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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  February 4, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and i'm veronica de la cruz. here's a look at some of our top local headlines at 5 you're watching kpix5 news at 5:30. >> good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. here's a look omof our
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top local headlines at 5:30. educators in oakland voted in favor of a strike. teachers are demanding smaller class sizes and higher wages among other things. the school district said it wants to make an agreement to prevent a strike which could happen by the end of this month. >> a helicopter combed the mendocino county forest for this bay area forest, 21-year- old carlos hernandez, jr. and 18-year-old maya herman catami reported missing friday after they didn't return from a camping trip. a snowstorm barreled through the forest this weekend. family and friends are very concerned they may be trapped. on the storm watch we have reports of snow near mt. st. helena, mt. hamilton and a sleet and snow mix on mt. diablo. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno says there's more coming our way. >> could be a 1/2 foot on some of the peaks. it is a snowstorm right now at
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the top of mt. hamilton. the snow is coming down heavily. it is a snowstorm on mt. diablo and the latest imagery shows that widespread high elevation snow is also occurring in the north bay. that's you in napa county, sonoma county, even along the coastline just north of bodega bay. the hills there are now reporting snowfall and some heavy rain and snow passing right over mt. tam. this will be a very interesting night to see how low that snow level goes. these spots guaranteed snowing now, mt. st. helena, mt. tam, mt. diablo, mt. hamilton. the summit of highway 17 is more likely than not to receive snowfall tonight, mission peak, grizzly peak above oakland and berkeley. snowfall is possible tonight. a few spots with a minimal chance of snow includes san bruno mountain, twin peaks and the city of santa rosa. any heavy shower will drag the snow level below 1,000 feet and if the heavy shower hits any of those spots, we could be
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talking about snow in isolated sections of san francisco tonight. that doesn't happen very often. we'll talk more about our rain chances moving forward in a few minutes. >> thanks. the furnaces will be cranked tonight. also at 5:30 a new set of problems arising for camp fire victims in paradise, those families could be forced from their homes for a second time if they choose to accept federal relief. kpix5's wilson walker attended a community meeting today and explains how the ultimatum really isn't sitting too well with residents. wilson? >> reporter: look, no one was under any illusion that rebuilding from this fire would be easy. today might have been a very good lesson in just how difficult it is going to be. >> like i said, fema told me that i could move back and that's why i did. >> reporter: for john robert williams the decision to move back to paradise was easy. fema let him set up this trailer not long after the camp fire destroyed his home, but
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now he and other survivors are asked to move again. >> they've already uprooted their life one time. it's going to be traumatic for people. >> this is bs. >> reporter: the decision came at a contentious and often rowdy meeting at town hall today. >> sit down, please. >> reporter: the paradise town council previously approved an ordinance allowing people burned out of their homes to bring in those trailers, but fema now says that fire debris must be removed before a property can be reoccupied. in other words, if the debris isn't gone, you can't live in that trailer even if your next- door neighbor is closer to that debris and spill allowed to live in their home. >> i got two houses burned, but i can't be here. >> it just makes absolutely no sense to me. >> reporter: the mayor and council members say they disagree with the fema rules and admit they don't always make much sense, but hanging in the balance was $1.7 billion in rebuilding funds and not one of
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them was going to risk that money. >> if we don't do it, our town will look like a war zone for the next 20 years because we are broke. we have no money. we have no resources and the reason we don't make the rules is because we're relying on others who do have those resources to help us. and those resources come with strings. >> yeah. i felt like we had a financial gun to our head because we need that money because most people up here are underinsured or have no insurance and who is going to clean up those properties? >> reporter: so paradise will play by fema's rules and for those who move back, there is now a choice to make. >> that's a risk you're going to have to take as an individual how long you're going to stay and who is going to knock on your door. >> pretty much. i'm going to stay here until they force me out. i'm not leaving just because they say i got to go. >> reporter: so when do these people have to go?
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the only answer is soon. where are they going to go? the town is working on that. it presents more and more questions for these people who have already been forced from their homes once. everyone knew this was all going to be difficult, but i think a lot of folks consider this maybe an obstacle that didn't have to happen. >> exactly. worse than a rock in a hard place. thanks for the update. lawmakers are proposing a statewide warning system that could help prevent wildfires before they happen. the proposal calls for a network of round the clock weather monitoring and threat assessments. lawmakers say it would help identify dangerous conditions which in turn could allow enough time to deactivate the power lines. in 2018 alone california suffered more than $11 billion in wildfire losses. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. we are getting word just now out of manhattan that president trump's inaugural committee has
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been subpoenaed, specifically investigators now are looking for documents related to all of the committee's donors and event attendees to the inauguration, any benefits that were handed out including tickets, photo opportunities with the president, federal disclosure filings, vendors, contracts and more. it says the prosecutors are also showing interest now in whether any foreigners illegally donated to the inauguration committee. again, a big subpoena being handed down this afternoon out of manhattan out of the federal court there and it pertains to president trump's inaugural committee. they want to look at all the books and who donated what to whom. at the live news desk, i'm ken bastida. back to you. >> ken, thank you. investigators are examining the wreckage of a small plane that crashed in orange county. it slammed into a home yesterday killing the pilot and
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four people inside the house. reporter michelle geely has the details on the investigation. >> we need your help. we need you to back out. >> what is that noise? it got louder and louder and louder until it was so piercing i wanted to cover my ears and then there was an explosion. >> we need you to back out of the area. >> reporter: the t who died along with four people on the ground in yorba linda sunday was identified late today as antonio pastini, a former chicago police officer and veteran aviator. the last seconds of the flight as seen on security video were chilling. the ntsb's lead investigator describes a cessna that made a rapid descent. >> a few witness reports say that they saw the airplane coming out of a cloud at a very high speed before parts of the airplane such as the tail and subsequently wings started to break off. >> reporter: twisted airplane parts are scattered over 4
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blocks. officials say there is debris in and around 16 homes near the yorba linda country club. by far, the worst is here, which was the house of long time residents. parts of the wreckage and an engine landed on the roof and set the home on fire. sheriff's deputies say this is where four members of a family who had gathered for a super bowl party, were killed. they are two men and two women and can't be positively identified without dna testing. relatives and neighbors confirmed that one of the deceased victims lived here in norco. they explain he and his wife went to watch the super bowl at her parents' in yorba linda. officials say two adults, a male and a female, did manage to escape from the inferno and they will survive. ntsb officials will look into the pilot's background as well as the plane's maintenance records. it's being reported that he bought the plane about a year ago.
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had to make an emergency landing pedestrians in lima, peru, had a big shock today when an nd right on top of a car. this peruvian air force plane had to make an emergency landing in the middle of a street. as it was coming down, one of the wings snagged power lanes and the plane crashed on top of a red suv. nobody on the ground was hurt. the two captains inside were injured but not seriously. people tried to outrun a mudslide today in bolivia. a warning, you may find the video disturbing. they were trying to walk a path when the slide began. some people got swept down the hill in the debris flow, so far no toward on injuries. this is near the spot where an earlier slide on saturday killed 11 people. pope francis is on a historic trip. he is the first pontiff to visit the united arab emirates. the pope was welcomed into the abu dhabi in an elaborate parade today. he rolled in in a simple kia
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hatchback. the grand imam signed a statement for hopes of world peace and human understanding. tomorrow the pope delivers the first ever papal mass in the uae expected to draw more than 135,000 people. soap opera fans mourning the sudden death of a young and the restless star, how he recently opened up about a personal tragedy. >> a colin kaepernick mural in atlanta removed before the super bowl, how artists are rallying to fight back. thieves are even caught on ne city >> coming up all new at 6:00 an east bay neighborhood seeing a rash in break-ins, some of the thieves even caught on surveillance video video, how one city leader is taking action to address that problem. announcer: at joseph a. bank's super tuesday sale
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francisco couple reported missing in mendocino national we have an update on a story we first brought you at 5:00, getting word that a san francisco couple reported missing in the mendocino national forest, they have been found safe. friends put out the word when the couple didn't return from a camping trip this weekend, but minutes ago the good news, they are safe after getting stuck in the snow. cbs daytime has lost one of its stars. kristoff st. john from the young and restless has died. elizabeth cook is here with more on the long time soap opera actor. >> kristoff st. john appeared on the show more than two decades and colleagues are remembering him fondly. >> on her way any minute. she wouldn't miss this for the
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world. >> kristoff st. john known to many as neil winters on the young and the restless is dead at just 52 years old. >> be able to open up to me about anything you want. >> st. john's attorney confirmed his death after he was found unresponsive inside his woodland hills home. right now his death is being investigated as a possible alcohol overdose. >> that call was the worst call i've ever had in my life. >> what you got going there? >> the two time daytime emmy award winner has been battling a tragic few years after losing his son julian to suicide. he opened up to entertainment tonight in 2017. >> i'll campaign to the day that i die to bring justice to my son. >> st. john took to twitter last month to reply to a post that said, "grieving the loss of a child is a process. it begins on the day your child passes and ends the day the
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parent joins them." he wrote, "never a truer word was spoke." as police continue their investigation, st. john's fiancee reacted to his death on instagram saying, "you were everything to me. you were a loving father, a loving man." a joint statement from cbs television and sony pictures television, the studio that produces the young and the restless says in part, "kristoff st. john was a beloved friend whose smile and infectious laugh made every day on set a joy and made audiences love him." st. john leaves behind two daughters and a fiancee. >> thank you, liz. millennials in the united states are facing a bigger risk of developing obesity-related cancers. thw from the american cancer society shows the surprising jump from six obesity-related cancers in young adults 25 to 49 years old. one doctor says this new trend could reverse the decline of most cancers over the years. >> obesity is slated to
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overtake tobacco to become the single most common preventible cause of cancer. >> experts point out it's possible to buck the trend by eating healthier and working out more at an earlier age. a mural of colin kaepernick was destroyed over the weekend in atlanta. the artist says the timing was no coincidence. fabian williams painted the fowler of the former 49er in an atlanta -- mural of the former 49er in an atlanta falcons fan standing next to ali. he found his mural turned to rubble. >> the kaepernick mural has been demolished the weekend of the super bowl and i have to say the timing is very suspicious. >> the mural had been up for about two years. it even survived a fire that ravaged the building. williams quickly rallied fellow atlanta artists to create more kaepernick murals in its place. they spread them out across the city. he said some are now finished, some still a work in progress. >> we immediately started to like look for business owners
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that would allow us to paint pictures of kaepernick and we were like how many we going to do? i'm like seven since that's his jersey number. >> williams says he doesn't know who destroyed the original mural but considers the act insensitive. the patriots aren't the only big winners of the super bowl. >> yeah. for the first time the nfl also won the night with its commercial. are. >> the moment and everything else that makes you say -- >> the league finished first in usa today's today ad meter, a ranking of super bowl ads based on consumer ratings. the spot was a two minute owed to the nfl featuring six generations of football players at a black tie dinner celebrating the league's 100th season. rounding out the top three, an amazon alexa ad with harrison ford and an inspirational x bot spot with young gamers. the worst in ads, a burger king
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commercial featuring the late andy warhol didn't sit well with viewers. the results are based on votes by tens of thousands of fans. >> too many robots, too. strong winds wreak havoc this weekend in pebble beach, a scramble to clean up the damage. >> a bus driver hailed a hero the moment he raced to rescue the victim of a rollover crash. ys before&-pa pro sporting even
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e roher ing some trouble just days before a pro sporting event. this is what the pro-am golf
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tournament setup looked like in pebble beach after saturday's storm hit. one tent was knocked over while debris was left scattered everywhere. the tournament is scheduled to begin this thursday. despite the setback, the event's director said everything will be up and running by then. >> tough to have the crosby clam bake in weather like, that but they'll try. >> it's going to be brisk down there. we've had plenty of rain events the week after the super bowl for the pro-am, but it's going to be chilly, 40s, low 50s. cold enough now in the atmosphere above us we're seeing snow down to as low as 1,500 feet already. going to show you some video. this is loma prieta, live picture. look closely, a little bit of snow on the ground already and likely with the showers picking up this evening this particular location, the santa cruz mountains near the summit of highway 17, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches of snow by tomorrow morning. we begin with a dusting. we will add onto there as the evening progresses, snowing in
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the santa cruz mountains right now. let me show you a couple other spots where it's snowing. if you believe our radar, we will. vacaville, mount vaca it's snowing, mt. tam it's snowing, many of the mountains in marin county above 2,000 feet currently snowing, mt. hamilton snowing steadily. there's the santa cruz mountain snow south and west of san jose. in the lowlands we've had plenty of reports of hail, a few lightning strikes throughout the day. scattered heavy showers will continue and as low as 1,000 feet tonight snow showers may mix in with rain or for a time it might be all snow prompting a very rare winter weather advisory here, the north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range, santa cruz mountains, basically any where from 2 to 4,000 feet. it could be a significant snow in the mountains tonight. 53 degrees in concord and fremont, your highs, san francisco only 51, livermore a high today of 48 degrees, one
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of the coldest days in a couple years. this is the same snowstorm if you have friends or family in seattle, they said wow, we got a lot more snow than was forecast. it happened. a foot of snow in and around seattle, the same storm moving down the coastline. we are not forecasting a foot of snow here, but twin peaks in san francisco, could be some snow tonight. the city of santa rosa, healdsburg, ukiah could see some snow tonight. lake county, you're going to see some snow tonight. futurecast at 11:00, it's snowing in the mountains east of san jose. it's snowing in or in and around the city of santa rosa and points north. these showers will quickly move out. by 3:00 they're mainly gone. by sunrise they are gone. then we get the sunshine which will give us an opportunity to get outside before the snow melts. late in the morning and early afternoon you'll see white as opposed to green. lots of bay area mountains will be covered with snow tomorrow. our next weathermaker stays off to the west giving us mainly sunny skies. your weather headlines, showers tonight, cool tuesday, highs in
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the low 50s, mixture of sun and clouds. our next rain chance will likely be late week into the weekend, up to 8 degrees cooler than average tomorrow, concord only 51, cupertino 52, union city 52. that's chilly for us. danville only 49, antioch 49, benicia 52 degrees, daly city, a high of 50, novato, napa low 50s and 47 in lakeport and clearlake. the snow around there may last a while. we're dry most of tuesday, dry wednesday and thursday. the shower chance returns friday and could see some lighter rainfall scattered throughout the bay area next saturday and sunday. the snow level is the lowest it's been since 2011 coming up tonight. >> we're bundling up. forget 21. the state that could ban cigarette sales to anybody under the age of 100, the push for a controversial new crackdown.
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a state lawmaker who is a doctor wrote the proposal. the legal age a new push is underway in hawaii to ban the sale of cigarettes. >> a state lawmaker who is a doctor wrote the proposal. he wants to raise the legal age by 10 years in each of the next few years. then in 2024 buyers would have to be at least 100 years old. the staggered rollout would allow time to make up for lost revenue from cigarette taxes. the proposal does not include e- cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco and tourists could still bring cigarettes into hawaii. a milwaukee bus driver is recognized for jumping into action saving a man's life.
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>> this bus surveillance video is from november. it shows the moment the suv rolls over and stops on its side. driver shannon johnson jumped out of his bus and ran toward the smoking car. johnson and other witnesses pulled the driver out to safety and nobody was seriously hurt in that crash, great heroics. that's it for the news at 5:00. kpix5 news at 6:00 begins right now with ken bastida and elizabeth cook. now at 6:00 wild weather slams the bay area, everything from heavy rain, hail and even snow and it's not over yet. >> whiteout conditions in the sierra, drivers stranded, major roads shut down, the snowy mess up in the high country. >> an oakland neighborhood seeing a spike in break-ins, people fed up calling on the city to take action. kpix5 news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. we begin on our storm watch and big time snow forecasted
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for the bay area mountain top tops. take a live look right now on the top of loma prieta for the summit. park rangers closed the roads leading to mt. diablo due to the falling snow. some people drove up as far as they could, see a little bit for themselves. our cameras were allowed past the gate to see conditions near the summit. showers were just enough to cover the grass and made road conditions dangerous. snow also fell in the north bay near the napa/lake county line. a mix of snow, hail and sleet came down this morning along highway 29. caltrans trucks called out to spread sand for traction on the slick roads. it bounce off the gound in the backyard of a home. but the big story is the bay area snow. let's get right to hail was also coming down in san mateo. you can see it bounce off the ground into the backyard of a home, bu


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