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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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to deal and what could keep the team in oakland. is the last day of school before the oakland teachers hit the picket lines, and what you needknow before the strike. asking the attorney general to step into the highest money investigation but the president denies the claims this morning. good morning. it is february 20, wednesday, and i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. we are starting today with proud -- cloudy and breezy conditions. here is the hi-def doppler with showers offshore in a few showers along the coast. you can see half moon bay right now with a live look with the transamerica camera, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. after a cold start yesterday morning where looking at, with the cloud cover, on the cool side but not as cold this
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morning. 49 in concord and oakland, san jose at 49 with 46 in livermore, 41 in santa rosa this morning. we have west-northwesterly we and at 20 and half moon bay, downtown san francisco at 21 mile an hour, 16 in oakland, 16 for novato. we have isolated to scattered light rain showers or rainfall amounts less than one tenth of an inch. it is not a big weather event with a few showers possible. we have drier and sunnier weather ahead beginning tomorrow and we will take you hour-by-hour coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic. >> not too bad so far. traffic conditions looking okay and business as usual. we do have some delays building at the bay bridge approaching the toll plaza. no metering lights yet but it
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is beginning to stack up, backed up to the 880 overpass. san mateo bridge has a wind advisory in effect with drive time steady at 14 minutes between the 880 and 101. on 101 you should have no troubles with like traffic. light along the nimitz freeway as we take a live look near oakland with traffic moving nicely northbound and southbound. clear in both directions between san jose and oakland. it's a good time to be on the freeways. if you're traveling out of marin county, traffic is pretty light on 101. we have the ongoing closure on westbound 37 and that should be wrapped up soon. we have broke work on the richmond-san rafael bridge with one lane closed in both directions but that should wrap up within the next couple of minutes. the next time around we will take a look at the south bay traffic. the westbound lanes of highway 37 near novato are
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expected to reopen today. the levee broke during the storms last week letting the highway. yesterday the marin county board of supervisors voted unanimously to ratify the state of emergency declaration. the crews are repaving a section of the road that was underwater and expect lanes to be open by noon. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. in washington dc you can see the snow coming down and they are in the midst of a big winter storm. we are waiting for the reaction of the big announcement from russian president vladimir putin with this state of the union address earlier today. he mourned his country could be putting missiles in europe to target u.s. interests. he says that he is if the u.s. does the same and all bets are off after the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear arms treaty between the two countries, in place since the 80s to prevent missiles from getting placed
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into europe. russia is saying that if the u.s. does it that russia will as well. russia says they are open to discussion and i will not start unless they have to. chilly situations. the riders appear to be close to wrapping up a deal to keep the came playing at the oakland coliseum this year and possibly into 2020. we have kpix 5 kiet do live outside of the coliseum with more details. >> reporter: good morning. it appears both parties have worked out the major kinks. if you had to put a number on this, chris dobbins puts it better than 50-50. according to the report from the san francisco chronicle the riders will pay $7.5 million to play in the 2019 season with the option to stay through 2020. the riders were talking about playing at levi's stadium and
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oracle park after the came turned down the $7.5 million deal in essentially the same deal back in december. the team was sued by the city of oakland or leaving to go to las vegas. sources tell the chronicle that the $7.5 million offer was the best and most convenient after shopping around trying to play at the levi's stadium and oracle park. the nfl commissioner roger goodell put pressure on the riders telling them to have to figure this out soon. >> it's unfortunate that litigation was filed prior to the final season in oakland but that is reality. it was filed by the city. i'm hopeful there will be a resolution soon. as far as the timing, the key thing on timing is our schedule. >> reporter: when the chronicle went press with the story there was no word yet back from the came itself. live from oakland coliseum, kiet do, kpix 5. president trump denies that new york times report alleging he asked former
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attacking attorney general about his holding off on an investigation. >> no, not at all. i don't know who gave you that but that is more fake news. >> the report says president trump made the request of matthew whitaker last year and at the time michael cohen was investigated for highest piney -- money payments or that two women that president trump allegedly had affairs with and the relationship with the president soured after he refused to put the u.s. attorney and trump appointee geoffrey berman in charge of the trump case recused himself. in the testimony to congress whitaker did not say whether he was asked to intervene. >> did you ever have any conversations with anybody about reassigning or firing any personnel including u.s. attorneys with the southern district of new york ? >> congresswoman, i sit on top of the department of justice,
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as you mentioned. >> last week with the confirmation of william barr in the position, matthew whitaker resigned last week. this comes as andrew mccabe made a startling statement with an interview with cnn. >> you been really that the president could be in collusion with russia? >> i think is possible and that is where we started our investigated and i'm anxious to see where special counsel robert mueller goes with that. >> the white house calling andrew mccabe a liar and linker. in honolulu authorities say they saw a man with a bottle of alcohol on the rotunda monday and the man became physical with the sheriff's deputy putting him in a headlock. the situation it a with the 28- year-old suspect shot and killed. officials say it is another sign that authorities need nonlethal weapons like tasers. happening today the west
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virginia teachers are walking out again over the education bill that is tabled indefinitely. unions representing teachers and school service personnel that they want to make sure the bill is truly dead. it is the second day of the strike. in the meantime, thousands of public school teachers are set to go on strike in oakland. parents and teachers gathered yesterday to prepare for what is ahead with educators wanting the 12% raise over three years and oakland unified school district is offering a 5% raise in the average salary for teachers last year was $63,000. we have a full survival guide for parents to get you through the picture strike and we take a lookck at 1996, the last time teachers walked off of the job, all on >> it is day two of the my brother's keeper alliance in oakland and we explain what is on the agenda today. >> reporter: today is day two, and it is a star-studded town
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hall meeting. it is the last and final day after a very eventful day yesterday. >> for those of you that do not know me -- >> [ laughter ] >> i am michelle's husband. >> that is a sense of humor. yesterday former president obama and steph curry spoke about their lives and the importance of mentor ship. today actor michael b jordan in the cofounder of black lives matter among many others part of the forum today. it spots lights what is working for mentoring and advice for a like outcome for boys and men of color. this started with president obama when he was president and at the death of trayvon martin, now in its fifth year. >> there are certain questions that need to be asked on issues of undocumented youth. >> hopefully they can deal into
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more issues that are bigger than just a mentorship. >> reporter: it will kickoff in a few hours and it is the last day running until 5:00 tonight. emily turner, kpix 5. relief could be on its way from the long delays for the muni riders. muni acting chief laid out a plan saying that the light rail system will cut delays by 10% in the next three months. they aim to lower the number of times riders are stranded for 20 minute stretches and calling for swifter train turnaround at the embarcadero station. the san francisco officials are pushing for more like parking with the supervisor joined by the sf bicycle coalition calling for tripling the bike parking program by installing 2000 more bike racks every year. right now there are 5200 bike racks across the city. >> i 15 yo thatthe chicken nugget made the silicon valley will take and the company says they are
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growing meat from animal cells, and what it takes to make meatless meat coming up. we will show you the future cast timing at the showers coming up. we have the back up at the bay bridge with a new crash reported along the east shore freeway with details coming up. so cute (laughs)?
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it is 5:13 am. welcome back. in your health watch, a study by researchers at johns hopkins university said that drugmakers failed to adequately monitor prescriptions up no. they found evidence that nearly half of the patients taking the dangerous medication should never have been prescribed the on. >> type ii diabetes patients can reduce our risk by eating more nuts and especially tree nuts according to the new study at the harvard university. they found by adding five servings of nuts per week people with type ii diabetes had a lower risk of heart disease complications and premature heart -related death. the study in california finds older women that sit or lay down for long period of time during the day trader risk of heart disease and stroke. reducing the sedentary time by one hour day will help reduce the risk of heart disease by
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26%. the future of meat production may be in the lab in san francisco and the food startup, just" headquarters growing and most bells and launching just eggs and restaurants and grocery stores across the country. >> the reality is that billions of chickens are combined and killed every single year. it requires a lot of land and water and responsible for an enormous amount of greenhouse gas emissions. >> they will make the cells themselves but they need a green light from the usda and fda. in the meantime "just" will launch the chicken plans in asia later this year. >> i think the next step is how does the chicken taste. working your way toward the bay bridge this morning, not bad with business as usual and metering lights are turned on
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with traffic stacking up working your way around the 880 overpass. we have report of a new crash into the maze westbound 80 at the berkeley curb, close to the 580 with an incident that could slow you down out of oakland. it is a heads up with a slight delay approaching this scene with stop and go conditions to the metering lights. your clear after that working your way into san francisco. again a crash westbound 80 at the berkeley curb. heading to the south bay, one went off to a good start northbound with no delays from hilliard into the peninsula with light traffic. northbound we had an earlier accident at northbound 280 with an overturned vehicle that is been cleared out of the lines. the right lane was blocked but i checked in with the xp him to go in it looks like it is all over to the shoulder. the god times in the south bay are all in the green and it's a good time to be on their with 87 in guatalupe parkway with no delays in looking good through
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101 with a 28 minute drive time. at the altamont pass a lot of red on the centers meeting space are dipping under 25 miles an hour. it is 50 miles an hour off of 205-5 eddie connector and backed up to the mountain house. it is 37 minutes from mount house to the 680 dublin interchange with traffic getting thicker westbound, but the speech improve connecting to the 680 with no delays on 680 itself. to skip the roadways not a bad choice with everything on time. bart has no delays, muni, ace, ac transit and caltrans checking in problem-free. we do have showers on the horizon. >> that's right we had this week or weather system bringing scattered showers today. you can see on the salesforce tower camera looking at cloudy skies with temperatures in the 40s and not as cold's yesterday morning. 49 in concord, and good morning
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to oakland at 49 and also for san jose and downtown san francisco. 46 in livermore and 41 for santa rosa. we have this west-northwesterly land 25 mile an hour at half moon bay, 21 in downtown san francisco, 17 in sfo with oakland at 60 mile an hour and gusting up to 29 this morning in oakland. 15 in san rafael, 12 in vallejo with 13 in concord. you can see the hi-def doppler showing showers offshore and in the santa cruz mountains for spotty showers. that will continue, spotty to isolated showers through the day. with this week weather system we have showers with a few hundreds of an inch of rain. this is not a big deal and not a big weather event but we could see a few showers through the day. we have drier and sunnier
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weather starting tomorrow. here is this next low pressure system passing to the east. the brunt and main part of the storm system will be to the east which is why we are looking at a few showers for today. here we are at 7 am and you can see isolated showers for the north bay, san francisco peninsula and through 10 am again a few isolated showers. do not be surprised to see a little bit of wet weather through the day. 2 pm looking isolated showers mainly inland locations. we could catch some sunshine through wednesday. we have drier and sunnier weather tomorrow. the rainfall amounts, again, looking at up to 5/100 of an inch of rain, nothing like last week with that atmospheric river event. we are looking at a lot of rain for the month of february with 214% of average in santa rosa, two and 23% of average for the
5:20 am
month in san francisco with livermore at two and 82% of average, 250% in san jose of average so looking good for the rainfall amounts. 54 in san francisco and san rafael. oakland a highof 56, 55 in fremont and 56 in san jose. low average temperatures for this time of the year. tomorrow plenty of sunshine with high pressure building in continuing through friday. partly sunny with saturday showers, sunday into next week. are you ready for the biggest tuna ever caught? we have it. the giants new boss afraid to tell his parents about his new job, coming up. >> as we head outside to take a look at the cleared shot at the golden gate bridge with showers. it is 5:20 am.
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welcome back. it is 5:23 am. we have metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza with cars cycling through a few probes that metering lights toward the incline it is a little bit sluggish working awake to the tunnel. at the 880 overpass, a crash
5:24 am
reported at the berkeley curb and another at the toll plaza blocking at least one right lane. it is a busy right out of oakland into san francisco. here is dennis with your sports. >> the baseball top reagent is coming to the natalie but not wearing orange and black. sorry, giants fans. it is the four time all-star manny machado that is reportedly signed the king year $300 million contract with the padres and he has a free agent contract, the largest in american sports history. san diego has not made the playoffs since the w was in the oval office. this could be ranking number one in all of baseball. at 42 years old you would think the new giants president zaidi was doing pretty well but when he got his first job in baseball with the a's that the
5:25 am
salad was so low we did not want to tell his parents. >> i got off of the phone with him and did not ask what the salary was going to be. i found out it was nothing to write come about or nothing you would want to tell your mother about. for two or three days i lost sleep over how to tell my parents about this. but when i did that were excited for me because they knew how passionate i was about baseball. >> now that giants president can afford the one bedroom condo in the city. look at this huge fish. these guys at a porta bar to, seven feet in length, weighing 450 pounds for new record. remember painting the face to support the new jersey devils, bringing it back for the 90s night. getting detain all hyped up and have a nice trip. >> that looks like it would hurt. threat high in pennsylvania losing the ball and getting it
5:26 am
back to flip it then, and it when they. how about that. here is donald, the youtube sensation for kicking skills, 75 yards out. it is good. liberty and wake forest withis running catch, flipping over the fans but hanging onto the baseball. the flames beat the 20th-ranked team, the deacons, 9-3. they need to sign that guy up and get him to spring training. that is the latest on your sports. i am dennis o'donnell, and i will see tonight. >> reporter: looks like the riders will stay put in the oakland coliseum for at least one more year. i am kiet do with the live report coming up. a huge storm taking aim at a large section of the u.s. right now. your live pictures from the winter wonderland around the country, when we come back. so i can save up to 40% on appliances?
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kpix5 news . the raiders could be staying in oakley little bit longer, this morning the team and city are close to a deal. the chemical company monsanto facing another lawsuit with new allegations of contamination. president obama looking to inspire a new wave of leaders with this message to the bay area and the country. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, february 20. i am michelle griego. >> good morning. i am kenny choi. >> let's get a check on the weather , but at least not heavy downpours. >> we have a weak weather system but nothing that we cannot handle or nothing like last week for sure. you can see on the hi-def doppler, a live look from the transamerica camera. due to the clouds temperatures are definitely not as cold.
5:31 am
we are talking 40s to start the day. many locations at 49 including concord, oakland, san francisco and san jose all at 49. 46 in livermore and 41 in santa rosa. cool conditions, cloudy and gus the this morning. the wind is picking up this morning with isolated and scattered light rain with this weak weather system with less than one tenth of an inch. with this weak weather system we have a few showers and we will time this out hour-by- hour, and what to expect, coming up. let's check in for look at this gusting morning. >> there's a wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. a heads up on the bay bridge with a couple of trouble spots with chp working on accident was about 80 at the berkeley curb, and this is over to the shoulder. we have crash at the toll plaza
5:32 am
involving the motorcycle involving the far right lane. after you get past the metering lights he could run into that problem. it is the little bit slow to this area. the accidents are making things a little bit busier than usual, backed up to the plate of the maze with a slow ride working your way past the incline. it is heading toward the tunnel. westbound 580 is slow-and-go with business as usual. we have delays on the sensors are busy right out of tracy connecting onto the altamont pass, 37 minutes from the tool five to the dublin interchange. there is an accident south 680 at washington boulevard on the shoulder. it is not causing delays with pretty like traffic through this area. a trouble spot nor to 80 at broadmoor with the one-on-one thickening up out of san jose. it is looking down at the 280- 680 connector. that is look at your morning drive.
5:33 am
i am anne of it -- anne makovec at the live news desk. this is a large winter storm making its way across the northeastern part of the northeastern united states with every state east of the mississippi. here's a live look at the capital building at washington dc with most factions of the government shutdown due to that huge storm. 700 flights in dc alone have been canceled and this is expected to go through tomorrow, and after the snow they expect ice and sleet. new this morning, the raiders could make an announcement on the feed with the oakland coliseum. we have kiet do live outside of the coliseum this morning . >> reporter: good morning. negotiations are happening behind closed sessions but
5:34 am
details are leaking out with one person think this is a one- year deal. according to the san francisco chronicle report, the raiders will pay $7.5 million to play in 2019 with the $10 million option to play in 2020. they turned down the $7.5 million deal in december when the city of oakland doing a lawsuit sued the raiders leaving oakland to go to las vegas. never shopping around to try to play at the levi's stadium and also oracle park. it turns out that $7.5 million was the best deal and most convenient for the cane. at the end of the month the nfl commissioner roger goodell added pressure to the situation by saying that the raiders need to figure it out soon so the rest of the league can set the 2019 game schedule. >> the hope is for mark to continue to be in the bay area with his rider bands. it's unfortunate litigation was
5:35 am
filed prior to the final season in oakland but that is reality. it was filed by the city. >> reporter: it is press time for the chronicle story and no word back from the claimant sale. live at the oakland coliseum, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the update on the hit-and- run in santa rosa that injured a seven-year-old girl and the suspected driver is under arrest. the 29-year-old dominic weaver crashed into the girl saturday and drove off. he posted photos of himself driving the same car and a tipster showed them the surveillance video of weaver trying to hide his car after the crash. the police that i found him after he was trying to hide in a bedroom on ward street. he is facing felony hit-and-run charges. a string of burglaries overnight in san jose. the burglar smashed into three different auto-parts stores. they targeted the date store
5:36 am
behind oakridge mall and it is unclear how much stuff they have stolen but so far no suspect or arrest. the fremont auto burglaries are hitting a new high in they have arrested nearly one dozen suspects. these 11 were arrested over eight days. they were either caught in the act are looking in windows. the auto theft of burglaries rosing fremont 87% between 2014 and 2017. since the beginning of this year over 300 have been reported with laptops the frequent target. the fremont police are increasing patrols, and the investigations unit uncovered a multimillion dollar operation last year recovering nearly eltronics. it is 5:36 am. monsanto a slammed with another lawsuit and this time it is water pollution. the city for terways and
5:37 am
storm water. baltimore alleges that monsanto knew that the chemicals were the toxic and did not degraded nature when they manufactured the product decades ago. the company says they believe the baltimore complaint is without merit. monsanto is appealing the verdict in the landmark case over the popular weed killer, roundup. in august the jury ruled in favor of the former groundskeeper and johnson clean the ingredient in the weedkiller cost is terminal cancer. date awarded $78 million in damages to johnson. president trump is taking seeing, changing his tune. we have diane king hall with the story. >> reporter: the momentum ontht indexes close slightly hard yesterday with the dow rising 18 point, the nasdaq jumping
5:38 am
14, the 500 up.4. president trump indicating positive movement with the china trade talks and says he is proposing easing up a bit. the higher tears would go into effect if a deal is not reached. southwest airlines grounding hundreds of flights and hundreds others were delayed mainly due to maintenance problems. airline apologizes to customers think they are looking into the operational issues. a group of coworkers hit it big in the mega millions lottery. >> yes. nearly two dozen coworkers won big into mega millions state lottery in the group chose the lump sum payment which comes out to $176 million or $7.7 million apiece. the coworkers formed the llc and each putting a dollar per
5:39 am
week in the pool to purchase tickets, netting them one of the biggest jackpots in history. >> they can now retire if they choose. >> yes. they said they will keep working. they are anonymous because they wkeepwork but we he will say. >> that sounds good but they have millions, and thank you diane king hall money watch. we get a sneak peek at that chinese new year's parade in san francisco with the touch is been made on the floats. 19 floats will be featured this weekend to celebrate the year of the pig. they are using l.e.d lights and the saturday not parade will start at 5:15 pm in downtown san francisco. it is 5:39 am. >> the runners are not plodding along but plugging along estate prenup the street one stride at a time. >> here's a live lo ng traffic already.
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that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off yes for less. happening today more stars take center stage in oakland to encourage the boys and men of color. it is date two of the my brother's keeper alliance. >> reporter: we are on the shores of the lake merritt for day two. yesterday was a big day and take a listen on who took the stage >> for those of you that do not know me, i am michelle's husband. >> reporter: clearly he has a sense of humor and yesterday former president obama and steph curry spoke about their lives, and the importance of mentorship in their lives.
5:43 am
michael b jordan from black panther and a cofounder of black lives matter, among many others will speak today. it is about spotlighting what is working to reduce violence, and expanding effective mentoring. they want advanced outcome for boys and men of color. president obama started this after the death of trayvon martin, and now this is in the fifth year. >> it is not about trayvon martin anymore and it's about the young man sitting here. >> it is my first time actually seeing the him in person. >> reporter: it will kickoff in a few hours and again the final day, ending at 5:00 tonight. live in oakland, emily turner, kpix 5 . it is 5:43 am. >> virgin galactic is attempting one of the highest and fastest test lifesaver and it could bring them closer to the goal of sending paying customers and despite this year. the dss unity will lift off
5:44 am
from the mojave desert and the mission includes line four research payloads for nasa. >> the new fitness trend is sweeping the world, one piece of trash at a time. >> it is "plogging", and make sure you are wearing gloves. >> watch out for cars. >> check out london, the latest city getting in on the "plogging" craze, and they will go jogging and collect trash at the same time. they collect everything from the containers, cigarettes and even a child if you. >> you coming way knowing your theater and done something amazing for your community as well. >> i don't think it is weird anymore. it is something people want to be involved in. >> the crisis that every continent in less than three years picked up in seoul and new york and the ploggers say they burned about 100 more
5:45 am
calories each hour then they would going jogging regularly. >> i think we need to do that. >> it is a good idea. >> take extra gloves, especially in san francisco. but it is awesome that you get exercise while cleaning the streets, plogging, i love it. you don't get stuck in traffic, for sure. >> unfortunately you are wasting gas. let me give you an update on the closure on westbound 37, traffic looks pretty good actually out of marin county. southbound 101 through novato and san rafael with no delays. we zoom in on highway 37 and they hope to have the lanes open at least by noon. we have our fingers crossed that will happen. in the meantime, we have delays through the westbound side and of course you can always exit at atherton and rejoin one-on- one or use the richmond-san
5:46 am
rafael bridge. we do have a backup at the toll plaza with the femur cards using this for the morning commute to avoid delays on 37. the drive times 10 minutes between 80 and 101, bearable but you could save some time using this instead of 37. the san mateo bridge has a wind advisory in effect with drive times 15 minutes between the toll plaza toward foster city. a few get on one-on-one through the peninsula northbound and southbound, good with no delays. we have delays at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze with the christ in the clearing stages on westbound 80 approaching the berkeley curb slowing things down a bit. we also have a cracked reported just past the toll plaza in the right lane with the motorcycle involved. this is close to the metering lights so we have slow-and-go conditions for this area. in fact you will see slower speeds approaching the tunnel but after that clear into san
5:47 am
francisco. the right lane is blocked at southbound 880 and whipple with four cars involved in a crash with a line of red. traffic is slowing down because of this. we have a cracked southbound 680 at washington but on the right shoulder. the big rig is involved so that could be a visual distraction through this area. we have traffic building through the castro valley ride. at the connector we have delays. we could see a few showers today. >> that's right. hopefully you enjoyed the sunshine of the last couple of days. we are looking at this week weather system bringing showers into the bay area. we start the day with cloudy skies, breezy to windy conditions and the clouds are in the skies and temperatures at 40. good morning to oakland at 49, in downtown san francisco and san jose also at 49. 46 in livermore and 41 in santa
5:48 am
rosa. half moon bay looking at 20 miles an hour and 17 at sfo, downtown san francisco at 21. 16 mile an hour wind in oakland, burglary and conquer. 50 mile an hour wind in san ramon this morning. you can see showers offshore and in the santa cruz mountains this morning with isolated to scattered light rain showers for today with this weak weather system. we have less than one tenth of an inch of rain with this weather system. low average temperatures this time of the year and once again today, and your six attend outlook from the climate prediction center keeping us cool for the next 10 days. we have bethe country. we are looking at below average temperatures this time of the year. the satellite and radar view
5:49 am
showing this low pressure system passing to the east. we will be on the edge of this weather system with the main event to the east. looking at a few showers. don't be surprised to see some wet weather through the day. at 7 am we have a few showers lighting up the radar screen. the future cast showing the north bay, san francisco peninsula, and 10 am still isolated showers. we will catch some sunshine through the day. here is 2 pm with a few showers inland, drying out with plenty of sunshine beginning tomorrow. sunrise at 6:53 am, sunset at 5:53 pm meaning 11 hours exactly of day like today. we are casey two or three minutes of extra daylight every day. mid-50s and mountain view and san jose with highs to the day at 56 in pleasant hill and benicia , berkeley. 56 in oakland, 55 in alameda
5:50 am
with upper 40s at lakeport and clearlake. when you have sun tomorrow and friday with partly sunny skies saturday, showers returning sunday. >> new video over the los angeles skyline in around the world, the largest super men of 2019. it is the super snow men that gets its name for the heavy snowfall coming this time of the year. the super men happens when the moon's orbit brings it to its closest point to the art when the moon is full. >> the oakland zoo is caring for two matt lange cubs and the cats were spotted at the half moon bay enjoying the warm from the patrol cars. they are siblings in only a few months old. patient moloch had today with annette and the cats were unable to hunt and care for them selves. they believe the mother was killed. the cubs were put in the crate they brought to the oakland zoo for examination. there will be at the zoo for
5:51 am
three weeks before fish and wildlife finds them a new home. >> it is 5:15 am. >> the california truck driver hailed a hero and coming up, the bloodied roadside fight esau unfolding and how he broke it up. let's head outside to take a live look at the ocean beach this morning and we will be right back in a minute. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now from $899, during the ultimate sleep number event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to hit the ground running.
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good wednesday morning. we are halfway through the work week for a cloudy and breezy start to the day. the wind is 70 mile an hour northwesterly at sfo. downtown san francisco at 21 mile an hour, open 16 and gusting up to 29. 15 in san rafael and 14 mile an hour wind in napa. we will time this out on the futurecast when you will see showers, coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic . >> we have delays building southbound 880 which is loading up with the crash involving at least four vehicles at whipple blocking the right lane and that drive from hayward into foster city is slow. use an alternate in the meantime i will let you know when the lines are cleared but it is a slow ride on a that a southbound toward whipple. it is 5:54 am.
5:55 am
>> the sacramento tow truck driver is calling a new title as zero. >> he saw suspect violently attacking the chp officer. christopher said he pulled over on i-5 at three solve the chp officer fighting with another person on the side of the highway. the officer had been stabbed by this suspect after he stopped her for speeding. he jumped into action and grabbed the handcuffs of the officer. >> i said, addie workdays. any suggest swing it on her. i struggle to get the first went on and the second one i just snapped on. >> the officer was loan to the trauma center but has been released and expected to make a full recovery. the tow truck driver is now considering a career in law enforcement. >> he should go for it after tackling the bad guy. >> that is exactly what he did but lucky he did not get hurt in the process but lucky he was
5:56 am
they are. >> the police academy needs to sign him up. threat weighing in on the president trump attempt to take billions of dollars from california. the long goodbye will continue for the open riders and it looks like they will stay in oakland port one more year. we have a live report on the new deal coming up. ♪ i paid the price you pay too much.
5:57 am
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . a bay area native made a good return home today as the star-studded gathering drawn by the obama foundation wraps up in oakland. >> the president is responding to new report revealing his alleged strategy to undermine investigation into his conduct. why there is enthusiasm for recreational marijuana but not what lawmakers had hoped. good morning. it is wednesday, they were 20th. i am michelle griego. >> good morning.
6:00 am
i am kenny choi. thank you for starting your day off with this. i am not that disappointed with the change after several good days of weather. >> it is changes but nothing we cannot handle. it will not be sunshine across the entire bay area for today. we had this weak weather system bringing a few showers and we have cloudy skies to start the day, and because of the clouds it is not as cold. we have temperatures in the 40s to start this wednesday. concord at 48, oakland and downtown san francisco, san jose at 49, 45 in livermore, 40 in santa rosa. we have a few showers offshore across the santa cruz mountains. the weather headlines, cool, cloudy and gusty conditions. it is breezy to windy conditions this morning, isolated to scattered light rain ow


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