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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 19, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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weeknights on kpix 5 now at 11:00, breakingsan more thanfrancisco.. a babya live report from the sc francisco. two people shotthe controversy t
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a live reportlifornia may get plus, thegood evening, i'm this and why california mayi'm k. rid oflet's get right to that bg major roadways. our betty is at thebut we'rt news desk with the latest. betty. >>ng tonight. 14 of thebut two victims are st free.gondolas.. swaying above f partiallythey've been stranded two victims are still suspended innearly three hours. the gondo fter a big gust of wind they have beenq stranded foroutx the gondola ride apparently malfunctioned tonight afterwzae bigfirefighters had to strap th circuitslowly -- and carefully r check out just how complexthem g rescue operation is. firefighters had to strap there
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victim in harnessn slowly and carefully lowerfalls into t into waiting tugboats. 9 tonight -- the ready innow it's in the hign now the falling temperatures. we are learning it is about in uiu diego but seaworldbreaking news those blankets. back joe vazquezepeople in this aread >>its gonna be a chilly night..n two people shot right here in the 2000 block of 15th avenue. there you see police officers behind yellow and red tape. there are markers on the ground indicating that they are collecting evidence following this shooting. san francisco police say some
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residents called 911 reported they heard gunshots just after 9:00 p.m. tonight a. little while later two men walked into a hospital saying they had been shot. police immediately began investigating the situation here in the golden gate heights neighborhood. this is a normally quiet area. no word yet on who did this or why. nobody arrested so far. police say that the victims wounds so far are nonlife threatening. this story is still developing. we will bring you the latest as it develops. back to you. and it is chilly night tonight. in fact we could be on track for some record coldn here's our chief meteorologist paul. paul. >> we back on treasure tonight below freezing in our inland valleys. 30 degrees the low in santa rosa. 30 the low in livermore. 30 the low in fairfield. chilly also for oak land and san francisco with lows around 40. going back in the record books we are on pace for the second coldest february in san
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francisco since 1949. only 1998 over the past 70 years has been colder. radar is clear for now. there are some showers in the forecast. let you know when that will happen coming up in a few minutes. people can turn the heat on. insections across the island. turn this power was the entireon again" electricity for"this is the this today. t was odd because it about 8:30 tonight. >> wow. >> the power --the san franciscc again. now its on again its the third time this month and odd because it was out all day from 9:00 til out here and -- it was why. they couldn'tutilities commissi >> well,power to the island. a san francisco public utilitiesso commission providesshow
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island. spokesperson says an unspecified equipment failure was the cause of that outage. they had been misssie 1c1cqvideo to show you tonight e saturday. youa helicopter search in the were located this morningwere he a helicopter searchskiers were e mountains el dorado national forest. the two skiers and their dog hoisted to safety eventually t. skiers wereanta clara hospital to be treated for cold related injuries. newsome neighbors tell kpi's cafe too hot and steamy to stirring((anchor)) tonight. some neighborsh÷ tellsome say - bikinion nextdoor- dot-com... ar
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drinks. some believe itq doesn'tseeing. just by)yone agrees -- the me. >>$u appropriately. >> atsqs8qá:"%"u most of their ads alone too risque tomurder investigation i >> its disrespectful for women. its just -- you see women asc1cn object a sexual object in this case. >> if you don't want to see it, you don't want to look at it, don't come here. >> some argue the location is concerning. on next a poster wrote right in between elementary schools a day care, just disgusting. another wrote this is isn't the kind of things i want my son seeing and what are we saying to our daughters? still not everyone agrees the coffee is too steamy to serve. >> they are outside. >> we can wear whatever we want
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as long as we are following the law. >> the owner is all too familiar with the dress code debate. last year community members tried to top the shop from moving into redwood city t. the manager said we uphold the most professionalism. nothing goes beyond the barista handing you over a coffee. but some say its just not their cup of tea. >> this is a family neighborhood and this is not okay. put a sweater on. you are selling coffee. >> well the manager says stit city code doesn't allow them to show their backside so they have been playing with the idea of wearing robes or flannels with their bikinis. their official grand opening if youantioch. back to you. (.t:-h÷ newigators beli police just released a pair ofte investigators believe these two men were involved in a shooting last augustvideo from a gas sta hind a dodge
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videowith his lights turned off summersville road.5ent complex. a man crouches behind a dodge charger and then drives away with his lightshere are a coupl police believe he and a passenger killedof the same suss sweatshirta lowes had to be eva video. the shooting happened insan fra. early morning hours of augustwan 19th. inside the store on bayshore altercation inside the store on bay shore boulevard where a man sprayed pepperwindow smashed in. ran off. several withno word on if the person was one car window smashed in. its related to its still unclear how. an ambulance wastonight fire ine the scene. no=i-ing to uncover what caused actuallyour salesforce tower ca working to uncover what are)vm
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sanhaight neighborhood. you cane capturedd if you look closely.. hate. you can seetu:lso sent in this billowing up. if you lookof the fire at the ty out firefighters onjumped into . viewers also sent this in video ofknocking on doors.. telling buildingome burned. tonight. many whoa first-of-its- kind ev. empty handed andbringing big na their homes burned. tonight no*including former pre the fire. obama. drive as fast as you want.. bay arearoadways. former president obama. and drive as fast as youand want without getting a ticket. why california maytonight: why thewondering if caltrans is to roadways. andjj tonight. why some residents are wonderin>
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. president obama willstandup int: with warriors star stephtonight at apeople, from students to
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youngappearance, starting at 4: chicago to new york. all here as part of the obama foundation's first national gathering of the my brothers keeper alliance. >> being with like minded people and people who are doing great things and nashville and oakland and the like -- it just -- it reminds me that i'm at not alone. >> he's one of the lucky ones. hand picked by the obama foundation to participate in his shared goal of creating safe environments for boys of color. >> we were painting murals. we were cleaning classrooms. >> regina jackson of the east oakland youth development center said this is just the beginning. >> they will be getting all kinds of empowerment from some of their heros. >> singer john legend, warriors
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star stephen curry, actor michael b jor fan and director ryan. >> i think it will be a timeless experience. one that they will never forget. >> jared said he's looking forward to it. a shared passion for mentor ship and service and he's hoping for one highlight in particular. >> my grandmother who is 86 at home is praying i get to meet obama and she wants a picture. so, president obama if you are listening, my grandma wants picture. >> back to you. join ourtonight california the latest on presidentemergencd bay area appearancea border wal. 4:30. tonight california swouvent is one of thepower to divert bi states:mm".t congress administration. the suitother purposes. notthe states accuse the presid billions of dollars that appropriatedtonight california' of usingstill sue on their own.
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still sueagainst the president y >> because iarea... and around e concerned when you -- hear that $8 billion of money expecting to come for other important program social security now going to be raided by the president to pay for a border wall which congress specifically decided not to fund at the levelq'umident in the bay wants. i thinkarea... and around the worried. >> areasome said it would be bette country. demonstrators heldbuild their ln slogans likmergcy. some saidt wou bemagine freewayh better to focus0speed limit. immigrants build their lives inr without absolutely no speed limit. >> wellreaction from drivers. an idea worth considering.
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>> freeways are congested. its just a -- havoc. >> and this president's day lived up to with bumper to bumper traffic on the roads. >> it is like a california groundhog day just sitting in traffic with my car idling. >> but senator john says you are just and that is bad for the environment. so what is the solution? well his bill said add two new lanes on the highway wit noould? >> you are burning the fuel as opposed to just sitting in slow traffic waiting for one truck to pass another truck for 20 minutes. >> orange county senator john wants to see two lanes on each
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side of both i-5 and highway 99 from bakersfield to stockton and no 65 mile per hour limit would apply. >> if you look at what is happening in germany, the freeway accidents are a lot less than our roads. >> he said this plan is more realistic. >> so why don't we provide people with vehicles, the opportunity to just drive 100 miles an hour and get to san francisco in a shorter period of time than train would? >> first thought what do you think? >> how much will that cost? >> that seems like a little too sweet to be real. >> he doesn't have a price tag just yet. >> we have already paid for the right of way. we don't have to buy that. now it's just how much per mile is the concrete going to cost. >> now it seems he needs to get driver refsed revved up about the idea. >> he said there are several details to work out including whether or not there would be a minimum speed limit. back totch fire after a car was.
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more than 100,000 pickuppotent' car wash. the companyfuel pump's feed por. potential fire hazard inand incs ridge line truck. that intauz car washingcan happ other acids cansoap acculates i. pumps feed portthe recall cover this can happen when water and truck southwest the recall coversplanes were gr years 2017 throughbusy holiday well tonight we are learning more about whycbs-news reports: southwest.zut of grounded weekend. cbs news complained t jets per day had to be takene tr of service for this comes after cbshow southwee revealed thatweight. according complainingstreet performpilots were impacted by also tonight, the faa started investigatingt:-h,h÷ how tracked itsbig mudslide in saust pilots were impacted by thesomef
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extra baggage weight oncaltranso take offs. newhere's what kpix 5 s and mudslide that wiped out homes. some caltrans practices"own the hill learned. morning, pleasescientists warn.s moving earth. i don't think theirs will earther. >> the city council declared a state of emergency upstate and federal funds while votes are easy, clean up is not. >> we're always concerned about the stability of our hillsides. it is hard to hear from our residents and not be able to say do this. >> tonight two homes are destroyed and six remain red tagged leaving folks homeless and with even fewer answers. >> on top of living in a motel right now and trying to find a new home, we are dealing with
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some -- some issues with our landlord not really trying to give us -- the help that we der deserve. >> the slide originated close to highway 101 leaving some to question whether caltrans practices toward blame. >> not knowing that cal than been dumping dirt above us on the hill that slid and that was actually a fire road out there that they used to access that whole area and that there was a slide in 1982. i don't know who was responsible for that ran. i don't know who was responsible for watching it but caltrans must have dump add lot of dirt along these ridges. >> we received a statement from caltrans. it reads, the matter is the subject of a potential claim against caltrans. caltrans does not discuss theine details of current::rowing concn claims. back to you. well some scientists
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lifornia that insects on the planet area >> nowspend their winter along e about a celebrated california butterfly. western monarchea was spend their winter along the california"a very significant d but the latest dramatic numbers. >> before this whole area was butterflies. >> a very significantyou can sel >> the federalthe k-p- i-x 5 ne looking into monarchs. you can seeuther>> coming kpix 5 news at 7:00. well we are not missing cold outpu >>wake up with our team: another chilly nightfor the lat this month. 46 many oakland. 47 in 41 in the city. plenty of spots frosty or there a freeze tonight including livermore's 30. fairfield's 30. san rafael 36 degrees. radar is clear. we do have some showers likely
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moving through on wednesday. snow pack, lot of snow up there. 41% above average as the percentage of the april 1st snow pack. what we want at the end of the snow season we are already above that by 7%. ridge of my pressure getting closer to us. close enough the next couple of storms giving us only a glancing blow and a few light showers. that ridge is still off to the west. our source of air still coming town from canada. we lose the rain, we keep the chill. tomorrow afternoon on future cast we are still sunny. changes coming wednesday. we go cloudy. notice rain building offshore but also notice at 3:00 in the afternoon mainly inland hill showers and we may see some snow showers above 3,000 feet. a tiny rain chance if and that clears out on thursday. rainfall totals -- about 1/20 of 1 inch of rain. upper 50sorrow.
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napa 56.ut only 57 conco napa 56 degrees. extended forecast a few afternoon showers on wednesday. that is it for the week. sunshine back thursday and friday. highs still only in the 50s. moreic, starting at 4--30. possible sunday. wake one our team for thestill on weather andand morning at 4:30. pretty dry week and frankly we have earned it. >> it is nice not having an(((b umbrella even chilly. j savejb%ye picture>> quick sand and snow.
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new video tonight shows rescue crews swooping down to save a park in uath over the quick sand. >> thecell weekend. >> over thefind the hiker.. got stuck. his friend hiked for three hours in theand another 2 hours to fr. cellphone service and call for help. it tookand take look at this.. find the hiker hours toacross an unlikely find. take ato escape the cold. photo patrol car. look at these guys. the cubs appeareddeputies monti
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underneath a warm patrol car. deputies monitored them for safety. left them alone. they weren't doing anybody welcoming up in sports bruceke m bochy said will be the last season for him as the manager of the giants. chy arrived in san
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proous breaking news bochy hasit's soon coming . has built a hall of fame worthy resume but an end. >>in era. a sunny announce that time
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caught both the media,h÷ and the players off guard. >> iil l y guys -- know now that -- i will be retiring after the season. >> there wasn't much of rate action cause they kind of just flew by it real quick and started talking about something else. >> in 2019 will be bochy's 13th and final season as manager of the giants. highlighted by three world series titles. >> one of the most important people in the history of the giants. san francisco, new york, the whole thing. >> i've managed with my gut. i came up here in 2007 on my gut and -- so it's a gut feeling that its time and its been an unbelievable ride. >> i don't think its caught up to him quite yet. its easier to sit here and say this is it but when it gets closer its that time and that final game is played, that is when it will really sink in. >> you could really sense the emotion of that clubhouse today. the. they want tosince 20-10.
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runner. back to you. 3rd period... tied at four w the night... his first hat trick he hadn't done since 2010. third periodsan jose takes a 5-t boston. he scores his third night, his first hatin o-t..., s the other time. in ot charlie scores the game)'t heartbreaker. they win 6-5. the loss drops the sharks intoo second place in division. kevin durant maycurry hit a the mvpteph some game butbragging rights over hi was"to be that one" 3-pointer and wasause for bump>> mthurph 4-point >> is that bragging right what l fl asleeporot second. i sold the call for sure. if i was going to make one shot
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out of the 23 it had to be that one. >> i still can't get over that. >> he sold the call. does that mean he -- >> got hit in the neck a little bit. >> he doesn't flop. he never flops, right? >> that bounce pass was the >> iive picture>> >> i love when they get a chance to have fun and play and its -- its just for fun. >> you can see court. he was just having(((break))) it was fun. >> that is great. we will be right back. [phone ringing]
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