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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 25, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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another wall this morning. oakland teachers are back on the picket line. and our kpix 5 crew under gunfire. the security guard is recovering after taking a bullet. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. thanks for starting your week with us. dry conditions as we look outside and the atmospheric river is on the way. >> get ready for rain and wind. that begins this afternoon. and that continues all day long for tuesday. so that atmospheric river takes aim at the bay area once again. the storm headlines, a wet start to the workweek and also windy. and we'll see increasing rain and wind, especially this afternoon. and that means a wet and windy afternoon and evening commute for sure. the strong storm continues with wet and windy conditions all day long for your tuesday. dry for the most part but a few showers stretching from san rafael across mill valley and
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about to pick into sausalito. a flash flood watch is in effect for the entire bay area. flash flooding is possible for the coast and bayshore line. 2 to 5 inches of rain with the storm. hills and mountains, 6 to 10 inches so a rapid rise in the creeks and rivers. a wind advisory from noon to 2 a.m. tuesday, and could likely get extended throughout the day tomorrow. we're talking gusts up to 50 miles per hour. downed trees and power lines are expected with the storm. we'll time it out hour by hour. when the rain and the wind will arrive where you are coming up in just a few minutes. we are keeping a close eye on the north bay. we're getting scattered showers and so far not seeing any major accidents or incidents. a live look at the richmond, san rafael bridge. traffic moving on the westbound
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side. if you're commuting out of the east bay you should be good to go. we're clocking in good speeds. traveling southbound out of san rafael into mill valley all the way to the golden gate bridge. a few delays but pretty light. northbound 101 on the south bay, a good start to the drive working out of the san jose. and no delays to cupertino. and it's business as usual. you've got brake lights westbound 580. and typical slow and go conditions coming out of tracy. you'll see brake lights. the drive time on 580, 205 to 680, that's a 34-minute drive time. we'll take a look at the bay bridge coming up next. we continue storm watch coverage in the north bay.
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emily turner is at the site of a devastating mudslide in sausalito with more. emily-- >> reporter: it's started raining a little bit but only worse to come. i'm going to hop out of the way and you can see where we are. right at the base of the slide. crescent avenue is still closed. the north bay is expected to get the brunt of the rain we're expected. crews with the u.s. geological survey were using laser technology to measure the stability of the ground and spot areas of future risk. sandbags were stacked up to stop some further movement with at least 5 to 8 inches of rain expected between today and wednesday. many are worried about a repeat of the slide from a week ago. residents are hoping that the city took proper precautions to make sure that people are out of harm's way. >> there's a lot of movement
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but we haven't had water in so long. it's a lot. >> and of course, up to 9 inches are possible to fall on already saturated soil causing rapid rises in streams, creeks, and rivers. so we're going to keep a close eye on this and starting today, the city of sausalito has been meeting with folks to discuss concerns as well as talk about ways that they can be compensated. i did speak to a couple over the weekend who had been evacuated because of the slide and their insurance is not covering it because they rivered a separate policy which was unavailable to them. we'll keep a close eye on it as it begins to rain in sausalito. emily turner, kpix 5. >> the incoming st further weaken a cliff in san
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francisco that partially collapsed. two women were walking a dog on friday when tons of sand came crashing down. one made it out alive with the dog but the other woman is still missing. her body may be underneath the sand or may have washed out to sea. we're waiting to learn about multiple arrests in connection to an armed robbery. >> it all unfolded outside the oakland public library just before 5:00. reporter joe vasquez and reporter john england were covering the strike when two men pulled up with a gun. one suspect and the guard exchanged fire. the security guard was shot in the leg. joe and john sent us this moments after it happened. >> he came out of the car with
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a gun in hand basically saying give up the camera. i want the camera. i just walked away and said take it. it's yours. and the next thing i know i hear gunshots. >> the guard is recovering in the hospital and is listed in stable condition. >> meanwhile, police have recovered some of the stolen equipment. the two initial suspects at the scene have been detained by authorities. one suspect was arrested at highland hospital in oakland. he walked in with multiple gunshot wounds. the second suspect was arrested after he crashed his car during a high speed police chase and that surveillance video giving you a sense of how fast he was driving. witnesses say he hit at least four or five cars. opd will update us sometime today. >> we are glad that everyone is going to be okay but very scary incident. and we want to turn now to
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the oakland teachers strike. today is day three of the walkout. and teachers are bringing in star power. >> reporter: this morning, the state superintendent of public instruction will be stepping in in an attempt to move the negotiations forward. the former u.s. secretary of labor is also expected to join the talks. and it seems the two sides could use help. the meeting only lasted an hour before the discussion fell apart. the district is offering 7% but the teachers union says that's not enough. >> during the bargaining time that we've had, the district showed us that they are not prepared to stop the teacher retention crisis or have smaller classes or provide resources for our students. and that is unacceptable. >> teachers are demanding a 12% pay raise over three years,
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smaller class sizes, and more support staff like school nurses. the district maintains it doesn't have the money. 95% of educators are on the picket lines and 3% of students were in school monday. today medical examiner is expected to complete the autopsy of the san francisco public defender. he was having dinner with a friend in north beach and began to have trouble breathing. he was taken to a nearby apartment and then to the hospital where he died. there's no official cause of death for adachi who was 59. there are no signs of foul play. he was known for backing criminal justice reform and standing up for defendants who needed legal help the most. he had run the public defenders office since 2002. the beginning of the second trial which claims that monsanto's weed killer causes
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cancer. opening statements are scheduled for 8 a.m. the outcome could help attorneys decide whether to fight similar suits in court or settle them. the trial is expected to last about a month. a vallejo man was awarded $78 million. monsanto has appealed. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec. and this is vice president mike pence leaving from joint base andrew and he is headed to bogota, colombia where dip his toes into the diplomacy nightmare in venezuela and colombia. he's going to be meeting with the interim president of venezuela or the man that the u.s. is recognizing as the president of sens, opposition leader juan guaido. and he's going to meet with migrant families. back to you. a live look at the white
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house where president trump will depart today for a second summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. in vietnam this week, the president intends to sell kim on the economic benefits of giving up his country's nuclear weapons. since the two met in singapore in june, progress has been slow. president trump signaled he is flexible about the timetable. >> as long as there's no testing, we're happy. ed markey told margaret brennan that president trump may show he's too eager to make a deal. >> he could run the risk that kim is given concessions not accompanied by concessions in return. >> president trump meets with
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china's president. time now is 5:10. >> coming up this morning, how much time does it actually take to implement a weight loss strategy? surprisingly, not long at all. we are expecting rain and wind. a close eye on the drive and so far, brake lights at the bay bridge. i'll have the travel times coming up in minutes. we now know exercise during pregnancy is not only safe but beneficial to mother and baby. exercise can reduce stress and weight gain and lower the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy. before starting a workout routine talk to your doctor.
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in this morning's health watch, some children who are exclusively breast-fed in the first three months of life are less likely to have eczema. researchers looked at the diets of pregnant women and the diet and health of their children at 6 years old. an oncology study finds that men can receive one course of chemotherapy without the treatment affecting long-term sperm count. a new study in the journal of obesity finds that people
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who successfully track their diet spends an average of less than 15 minutes a day doing so. researchers hope more people will dry diet monitoring to lose weight. gas prices are going up. and the bay area has the highest gas gas prices. >> the average price of regular in the u.s. jumped by 10 cents in the past two weeks. it stands at $2.44. and in the bay area, $3.38. the lowest average is $2.03 and that has in baton rouge, louisiana. let's see how people are burning the fuel on the roads this morning. they are burning a little bit of gas heading towards the bay bridge. you are starting to see it stack up. the metering lights are not on just yet but there's a line of cars on the 880 overpass. getting a bit business.
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the rest of the bay area bridges looking good. no delays on the san ma bridge. over to foster city, traffic is light. on the richmond, san rafael bridge, keeping a close eye on the rain. traffic is light out of the east bay to marin county. we are seeing some slow speeds on the bay bridge. a 20-minute ride from the macarthur maze. richmond san rafael bridge and the san mateo bridge are in the green with no delays. so far, so good out of richmond to berkeley with no delays. and traffic is pretty light. and also light southbound 101 from san rafael to san francisco. 15 minutes from 580 to the city. and no delays westbound 37 as you work your way out of vallejo to novato. and highway 4 looking good as
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well. 27 minutes from antioch to the east shore freeway. let's look at highway 24. traff it's a pretty easy ride. from 680 connecting to 24 you shouldn't have any trouble. and southbound out of walnut creek off to a good start. rain is on the way for the afternoon and evening. a wet and windy afternoon and evening commute as an atmospheric river event takes aim for the bay area later today all throughout the day tomorrow. and under cloudy skies, a mild start in the 40s and 50s. 50 for you in concord. and downtown san francisco and san jose coming in at 50. and oakland, 51. and 46 in livermore, and 48 for santa rosa. dry for the most part and trackinort
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bay. you can see the wet weather from san rafael as well as over the richmond san rafael bridge and about to push into the peninsula. cloudy, mild, a few showers, we'll see increasing rain and wind as we head through the day, especially by this afternoon. that rain will really get going as well as the wind. a flash flood watch for the entire bay area and a wind advisory with gusts to 50 miles per hour. especially for the coast as well as the bay area hills and mountains. here's futurecast. let's time it out. here we are at 10 a.m. and you can see the rain begins to move in for the north bay. as we go through noon, stopping the clock, you can see into the san francisco peninsula and that spreads in as we head through the afternoon. the heaviest rain will be for the north bay. and you can see the rain from the bay area throughout the day on tuesday. a wet and windy start tomorrow
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at 5 a.m. and it keeps going all day long for tuesday. this is at 4 p.m. there. so that's why we are looking at the flash flood watch. we have the wind advisory and it will likely get extended through tuesday. for wednesday morning, a rainy and windy start and scattered showers for the rest of wednesday. futurecast, rainfall amounts, some impressive rainfall amounts. and it really doesn't let up all day tomorrow. 7inches for ukiah. and 4 1/2 for san rafael. and 4 inches for san francisco and more than 3 inches for concord, pleasanton, and hayward. and 2 3/4 for san jose. let's talk about the winds, the the afternic ck up as we head why windadsory will this aftern that continues all throughout the day for tuesday. the strong winds that we will be watching closely for you. and a winter storm warning for the sierra so not just the rain and the wind but a lot of snow
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in the sierra. about 3 to 5 feet of snow with isolated 10-inch totals for the higher elevations. high temperatures for today on the mild side. 57 in san francisco. and 58 in oakland. and 59 in free month. and 60 for san jose and mountain view cue to the tropical moisture that we'll be tapping into. increasing rain and wind throughout the day. and rain to scattered showers for wednesday. and it could stretch into thursday, and finally catching a break on friday and more rain for saturday and that should be a fast moving storm for saturday. here's kenny. storms in the midwest and south turn deadly over the weekend. more than 100 vehicles were in wisconsin amid whiteout conditions. and a tornado in northeastern mississippi killed one woman. and a man died after driving into flood waters in tennessee. at least five people were killed across the country as a result of the powerful storms. and the weather is causing
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flight delays of course. the storms have left hundreds of thousands of people without power as well. good morning, everybody. just time enough for you to refresh that. climb on my back and i will take you around the bay area. it might tug at the heart strings. and let's see how the traffic is looking coming in from marin to san francisco. not looking bad right now. it is 5:21 and we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it's 5: 246789 checking the roadways. not seeing a lot of problems on the roadways. but there's rain on the way. don't forget your umbrella as you head out the door. 101 along the peninsula, south bay to sfo if you have an early flight you're good to go. and around the 380 interchange, traffic is moving at nice speeds and looking good from here all the way northbound to san francisco. coming up next time around we'll get a closer look at the south bay. are you ready? are you ready in are you ready?
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i'm ready. the sports meter is running. basketball. if the cal men are going to get thirst first win of the year, they better get going. bears led by six at the half but it wasn't enough. it was sun devils by 10. 69-59. and cal's 16th straight loss. it wasn't the arizona mascot. it was the game. throw down a hammer. and arizona by 10. to arizona. the ladies, it was very day and smith scored 14 points. they're in second place. and forbes knocked down five three pointers. and 82-76. the sharkies down in detroit
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and a captain did something about it. and scored three goals for his 5th career hat trick. the sharks beat the red wings. later on today, the warriors hit the floor. they're in charlotte, north carolina for a game with the hornets. draymond green is expected to play tonight. and that's sports at this hour. enjoy your day. i'll see you later. >> reporter: this slide is still a problem and also the city of sausalito is working in anticipation of all of this rain that's already begun. i have the story coming up.
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what would she do without me? live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. no deal. oa find compromise with the district. this morning, what is stalling the solution? 200 skiers left hanging
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above a tahoe resort. what it took to bring them to safety. >> we track heavy rain. and trouble spots around the bay area brace for possible mudslides. it's monday, february 25th. and i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. take a look behind us. carl is moving in and so is all the rain. >> the rain and the wind with the atmospheric river event for the bay area. that's setting up for us. hopefully, you're enjoying the break right now. we're talking about a lot of rain and a lot of wind. what you need to know if you're heading out the door. a wet and windy start. increasing rain and wind, especially this afternoon and all throughout tonight into tomorrow morning. that strong storm will continue for wet and windy conditions all day long for tomorrow. high def doppler, we're tracking a few showers, for
5:31 am
most part we're dry, light rain and into the sunset district in san francisco. you can see a few showers as we start the day. more rain is coming which is why a flood watch is in effect beginning this afternoon for the north bay and a flash flood watch for the rest of the bay area due to the heavy rain that we're expecting. for coast and bayshore line, 2 to 5 inches of rain. and the hills and mountains, 6 to 10 inches. we'll be watching the creeks and rivers as they will likely get into that flood stage for the napa and russian rivers. a wind advisory is likely extended for tomorrow for the coast and bay area hills. gusts up to 50 miles per hour. we'll talk about the timing of this storm coming up. and now let's check traffic with a few showers this morning. we were looking at the north bay and traffic is moving at pretty nice speeds. no accidents or incidents.
5:32 am
and we're seeing brake lights as you head to the bay bridge. metering lights are officially on. and once you get past the metering lights you are good to go heading into the city. and we're doing pretty good for a monday. not bad at all. the east shore freeway traffic is moving at nice speeds, no delays westbound from richmond. and east of there, westbound 80 out of hercules from highway 4 towards the macarthur maze. northbound 880 towards the maze at the coliseum. traffic is pretty light. we'll see traffic start to bunch up san lorenzo to hayward. and past that light. once you're on the span itself, all 7 miles westbound, no delays to foster city. traffic is pretty light. a quick look at the south bay, so far, so good. and you are in the green. if you need to hop on 101 out
5:33 am
of san jose you should be good to go and no delays on 280. this morning, many north bay residents are on edge as the next storm threatens to bring flooding and mudslides to the area. emily turner is live in sausalito where a mudslide buried a woman in the last powerful storm. >> reporter: it's certainly something to be concerned about as the rain is beginning. you can see crescent is closed because that slide back there in the dark is there and causing quite a concern. i'm going to keep my voice low out of respect from the people who are still sleeping. crews were out with the u.s. geological survey and they were using laser technology to measure the stability of the ground. sandbags were stacked up against the hill to stop further movement of the earth. but with 4 inches, not even 4
5:34 am
inches, more like 5 to 8 inches between now and wednesday in sausalito, many are worried about a repeat of the slide that happened just over a week ago. and they are hoping that the ge has taken proper precautions. >> i'm glad we got some but i hope it goes away soon and we start to dry out. fire was a danger for a while and now it's more rain. i'd like to be in the middle somewhere. >> reporter: and rock slides and mudslides are not the only concern with all of the weather. flooding is also expected with up to 9 inches falling on the already saturated soil. it could cause rapid rises in the rivers and streams, including the russian river which hit flood stage last week. we'll be out this morning. one thing that's going to happen today is that the city of sausalito will continue to meet with folks in the city who have concerns with the slides and to discuss the issue of
5:35 am
insurance. i spoke to one ofthfamilies ted because it required a supplemental policy. there's a lot of frustration and a lot of fears as the rain begins to fall again. meanwhile in the south bay, more rain is threatening to push a reservoir. it's 106% full right now. and there's been so much water that's it's been topping the spillway for three weeks. the valley water district is clearing out any blockages. today is day three of the oakland teachers strike. both sides are heading back to the bargaining table. >> the teachers are bringing heavy hitter. >> reporter: both state
5:36 am
superintendent tony thurman and robert reisch will join the conversation. talks came to a screeching halt over the weekend. 3,000 teachers and supporters will be on the picket lines starting at 6:30 this morning. the teachers union held a press conference on facebook live and explained why negotiations have reached a stalemate. >> i love the students in oakland and i am a part of oakland. but i need my district to stand with me and keep me here in oakland. >> teachers are demanding a 12% pay raise over three years, smaller class sizes and more support staff like school nurses. but the district says they don't have the money to meet the demands, the teachers, only 3% of students showed up to school on friday. several people are under arrest after a kpix 5 news crew was robbed at gunpoint.
5:37 am
>> this all unfolded outside the oakland y just before 5:00. a reporter and a photographer were covering the strike when two men pulled up and demanded the camera and tripod. >> the security guard was shot in the leg and is listed in stable condition in the hospital this morning. meanwhile. police recovered some of the stolen equipment, the two initial suspects at the scene have been detained by police. one suspect was arrested at the hospital in oakland after walking in with gunshot wounds and police determining he was the robbery suspect. the second suspect was arrested after he crashed his car during a high speed police chase. surveillance video gives you a sense of how fast he was driving. >> cops coming in with guns. and the guy didn't want to come out. >> witnesses say the driver hit
5:38 am
four to five cars. here's a quick timeline of events. we don't know details about the others who have been arrested. but opd will update us sometime today. investigators in texas are searching for the black boxes following an amazon cargo plane crash. the boeing 767 went into a nose dive killing all three on board. two of the bodies have been recovered. the plane was approaching houston from miami and air traffic controllers warned of bad weather. atlas air was operating the plane. north star california says one of the ski lifts will be closed until further notice. this after it stalled ing rsnd stranded for hours. it's unclear what went wrong.
5:39 am
the ski patrol tried to rescue those. >> they started working with ropes and eventually, harnesses. they created a pulley so to speak. one guy on the ground and one guy at the top. >> north star rescued six people by rope. and then crews got the lift to run at a reduced speed. president trump is extending the china tariff deadline. and waugh way is giving samsung a run for its money. >> reporter: good morning. news of progress in s. friday. and the nasdaq rose 67. and the s&p 500 gained 17. president trump says he will delay additional china tariffs originally scheduled to start on friday. the president cited substantial progress in talks between the
5:40 am
two countries regarding the dispute over china's technology policies. and mr. trump might meet with china's president if negotiations continue to improve. and the electronics maker waugh way is taking on samsung. huawei, about $2,600, and samsung's galaxy costs $2,000. the huawei will have foldable capabilities. a little competition is a good thing. i guess winning an oscar is high praise, but the value of the statue may surprise people. >> the 8 1/2 pound figure made of solid bronze and plated in 24 karat gold is worth only 1
5:41 am
dollar. winners cannot sell it without offering to sell it back to the academy. >> most of the people who win will keep it. >> i think they're all right with that. diane, thank you so much. time now is 5:smollett. >> hollywood's biggest night doesn't disappoint. if you missed the oscars, we have you covered. we have the bay area winners coming up. and here's a look outside. gianna will have an update after the break.
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good monday morning to you. it is almost 5:44. and here is a live look. you can see the salesforce tower camera. a cloudy start to the day and mild conditions. an atmospheric river event will set up later today into tomorrow. we're talking heavy rain and strong winds, we'll show you the timeline coming up. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec and the storm is bringing snowy conditions to oregon. and these are some pictures taken about an hour ago outside of portland. you can see light snow falling and it's a slushy, snowy mix. they are expecting up to 6 inches in parts of oregon around portland. it's going to be a real mess and that's going to last through tomorrow. back to you. the academy awards are in the books. >> it was the first ceremony in 30 years out a host and the night was full of surprises.
5:45 am
>> forgive me for this, but collectively we are all the champions. >> rami malek took home the best actor award in bohemian rhapsody. olivia colman won, beating glenn close who has seven nominations without a win. and green book took home the best picture. and the bay area's own mahershala ali won for his role as dr. shirley. >> i want to thank dr. shirley. just trying to capture his essence. and trying to capture dr. shirley's essence. it pushed me to my ends. and it's a reflection of the person he was and the life he
5:46 am
lived. and one of the most highly anticipated moments of the evening came in the form of a duet. ♪ >> i've had that song in my head since last night. lady gaga and bradley cooper performing the oscar winning song shallow from a star is born. that was my favorite performance. did you see that? >> i loved that. and regina king, congratulations to her, best dressed no doubt. >> very emotional. and a lot of people got teary eyed. edthe sleep. >> michelle and i are the tired once. we're not doing too bad. we do have rain on the way so that's going tlittle bit later. we're doing okay. we're mostly in the green except for the typical hot
5:47 am
spots. a crash on 880 southbound right at davis as you work into san leandro. the left lane is blocked and not seeing a lot of delays just yet. traffic is starting to bunch just a bit working into hayward. keep that in mind. east shore freeway is off to a good start with nice speeds. you are in the green. no delays, 63 miles per hour is what we're clocking. an easy commute from hercules all the way to the bay bridge commute. hopping on highway 4 this morning, we are starting to see a few brake lights westbound to pittsburgh and then it clears nicely after that. if you're going to concord or 680, traffic is pretty quiet. typical slow and go conditions out of the altamont pass. it gets better once you hit the dublin interchange. 41 minutes now. 205 to 680.
5:48 am
everything else is in the green. and silverado trail is closed. looks like they are working on a vehicle hitting a power pole. a lot of activity in and around that area. traffic is pretty slow. and metering lights on the bay bridge. and once you get past the metering lights you're okay heading to san francisco. a live look at highway 24. so far, traffic is light as you work through lafayette. here's mary. hopefully, you enjoyed the dry weekend. an atmospheric river event is setting up. it begins today and tomorrow. we're talking heavy rain and strong winds with this powerful storm. salesforce tower camera, a mild start in the 40s and 50s. 50 in concord and 51 in oakland. livermore is 46. and 48 for santa rosa. high def doppler is dry for the
5:49 am
most part. and we're tracking a few showers for north bay and pushing in to the san francisco peninsula. emily was reporting light rain in sausalito and that stretching to the sunset district in san francisco. more rain is to come for all of us. here's what to expect. a cloudy start, a few showers, increasing rain and wind as we head through the afternoon and a flash flood watch for the bay area and wind advisory for the coast and hills with gusts up to 50 miles per hour. on futurecast, taking you hour- by-hour. at 10 a.m. you can see the showers for north bay beginning, and then the rain stretches to the san francisco peninsula. this is at noon. and there we go in the afternoon. it's going to a wet and windy afternoon and evening commute. be prepared about that. and as we go through tomorrow morning, this is at 5 a.m. we're still looking at that widespread rain. it continues all day long with the rain and the wind for
5:50 am
tomorrow. this is at 4 p.m. and it continues tuesday night into wednesday morning. so this is at 2 a.m. on wednesday, so rain to scattered showers for wednesday. so we're talking about a wet and windy 48 to 72 hours. futurecast rainfall amounts looking at more than 7 inches in ukiah. 51/2 for santa rosa. 41/2 for san rafael. and more than 3 inches to almost 4 inches for san francisco. and more than three for concord, pleasanton and hayward. and 2 3/4 for san jose. as we go through the afternoon which is why the wind advisory kicks in this afternoon, the winds will pick up and continue throughout tonight and all day through tuesday. you can see the reds and purple colored indicating strong winds. the sunrise at 6:46 and the sunset at 5:59. and because of the tropical moisture that we're tapping into, temperatures are on the warm side. 57 in san francisco.
5:51 am
58 oakland. 59 fremont. and check out mountain view at 60 degrees. and 56 for santa rosa and for napa. there's the 7-day forecast. increasing rain, increasing winds, and as we go through today, especially in the afternoon, that continues through tonight and a wet and windy day tuesday. rain, scattered showers on wednesday to thursday. and finally, catching a break friday. and not going to last long. a quick moving storm system for saturday. time now is 5:51. a big cat caught not only by animal control but also on camera. and let's head outside once again. some of the traffic on the richmond san rafael bridge. cloudy conditions and wet weather is on the way. it's 5:51.
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good monday morning to you. get ready for the rain and the wind as the atmospheric river takes aim at the bay area today and tomorrow. for the most part dry but a few showers for the north bay, and pushing into san francisco, the sunset district and about to move into the golden gate. more rain is on the way and strong winds, in the sierra, a winter storm warning is in
5:55 am
effect today through thursday above 5,000 feet. 3 to 5 feet of snow. checking the roadways, let's get a live look at nimitz freeway. a crash is blocking one lane. and traffic is not too bad. hopefully, they'll push it out of the roadway quickly. traffic is starting to build into hayward this morning. we'll check the bay bridge coming up next. scary moments for neighbors in sacramento. >> a mountain lion was prowling the porch of a home. you can see it making its way to the front door. animal control rushed to the home and eventually found her in the backyard and tranquilized her. the homeowner is glad he was inside. >> glad i decided not to do any
5:56 am
work in the backyard. that would have been a heck of a surprise to see a cat come over the fence. >> once the mountain lion gets woken up. it gets released to an area far from residential neighborhoods. the eyes of the world will be watching as president trump heads to vietnam in just a few hours. what to expect during his summit with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> reporter: and the rain is falling in czar. and neighbors hope that the hillsides don't follow suit.
5:57 am
alright, let's talk perks!
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> two suspects are in custody this morning after shooting a security guard while robbing a kpix 5 news crew. how it all unfolded. and where things now stand as the oakland teachers strike
6:00 am
enters its second week. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. it's 6:00 right now. we got a bit of a break last week. and we're talking about another atmospheric river. >> and you asked me about that last week. are we going to have it? and we are. the rain and the wind are coming for sure. it's going to change rapidly because of the atmospheric river event. heavy rain and strong winds especially as we go through the afternoon. the winds will pickup and the rain will pick up as well. and that will continue throughout the afternoon into tonight and into tomorrow. so that strong storm continues with wet and windy conditions throughout the entire day for tomorrow. so high def doppler, dry for the most part and we are tracking a few showers from for the north bay, sausalito,


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