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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 29, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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(siren wailing) suspect last seen headed south on redbird road. trooper forman: copy that. you got a visual? negative, lost sight about a mile back. this guy's cooking with gas and headed right for you, bill. keep your eyes open. trooper forman: like driving a hog to slaughter. (laughs) whoo-hoo! whoa! (siren chirps) what the hell are you doing? i thought you said this guy was headed south. he was. oh, come on, you let him pass you? nothing gets past me. except a blue mustang doing 90, male driver, just ripped off an armored truck? nothing gets past me. look at that. come on. come on!
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state police. hands on the wheel! (engine running) minimal damage. engine's still running. where the hell is he going? call the navy. now! yes, sir. ♪
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"excessive supply." four letters. glut. huh. thanks. hey, tim, you mind if i put on my music again? no, go right ahead, man. (music plays) oh, yeah. ooh. (phone rings) special agent mcgee. i am sorry, he is out of the office for the week, but i can take a message. great. no problem. "leading cause of anxiety." six letters, ends in "s." both: gibbs. no, that's only five letters.
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stress. the word is "stress." same thing. you know, years as a special agent, and gibbs never takes personal leave. and then barely eight weeks of filling in as the director and he's (clicks tongue) out the door first chance he gets. paperwork is worse than dead bodies. mm. the man deserves a break. actually, i think he should do it more often. why, because mcgee lets you play music? well, tim is so much nicer. (chuckles) ooh, this is my favorite part. (music volume increases) hey, bishop. hmm? i'm coming for you. ♪ 'cause i want you ♪ touch me here, touch me there ♪ (laughing) stop. ♪ touch me everywhere, oh, yeah ♪ okay. (phone rings) mcgee. um, yes, sir. i'm sorry. i-i can't hear you. ♪ thinking 'bout the things i wanna do... ♪ how long? okay, we're on it. ♪ i've been a bad girl lately all right, dance party's over. (music stops) there's been a robbery.
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where? north carolina. shouldn't the carolinas field office handle that? they did. check the ncic. bishop: okay. oh, someone stole $350,000 from an armored truck, and then fled onto a naval air station. not very smart. base security will be all over him. can't find him, even after a lockdown and search. why would they call us? before the lockdown, a navy transport plane took off. they think the thief could be on board. yeah, it was immediately diverted to andrews, and it lands in 20 minutes. ooh, 20 minutes across town? talk about stress. well, at least gibbs can still enjoy his break. mmm. (vehicle approaching)
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(car door closes) (knocking) gibbs! tobias. called your office. they said that you were taking a few days off. acting director? yikes. i figured you'd come up here to get away from it all. i did. good for you. you deserve a break. what do you want? to see you happy. my house is being bug-bombed, so i need a place to crash. i let you stay on my couch when your place had termites. they were your termites. what are best friends for? ha, that's what i said. gibbs, that outhouse needs new magazines and softer toilet paper. phil brooks. nice to meet you. tobias fornell. i didn't realize i was interrupting. you both are. i already apologized for my misunderstanding. i recently sold my house in a divorce,
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and the new apartment's not ready till next week. i called gibbs to crash; he said he was staying at the cabin. gibbs: it was a fact, not an invitation. i didn't see your car. uber. i only got here ten minutes before you. what are the chances? yeah. who knew that gibbs had multiple best friends? it's funny, uh, he's never mentioned you. or you. huh. carl was it? (chuckles) it's phil. phil. yeah. phil brooks. phil brooks. phil's good. phil's good. prasad: agent mcgee, commander prasad, x.o. mcgee: thanks for meeting us. prasad: none too soon. your plane just touched down. the flight was headed for southcom in peru. loaded with humanitarian supplies, no passengers. crew thinks they're here for additional cargo. they could be accomplices. if your robber's on this plane, it was not with the help of navy personnel. i guarantee that.
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torres: line up over here, please. and, uh, no talking. all right, flight deck is clear. aft wells are clear. cargo area is secured, pallets are sealed. what the hell is going on, sir? a grave misunderstanding. prasad: looks like your robber found another way off that air station. well, we still need to talk to the crew. nick. guys, let's chat. prasad: look, agent mcgee, unless you have proof that your robber was on this plane... bishop: mcgee? got something. hey. i got blood. and torn fabric.
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...or three. everyones favorite chicken pot pie. just one of the many crave-ably delicious meals from marie callender's. it's good mood food. kasie: since records began in 1947,
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there have been over a hundred documented wheel well stowaways. hmm. so it's actually possible. oh, more than possible. i mean, especially on a plane this size. the nose well of the hercules is comparatively roomy. no peanuts or oxygen. i didn't say it was safe. well, our guy did lose a finger. must have pinched after takeoff. ouch. but survivable. uh, well... finger folly aside, three out of four wheel well stowaways die in midair, either due to lack of oxygen or the extreme cold. temperatures at altitude can drop to negative 40. oof. bad way to travel. kind of like a unicycle. unless you've got cold-weather gear, an oxygen tank and a parachute. yeah, sure. then a wheel well is a pretty ingenious way to disappear to south america without a trail. very jason bourne. till the plane was diverted. which leaves us with two options. either our guy fell out with no parachute, and we're looking for a dead pancake... or he jumped and is still alive... somewhere.
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i'm still working on that. so, what about an i.d.? or are you just searching for matt damon? police never got a good look at the robber, and the car was stolen. fingerprints. they didn't find any. yeah, no, but we did. the severed finger, right. uh, it's down in autopsy, thawing. the fishlord 2000 came out two years ago, but it didn't have gps capabilities or social media app support. this model does. because this is the fishlord 3000. automated voice: let's reel 'em in! (laughs) spared no expense. why? for gibbs and me to use on the lake. no. why are you two friends? i said. he helped build my boat. no, i got that. it's the stuff about twitter and expensive fish finders where i get lost. have you met gibbs? he's a troglodyte. no offense. too late. what are these for? keys to my house. knock yourselves out. you want us to stay there?
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you're not staying here. well... it was good to meet you, fred. (sighs) it's phil. and he was talking to both of us. no, he wasn't. i know the man. so do i. gibbs and i have shared a lot. have you shared an ex-wife? no. (scoffs) is that a brag? i'm just saying that i know the man intimately. oh, wait. (chuckles) you're jealous. what?! yeah. no! yes. it's just that if you were really friends, you'd know that gibbs hates electronics in the cabin. especially hunting aids. and don't get me started on phones. but it's my first time up here. exactly. so why don't you sit this one out, skippy? well, you got a car. i'm stuck here. i will call you a taxi. signal is always a little bit spotty here. (wood clatters) no. no, no, no, no. no. that wasn't for pleasure, gibbs. that was an emergency!
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you were right. he does hate electronics at the cabin. he's pretty mad at you. (sighs) sir, by 7:10 we were climbing to 30,000 feet at a little over 300 miles an hour. still with nothing to report. lieutenant holcomb, you had an unauthorized passenger on that plane, your plane, and we're trying to figure out how he got there. then stop accusing me and my crew of being involved! you notice anything unusual this morning? nope. we make that flight every month, like clockwork. (phone rings) hello? your ground crew. they might have seen something. everyone on that tarmac has a job to do. looking for stowaways isn't one of them. i mean, who the hell would be that stupid? i think we're about to find out. on my way back, jimmy. nail pitting can be a sign of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. uh, no doubt the tropical south american climate
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would ease the pain. what, you think this guy risked his life for better skin? vitamin supplements are much safer. jimmy, you said you had a print? just one sec. almost done. uh, dr. mallard, would you start for me? gladly. this is the right index finger of a fully grown adult male. after thawing the digit, and separating fabric from flesh, dr. palmer rehydrated the tissue with injections of saline. it's a common procedure. it's outlined in dr. mallard's book. volume one comes out next week. oh, that's right. congrats, duck. jimmy: it's exciting, huh? they even asked him to go on a signing tour. ducky: it's only being sold at lesser colleges with a specialized medical examiner program. i politely declined. but i am scheduling all of his flights. jimmy, i thought you were working on the fingerprint. yeah, it's on the list. right now, i am sending dr. mallard on the trip of a lifetime.
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it is six weeks worth of dramatic readings, autographs. here's the itinerary. tell him he should go. what? (mouths) you know, duck, i loved doing my book tours for deep six. people really love putting a face to the words. especially the groupies. define "groupies." eager, attractive fans of your work. well, upper new york state is at its best this time of the year. yes, perhaps i should talk this over with my agent. where's my phone? ah. uh, excuse me. dr. mallard stayed to help after the director was kidnapped. but really, he's just been wandering around, uh, constantly looking over my shoulder. is it wrong for me to help him find a new project? jimmy, fingerprint.
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oh, i already sent it up to kasie. what? why did you call me? (chuckles): uh, i needed your help with dr. mallard. gibbs would murder you. i know. you are so much nicer. bishop: robber's stolen car arrives at 6:39 a.m. he parks and waits. got tinted windows. you can't see a face. bishop: the armored truck arrives at 6:53. torres: you got one guard. bishop: a payday loan shop in the middle of nowhere, carolina is not a high priority. torres: it will be now. wow. 350 grand in four and a half seconds. that's not bad. bishop: he knew the delivery schedule and he was careful. torres: that flight suit helped him blend in on the base. could this guy be military? we need a name to match that finger. it's been classified. by who? the fbi. we got an exact match in the system, but to access the file, we have to be read in, in person.
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the fbi is coming here? yeah. kasie: turn those frowns upside down. you got fingerprint info? oh, no. that is not the reason for the smiles. i found our robber. i mean, kind of, kind of-- the general area. okay. according to the black box recorder, the landing gear only extended on approach to d.c. the robber could have parachuted anytime before landing. that's 60 miles of north-south approach with about three miles of east-west drift for a parachute descent. needle, meet haystack. yes. but since no one reported a random parachute on their morning commute, (chuckles) and there was nothing on social media... our robber avoided populated areas. which would mean he jumped as soon as the landing gear doors opened. which would put him somewhere around here. bishop: well, okay, slightly smaller haystack. torres: you mean forest. yeah, and still too big to cover on foot. but we can alert park rangers and set up roadblocks. right, mcgee? these road names, they-they look familiar. wait, is this brossard county?
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yes. no. what? what's in brossard county? gibbs, and his cabin. oh. ooh. yeah, but you said the search grid is-is huge. yeah, but we should still warn him. we're gonna interrupt his vacation? no, man. he doesn't want to talk to us. (phone ringing) special agent mcgee. hey, boss, uh, we were just talking about you. damn. that's just... that's next level. you're going out to search for a missing bank robber in the middle of nowhere? you used my phone to call ncis? hey. that was an emergency. you were looking for an excuse to get out of here. gibbs, the chances of you finding this guy are a million to one. so you're just gonna leave us? yes. well, i was an eagle scout. i was a trained federal agent. hmm.
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all right, so where are we? well, gibbs happily volunteered to search miles of remote forest. said he needed the distraction. from his vacation? roadblocks? state police have been notified, but are you sure he didn't want to wait for the forestry service? gibbs is gibbs. did you talk to the nsa? yeah. thermal-imaging satellites won't be in place for hours. (phone vibrating) sorry, suze. forgot to turn it off. uh-oh. you think the fbi knows that this case deals with stolen federal money, and crosses state lines? safe bet.
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they're gonna take over. well, don't let them. do what gibbs does. such as? for starters, stop being so nice. (birds chirping) (panting) i win! i made it to the top of the ridge first. phil wasn't even close. see anything? i know what you're doing. using us against each other for your own benefit. did you see anything? (chuckles) you were right. you can see the whole valley from up there. i saw some fabric caught in a tree a couple of miles due east. it's got to be the parachute, right? hey. what took you so long, pokey? i'm built for comfort, not speed. he told you about the parachute? yeah. guess this thing finds fish, not bad guys. hey, put that back. we may need it if i run out of protein bars.
9:25 pm
come on, let's get out of here. does it keep score? of what? me, one; you, zero. oh, very funny. give it back. you want a tip, agent monet? call me izzy. and, yes, please. izzy. mm? take a bus tour. like a tourist? yeah, the cheesier the better. you'll see all the landmarks, and then you're gonna learn how to use those to, uh, to navigate. smart. i'd rather have someone show me around. do you know anybody? well, izzy, that depends. do you like motorcycles? hello. special agent timothy mcgee, ncis. isabel monet, fbi. this is our case. wow, you were not kidding. (chuckles) i'm not here to take over the case. you told her? she has a nice smile. (laughs softly) i just recently transferred from our san diego office. i'm not used to people being so uptight about jurisdiction. or life, in general.
9:26 pm
well, you'll get there. hmm. now, about our fingerprint match? down to business. that is so east coast. meet franklin poe. you were not able to access his info because he's part of the federal witness protection program. is he a scared bunny or a dirty rat? poe's a rat. he was busted three years ago as part of a high-profile heist in las vegas. agreed to testify against his buddies for a plea deal. hence witness protection. we set him up in north carolina managing a shoe store. it's not sexy, but safe. i guess he had second thoughts. waves break, but they don't change course. do you surf? it's funny you should ask that. i... is this it? am i missing something? no. it just seems that you could've told us this over the phone, or maybe e-mailed the file. you got me. uh, there's actually another reason that i came in person. i, um, i... izzy? jackie-jack! there's my little beach bum.
9:27 pm
3,000 miles, and trouble still finds me. how about that? it's nice to see you, too. uh-huh. slow down, bear grylls! who's pokey now? i was talking to gibbs. you can always turn back. ♪ show me the way to go home ♪ ♪ i'm tired and i want to go to bed. ♪ never mind. i'm good. i'm okay. (branches snapping) woman: who's there? i thought i heard singing. you did. bad singing. you can go ahead and shoot, but i'll go down swinging. special agent gibbs. . ncis?
9:28 pm
what is this, a company picnic? yeah. you on your way out? my truck is parked on the other side of the orchard there. name's jane. looks like you caught some trout, jane. yeah, trout. a few crappie. worm? my dad taught me to use canned corn. i come up here every year to fish and to quit smoking and every year i'm only half successful. did you happen to see anybody else out here? maybe someone with nine fingers. that's awfully specific. uh-uh. no. this have to do with that parachute i saw a little ways back? should i be worried? would you like an escort to your truck? from you? or them? thanks. i'll take my chances. oh, and that, uh, parachute, it's about two miles due south. just right off the trail there.
9:29 pm
south? i thought you said east. fornell: i got us close. i didn't hear anything from the eagle scout. i don't know. sounds like that scoreboard's back to goose eggs. i wanted to surprise you. i've only been in town for two weeks. i was starting to get a little bored, so i just thought this would be like old times. you know? minus the good beaches. we had fun. had. what is your deal? you're not still mad about bodhi? oh, please. (laughing): look, i'm sorry that you got your heart broken, but i won fair and square. nothing with you is ever fair. (chuckles) do you want to see a picture? wait. you keep one with you?! girl can dream, right? put your phone away and get to the point or get out of my office. uh, if you two want to talk in private, i can just come back. that might be best, ellie. just wait. i have been case agent on this since the beginning. i just want to see it through.
9:30 pm
and jack, if our friendship interferes with that in any way, we don't have to interact. just pretend i didn't save your life in bora bora. (stammers) what, you two went to bora bora to surf? nobody goes to bora bora to surf. okay. so then why does one go to bora bora? the fbi gave you what we had. i'm just asking that ncis do the same thing. to be clear, i saved you first. those waves were sick, brah. (under breath): shut up. just give her the file. give her the file. okay. thank you. mm-hmm. ugh. she would be fun on karaoke night. but i should probably double-check everything she just told us, right? with extreme prejudice. thank you. you're welcome.


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