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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 11, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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sunshine in the forecast. >> i know. i wish i could give you some sun but it looks like storm the homeowner thought it was after storm. and especially by wednesday, we're tracking a strong storm gunfire. system. >> i'm so squared. you can see isolated showers on >> my heart. our radar screen. >> after i saw it all the way and very spotty here from inside. i'm so scared. bayshore down through south san and i don't know. francisco, san bruno getting a the cops just tell me to get bit of wet weather as we start out. your monday. and you can see temperatures >> and the homeowner and his are on the cold side for sure. wife were not hurt. the driver went to the hospital 39 in concord. and 42 oakland. with serious injuries. and livermore down to freezing and the truck reported stolen. this morning. and san francisco at 44. but antioch police have not confirmed the detail. and 38 in san jose. if this was an actual police bundle up and put on the winter pursuit or how long they coat. a few morning showers and cold followed him. the house has been red tagged. temperatures, mainly in the afternoon. kiet do, 5. and cool daytime highs with stl vallejo police are investigating after the police strong storm system rolls shot and killed a man in the
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drive through lane of a taco through on monday. let's check in with gianna for bell. a man in a mercedes was slumped a look at troubles in the east over, unresponsive. bay. >> we have an accident on the sitting with a gun on his lap. eastbound side. the man woke up and appeared to if you plan on taking 80 you might want to leave a few make a move for his weapon. >> why wouldn't you be safe yourself why you wake him up minutes early. they've shut down two lanes. and driver exit the car. we've got some pretty if he exits the car shooting, i significant delays. a couple of cars tangled up. and traffic is backed up. understand that. this is around cummings skyway. >> family members identified from this area all the way to him as willie mccoy. the maze will take about 45 his brother believes police minutes for the drive time. acted too quickly. possible changes to use of definitely give yourself some force policies in the wake of extra time. san pablo might be a good three deaths related to the use of tasers. the most recent incident was in alternate. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you're backed up to the maze at october. sheriff's deputies used a taser this point. a sluggish ride and once past the metering lights, it's a little bit better to san
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in millbrae. activists are demanding body francisco. jumping back to the maps, we cam videos and 911 logs. have slow and go conditions on >> reporter: i'm anne makovec. 880, the nimitz southbound. and let's go live to denver, we have a crash blocking at colorado, where thousands of least one lane. teachers are striking today. making the connector is a there are 200 schools in that little bit tough. district. and they are all trying to stay and we're hearing about a wrongway driver northbound 880 open using administrators, and area. just a heads up. substitute teachers as the actual teachers continue to keep your eyes peeled for that. walk the picket line. developing news in the east this is the first time that bay where a truck crashed into denver teachers have been on a home overnight. strike in about 25 years. it happened on golden bear and we're seeing more of this happen across the nation. drive on antioch south of and of course, we have an eye hillcrest avenue. kpix 5's reporter kiet do is live on the scene with the on this because oakland's teachers are threatening to strike as soon as next week. latest. >> reporter: the homeowner was and they'll try to keep the on his couch in his living room and a truck plows through the schools open. still room for the negotiation front of the house knocke at least in oakland. m f n surved with a very the race for the presidency got more crowded. dramatic story to tell. this morning, two more senators are in the running. this all happened around >> i stand before you as the midnight when antioch police
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were following or got in a chase with a pickup truck. granddaughter of an iron ore the suspect turned down golden miner. >> i here to declare that i am bear drive and plowed through the front of the house. a candidate for the president of the united states of the homeowner described what happened next. >> i slept on the sofa. but i didn't know anything and america. >> amy klobuchar and elizabeth i heard a sound, a boom, and i warren joined the list. there are 11 candidates in the thought somebody was shooting. and i ran up to the stairs. running including cory booker and i tried to open the door and kirsten gillibrand. and it was stuck. president trump will hold a and the cop told me to move rally near the border in el paso, texas, at the same time, away and he kicked it out. >> and the homeowner and his wife were not hurt. and the driver suffered serious injuries and was taken to the beto o'rourke will counter the hospital. appearance with a protest at the truck was reportedly the march for truth. stolen. and antioch police have not confirmed if it was a police three top democrats are fighting for their political lives. and a chaotic scene at a pursuit. the house has been red tagged. zoo in hawaii when exotic birds rain in the forecast this
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tried to fly the coop. week will delay wrong term and wall street just opened delays to the richmond san up. the dow is off to a decent rafael bridge. last week the bridge was shut start up about 7 points. down when chunks of concrete we'll get a report from jason brooks. so cute (laughs)? fell from the upper deck to the lower deck. crews installed a steel plate over an expansion joint that was likely the source of the problem. work will have to wait until thursday and it could take up to a couple weeks to finish. crews will be working in the overnight hours. bart is running an hour later for seismic work on the trans-bay tube. emily turner reports on the small delay making a big impact. >> reporter: it's been a busy morning out here. not at the moment because the buzzes have finished running. the riders say it was actually pretty awesome compared to riding bart in the morning. this is actually the work being
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done on the trans-bay tube. it's seismic retrofitting. the project will last 3 1/2 years and cost $313 million. it's necessary to avoid a flood or a leak during a earthquake. and it's being done in the early morning and overnight hours. affecting 2900 people. and so far it's been working out all right. >> it's our most critical asset. and we'll upgrade the water pumping system and install a steel liner. if there's leakage, we can make sure that the riders and staff have enough time to get out. >> reporter: bart wants to take all the time they need to make sure it's seismically retrofitted and good to go. riders this morning say actually it's pretty good. son some routes it's faster to take the bus because it doesn't
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have stops along the way. reporting live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. developing at this hour, governor gavin newsom is ordering the removal of 360 national guard members from the state's border with mexico. and he's changing their mission. the governor plans to void the agreement made by former governor jerry brown and the trump administration. and will sign a general order to redeploy the troops to support wildfire efforts and expand operations to counter drug cartels. a campaign rally will be held in texas. the president is scheduled to be speaking in pad betoeaa prot paso. and it looks increasingly likely that the demand for
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border funding will lead to a second government shutdown. bipartisan talks apparently broke down over the weekend. the two sides are at odds over so cute i could just eat you right up, yeah! several points. >> reporter: there's an internal investigation underway (gasps) oh, look at you, look at you! into which senior staffer may spokeswoman: try a mcdonald's mini meal for just 3.99. have leaked the president's private schedule. some of them leaked last week (pleasant whistling tones) and as that internal investigation is underway. more have been leaked over the past 24 hours. the president has been very defensive about how he uses some of his time including three hours daily of executive time watching tv, reading good monday morning to you. check out the beautiful view
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newspapers, and tweeting. with our sales force tower no president ever worked harder than me cleaning up the mess i camera. mount diablo there as well. and mount diablo picked up a inherited. little bit of show over the ♪ weekend. hamilton picked up 5 1/2 inches >> the bay area shines on the biggest night in music. of snow. we'll track the next storm we'll have more on the local system in just a few minutes. this morning, snow is artists taking home grammy piling up in the pacific gold. and bay area residents had northwest. leaving dozens of cars stranded a rough time getting home from on the highway. the mountains over the weekend. we'll take a look at the snowy take a look. 3inches fell in seattle last night. and more snow is on the way conditions in the sierra. and a how you feel storm system will bring the rain and today. you can see it's creating a nightmare for those on the the wind. we'll talk about the timeline on futurecast coming up. roads. the seattle times reporting and drive times at the bay that storms have delivered more bridge. and slow and go conditions on snow than it usually gets in a 37. i'll tell you why. year. a winter storm watch winter storm watch is in effect fo the area tomorrow. developing news from ♪ i paid the price you pay too much. virginia. a lawmaker is now backing off
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plans to introduce an impeachment bill. two women accuse justin fairfax. >> when you have now more than one credible allegation, the last one has been corroborated at the time. he has to resign. >> fairfax is one of three top virginia political leaders engulfed in a scandal. the governor and the attorney general are also under pressure to resign. northam is facing more criticism and you can see an interview with gayle king. tesla stock is getting a jump thanks to promising predictions. >> joining us now is jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning to you and a bullish take for
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tesla. they are raising the stock rating to a buy and that's coming after the past two quarters and revenue guidance taking away concerns about production and profitability. the analyst note says that the overall electric vehicle market is generally underappreciated by wall street. tesla stock is up by 3% in the early going. stocks overall getting off to a positive start. we have a third round of trade talks getting underway in beijing. and march 1st is coming soon lovin♪ your glas they charged you too much. who? practically anyone and that's when the 90 day who isn't america's best where two pairs and a free exam are just $69.95. that sounds good. music to your ears. speaking of, do you wanna join? truce ends. eh, i'm not really a singer. michelle and kenny, back to do you whistle?
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you. >> jason brooks, i'm glad you got to work today. owl: it's not just a better deal it's america's best. never overpay even with insurance get more i know you're affected by the with your vision insurance dollars at america's best. bart change. >> i've been critical of bart. but the bus was incredibly clean and just got a couple of minutes late into the city. a different kind of walk but i'm very happy about that. a pair of exotic birds in hawaii sending crews on a wild goose chase. >> crews armed with giant nets attempted to catch them and some tumbled over while trying to keep up with the birds. a tree toppled over the birds' good monday morning to you. it is a cold start to the day. closure. >> who can blame them. they want to check out the rest check out the temperatures. in concord, 39, 42 in oakland. 38 san jose, and santa rosa of the island and the volcanos
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and the beaches. it's not paradise on the coming in at 34. and this is our tower cam. roadways. you can see patchy light fog your guys were talking to jason about how he had to take a bus rolling in. we'll talk about the strong in this morning. we are seeing extra cars on the storm system bringing rain and roadways. the wind. possibly that could be one of as we take a live look at i- the reasons. bart is now leaving an hour 80 in truckee. there's a lot of snow and the roads are pretty clear. later this morning. trains leave at 5 a.m. this is the calm before yet another storm that's expected instead of 4 a.m. for later this week. 25-minute drive time from the maze as you work into san dangerous snow and rain pounded the sierras over the weekend. francisco. we have a crash as you head into the city. we're getting word of an this latest event caused accident southbound 101 at widespread lane closures. cesar chavez. and you can see traffic is just hours o,crew starting to let up a little bit on the southbound side. i-5 in the tejossar. we are seeing some slow traffic approaching the scene in the and anshutdown for hothispa weekend. into the city this morning. in kern snowfas a sight to and don't forget howard street closures are in effect near the some. and caltrans crews took action
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in the mornings and started moscone center until february laying down salt to keep the 18th. expect gridlock and traffic ice away. the latest storm caused will stay slow in and around widespread damage and fortunately no one was hurt. the area. on highway 37, the accident scott wiener will introduce near wilson now in the clearing a bill aimed at protecting sex stages, and we're seeing traffic improve just a little bit. the drive time over to 101, and east shore freeway, also cleared out of lanes, and you workers from getting arrested the senator says the bill need time to recover. encourages police to take speeds are dipping down 7 miles assaults against sex workers per hour coming away from seriously. he's expected to announce the bill in about four hours. cummings skyway. about a 46-minute drive time from cummings to the macarthur stars attended the biggest maze. 23 minutes to the maze and of course that westbound 580 drive night in music. a bay area star is now a grammy is loaded up. a live look at the dublin interchange where traffic is stacking up just a little bit. award winner. it gets better once you pass the top of the altamont pass >> and the grammy goes to. and then okay heading to 680.
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and the roadways are drying out just a bit. >> fantastic negrito picking up we had showers that rolled through overnight and early a grammy. >> and gabrielle wilson known this morning. and now we're catching a break. as h.e.r. took home best r and b album that golden sunrise on the and best r and b performance. and she was one of many females tower camera looking south. who stole the show. >> can i bring some of my concord at 39. and 42 in oakland. sisters out here tonight. and freezing at livermore. and santa rosa at 34 and freezing in napa as well. high def doppler and we had the >> and from start to finish, showers that rolled through overnight earlier ing.and we a right now. here's what you can expect. a cold start to the day and the chance for a few more isolated showers as we head through the afternoon. mainly for the north bay. lady gaga and jada pinkett. a cool day today with mostly >> my favorite alicia keys and cloudy to partly cloudy skies. and below average daytime she killed anos at thsame time. highs. and a strong storm on wednesday, and that will bring
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the rain and the wind. and we've seen a lot of rain. it was crazy. >> who does that. february rainfall, looking at i don't play two pianos at the same time but i can give 150% of average. and 160% in san francisco. you good traffic information. we have slow and go conditions and 300% in livermore. san jose at 259%. westbound 37 at wilson avenue. and we're expecting a lot more slow speeds down to 5 miles per rain as we go through the week. this is our next storm system hour. that vallejo to novato commute that will bring the rain and the wind for us by the middle got busier. 27 minutes is the drive time. part of the week. just a heads up if you're for today, looking at a few isolated showers, so that is a taking 37. getting a look at traffic on possibility. the east shore freeway. here we are at noon and 4 p.m. the crash has been out for 45 mainly for the north bay and looking at mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. and tomorrow, mainly dry for minutes. two lanes west 80 at pinole valley road. the day. the clouds move in at 4 p.m. looks like it's still in effect for tomorrow. and watch as the rain moves in with the backup all the way for wednesday, this is 5 a.m. beyond cummings skyway. 45-minutes from the backup to on wednesday, widespread rain continues all day long. and the winds will kick up for wednesday as well.
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the macarthur maze. they did change the location. how much rain are we talking one lane is still clock blocked about? inner from two and a quarter in and you're backed up to 880. from the san mateo bridge slow ukiah. and san francisco down through pacifica. about an inch for san jose. and go conditions. daytime highs today looking at below average temps. 880, let's get a live look near 52 in san francisco. 52 for pacifica. passe owe grande. and santa rosa and san rafael. yell see delays past 92. and traffic is busy because of the crash around the toll fremont and san jose. and here's the 7-day forecast and what to expect. plaza. you can see it gets busier. toll plaza is stacked up with mainly a break today into the metering lights on this tomorrow. can't rule out an isolated shower later on. morning. a live look at that. and you're backed up well to and the rain returns tuesday night to wednesday, and the maze. give yourself at least 20- wednesday ease storm will be minutes from the maze to san the one to watch. showers thursday morning and francisco. the good news is it the rain drying after that. and shower chances friday into has eased up just a minute. >> just a few spotty showers. the weekend. governor newsom announces and we're seeing things wrap he is pulling california up. we have a shot of a few more showers as we head through the national guard troops from the u.s., mexico border.
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what they'll be doing instead. afternoon. and very spotty and isolated. here's a live look looking east. and you can see we're looking >> reporter: good morning. at mostly clear skies, and we ahead on cbs this morning. have seen some patchy, light more of gail's conversation fog roll in. and it's cold. definitely bundle up. with virginia governor ralph concord at 39. 42 in oakland. northam. and freezing in livermore. hear his response and why he and 38 san jose. believes he's the right person and santa rosa at 34 and down to freezing in napa as well. and you can see most of the to lead the state. showers offshore. we did have a few showers roll how sully, the service dog through overnight and earlier this morning. and we have a chance to see a few more isolated showers of president bush. and this is from mount through the afternoon because of a weak disturbance pushing through. a cold morning and a few vaca. the sun is up. showers, and mostly cloudy. and it's 6:52. and an isolated shower is not out of the, at least we're looking at the possibility of narrator: this february fall in love that. and then a strong storm rolls in for wednesday, and you'll pick up a lot of snow. 51/2 inches at mount hamilton.
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and 3 feet at squaw valley alpine meadows. and boreal, heavenly, squaw, 90 to 100 inches of snow last week. the jet stream is taking the dip. and this is the next storm system. this powerful low moving out of the gulf of alaska and that will bring the rain and the wind. through the day, mostly cloudy skies, and again, a few pop-up isolated showers. there we are at noon and here we are at 4 p.m. dry on tuesday, with cloudy skies, and this is at 4 p.m. watch as the rain moves in for wednesday, wednesday morning at 5 a.m. widespread rain and that continues pretty much all day long on wednesday, a soaker of a storm as well as kndfor the mh week. ytime highs age fo
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this time of year, low to mid- 350s. 52 in san francisco and san rafael. and 54 in oakland and fremont. and 53 for fairfield and concord. dry for most of the day on tuesday, and rain moves in tuesday night to wednesday with the strong storm system. showers are thursday morning, drying out after that with rain chances friday and into the weekend. now here's verne. >> last night was the grammies, but i held onto the black tie. i'll have to bring it back later. i'm here to hit the high notes in a sports way. kevin durant was bringing it. and when the warriors needed it most, it was right on the money. i got details. and take ago live look at the beautiful bay bridge here. with twin pine casino's choose your ride giveaway. look at the sky. earn entries for a chance to choose your ride
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it's 40 in san francisco. on the grand prize drawing night, february 23rd. and 6:19. we'll be right back. you could have your choice of a brand new jeep renegade or chevy malibu only at twin pine casino & hotel. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy do you mind giving someone else a turn? oh, yeah i've made myself a little comfortable here. i gotta pizza for amy. yes, that's me. announcer: xfinity let's you search netflix, prime video and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet so. announcer: that simple, easy, awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for $40 each >> reporter: i'm emily turner in san francisco where bart a month for 12 months when you bundle both. click, call or visit a store today. riders this morning didn't actually ride bart. at least not between 4 a.m.
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and 5 a.m. it has to do with seismic retrofitting of the transbay tube, a $313 million project. the first hour of service is not happening on bart. it's happening on buses, and the folks who hopped on said so far, so good and it was actually quicker for many of them. 6:56. time for the final five. >> overnight a pickup truck slammed into a home in antioch. it happened around 11:30 on golden bear drive. and the front end of the truck ended up in the living room under the curtains. the homeowners woke up to a loud boom. the driver was transported to the hospital and an investigation is underway. the richmond san rafael
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bridge, crews signaled a steel plate on a damaged expansion joint. governor gavin newsom ordering the removal of some national guard troops from the mexican border. they'll be used for wildfires and drugs. congressional lawmakers have until friday to strike a deal on border security before the government runs out of money again. the bay area was well represented. the fantastic negrito picked up a grammy for best contemporary blues. you have stop and go
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conditions from yerba buena. and you have the crash as you connect to 880. 280 northbound, the drive times on 280, 15 minutes. we had an earlier crash cleared good morning, everybody. at the grammys, that was last out of lanes. night. but the oracle crowd was and south 101 we have a two car crash off to the shoulder. and we're seeing delays in both singing hallelujah when they directions, and don't forget walked out of an epic thriller. howard street closures in farewell tour at oracle. effect throughout the week dwyane wade calling it quits between third and 4th. a lovely view with the after 16 seasons. kevin durant and here came wade tower cam. mount diablo picked up a little bit of snow over the you head o finishing the break. he scored 10 points. and miami up by three wi47 door. seconds left. it's a cold start to the day. a three pointer tied the game. and durant scored 39. a cold afternoon with mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. last chance miami. and low to mid-50s across the down two.
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and no, no, no. the north bay as we head warriors beat the heat 120-118 through the afternoon. and i love the jersey exchange. rain returns tuesday night to wednesday, and wednesday's hail and heavy rains pushed storm will be the one to watch back the heavy rains. with wind as well as widespread rain. and that's all throughout the phil mickelson was running a day on wednesday, and showers clinic. six birdies on 16 holes before on thursday morning. and we have rain chances friday darkness halted play. and into the weekend. and a three shot lead. some breaks, some rain, some all the heavy lifting. breaks again, and then some rain. 31points and 18 rebounds and it >> and then some more. >> not washing the car any time soon. >> keep the umbrella handy. wasn't enough. >> and the galoshes. beavers won 82-74. >> the infection local update and the shock of the day at is at 7:26. >> and cbs news this morning is coming up next. we hope you have a wonderful a od meto love the ducks. monday morning. we say goodbye and show to see you back tomorrow morning at 4:30. the oregon men blew out stan tornado. look at all the blocks.
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he had seven of them. oregon won the game with a final of 69-46. and when you're feeling good. go ahead. you can move. hey, move right on in to the rest of your day which i hope is a good one. see you later. good morning to or viewers just around the corner. in the west. the play of the day from it's monday, february 11th, 2019. welcome to "cbs this morning." college hoops. missouri state trailing virginia governor northam talks illinois state with time to us in his only tv interview running out. since his controversial yearbook page resurfaced. what he says about white privilege, why he says he won't step down and why he changed his story about that photo. we're five days away from another possible shutdown of the government. sources tell cbs news that talks to end the deadlock have >> looks like rug by for a stalled.ilhend of second. after the mad scramble for the today to reach a final agreement. ball. jared dixon banking in the we'll look at what's holding up three pointer from half court the compromise. an historic world war ii at the buzzer. as we take another look. aircraft carrier lost for 77 the bears topping the red years. birds. thanks to the play of the day, only on "cbs this morning," we take to the south pacific to show you new underwater
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the field of democratic presidential candidates is growing more crowded by the day. we'll take a look at the new contenders. and let's head outside to look at the traffic a the bay bridge toll plaza. it's 6:26. back in a minute.
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stiois is kpix 5 news. ay area >> major changes on bart start this morning as earthquake safety improvements get underway. >> and we're hearing from -- >> my little brother was shot for no reason. >> we're hearing from the family of a bay area man shot and killed by police in a fast food drive through. we want to get a check on weather. rain, rain, and more rain. >> right, right. storm after storm for us and a strong storm system rolls in
6:30 am
for the middle of the week. and that will bring the rain and the wind. a live look with our south bay san jose camera. good morning to you under mostly cloudy skies, and a bit of a break in the cloud action and a little bit of clearing there. temperatures are on the cold side for sure. looking at 39 in concord. and 42 in oakland. and freezing in livermore. and san jose is at 38 and santa rosa is 34 and freezing in napa this morning as well. high def doppler. and you can see a few isolated showers that rolled through overnight and earlier this morning. and now the action is offshore. and we'll have the chance to see a if more isolated showers as we go through the day with the week disturbance. cold temperatures in the 30s. and an isolated shower as we go through the afternoon. cool daytime highs and mostly cloudy skies, and that strong storm arrives on wednesday, and that will bring a lot of rain and a lot of wind.
6:31 am
taking you hour-by-hour, what you can expect and when it all moves in coming up in just a few minutes. let's get a look at traffic this morning. >> i want to show you the richmond san rafael bridge first because it's probably one of the better options. traffic is stacking up at the toll plaza with a 12-minute drive between 80 and 101. we have a crash around wilson avenue. traffic will be slow as you work your way coming out of vallejo. it's going to sluggish. if you want to use the richmond, san rafael bridge instead, that's probably one of the better options. if you're westbound 80 pinole valley road, that's a crash blocking two lanes. 45 minutes or beyond that from
6:32 am
cummings skyway to the macarthur maze. and still sluggish as you come away from 880. but once you get on the span itself, traffic is moving better with an 18 minute drive from the toll plaza as you work your way to 101. we'll show you the bay bridge next time around. bart is starting service an hour later. and thousands of riders had to find a different way to get to work. let's get right over to kpix 5's emily turner. >> reporter: that one hour delay made for major changes, one of them being the most obvious. folks have to get on a bus instead of bart. this is the animation that bart gave us showing why the delay is in place. it's construction. and it's seismic retrofitting of the transbay tube. the project willlast about 3
6:33 am
1/2 years and cost $313 million. it's necessary to avoid a leak or a flood during a major earthquake. it will be done in the overnight and early morning hours. it affects about 2900 people. rather than run bart, the folks are hoping on the early bird express. >> the buses will be leaving about the same time as bart. and we developed this program to try to keep it the same time as bart. some of the routes will be faster than bart because while bart makes stops along the way, the early bird express routes are from point a to point b. straight to downtown san francisco. >> reporter: and earlier this morning we talked to the folks hopping off the bus. and they were pleasantly surprised. not only is it a shorter trip but it was warmer and clean and
6:34 am
it was almost easier than hopping on bart itself. reporting live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. 6:33 right now. and we are following developing news in the east bay are where a truck crashed into a home overnight. it happened on golden bear drive. kiet do has the details. >> reporter: the front of the house is just totaled and it's been boarded up. but it could have been a lot worse. the house is on a short hill and the truck slowed down just enough so that the house did not take the full brunt the impact. antioch police were following a reportedly stolen white pickup truck. and the of the house.
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