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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . right now the russian river is spilling over and rising. the communities are bracing for the severe flooding. we have good news on the horizon with the rain tapering off but that will take some time to dry out. good morning. it is wednesday, february 27. i am michelle griego. i kenny oi. the national guard has set up a command post around the russian river, preparing for the worst flooding in years. we have so much damage from the rain. >> that's correct with parts of
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the north bay picking up a foot and a half of rain with two days of torrential rain in the north bay. they are catching a break but still under flood warning for parts of the north they due to the rain with the creeks and rivers rising. here is the hi-def doppler showing heavy rain pushing across parts of the east bay into the peninsula and south bay. from vallejo, hercules, richmond into oakland, lafayette and concord and over the bay bridge. you can see berkeley, oakland into san francisco and pulling over the bay bridge with windy conditions. the wind advisory has been extended until 6 am due to strong wind with rain at san leandro, a word, sonoma, pleasanton and dublin. shower stretching down through san mateo, mountain view and over san jose this morning. due to the rain in the north bay, the russian and napa river
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still under the flood warning. sonoma and napa county has all small creeks and rivers flooding with sonoma county under the flood warning. here's the russian river at guerneville with major flooding expected. this will likely crest at 46.1 feet at 10:00 tonight. that will be the highest river level since 1995, and the sixth highest ever recorded for the russian river. we have jackie ward live in forestville with major flooding. >> reporter: it is one thing to hear about the rain levels coming in, but it it is another to be here to experience, to see what it means and the damage it is causing. we tried to get to guerneville but ended up in forestville. we are at the old river road and maribel road, as far as we could get up the river because the cars are completely
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submerged. this is supposed to be a dirt lot. you can see the water level covering half of this van and was covering one third when we arrived as things continue to get worse. the river will rise up to 46 feet by 11 pm tonight and staying above but stage for a full 24 hours before receding below 32 feet friday night. the mudslides is a major concern due to the saturated ground. someone was trying to help their neighbor stay safe >> it was a debate about how to get everybody else out with me. they did not want to go. >> reporter: emergency response personnel are specifically keeping and i on the burned areas from the tubbs fire and nuns fi come down due to that drenched in unstable ground. this is another reason why sonoma county officials are asking people to evacuate, or at the very least to stay off
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the roads. we can assume these people have moved their cars up on the slope because they thought they would be safe that is not the case at all. we showed you what we thought was the roof rack but we cannot even see that anymore. there's a basketball floating in the middle of what is now the pond in the front of these people's homes. here is the mark on the rear tire of the pickup truck, a good six inches when we arrived, and i you see the water level continues to rise, causing more and more damage. it is incredible to see with this water is doing. >> it is amazing, jackie, and to ctinue to see the water levels rising. what else are you seeing out there? >> reporter: there are a lot of minor mudslides we saw on the drive up from san rafael. you could tell they had to be pushed off the roadways to
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ensure people could get through but guerneville is now landlocked. the sonoma county officials say there's no way in or out of the town. >> that is jackie live in forestville, and stay safe out there. let's check in with gianna that is tracking traffic conditions. we know it is raining in the east bay with crashes. >> we have a handful of accidents trickling into the traffic center and especially in the east bay, east shore freeway and 880. don't forget your umbrella and pack your patience because it is busy at the bay bridge early this morning with traffic stacking up, backed up will be on the 880 overpass. this is an early delay on the bay bridge commute. it is worse heading toward the bay bridge at the east shore freeway with a handful of accidents coming in. one at hillman, and another at howell street, and also ashby.
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it is difficult westbound at the east shore freeway drive. we have word of an accident on the northbound side of 880 at that street but no word whether that is blocking lanes. here's a live look at the east shore freeway with a look at the traffic near ashby avenue with tell lights westbound. it is bogging down through this area this morning. checking your travel time due to crashes on the east shore freeway, we have a slight delay. it is 90 minutes out of hercules westbound toward the maccarthur maze. it looks like the altamont pass commute is loading up that no rashes at 580. it is 32 minutes from tool five heading to 680 with the bulk of the delays to the east coming out of tracy. to the peninsula we go with trouble spots northbound 280 at hickey boulevard. we have a couple crashes coming in north of this area around the highway 1 connector into tacoma, daly city and
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northbound 280 with a few crashes reported with blocking lanes, slow-and-go through the area. i would recommend 101 instead but that is bogging down for the morning drive. we have a road closure in effect due to the fallen tree at walnut creek and the sibley boulevard will be closed for the next 12 to 15 hours with power lines down in and around area, so use treat boulevard as the alternate and try to avoid that area if you can. we will continue to keep you updated on this troublesome morning drive. we have a vehicle in the water. >> farther down the russian river rescue teams responded to several water rescues with the first on occidental road. the car was reportedly swept off the highway but searchers did not find anything after searching for nearly an hour. they responded to vehicle stalled in the high waters of a creek with two people trapped in a van.
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>> this roadway is clearly marked that it is flooding. >> exactly and you saw the same signs i did on the way m. we are doing everything we can. there are also two vehicles and the actual water. even if you did not see the signs you can see the vehicles that were left in their from the morning. >> the firefighters pulled the two people from the vehicle and left the van in the rising waters. here's a look at the powerful force of the water at the reservoir spillway. in marin county we have more problems with the swollen san anselmo creek but some say they have gotten used to this over the years. >> mark barber has a shop and he shows me the lines where the water came up and this can be pretty nasty. this creek was flirting with the bottom of the bridge yesterday with several roads in the area already closed due to
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the flooding. at stafford lake the footbridge is in walkable and completely underwater with the rain continuing. stay with us all morning and into the afternoon for your minute to minute storm team coverage. i am anne makovec at the live news desk . the other big story is in hanoi, vietnam where president trump and kim jong-un are at dinner right now and it is just after 8 pm in vietnam. the president met with north korean leaders earlier before sitting down with him to talk about denuclearization and opportunities for the north korean economy. >> we hope to get many things solved that can lead to wonderful situations. our relationship is a very special relationship. >> this is the second summit, of course. they are promising a news conference later today. back to you. happening today the former
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fixer of the president will be grilled on capitol hill. michael cohen before the house oversight committee in a few hours and sources have confirmed he will accuse the president of criminal conduct in the hush money paid to women that claim they had affairs with trump. michael cohen is set to go to prison in may for lying to congress. it is day 5 of the oakland teachers strike with negotiations between the teachers union and school district resuming this morning. many braving the rain on the picket lines yesterday, holding a rally to support roots international academy, slated to close at the end of the school year. both sides negotiated for nearly 12 hours without compromise it is 5:10 am. straight ahead, tears of joy with the train finally reaching the station. it is the rainy and windy
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start to the day as we timeout the rain and wind, and one it will all come to an end, coming up. it is triple trouble on the shore freeway, coming up.
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it is brennan incredible
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two days with the atmospheric river. we are still tracking the rain and wind, emeryville, oakland, alameda and san leandro. we have a heavy cell over martinez, into concord and walnut creek. we will track the rain and wind on the futurecast. things will finally let up coming up in a few minutes. it is 5:14 am. in your health watch, harvard medical school saying it is generally safe when surgeons move from one surgery to another, keeping the junior surgeons, residents and physicians to complete the operation. researchers compared the outcome of 66,000 surgery saying it was a death rate of only slightly among overlapping surgeries. they are finding people with lower brain activity in the frontal cortex more likely to be predisposed over eating.
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exercise and mindfulness increases activity in that part of the brain so that people can better ignore the food cravings. nearly 200 amtrak passengers are back in seattle after the amtrak train crashed into a tree leaving them stuck in the snow for two days. 183 passengers aboard the coach starlight trying to make the best bit like a diet of snack foods and staying warm and passing the time. >> i kinda broke down a little bit because i thought am i ever going to get out of here. >> the train began moving yesterday to drop off some passengers in eugene, oregon and stop in seattle where the trip began. it is a wet morning commute. >> were waiting to get official confirmation to see if the metering lights are turned on at the bay bridge because it is backed up early westbound
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making the trek out of emeryville, oakland into san francisco. we are dealing with wet roadways and slick surfaces along with windy conditions. it is a troublesome commute already this morning. along the east shore freeway, we have three crashes in this area. that will certainly affect the drive out of richmond, el cerrito and into berkeley. we have a crash at albany, and one at gilman and cleveland, and another at potrero avenue. it is a busy ride on the way east shore freeway, and here is the live shot with a lot of cars, tell lights westbound ashley near berkeley with heavy traffic already to the area. drive time is now 22 minutes, and we are seeing accidents causing a busy ride on the east shore freeway with 22 minutes from highway 4 into the maze. highway 4 looks good which is
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the bright spot out of antioch into pittsburg, normal traffic. it is not bad out of the south bay, 37 minutes from hilliard to the sfo. 880 is moving okay past the coliseum with south 880 bogging down and we have a buildup at hayward heading into the san mateo bridge. at the richmond-san rafael bridge there's a wind advisory in effect and not letting the high profile vehicles through but that could be changing. we will get you an update on that. we have both directions of 37 between atherton and one-on-one close down with that special traffic alert issued. bet. we are tracking rain and wind. thankfully the north bay heavy rain is over. we did see in some spots one
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half feet of rain at santa rosa, with record rainfall yesterday. we have heavy rain showing on the hi-def doppler this morning as we track the rain from berkeley, orinda, oakland, alameda into san leandro. this is moving over martinez, and about to move into concord and walnut creek this morning. we have showers stretching across the peninsula of san mateo, mountain view, and over san jose this morning. there's a live look from the salesforce tower camera looking to the west with mainly mid 50s to start the day. we are tracking wind with a wind advisory extended for the hills and coast until 6 am. south-southeast at 12 miles an hour, 16 in oakland, 17 at sfo with 19 mile an hour wind at half moon bay. it is 17 out of the south in berkeley this morning. rainy and windy this morning with steady rain finally moving out by sunrise today.
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we are looking at scattered showers heading through the afternoon with isolated thunderstorms. we could see a little bit of sunshine. we have been talking about the russian river, and the napa river is also under a flood warning, cresting at 10 am at 27.4 feet, 2.5 feet above flood stage with moderate flooding expected at the napa river. st. helena looking at cresting above flood stage and that had minor lighting expected for the napa river at st. helena. here is the satellite and radar view with that low pressure system kicking out that stalled frontal boundary over the north bay. that is why the north bay had an d soon. ys. we wilsee thesgs here is thfuasfo7 am with scattered showers
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through the afternoon, sunshine in spots with the few showers heading through the afternoon. we have a few showers tomorrow morning, especially for the south bay inland locations with clearing through the rest of tomorrow. your daytime highs around 60 in san francisco, 62 in oakland, redwood city and mountain view. 64 in san jose and napa. the daytime highs are where we should be for this time of the year. we have been in the 50s pretty much all winter. upper 50s, low to mid 60s for today. scattered showers through the afternoon but nothing like yesterday and the day before. we have a few showers inland tomorrow and otherwise we will start seeing clearing on friday with sunshine, dry all day, showers on the weekend. we get a break on monday, and showers on tuesday. here is dennis with a look at the sports. >> why wait until march to get the madness started because we
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have some coming up this morning. the sharks got hit hard as we drop the pup, coming up. here's a look at the traffic coming into san francisco on this wet and wednesday morning.
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welcome back.
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it is 5:23 am. we have wet and windy conditions, and a wind advisory for the bay area bridges. here is a closer look at the traffic along the peninsula, and 280 has a few accidents and one on hickey northbound for a busy ride connecting to the one- on-one. 101 is getting a little bit busy into san francisco but still clear in both directions with no delays at brisbane and traffic light north of this area as well near candlestick. it is busy onto 280 and busy on the east shore freeway. the march madness high school style a good san francisco make its second straight trip to the finals. >> we have a lot of the players back from last year and much better than last year but that does not mean anything. we have to win tonight.
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>> reporter: doesn't put the pressure on the coat? >> a ton of pressure but i like it. not feeling pressure here with nigel scoring 17 points and they will play at palo alto high school, the home of jim harbaugh thursday night. scoring 19 points year with 10 rebounds with the bears beating west campus from sacramento. mission is trying to repeat what they did and 27 -- 2017 when they won the state championship. >> reporter: you were the first school in san francisco to get the state title and win it, and can you do it again? >> we are taking it game by name and not get ahead of ourselves. the shot to the face and you know that hurt, and hank loves this passing, and they set up jake for the gold, and
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san jose falling with calgary for the first place in the pacific division. hank plant used to be an anchor on the big 5. we are closely watching the second summit between president trump and north korean president kim jong-un as we go live to vietnam, coming up. >> reporter: we have rising water levels from the russian river creeping up on us and eating up the cars. we will show you what it looks like. ♪
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. parts of the bay area are completely underwater this morning. people are being told to get out. we have more heavy rain with dangers wind before the storm moves out. kiitall. >> good morning on this wednesday, february 27.
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i am michelle griego . >> i am kenny choi. this tree came down and walnut creek overnight, but the biggest concern is remaining in the north bay. the national guard set up the command post and great and and we will check on these areas soon. >> let's check on the forecast first to see where the rain is right now. >> thankfully the heavy rain is over for us after two straight days in the north bay, picking up a foot and half of rain in some spots. it is not heavy rain in the north bay but we still have major flooding concerns with light to moderate rain stretching from vallejo, concord, down through lafayette, oakland and the peninsula, mountain view into san jose. that is the south bay and los gallos with a wet start to the day.
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due to the rain that the north bay has seen, the russian and napa rivers are under a flood warning with sonoma and napa counties, small creeks and streams are flooding with a flooding warning in effect. the wind advisory has been extended with the wind gusting up to 50 miles an hour. we are tracking the rain and the wind. here is the future cast hour-by- hour on what to expect and when things will come 20 and, coming up. let's check in with gianna for a look at the traffic, and we have flooding on highway 30 seven. >> it is a heads up on 37 for the morning between atherton and 101. use alternates in the meantime. they have issued a special traffic alert but no word on when the lanes will be reopened and we do have flooding and precautionary measures as well. that is one-on-one and highway 30 seven closed which will affect your drive between
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vallejo and novato into sonoma county this morning. it is a heads up on the roadways. other trouble spots this morning, busy along the peninsula with a report of a pretty serious accident on northbound 280 at san bruno avenue. we have a report of an overturned vehicle with injuries and debris on all lanes as well. there is a crash with three lanes blocked for busy ride. chp is heading to that same. avoid delays and hop on the one- on-one for now with traffic moving at an okay speed on 101 through the peninsula. to the north we have handful of problems at hickey and highway 1 for busy ride onto 80 and in the daly city area. it is the same story on the east shore freeway with three accidents westbound and it looks like a busy ride out of richmond into berkeley due to this. most of these accidents are in
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the clearing, but sluggish anyway from highway 4 westbound of 80. right now over two dozen towns along the russian river are under evacuation orders due to the threat of the russian river. we have kpix 5 jackie ward live in forestville this morning. >> reporter: it is getting a little bit scary here, and i will not live. the water is creeping up. we got stop at river road and we were stopped at scenic road but that road closure has moved up a mile and a half to the river road and mirabelle road. this curb is perpendicular to the river road where the news crews were lining up to get there live shot, showing the flooding but they have moved, and we will move after this live feed. the water is creeping up at an alarming rate. on the drive up we saw street flooding with minor mudslides,
5:34 am
and things are only getting worse. by 11 pm tonight the river will rise up to 46 feet, currently 40.5 feet and staying above flood stage for a full 24 hours before it receives back to 32 feet friday night. the mudslides is a major concern with this saturated ground. one man in guerneville decided to stay. >> i will get stuck in the house for a few days but i've all of the food and water i need. i have generators, gasoline, and i'm set and ready. >> reporter: emergency response personnel are keeping and i on the burned areas from the 2017 tubbs fire with trees likely to come down due to that drenched an unstable ground, another reason why sonoma county officials are urging people to get out or at the least, stay off the roads. back in forestville if you have been with this for the last hour, we have been watching water levels rise
5:35 am
significantly. there are two cars buried somewhere back here but the water swallowed bill. you remember that white mark on this red pickup truck at 4:30 am, one hour later you cannot even see the wheel. you can see the majority of the tire when we first got here. i'm sure they probably thought the car was safe on this slope toward mirabelle road but not safe with the river rising another 5.5 feet. this area will look completely different in a matter of hours.. in a matter of minutes this has been changing rapidly. we will toss it back emily turner from the russian river. now we go to the napa river. >> reporter: it is a much different situation here and it appears to be under control but it is flooding. this is the napa river behind me. it hit flood stage overnight, and that is 25 feet. it should be picking this
5:36 am
morning, around -- it should be cresting this morning around 11 am. if people live or work in these low-lying areas, napa emergency officials say they do not expect significant damage. this flood bypass has been acting is planned after being completed in 2015. it was put to the test about three years ago and appears to be working. the river will crest about two feet above flood stage and around 11 am this morning. we will stay out here and monitor the latest, emily turner, kpix 5 . it is 5:36 am. parts of west burn county are underwater and you can see the water filled yards, going under the homes, and here was the scene at the reservoir that looks more like a raging river.
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it is not only flooding but the mud is causing problems with the mudslide shutting down the bohemian highway outside of monte rio in both directions but no word on when that will get reopened. we will follow the damaging storm system and all of its affects. or complete list of alerts and warnings and an update on the forecast into our website at i am anne makovec live at the news that is in vietnam where the president and kim jong-un are having dinner. they are of course sitting down and talking about denuclearization. you can see the moment where they met before the reporters around two hours ago. kim jong-un urging patients in the process of denuclearization, and trump talking about the potential benefits to the north korean
5:38 am
economy. this is the second summit for the two leaders and president trump says there will be a press conference at the bay finish meeting. here live pictures from capitol hill where we are bracing for a dramatic day on capitol hill. in about an hour and a half, michael cohen, the president trump former personal lawyer and fixer set to testify in the public hearing for the first time. michael cohen is expected to outline the role of the president in crimes that michael cohen pled guilty to last year, and according to these statements planning on calling the president a conman and races. they will give president tehis prison for his three-year sentence. >> and has donald trump been functioning as the president of the united states of america or the organized crime boss, and
5:39 am
michael cohen can shed light. >> in a tweet this morning president urging that michael cohen is lying for a reduced prison sentence. we have diane king hall with the stock exchange. >> the stocks slightly lower yesterday with the dow closing down nearly 34, the nasdaq down 5 in the s&p 500 shedding 2. at&t taking over time order and the trump administration claims the $81 billion deal will harm consumers and reduce competition in the tv industry. analysts say the idea of the merger was to help at&t compete with streaming rivals like net let's, youtube and hulu. -- netflix, youtube and hulu. some finding glass in the meat patties at boston market, and there is a recall.
5:40 am
the packages at the best by date of december 7, 2019 and january 24, 2020, among others but there been no injuries and anyone consuming the products. one company is giving amazon a run for its money based on the new survey. >> move over amazon, there is a new king in town according to the american customer satisfaction index. costco is now the most satisfying place to shop online, a score of 83 on a scale of 0-100. they have a partnership along with same-day delivery service. >> if you don't want to bump into any other carts, go on the weekdays is that the weekends at cosco. >> that is fair but remember this is online. it is wild to see them stepping out in front of amazon in terms of customer satisfaction online, and i would think they
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are not giving out the freeways -- freebies, i would think. still ahead, the notorious southern california traffic gets worse thanks to the ride- hailing companies and how the new plan could put the brakes on the trend. let's take a look at the traffic in dublin, and we will be right back after this.
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good wednesday morning. it is 5:43 am. there is the cliff house cam at ocean beach with waves. we are tracking the rain and wind on the hi-def doppler. i will let you know when things will come to an end, coming up
5:44 am
in a few minutes. a plan is on the table 2 east traffic in los angeles county but it will cost you. the uber and lyft tax up tomorrow and the money earned in la county will help to fund transportation projects and encourage whites year customers to carpool or take public transit rather than taking uber or lyft rides alone. here is a look at i-80 in the town of truckee, completely closed between baxter and the nevada state line due to the snow. caltrans will update this situation later this morning. toward south lake tahoe, u.s. highway 50 is open but tire chains are required. it was snow mcgettigan -- "snow maggeden" and a lot going on.
5:45 am
we are dealing with flooding and wet weather with the saturated areas and especially in the north bay. use caution on the adways and especially at the bay bridge, a lot of rain hitting the bay bridge. it is backed up early with metering lights on and a busy right out of the maze. 580, 880, east shore freeway with all connectors out of oakland, emeryville into san francisco a slow ride. no accidents on the bay bridge is the good news but busy in this area. the richmond-san rafael bridge is beginning to stack up at the toll plaza with a wind advisory in effect for all of the bay area bridges. it could be a good choice because the closure continues on highway 30 seven in both directions between atherton and 101 with a traffic advisory issued. use an alternate route for your commute into sonoma county or out of the east bay from vallejo into novato. we have stop and go conditions
5:46 am
westbound 80 out of vallejo. it will be bogging down again out of richmond into el cerrito. we have a handful of accidents causing problems along the east shore freeway for busy ride on 80. that will slow you down toward the bay bridge with 25 minutes from highway 4, hercules to the maccarthur maze. westbound 580 at the altamont pass is a 36 minute ride which is typical. the tool five and 680 had delays out of tracy a toward 680 itself. the travel times in the south bay in the green but we have a couple of accidents to let you know about along to 80. we have a trouble spot southbound at winchester with one blocked and southbound to 80 at the lawrence expressway with the middle lane blocked due to a crash in this area. we have and i am not trouble spot with an overturned vehicle, injury accident at northbound 280 and san bruno
5:47 am
avenue with delays approaching this area. 101 looks better but that will change with the morning commute progressing, a busy ride northbound. north of their we have an accident clearing so hopefully we will get a break from the rain soon. >> we will, and finally we will get a break. in the north bay we have quite conditions after two days of torrential rain. we have heavy rain in the north bay with some spots picking up one half feet of rain and santa rosa had record rainfall yesterday. we will catch a break but watching the russian and napa rivers due to the major flooding expected for the russian river. that is already happening as we watch this closely for you. light to moderate rain with pockets of heavy rain with these strong cells at 680 between concord and walnut creek. also showers in redwood city, sunnyvale, saratoga, less
5:48 am
gallus and milpitas for a wet start to the day. the salesforce tower camera looking to the west mid 50s to start this wednesday. temperatures are mild as we track the wind at 12 mile an hour in redwood city, 19 at half moon bay, 17 at sfo, a two mile an hour into downtown san francisco, 16 in oakland. the wind advisory is extended until 6 am for the hills and the coast with rainy and windy conditions this morning. we will have steady rain moving out with the wind easing. we have scattered showers this afternoon with isolated thunderstorms or heavy downpours, but a little bit of sunshine through the day. we are talking about the russian river at guerneville with major flooding expected. it will likely crest at more than 46 feet by tonight. we are talking several feet above flood stage and the
5:49 am
russian river at guerneville with the highest river level we have seen since 1995. that is the six highest ever. the russian river at healdsburg crushing and cresting but we continue to monitor the river at napa as well as the russian river. here is your satellite and radar view showing that stalled frontal boundary that was hanging around for two days of the north bay with that trough of low pressure kicking out the front with the atmospheric river pushing to the south. things will be changing with more quiet weather ahead. there's the future cast at 7 am with scattered showers, through the afternoon picking up a little bit of sunshine. we still have showers in the forecast at 4 pm with a few showers possibly tomorrow in the south bay locations inland. we are talking about the snow in the sierra with that winter
5:50 am
storm warning in effect until 6 am tomorrow above 4500 feet with an additional 2 to 5 feet with up to 8 feet of snow. upper 50s to low to mid 60s, around where we should be this time of the year. your 7-day forecast scattered showers through today. we have a few showers possible tomorrow inland and the south bay but otherwise clearing with sunshine by friday. we have showers for the weekend. it is 5:50 am. it is a tense situation on the border of pakistan and india this morning with details on the growing conflict sparking. on this all out war between these two countries with nuclear weapons there are wind advisories along the bridges on the bay area, and we will be right back.
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good wednesday morning. we are still tracking rain and wind with this cell moving right over concord with moderate cells pushing through walnut creek and 680 with light to moderate rain. this is pushing across redwood city, the peninsula, saratoga
5:54 am
and less gallus for a wet to yyou know when we will catch along break with sunshine coming up in a few minutes. we take you to the peninsula where we have a serious accident causing big delays northbound 280 at san bruno avenue. this crash has three lanes blocked, and this is a rollover accident with major injuries. they are holding back all traffic lanes south of this crash and this is causing a lot of slow-and-go conditions. you may want to take 101 as an alternate, looking pretty good past the sfo. it is getting busy at candlestick but traffic is still moving. we have a lot of wind this morning. developing news out of india this morning, the police say that three bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of the indian air force chopper after the crash in kashmir.
5:55 am
pakistan said they shot down two indian warplanes with one indian pilot in custody. pakistan said the jets crossed the boundary between the new two nuclear armed rivals in this area has long been a dispute between the two countries. and president trump is wrapping up day 1 of the summit with north korean president kim jong-un in vietnam and siding that he has signed the trade agreements with vietnam before meeting with kim jong-un for the social dinner. voting to steer the annual urban shield program in a new direction. it will no longer include s.w.a.t. team deployment exercises or vendors showcasing witnesses with law-enforcement gadgets. it says the overhaul program will focus more on responding
5:56 am
to natural disasters like earthquakes. parts of the north bay getting record-setting rain and we will let you know about school closures today due to the threat from the storm. >> reporter: there are closures as a result of the flooding in napa with the napa river cresting up to flood stage and i will let you know when it will get to the top, and how soon that will be.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . we have flood waters rising in the north bay prompting emergencpeiving the russian river to get out. the napa river overflowed its banks overnight and we keep a close eye on the the surrounding communities on this wednesday, february 27 . i am michelle griego >> good morning. i am kenny choi. we have a full list of
6:00 am
communities under the evacuation orders this morning with water levels rising as the day wears on. we are live with team coverage with the dangers in the north bay this morning, jackie ward and emily turner but first let's get to mary lee tracking the rain overnight. >> that's right. we are tracking the rain and wind on the hi-def doppler but the good news is that it is winding down. the north bay some locations picking up a foot and half of rain which is why the russian and napa rivers are under a flood warning. your weather headlines as you head out the door, wet and windy this morning with widespread heavy rain that is over, thankfully. the wind will be easing up this morning with scattered showers heading through the day. we could see a little bit of sunshine as well. there is the hi-def doppler showing is dry, catching a much needed break into the no


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