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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  January 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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us. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego . it is hump day meaning we are halfway through the week. >> we are almost there. we are checking this next storm system which will roll in this evening and tonight. it is a slow mover but looking at most of the day dry ahead of this next storm. we have cloudy skies with temperatures in the 40s and he's. concord at 49, oakland 54, livermore 47, downtown san francisco 53. we have cloudy skies, cold temperatures and areas of fog in the east bay and interior valley. livermore is at a quarter mile with patchy fog in other locations. it is a mainly dry afternoon with the rain returning this evening. we have lingering showers
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thursday morning and a wetter and stronger system rolling in friday beginning friday afternoon. we will time this out on the future cast, hour by hour, and what you can expect when the rain returns where you are. the advantage to leaving this early is there are not a lot of cars on the roadway which is the good news out of oakland into san francisco. it is a great start to your wednesday morning at the toll plaza. it is not the case at the altamont pass this morning. there's a live look at the 205- 580 connector. the problem is we have roadwork in both directions and hopefully they willwrap up slow-and-go. jumping to the maps and we have delay on westbound 580 from lodi to greenville and of course heavy at the dublin interchange. looking out westbound 80 at noe
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valley road, the good news is that all the lanes are open after that vital crash. if you are taking the east shore freeway, from hercules to the bay bridge area, traffic moving smoothly. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have new pictures of the car fire posted overnight and you can see it is fully engulfed in flames at petaluma boulevard and breezeway. it is behind the stripmall with the best by and target. they have spent some time investigating how the car fire reported but we have not heard the cause of the fire yet. happening today san francisco bank pg&e is doing the federal courtroom. the judges overseeing the
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criminal conviction after the fire in san bruno caused by the pg&e gas line in 2010. they were ordered to implement expensive safety measures and pg&e is hoping the order could be scaled back in the wake of the bankruptcy filing this week. yesterday the shares arising nearly 16 1/2%, closing just under $14 but a far cry from november when the pg&e stock was almost $50 a share but it plunged after they were implicated in the butte county wildfire. they have secured $5.5 billion in bank loan while under chapter 11. the oakland schools are in danger of shutting down to save the money and this time it is kaiser elementary in the district is considering closing the school and moving the students to a bigger and lower
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performing school, and this could be as soon as 2021 and it will save the district money but the spokesperson says it is the space issue. teachers and parents at the school heard about it last week. >> taking students from here and moving them anywhere is disruptive to the students. >> if they merge the school with kaiser, they will be treated with respect and equally. in the meantime, parents and teachers at kaiser are organizing a protest in they will vote on this at a later date. educators across oakland began voting on whether to strike and community leaders are meeting on possible strikes and they want smaller class sizes and pay raises. should teachers get millions of dollars in raises is the issue this morning.
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>> they gathered at the city hall yesterday and they want the tax windfall to be used on education. the city has an extra $181 million to spend and city supervisors want to spend $60 million on raising the wages but mayor london breed wants to use it to pay for other initiatives. the city council has decided not to harm the city park rangers say their jobs are occasionally dangerous. the main issue is patrolling the creek areas where the homeless live. instead of having rangers armed they will continue the policy of having rangers accompanied by police officers in certain situations, but some feel this is not enough. >> what happens three or four days out of the week, so we don't feel they have addressed this. >> we have peace officers in a city short of police officers. >> the city is considering the
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creation of a special police unit for parks, but that could be several years away. at silicon valley they are hunting for a sexual predator and they have released a sketch of the suspect, accused of groping women at night in sunnyvale between last april and three weeks ago. he is described to be in his 20s or 30s. they say he targets women walking by themselves. the care for where you use your laptop. in berkeley they have had a string of thefts, six in the last two weeks at the sex coffeehouse, cafi strada, starbucks, and in all cases the crooks grabbed the laptops and run. another brazen laptop theft caught on camera last unit cafi strada. the suspect was arrested a few days later after the police released this video. the condominium is the scene of the grizzly san
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francisco murder and now up for sale. it has been less than a year since the dismembered body of the woman was found in the basement storage area and now the apartment is on the market. it is a three-bedroom, two bath, 1300 square foot apartment listed for $985,000. >> it's amazing, and staged out with furniture like nothing ever happened. >> it is like your neighbor was not killed here. >> they don't care. they just see it as a space. >> california law requires the realtor to tell the buyer when someone died at the property within the previous three years. hundreds have showed up to the sideshows in the sacramento area amplifying the growing concern over the dangerous drivinr extra law- enforcement. >> approximately 100 vehicles. >> reporter: the car burning
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rubber in circles with crowds standing nearby, a danger that the chp is trying to prevent. >> they are doing donuts in the streets and they are coming so close to the people i don't know how they could not comprehend the danger and the type of catastrophic injuries they can do in this situation. >> reporter: this infrared from the helicopter shows how close the cars are to the ground. the infrared camera shows the heat from the tires. >> it is up to 100 vehicles. >> reporter: moving from the north highlands to natomas and so massive it tied up the local units and they had to call in extra officers to respond. several arrests were made with citations given, and they impounded vehicles. >> if we don't solve the problem they will go wh andois officers, and they can take
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over freeway, completely shutting down traffic. has been an attorney dedicated to these types of cases to help to streamline the prosecution process. >> it puts so many lives in danger it will not be tolerated. >> in this case officers say that the majority of the participants are from outside sacramento social media making it easier for the groups to meet up. here's a live look at sfo where last night a baby arrived back in her mother's arms after being separated at the border. the heartwarming reunion is caught on camera. cindy flores is the honduran mother overcome with tears after holding her 18-month-old juliet again. they were separated whenhe chge u.s. after depon. the tion calledsahe is in ara fighting
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deportation. the mother crossed the border separately and release earlier this month. she is staying with family in san francisco while seeking asylum. >> it was a traumatic experience to be taken away from the father in this way, and to be separated from all family members. >> stop hurting families. babies have died in families have been separated. people seeking asylum have been turned away. >> when asked what the message from cindy to the white house is, she said stop breaking families apart. all of this comes six months after the administration said they would in the zero- tolerance policy. it is 4:40 am. we take a live look at the arctic like conditions within entire city shutting down operations. here's a live shot of chicago. >> it looks cold there but not bad here.
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we will have rain later tonight. here's a live look at the bay bridge. we will be right back
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his state of the union address next tuesday. as for the democratic . it is 4:42 am. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol. president trump is that to deliver the state of the union address next tuesday. georgia stacey abrams will deliver the message as the rising star in the democratic party who gained national attention after her unsuccessful campaign for governor of georgia. chuck schumer said he invited stacey abrams because she led the charge for the voting rights. there will be the spanish- language response to the speech of the president and you can watch it live tuesday night at 6:00 right 5. the government shutdown may be over but the damage could take 300 years to repair the joshua tree national park.
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that is according to the man that ran the park for many years, josh wood tree open to the public for 34 days during the shutdown with fewer rangers. they chop down the famous josh wood trees, lit illegal fires in spring graffiti, and caring through the desert for miles. looking at the deep red in chicago, and is an extremely bitter cold day in much of the western u.s. but with temperatures lower than people have felt for years, even decades. >> it is so severe that amtrak has answered all trains in and out of the chicago union station due to the low freezing temperatures and the effect it has on the tracks. we have more on the problem from the deadly cold blast. >> the cold is no joke -- not today. >> reporter: it is 40, 50 and even 60 below zero.
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some are taking it in stride. >> the wind makes it colder. >> reporter: others are hunkering down. >> i will be in my dorm all day staying warm. >> reporter: the dangers temperatures have forced schools and businesses to shut down for the day with no mail delivered in some areas. in chicago we expect record- breaking lows today. officials are doing what they can to get the homeless off of the streets. >> no one in need of a safe or warm place to stay will be turned away. that is no one. >> reporter: they give turned five buses into mobile warming centers and the polar vortex is expanding over the u.s. with the colder air from the north pole to the south and northern hemisphere ringing some of the coldest weather in a generation. the governors in illinois, wisconsin and michigan declared states of emergencies as temperatures continue to drop. >> even if you have the triple
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fat goose jacket over there, it will not help much. >> i have a friend that just moved to chicago from california. she said she likes the snow but that the cold actually hurts. >> it is dangers in minnesota i family there and my brother-in- law said he just stuck his arm out, and that is all he could do because it is so cold. the wind chill value factors in not only the temperature but with the wind and how it feels out there. in minneapolis it is 52 below right now. chicago 49 below, my not is 43 below, omaha 27 below, st. louis 28 below zero. they are dealing with dangerously extremely and bitterly cold conditions over there. for us in the bay area it is nice to leave your with temperatures starting out with 40s and 50s.
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compared to that we are bombing with temperatures right around 49 in concord. oakland at 53, livermore 47, downtown san francisco 53 and 52 in san jose, 49 in santa rosa. we have areas of fog with livermore and a quarter mile visibility. the east bay interior valley is dealing with dense fog to start the day. that is closer to the sacramento valley and san joaquin valley with the fog. here is the satellite and radar view. the rain arrives this evening and it will take a little bit longer to get here. we are tracking a few storms ringing in wet weather. here is 4 pm. we are dry this afternoon that you can storm system bringing i the rain. we stopped the clock at 9 pm and you can see the rain beginning to move in.
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this will move in tonight into tomorrow morning with lingering showers at 5 am. we have been tracking a stronger and wetter storm system to arrive friday bringing widespread rain friday afternoon through the weekend with unsettled weather as we look ahead to the weekend. the rainfall amounts with the first system looking at anywhere from a quarter to half inch of rain, 6/10 in san francisco, san rafael and pacifica. 8/10 for santa cruz. by the end of the week we had this next system rolling in friday into the weekend with over an inch of rain for santa rosa and that is rainfall totals for san francisco and santa cruz. mainly dry conditions is afternoon with the rain arriving tonight, 62 in san francisco, 64 in oakland, 67 in san jose. we have rain later in the evening on the 7-day forecast
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with showers lingering on thursday. we have stronger storm system friday, rain chances for the weekend and into monday. let's check in with gianna on the traffic with patchy fog in the interior valley. >> be careful hitting the roadways this morning. jumping to the a live look over oakland, northbound toward the coliseum looks good and an easy ride so far out of oakland. it is an easy ride in the hayward and into fremont with traffic moving nicely. we have a roadwork closure at oakland and alameda. it is due to the roadwork and in effect for another 10 to 15 minutes. they hope to have it wrapped up by 5:00. the ac transit lanes are impacted so keep that in mind. elsewhere at the altamont pass, business as usual, a busy spot is typical this time of the morning. it is off the tool by connecting onto the 580, slow
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into greenville with construction reported eastbound. it is causing spectator slowing from the westbound side with that earlier construction that is wrapping up. let's take a look at san jose at the northbound 101, no delays at the south bay. your clear to the peninsula with an easy ride on 280 as well. traveling from how your avenue to the sfo, 36 minutes and from 205 to 680 is 35 minutes, east shore freeway is a 13 minute drive. looking at the east shore freeway at ashby avenue, no problems. the bay bridge toll plaza is off to a great start. it is 4:50 am. years a live look at atlanta, georgia, the super bowl countdown with less than five days from the big game at the mercedes-benz stadium. it is the battle of the bay
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area bread quarterbacks with super fans gearing up along with thousands of journalists spending their workday at a truly amazing place. >> 24 hours a day. >> it is a quiet confidence about the team. >> reporter: if you're listening to the sports talk radio during super bowl week it's a good chance is coming from radio row in atlanta. it is the big national broadcast where they podcast local shows across the country and everyone has their own take on the game. >> this is the reason i picked the rams to win. >> nfl players past and present. >> reporter: they make the rounds sharing their expertise. the former nfl quarterback, boomer, part of the team and cohosting the popular sports radio in new york. >> coming to radio row you realize the enormity of it.
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>> reporter: the event has grown from a modest beginning and now includes tv broadcast including our own cbs sports network. >> my friend is here so it's cool to see him. >> it is a cool game so come see these guys in person. >> reporter: with the super bowl approaching and the height getting bigger and louder, it's a good chance that so will the sports chatter on radio row. cbs news, atlanta. >> don't forget to watch the super bowl on sunday beginning at 3:30 pm right here on this is a kpix 5 morning update . it is 4:52 am. it is a new look for the beloved toy story character, and hits make it to broadway, those stories and more coming up in your hollywood headlines. here's a live look of the south bay, san jose, cloudy to start your wednesday morning at 52 degrees in san jose.
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good wednesday morning. we are looking at cloudy skies and areas of fog to start the day and especially in the east bay and interior valley. mainly dry through the afternoon with the storm system arriving this evening. temperatures this afternoon, 67 in santa clara and san jose. 63 at walnut creek and san ramon, 64 in oakland. san leandro at 61 in san francisco 62. lakeport and clearlake are at 63. if you're morning drive take you to the richmond-san rafael bridge we have roadwork that could slow you down with one taken away from the marine
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to the toll plaza for work. we have construction at sir francis drake with one closed. they hope it is all wrapped up by 6:00 this morning. the toy story character is getting a makeover. the show inspired by the life of harvey weinstein preparing to open in london. >> here is your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: it is a new play inspired by the harvey weinstein sexual assault scandal with the world premiere this summer in london and it is john malkovich playing the lead role as a badly behaved movie mogul. the play, bitter weeds, written by pulitzer prize winner david minute. several women have accused weinstein of sexual misconduct and he denies the allegations of nonconsensual sex. >> reporter: alaniz morrissette is coming to broadway with her 1995 graham -- grammy-winning
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album into a live musical this fall. >> reporter: toy story board looks more empowered than ever and gone are the frilly skirts but now wearing pants and the kate on bo. that is your eye on entertainment, chris martinez, cbs 2 news los angeles. it is 4:57 am. a brutal attack and why many call it an act of hate, coming up. >> reporter: in a couple of hours a federal judge could issued the sweeping order to pg&e to inspect every last mile of the power lines in california to prevent the wildfires. i am kiet do with a live report coming up. deer ♪
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the utility to inspect equipment statewide. cbbay ar under prsure5 news. ain mornurr them to
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inspect their equipment state ride. another open school is on the chopping block with more fuel for the fire facing the district. everyone is talking about the polar vortex and president trump is tweeting out about global warming again. good morning. it is wednesday, january 30. i am michelle griego . >> good morning. i am kenny choi. it is 5:00 as we check the weather and traffic in the bay area. at least we are not in the midwest where it is freezing with subzero temperatures. >> it is 50 below and minneapolis right now with the wind chill values. it is crazy cold conditions but for us, 40s and 50s with mild temperatures as we kickoff this wednesday. here's a live look from the san jose camera with cloudy skies. we will have a return of the rain by this evening but


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