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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  February 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it is february 14. i am michelle griego . >> good morning and thank you for joining us. i am kenny choi. here's a look at the map near the 101 with a mudslide ripping through a home. apparently the mud slid into the home, ripping the house foundation. you can see this video that is just coming into the newsroom. this has happened within the last hour and you can see the damage. >> looking at this damage and knowing someone was trapped inside but a short time ago authorities were able to pull out a woman. they pulled her out in a gurney and we are not showing the video right now. she was trapped inside all of this and amazingly survived. she the debris. apparently she was talking with neighbors and law enforcement that showed up at the scene ahead of time. this crashed into another home.
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it is unclear whether anyone else was in the home or in the second home that the mudslide crashed into. >> you can see the studs from that building scattered all over the place. we have our crew heading to the scene with anne makovec on her way there. it is round 2 of the rain and wind with the big weather story the wind gusting. be prepared to be gusting conditions. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge camera were the wind is gusting at 52 miles an hour. sfo reports 62 mile an hour wind gusting at the moment. this is sustained wind across the bay area. you can see 33 mile an hour wind at half moon bay out of the south. it is 30 mile an hour wind sustained in downtown san
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francisco, 40 mile an hour at sfo with 38 mile an hour wind in san rafael. it is a windy day for sure with a high wind warning and wind advisory in effect for the bay area throughout the morning. on the hi-def doppler we had thunderstorms roll in with heavy rain overnight. you can see light rain showers from mill valley, down through golden gate and hit the san francisco, across the bay bridge, and into the east bay as well. concord, walnut creek with light to moderate rain, down through fremont, the south bay into san jose. we will talk about the rivers that will likely be flooding, the russian river and napa river, coming up in a moment. we will take you through the future cast and what to expect on round two of this storm. it is a mess with mudslides and debris flows along with
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flooding. we are dealing with the aftermath from everything yesterday and today we still have wet weather. that wind is really going to affect your drive this morning. the wind advisories are around the bay area mostly for the easter westbound commute. on the overview map with the a lot of closures in effect to the flooding, ponding, debris in the roadways with trees down. we will focus on the hotspots right now with the car fire at 580 and grant line road, and the altamont pass areas busy anyway coming from the 205-5 the connector. chp is heading to that seat. we have one lane completely shut down right now with green but it is early so no delays working away past this saying. here's a live lot th bridges with the wind advisory in effect or the san mateo bridge with light traffic across the span into advisory f
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bay bridge as well. have two hands on the steering wheel especially driving next to the larger vehicles. the wind is gusting and we still have the ponding on the roadways this morning. again, the wind advisory is in effect. back to the news of the massive mudslide that headed straight into the home at crescent avenue in sausalito a short time ago. >> we have kpix 5 anne makovec here with the latest . >> reporter: can see what is remaining at this home that was sliding down the hill near this ravine. we don't know exactly where the house originated from but it looks like it was in a similar position to one up. on the other side of it. it is a mess so it's hard to distinguish what fell down where with toppled trees and the earth has been uprooted. the ground is saturated from
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all of the rain we have had over the last 24 to 48 hours. it is a big mess. the authorities had not made a statement on whether the woman was in the house when it fail or if she ended up after but we do know she was taken away and is getting medical attention at this point. we are waiting for additional information. in the meantime, you can see this closer look from our photographer earlier this morning. after this house failed, and that wind is really picking up in sausalito right now. we had the police and fire on the scene trying to figure out what they will do. when you see something like this, the concern is for the other houses around here with so many steep hills in sausalito. there are many hazards. i want to point out this
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electric pole a block away near where our truck is parked in we saw that sparking, sparks going everywhere and catching fire. we had to alert emergency personnel to that an emergency to put out that fire, literally. there are many challenges here in sausalito and we will stay on this for you. live from sausalito, anne makovec . back on the storm marching in a few hours the russian river in sonoma county is expected to flood and they predict the russian river will hit flood stage in guerneville at 10 am before peaking on friday and remaining above flood level until saturday. the last time this happened was two years ago, january 2017 but fortunately the damage was minimal. >> when i see the water coming up, it's great and we need the rain but i don't want anyone's homes to get damaged. >> sonoma county has emergency crews on hand and they warned
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residents they could be encouraged to evacuate. county officials have this message, "we cannot overstate how important it is to prepare yourself for an emergency disaster. make sure your an emergency kids have 72 hours of supplies, sign up for the alerts and have your evacuation pl e napa r approaching flood stage and there is a flooding morning. in santa cruz county the landslide is causing major delays off of highway 17 at sugarloaf road. the cell phone video captures the mud and rock spilling onto the roadways in the latest update is that all northbound lanes are open but only one southbound lane is open. the sinkhole opened up and swallowed the suv in castro valley. take a look at this. this happened yesterday after the water main broke on somerset avenue. the road is close between santa
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maria and redwood roads and luckily the driver was not injured. the crews are working to replace the hole. there was another break as they worked all night to fix that one and putting the finishing touches on the road repairs right now. the water service has been restored. here's a live look at the bridge where they had a problem with the cable lights last night of the bay bridge. some are turned off this morning. the lights were flickering and the problem was spotted just before 6:00 on the eastern span of the bridge that left drivers surprised. caltrans says the overhead cable lights were blinking so they turned them off around 7:45 pm. the stormy weather may have had something to do with this but electricians are trying to pinpoint the cause. stay with us with continuing coverage with our weather and traffic team on air and online. the moment the vallejo police officers open fire on the man in the taco bell drive-
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through, here is the new video. >> on this 39 second clip officers i heard yelling hands up before six fired on the man saturday. the man identified by family as williebo mccoy was asleep in the restaurant drive-through with a gun in his lap when officers opened fire after he woke up, and he did not respond to commands to raise his hands. >> the driver suddenly reached out for the firearm, and at this point six officers fired their duty weapons at the driver. >> people began shouting and gunshots were just like that. >> the six officers are on administratively. it is 4:39 am. relatives of the man that died after being shocked what they taser are calling for criminal charges on the five deputies. family and friends gathered at millbury last night on what
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would've been the 37 birthday for chinedu okobi who was running in and out of traffic on october 3 for assaulting a deputy and another deputy responded with a taser and those at the bit last night believe differently. >> it is frustration because we still have no answers but at the end of the day the answers will bring him back. >> the district attorney says he will announce in the next few weeks whether to pursue charges against the deputies. the hit and run in san jose led to the hot pursuit on city streets and it came to a head after the suspect crashed his truck in a garage on south white road yesterday. the police were swarming the neighborhood with guns drawn after losing sight of the suspect during the chase. he was caught up in the mangled garage door and did not respond to commands to come out. the paint cans in the garage apparently exploded in the impact covering the suspect.
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this morning the garages boarded up and when the suspects -- the suspect gets better he is facing assault with a deadly weapon and hit- and-run. before the next potential showdown goes into effect the latest bill includes $1.4 billion for fencing along the border but far less than the $7.5 billion the president has commanded. trump has refused to commit to this before the final version was released any could use executive action to find the rest of the wall funding. it is 4:41 am. we are staying on top of the breaking news out of sausalito with a mudslide crashing into homes. coming up, the monster turbulence on the flight over the seer in the passenger describes the terrifying moments. here's a live look outside the city of san francisco with
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rain in the bay area and the high wind is the story this morning. we will be right back.
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we have breaking news in san jose were the evacuation orders have been issued along the guatalupe river between the area at willow greenway, atlanta avenue and they want you to evacuate the area immediately we continue to follow breaking news in sausalito after the mudslide crashed into a home this morning. the neighbor tells us that the woman may be trapped in the wreckage and that they could actually hear her crying for help. we will continue to update you as we learn more. we have anne makovec on the scene and we will have a live report coming up in the next half hour. it is 4:44 am.
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the crazy turbulence over the sierra sit passengers to the hospital and one passenger describe the terrifying moments in the air. >> reporter: the video posted on twitter showing the frightening aftermath after the severe turbulence windy baggage car was flipped over. pilots radio in to make an emergency landing. >> we do not know how many injuries but i understand we have two light attendance that could be incapacitated with several passengers. >> reporter: delta flight 5763 was diverted to reno, five injured with three taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it was two crew and three passengers. we spoke with one of the passengers on board, dave from portage county told us turbulence came out of nowhere. >> it just literally happened. the flight attendants were
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doing the drink service in the aisles and when it started we just saw the drink cart go up in the air. the attendants were tossed around like rag dolls and it was wild. one of the injured was a mother with a young daughter. there was a mother in the bathroom with the child and that was one of the people that ended up getting hurt. after it happened i look toward the rear and she was walking out of the bathroom with blood all over her face. >> reporter: tom wait, kpix 5. >> they are firing spices to bring down the unstable snow in highway 50 in the city of redding got more snow yesterday than the city of boston did all winter. the last time it snowed in redding was two years ago.
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there are evacuation orders in the south bay after another day of heavy rain. >> this is day 2 of the atmospheric river event. the wind is gusting up to 43 miles an hour this morning. i want to show you the wind gust. current wind gusting at sfo at 62 miles an hour, golden gate bridge 52 mile an hour wind gusting right now, novato 51 in san jose clocking at 49 with berkeley at 44 mile an hour wind gusts. here's a live look from the san jose camera with warm temperatures due to that atmosphere river event in the tropical moisture with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. on the hi-def doppler we had heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms pushing overnight and things are tapering off a little bit. we have scattered light rainacr the golden gate into san francisco, the bay bridge, east
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bay, walnut creek, concord, san ramon, as well as fremont and through san jose and sunnyvale. we have light rain showers. there is a flood warning in effect for southeastern marin county until 8:45 am to the heavy rain with numerous roads in small streams flooding. where watching that closely. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for most of the bay area. that is in effect through the morning. we have a high wind warning and you saw how gusty it is this morning. the high wind warning and wind advisory in effect throughout the morning as well. taking you through the day here is 10 am onfuturecawith across the san francisco peninsula through the afternoon with scattered showers. by thursday tonight at 8 ihe a be pushing through with this line of showers right here. we could see isolated thunderstorms and heavy downpours and we are not done
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yet. we will have unsettled weather friday into the weekend. on the future cast, the wind will be easing up through the afternoon with daytime highs warm. it is about where we should be this time of the year with temperatures much warmer compared to what we have seen. upper 50s to low 60s, and 60 in san francisco in oakland, mountain view and also for fremont, 61 in san jose for the high and 59 in napa. here is your 7-day forecast, a wet and windy morning with a flash flood watch, high wind warning, wind advisory all in effect throughout the morning. we are looking at scattered showers through the afternoon and evening with brief heavy downpours and isolated thunderstorms. we have rain chances friday into the weekend and through the end of the week we will have snow levels dropping possibly back down to 3000 feet. the bay area mountains could see another dusting of snow, a
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wild winter for sure. we catch a bit of a break by presidents' day, monday and tuesday with rain returning at the middle part of the week. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic with a mess on the roadways, lighting and debris flows or lot going on. >> yes. if you are gearing up for the commute leave your house early and give yourself extra time as you hit the roadways. we are dealing with road closures with flooding and debris in the roadways. we will concentrate on the most hazardous areas and what is slowing you down with accidents trickling in. we have an injury crash reported in delays on southbound 680 before fremont. chp is on the scene with that line of yellow building behind this with traffic slowing down. they may have lanes blocked through this area. we have a car fire westbound 580 grant line road and they are waiting on the towing crews but that will cause a visual
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distraction spectator slowing. that is the hotspot typically anyway with folks making their way out of tracy to the altamont pass. we also have a wind advisory in the altamont pass. when you get to north flynn road the traffic will open up nicely at the 680-580 dublin interchange. the busiest spot from outhouse toward north plan with speeds at 21 miles an hour. we see stop and go conditions as a result of north 85 and de anza boulevard with one lane blocked. the closures continue on highway 17, southbound 17 at sugarloaf closures in place due to that mudslide yesterday. southbound lanes are open so hopefully the commute direction will be better this morning. we have a tree in the roadway southbound 280 at westborough boulevard with three lanes blocked. they hope to have this clear pretty quickly.
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checking the drive times, the traffic out of the south is slow on 101, in the green on highway 4 and 80, 31 minutes from 205 to 680. it is for 50 2 am. >> coming up we keep an eye on the storm damage across the bay area. let's take a live look at the camera down in the south bay before we go to break condensation on the cameras this morning with a lot of rain still to come.
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it is a wednesday thursday morning with the wind gusting at sfo at 62 miles an
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half moon mile an le an hour s hour sustained out of san francisco from the south. san rafael has 38 mile an hour wind right now. it is 29 mile an hour in vallejo and 25 in antioch. things are winding down with light to moderate rain from vallejo, concord, lafayette, mill valley, san francisco, daly city, the south bay in san jose with light rain showers. we will timeout the rain and wind through the day with a second round of the rain and wind. >> the windy conditions will affect your driveway, and here's a live look at the bay bridge at the toll plaza where cars are stacking up quickly. mostly in the cash lanes and the fast track you just going t bridge and dumbarton bridge.
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j.lo has big plans for the big 50 and we learn more about "breaking bad" movie. >> reporter: new details are emerging about the upcoming breaking bad movie in the hollywood reporter says it will be a sequel reviving around the aaron paul's character jesse. it is unknown whether bryan cranston will return as the meth maker but the actor says he is interested. >> reporter: j.lo celebrates the big 5-0 and announcing "it's my party" tour saying she wants to do something big or the milestone birthday. the north american tour will kickoff june 7 in phoenix with stops in canada and puerto rico. j.lo will turn 50 on july 24. >> reporter: the highly anticipated trailer for "frozen
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2" is out but they are not revealing much about the plot. the follow-up to the 2013 oscar nominated film "frozen" returns also and princess anna, and the character olaf and the reindeer stand will also be back when "frozen 2" it's theaters in november. that is your i on entertainment, chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. and the next half hour we track storm damage in evacuations across the bay area this morning. the housley down the hill in sausalito and we are trying to sort out the mess right now. we will have a live report coming up next. you know when you're at ross and... wow!
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exactly what you need... yes. ...for your growing family? that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news. the mudslide takes down the
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house in sausalito trapping a woman inside. we are live at the scene. >> we have another morning of heavy rain across the bay area and mary has the forecast coming up. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, february 14. i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. it is 5:00 your breaking news in sausalito where the mudslide tore through the home at crescent avenue. in sausalito a woman is trapped inside. >> we have anne makovec with the latest. >> reporter: the good news is that the woman appears to be okay and she is conscious. the house well down the hill from sausalito avenue to the crescent avenue. it is a mess from what we can see right now but it's hard to tell. it appears to be the bruce of the house and behind this is a mess of earth, rocks, trees and everything has been uprooted because


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