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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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roadways. here's the scene right now at 7th street on ramp to southbound 880 in oakland. it's completely under water. it is flooded. closed until further notice. >> we're also seeing bay area snow, chopper 5 spotted some fresh powder on mount hamilton this morning. paul, that's nothing compared to what's about to hit the sierra. >> we're talking about the biggest impact from the storm that is moving through right now in the bay area will be to our east in the mountains where snow will last all weekend long and another weekend, another winter storm warning. let me show you. a winter storm warning that will last from now all the way until monday. all 48 hours of the weekend. snow level low, 2500 feet. heavy snow again. snowfall widespread. 1 to 4 feet. the highest peeks, some of the ski resorts could receive up to 5 feet of new snow on top of the 8 feet they had last week. certainly hazardous travel. he lives in saratoga. he was driving near carson pass last night. that was pretty high. 8600 feet in elevation. he got out, snapped the
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picture. that is about 20 to 25 feet of snow on the side of highway 88. amazing. our weather is calming down. we did have some steady, heavy rain fall earlier this afternoon as the front moved through. but now the front is in the central valley. we're left over with showers. some showers are impacting you in cupertino and sunny vail. a few showers over walnut creek. east and northeast to pittsburgh and clayton. three hour time lapse shows the boundary and the heaviest rain fall now moving toward the state capital. eventually to the sierra. let's take a look at future we'll go through the night as we see scattered showers around midnight. scattered showers in the north bay with showers picking up by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. we have scattered showers for the evening commute. roads are wet. a mix of showers and sunshine on saturday and more bay area snow. the highest bay area peeks will get some snow coming up on
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sunday as snow levels around here drop as well. all of this impacting that drive home and get away time on a friday, giana franco has the latest. >> those slick roadways making it for a difficult drive for some folks as you work your way around the bay area. you'll start off with a live look at our maps. flooding northbound 87 southbound 280. that right lane is completely shut down because of the flooding. you can see in the south bay, we don't have a lot of accidents, which is the good news. definitely folks taking it slower than usual. southbound 101, heavy delays coming out of mountain view. that continues pretty much all the way into san jose. you'll see busy conditions on 280 as you work your way through downtown san jose. some delays in . no roadway closures. so that's good news as you work your way through there. live shot right now of 880, san mateo bridge, rather. you can see headlights traveling out of foster city. your drive times across the span about 35 minutes.
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there is a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. a little slower than usual as you head through there. a live look at the toll plaza. they have the lights on. it is improving. you can see we're dealing with slick surfaces. overall, a bit better. here it is a lot busier on that eastbound side commuting out of san francisco into oakland. that's the bulk of your delays. and a quick look at the freeway right now. southbound 880, still seems to be one of our hot spots. no accidents, not too far from where this camera shot is. has been cleared. still pretty stop and go as you work your way through the coliseum. you'll see delays once you hit the mcarthur maze. elizabeth. >> thank you. a dramatic bank robbery and arbbs shot their way treets of through arriving police before fleeing the scene. kpix5 tells us they are still on the run tonight. devon. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. a mix of pleasantton police officers and fbi agents are
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still here at the scene collecting evidence where a bank robbery quickly morphed into a rolling gun battle with police. it all started about 10:40 this morning with a take over style robbery. three suspects stormed into the wells fargo. they were wearing masks and were heavily armed. a police officer spotted what he thought was a likely get away car and that's when the gunfire started. >> shots fired. >> the patrol car was hit at least three times. luckily the officer inside of that patrol car was uninjured. but the car sputtered to a stop. apparently allowing the suspects to get away. >> the back window of the gmc yukon exploded. multiple rounds, struck the hood of the patrol car and the windshield of the patrol car. >> it looked like those suspects got away after they shot that patrol car and
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disabled it. they crashed just a short distance from there. that's when they carjacked another car and completed at least for now their escape. in pleasantton. kpix5. >> streets of campbell, getting back to normal tonight after an armed man holed himself up inside a denny's all day long. he finally surrendered 90 minutes ago. kpix5 shows us the police strategy of waiting him out work out very well. len. >> that's right, ken. this one ended just about as well as you could have hoped for. for a time today, it didn't seem like it was going to end that way. they were crawling with officers around here. all of them had their rifles out. armored cars, drones, and robots. we'll give you a shot of the scene right now. you can see that there are some police officers still on scene securing that denny's restaurant as well as a fire engine that appears to be inspecting the roof. the man was actually on top of the roof for a time today.
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this all got started at 5:30 this morning. >> police surrounded the denny's after reports that a man who had an altercation with an employee outside the restaurant returned threatening him with a gun. employees and patrons evacuated. leaving the gunman behind. at times, he could be seen on the roof and later in a doorway. nearby streets and neighborhoods were blocked off while police tried to negotiate the man surrender. >> this is so uncommon for our area and it is a frightening situation and business is, you know, hitting our business hard. we will have lost a couple thousand dollars today. >> police used an arsenal of weapons, including a robot and a drone. several times throughout the day, they tried to flush him out using grenades. finally, late in the afternoon, the man appeared to give up. he walked out crouching and carrying a backpack.
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officers fired a nonlethal round and sicked a police dog on him. seconds later, the suspect was taken into custody. and the suspect appeared to have maybe only some minor injuries, maybe some dog bites. there were no officers hurt during this very tense standoff that lasted throughout the day. the roads are still very crowded around here. especially baskem avenue and hamilton avenue. there will be a backup because the roads were closed throughout the day. reporting live in campbell, kpix5. new at 6:00, a vallejo couple is under arrest accused of running a drug factory out of a senior living facility. the dea says the owners of the genesis care home pumped out thousands of pills containing meth and counterfeit xanax. the tesla logo, the kool-aide man. no patients were harmed.
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a live look at the san rafael bridge. caltrans putting out word they plan to close lanes again this evening starting tonight at 9:00. one lane in each direction will be shut down as the crews tweak temporary repairs. kpix5's don ford asked caltrans what's next? >> reporter: all day today, the bridges remained open. temporary repairs from yesterday seemed to be holding. caltrans says more closures are coming. for a windy, friday di afternoon, traffic is light. driving across the bridge, you can see the steel plate over yesterday's crumblncrete. the roadmade of lightweight concrete. commonly used in bridges around the world, says consulting engineer. >> is it strong? >> yes. it's not as strong as normal weight concrete, but it's plenty strong. >> for nearly 70 years, the
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bridge endured some of the harshest weather in the bay area. caltrans says this section called an expansion joint passed inspection last august. >> the bridge is safe. the structural integrity is sound. we do not have any concerns with additional expansion joints at this time. >> and yet, serious chunks of concrete cracked off. dan says some tests are simple. >> acoustic testing, where you tap the concrete. >> there was a guy doing that yesterday on the caltrans with a hammer. >> yup. we do that all the time. >> what are you listening for when you bang it for the hammer? >> listening for that hollow sound. >> the caan internal problem. no closures will happen this weekend. permanent repair work and additional closures will start monday night commute hours. the repairs are expected to cost $300,000. at the richmond san rafael
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bridge, don ford, kpix5. >> and donatells us plywood is being used to shield drivers from falling chunks of concrete. that will be in place on the underside of the upper deck to keep more concrete from coming down on cars. a clean energy effort is backfiring in the east bay tonight. >> the bill honestly is very confusing. >> why so many customers in one city are opting out. >> plus, a woman is caught on camera trashing a santa cruz county church. why police say the rampage doesn't qualify as a hate crime. and oakland unified declares an emergency. the desperate search tonight for substitute teachers.
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a social media storm is swirling in the east bay tonight over higher energy bills. many customers are blaming a new green energy supplier. new at 6:00, we asked kpix5 to sort out the confusion. >> east bay community energy arranges for alternate sources of electrical energy, such as wind or solar. the prices are actually cheaper than what pg&e provides, but confusion is leading to many customers opting out. >> i've never had a -- >> samantha is one of dozens who have taken to social media to complain about skyrocketing bills as the city switched to a new greener po over half a million people across the east bay. the charge shows up on their bill. pg&e still provides gas. >> they have the choice of
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either pg&e or ebce. >> livermore council member explains the city council, along with 11 other cities voted to enroll residents, but people have the option to opt out and livermore has the highest opt out rate of any city. >> area ride, the opt out rate is less than 3%. in livermore, it's more than 7%. why do you think that is? >> well, i think a lot of the concern leading to the opt out rates has been generated by social media. >> she points to confusing bills. >> is it possible anyone's bill went up because they transitioned to this company? >> >> east bay energy notes th price for kilowatt is actually cheaper than pg&e's posted rates by 1.5%. while the savings is small, the switch came just as temperatures dropped and people started using more energy. >> what you can see here is that their usage in december was considerably lower than their usage in january. >> also seasonal increases and the cost of gas, which shows up
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on the pg&e bill. >> the bill honestly is very confusing. >> she explains to calculate your savings, flip to page 3. that's how much you would have paid pg&e. to find out what you are actually paying, add up the power charge and franchise fees on page 3, that's what pg&e charges you for leaving. and the net charges on page 4. that's what you are actually paying for electricity. combine the fees and net charges, should always be less than what you would have paid pg&e. the city is holding an informational event on february 13. you can bring in your bill and experts will be there to help you break it down and explain to you how to re it. in livermore, julie watts, kpix5. hundreds of students in oakland skipped class today staging a sickout and a march in support of their teachers. educatory hike over the next th years and smaller class sizes. they are poised to strike if
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they t get it. >> they do so much for us and they are not getting compensated and it is such a struggle. >> regardless of any new contract for anybody, we're making cuts already. so do we have the money to give them everything, the moon? no, we don't. >> teachers have authorized a strike and they could walk out as early as february 18. the district is already scrambling to find substitutes. they are offering to pay $300 a day. tonight, a santa cruz county woman is accused of going on a destructive rampage in a church. police say 23-year-old, jacquelyn shavera was caught on camera knocking over a 15-foot crucifix as st. patricks church. they say she also tore down large pieces of religious artwork. she is not being charged with a hate crime. >> for a hate crime, you actually need a human being as a victim. in this particular case, we're dealing with vandalism and
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there is a section under that, that is specific for places of worship. >> police estimate she did about $15,000 worth of damage. they are looking at whether or not she was under the influence at the time. back on storm watch tonight. more than 120 guests and staff snow bound in the southern sierra. they finally are free tonight. they were trapped for days inside the lodge in the national park. crews used plows to get them out. >> take a look at this. all that snow hitting yosemite this week damaged and even destroyed about 120 cabins and concession stands. you can see tree limbs and roofs weighed down by several feet of snow. about 115 employees are being forced into temporary housing. pretty amazing the weight of snow on an 800 square foot roof. 1 foot of snow weighs 12,000 pounds. there was a lot more than that
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and the roofs are big around yosemite. that's why you get that high pitch in many locations. here we go with the radar around here. we have the steadiest rain fall. right over concord and walnut creek. we're right at the top. it's likely falling as snow. the heavy rain has left fairfield and vacaville heading toward rio vista and points east in the sacramento valley. and we're getting heavier showers all along highway 17. what a sloppy drive that is from santa cruz almost all the way over the summit down. we're seeing the shower coverage decrease, but still pockets of steady rain. two or three of them around the bay area. let's look in the mountains. how much snow are we talking about? over the next five days, we'll add things up to 3 feet at donner summit. south lake tahoe nearly 2 feet of snow. and bear valley, 41 inches of new snow. temperatures outside, chilly. 40s. we have been there almost all afternoon. as soon as the rain began, we fell below 50 degrees. tonight, with cloud cover, we will stay mainly in the low
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40s. not a freeze tonight. concord 40. san rafael 40 degrees. microclimate forecast. still chilly. scattered shower, minimal sunshine, 54. scattered showers on sunday, 52 degrees. we stay well below average. there will be showers around both days. the low pressure area that gave us the front and steady rain for two or three hours this afternoon. that has moved through. it seems like every time we get a front this winter, we get the trailing area of low pressure. the rain doesn't stop, even though the boundary moves through. scattered shower wills be around for the evening and overnight into tomorrow. because of that low pressure area. we'll go hour by hour on future cast. yes, there will be a few showers out there at 9:00 in the morning. more showers in the afternoon. of the lighter variety. they will be there. you may need the umbrella. pockets of sunshine, scattered showers around. until sunday evening, when things calm down and we will likely be precipitation-free coming up on monday. add everything up. the rain tonight, the showers
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tomorrow. the showers on sunday. on average, about 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch of rain. slightly more for hayward and san francisco. so, off and on showers this evening and overnight. the heavy stuff has moved through. scattered showers tomorrow, especially in @ afternoon. we will dry out late in the day on sunday. here's your look at your highs tomorrow. concord 53. livermore 53. san jose 56. a mixture of sunshine and showers in san francisco. high of 53 degrees. your extended forecast, showery weekend. highs only in the 50s. we're dry monday. and guess what? there are more showers, more rain moving in on tuesday and wednesday before we dry out for the second half of next week. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. kpix5 weather is sponsored by mancini's sleep world.
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nfl up top.
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for old time sake, say with me. >> according to our friends at kgo, they are back negotiating with coliseum officials about playing the 2019 season in oakland. it's the first time the two sides have talked since december. let's go to goff, and let's not join this surfer at pebble beach. there's tony romo, cbs football analyst and scratch golfer. look off the asphalt. and nearly hold it out at 15. going to tap in. just showing off. phil mickelson, got his second round in before the rain. picked it clean off the mud. man these guys are good. 468, set up bird. he is tied for the lead. keep it right here at spy glass and another leader, jordan spieth, lead after 15 holes and that's when the rain said, excuse me, you will stop playing now. on to the leader board, where mickelson and spieth, part of a
6:24 pm
five-way tie at 10 under par along with lucas, known as g love. scott langley, 44 players left to resume their round tomorrow morning. baseball giants fan fest is tomorrow. if you don't leave really early for oracle park, forget about it. just saying. a bit soggy at the yard today. workers getting it ready for the crowd. and this morning, we were hanging on every word from new president of baseball operations. topic number one, free agent outfielder, bryce harper. san francisco after meeting with him in vegas, in the mix nl mvp. >> it's kind of hard to deny when your ceo gets made the casino. there's obviously mutual interest on both sides. he's going to have some decisions to make.
6:25 pm
again, i think it's fair to say that was an expression of our interest level to make the trip out there and meet with him. >> nba, we have warriors running at phoenix tonight. that's a break for kevin durant here. away from the microphones, the q and a's. walked out of a press conference wednesday. questions about his free agency got him testy. certainly knows drama. even though he would rather talk x's and o's. >> all actors in a soap opera. we really are. so we have to deal with that part of it and be nice if everyone could just pay attention to pick and roll coverage. but gossip is more interesting sometimes and we're all part of that. >> we'll have pick and rolls. moving pictures on the late show along with ladies night in pac-12 basketball. oh yes. they get beyond the velvet ropes tonight.
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>> my goodness. can't wait to see that one. thank you. well, he is a bay area blues legend with real life tragedy in his past. the heartbreaking loss that inspired a grammy nominated song.
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music's big night. the countdown is on. >> a bay area blues legend is nominated for an album full of heartbreak. >> she was 93 and still driving and totally alert and writing letters to the editor of the commercial appeal in memphis, you know. she was quite a girl. ♪ [ music ] >> that is charlie. he needs no introduction if you know anything about the blues. his mother was murdered.
6:29 pm
inspired by the event, and the duo are up for best traditional blues album. betty will have the full story tonight at 7:00. 61st annual grammy awards air this sunday right here on cbs. you can tune in at 4:00 for the red carpet arrivals, the show starts at 5:00. followed by an encore performance and then our late news. >> and be sure to follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter. betty will be streaming live updates from the red carpet and the cbs ening news is next. >> we're back in 30 minutes for the kpix news at 7:00 p.m. f ederal
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investigation is launched into the "national enquirer's" reporting on jeff bezos. was the world's richest man the target of a political hit job? >> new twist in the jeff bezos bombshell blackmail allegations. federal prosecutors now looking into his claims that the "national enquirer" tried to extort him. >> there's a possible political motivation behind the publication. >> a second woman is accusing lieutenant governor justin fairfax of sexual assault. >> fairfax saying, "i deny this latest unsubstantiated allegation." >> sparks fly betweeactingndma c h >> have u everas prove y requ action be taken by the special counsel? >> i see that your five minutes is up.


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