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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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residents' tips helped do just that. early this morning the kern county sheriff's office took arriaga into custody at a bakersfield home. his brother and a co-worker were also arrested south of stanislaus county for allegedly helping him evade authorities and try to escape to his native mexico. authorities say all three are in the country illegally. they work withed as farm laborers. arriaga was wanted on several warrants related to two dui arrests. he was also a self-described gang member. the sheriff says arriaga should have been reported to i.c.e. when he was arrested for dui, but his law enforcement hands were tied because of the state's sanctuary laws. >> if he wasn't here, then he wouldn't have been driving drunk and it wouldn't have been reported to officer singh and the encounter, the stop, the enforcement stop potentially never would have occurred. my point is why are we providing sanctuary for criminals, gang members? it's a conversation we need to have. >> reporter: sheriff christianson promised a relentless search for the suspect and that did happen.
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he now says he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. reporting in ceres, rachel wolf, kpix5. >> we're also hearing from the slain officer's brother as he got emotional as he acknowledged the effort it took to make that arrest. >> ronil singh was my older brother. yes, he is not coming back, but there's a lot of people out there that misses him and a lot of law enforcement people that i don't know worked days and nights to make this happen. i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> coming up at 6:00 we'll take you live to a public vigil in newman. community members will gather in a downtown plaza. ronil singh support first police officer in newman to die in the line of duty. meanwhile the manhunt continues for this escaped
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inmate from san quentin. now a woman is speaking out about a terrifying encounter. she says the man threatened her life before stealing her car. kpix5's emily turner spoke to the victim. emily is live at san quentin with her story for us. emily? >> reporter: allen, she said she was absolutely frightened when it happened, but then one day later when she found out it could be the escaped inmate, she said she was absolutely terrified. luckily this woman is fine tonight, but this is now going to be the third night that san quentin is one inmate short. >> i know that's him. >> reporter: dang nguyen would recognize this face anywhere she says, but it wasn't until last night that she realized the man who carjacked her is likely also an escaped inmate from san quentin. >> i said oh, my god, that's a dangerous prisoner. how can they escape from the san quentin? >> reporter: this is security camera footage from the home depot parking lot in san rafael where it happened wednesday night. you can see who police believe
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to be 21-year-old shalom mendoza crossing the parking lot and going straight towards dang. >> he said give me the key. i have a gun. i'm going to kill you. he just do like this. i have the gun. give me the key. if not, i'm going to till you. he jumped to the car and then i ask him can you return my dog? >> reporter: he let her get her phone and her dog phoebe out of the car before taking off she says. police found mendoza's prison jumpsuit not far away. san rafael police say so far they haven't found surveillance video that shows mendoza anywhere between san quentin and that parking lot. police are also combing through video from the bridges to see if he's left the area in dang's silver rav4. >> makes me suspicious that maybe he has hunkered down in a location. >> reporter: mendoza was serving a five-year sentence here for a carjacking charge as well as an evading police officer charge and police say
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just be sure that if you're on the lookout for him or you're keeping an eye out for him, be sure to call police and consider him armed and dangerous. >> the woman raises a good question. look behind you. san quentin, the walls, the razor wire. do we know exactly how this guy was able to walk away? >> reporter: that is a great question. so far all we know is that at 5:55 p.m. wednesday night was the last time he was officially accounted for when they had an official count at 9:35 p.m., he wasn't there and that carjacking happened about 15 minutes prior to that. we have been waiting on some sort of comment from the warden or the spokesperson of san quentin, but at this point we still have nothing. hopefully they'll be giving us that information here soon. >> hopefully they'll tell us they caught up to him. thanks so much. a bay area sheriff's lieutenant is under arrest in las vegas. >> police say they caught her working out when she was supposed to be on workers' comp. let's get you right to kpix5's
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devin fehely who is live in san jose. >> reporter: one of the core values of law enforcement is supposed to be honesty and integrity. it's a profession where your words matter and this is a story in its heart about lies allegedly told by one of the sheriff's department's own for the purpose of fraud. she was supposed to be off the job on workers' comp hobbled by an injury that hindered her from reporting for duty at the santa clara county sheriff's office, but the sheriff's office had suspicions and dispatched detectives to las vegas where they saw lieutenant mandy henderson engaging in "strenuous workouts," butler miraculous recovery was not cause for celebration. instead it landed the law enforcement veteran in handcuffs and in jail arrested by las vegas police for fraud for allegedly faking the extent of her injuries while cashing those checks from workers' comp. back in san jose her boss, the sheriff, was not pleased releasing a statement that read
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in part, "if these allegations are true it, is a violation of the public trust, sullies the standards of our office and for that ms. henderson should be held accountable." loop tenant henderson is in jail in las vegas awaiting extradition back here to santa clara county. taking a live look at some of our bay area bridges, in just four days getting across them will cost you more. after voters approved the measures this year all seven state-owned toll bridges including the san mateo bay and san rafael bridge will increase by $1 starting january 1st and again in 2022 and in 2025. toll officials say the money will not be wasted. >> this is both highway and transit improvements all around the region, bridge corridors, approaches to the bridge corridors, everything from improvements to highway 37 in the north bay to helping to finance phase two of b.a.r.t.
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to silicon valley. >> now as for the golden gate bridge, you won't have to worry about a toll hike yet. the bridge is independently owned. the bridge district is set to vote on its own hike in march. day seven of the partial government shutdown and now president trump is upping the ante. take a live look at the white house. the president and congress are no closer to a deal over his demand for border wall funding. today the president tweet withed a new threat. "we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall." >> reporter: is the president seriously going to do that? >> it's the only way we can get the democrats' attention. >> the administration says the president is willing to come down from his $5 billion figure for the wall, but senate minority leader chuck schumer says negotiators are still very far apart. the white house and republican lawmakers are blaming house minority leader nancy pelosi saying she will not negotiate until she wins the speaker's
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gavel next week. >> nancy pelosi is only looking to protect her speakership and not protect our borders. >> pelosi's deputy chief of staff responded saying, "spin growing increasingly desperate and erratic. pelosi can walk and chew gum." during the shutdown people in the bay area are still venturing out to parks that are officially closed, but today we spotted visitors at fort funston near the san francisco zoo basically ignoring posted notices that say the area is closed and they just went around barricades blocking access to the parking lot. similar scenes at aquatic park as people walked along the beach enjoying the sunny december brisk day, but the maritime museum is shuttered. chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us now. as you just saw, it was nice and clear out there at aquatic park but probably chilly. how cold is it going to get tonight? >> didn't get that warm today, clear skies, light winds, so it will get chilly tonight,
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perhaps potentially frosty for the north and east bay valleys. these are a few of your overnight lows tonight the lasts weekend of 2018, st. helena 32 degrees, dublin 35, windsor tonight and tomorrow morning 31 degrees. here's the reason why. we had a cold day, highs mainly in the 50s and now the wind is relaxing. remember how windy it was yesterday? it's not today, northeast wind at 7 miles per hour in pleasanton, calm in novato and only an 8 mile-per-hour breeze in fairfield, so with calmer winds the coldest air can settle down to the bottom of the atmosphere and give us a chilly night. we'll head to your new year's eve forecast monday night, weather should be fine, mainly clear, a little breezy in the evening, 52 degrees in san francisco at 7:00, midnight 47 degrees, no umbrella needed, but you will need a jacket likely. coming up we'll talk about the weekend and your seven-day forecast, but don't forget this. some local transit agencies will offer free rides monday
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night, tuesday morning for new year's eve partiers. caltrain, samtrans, vta and muni all offering free transportation, the hours and available routes may vary, so please check their websites for more information helping people out new year's eve. back to you. the incredible images behind two electrical explosions that rocked a couple regions of the united states, the search tonight for the cause. >> plus the battle over big trees on one bay area campus, why they're on the chopping block and the fight to save them. >> the mystery still unfolding this evening behind a well known news anchor from the bay area who was found dead in a motel room.
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a whole different scene here, flashes of blue in the
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louisiana sky. this was the start of a multiple electrical explosions early yesterday morning. it happened during some very windy weather. the gusts reached as high as 51 miles per hour and while that glow was pretty dramatic, look at what happened when the fire started moving across the power lines. it went all the way down the street. at one point more than 10,000 customers were without power in the area. it all started with a transformer explosion. now people in new york city were also confused by a mysterious blue light in the sky, some of them speculating about a terror attack or maybe an alien invasion. that area of blue glow could be seen as far away as 20 miles. turns out it was caused by a transformer fire in a con edison power plant in queens. >> all i see is like the blue flame and then from there the ground started shaking like i
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felt the ground shake for like a good 15 seconds. >> the explosion caused scattered blackouts, train delays, even a ground stop at a nearby laguardia airport. everything is back to normal now. con edison is investigating the cause of the fire. today protesters at uc berkeley were seen standing in front of trees in an effort to save them. earlier this morning cal maintenance crews moved into people's park with chainsaws and chopped down 15 trees. the university says it's just long overdue maintenance to clean up the area, but some park activists claim it is the beginning of a new student housing project. >> several of the other trees had large bark branches that were slipping off and could possibly fall. >> they have attempted a preemptive strike to take down the trees so that there will be less to defend. >> we've learned the university does have plans for student housing, but it's not set to begin for another three years. a helicopter had to make an emergency landing on an east bay golf course today.
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chopper 5 was over the scene at sky west golf course in hayward. that's right next to hayward executive airport. the helicopter landed on its skids. two people were inside at the time and no one was hurt. at this point it's not clear what went wrong. police in fremont worked to get a man off the roof of a building this morning. fremont boulevard from peralta to central was closed as officers tried to negotiate with the man to come down from the roof of an old theater building. the man was safely detained after about two hours and taken to the hospital. police are investigating the death of a california news anchor as a possible overdose. >> here's a look at what's happening right now. a high speed chase comes to an end. los angeles, but he grew up in santa clara. he was on good day sacramento. he also worked at kovr.
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burrouswas found unresponsive at a days inn. an autopsy was performed. investigators are awaiting results of toxicology tests to make their official determination about their cause of death. burrous was 43 years old and leaves behind a wife and 9-year- old daughter. the irs is going after the queen of soul claiming aretha franklin's estate owes millions in back taxes. the irs filed a claim this month in probate court that says the singer's estate owes about $8 million in back taxes and penalties. attorneys say they've already paid more than 3 million and they're disputing some of the irs' claims. the legendary singer died of pancreatic cancer in august. she was 76 years old. meanwhile tyler perry is set to host a star studded concert tribute to the queen of soul. aretha, a grammy celebration for the queen of soul, will be taped at shrine auditorium next month in los angeles. it will air later at a cbs
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special. ers will honor franklin during the show. patti labelle will also take the stage. sears is now closing 80 more stores as it teeters on the edge of liquidation in addition to the 182 stores slated to close. sears filed for bankruptcy protection in october and had secured a bid to avoid closure completely. the 80 additional stores will close by march. tesla just named two new independent directors to its board as part of a settlement with u.s. regulators demanding more oversight of ceo elon musk. they include larry ellison, the founder of oracle, who is also a big investor in tesla and also neighbored to the board kathleen williams thompson.
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it's all over what musk tweeted in august accused of misleading investors about taking the company private. >> that comes as attorneys for elon musk are now asking a california judge to throw out a lawsuit against him. in july musk took to twitter accusing a diver of being a pedophile. that diver helped rescue a trapped soccer team from a cave in thailand and ridiculed musk's plan to use a mini submarine to save those boys. the diver filed a defamation suit after musk's tweet. according to a new court filing, musk's lawyers say no reasonable person took the tweet seriously. it is friday night. we are heading into our weekend and the weather has been dry since christmas eve. another spectacular sunset looking over mount sutro and sutro tower over the pacific ocean. how chilly we get tonight and when wind may return coming up. >> also ahead why one popular r and b singer could be looking at months in jail all because of an instagram post with a
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monkey. >> cbs evening news coming up next. >> james brown is in tonight for jeff glor. >> here's a look at some of the stories we're working on. snow, wind and heavy rain, extreme weather criss-crosses the u.s. where's it headed next? >> plus an arrest made in the killing of a california police officer. >> and we check in on a real life fairytale when we go on the road tonight on the cbs evening news.
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singer chris brown could be looking at some jail time after an instagram post with a
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monkey. >> brown posted a video of his daughter holding an exotic pet monkey they named fiji. turns out brown doesn't have a permit for fiji. fish and wildlife seized the monkey and relocated it to a sanctuary. brown was charged with two misdemeanor counts and could face a $1,000 fine and six months behind bars. however, the singer claims the monkey isn't his. it belongs to a relative instead. >> right, yeah. >> uncle leo's monkey. >> not his monkey. on that note. >> a perfect story before the weekend weather forecast. why not? you want to get outside and enjoy. it's the last weekend of the year. the weather's nice. call a friend in wyoming. it was like 22 degrees below zero in parts of wyoming today. so yes, we will complain that it's not that warm outside here. it's pretty nice for the last week of december, 60 now in
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oakland, 58 inan ing off. that's the theme of the evening. we'll cool off quickly. san jose and santa rosa down to 55, livermore 52 degrees. overnight check out the overnight lows, 30s with only three exceptions. that would be oakland, san francisco and pacifica unless you're right on the water right along the coast. you're dropping to the 30s overnight tonight. concord, for you 34, mountain view 38, santa rosa 31, napa 32 degrees. kpix5 hi-def doppler radar is dry and will stay all the way through next week mainly dry. let's look back at rainfall, not for the water year, just the calendar year. during 2018 we didn't do poorly. we didn't do great. we were below average. san francisco 78% of normal, san jose 71%, the two spots that were closest to normal were livermore and santa rosa, right around 80 or 81% of average. san mateo this weekend brisk, a little breezy sunday afternoon, otherwise mainly sunny, a cold start, mild finish, mid- to
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upper 50s for highs. we've got a football game coming up. it's not the nfl. it's the redbox bowl. yes, i know you were wondering about the forecast for the redbox bowl, two big teams, michigan state, university of oregon noon monday at levi stadium a week before the national championship and that will be sunny with temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. your football forecast for college football coming up on new year's eve here in the bay area. low pressure off to our east, another one coming, big ridge of high pressure remaining to the west. so our flow comes from the north and northwest which will lead to cold, clear nights, but sunny and mild afternoons for the next week. as we look at futurecast rolling through the day tomorrow, we are clear. we are clear in another w prsureea e ugh nevada, a couple clouds, not a huge deal, but sunday is a bit cloudier and breezier than saturday and the storm track does begin to creep at least in our direction next week. we'll stay dry all week long, but the storm track returns to oregon hopefully on its way here not too long from now.
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it will be a frosty start to your saturday away from the water, dry weather the next five to seven days and a bit windy sunday night and early monday. tomorrow saturday, a nice day to get outside vargas lay hoe and redwood city 58, san francisco 57 with sunshine. sunday a tad cloudier. monday windy in the morning. we're dry through next friday, highs 50s to low 60s. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. i must say go, ducks! up next the airline bucking the shrinking seat trend with its brand-new fleet of jets and an unusual location where it's added new windows.
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coming up at 6:00 federal workers aren't the only workers suffering through the shutdown. so are the small bay area businesses that depend on them. >> and the new year brings some new rules of the road for bay area drivers and some of them will cost you, those stories and much more coming up tonight in 30 minutes on kpix5 news at 6:00. delta airlines is sending something new to the skies and if comes with an unusual view. check it out, the new airbus a- 220 getting ready to fly on routes along the east coast, comes with bigger seats like that, more space in the overhead bins like that, larger windows, like that including a window in the bathroom. >> the flight deck is also state of the art. there's an app that helps avoid turbulence. the new aircraft is set to hit
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the skies next month. thanks so much for watching at 5:00! >> we'll all see you back here in 30 minutes. >> see you then. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> brown: on the "cbs evening news" this friday, manhunt over. the suspect accused of killing a california police officer surrenders nearly 200 miles from the murder scene. deadly storms bury the midwest and flood the south. and steve hartman with a fairy- tale friendship. all that and more starting with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> the two-day manhunt for a cop killer in california is over. >> the suspected gunman and two alleged accomplices are now in custody. >> i'd like to thank you working day and night to make this happen. >> nasty weather continues to travel across the united states. >> rainstorms from louisiana to new jersey are causing floods. >> this wet, muddy. it's bad.


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