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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 23, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now at 11:00, cruise ship troubles. 1300 passengers being rescued by helicopter one by one. >> plus, a first look at the man police say stabbed a
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passenger on a richmond bound bart train at fruitvale station. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. we begin with breaking news. police are at the scene of a deadly shooting in san francisco. bullets flew near filmore and eddie streets. andrea nakano is there. >> reporter: as you can see, it is still an active scene. it happened just outside the filmore heritage center. a family member was here and describes what he heard. >> i heard numerous gunshots. i jumped in my car. flew around over here.
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pulled right in front. there was a crowd of people around a body. >> reporter: and, here is video posted on the citizen's app. the shooting happened just around 8:40 tonight. san francisco police confirm one person died on the scene. three others were taken to the hospital. one with life-threatening injuries. the eyewitness we talked to believes a young man who died was in his 20s. family members are devastated by what happened. the eyewitness couldn't tell us what sparked the shooting. investigators are still out here gathering evidence. they are looking for a possible suspect or suspects in this case. if you know anything, you are asked to call the san francisco police department. reporting live in the filmore district, andrea nakano, kpix5. we are getting a first look at the suspect on the run. police say he stabbed a passenger on board a bart train. bart riders tell kpix5's da lin bart police need to step up
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patrols at stations. >> reporter: bart police say this man is about 30 to 35 years old. between 5' 6" and 5' 8". he carried a green backpack and a black duffel bag. they are not sure if he is homeless are not. detectives say the suspect and the victim were riding a richmond bound train yesterday afternoon. police say they did not know each other, but got into an argument. then a fight which ended in a stabbing. the operator stopped the train at oakland's fruitvale bart station. police say the victim is recovering in the hospital with serious stab wounds. >> two, one to the left side. the other to the right side of the neck. >> reporter: bart rider pamela barnes uses the fruitvale station to get to work five days a week. >> i was a little scared to come through the station today. >> reporter: she is worried. the killing of wilson last year at a different bart station
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already traumatized her. >> do you feel safe? >> no. not at all. i wish i could get a lift all the way from work so i don't have the deal with the bart station. it is ridiculous. there's no one here. >> reporter: many bart riders demand for police presence. >> i don't see them very often at all. bart police. i don't know where they are. >> we need someone to make sure people are safe. walk the platform. walk the trains. >> where's our money at? one or two officers, each bart station? >> reporter: bart police say can't do it. think don't have enough officers. they plan to ask for more money to hire another 19 officers. pamela says she is not taking any chances. >> i carry a taser because i'm scared. >> reporter: bart police say the transit system is safe. they say property crime and violent crime are down this year. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. a driver was killed today when he plunged off a cliff in
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marin county. happened at mount tam state park just before 10:15 this morning. the car landed 600 feet below the roadway. sonoma county sheriff's helicopter had to air lift the victim where he was pronounced dead. he was the only one in the car. no other details are made available tonight. taking a live look at suo where a security threat prompted officials to close security lines and ground flights. around 6:30 this morning, tsa agents say a loaded magazine made it through a security check point. three check points closed about an hour until agents locatened and interviewed the passenger. all united flights were grounded due to the incident. airport operations returned to normal by 9:00 a.m. incredible story tonight out of norway where evacuation efforts are still underway. a cruise ship carrying 1300 people is stuck in rocky waters off of the west coast of the country. as you can see here, the
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rocking is no joke. people, furniture, all of it knocked around, furniture sliding across the rooms. rescue crews are working under extremely difficult circumstances. so, using lifeboats isn't an option in the choppy waters. helicopters have been called in to hoist the passengers out. that's what's taking so long. they can only do it one by one. there are 1300 on board. shepherd is from rio vista. one of 915 passengers there. and as of tonight, it was shepherd's last tweet of passengers sleeping on the floor of the station. nearby hallways or small utility closets. a lot of passengers had the tie themselves to chairs and tables waiting to be rescued. this rescue operation will be slow. it will drag on for hours. right now, it is not clear
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exactly why the engines went out. spokesmen for the rescue team assured the ship is not sinking and the people on board are not in any immediate danger. the attorney general is reviewing the special council's findings in the russia investigation and there is already a lot of discussion about how much of robert mueller's report should be released. kpix5's melissa caen shows us what some prominent political figures are saying. >> reporter: finally something both parties seem to agree on. >> that report need to be made public. >> let it come out. let people see it. that's up to the attorney general. >> reporter: now that robert mueller has submitted his findings to attorney general william barr, barr has to give a summary of the contents to four people. the top republican and democrat on the house and judiciary committee. in a letter to the four lawmakers, barr said he "may be in a position to advise you of
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the special counsel's principle conclusions as soon as this weekend ." barr will then have to decide what to release to the public. >> my goal is to provide as much transparency as i can. >> reporter: democrats running for president wasted no time calling for the public to see everything including mueller's original findings. >> nobody including the president of the united states is above the law. the american people have a right to know. >> reporter: beto o'rourke even said the existence of america is at stake. >> we are owed the facts and if we deponent receive them 243 years in, nothing guarantees us a 244th. >> reporter: making the report public could give the president a trump card. >> if there is nothing in there, he wants it released. believe me. he loves the idea of being able
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to counteract and counterpoint everything that is being said by him anywhere under any circumstances. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix5. a member of the republican national committee from california says the completion of the report is a moment of vindication for the president. >> and, it probably is the best thing that helped trump's reelection. i don't think a lot of people anticipated that. but when you have 100% vindication and there is nothing there, no more indictments, the report is closed down. nothing about collusion. absolutely zero. this really puts a lot of people embarrassed. but it is great for trump and he's going to use it. >> he also says in his opinion, the entire report from robert mueller should be released. senator bernie sanders will be in san francisco tomorrow as he makes a second bid for the presidency. folding chairs and the stage is set at fort mason. the final stop by mr. sanders on a three city tour of california. he has already held rallies this weekend in san diego and los angeles. and, now his bay area
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supporters are looking forward to hearing what he has to say. >> i am hoping he will be making medicare for all and the green new deal core to his platform which i know he will. i think he will be talking issues of immigration, racial injustice. taking money out of politics. >> tomorrow's event will be at fort mason's great meadow park and will be streamed live starting at 12:30 on the most shows here that can't afford oracle arena. >> the future of a famed fairgrounds up in the air tonight. why a bill to ban gun shows might shut down the cow palace. >> plus, a dispute turned into stolen property. the latest update to the
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mannequin yard display. >> a beautiful sunday on tap. then things go south. we have the forecast coming up after a break.
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tonight, the future of the cow palace is up in the air. a new bill will not only ban gun shows but it could tear
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down the arena. katie neilson talks about one group out to save the fairgrounds. >> reporter: cheer leaders competed in the amphitheater today. one of hundreds of small community events held here every year. >> it promotes shows that can't afford oracle arena. this cheer leading event can't afford the chase arena because it's a cheer leading event, not the warriors. >> reporter: he puts on the dickens christmas fair at the cow palace every year. he is concerned about the future of the space because of senate bill 281. it was introduced by state senator scott last month. made up of representatives of san francisco, daly city, and san mateo county. >> this is about making sure
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that the local community can actually have a say in what happens at the palace and what the future holds. >> reporter: one of the reasons there is so much interest in the property is its size. it is almost 70 acres. it has 250,000 square feet of event space and a 14,000 seat amphitheater. >> it is right now being very underutilized. the community has wanted something to happen with that land for a long time. >> reporter: paterson worries if a local board takes control, they will only look at the value of the real estate that hosts everything from the dog shows to the christmas fair. then there is history on the box office wall. the signatures of some of the greatest of our time. all performing at the cow palace. >> there are lots of other places to build houses. you don't need to bulldoze history and an important
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community asset. >> reporter: state senator wiener says there could be a compromise. >> you could have the cow palace there and take a portion of this massive parking lot and turn it into housing and retail. >> reporter: at the cow palace, katie neilson, kpix5. >> if the bill passes it would pass ownership of the cow palace to the local board january of 2021. there is a subcommittee hearing next wednesday to discuss the bill. fema mistakenly exposed the personal information of millions of disaster victims. according to homeland security's inspector general, the victims included survivors of california's wild fires in 2017. and also, several hurricanes. the report says that fema provided a private contractor with sensitive data that was not necessary. like, bank account details. that error put 2.3 million people at risk of identity theft and fraud. federal officials say nay are
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working with the same contractor to remove the data from the system. we have an update to a bizarre story we told you about last week. a santa rosa homeowner set up naked mannequins in his garden as a form of protest. it was his response to a city order that forced him to hack his six foot fence in half after a neighbor complained. the man even reserved a chair in his yard for the "nosey neighbor." now, two of those mannequins are missing. the homeowner says they were stolen because his fence was too low. >> look what is happening down in the southland. 30 cars crashed in thick fog on the grapevine near los angeles. 16 people were rushed to the hospital. a toddler air lifted in critical condition. chp said visibilities were very low because of the fog at the time of the crash this afternoon. up here, a stretch of highway 37 in sonoma and solano county is closed tonight. repairs are being done on a
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railroad crossing just east of sears point. the highway will be closed until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. drivers are told to use other routes in the meantime. easier said than done. the north western pacific railroad is working on repairs to the crossing. runners will be hitting the pavement for the 10th annual running vestal and gianna franco breaks down where you will find closures and traffic. >> reporter: if you are traveling in and out of oakland and expect a lot of people to be doing the same. the running festival is happening march 24, sunday, you will see a lot of detours and street closures in place through west oakland and downtown oakland. the start and finish of the race starts at east shore park at grand and mcarthur, some streets affected, martin luther king jr. boulevard. it will affect mass transit, especially ac transit. there will be changes in place. in fact, they will have
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temporary transit stops on castro street from 12th to 17th. line 29 will operate as a one way loop. especially to accommodate people using bart headed out to oakland and detours and closures will be in place from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so, do plan for that. again if you are traveling in and out of oakland this weekend. >> all right, the full marathon race begins at 7:00 a.m. for the first time t route will include the bay bridge pedestrian path and turn around at yerba buena island. how will the weather affect all of this? not bad add all. tomorrow it will be sunny. but don't be lured into a false sense of security. we have a storm coming in later monday. kind of a one-two punch. monday's storm eases up. and then, we get another one coming in on wednesday. it's not done yet. temperatures range from 68.
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very pleasant saturday today. it will be sunday as well. numbers cooled into the 40s and 50s across the bay area. a little light fog forming but the stars are out as well. satellite radar shows we have a double barrel blow offshore. you can see the lower end of that low pressure system. another wave in the front slowing it down and spreading rain over the bay area by monday. but tomorrow is okay. the futurecast shows some. this is tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m. not bad. day goes on, we get high clouds coming across the bay area in the late afternoon. but no rain. as time goes on, look at what happens on monday. we get rain moving into the area. just in time for the morning commute. stays wet for the rest of monday. and, lingering showers tuesday here and there, but look at wednesday. there's more rain coming in from a separate system by wednesday morning. the rain turns to snow in the mountains. that will be a problem midweek. not tomorrow. clear and chilly overnight. one more sunny dry day tomorrow and then here comes some rain again into the bay area.
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tomorrow, we will see highs in the 60s about the same as it was to. rain spreads from north to south in the bay area. showers tuesday, rain, wednesday, then the latter half of the week will try out. that's it for weather. vern glenn has the sports. two for saturday night is back. it's a bonus night. any station can give you one sports segment. i'm giving you two! and ahead, we'll handle the ncaa tournament nuggets and the association, what happened to the warriors
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nba up top for the warriors. no steph curry, no shaun livingston, no andrew bogut. no win for dub nation? dirk nowitski. final appearance at oracle. the dubs punched in the mouth. nowitski, ten points in the first four minutes. season high 21. steph curry didn't play. luka did. nowitski had five three pointers tonight. worst loss at the steve kerrer rantonen. kerr era. tremont waters played hero. bucket, game. lsu to the ncaa round of sweet
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16. 69-67. how about clean shaven adam morrison? former gonzaga great. watched his old team face baylor. looked like the top seed. follow jam, brandon, clark. the san jose state transfer impressive. the bulldogs face florida state in the round of sweet 16. give me john beeline. head coach of michigan in white against florida. and look how they just ferociously hustled. fast break in it. a hammer. michigan won it 64-49. and that's for all you alums out there. a gift from me to you. now put the clicker down. we're not done. did you know that saint mary's has a top rank team and only three california women's programs are left in the ncaa basketball tournament. two from the bay area. and they were making some noise
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back with the ncaa women's tournament basketball. the bay area's two heavyweights opened for business today.
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there's quarterback russell wilson watching his sister. uc davis worked the rock around star player smith. smith had 21. to the fourth quarter. a little give and go. carington. they just ran davis right out of the gym. 79-54. big game, christine and cal. look at how carolina defended her. she just had two first half points. coach lindsey gotley made some adjustments and she had a double double. 18 points, 22 rebounds. her 13th consecutive double double. to end the third quarter look at this. jalen brown, good if it goes. boom. cal won it by 20. 92-72. now, they have a game planned for top seed baylor. hey, shout-out saint
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mary's, gayles rugby. number one ranked team in the nation. rolled it up twice. the a squad handled the shipment 20-7. the b squad, 29- 3. what a program for the head coach tim o'brien and his staff. that is impressive. time now for who won the day? >> who won the day? >> i will tell you. ella easton. stanford swimmer in austin texas. the first women to win four ncaa titles in the 400. it is hard to do once, but four years in a row? amazing. >>
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about a thousand people from across the nation came to the south bay to try out for cbs's survival. >> they were held at the santa
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clara convention center. >> the auditions that is. >> the would be contestants recorded short videos hoping to impress casting directors. many of the contestants described themselves as students of the show and say they have learned from the mistakes and successes from past seasons. >> you can't get to the end without having alliances. and in order to get to the end, you have to break your alliances. >> i don't think the physical strength is the most dominant part of the game. it is up here. >> the show's last winner for the bay area, stanford grad adam cline made a cameo at the auditions. cline was the winner of survivor's 33rd season. millennials versus gen x. >> i could see you do that. >> are you talking to vern? >> you both could. >> i could totally imagine you doing this. >> i don't know if i could connive and conspire. i don't know. >> especially the alliances, the broken al
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teacher: that was very nice, mindy. okay. jake, we're ready to hear your report. jake? just a sec. now, jake. okay, okay... does spelling and grammar count? it's an oral report, jake. oh, so it's like an oral thermometer? right. good thing it's not a rectal report. just read it. okay. "my weekend, by jake harper. "grade five, mrs. flanigan's class. "woodward avenue elementary school, located on woodward avenue." i'm not counting words. oh, good.


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