactly he escaped. he's 21 years old. he's 5'5" 177 pounds. it looks like he's got a scar above his right eye and a tattoo on the right side of his neck. and so police are now looking for a toyota rav 4. he is serving a 5-year sentence for using a deadly weapon during a car-jacking in los angeles county and driving recklessly while trying to evade police. we're live here at state prison in san quentin kpix 5. right now an intense man hunt is under way for a suspect who gunned down a police
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officer. it happened early yesterday morning. where a memorial is growing this morning. >> that's right. we're here at the newman police department. heart breaking comes to mind. how this has affected the community here. you can see the department flowers, balloons, candles, messages, really an outpouring from the community. 11:00 a.m. with the latest on this deadly shooting of corporal ron l. sing. deputies say they're having trouble locking down an id for the suspect. they have several names they're working with. now focused on finding this man. investigators served a search warrant at this home inside a mobile home park on river road here in newman. they found that gray dodge. they believe the suspect was driving. police took the vehicle into custody to search for clues. >> the vehicle does not have an
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actual california license plate. >> the newman police chief will speak at 11:00 a.m. with the latest information on this deadly shooting. but you can imagine this impact here even just at this department they have 13 officers. it's a small community. that news conference will take place at 11:00 a.m. here but the focus is on finding whoever is responsible. kpix 5. and governor jerry brown has ordered all flags fly at half staff. a hearing is set this morning in oakland for a man accused of stabbing a woman to death at a bart station. special circumstances in the july death of neah wilson at the mcarthur bart station. today's hearing is about the defense request. her client suffers from extreme
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delusions and paranoia. this morning, new health screenings are being held for all children at u.s. border facilities in the custody of u.s. customs and border protections. >> 8-year-old felipe gomez died on christmas eve. hours later he developed a fever and lost consciousness and east bay congresswoman barbara lee says i order into the senseless deaths of two innocent children. children don't belong in jail. we must end this zero tolerance policy immediately. >> here is a live look now from washington d.c. where president trumpst lady melania will return to the white house
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today. it is the first time president trump visited american service members in a war zone since taking office. >> and this morning he's returning home to his fight with democrats and there's no end in sight with that. air force one touching down at joint base andrews maryland. the president defended his decision to withdraw from syria and said other rich nations should rebuild the war torn country. he'd been giving the military six month extensions in syria but he rejected the last request. >> recently could we have more time i said nope, you can't have anymore time. >> the president and first lady also made a second stop at ramstein air base in germany on their way back to d.c.. president trump says there are no plans to withdraw service members from iraq and.
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some folks are in a whole lot of trouble involving an organ ak food scheme. we're live with that story and much more news this morning. >> good morning. wall street posted a dramatic turn around yesterday. the nasdaq jumped 361 points. right there futures are considerably lower. victims of an organic grain scheme. the u.s. attorney's office in cedar rapids says the alleged scheme advertises soybeans as organic. over a seven and a half year period. a missouri businessman and his associates have pleaded guilty. and possible progress from the trade war between china and the u.s.
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china's commerce ministry plan to hold a face to face meeting next month. a u.s. trade team will travel with china the week of january 7th. if you're trying to glide into the new year after a week long vacation we heard you might want to reconsider that plan. why is that? >> yes, content and collaboration found some industries like education and health care actually see a boost in productivity at the end of the year. 1/3 of workers take off the entire christmas week but productivity drops by 5%. and 64% of employees taking vacation time plan to check in with the office. i don't know about our industry. more or less productive this time of the year? >> we're always productive aren't we wendy? >> yeah, i'm not going to answer that question. >> all right. we'll think about it. have a great day.
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thanks. >> yeah, we do our best. people shopping online after christmas need to watch up for pop up ads for free trials. a new report from the better businessu says they're often entizing but also often a scam. the bureau says complaints about free trials more than doubled between 2015 and 2017 and consumers who complained lost an average of $186. >> you've got a tremendous number of people who think it's not much risk. and then they find oh, my god i've been conned. it's a trap. i can't get out of it. >> the bbb says if you have to enter your credit card number for a free trial. also read the fine print. they also say those companies
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that give out free trials rarely give refunds. the driver's licenses issued. the process did not meet the federal government standards. a dmv spokes person says the federal government abruptly changed its requirements. >> so in other words, the method by which we've been collecting two proofs of residency was approved by the department of homeland security and we were following those guidelines. that's changed a bit. >> beginning october 2020 airport security check points will not accept ids that don't meet federally man dated security upgrades. time now is 5:41. >> and airports across the world packed for the holidays. we'll take you to sfo next.
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>> people waiting in line say yes. >> you can see traffic moving along nicely. giana will have a traffic update coming up after the break.
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good thursday morning to you. it is 5:44. a live look with our sales force tower camera looking east at the bay bridge. mainly clear skies and cool conditions to start off the day. breezy to windy conditions later on today. we're also looking ahead to new year's eve. the big holiday. your new year's forecast first coming up in a few minutes. all right. taking a live look outside there and traffic moving along pretty smoothly right now. live look at airports around the bay area this morning. 46 million passengers are gng
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to be traveling on u.s. airlines airlines. passengers we talked to yesterday at sfo says it wasn't too stressful. >> to include new year's day. >> i know. i took a couple days off. and we all stayed in town. so we didn't have to deal with any of those lines. that's good. >> and speaking of travel mass transit is on time. >> we now bart, cal train and muni are on time so do plan for that. by the way if you're planning
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for new year's eve bart will have special service all right. jumping over to our travel times right now. so far so good we're in the green. even on that east shore freeway ride. traffic's looking pretty good. westbound 80 as you work your way over towards the maze. 580. westbound 205 to 680 traffic is pretty light as you head through there. taking a look at our other areas. traffic looks pretty good. westbound you can see traffic is really light-headed towards that 680 connector. if you have to hit the roads this morning you won't hit too many delays as you head through there. taking a look at oakland northbound 880.
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it's been really good all morning and the richmond san rafael bridge looks good as well. it's an easy ride commuting between 880 and 101. of course we are ready for new year's eve. looking ahead to new year's eve a lot of festivities as we ring in the new year and we've got you covered with the new year's eve forecast first. monday night we are looking at temperatures at 7:00 p.m. in the low 50s. mainly clear skies. a live look with our transamerica cam looking east at the bay bridge with mainly clear skies. temperatures right now mainly in the 40s. from 40 in concord. oakland 46. livermore down to 39 and santa rosa coming in at 40. we are going to see the winds kick up. a wind advisory in effect from
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7:00 a.m. today until friday. and mountains gusts up to 45 to 55 miles per hour. downed trees are possible. we'll be watching that closely for you. here's what you can expect. clear, breezy in spots. especially across the north bay. sunny as we head through the afternoon. cool but seasonal daytime highs. breezy to windy later on today and we're going to stay dry and quiet through the end of 2018. high pressure still in control for us. that dry and mild northwest flow. that will be the case not just today but actually the next several days. we're going to be watching those winds. future cast gusts. we're going to see the winds.ths with elevations above a thousand feet. as we look ahead to new year's eve, high pressure still in control for us. this is fu5: p.m. there and as we look
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ahead to new year's day plenty of sunshine. daytime highs today again right around where we should be this time of year. and for oakland looking at 58 for san jose. 60 for santa rosa there. here's that 7-day forecast and what you can expect. plenty of sunshine today, tomorrow as well as for saturday. there we go for new year's eve. we're looking at plenty of sunshine and the first day of 2019 next tuesday. mostly sunny skies. temperatures seasonal into wednesday as well. back to you. mary, thank you. a second victim has died as a result of a house fire in san francisco. the fire happened early monday morning. an 83-year-old man died in the fire and a 69-year-old woman was brought to the hospital in critical condition and later
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died. the fire started on the home's 2nd floor and spread to the 3rd floor. four north bay families are without a home this morning. a witness recorded this video and at one point some residents had to tie together bed sheets to escape the flames. >> officials believe the fire may have started on an up stairs balcony. a barbecue next to the front door. no injuries reported. it is 10 minutes now before 6:00 and an iconic new year's tradition. >> this morning, we'll show you the preparations for the tournament of roses parade. >> and taking a live look outside right now at the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic's a breeze this morning. we're counting our lucky stars at this point. we'll be right back.
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the community in mourning how a fallen officer is being remembered as the hunt for his killer stretches on. >> and a young inmate behind bars for a car-jacking last night. we've got a live report coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> a frantic search is under way this morning for an inmate who's caped from san quentin this morning. >> a government shut down could stretch well into the new year. >> it is thursday december 27th.
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i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. this weird period between christmas and new years it's like what am i supposed to be doing today. >> that's us but a lot of people have off lucky. >> yes. >> all right. and it looks good on the roadways. >> i've been talking about how i made tamales and i just told these guys how i brought them for them. >> hopefully they're good. i don't know but we're going to look at the forecast right now. everyone wants to know what we're going to wear. >> you ready for twoint. i can't believe it's here. >> so we are looking at that new year's eve forecast. it does look great. clear skies. it's going to be on the cool side. but let's show you that new year's forecast first here as we ring in 2019. we'll see temperatures in the 40s


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