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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 27, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PST

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7:26 and cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 27, 2018. to "cbs this morning." a massive winter storm slams the country's midsection. holiday travelers face delays and dangerous conditions from the southwest to the midwest and beyond. we'll check the travel outlook for your area. top retailers are pulling paint strippers with the deadly chemical methylene chloride off their shelves. ann warner has new information from her year long investigation and finds a new alternative formula is on the way. it across antarctica, more than 900 miles, all alone, without any help. how colin owe brady pulled off the unthinkable feat. a victim of gun violence, a
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thriving career as a painter. how he overcame tragedy. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> travel trouble for millions of americans trying to get home after the holiday. >> block buster for parts of the plains. >> snow and rain snarl travel. >> hazardous conditions have cautioned headaches. >> the swaths of purple, that's the areas hardest hit by the snow. >> president trump making a surprise visit to american troops in iraq and germany. >> the president also spoke about his decision to pull troops out of syria. >> we're not the suckers of the world. >> president vladimir putin is celebrating the successful test of a new hyper sonic missile. the russians claim it's impossible to intercept. >> an intense manhunt under way for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer. >> one of my friends, one of my buddies is, you know, died doing the job. >> a record setting day on wall street.
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the dow had its biggest one-day point gain ever. >> all that. >> an oregon man is the first person to cross antarctica without any help. it took him 54 days. >> and all that matters. >> hey, alexa, what's one way to get in big trouble? >> alexa. >> on "cbs this morning." ♪ oh the weather outside is frightful ♪ >> a world war ii veteran is once again dancing his way through the holidays. he's 96 years old. now, just like the kids, he knows how to do the floss dance. ♪ let it snow urned down low
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i feel like julie's going to make us all do the floss dance. >> he probably remembers it from his youth and it was called a different name. >> everything old is new again. >> he looks very good. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm dana jacobson with adrienaa diaz and tony dokoupil. dangerous road conditions, blizzard and winter storm warnings are in effect from north texas to minnesota. flash flooding is a concern for 11 southeastern states. heavy rain is expected later today along the eastern seaboard. p new xico yeda some drivers were trapped along an interstate for hours. the heavy snow and slick roads caused several crashes including a tractor trailer that flippeai canceled for weather.
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now, where the storm is headed next. david, good morning. >> good morning. yes indeed, the tale of two sort of parts to the storm. we'll start with the warm end. down through eastern texas. this is going to move into louisiana here over the next few hours. that line continues off towards the east through the overnight hours. that means there could be some heavy rain along the east coast. we talked about the blizzard. there's a blizzard warning for parts of the dakotas. not necessarily for the heavy snow but the low visibility with all the strong winds. there will be some heavy snow especially out to the minneapolis area. we're looking at anywhere from 3 to 6 inches. a few places will go into that 6 to 12 inch range. as you mentioned, as we get later today, there will be some flooding off in the southeastern part of the united states. overall, the northeast had some of the best weather today but you'll get your rain in the day time friday. the west coast, pretty nice. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. this storm means business for this afternoon. tony. >> dave, thank you. we hope people are safe on their
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way home. now to another trip home. president trump and the first lady are back at the white house this morning after a surprise visit to u.s. troops in iraq. president slipped out of washington around midnight on j west of baghdad. the president had been criticized for waiting nearly two years to visit u.s. military units in a combat zone. david martin is at the pentagon for us. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a head-spinning week in which the president ordered a pullout from syria and fired his secretary of defense after he first resigned in protest. the pentagon is sputtering with anger. but for the troops in the field, the commander in chief is still a rock star. just for the part, the president took credit for what he called near elimination of isis even though fighting is going on in syria. >> when i became president, they were a very dominant group. they were very dominant.
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today, they're not so dominant anymore. >> reporter: cbs news chief washington correspondent major garrett was there. >> the president said it's his obligation as commander and chief to set clear objectives for u.s. military. when those objectives should be allowed to come home. >> americans shouldn't be doing the fighting for every nation on earth. if they want us to do the fighting, they also have to pay a price. and sometimes that's also a monetary price. so we're not the suckers of the world. we're no longer the suckers, folks. >> reporter: he insisted the decision to pull out of syria was not as sudden as it seemed. he had told the military to get out a year and a half ago. but kept giving in to their request to stay another six months. i said nope, you can't have any more time. you got enough time. >> reporter: and he answered the one question most iraqis and all
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the troops have, will the u.s. pull out of iraq as well. >> no plans at all. in fact, we can use this as a base if we wanted to do something in syria. >> reporter: 15 years after american tampg tanks rolled int baghdad, air force one had to take extraordinary security prior cauti precautions. >> if you would have seen what we had to do with the darkened plane with all windows closed with no lights on whatsoever anywhere. pitch black. i had a concern? yeah, i had a concern. >> reporter: the white house gave the iraqi prime minister just two hours notice for meeting with the president. the prime minister couldn't make it so they settled for a phone call. president trump left the country without meeting any iraqi officials and now some members of the parliament are calling for a vote to expel american troops. >> david, thank you. members of congress start returning to washington, d.c.
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this morning to work on ending a six-day partial government shutdown. most national parks and federal buildings are closed and hundreds of thousands of federal employees are working without pay. in iraq, president trump insisted the shutdown will not end until funding is secured for his border wall. >> whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall. we're going to have safety. we need safety for our country. even from this standpoint. we have terrorists coming in through the southern border. >> chip reid is at the white house and joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. lawmakers would like to reopen the government before the new year but with both sides taking on his demand of $5 billion for a border wall and continues to blame democrats for obstruction. democrats appear to be holding firm on their offer of just $1.3 billion for border security. democrats take control of the house on january 3rd. that will put them in a much
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stronger bargaining position. sie the shutdown began saturday, about 420,000 government emprloyees have been working without pay and another 380,000 furloughed. the house and senate technically speaking come back into session today, but most of the members are staying home on vacation until they get a call to come to washington for a vote. that won't happen until president trump and the democrats reach a deal on reopening the government and no one knows exactly when that will happen. >> chip, thank you. stock prices are going down again this morning after wall street celebrated its best day in more than a re than 1,000 po yesterday, the largest ever point gain in a single day. the s&p 500 also rose about 5%. the nasdaq picked up more than 5.8%. stocks rallied after news of robust consumer spending for the holidays and assurances that the federal reserve chairman will keep his job despite criticism
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from the president. energy stocks rebounded. >> certainly good news for the day but even bear markets sometimes have rallies like this so something to monitor. in indonesia, that country has raised its alert status for the erupting volcano that caused a deadly tsunami over the weekend. the 16-foot ocean wave killed at least 430 people on the island of java and sumatra. people along the coastline are being told to stay inland for % fears of another tsunami. air travelers too are on alert. elizabeth palmer is in london monitoring the situation for us. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, aircraft are being rerouted around the volcano today. so are bolts which aren't being allowed within three miles of its land that the volcano sits on. anak krakatua's major erupt took place on saturday night but it's only now we're getting a picture
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of the damage. the destruction along the coastline goes on for miles. where the tsunami smashed through homes, communities and resorts. phone video captured the moment it swept through a rock concert, killing all but one member of the band. their stage later watched up on the beach. police and rescue crews are still combing remote areas. helping to evacuate stranded residents. the disaster agency estimate more than 20,000 people are now in shelters. as for the volcano, anak krakatua, it's been active on and off for weeks. it is still belching smoke so the skies around it are a no-fly zone. banning anywhere from going within half a mile from the store in case of a tsunami. new radar data confirms what
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volcanologists suspected, that saturday's eruption sent the entire swecht siouthwest side o mountain plunging into the sea. the rescue effort is being slowed down by bad weather. torrential rain. this in an area already devastated by flooding from that tsunami. dana. >> they just can't get a break there. elizabeth palmer in london, thank you. russian president vladimir putin is applauding a test of a new missile system calling it invincible. russia claims the missiles were built to quickly change course and travel 20 times the speed of sound. the kremlin says the test missile destroyed its intended target about 3,700 miles away. the avanguard is one of several weapons inveiled and is expected llice officer. ca who
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33-year-old corporate singh was shot early yesterday morning during a traffic stop in newman, about 100 miles southeast of san francisco. released these images of the suspect. he is considered armed and dangerous.ireya villarael is at headquarters in newman. >> reporter: there's a growing tribute to officer singh, filled with cards candles and floupewe. still no motive. 24 hours after singh was shot, the suspect is still at large. ronil singh had been on the newman police force for more than seven years when he was shot during a traffic stop. >> the officer singh -- >> reporter: it was just before 1:00 a.m. when singh called out on his radio, shots fired, i've been hit. responding officers fou ho sev times. heaktal where he died. >> one of my friends, one of my
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buddies, is, you know, died doing his job. doing his job protecting his citizens. >> reporter: investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspect captured in surveillance video. his truck was found in a mobile home park. neighbors say they recognized him. >> i seen him like when i passed by, i just seen him but i never talked to him. >> reporter: a native of fiji, singh was a canine officer. help leav he leaves behind a wife and 5-month-old son. members of the small community is decorating the town with blue ribbons in his honor. singh was just 1 of 13 officers on the local police force. >> we love all the cops in town. >> reporter: he had been friends with the off south koricer for . >> took the time-out of his busy
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schedule to follow up on people, whether it be a crime victim or a person buying doughnuts down the street. >> reporter: no body cam, no dash cam video in this case. police tell us they're having a hard time pinning down the identity of the suspect because he goes by multiple names and multiple nicknames. as of right now, we do know the newman police department and the sheriff's department will hold a press conference later on this morning. >> just a terribl story. u.s. customs and border protection is doing medical exams on thousands of children in its custody after the death of a second migrant child this . homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen says the immigration system has been pushed to a breaking point. she says more than 68,000 families and close to 14,000 unaccompanied children have come to the southern border in the past two months seeking refuge. near the border in el paso texas
7:16 am
with more, janet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the holding centers here at the board remember overwhelmed. in the case of the 8-year-old boy who died in u.s. custody, he was first detained here in the u.s., then transferred to new mexico because of the overcrowding situation. his death now raising concerns about the ability of border agents to care for the thousands of migrants who are now trying to emigrate to the united states. >> they're fleeing poverty, they're fleeing violence. >> reporter: this congresswoman says the death of the guatemalan native was another tragedy waiting to happen. >> the child and the father were apprehended in el paso, an urban area, where there's significant phospitals.linics, physicians, he was transported from an area with resources to an area with fewer resources. >> reporter: the 8-year-oldfrom.
7:17 am
less than three weeks after the death of a 7-year-old who died from dehydration and shock. both deaths are being homeland security kristin nielsen called the immigration system one who prevents parents who bring their children on a dangerous and illegal journey from facing consequences for their answers. she mandated the medical checks of all children in u.s. custody and will travel to the boarder this week to tour the facilities. >> this is an extraordinary rare occurrence. it's been more than a decade since we've had a child passing away anywhere in this process. >> reporter: the commissioner appeared on "cbs this morning" yesterday. he's now asking for more help from congress. >> our stationings are not built for that group crossing today. they were built 30 years ago for single adult males. and we need a different approach. >> reporter: this is one of 1100 nurse volunteers deployed by national nurses united to help at the border. >> i haven't seen a child without congestion and a cough. >> reporter: the group calling
7:18 am
on the trump administration to immediately end its practice of where housing families and children. >> they're malnourished, dehydrated and they're scared. >> reporter: also straining the system, the number of migrants who are being dropped off by authorities at the el paso bus station. they have no money and the shelters, the charitable ones, are now overflowing themselves. by some accounts, more than 700 have been leareleased, many wito place to go. >> the fbi is warning you not to become a money mule for criminals. how a growing number of people are falling into good thursday morning to you. we are looking at plenty of sunshine as we head through the afternoon with cool but seasonal daytime highs. to 58 for downtown san francisco as well as for oakland.
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50 for santa rosa. breezy to windy conditions. gusts up to 45 to 55 miles per hour. elevations above a thousand feet. will see the windiest conditions. and we'll stay dry all the way into 2019. this national weather report sponsored by this national weather report sponsored by the american cancer society, attacking from every angle. i used to have more hair. i used to have more color and i used to have cancer. i beat it. i did. not alone. i used to have no idea that the american cancer society did research and also free lodging at their hospitals. i used to maybe give a little and then i got so much back. i used to have cancer. >> please give at
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we have much more news ahead. an american athlete just completed one of the toughest journeys on the planet, a solo trip across antarctica with no help. how he learned to walk again after a serious injury before achieving his dream. plus, how there may be video evidence implicating oscar winner kevinac and major r wl stop selling containing a deadly chemical. >> exposure to methylene chloride has killed dozens of people, including three young
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. ahead, new information on the mysterious hole that suddenly appeared inside the international space station. it
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning. it is 7:26 i'm michelle griego. a search is under way for an inmate who's caped from san quentin prison. use of a deadly weapon during a car-jacking. he's described as 5'5" and 177 pounds. e eddnthe of ase f santycorpalid francisco. the fire early monday morning at a home on clay street. we'll have news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our
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good morning. if you are headed out the door early some good news to report. we've got a stalled vehicle on the northbound side of 580. now completely cleareded out of lanes and we're seeing traffic recover looking a lot better than it did just a few minutes ago. and let's head to our maps. we do have a rollover accident. that vehicle stuck on its roof blocking the left lane. >> a beautiful start to the day. a live look with our sales floor tower camera of our golden sunrise this morning. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head through the day. breezy to windy as well. 58 for downtown san francisco. 58 in san rafael and san jose. a wind advisory for the hills and mountains today.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. major airlines are letting some passengers change tickets for free with a massive winter storm up ending holiday travel. united, american and delta are offering travel waivers for people scheduled to fly in parts of the midwest today. severe weather in texas forced an american eagle flight to dallas to land in austin last night after the plane hit heavy turbulence, a passenger and flight attendant were treated for injuries and fortunately, not life-threatening. u.s. officials go to beijing next month for face-to-face trade talks with chinese officials. the first physical meeting between the two countries since president trump and china's president xi agreed to a 90 day truce earlier this month. president trump postponed $200 billion in increased tariffs on
7:31 am
chinese imports while china agreed to delay a 25% duty on u.s. made vehicles. the fbi said a growing online scam turns people into so-called money mules. that means they unknowingly launder money for criminals. in some cases, the criminals are pretending to be employers, online friends or romantic partners scam people to moving money into suspect's bank accounts. to protect yourself, never give away your financial details to people you don't know, even if they are pretending to be people you know and of course, don't respond to solicitations. >> good advice. america's largest retailers including amazon plan to stop selling paint stripping products containing a deadly chemical we've reported on all year. at least 64 people died since 1980 with exposure to methelyne chloride. we told you in january about a
7:32 am
new safer formula in development, a new product is expected to be on the market in the u.s. soon. anna warner has been investigating this all yearlong. anna? >> reporter: the epa has not taken action and yet another mother lost a son said she won't stop pushing until the agency does. >> he had a smile that lit the sky. he was very generous. he was very kindhearted. >> reporter: this christmas wasn't the same for lauren atkins. >> the story needs to be told. >> reporter: last february, her 31-year-old son joshua died while using paint stripper in a bathroom to refinish the fork from the bmx bike. >> knocked on the door and he didn't respond, soy op i opened do door. >> he was gone. >> he was gone for several
7:33 am
hours. >> reporter: when you learned there were other mothers with sons? >> i was heartbroken because none of these deaths needed to occur. all of these were preventable. >> reporter: joshua atkins joined victims kevin hartley and drew wynn who both died in 2017 who lost lives using common strippers containing methylene chloride. >> there's no need for this to be on shelves. >> reporter: the chemical dangerous, epa's scientists decided to be banned for all consumer and most professional uses, saying it posed an unreasonable risk. but that was a year ago and still no action from the epa. so atkins and the other mothers planned to sue the epa next month. >> i continue to fight for the ban. i continue to speak out. and we've banded together and we're going to continue to be together until our voices are heard and until this is off the shelf. >> reporter: the environmental
7:34 am
defense funds richard denison said those deaths were avoidable and the epa must do more. >> it can't cut corners. it can't start creating loopholes that allow the industry to escape the intent of this rule, which is to ban these uses and protect consumers as well as workers. we are concerned that one corner they might cut is to try to exempt from this ban commercial uses of these chemicals. >> reporter: but some aren't waiting for the government to act. in january, we showed you how scientists at the university of massachusetts toxic use reduction institute developed an alternative they say is safer and works just as well. research manager greg morose showed us on a test board painted with several coats and baked at high temperatures to sill e simulate real life conditions, he demonstrated the team's new
7:35 am
solvent. >> it worked. >> it worked. >> reporter: and now a canadian company announced it's using a new product with that alternate formulation. >> the goal is to have it in every paint retail chain in the united states and canada and mexico. it's great for every retailer. >> reporter: in addition, major chains including lowe's, home depot, and online retailer amazon now say they'll begin phasing out methylene strippers by year's end. the changes should save lives even if they come too late for joshua at that wince. >> we have three mothers and when you mess with our kids, you're in trouble. >> reporter: the primary manufacturer of the strippers with methylene chloride is critical of the new alternative in the past and it too is toxic. the sol venvents don't, quote, e
7:36 am
immediate death from high exposures like methylene chloride can and that alone makes the new product much less hazardous. that product, by the way, is expected to hit store shelves here in the u.s. any day, they say it's ready for distribution. >> ultimate seeit seems people t should not be on store shelves and it still is. >> the epa hasn't taken action. >> these environmental groups with the mothers are preparing to file suit against the epa in january to make that happen. >> anna warner, thank you so much. an american extreme athlete made history. winning a race across antarctica. how to overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams. if you're on the go, subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. available onapple's dc orr you lik tdownour podcases a in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." our world
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this morning, one american is waking up as the first-person ever to track across antarctica alone and without any help. he finished the journey across the coldest continent yesterday. fridged temperatures, white out conditions and roaring winds for more than 900 miles. it was a dream come true for an adventure athlete whose life goal is to show others that sometimes you can achieve the impossible. on november 3rd, a russian cargo plane dropped off 33-year-old collin brady at the edge of nowhere. he was alone except for 400 pounds of food and equipment in antarcti antarctica. a place so cold water freezes in midair. >> this project is for anyone that's been told their dreams aren't possible. >> he had a mission to become the first-person to trek across antarctica alone and without help. he also had real time competition. british army captain louis rudd,
7:42 am
a more experienced athlete with the same dream joined him at the starting line. they took off on different paths. he walked almost 20 miles and 12 hours a day in 90 minute increments stopping the sleep in a tent, consume 8,000 calories a day, call his wife and post his progress on social media. he spoke to him by phone during the journey. >> he wakes up on christmas morning and decides to go 32 straight hours, all in one shot. >> it was the final stretch. he finished first. 54 days after he began traveling 932 miles in all. >> he was really humbled. he's really happy for it to be over. >> he hasn't always been quick on his feet. ten years ago his legs were badly burned in a fire in thailand. doctors told him he probably wouldn't walk normally again. but he did learn to walk again. then run. before going on to win the
7:43 am
chicago triathalon 18 months after his accident. in 2016 he became the fastest person to summit the tallest peaks on each of the seven continents. >> a year before embarking on his journey, he gave this talk about what he has learned as an adventure athlete. >> achievement is for those that never quit. it is for those who put the most steps in front of the other. >> quite literally, sort of. he's not rushing home just yet. he'll wait for rudd to finish the race which should take another day or two and then both men will leave antarctica together f that is, its like walking from d.c. to tampa. think about that, in antarctica conditions. >> what sportsmanship, for him to wait for the other person to get to the finish line to leave together. but he wasn't just in a race against him. he was in a race against himself.
7:44 am
it's so inspiring. >> the last person to try this before them last year, they quit. the year before someone died trying to do this, so they knew the risks going into this. >> up next, a look at the other headlines including a father that went to great heights o
7:45 am
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welcome back to cbs this morning. here's a look at this morning's headlines. a washington post analysis found more than 4 million children endured at least one lock down in the past school year. that includes 1 million elementary aged children and 220,000 of them were in kindergarten or pre-k. we did a story about a pre-k having a lock down and it was such an eerie sight to see them hiding under desks. 61% were related to firearms. some children that face frightening circumstances are at risk for lasting symptoms such as worng s ogre dd anxiety and ptsd. it's a tough balance to prepare for the worst. >> could be ramifications for years to come. associated press trump administration will keep migrant teenagers in a tent city in texas through early next year. the facility opened in june with a capacity for up to 360
7:50 am
children. but it now holds more than 2,000 migrant teens and was supposed to close at the end of this year. government officials now say they do not have an exact date for shutting it down. >> new york's daily news says criminal charges were filed against three men accused of attacking a police officer in a man hat tan subway station. the encounter was caught on video. the officer had told the homeless men to leave on sunday after a woman complained they were harassing her. the army veteran never pulled his gun and used his baton as you can see to try to hold them off. the men were not charged with a crime at first but after the video caused an up roar, two suspects were arrested. the charges include attempted assault and riot. police are looking for the other three men in the video. >> popular mechanic says a small mysterious hole found on the international space station in august may have been drilled from the inside.
7:51 am
a russian cosmonaut that investigated the hole in the wall of a docked spacecraft said he ruled out natural causes and micrometeorite. it returned and allowed scientists to examine it up close. >> cbs houston affiliate khou says the father of a flight attendant that worked through christmas wanted to spend the holiday with her. so he joined her on every flight. she and her father flew together from new orleans to detroit, and then to ft. myers florida, back to detroit and then to heart -- hartford. his mom stayed home with pets to make sure that the trip is possible. >> it's the dad-daughter bond. >> it's the greatest. >> it is the greatest. >> when you have pain, sometimes it means big trouble, but how do you know for sure if you're not a doctor, especially? ahead, two doctors make a house
7:52 am
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this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning it is 7:56 i'm anne makovec. today, attorneys for a man charged in a deadly stabbing at a bart station will ask a judge to rule him mentally incompetent. at the mcarthur bart station in july. good news from vallejo. there were six homicides this year compared to 17 last year. that is a decrease of 67%. >> and more confusion over those real id cards issued by california's dmv to comply with national security measures. a dmv spokes person says the federal government abruptly changed its standards. it's now requiring people to show two proofs of residency. news updates throughout the day. including our website
7:57 am
7:58 am
welcome back. i'm giana franco from the traffic center. we're dealing with a car fire. northbound 101 at 3rd a. as a result use 280 as an alternate. another trouble spot is on 580 westbound as you try to get onto the richmond san rafael bridge. one lane blocked there. but some better news to report. that earlier accident westbound 580 at fairmount all clear. >> we are tracking areas of dense fog. this is a live look. you can see the foggy start to the day. less than a quarter of a mile out there. so as we head through the afternoon enjoy the sun wee looking at breezy to windy conditions for the hills and the mountains. looking at gusts 45 to 50 miles per hour the higher elevations.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, december 27, 2018. welcome back to cbs "this morning." powerful storms mean travel trouble in the south and midwest today. see where the biggest problems are before you finish your holiday trip. plus, serena williams is one new mom who had trouble going back to work. we'll talk with a ceo helping other women find jobs for them. but here is today's aye opeye o at 8:00. a major storm system in the south and midwest is causing holiday travel delays and dangerous road conditions. >> it's been a head-spinning week but for the troops in the field the commander in chief -- >> lawmakers would like to open the government but with both sides taking the my way or they
8:01 am
difficult. a tsunami on saturday night, but it's only now that we're getting a comprehensive picture of the damage. >> no motive in this case and 24 hours after he was shot, the suspect is still at large. >> in the case of the eight-year-old boy who died in custody who was detained in the u.s. then transferred to new mexico because of the overcrowding situation. >> the future for 11-year-old carter wiles was uncertain. >> they got him a special gift. a picture and note asking to adopt him. >> would you like to be -- ourson -- >> what do you think, buddy? >> yes! >> we're going to adopt you, partner. good morning. a home is a good thing to get for the holidays.
8:02 am
>> what a buehreautiful surpris >> norah,bianna and gayle are off. we are your surprise this morning. hazardous travel conditions for american this is morning. heavy snow is blanketing roads and causing accidents from wisconsin to new mexico. >> heavy rain is pounding parts of texas. severe thunderstorms and lightning canceled a college football bowl game in dallas. that's never happened to a bowl game before. winter storm warnings are in effect across the u.s., parts of minnesota and the dakotas could see up to 18 inches of snow. severe flooding and a threat of tornados as well. president trump says he will do whatever it takes to get funding for a border wall on day six of the partial government shutdown. the president spoke during his surprise trip to iraq yesterday, his first visit to u.s. troops in a combat zone. he attacked democrats for not supporting him. >> we need a wall so when you
8:03 am
say how long is it going to take? when are they going to say we need border security in when are the democrats going to say -- don't forget, the democrats all agreed you need a wall until i wanted it. once i wanted it, they didn't agree. >> democrats have offered more than a billion dollars for border security projects but no funding for the wall. the house and senate reconvene this afternoon. one of the men who accused kevin spacey of sexually assaulting him when he was a teenager allegedly captured the incident on camera. a newly released police report shows the victim told investigators he sent video of some of the alleged 2016 assaults to his girlfriend on snapchat. spacey is charged with indecent assault and battery. david beg fault begnauld has th
8:04 am
>> you trusted me even though you knew youshouldn't. >> reporter: when kevin spacey posted this video to his twitter account after a felony sexual assault charge was announced against him, he seemed to be in character. >> i don't care. >> reporter: as frank underwood from his former ceres "house of cards." >> you wouldn't believe the worst without evidence, would you? you wouldn't rush to judgment without facts, would you? >> reporter: here are the allegations -- spacey sexually assaulted an 18-year-old man in a nantucket, massachusetts, restaurant in july of 2016. according to a police report obtained wednesday by mass live the victim claims spacey unzipped his pants and touched his groin without consent while the two of them stood around a piano. the victim told police he captured snapchat video of spacey touching him and he sent it to his girl friend who also spoke to investigators. >> shame on you for what you did to my son. >> reporter: former boston tv news anchor heather unruh
8:05 am
revealed in a news conference last year that her son is spacey's alleged victim. >> kevin spacey bought him drink after drink after drink and when my son was drunk spacey made his move. >> the victim told police he left the bar as kevin spacey left the bathroom. spacey sent a text to the victim saying "i think we lost each other." the victim had gone home and told his sister he was raped by kevin spacey. >> i will never cease! >> reporter: the 59-year-old actor's career collapsed amid more than a dozen other sexual misconduct allegations. >> you're out of your depth. >> reporter: actor awas f accu forward, alleging spacey assaulted him when he was 14 years old. spacey apologized to rapp in a tweet saying he did not remember the incident. >> i was just hopeful that coming forward it would encourage other people to tell the truth. i was trying to protect people. >> reporter: spacey is due in court on january 7 for the
8:06 am
felony chargeov of indecent assault and battery. he remains under investigation on conviction of sexual assault in los angeles for an incident that allegedly happened in 2016. i called spacey's cell phone this morning, nobody answered. our team of producers reached out to him and his attorneys yesterday, left messages, no response there, either. >> maybe he'll send you a video. >> that vid o'eo is more than bizarre. who does that? he hasn't been convicted of anything but on the same day he finds out he's going to be charged that video? >> extremely troubling. everyday worse news. david begnaud, thank you. the referee who forced a high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit a bout won't be assigned any more matches. the wrestler won't attend his team's next match later today. alan maloney gave the ultimatum to 16-year-old andrew johnson in new jersey. the video shows his hair being cut before going on to win.
8:07 am
a meeting between school leaders and community members got heated. >> i know that there were rules and regulations that he had to follow. whether he followed them correctly or not i don't really care. he does not belong in that wrestli wrestling association at the scholastic level. >> state officials are investigating. johnson's lawyers claimed maloney failed to raise rule violations with the wrestler's hair in a pre-match inspection and that the wrestler covered his hair in other matches with no issues. >> not the end of that story. how do you know if chest pain the a sign of heart trouble or just something you hate? dr. christopher kelly and dr. mark eisenberg paying an unusual house call in our toyota green room to show us how humor can help patie
8:08 am
8:09 am
we have much more newsth ahave muchore news coast ard searching far missing cruise how surveillance video captured his last moments on board. plus, how it took a near-death experience for a chicago man to realize he wanted to be a successful artist. and santa comes through when a boy makes a selfless christmas wish. we'll show you the boy's priceless reaction. you are watching cbs "this morning."
8:10 am
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♪ i think what he's trying to say is that he's having a heart attack. >> oh, he's having a heart attack. come on. this is ridiculous. >> i know what this is. you saw that show on pbs last night, coronary country. i said to make sure not to watch it. >> there was nothing else on. >> good news, george did not have a heart attack, but it can be hard to tell when your physical symptoms are a sign of something serious. in their new book, "am i dying" a complete guide to your symptoms and what to do next, we
8:15 am
are joined by the doctors when to relax, when to call your doctor, when to go to the e.r. they are cardiologists at columbia university medical center and join us at the table. >> thanks for having us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i think the first question, how are you better than dr. google. >> please. i think if you go online that answer will be apparent very quickly. if you look up any symptom online within a few seconds you're going to convince yourself you have cancer, you're having a heart attack that death is going to happen any second now. >> alarm is not something you counsel. >> no. despite the very loud title most of the time in this book offer people reassurance and help them understand that their problems are not a big deal. rare cases we focus on they should seek medical help. >> we saw the seinfeld clip which is funny, but chest pain can be the sign of something serious. when is it something serious? >> right. of course. like george, most people have chest pains they think they're having a heart attack. this week between christmas and
8:16 am
new year is the number one time in the year to have a heart attack. but there's a lot of causes of chest pain that aren't heart attacks. for example, if you're getting a jump on your new year's resolution, going to the gym more often and pull a muscle in your chest f you move your body around and raise your arm, that causes chest pain, that's probably nothing to worry about. >> the serious sign is what? what's the you should go to the doctor? >> if you have pressure on your chest, like somebody sitting on your chest and it's not going away after a few minutes and it's going up your neck or down your arm or short of breath, that's a red flag and someone should go to the emergency room immediately for that. >> i love how your book is organized. different symptoms and you have three levels. if you're experiencing this, chill out. if you're experiencing this you might want to call a doctor. if it's these symptoms you might want to go to the e.r. i read forgetfulness chapter. i was told to relax. thank you. what about other things like sore throats. >> that's what our book tries to differentiate. we take a symptom and help
8:17 am
people come up with a plan whether they should be reassured, make a doctor's appointment or go to the emergency room. a lot of people wake up every morning with a sore throat and goes away in the next hour or two. that could be dry air and you need a humidifier. you take your cell phone and take a picture of your inside and see white spots, that could be strep. and then you need to make a doctor's appointment. >> we should go through a couple more here. back pain, right. celebrating its 100 anniversary of not doing anything. >> yes. >> when do you know it's a serious issue and just something to get you out of taking the doctor out. >> i have back pain at all times. i'm on my feet all day at the hospital. if you have back pain and it's been there for less than two to three weeks and gets better with pain medicines, that's something you should just wait out. but back pain that isssocia with a burning sensation on one side of your back, for example, that could actually be shingles, which is very common in people over 50.
8:18 am
if you have back pain and you have a rather quick loss of strength or sensation in one of your legs, that's an emergency. you need to go to the e.r. immediately for that because that could indicate that the nerves in your back or spinal cord are compromised by whatever causing your bac pain. >> sleepiness and being tired is always there for me, mark, for most of us. but when is that a more serious sign? >> it could be a very serious sign if you're fatigued or tired all day and urinating a lot, you could have diabetes. also, if you're very tired and also gaining weight and have constipation and you're cold and it's the middle of summer, you could have a thyroid abnormality and need to go to the doctor and get it checked out. >> when it's multiple symptoms together. differentiate, swelling or fatigue or forgetfulness and ask if they're having other associated symptoms. that's how you as a doctor or nurse when you see a patient, that's how you try to
8:19 am
differentiate. >> we're looking for patterns. you have this one symptom, what sort of template does it fit into. that's how we get closer to the answer. >> are you hoping to reduce e.r. visits with this book. people don't get their regular checkups, they go to the e.r., it costs a lot of money. >> especially in this day when people don't know if they have health insurance or not. they have no insurance or underinsured or have high deductibl deductibles. they're nervous about going to the doctor. >> hope you have conversations at dinner parties. >> page 62. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "am i dying" goes on sale tuesday. ahead the mayor of atlanta defends her christmas home cooking after twitter users called her out. you are watching "cbs this morning." users called her out. you're watching cbs this morning.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
she tweeted photos of her christmas dinner including this picture of her mac and cheese. hundreds of people felt it was necessary to respond in full force dishing out disapproval. some said the noodles seemed dry and they hoped it tasted better than it looked. others shared phtos of their own for inspiration. she says her family still enjoyed the meal despite her online criticism. >> apparently, you shouldn't have to stir mac and cheese, but i can tell you several people in my house said it's the best mac and cheese they have ever had and i promise you, twitter can do no more harm than my family
8:24 am
can. >> that is very true for anyone's family. get this even stouffer's tweeted, here for you next time keisha. she says her version may lack stylbut it has substance. >> stouffer's tried to jump on the band wagon. >> what's the big speech policy from twitter. >> very nice. very nice. >> it looked fine to me. >> oh, here we go. >> you were big on the speech at that moment. basking in the glory. >> i was relying it in my head and i was like, if i emphasize it differently. it would have been tastier. many women witren want ton the they can find jobs that work for them. the mother behind the mom project is in our toyota
8:25 am
this is a kpix 5 morning :00 morning :00 this is a kpix 5:00 morning update. >> good morning. it's 8:25 i'm anne makovec. and the search is under way for an escaped inmate he's been serving a 5-year sentence during a car-jacking. authorities in arizona believe a girl from the san jose area nearly slipped and fell death. they found her body on christmas day. and a second person has died in the wake of a happened early moy morning. we have news updates throughout the day on all your favorite platforms including our website
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back. troubles along the peninsula we are dealing with a traffic alert. we've got lanes blocked. this is northbound 101. at one point that vehicle was fully engulfed. so you're going to see delays for quite some time. mop up the mess there. use 280 in the meantime as an alternate. we are dealing with mass transit delays. also amtrak capital corridor delays on 523 and 524. keep in mind because of that trouble spot on 101 you're going to see some delays just before you come off the san
8:28 am
mateo bridge. bay bridge light conditions this morning. no meter lights an easy ride through there. thanks giana. blue skiesrldendg cam we're looking at breezy conditions in spots this morning and also some dense fog for inland valley locations. gusts up to 45 to 55 miles per hour higher elevations above 55'. could see some downed trees possible. daytime highs cool but seasonal. 58 for downtown san francisco as well as for san rafael. oakland a high of 58 as well as for san jose. we're going to stay dry over the next several days. partly sunny on sunday. new year's eve into new year's day. dry, quiet and plenty of sunshine. have a great day.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> adam lambert closed the show with his version of believe that aired here on cbs. it actually made cher cry. the broadcast was full of performance that paid tributes to the nominees. and the creators of hamilton. it is always one of the best shows on. somef this moing's headlines from around the globe. the wall street journal says psychiatric hospitals with safety violations still get accreditation. the journal found 141
8:31 am
psychiatric hospitals were accredited by the watchdog group the joint commission and were cited by state officials for serious violations. violations include patient death by suicide, abuse, and assault. the commissions review of psychiatric hospitals reportedly had a 57% disparity rate showing how often safety issues were overlooked. officials from the joint commission say they were working with psychiatric hospitals to help them improve. our partners at the bbc say a british cruise ship entertainer is missing after going overboard on christmas day. the coast guard has been lookin from harmonyip 267 miles off of puerto rico. it departed from fort lauderdale on sunday. royal caribbean says surveillance video shows he was last seen on deck around 4:00 a.m. >> the los angeles times says tiny salamanders in northern
8:32 am
california could be a problem for a billion dollar project to make it taller. they asked a judge to determine if three species should be protected under the endangered species act. they said it would flood the habitat and arm the animals. this he declined to comment. >> a 6-year-old new jersey boy got busted for a way to do his path homework. >> that's great. >> what's 5 minus 3? >> 5 minus 3 equals 2. >> brilliant. the boy's mom says you don't see her son thanking the amazon echo for helping. she adds she's probably going to turn it off so he doesn't keep on cheating. you can ask siri, you can ask alexa. >> it's fair game. >> it is very smart. it shows creative thinking in that way.
8:33 am
>> busted. >> a new jersey boy is spreading good will with his christmas wish that surprised his family and even santa claus. 8-year-old michael bell is a regular visitor to the hospital because of a genetic disorder that can cause tumors to form. it appears those visits were on his mind when he sat down with santa last week. his sights were set on something more than jerseys and gear. that's why he was ecstatic about this special gift from santa. >> >> just a week earlier he revealed his gift during a visit from st. nick. >> he asked if he could borrow money for kids with cancer he has met several kids affected by cancer but his mom never thought he understood the gravity of
8:34 am
their situation. >> they're just sitting there lonely. >> word spread among friends and family about michael's request and come christmas day. >> i thought i was all done but then i looked to the platform and i saw something under the platform, i took it out and there was a million hundred dollars. >> not quite that much. santa left michael bell $1,200 to help kids with cancer, but his reaction was priceless. it's a christmas miracle. amy says she hopes others will carry with them. >> the adults can learn a lot from an 8-year-old being selfless. >> santa's note to michael read, you are truly a shining star. i'm so proud of you for thinking of others during this time of the year. michael's mom says the family is planning to present the donation to one of the doctors in the children's hospital neurooncology unit where he gets tested. isn't that incredible? >> mom was right. adults can learn from the kids.
8:35 am
>> absolutely. >> speaking of adults and moms, 25 million american mothers workoutside the home. now there's a new push to find jobs that work for their home life. a recent motherhood in america survey found 44% of women did not go back to work after having their babies. the mom project is a chicago-based start up trying to lower the number. it connects moms with employers that will work with them to keep them on the job. ks wh00 seeke seekers. she's with us this morning. good morning. >> i'm sure there's a lot of barriers. what are some of the biggest barriers prting moms from going back into the w afvi their kids. >> the average child care cost in the u.s. averages around 8 to 10,000 which is a significant percentage of many takehome enearnin
8:36 am
enearnings. in companies still reward in office working culture which can be punishing to working families and the third is a lack of policies to support working families in the u.s., particularly our lack of national paid parental leave. >> which is a global issue. we're one of the few countries in the western world that don't have policies to support parents and also support child care. as you match families with companies that might support the lifestyle they want to lead as parents, what are some of the policies that you're looking for in companies that would support parents? >> so certainly benefits. companies that offer child care subsidies that can help alleviate that burden is really important. family leave is very porn. fertility benefits, maternal health benefits are all important. i would say the most porn thing is really respect. respected at work. so we're really looking for the companies that we work with to -- that we partner with to
8:37 am
really respect the individuals that they're bringing into the work force and don't just talk about diversity and inclusion but really lif thove those valu every day. >> it's important. it's not just policies that companies have that can help women balance work and life but it's also subtle things like respect. women feeling valued even if they may not have as much time as they used to. how do you vet companies in terms of how supportive they will be, especially when you can't measure things like respect. >> they have made public commitments to diversity and inclusion and many of the companies that we work with actually come to us and they're really champions of diversity an inclusion in the u.s. over 350 executives signed a pledge t diversity inclusion and they're really companies that respect working families and put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting them. >> i presume this is more than a charitable act for a company. you put a mom into a position,
8:38 am
there's skills that transfer from one area of life to another and people with broader and more interesting and varied life experiences do a better job at an office. >> it's shifted from being a social topic to business imperative. companies that are diverse really outperform their peers. this shifted to a business imperative. company executives; it's something that they're scorecarding and looking at very closely, but they're struggling to put that commitment into practice so the mom project has been a great solution for them to put action against those goals. >> what is the most important thing you think a mom out there needs to know about trying to get back into the work force? >> so i think it's really important to stay relevant. so many women think ability the cost of child care versus what they might be earning, and then that isn't breaking in their favor. when you take a stept' really important that you're able to demonstrate the skills that you were gaining, whether through
8:39 am
volunteer work and really show how your skills are relevant. refresh your skills for today's economy and really shine with confidence. it's a very tightened job market today. it's a great time to be a job seeker. so go in with confidence. you have been raising your children and that's very important work. >> it's not just having a baby and going back to work six months later. this is you have been away for years and you have to get more on top of it. >> exactly. >> great stuff. really great stuff and really important stuff as well. it's one generation of workers but the next generation of workers as well. >> it is. i just read 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day in the u.s. so the future of the work force is going to look very diverse. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. a chicago artist overcame tragedy and revived himself using a paintbrush. >> it's a passion. it's an obsession. i love it that much. and i hope it shows in the work. >> ahead, how antonio davis
8:40 am
turned his life around and ♪
8:41 am
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8:43 am
this morning, we bring you a remarkable story of hope and
8:44 am
perseverance. he was shot in one of chicago's roughest neighborhoods and it nearly killed him. he overcame his injuries to become a successful painter. he also found love along the way. demarco spoke with him about that journey. >> his life was headed in the wrong direction when he was shot in close range in 1994. what he did know was that his life was about to take an extraordinary turn, with purpose. >> i'm just creating. i'm just freeing my mind and what comes out is my true emotions. >> through his oil paintings, antonio davis brings to life his burning desire to create. >> it's a passion. it's an obsession. i love it that much. and i hope it shows in the work. >> his work that includes landscapes, still lives, and portraits, but the picture comes from a different perspective. the 43-year-old paints with his mouth. when davis was 19 years old, his friend shot him during a fight. he was left paralyzed from his
8:45 am
chest down. >> when you learned that you were paralyzed, did you think life was over for you? at least the way that you had lived it? >> absolutely. i didn't know anything about people in wheelchairs. i didn't have a comprehension of the physical requirements of the daily living with somebody with that quality of life. >> so the teenager was placed in a nursing home to learn how to adjust to his new wheelchair bound life and it was there he met juanita butler. >> i noticed him and i said you're so gorgeous. what are you doing here? he said i live here. >> she came on to you? she was aggressive. >> very aggressive. she was like i'm going to get you out of here. >> she did get him out of there and a year later they got married. >> i made the best choice in the world when i said i'm getting you out of this nursing home. i found somebody who is so special. who is like a diamond in the
8:46 am
rough, and now he is shining. >> shining through his art. something he has always loved but only pursued after the incident. >> i tried art with my hands, using different devices. >> how did that work for you? >> for me it worked fine. i thought i was doing well, but for others, it didn't. >> an occupational therapist suggested he try with his mouth. so after some convincing, he did. 15 years later, his paintings are recognized worldwide and range in price from 5 to more than $80,000. >> most don't believe it because of the level i have gotten to in my artistry i where they say you din paint that with your mouth. >> davis presented a picture of former president barrack obama to the man himself. what did he think of the picture? >> he loved it. the first response was, i love that you didn't put the grey hair in there. so it was humorous. >> what's up, y'all? >> the artist also gives back. he volunteers his time to teach
8:47 am
and inspire art students on chicago's south side. >> i feel like me going out showing the public and the community that you can have a tragic accident or any tragedy to happen to you and you can still be able to accomplish things. >> have you ever asked the question, why me?elo better. just do better. that's it. >> have you forgiven the man that shot you? your friend? >> absolutely. i have forgave him. i have forgave the spirit behind it. >> so his own spirit within could inspire those around him. >> you just do what you do. do. i just get up and do what i do. win the day. win the week. win the month. win the year. win your life.
8:48 am
>> wow. he certainly has. he told us that the shooting was a blessing in disguise. had he not been in the nursing home he may not have ever met his wife, and if he wasn't paralyzed, he may never have pursued his passion for art. this was a life changing story for me. it proves no matter what comes in your life, you can still win and win big. he found love and he's doing what he always wanted to do. >> what was she doing in the nursing home? did she work there? >> she had a relative there. >> that's one of the most beautiful stories i've ever seen told on this show. the phrase wheelchair bound, but that looks like freedom to me and creativity. something higher. >> it also proves that hapt mate end of the day. >> so true and the power of people believing in you and you believing in yourself. >> thank you. >> today on this cbs this morning podcast we hear from the screen writer of mary poppins
8:49 am
returns. he discusses the classic. you can hear the podcast. you are watching cbs this morning.
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>> fiona the hippo reached a big milestone at the cincinnati zoo. she now weighs 1,000 pounds less than a month before her second birthday. she captured a lot of hearts when she was born six weeks early and at that time she weighed just 29 pounds. that's about a third of the size of an average baby hippo and she is the smallest baby hippo ever known to survive. >> fiona is a star. my colleague has a poster of her. that's going o do it for us.
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good morning. 5 minutes before 9:00 i'm anne makovec. and the search is on the way. authorities trying to track down shalome mevendosa. several crimes including use of a deadly weapon during a car-jacking. another man hunt under way for a police officer killed by the driver of a pickup truck that he had pulled over. >> and today attorneys for a man charged in the deadly stabbing at a bart station will ask a judge to rule him mentally incompetent to stand trial we have news updates throughoe om
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good morning if you're headed out the door you're in luck. freeways are looking great right now. live look at oakland northbound you're looking good from 238 to the maze. southbound no delays as you head out of oakland all the way down into fremont. traffic very light chlgt nice and easy as you head out of oakland and san francisco. once you get into the city here's live look at conditions. you can see the 10180 connector
8:58 am
there. san mateo blue ridge has been a grad ride and the golden gate bridge a nice beautiful shot here and it looks beautiful today, mary. >> it does. love seeing the sunshine out there and there is one more look at the golden gate bridge cam. let's show you what you can expect as we take you through the day. we have a wind advisory. elevations above a thousand feet. gusty in northwesterly into northerly winds. breezy to windy. daytime highs will be cool but seasonal. 58 in san francisco as well as for oaklands. 58 in into early next week as we kick off 2019.
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