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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  January 31, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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31. i am michelle griego . >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i am kenny choi. it is almost 4:30 am. we have some mild rain and things are winding down for a nice afternoon. it was great they have the rain that rolled in last night overnight into the early morning hours. we have with whether and moderate heavy rainfall from sunnyvale, saratoga, you can see the yellow and orange indicating moderate heavy rainfall over you. we have light rain over san jose this morning. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge, raindrops are on the like camera this morning. we have scattered showers this morning. things are winding down. we are looking at a dry and
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mild afternoon with above average temperatures through the day. we catch a break today into early tomorrow morning before we track this strong storm system bringing us wet and windy conditions friday afternoon into saturday. that is the storm be able to watch your this storm for this morning's tapering off and the commute with the wet roadways could be the biggest problem with this storm. again, the stronger storm will roll in tomorrow afternoon, and we will watch that closely. let's check in with jonathan on the traffic >> we are off to a busy start due to the wet weather here here is 80 westbound not far from 9th street. it is shut down due to flooding and it looks like they are dealing with three clogged drains that they have now cleared and the lanes are now open but keep your eyes open and look for standing water due to the rain. we have troubles lot at the san
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mateo bridge and it looks like they have that completely out of the roadway, moving okay from hayward into foster city. we have a report of a crash northbound 101 blocking at least one with reports of flooding in the left lane. use caution and especially around the whipple pass. as you head toward the sfo you should be good to. 280 off to a good start, we will take a look at the golden gate bridge in a moment. let's go live two newark new jersey. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have a huge fire burning at the top floor of the parking garage at the airport with at least a dozen cars destroyed with firefighters hard at work with the smoke continuing to report. this is the p deof the
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garage, and this is a regular parking garage, not long-term parking. no flights have been affected but it is challenged for the firefighters with the polar vortex into that area. the water is freezing as soon as it hits the ground. a bay area woman is in hot water for allegedly working as the walgreens pharmacist for years without a license. the california pharmacy board said that kim thien le handled over 745,000 prescriptions for several years and in 2007 operating out of fremont, milpitas and san jose would prescriptions dispensed from 395 walgreens locations. she had a pharmacist technicians license that expired in 2008 and the license number for the walgreens
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records for kim thien le actually belonged two another pharmacist that had a similar name. >> they need to check better on the backgrounds. >> each of the walgreens locations could have there pharmacy license revoked. walgreens says "we undertook a re-verification of the licenses of all of our pharmacist nationwide two ensure that this was an isolated in that it." a bay area man is recovering after the dog bit him on the beach and claude jansen says the dog did this through his arm when he was out for walk monday in sonoma county and one of the three dogs with the couple took a chunk out of his arm. he said that is not the worst part. >> i said can you help me and he said, and i'll never forget this, and he looked at me with his snide face and said "what you want me to do? kiss and make it better?"
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they turned and walked away. >> animal control has confirmed that the couple in the photos are the suspects. medics took into the hospital in santa rosa for eight stitches. in chicago, they have released photos of the alleged suspects in the case of an attack on jussie smollett. >> reporter: jussie smollett, from the talk show, empire, said nothing is more important than love. chicago police are investigating a possible hate crimes against the singer who was assaulted tuesday morning. >> it makes a man of a man. >> reporter: jussie smollett place a gate character on the
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show and is in real life, and he said he was hit and had an unknown chemical substance poured on him along with a rope that was placed around his neck. >> no one deserves to have a news put around your neck or to have leach thrown on you, and to be called these names, or whatever they said. >> reporter: the chicago police have released pictures of the images, and date found him entering his building with what appears to be the rope around the neck of jussie smollett. this has many outcries including nancy pelosi and kamala harris >> we are better than that, america is better than that. >> the spokesperson said that the police have not
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independently confirmed that jussie smollett was on the phone when it occurred but they have no reason to doubt the statements. the sheriff department says that two people were shot and one died with the third person's stabbed just after 4:00 yesterday. the sheriff department told us that the three individuals are connected somehow and that there is no threat of the community. investigators are looking into the cause of a house fire in south san francisco and the flames broke out east of skyline boulevard last night. choppered 5 was over that massive response with fire crews, and injuries were reported. ratepayers are expected to protest at the capital demanding that pg&e compensate the families of the camp fire victims and denouncing the decision by the puc to allow pg&e to take out billions of dollars in loans.
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in the meantime, pg&e will be back in bankruptcy court today hoping the judge will approve the loans. they say the utility violates the criminal probation after the pipeline explosion. the judge has questioned the utility commitment the fire safety, "what can we do, continue this is as usual and kill more people by starting more fires?" one advocacy group wants pg&e to be put into receivership. >> i'm not convinced that the current management of pg&e that has shown themselves incapable of following and complying with the basic safety rules will be able to follow the new rules from the judge. >> the court's finding that pg&e violated the probation means the terms of the probation could be revised in the decision is expected by the judge before the beginning of the fire season in june. a second apple engineer is
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accused of stealing trade secrets regarding the driverless car project. it is shown with him taking wide-angle photographs in a secured area with the autonomous car project were the details were kept. he admitted he uploaded thousands of documents do the plan on his personal hard drive. last summer another employee of apple was accused of stealing trade secrets and was traveling the china do visit family. >> the suspect has been released on $500,000 bail. the stock is up for facebook and date reported fourth-quarter earnings well beyond expectations. despite the headlines on privacy and political scandals, consumers and advertisers still plot the social giant with revenue up by 30% from the year earlier and monthly increase is up by 9%.
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the tesla fourth-quarter earnings that missed the wall street expectations and the ceo will retire this year, the second time he has left tesla and one of the longest-serving executives and first left in 2015. the shares of tesla fell 5% after the market closed. the clock is ticking on capitol hill theresa deal on the new spending plan. lawmakers have until february 15 or we face the possibility of another government shutdown. talks are underway in the eight republicans and nine democrats say they are willing to work toward the bipartisan solution on the stalemate over border funding and security but there's not much agreement as to which shape security will take. the president remains firm that the wall or barrier needs to be part of the discussion or they
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are wasting their time. straightening out the traffic on the most crooked street in several cisco and most agree it is a problem, this morning no one can agree on what two do. let's had outside as we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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a parole board just recommended that leslie van houten developing this morning, will the third time be the charm for one of the followers for charles manson than. the parole board recommended leslie van houten the released from prison, part of those that killed the grocery store owner and his wife. this is the third time the parole board recommended the release but then governor jerry brown blocked it. governor newsom has the nt drivers could place in almost $10 told by 2023. the second public meeting is planned about the proposed toll -like on february 5 and they project a $74 million deficit.
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san francisco officials are considering a $10 fee to drive down the most crooked street in america and people packed the meeting to make their voices heard on lombard street. first visitors would have to make a reservation to drive one block before paying the toll. many said they are fed up with the tourists and traffic jams and that they want relief. >> we have cars idling in front of our house 14, 16 hours a day. >> something needs to be done. it is not an option to do nothing. >> the residence feedback will going to find report and presented to the san francisco county transportation authority board of directors and ultimately it is up to the state legislators to decide. this could set a record for the most expensive homes ever
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sold in the city. the price tag is $41 million and it takes up the entire top floor at the new avery high- rise on folsom street at the trans bay transit dinner. it has gorgeous views and state- of-the-art design, as you can see. >> that is beautiful, $41 million. in the meantime, first-time home buyers with less expensive homes hope to get help with the down payment. >> last year the san jose state english professor says she was living out of her car due to the high cost of living and it turns out there are many people like her. they showed up yesterday to hear about the new loan program at the university. were relatively modest home at $700,000 the buyer would have to put down $140,000 in cash to get a mortgage >> this is a huge idea for me. i want to plant to myself here. >> the money comes from the
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affordable housing bond approved by county voters in 2016. it is for 40 5 am. we are looking at showers tapering off this morning as we catch a break later today and another storm system will roll in friday afternoon. that will be a powerful storm bringing in rain and wind. we have snow in the sierra as well. temperatures right now as we take a live look with the san jose camera, light rain and san jose. concord and oakland 55, livermore 53, 54 in san francisco, 53 in san jose. it is 49 right now in santa rosa. we are looking at lingering showers. here is the hideler. casee thmainly acro ul well the south bay this morning. that is what we notice right
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now and things are wrapping up pretty quickly. pe as we are looking at showers wrapping up and as we go through the afternoon dry conditions. we have mild to warm temperatures with the strong storm arriving friday afternoon for the wet and windy conditions. the satellite and radar view showing this area of low pressure, that cut off low providing us that wet weather we saw last night and overnight into the early morning. we have a second storm we are watching closely which is the stronger of the two. taking you through the day at 4 pm, partly sunny skies and we will dry out nicely through the day. as we head into friday morning, we could see a few showers for the nort friday afternoon. here is 4 pm, widespread rain with the wind picking up.
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we have a widespread line of heavy rain pushing through with possible isolated thunderstorms your the rain and wind will continue into saturday. as we look ahead to sunday it will be showers for super bowl sunday. we have the wind picking up for friday afternoon and you can see on the futurecast with the purple and red indicating the stronger wind. as we go to the week with this second system we will see a lot of rain. the future cast rainfall amounts showing 1 3/4 of two 2 inches for the week. downtown san francisco 63 and as well as oakland, 65 in san jose and santa rosa. your 7-day forecast with this next storm system arriving friday afternoon into saturday with showers sunday and monday four-wheel drive out, warming back up and more sunshine by the middle part of next week. trafwit's chin the
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>> we have wet surfaces, so use caution on the roadways. there is a closure on the southbound lanes at lincoln and slowed which happens occasionally dealing with the wet and windy weather. i want to show you video taken a little while ago this morning and our photographer with this dashcam getting pictures of this area of flooding in and san francisco on westbound 80 at 9th street with a traffic alert, two left lanes were completely shut down but they have reopened those lanes but they word dealing with clogged drains and flooding in the two left lanes. out of grant county we have a travel advisory at 101 and lucky drive with flooding across all lanes. use caution or alternates. this is one-on-one northbound, flooding reported in the left
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lane and a one car crash also reported that will slow you down a bit. here's a live look at conditions outside his week look at the golden gate bridge, no delays heading across the span into san francisco. at the richmond-san rafael bridge where off to a good start with wet roadways this morning so be careful heading out the door. the overall traffic is light with no delays between 80 and 101. metering lights are off at the bay breach but traffic is loading up just a bit at the incline, nbc out of oakland into san francisco. when you play football at san mateo high school you know you're following big footsteps 's the old archive this we found a brady playing at his alma mater, and now playing at his ninth super bowl this weekend with the new england patriots. we asked if that legacy of the
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current quarterback is intimidating. >> playing the sophomore year, and he goes to michigan, and then with the patriots. all the adversity he faces makes him the natural want to follow. >> luke said he is had a pretty good run as well breaking two of the records that tom brady set, and racking up six more records. he is off to a good start and maybe people play at the mercedes-benz stadium. here's a live look at atlanta georgia and within three days the los angeles rams and new england patriots will face off in the biggest annual game. it is super bowl fans that are flocking to atlanta to take part in the pregame act this. >> reporter: super bowl sunday getting closer and football fans are flocking to atlanta. >> come on down. >> reporter: there is plenty of
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spirit. you can see a lot of this. >> i may days. >> that is impressive. >> reporter: the patriots fans, head to toe, inside and out. back i grew up with the patriots, the bruins, the red sox and the celtics, and i love them all. >> reporter: caitlyn griffin charlotte and plays softball but she can throw the pigskin as well as anyone here and this interactive experience is mostly about staying active. >> i have adhd and i cannot stay still. >> reporter: super bowl will keep her busy. >> maybe friday i geto. >> reporter: there is a lot to get to, from meeting the nfl hall of famers, the live music, and the game. super bowl sunday may be about the teams on the field, but this week it is all about the fans. cbs news, atlanta.
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don't forget that kpix 5 is the station for super bowl liii, kickoff sunday at 3:30 pm. straight ahead, mariah carey is facing backlash over the canceled concert. the snl start heads to the big screen, that and more on your hollywood headlines. here's a live look at san jose. we have showers and the rain is focusing on the south bay right now but it will be changing. we will be right back.
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good morning. we are still tracking rain, and especially across the south bay. there is a lot rain over campbell, los gallos and palo
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alto getting wet weather as we start the day. we notice this tapering off and we will let you know what to expect through the afternoon, coming up. it is for 50 6 am. ozzy osbourne had to suspend most of this european tour due to a health crisis. mariah carey has canceled her concert. >> reporter: human rights activists are asking mariah carey to cancel her performance and saudi arabia, scheduled to take the stage in the city today and the royal family has received major criticism after the death of the washington post journalist jamal khashoggi and other human rights activists. ozzy osbourne is stepping away from the stage to do with the health crisis and the 70-year- old rocker is battling the flu and bronchitis. they will resume in sydney,
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australia in early march. >> reporter: pete davidson tapped for the next feature movie, and the comic was engaged to ariana grande and the high profile breakup made headlines. >> reporter: that is your eye on entertainment, cbs news, los angeles. it is for 50 7 am. coming up, a new threat of mudslides and the evacuations that are in place this morning. >> reporter: one of the biggest labor unions in the city of oakland will be demanding higher pay and to build the hundreds of job applications with the live report coming up.
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to come. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . and millions of americans are it is another round of rain this morning. as it tapers off there's more to come and mary lee has the latest from the weather center.
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millions of americans are feeling the deep freeze this morning. >> reporter: the deep cold is expected to take its toll on millions of americans at least for another day. i have a look at the hardest hit areas. bay area workers are demanding higher wages and this morning there is a call to action. morning, everyone. it is thursday, january 31. i am michelle griego . >> good morning. i am kenny choi . is get to the traffic with those issues already due to the rain. >> that's right. things are winding down but it is still a wet start to the day on the peninsula and south bay. as we zoom and we have light rain from woodside, as well as sunnyvale. we have light rain moving over san jose this morning and in saratoga. here is the wet san mateo bridge camera


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